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The Daily Bulletin.
A nuti vb of India, writing to iui I'.wr.
linhnmn, says: Wo tin- wild Hindoos,
s 1 know, ami wis tin.' cowurd find vi';i
tariariH, but wu ant -'MO.UlO.iiOi) uftei
all." 'I'lio ArkamtiH Traveller, of Mltln
Uock, :iys: "If tin; in'Wsp:iMTi of tin;
South would itiy nioiv uUri-'i'Mi to ivlu
cntioiuil matters mid less to politics, the
diU'crcnco wouhl hhow itself,"
Ostrioit chicks uru hatching out attho
California ostrich farm at the rate of
out; a day, When they come 01U of the
I'Xii they aro about the m.o f a half
rown duck. 'J hey row raiidly.
'J'hut unuclironiHu, atc'iiiilmiiU in the
(irand Canal at Venice, has unpleasant
results. The jiaddle-u l Is stir up the
deposited sewage of centuries, and the
h 11 j 1 1 is far from romantic.
Wiirinamaker, the treat riiiladelphiu
merchant i saiil to have done li).ouo,
XX worth of hiisiucss last year. Of this
uuru I'l.OKj.OOK were net jifotits. His
advertising expenses iiniouuted to'Jot),
00. A Jersey City lnr that had liiltcii a
man was taken out live miles at sen and
cast overhoai'd to drown, lie succeed
ed in swiiinniiii: to land, and low his
mas'.er swears ley tin; great h'irii poou
that he shall not die.
Fseliia has always Imni an envinlile
reputation. .str-itm and 1'iitiv, wdio lived
Hi till! f.llie (if .i
us, spcii; ot in i
caiuc cnar.'ii't T, and it i NtU'What Hip-i-colonies
ha I been driven fr-im the is
land hy cai tiupiaki's.
The thr )ldet livin-; cumpo-iioi s in
Pennsylvania reside in llai ri-hur.r. They
are (ii-tnT'l Simmi ('uniernri, n'ed
ijhty-six yours (ieor.'e W. Scott, aired
eighty-live car, and Jacob liubli, ued
eihty-thne years.
The widow of Lord J-'redcriek Caven
dish, who was murdered in I'tio nix
Park, Itiiblin, will be iiirrii i a.'ain iie
fore tae teniiiliatioii of the iVmUI
far. The second m irria'e, it is stat d,
lias the approval of her late Ini-ban I's
A curious fad has been observed by
I'rofi.'ssors Ayrton and I'errv: Soft
iron, when heated between a red and
white heat, cea-es to be at'I'.'e te by a
mantlet. When soft iron is belli between
red and whin.' hut iron it rcu,c to be
attracted by a magnet.
It is not for siinide niutno, tii.it the
pine tnrest alon' tije Adriatic at lla-.cn-na.
Italy, cel. br ited l.y U nite and Uy
ron, and whieii furni'lied the -hio-varls
of Koine atel Venice, are to be nit
down, but because mi excavation for a
railroad has sodrailied the so.l the trees
have died.
A Paris dispatch says a ntletoan
was found iti-eiisible in a li: -t-'vi-rv
railway carriage lift vi.-, n Puis :il
Lyons, who had liecti M-ildo-d and
robbed. I'ntii a Prim r a li.-iin-i is
killed the absurd plan of loekiti; up
jiasetie;ers in their compartneMiis will
likely Us continued.
"Kor l.fty-foiir vears was an i 1 1 t
orate j'iar-sinoker," :u 'Ihuilow
Weed in his autobiography. .ii.'h
never usin' inbacco in any nUi'-r i .rm.
l)tirin that period I learn, by a some
what careful computation, ti.ai I must
have smoked or iven to tri.-ud-, at e,i,t
eighty thousand ciats."
Speaking of tie- u-e of the epri-ss
tree, a (ieoria paper jjivfs the number
of shingles taken from such trees on a
certain plantation as folo.v.: 1 "i i -t.
tree, li.'JPi; .second tree, ",'!''; third
tree, It.tM; total 1 .'.. lis man.a.'er
Htated that he would ;ri-t .'i,i-hi more
from the third tree, thus making a total
of .'K.l'.l'.l shillL'Ies.
Mr. Labotichrre hays that the greater
part of the l)uche.ss of Ivlinliurh's
trousseau was sold in London a few
years a'o as the property of a lady of
rank. The royal family, with tint ex
ccptioi) of that amiable and popular
prodigal, the Princu of Waies, appears
to be very frugal, as if a rainy day were
An Knjjlish company, with a capital
of .,.',Ooo,(hmi, has been organized to de
velop t ho Ilau'ock iron mines, j'tt op
to Ottawa. 'Pie eaivernnient has
.sted tin; enterpri-e by otleriu; a botiui
of l..V) for every ton of ore smelted lor
ihroe years. This encout ati'incnt is
ltVcly to lead to the development of itn
ni"ise deposits of iron in the Hull
Thf sue-iion is made that steam
ffonsfor lorolliol ives eotiM be mi eon-
btruc'.co asto sen, i ue sound forward
alotijr tho track, viini") Iih! on the prin
ciple on which ras froiti n c headlights
are Mli'i'ti'd. The fii ipieiit vTi'-i in : n;;
of the whistle is disagreeable tit m.hiii)
passengers mpl to people who live near
to railroads. We fear t In forward pro
jection of sound Is ha rd If practicable.
