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for. ipjiist.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Backache, Headache, Toothache,
or Throat, Knelling. Nprnlns. Ilrultri,
llurna, Nrialiia. front II I lea.
. ,.. t4"D 41,11 ''"'" BtlMIH PAI 1MI AtllM.
Bold by UrQggl.Ui tii! Ialt,r.vwrtrirs. Kilty Onl, tMlll
Oirtuti.a. In u ,au(ii.g,s,
TIIK t il tin. I' M . iikji i i u i ii
iM.'Wli4IIWi WUMUN, Hd.. I.H.
The DailyliuMfiT
Mary Atulersnn lui r f iixkI tint now
drama written for her liy Oscar Wiliio.
Mr. Merrick's star-ruiitu argument
mailt) 2iKl,(KH) wor.ls just about lit), 000
too many.
Mr. William II. Vamli-rltill is a man
of hdiiid weight, as well as nf oivat
wealth. H.j tiiththesculesnu'lo pounds.
Tiu re uif 1.V),ikki thieves in London
known tri the police, ami perhaps as
many policemen known to tho thieves
It is not until we have, passed through
tho furnace that we are made to know
how much dross there is in our com
position. ('o'.t'tn.
Cultured Bostonians at Newport turn
up their Kmerxmian noses at rich New
Yorkers, and they cry aloud, "What is
money without Itjarnin?"'
General Lon-treei'sson failed to pass
the examination at the Naval Academy,
and he has been given a clerkship in the
Interior Depart merit.
Dr. ISrehm, the distinguished (Jerman
naturalist, intends to visit America next
January, and give a series of fifty lect
ures. Two hundred thousand dozen eggs
imported from Europe in nine months!
It's about time that the American hen
demanded protection for her infant in
dustry. -Vt tea Herald.
There are six equestrian statues in
Washington more than in any other
city in the world. They are of Wash
ington, Jackson, Greene, Scott, Mc
pherson and Thomas."
King Kalakua has raised a rumpus in
his rcaim by introducing a short-weight
uuoitr, on wnien ne negiecieii to put a
pious maxim to atone tor the deficiency
ui stiver.
Mr. George W. Child, of tho Phila
delphia Public Laltjtr, ha.s purchased
the new Germantowu Tdtgrnjih from
ito veteran editor and owner, Major
Philip H. Freas.
The wives of W. J. Florence, of tho
lata Harney Williams and of George
Brown, of theatrical and chophouso
fame, were the Pray sisters, who were
dancers on tho stage before they became
tegular actresses.
A writer in (hirdcning Illustrated uses
thin guua.j.crcha in his grafting opera
tions. Pieces about two inches Hipiaro
are put in hot water, and placed around
tho graft. He likes it better than the
common mixture for the purpose.
Mr. W. W. Thomas, of Maine, tho
new Minister to Sweden, is a lineal des
cendant of (ieorge Cloves, who founded
the city of Portland, Me., in lx:ii. Ho
is 41 years old, a graduate of Bowdoin,
and a lawwr.
Let us beware of losing our enthusi
asms. Let us ever glory in something,
and strive to retain our admiration for
all that would ennoble, and our interest
In all that would enrich and beautify
our lh. ill Mips Brooks.
For the last four years the rainfall in
Denver for the month of May has been
tRdily increasing. The increase of
1881 over IS) was 100 per cent; of lWi
over 1HX1. 3.) per cent; 1 8S;J over 1SS2.
nearly loo per cent; increase of 18.H3
over nearly 400 per cent.
Two young ladies of Ames, Mich.,
while crossing a railroad bridge a few
days ago, were so frightened at tho ap
proach of a train they could not move.
The engineer succeeded in stopping tho
jngine as the cow-catcher toueheoT tho
dress of ono of the girls.
Professor William II. Brewer, of the
i"alo Scientific School, is convinced that
tho "higher tho enlightenment of tho
people the greater the variety of uses to
which horses are applied, nnd the Ameri
can trotting horse is a special product
of tho liighest civilization the world has
yet seen."
The meanest dead-heading yet report
ed is in Portland Me., where tho Mayor
and Board of Aldermen have voted
themselves admission to all places of
amusement freo, and havo decided to
wear a badn "of some appropriate do
sign," so that their Indmitlty may b
known to tho doorkeeper.