There is an apple lice in an oil hard
in Adair County, Missouri, that meas
ures six feet ten inches ill eircillllfef
PtK'c tmar I he "found and six left at a
distance of six feet from the oTiiitnl.
The larecst limb measures four tec i. ten
inches. This uiammoih of the on l.ard
has yielded forty busbels each year lor
tin' iast ten years, and the fruit is of ex
cellent variety.
Tint house of Mrs, John W. l'.ieelow,
at Newport, is furnished with a Ven
etian portico which looks uut on the
bay. filVordine; one of the best oictures
in that city. Mrs. Ui;;eov asked her
friend, Mrs. J ilia Ward Howe, to say
Koiiielliitijr nbout this pitiz.a--"some-thin?
t he remembered." Mrs. Howe
knitted her line brows and pursed up
hot' nervous mouth. Kvery one waited
for the. oracular utterance of the author
of tlio "Battle Hymn of tin- Republic."
"It is ft bully pia.za," was the tinpoctio
Tlio Christian vieoii, though it has
niftdfl p'eat advances during the I.X'io
year of proposition, still includes less
than one-third of the population of the
jjlohe union;; lis adherent. The present
estimate bv the best (ierman statisti
cians put tlio total ill 1..M Hi.onil.Oi hi, of
whom 150,tMl,(H.)t) me Huddhlsts. 'JIU,.
000,000 Moliiiininedans, '.'17.000,1 Mi I hea
then, aj5.000.0i in Human Catliollcs.l 10,.
000,000 Protestants. llO.ooo.OtiO Itrali
mlns, H.'i.ooo.ooo KaMcru (Calholie)
churehi'U, ami H.ooo.ooO Jews.
The Hov. (i. A. Cleveland, of Clou
cestui', Mass., in u letter in the Capo
All 4tttmmtm
...... ,nier.(.t.t., iavK: "in hunting
jiartridges before now I have sometime
iiceu a rood deal amused with ouo of
their tricks. On my coming near thu
Hock tlio male partridge would rush
toward me with feather stuck out like
a trill, wings Happing, and making a
terrible fuss in every possible way.
After a time, though 1 found that this
was only a trick. While my attention
xvas being drawn to the blusterer before
me, the female, with smooth feathers
and drooped head, wus hurrying oil
with the brood to a place of safety. And
when this bad been accomplished there
were no longer any partridges in sight
male or female."
The St.. Petersburg lltrahl relates
that recently in a South Russian village
a peasant was accused of a theft. The
culprit kept out of the way, but sent an
advocate to ph'.ad his cause before the
local judicial magnate. The lawyer em
ployed all his eloipierice to convince the
Jmlge that his client was innocent, but
his clever appeal had no etl'ect upon the
magistrate, who knew the accused and
had probably condemned him before he
heard the details of the case. He gave
the sentence -live and twenty blows
w ith a rod. Tiie viiliage Solomon was
informed that the criminal could not be
found. 'Never mind," he observed.
"Jii-ticc must have its course. As the
criminal is not in our hands, we decree
thai his advocate shall rcceivo the Hog
ging. The man who lias the face to de
lend .siieii a rascal deserves to b pun
ished. The luckh'Ss la wyer iu vain pro
tested against the illegality, absurdity
and utter injustice of the monstrous
sent nee. Toe loss of his time and his
fee-, lie conti lided. W- lib! be (pule siif.
I i i . i 1 1 1, puni-diiucnt. lint the still' old
Rii-sian Solomon wa inexorable, and
the lawyer w as actually Hti.cd, bound
and received the twenty-live strokes as
tin' icptv.-eiita:ive of the absent crim
inal. Tbfj Cut His Rope,
''iive me a good silk rope sdk be.
cause a ery small silk rope will carry
a man, and a painter don't want to lu'
p heavy rope around with him and I'll
ailit yoiii' u illle on tile steepest, prci'i-
ice t hat ever was.
"When I'm silting down my bru-h
I a-cot ii se'.en foot !.wing, and I set
'in to paoil tic words -Love's Lurcj
I.o.etl'es' in s, ven toot letters. didn't
care it it took I;"' !i Week, I wa.stTt go-
iut: to be biuilcl b I in-ill Toinbstoiiei s.
"Well, sir, I w as I,; n ddng away and
M'line; to inelf like a mocking-bird
when a stone came down and lit fair in
the paii.; pot. stilashin..'- paint ail oyer
I I . s.'n. .ooked lip HI elder II a iiol'
lel, and Iheie I see two dirty Apache.
I c.-i'V -jriiitr i i. at iti".
"I didn't, sav :;ti tn.n,'. but. the sight
f ti.ein took In; life out of me .i that I
"'ropped my bi u -n, and I could hear it
hounding rilou front rock to rock until
I'maTy'it -'rr.i-k bottom. It ceniedto me
t'-n minutes from the time tnat brush
h-H my hand until it struck the ground,
livery time it bounced from one rock to
anotiier I seemed to say to nn.-eif.
'You'll strike there and there and there."
"1 knew the Indians were Apache.
the minute I saw their heads, nTtd I
knew, loo, that the Apache is the blood
tni; stieth animal mi earth.
"They' grimed at me with ll.cii
heads stuck over the precipice, and
liii-n one of liieui swung out his right
: rm and began making passes at the
I lilt rope Mild a liiiteJier-klllle in Ji.f
"I watched that knife flying around
up there with its .sharp edge' a! way.,
turned toward the rope, until it made
lue sick, and I looked down for relief,
l'e low me there wa. nothing but lit'h
iiics.juit biish growing out of the preci
pice about half way down, and under
t tint bow ldcrs.
'Suddenly I thought of something,
and whipping my wuisky flask out of
my breast pocket I held it up toward
them. They .stopped grinning, thf
kn fe stopped wheeling around, and 1
saw in u iiiiuiite'ihat they were twe
lhiriy Indians, and that I had a chanet
jet. I'.ut, like a blamed fool, I was toe
sure, and didn't take enough care of th
bottle, and the tirt thing I knew it
slipped frmn my hand and t mashed tc
flinders on the rocks below.
" The Indians gave one howl and then
zip went the knife across the rope, and
I followed the whisky bottle.
"Hid I get killed: Well, not hardly.
You remember that mesipiit hush:
Well, the end of the rope managed t
get wrapped around that bush iu tin
fill, and it brought me up so sudden
that the shock broke out four of m
front teeth."
"Put you were still a hundred feel
above ground, and jour rope only fifty
feet long."
"To be sun ; but even thing wa
plain saiiing now. 1 ju t shinned ii
the rope to ie bllsh, got the rope out
of snarl and unraveled it. so as to maki
two ropes, only half as thick each as
the other was. See? The rope w'a
plenty strong enough to bear me, thin
as if was. and down I came like greased
lightning, and then footed it. back t
liensoti, where I bought a new otittil
and went on ahead to 'Frisco." An
Airjul J.iur in I'incinnuli tlnquiixr.
Baked Eagles.
Lieut, Derby, the celebrated "John
Pliirnix," was a great practical jokor
in private life, as is well known. The
following story is told of him by one of
his oldest friends: Ho once Mopped a
baker's wagon on Kearney street, and,
bailing the'driver, pulled out his purse
and told him he wanted to buy a baked
eagle. The infuriated Ihitcliman told
him to go about his business and not
fool with men who had work to do.
"Hut if you don't givo me a baked
eagle." said Derby, "you're a liar ami
a swindler and a common thief." This
was too much for the (ierman, and,
roliitig up his sleeves, he prepared to
get oil' the wagon and mop the pave
ment with the Lieutenant. Just as he
was getting down the author of tho
Plnenix Papers veiled: "Hold on, my
friend, perhaps I'm wrong, but if you
don't sell b.tked eagles, what in thunder
do you have Kagle Bakery written all
over your wagon for?" This was ton
much for the Teuton, and what tniglu
have ended in blood terminated in beer,
&' Friun'.iufi Si nrn-Lt'tU1.
We are told that when Jacob kissed
Kaehel he "lifted up his voice and wept"
The cause does not appear, hut peril a pa
Uachel hud been, eating onions.
il f JJ1-V XI JU If ill
W. P. Labbdin, river itditorof i'h Bcli ktim
and Merimhorit pmieniiitr sic nt. Orilr for nil
kind of Menmhunt Job irintli: Rollclterl. unite
M Uowur'i Kuruoua-i iiutul. No, 72 uhlo luvee.
The J. II. Ilillinun from Evansville ar
rived at D p, m. yi!bterdny nn I left on her
return trip tit 10 p. in. The J no. A. Scud
der from New OrluHiis arrived hero yeMer
diiy morning at 7 :'i0. .Shewn flying light
and had few passenger, departed fur St.
Louis at 8 a. m. The City of Providence
from St. Louis will pass down for Vicks
burg this morning The John Dippold
with 20 barges of rock for Wilson' Point
and other points, left here at 4 :)!() f). m. yes
terday. C'Hpt. Hiram Hill in ele a success
fuljob of raising the Josh . V. Throop,
which was thought to be a hopeless wreck.