If the now project of carrying tho
Mediterranean Into Palestine b'u sueees
fully carried out. tho lied Sea and the
Mediterranean will bo united ami a body
of water formed about L'UO miles long,
rnrying in width from three toten miles
and deep enough to float, tho largest
When tho Soniinolo war in Florida
closed, in 18.17, tho remnant of tho fero
cious tribo plunged Into tho everglades
and havo never reappeared. In order
to find out what is going on in that un
explored and unknown 'section of tho
state a party is being formed in New
Orleans to investigate.
A Judge In California was very much
puzzled hy a phraso used by n witness,
who deposed that ho had seen in tho
plaintiffs Held "a right smart ehanco"
of hogs. On asking an explanation, ho
loarned that in tho vernacular of tho
placo "a fight smart chnnco" meant
lourtceu, and fho jury was so charged.
Mr. P. T. Barnuni has given to the
Mountain Grovo Cemetery association,
of Bridgeport, Conn., a plot of six acres
of land, adjoining tho cemetery, on con
, dition that tho association shall convey
freo of charge 3,000 squaro feet to tho
Bridgeport Firo Dopartmont and 1,600
square foot to the Grand Army of tho Ro
Dtiblio as burial placos, and shall also
furnish within its grounds 3,000 free
burial places for poor persons unable to
purchase the same not together, liko
u "Potter's Field." but scattered impar
tially throughout tho cemetery. The
gift is valued at $36,000, and has been
thavkfully accepted by the association.
Tho nettle, a growth common to
nearly all of tho States, and which has
hitherto been a source of great trouble
to farmers, has now been found to yield'
a liber, which, it is claimed, will sup
plement cotton in the manufacture of
(doth. Cloth made from it, ou trial,
has boon adjudged equal in texture and
appearaneo to linen.
Krie, Pa., comes proudly to tho front
with a huge, scaly sea-serpent as largo
around as a man's body, i'hu creature
has pursued several lonely fishermen
who nave disturbed its slumbers on tho
surface of the lake. Strangely enough,
they all escaped the voracious monster,
ami live to tell ihu talo with cheerfully
discrepant details.
Governor Cleveland, of New York,
lias directed that publications of par
dons granted by him shall be restricted
as far as possible, Ho maintains that it
is unfair to pardoned prisoners to have
publicity given to their release from
penal servitude. Information, there
fore, must come from other than official
A lady traveling through North Caro
lina writes homo that among the country
! iconic there seems to be only one housc
lohl appliance a tin basin. It was
lirst used for milking; next, the biscuits
were mixed in it; then itcarno into play
us a wash basin; afterward tho baby
was washed in it; then it was used for
cooking hominy, and, finally, tho dishes
were washed in it.
fix-Senator Pinehback, of Louisiana,
who is now in Louisville, was asked how
tho present condition of tho colored po
pie of Louisiana compares with their
condition a few years ago. He answer
ed: "They have greatlv improved in
nearly every respect. They have be
come more educated and intelligent,
and more alive to the position thev oc
cupy." . Tho New York Times recommends
thai sleeping car porters lie directed to
wake up the suorers whoao snoi U make
night on a sleeping car a season of hor
ror. The advice of tho Times is timely,
but a ruoro silent ami effectual mode
would be to fill the porter's pockets
with clothes pins, one of which quietly
strided upon a sonorous bugle would
silence its clarion notes forever.
Several years ago a vessel was wrecked
on Cape Cod, and among other portions
of her cargo that floated ashore were a
number of hardwood logs, which, after
knocking about in the surf for some
time until all tho valuables were secur
ed, were gathered up by the people in
tho vicinity and nsci for fuel. Some
person with a better knowledge of wood
than his neighbors bought it all up.
They were actually burning fuel that
was worth $300 a cord. It was, indeed,
the rint and best quality of Turkey
boxwood, which to-dav would readily
bring Vi cents a poun f,
Edr.ar A. Poo.
"What do von want to know about
Eddie IV
Mrs. Cromwell haid; "he'
lieen dead so long I thought he was for
gotten. Well, it's mighty curious. You
folks think: more of liim now than you
did when he was alive."
"You knew him?" the reporter ask
ed. "Knew Eddie Vc? Why, I was the
firt neighbor his folks got acquainted
with w hen they m vm out here thirty
seven years ago. Mr. Poc found isc
himself in the cherry ti and be took
me right over to c.! i is wife, poor
woman, and his inotlirr-iii-la.v. I u-cd
to go there very often?"