Cftfit. Hill as a "resu-citatur" of wrecked
boats is surely a success. - Yesdcrday the
wharf was extremely quiet nnd but few ar
rivals disturbed the monotitiy . The rivers
still are on the decline and sandbars are
tnoHt too numerous to be interesting. Trie
Henry A, Tyler from Memphis arrived last
evening at 7 o'clock. She hud a fair tup
will likely leave this i-venii:r.
How a Col&fi'lo Miner with no Mou;
I've bin a miner for twetit-tiv
years, att'l I've made some big strike,
in my time. Bin worth morc'n a mi. lion
live different Lines, and been so pool
that I had to live on cactus for tw:
months on a stretch. (Jot broke on
Coinstock in Nevada, and then walked
across the mountains 1,')00 miles in Col
orado. I'm on my way back to the San
Juan, after stocking mv mine for '!,
poo.ooo in New York.
"Yes, it's a good one. Some of mv
friends wanted mo to .stock it at
000,000 but I told "em mo.' I'd
rattier have the sheers fetch a big prem
ium. Rich ore? Well, I should think
it will be. Well, I just turned up a fe-.
shovelfuls, an' it was right there, black
sand running o.OO0 to the ton at thf
grassroots. It'll be lo,ooo before J
get into it forty feet. Why. 1 giv awa
17,i'00 worth of silver tin- lir-t t href
days. All the old boys came down t:
M-e my strike, and I jest told 'em to till
their pockets. Oil, that's common
ainoiij us old mirier. Whenever one
of us has got anything the rest are al
ways welcome to help themselves. Now
there's J'abor. You ve heard of him,
of course the r.'oiie-t man ;n this coun
try now, except Vamierhi.t and A-tor.
Why, ine and him always share, and
share alike. Whenever one of us j.
about, he jest, draws on the other. 1
knowed him when he was as poor tis
a church mouse, but he's a good one, I
tell. I met him when I was on m
wav to New York. Siw. he: "Pre.cott,
lliebbe you're, a little short? How'
llHl. h'lfdn you?' Sez I: Well, Hod.
old pard. I'm a little short of cash: gim
me .11,000. Ilu drawd bis cheek on
the l itst Nashnol of Denver, and never
ask'-d for a line from me. Hut that's
the way we old in. tiers aiwajs do with
each oilier. We've pot a hotel of mu
own in New York, wnere we all stop,
whether we have got any iuon.'y or not
when we go Last to eii a mine. It
costs iipj as high as ilo.oiio some years
just to keep it up. but we stand by each
other. I tell von." wee r Sews."
Vitals ytiesttionsi!!
Ask the most eminent rihvsii isn
Of any Hchool, whut is the best thing in
the world for quieting Hud allaying all irri
tation of the nerves ai d curing all forms of
nervous complaints, giving natural, child
like relreshiucr sleep always?
And they will tell you unhesitatingly
Soine form of Hop-.!"
Ask any or all of the most eminent phy
sicians: "What is the best and only remedy that
can be relied on to cure all diseases of the
kidneys and urinary organs; such sa
Bright's disease, diabetes, retention or ina
bility to retain urine, and all the diseases
and ailments peculiar to Women.'
"And they will tell you explicitly and
emphatically "Buchu."
Ask the same physicians
"What is tho most reliable and surest
cure for all liver diseases or dyspepsia; cou
stipation, indigestion, biliousness, malarisl
fever, ague, &c," and. they will tell you;
Mandrake! or Dandelion ! '
Hence, when these remedies are combin
ed with others equally valuable
And compounded into Hop Bitters, such
a wonderful and mysterious curative power
is developed which is so vsried in its opera
tions that no disease or ill health can possi
bly exist or resist its power, and yet it is
Harmless for the most frail woman,
weakest invalid or smallest child to use.
"Almont dead ornearl. dylnc"
For years, and given up by physicians of
iright's and other kidney diseases, liver
complaints, severe coughs called consump
tion, have been cured.
Women gone nearly crazy I
From agony of neuralgia, nervousness,
wakefulness and various diseases peculiar
to women.
People drawn out of shape from excruci
ating pangs of Iliieumatism.
Inflammatory and chronic, or Bufferiiig
from scrofula!
Salt rliiiuui, lilood poI-huiIne. ilvxpnpfia.
t'itlou, and in factalmoft all a Ik (.' is frail
fsatiirfl (a heir to
Have lu-eu cured by Uo: llittrs, prool of wlm II
ran bo found In every n-jluhhnrhiind la the known
world. ,n
Refrigerator Cars,
Wholesale) Dealer in Iri.-,
Coi' Ioada a Bpecialtv.
0or. Twelfth Street and Levw,
c u r a s
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago. Baticache, HeauVi.he, loothirhe,
Hill f Tlii'Oltl. Sm IHiii.. Sl liln. I.in, ,1.,
IIiii ii.. Si'iil.l.. I UO...
MI II I. IIIIOH imlill.l l'Us I Ml .lll
Soil b lT'it("'i .t i l I I . i , ... r. v l. n. .ri . i.i, K I,., til.
'i II I. ;.
TIIK I II 4 lit I S1.I IM.I I I l( 4
tewxtWTl u, A ..(.. I I. fc Mt , ll.tll.iii ,r.-. .l I.. I
ir, f. VT ii tj '1 nunc dUirkN in tr . jitr il mid ntlmr
T CI")." vittc-i I'V 'I'M-nilr.n, uiirt li,(.-., mi hi
liic.i'i'i' wh'-rc Hie rui.-inii'ii n-c- mruv n iti in
lieallli, tl.ia luiii'Hi v.-u'-t -il '1'- iiimuriiiit uni '
ti rHtivr. Il'iiein'r' Mninni'li Utti.-r. Iihk Ii-' ii
fi.uud h puti-nt h lift-ens rd i-vi-n t-. w lilc (nttl n
.ion anil fr.inil..- I'uiiih-, whili- a' a cur- fur Iti'li-
i--ilnn, bilioiiniK and kmoruil (.oinplmini', 1 1 in
wi-'.omi a rival.
Kor kbI br nil drii'-ci" nnd ili.-id'-n' -.-fn'-ratly.
Art secures to all. Macau's
Macnolia Jialm dispels every
lilemisli, overcomes Ketiness
Freckles, Sallow ness, Iloucli
ness, Tan, llruplions and
Ulolchcs, and removes all evi
dences of heat and excite
ment. Tito Macnolisi Uahn
imparts tho most delicate and
natural eotnplcxional tints
no detection hcins; possible to
the closest, ohservation.
rnder those circumstances
a faulty Complexion is litfie
short of a crime. Jlacnolia
Jlal ui sold everywhere. ( "ost s
only ") cents, with full di
rections. How Many Miles Po You Prive?
Will T.-ll.
Thic iiintrtuiii'iit In no Inrir'ir thmi a watch. It
Icl.e the cvai.t iiiiiiiii-r ill' iii'kii ridv n to llic
1-loitn part iil'a ni 1 ; cuiiiitH up to 1,0 mlli;
WBU-r and dun Huh' ; alway til orili-i ; core
hiifi-f Inini hi' in K ovrr-ilriwn : l e:milv alttirtit"!
to tin- whfi'i of a Itiiisuy. Ciirilnc, Suikv, W nynn,
Roml Cart. Milky I'lnw, llcinn-r. Mnwcr, or utlicr
vchii-lc Iinalimliiir In I.tvrx men, I'lt-imnre
Driver". I'Iivmi ltm, Kami' r, Mirv.-voni, Dray-
n)eti, KviTeKHinell, Mn.:c Owiiei-H, &c, I nv only
pi.OU-.Hcl), ODi'-tliird I lie price of any oilier Oiioin.
etc. When nrileriiii; nive iliirneter of tiie nhi-cl.
Sf'nt liy mail on receipt nt 'p'iee, pni-l pa il.
' AiJitri'-o MoHON X K U T." 6 1 TSlTc T KU ',
i North I. a rii M ., (. hii au'o.
tSeiul for Ctrciiltir. M-:;m.
KUI'I'A I'l.iN Al,.
( I1KTKII. -.'.''t year opeiix ?i'pt tin I r l.'tli
llullilii C ne'. Superior appo'iitmeii' 1'i.il l-.u-gilie.-rnii.'.
hi liiir-il, oile. iate, KtiitlUli Coii'bi-k.
Clrrulamof t'. W. Itarilav. I.i-r., V. F. Ilailiday
Ehi) .or of I'ol. TIIKO. HYATT. I'tcx't.
71(1 -1 in
Moiificello Ladies Seiiiiimry,
tioflKHK Y. M.MH-.UN CO I X IV, It.f,
Op-lie Sepleniber -.11. Flirt I'.liiKH Hclinol. One ot
tin- o ilcct In tliu went. Locution licalthy mid lie
llchll'ii'. Superl'ir aitvniitacea (or KiikIiiIi anil
i.'miicii1 I'duratlon. v Itli Miii1c. DrHwIni.', I'aiM
mil and .Modern I nnu'im-ep. Annlr, for ralalni'ini.
to Minx U. N. HASlvKl.1., Principal.
72-J-codAw -,'ni
A Niw iiti'l Coinpii'tt! Ilotid, fruiitlni: on
Snconil mid Huilrond Slrei tr,
Cairo, Illinois.
Tim t'HamiMnr Ilenut nl tho t'li tr.H'. Hi. I.onia
aril .lew Orlcnna; HlluoU ('mitral; Walm-h, Si.
l.oiiiK ami I'acllic; Iron Munnlnin and Hotilhorn,
Mobile und Ohio; Cairo and Ml. t.oma Kaiiwayn
aru nil Jnm arrnrl tho ttreet ; vchllit thu .Stcuinbuat
Land i n ii In mt one nqiure dintunt,
Thla Holol It heatud by atnam, hax ateam
Laundry, Jlydraulio Elevator, Kleclrlc (lull Holla,
Automatic Klra-Alarma, Hatha, almolnlely ptint air,
pertnet ewnreo and cnmplate appnlnlinimta.