"Did vou know much of the fam
ily?" "
"I knew they were mighty poor
poorer than I ever as or ever expect
to be. They lived hard over there, and
didn't have much that was nice. Mr.
Poe was a good man- when he wasn't
drinking, lie seemed ver fond of that
poor, sick wife of his. Mrs. Clemin
used to watch him miirhty close, and
I've known her to go to New York twice
;i day to 'tend his business just to keep
iim from going. She knew he would
pet in bad company and go to drinking
again. Whv, I've seen him when three
men couldn't hold him in the bed. But
there wasn't a better man in tho world
when he was sober, lie was very foud
of flowers and used to tramp all over
the woods to find 'em. lie loved birds,
too, and hail lots of 'era singing in his
ynrd. lie was the greatest walker I
ever saw, and used to go to White
Plains sixteen miles -and back in a
day, ninny's the night he has wandered
over these hills without a coat or a
"When his wifo died Mr. Too took it
mighty hard. She was buried in tho
oldDutch Cemetery, but they afterward
moved her to Baltimore, about live years
ago. lie used to cry over her gravo
every day and kept it green with flow
ers. "You have somo relics, I believe?"
"This is tho chair ho used to sil in,"
said the old lady, rising slowly. "It's
just exactly like it was when I gol it,
except that iron strap on tho arm.
Somebody broke it and I had itmended.
Hero is his own Bible, and his clock
is upstairs. If you want to see it."
It is an eight day clock, running yet,
as it lias for thirty-six years. Tho chair
has been in constant" use, but has tho
same cane in back and seat it had when
the poet sat in it."
"I bought tho chair nnd clock," con
tinued Mrs. Cromwell, "but Mrs. Clemm
gave mo tho Bible, nnd I'll never part
, with it. I might sell tho other things,
but if you all are going to think so much
of Mr. Poo, I guess I'll have to think
something of him, too."
In tho old Bible ono passage was
found marked-Job, vii., 16 "I loathe
It; I would notlivealwavs;letme alone,
for my days arc vanity,'
"Whore did you get thoso llowers?"
Mrs. Cromwell asked. "Over at tho
cottage, 1 reckon. You all are just alike
and go crazy about nothing. 1 wonder
how many more will want to hear about
Eddie Pou?" New York Herald.
Many times you want to keep meat or flub
for several days. Lay it in a solution of
Hex Magnus over night and you can keep
it tor weeks. You can also koep milk a
week or mere by stirring la a little of the
"Snow Flake" brand.
W. K LaMhdiv, river i-dilor of i'hu Iti'i, litis
ami steamboat paasenirer annul. Orders for all
kinds of steamboat Joh pnniiuir nollcltcd. Officii
al llowor'i European Hotel. No. It Ohio levee.
Kivr.ll ITEMS.
The Cons. Millur from Memphis will ar
rive here this evening and will only remain
a few minutes when she will proceed to
Cincinnati. W. F. Lsmbdin, Agent, will
furniuh tickets at low high rates by the
Wash Floyd, of the Will S. Hays, was in
town again yesterday. As soon as ho can
settle up tho business of the boat, he will
leave for Cincinnati where l is family re
sides. Capt. Hiram Hill left vice the Illinois
Central for Huntington, where he is called
by tho underwrites on business during his
absence, however, his wrecking boat Char
ley Hill will be in the hands of those who
can attend to any business that may need
attention in the harbor.
Look nut for the Jas. Lee to-day. She
is expected to leave Pttducah this morning
for Memphis and will pass hire "without
landing. Ho if you wrint to see some fast
running, be on hand when she pokes her
nose around the bend. It is expected thst
she will make a big effort for a quick trip
to Memnhis. Angtlo McBride, pilot, left
here on the Fowler last evening to take
the Lee homo and he promise to wire us
when she leaves Paducah.
The Vint Shinkle passed down for Mem
phis yesterday morning. She had a good
trip nnd done considerable business here.
The Ell Kinibrough leaves here
prompt at 5 p. m. to-day for Hickman.
The Buckeye SUte frfm St. Louis ar
rived at 12:30 yesterday and left at 1 p. m.
for Pittsburg.
The City of Vicsburg from below passed
up fur St. LouiH last niirht with a big trip.
The Arkansas City from St. Louis passed
down for Vicksburg la.-t night.