Naeurb fiir-jirLti)L'i: prfoot arvtco and an un
OxreliH Ubl.
Li. V. I'AKKKlt Ac ( ')- liUMMtiwa
II II R Al 1 mU U lKTn
. ... k. hi.j amiiR-i) win penetrate to the ry Bon,
uifl alinoNt Instantly RELIEVK PAIN! It will not Soil ClothW
ll'rt alflCOlor the Skin, nr lirn -r1iQrAAAiu An,.t. .... uj r.
Ul..l -
liM NO KCjl'Ar. for tin.' Cnrcf Rbenmatlam. Snrnn. Hra4a.
Stilt' Jniiitn, Nnuralgia, Lame
aura laruia rami in iuo ijimna iu uoy inn, oi ino tiysicm
mid It -iii:illy ellleanioiis for all pains in tlm Stomach and EowoU
reipiiiiiii; u ioi;i'iui uiuusivu itiiinuiant. mut nifrn-n i Mmimnc
sk your Iniul.st fur It. rrivusocta
l'n-:areil only liy JACOB S. MERREXL,
Wholfiwilo Drmnrlat. 8T.
The Caligraph Writing1 Machine.
Tii-hum row a Lontr Way' 'if wlicii Help
Is Watitcil 'Jo-lay.
i niiitoii in m.-vnr in hurry I'ain aud din re a
an- in hoi li He It h in the ' lilci.il in need" -1 !.i
lili'i d -tlm Ooea at ini'tlnnR uow -that. llifi o t!
aila.'i- oavH tin cointilinic.it of I einc "a friend in
deed.' '1 hat tliey no not keep lt,e miiIVo cr IL an
petiKr I" the aalirnt cxci-lli locuf UK NS(JS'S I'A I'
( INK I'OK'irs I't.AJ-l KUS Ti e lilailem of
o Iit dayi -whi f cr por u or otlierwinc unit
'Wiilt iiinii to -morrow : We can pro . i i c : nothlrnr
ou tin; rpur of the moiiiont.' Ilui pa'n niiridn-vul.
llKe hup.' dcf. r ed, tniiUcth the h.-ail kick. Hen
con p'HHi.-re a i on application. I ln-y pernicato.
noolne, narm and lie.il, onliilim.-;, a tlu-vclaim.
chemical and medicinal a-i nm of tlw lillien ef
tl- iency. Their iimhi ih now, and Ilu- ucnnii e
have the word CAI'i'tNIC cm in the middle of ogch
pla-ter. I : u i- ce.ila. fvahnry Jchuron,
I'lli-nilrN N'i w York
OVKK r,oi-.iMl VOl.l'MKS ItKADY. 'lhorhoic
ect lit rature In the world, often the bent rdttlntia
pulilikheu. loo pa-i; c-ataloirnu KKKK l.uwi-m
prlo-a evi-r known. ot nold bv dealer". Mit f r
t'xumiua imi before patni-nt on evidence n' u iod
faith. JDilN It. A I.HF.N. I'liMifticr.
ISVefey "treet, New York. 1'. li-ix I
F A M 1 I, V li I Ii I. K !
Conta ninir both verniunn of -he New Tclain tit,
wun i :i I'arah i- nl our Lord and savmir, hand
roiijel vi )n; t iiti.'l with li lnd-"r'e KntraviDua.
(Mir II nli-i c ntai" J.ikiii ; lit'- , i 'l il iiki rnlltiuH.
KHie I'ii'ito.' aiih A -In) ni", i-li'2-iiit rlenp'tn. liiind-
isoniel. b.iiiinl. Kxirn in liH eiin ii-i. otU red to cner
l' t c t;i'u!H. 1 lii.trateil ratal i-.ru ' -'tr 01 ap
plication. A. I. IIOI.MA ( u . I'ciiadel' hill.
h Miit-oiierv Pack-
m Idn l' nl i id' in tho
market Cuiitaina lKHhecta Note I'.. per. 1H - nvel
open, I'crici1, I'eii holder, l'i-n and a hand-nme
pier" ot .lew- I j- Itetall prim v!'i ionic J-our
dozen 1'i.r J-' o i. A wiitcli .iiaianieed itn every
fonr dozen you order. Kor -Tiri-nt', inoue nrtwo
cent )u.t ii.-liinip. vie will mmhI a cuinplete nam
pie iin k no. witb iilejant Oold I'm 'd M eve Hot
p. in-. li.)',e I'lati d Miidx. Hold l'lated Co'ln' Hnlion,
llandi-o-. c Wat h Ctiain, old l'latnl Uiim and
eb-nnt M iirf I'lu. lleiiit -r laru amiinnta. -is
pane idiiHliaioil rala'ii!.ii' of liniif, Si ll rocking
liovo Vera, clem npe-, !pv tiiHS-eH, Vtat-tll'a.
Ai orile nr. ViniliiH, trail-el e, r free. Write
at o' to Wor'd Mannfacinriiiu' V 'V I ' V
Co , J) 'anll Mreet, New York. ' ' ' ' J
C17 St. Charles Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
A n 1 1 r r'ciiitiioiM of two nnillcat
rolle.'i -, bin I ii Iwiiwer cncon-d In the n-i-al-
li)'" 1 - -.'i ', .'.. rvi)ii, !- li in nml
HI" 'ii.-. n iinv nlhi r j'liv -irl.iii In
M. Loin . - .1, ii. i-s t-Uaw it i T ail "Id rest.
deiiH know. i-n-ul I nl 1'ir. ..1 oltici- ir by Dial I,
It .in. I Invited. A fi-n-niliv In'.k or li I-uplnli.ii
cosih in. i III in.. W lieu it 1 ir. iv en tent iu 1 1 It
:iu' cltv .'-r lr .-itiiii-nt. no-'lt. in.- can liem-iit
by mall or xpr.-.-i el ef. In -re. i 01 -aide i n-,-
ir n i .-t ti t. - I : win re doubt esl-U il I-frankly
nl .al. d. ail oi W rite.
KjTvtts Prnstritioa, Drlnlity, Mental and
Physical Wt'ttknoss, Morruniil and oih -r
nffociionaof Throat, Skin and iiones, Blood
Impurities and Blood roiscnm-r, Skin Affec
tions, 01dSor urd Ulcers, Impedimerits to
MarriRpre, Ehrumatifm, Tiles. Special
attention to cmoi Troin ovor-workod lirain.
SUEOICALjCASES rpoeivft special attention.
Diseases arising from Imprudences, Exceasng
Indulftraejs or rxpoures.
It la n-ll'-ev l b nl that ii phi-li-kin pavlnit
particular a 1 1 li 1 1 m to a el i ot ca-' allalii..
ureal 'kill, ind phi i-lan In r-v;iil.ir praciir..
al! over llie cmintrv know inn lb.. t're'Oi'-nliv
ri'i'oniuii-ti'l i'.i.-1-itu tin- nidi Mi il.ee In Aiii'-i l'-a,
Vtbelf elerv kieovn H - .1 1 ill li-' H r'-4"-'-d In,
and 'lie n"i-."t u-.ti.'l i-.'iii,., I ioh nl all
am", and cniiht rb a iieil. ii Imli Imiinc p-
iiM-d for nil i. iinni-e-. and all il''- IpmI- -1 w lib
xkill in a re-.'.'ttu I maniiir: acl kii"lnK
wbal o in. no evpcrl mi nts are iiiade. 1 'it .n-.
i-niint ol llie in'r.'it i.n.ntier tiiplilnu. llie
rli.ir.ri-. are ki-it low. ol'lni boi.-r tl.nn l
ill li,..lni"l II V nltliM-i ll von -eeine the kl'l
null v I a ... ; v in. ,ii h'ei In., i nn-, tint li
llie I ii.poi lanl ' iii-il ti-r, 1 'u ii 1 1-1 1 It I. ;( paxes,
i cut lo 40)' i Mi '-I. Ci i e.
Heuiiiil clotli a;-d Kilt blndlmr, Si n'ed for M
i'eni- In pM:no or inrn-iiry. in or liny won
iievlnl pi n pleiin-e,, inn-to life art lt-li. nn tlm
mlliiw iim Mibli'i't,. . Who tim) marry, who not;
lnl I'l-niier aue I" loai rc. Who iniii t-y tlrif,
IiiiiIhio I, Wniiiiii'l I. I liv -1 1 .i I rli ra Will
iiboold iiuii'i v. II' " I il'e in I h:ii'loef limy Imi
IIM-1 ' -i-il . 'I li"-e lii.irl'i..l i-l- e.iiil iilalltui
1'iai l' I nil "bu'ild nail II. 1 1 nn,. b I to In- rci-l
ov all adilll pi i -oi, lln ii keel iiieb I Im k ami
k 'V. I'llplillir il 1 1 lull . '. Hue ,i ll.ov i . 'Hit -.1p r
nii-i t' nod ;mi pam 5 lent.- In iciil. in iimuuir
r pint a un.
Schenck's Adjustable
Any llonaekecper In tha land can repair the Cook
Rtovopul In new Fir Hark, nrwOmlra anil new
LlnliiKa-by natng SOIIBIUOK'B
Sold by all Itardwar ami 8tov Pealera.
f"" m OiMi't'i,ta. Mtanfactured only hy
SihuurW; Adjo-atabU rtr Bai k Co.,
o aioaruorn utrort, 1 lilcauo.