City of New Orleans from St. Luis is
due hero in tho morning for Louisiana's
The Hudson from St. Louis is due this
evening for Paducsh and Siiawneetown.
The nice little light draught packet J.
II. Hillman is due to-day from Nashville
and leaves here on her return trip to-morrow
at 10 a. m.
Capt. John A. Taylor, of Rubber Stamp
fame, is in the city on business. He is now
representing a commission and produce
bouse of Paducah.
The colored base ball club of Paducah,
beat the Cairo colored club yesterday by
OD8 score, the game stood 3 for Cairo aDd
4 for Paducah.
The Wyoming from Cincinnati is due
here to-day for New Orleans.
No time chouM belomlf tUe etomarli, llvor and
bonelii am af!ectncl, lo ndopt tho mra rvnudy,
Hoot' tter' Stomach Bitters Piseafeg of the or
rhii mmi'd hctfot other fur moro rurloiif, and a
delay Ik tliiTi'fon! haxitrdoti. DyHpepxia, liver
complaint, chill and fever, utirly rheumatic
turners, kidney wcakni'M. lirlbsr, ferlom hodlly
trmuiic If trlll"d with. l,oo uotlnio in using thin
tnenivp ami aiu mo icniu.
for rale, by ail Druu.'iHia auJ Ucalora generally
For You,
Whoso Complexion betrays
some humiliating imperfec
tion, whose mirror tells yon
that you aro Tanned, Sallow
and disfigured in counte
nance, or have Eruptions,
Kcdness, Ilonichnoss or un
wholesome tints of Complex
ion. wo say uso Hagan's Mag
nolia Uahn.
It is n dolioalc, harmless
and delight nil article, pro--ducing
tho most natural and
entrancing tints, the artifici
ality of which no observer
can detect, and which soon
becomes permanent if the
iMagnolia Balm is judiciously
Monticello Ladies' Seminary,
Op na September ?0. Flrt cluM achnol. One of
llie oldest In the went. Location healthy and A
llghlfiii. Huuurtnr dvnutuuei nr KuKllih and
'JIumIchI kdueatlon, Willi Mualc. Drawing, 1'alut
inn and Modern Lang'iation. Ant'lr. for cataloiriio,
to MIm II. P, HASKELL, Principal.
W2-eodAw km
8200 A YEAJ
br the u(i of ltm MaiiNut, The Hamlaton K ind
Prenervatlve. It prem rv Meiit. K l. Milk,
Cream, and all klnila of Anlmil Komi f"cnh
and aweel for weekn. even In the hoilent weather.
1 hi can be provedhy the totlmiininla of hun
dreds who have trl-rt II. Yon can prove It for your
aelf f.irNiceo'i. You will And that HiIh l hii bill
rle which will t ve yon a ureal deal of money.
NoSourfd Milk.
No HiioiloU Meat.
No 8tnlo Kitus.
It will keep them freh ar d Bweet for inmiy days
aud dou not Impart the KlUbtenl foreign tufte 10
tbe utlelca tr-ated. It I an nlmplo In op ration
that a child can follow the dlroct'ona, In an harm
leaa un ca't and com only a fraction of a cent lo a
pound ol meiit. Huh. butter ur chuemj or to ci art
ofmllk. Thlalano humbly; it If endured by
Mich men k Prof. Ham'l W. Johnmm ol Yale Cnf-
lege, hold hy iirniuim and grocer. Numplo
pound fnt pie-paid by mall or vxpritHi (a we
prefer) "n receipt of pi Ice. Name your ex prima
office. Ylandlne brard for meat; ocean H'mi for
flab and aea-food: Snow Klate fur milk, butter mid
chee.e ; Anil-Ferment, Antl-Kly and Anti-Mold. .Mc,
per lb. earh. IVarl for cream; Oieun lor i'i!na,
and Aqua Vitue for 11 ld ftxtrnct. ' per lb. eui li.
T II U II rT .i IU1..VT LV liDLV L it' l ' ) . v
Ti Kllbv 8t., Boston. Mikh.
For a!e by 7if dJtwlm
You nil Men. Middla
Aged Mm. and all Mn
who antler from aarly
Indiacretmna will find
Allun'a Brain Food th
moat powerful Invigorant ever introduced;
one re.tored by it there I. nn relapw. Try
It: It never faila. tl : 6 for 1 5.-At Drug
giU. or by mail from AUen'a Pharmacy,
3ii Vint h .a, k v
I A tTheloryof mania
I I l nll" nl atreniith. K yon
I I rill "9 wxakened data
LLLII IJ thmngh eionaaiva
at udy, or by early india-
cretiona, Allen's Brain Food will perma
nently restore all l"t vigor, and Miviigtlieri
all themuncleiiof brain and Hody. I . 61nr
5. At Ivuggula. or by mail from Allen a
I MB 1 1 4 Of the many rem.
Ill mi 1 T dies before the puhlio
I I Mil toT Nrrou Debility
I I I la II and weakneaaof Nervo
Generative byatem,
there is none eqnal to Allen's Brain Food,
which promptly and permanently reBlori-ri
all lost vigor; it never fail, fl tg ,6for
(J. At Druggists, or by mail from Allen s
3d aim ennn
r,r 'uiinui i uuu
rnraeren years Allen's
I I L. Hi "f Brin fo" ba stood
III" 111 m tna atrongeHt teats aa
LLLll 1 1 to lu merits in curing
av Nervousnena, Nervous
Debility, and restoring lost powers to the
weakened Generative System, and, in no
inttance, has it evpr failed; teitlt. 1 ; ri for
I V At Druggists, or by mail from AUen'a
"'AnnniM rnnn
'DIHII1 ruuu
I I ti "Mano sana Ineorpore
l HI 7 V sano:" "A Hound mind
I I Is lU 'n a sound bod" la the
I I 111 II trade mark of Allen's
" Brain Food, and we a
snre cor reader that, if disaaiisrlt'd Willi
either weaknesa of Brain or Bodily powem.
this remdy will permanently strenglhon
both. 1 1. At DruggiHis, or by mail from
1 1 riHfti
NaWMianMUL Vnrroris
I Debility, Neuralgia,
I I Mill Nervoui Shock. St. Ti-
l Shock. St. VI.
Wand all diseases of
Nerve Generative Organa. are all peraia
nently and radically cured by AUen'a Brain
Food, the (Treat botanical remedy, flpkg.,
6 for t. At Druggists, or by mail from
315 lat
f II Allan's Drain Food
I I I II Jl botanical attract
I I I'll A strengthen the Brain
I I III Bland positively enres
" r Mervous Debility, Ner
vousness, Headaobe, unnatural loeaea, and
allweaknessof GenerstivoHymemi it never
faila l pkay.. for f 5. At Drugglsta, or
by mail from Allen's Pharmacy, 316 First
from Alien a rnarmacy, iit nr
Avenue, I
niseasa, Pmpeniltyani
fasaion lirinas Alan,
kind nuinberless ail
menla. foremost among
them are NervuuaneM,
Nnrvoua Debilite and unnatural WtiakncM
tit fiiniirMiivH (Iriraiia! AUen'a Brain F'ood
successfully overuumes theae troiihles and
restores the sullorer to his former vigor. 1 1.
At Drug
gists, or
ov. 316 1st
Cveiiuii, New York Olty.
111 -niTsl wn.e i, l n am v n.l.trrM t Unit r V'f.'JI
nrr is '.'11 iiii'v, .in r.iirn v
rompi'ii. t w"'''i p lain i -r.i t
lniKlts h"im Mii.f i''fs (siil I f
II Mt, P.i..ri,y iu.. ,tdisH Hrimti( II
ufCbuu- Ui.il i.uil..
ifrhM fsf A itct.,tir , tiuLw iLi gt LtiidiUslU
A BfiM Tm M
Ad thmsehn frmn UKllxTrilnna, rtrmrt nr eihvr rsuasi srs
. eanarvnd, lewaplrllH, pliralt allr ilrlnl. aiiS auablaW
asnbrm llrea ihalla .nt-r)v', oau f ornnnly and ina
Bsatly sunit, wllliont tlonin h meillrlai'i. Kmh.r.M bTdiarfin.
ailalawri anil ih pn u.
ormailnf Nervona IMilllly, l'hjlytl lleeay,.
rji UKUf.it avjtH kiii to aai
swballvinrrull h I'lIK MA
leeMMee eeaea u.nrfa of otrtaln mmorailon In full and Bar,
K rIN lion e.- avaa
I Muhofl,!. a aipla, ,ll,inn, nlranly, pltwaul. m
IrsaatM, Cnnlnlial nn wlih tiluralrtliti Oil.