HiiiilnmpnHlilvnl-r Curml hi "Dr. TP rcp'a Pa'-'nl
MniinntlR KlMa'loTriiaa. Hrandmii Inv. nilniii'lih.i
1Mb iVnliiry.Oillr ui'ioilno Rlcclilr tiuiw il' IUmvvdi hi.
andlhannlji nrnlliat Kill pronerlr p.rnln ami mdl.
imllr riirn llarnla 0"r ll i'lleiil Curi i eliri'ieil.
Itnail ahnl Dr. Joa. Klintnn, of Now York, tlm ov
nownd I'lirnli-miiiinini. rli aiiu ii, H-J, " rhpiir' it
and iHmii'lnimiir!MiHle Truna lti ml on tin.
lairmraaKii U iwrinanenl,, firirhU-h I uliall "m r"
main llrllUlful., ,1 Hivm. M. I), Fnr i"irii al.na
llN.HUllllitl4.M. Lo'lU, ilu.
I A Ixiwisiiil iiroiiuiuLluii i-Diu.
hrfuM mostly oj kasi'ntlul Oil
rinu'ti Uik fln-nnnntpntAl flint n'
w v.......... ......... ,,.
Back, Cramps, Tooth-Ache.
per bottle
With ir Correiponocnci can at AcconnuMto m
On-thirl TMt TlMl, AND WITH A NiATKCIt
Anyone Oau ITso It.
Buy it aud return C. O. I), if you
don't like It.
Indispensablefor Business Corre3pondeaca,
Kotith-IYeatern Agency,
Htationrn, Vrinttri and
420 W. Third Street,
v aildresHini.' "IKO. I'. I1DWEM, A CO., 10
riprura M , New Vork.ran learn tlm exact coat of
any proponed l!iu of 'iilveriirln e in American
N"W;P'. Jfiai pii-c I'ainpblet pleenu.
1 klYDKl l.s - No piibiintv; rrnlilma of anr
'Male. Dotn-rtion, Noi'-siipnrt. Advice and
applirnllnna lor alamp. W. II. I.EE, Att'y, a9
hioadw.iy, N. V.
" In eery townln the Union
to Belittle
2 A 10c, Kmoke for 5c
s.-imple lot of a.t dollv.
frcd to any part of the
U.8.for8l. Rendforour
ternia, eto. BOIi.vrLL
K ItAU. Inilliiniir,ll IniL
Krtaiton mill" one tirnni.
ttaTSmokors! fScnduayouraddresi
llan been mot" il-Kirni live '.to human bealili and
life Hum war, p.atl ence and famine, combined."
So-aul u oisiin-i-ii-nod wriier many Mara auo,
and it i h imi! lo day a th -n. 1 tin p'ur victim
of Hlood DNeane rlriimji'd with Mercury to ruru
tin uin adv. mu ib n iloacd wtth lodnlea to enra
hi ni ol lb." Meirnrial roifoni. c; hut innti ud of any
relief, i ho tlrrl breaku down bin teneral hen th and
make, pirn n cripple, and the oiher ruina hla di
Cemlvu orL-una. To thoee ulUicicd In tl.ia way
:ill a Spi'cui- Im ibo creaieat boon on ear b. anil
la wnr h more llnin Hh welfbt iu uold. It antidote
tbl Mciru'lnl r.ii-in, tuuea up the ivateni, anil
hrli't-a the Biitl -ier back to I eaitb und b ippincan.
Kverv paraon ho in , v r tieen aalivnti'il ah until
liy a'l in ami take vboronntic.oii'Hu of thla r mcdy.
TkfKK-OHNVIM.1, 'l MK.oa ('., flA.
Five year a:;o i tuimd m my plantation a col
ored man who ua badly dincaa il Ho atalnd
that ttve ' eara before he hail coi Iracted a violent
ru-c of Hlood t'olaon, arid had been treated by
many phynlrlHtm, aii l'aillnti cure him. 1 treat
ed htm wnli Mviftv pe.'itlc, and iu a abort mma
lie waa aonii'' and well, a-ul ha ii t bad a a-mu.
torn of the dim-kin aincu. ). M. 11 L'(..ll ES.
One L'ont'emiin who had boon endued to hla
bed i'lx weeka with Mercurial Hheuniallam haa
tieen cii'i'd I'lit relv, mid atieaka Iu the biubust
praiauof S. St. . Cllll.KS M! It l(Y.
t'buttanooKa, 'I'enn.
81.000 UKWA1U):
will be paid to any Chemiat who will find, on
amli-hia of lno bottlea of S. S. S , ouo particle of
mercury, Iodide polaaaiuin, or any mineral aub
Drawer 3, Atlanta, (in.
I tr Write for thu llitlo liooa, which will be
maili-d fiee.
I'rlce; Siniill al.e, fl IU) per bottle. Ln-Ke
al.e (boldini: doiililn qiiiintltv) Wl .7.) bottle. All
I)riit'i;iata (ell It, 4
iMnrftl '
r I I UlLIUi'
NEW h?mFih MHlilC0
&m0o rlVb
II. Stkauala & Co. Cairo, III

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