TON KKAlUnl Oik. M W. Iltk It Isw lira
Bpeadlly NatstroSI by lb as of Vitals) Trmh
mmnt, which eireetually eura MriMU DsiblU
ttj, Usl Tlrlllty, PMBMUar Dsxtsva 4
all twablai arlilni fnm ovawok and siessas
MmmU mfVlW mailed Hm, sitsrf.by a
4imsu On WMIUsmv Clasloaaifc a
l. r,r.P anniw
nor anooior tne Biar or Ifavo dlsaicrecable cfTocli of any kind. It
HMQ KQtJAMortlm CnreoX).nmgjtja
Still Joluta, Neuralgias, Lain Back, Cramp, Tooth-AcUo.
Sore Throat, Pain In the Limb ur lu any part of tho System
anil Is tonally efflittdoui for all paiim In tbn Stomach and Bowel
rcipnnnK poworrui uiuumivu stunuiaui. eo aierreii'a Alnuinnc
Vsk your DniKKist (or It. 1'rlco CO
ITcparcil only by JACOB S.
Wholesale Dnigglet, T.
TERMS: ll.00 ier
Xcvcr-failiufir Sprinars of coolest water oliarur.l with Lcaling and
carivtive iiropTties that have stood the test of mote than sixty
years' continual use by the liealth-seckf-rs, or those in search of rNt
and recreation, and tho residents for miles around.
will linild up the weak and debilitated, possessis properties that are
unexcelled an a tonic, and is considered a sure cuie f,.r thills, Ague,
Etc., by the pe p'e of the neighborhood.
(lows from the recks In a steady stream, cold us ice witter, and hun
dreds drinking all day from its Iih.sIh fail to lower lhe water line.
This Spring is a certain cure for Dyspepsia, Kid tiev disorders and
kindred diseases.
is a new one opened for the first time this season, and its waters bid
fair to rival the famous Blue Lick.
The e Springs are surrounded by grand mountain s euery The
air is always pun.' and cool. o hot niglus and no mosiiuitoes.
V rite for Circular.
Post otlicc:
1'ope Co., in.
W hat Rested and KcfrcMied a Weary
Man i i Memphis.
"No. it never amounted to an acute pain, but con
liiunil to be a dull wary ache In Ihu small of my
buck," ti ik .Mr. Jimiiji i human, nf No 6 Maill
hoii etrc t, MiMii ihis Tcnn. ' Ti Is wh an o.i) ex
pt ru'iicti, and lil heenmn dnil ni'mlc. 1 wa tlrtd
nil over. Klihpaln In tne lower limbs, ami a habit
of lyinir awaku of nii'hls. Ifi ceuily 1 tried one of
whs decidedly relb v.-il wlihlu twenty-four b 'Urs.
it may have been I'rovlrlence Ibut did the work,
hut I utvu llio credit to U' nson's porous p aster "
Mr. 'I honias' reverential ide docs blm credit, but
I'r.vld' nca works by aeml. and sm .na llum
Hem-oii's iilnster rauks llrt as an external r nicrty.
It uctr null kly tn r. lief and lieallni!. and n mlcra
life belt, r wo tta lIvlnR Price il cents Look In
tlje niid'llc ol the plaster Tor the word CAI'CINB.
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Seiibiirv Johnson, benilsts. New York.
NOT mi()KS(,FMAO:c, but choice, clastic llto
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bonk-buers womikii. About ill" HV jAJC
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reacy; sent anywhere fur examination before pay
ipi iiI, on elclence of g iod faith. NOT sold by
ilea 'era prices too low. i;S pai;n (Htalo);He free.
JO II N H. ALDI'N. I'lihllslier, IS Vesey St., X. Y.
Cure Tested Always Preferred!
This ureut rem dy has won Its way to tha blKh
esi place In the eateein ol the inosl intellliient peo
ple. There are dailv recruits lo Its host of friend.
Its perforni iiirf :s invariably
It pive lone siul power. For complaints of tha
Kiiliiew, Hi.i i stomach, Mvit and Limits, for
ail tb.; -' : lilia of women and fi r those
bodily difMi.,11-. ind. iced hy anxiety, care and
mciiOil strain, It rrl'erl will surprise and charm
you. It Is i nt bii esse ce of pinner. Delicious to
ihu palit'e, mi Mitlilotu to the liquor habit, and ex
ceedmclv lieipful to the aed and fceti'e. 'tie. and
$l.ial.es. II ISC, X & CO., Now York
17 St Charles Slroot, ST. LOUIS, M0.
A. rearuliir J i ml mi to of two 11 in) I oat
collcx''-. has In i n Imii-er eiik'iilied In the treal
loeiil of 'lironii', Nervous, t-Uni Hint
HI on, I IHwiMH llihii iinv otlur pliyslelan III
St. Louis, ii.h i lly pjii rs sliw ami all olil rel
ilenls know, 'on-Hiiii i tun ..I oillee or y innll,
riei'iiml Invlteil. A Irieiiillv tiilkor Ills iiiiiilon
t !. h,,t hi iii.'. When It Is Ini-iiiiveiiluiil to v l"lt
lhe city .nr Ireiiliueiit, iiii iIIcIiu h can he sent
by mall or express everywhere, t'liralilc rM'i
viiuriinl I; win re iloiilil exists It h iVunkly
staled. Call or Wrllc.
JNsryoui Trottratioa, Dobilily, Mental and
Physical Woalnuss, Mercurial anrl othsr
afTection9of Throat, Skin and Donoa, Blood
Impuritlpsan(l Blood Poisoning, Skin AfToo
tionn, Old Sorts a"d Ulceni, Impcdjmprjts to
MarrisKS; niinumatirm, Tileg. Spscial
attention to enscafrcm over-'worl'iiQ'Jirain.
SURGICAL CASES receive snncial aUcntlon.
piacamis arising from Imprudences, Exooasftij
IndulRcajn or Exposum.
It Is elf.e,eiit t It nt a ilivlrlnn pnylliK
paitletilar aitenlloii to aeliss olesses sllalus
ureal skill, and plivaieiaui In reuliii' praelle
all over the roiinirv knowing llils, IVe.iienlly
reeoinnieuil i uses lo lhe nhlral oltlee In Ane'l'lea,
where every kii"n si'i'Munee In resorleil to.
ami the proved irnml r.'tn.'ill'" of all
SK'" ni'l eoinilrlea are used. A whole house I'
iise.l lor iiillii. pnriMi ami all him Irenleil with
skill lu a re ll'iil ii.iinmn and, knimliiK
wlmt to do. no experiment nre iniel". On ne
count of lhe urent iniiiiher applvlnir. thn
chaiiies nre kept low. nflen lower tlniii Is
ileinnii'led liv iillicrs If vnll seriirn the ski1!
ami vt a speedy nnd perleet lili i lire, thai Is
lhe Important ' ni'illei'. I'aui lib I, M pngra,
sent In any address Inc.
F.lensnt rlidh ami I'llt lilmtliiB. BcalmlfnrW
cents lu polime or enrrem ' Over llfly won
.'i rl'ul pen pletnre., Ii ne lo life artlclesnn 111
folioH luif siiliecl", vt ho may marry, who not;
wht I'loi ei' nw-i I iii i v. ho many first,
itiiiillond, Mini ii Ii I . I'hv-lcnt dei'iiy. Who
uliiiiild innr. V. Ilnw hie mid liiii'iness may bo
in, t i a i 'I, Tlne Ii in i led nr emilvmplalllii
1'iaiTvliiu should r"id It. It nitkht lo be reinl
ny all adult pel sous, ih. . ki id uiidi r Im'k and
Icy, I'oni liir i 1 1 1 1. m . smile it- iiliove, but paper
rover sud UuOpuK I'm la bf luall, lu luuutf
ar poslnya.
Nouvoboiit), fiiew Norvf-t.lfi', Utrrnu-tli nnd
mon 1 1 n iiihIIIvo reMloriitlvr. for the Lnaal of
Mitnly VUor In Younir, Mhldln-Anml and
Old Men, tm ninlli'i' Inmi wlml cuii', In Mr
vou) Uobllity, Exliuuatlon, Inipotdnoy,
Uimlnal Wcnrin's, ninl kindred iillineiifs.
tills bt kitdard Reinady la n certain curouid
to All Hindi Milliner, vim aeml u alnleiiient of
tliolrtrindiloa, it n'miitllv snnieli'iit lo prm j It
Vlrlua wlllboenf,FrTbfOoat. Addre,
I A tjowcrful in ei.iiriu i,u.
K'")Wn- 00 CnnwillrillWI tliatu
cU per bottlo
week; 2.(K) per day.
IIMised mostly of fcaaentlul oil
I'he most ponotratliiR Liniment
J. E. LE
1 Mopriotor.
By a.ldrossinu' liKO. V. HOWELL CO., 10
Spruce St., New York, cm learn thu exact cost of
any proposed llm of advertising In Amertcan
Newspapers. f '-100 i-a'i' Pamphlet 10 cent.
rrillS CELEIlllATKI) N ATI VK WIN E I made
from the Juli o of tho Oporto Orape, raised In
this country. Its Invalunb'.o tonic and strength
ening proiertien are unsurpassed bv any otlier
Niilive Wine, ll.-irii the pure Juira of the drape,
produced under Mr. Speer's own personal stipervt
siod, it purity and fcviiulni ties, aro gimrHUieed.
Thi vounest child ni'iy partakn of Its KPnerou
qualities, and the weakest Invalid use It lo advan
tage. It I parilculiirlv beiiellclnl to the aged and
debtlltaled, and stilled lu ihu various ailments that
affect the weaker sex. It I lu every respect A
Speer's P. J. Sherry.
Tho 1 J.8I1KIIUV Is a wlno of Superior Char
acter and t.artakesof tliu rich qualities of the Krape
from wh'ch It I rendu Kor I'urlly, Itlchnesa, KU
viv and Medicinal l'roperties. it will bu lonnd un
excelled. Sneer's P. .T. Itrandy.
This nilANDY aiiinilK tinrlva'ed In this Cuiintrr
beliitffarsnperli.r for inediclnitl piiriiose. Ills
ptiredisiillnllon Irom the ur.ilie. anil contains vn.
liable medicinal properties. II has a delicate fla
vor, similar to that of lhe grapes, from which It I
distilled, and is In k'rnil favor aninnif tlrst-clasa
lamllies. See Unit (he signature of ALKKKI)
Hl'KKlt, rassalc, N. J I over lhe cork ol each,
Thn HowunMlulvftnlcHhUliV
HtitiourntiaMr KltH:iroUiu-
v iiilc nnd Miuttim.o Applt
MTit'tvi nnd UnrmitDtil r ft
tire Hir lr nrvouil tool!
Ity, I Hrtlii. Ilhcumn(lnr
l l'lli't'yj.ihauiittoo, liOM
of Vita, Konriif, Oforwork
rd Mniln. WhV Unrlc. Kid
tiny, I.ivr, nml htotnuuil
vtin.lnlnl, nnd priidpV
Vftry Inituit lm
limviwl. anrl ttr
tt dllTiirDft
front NvlUnpd nit
ninftrt, m nw
pmiitivftly pn
mt rontlniious
rurrtnU without
no id, en ww in it no
Hrtti, nor lrrtt
tioo nfthtnklD
ran wtrn !
work n Wfll m
rit only nuilo
HHlf lo wwintr,
TuWHf IWffllhllM
fttlt HtMMWfl Of Mil
dlwNfWi whrw
Klottrlmnt) Mug
put Id tr.itniiil
liioitf for MEN ONLY ono rvneh
th seat ol illseiise, ns I lies act illrwcl upon Harvnus,
I nf lieaallt.
i,.y act illrect npnn
I'siilers, siwlllr
Irlellr-draliiwl frn
thavltalllr-whleh Is KlwIrlelU-draliiwI frnra thaarr
tsra hy anwsa or liullsewllMiis, Ihey Hois In a Batumi
Miiarular, anil ilenoruilta
war ovareenia tna wmhniii'sb wiiiiou. uniuKiiia ns ihiis
ash. They will mira every ensa shnrs of atriielural dt
(nararloa, anil " nra miaiad to furnlah th meat
Smehaile ami alxnlui" I'rinil Ui suli'"r our clalraa,
llustraleil I'arui'blul Vres.or n sealed for o postals,
friia lavlKd f 3 1 8 N. Oth St., St. Loule.Nf
i I1KTKU. a;d yesr opens September 19th.
Iliil Id t n k new. (Superior appointments Civil Kn-
fliteerlnif. Chemical, ColleiJlite, Krullsh Course.
Iti'iilnsof f, VV.IUr.Uv, K.so., W, P, llalllriay,
Ksq ,orof Col. 1'llKO. UK ATT, I'ree't.
Ad verii sers
Spkeh's I'okt Gpai'e Wine I
f i". "X
I X ' I

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