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Oldest in the city; established in 1862.
Com 'I Ave , between th ind 10th feu.
AmmanlUonof all deacr p'lons always oa hand l
Q.aeral repairing to il kinds of metal.. Keys
fall descriptions made to order, end satisfaction
motti (itve m acall, tod be convinced for
VOBrself, at thgaofihe "BIO GUN."
tl-in Proorlctor, Cairo. III.
W. nTRATTON. Cairo. T. BIRD, Missouri.
Commission Merchants.
$ 57 Ohio LefM, Cairo, PL
iariat D.rlca Pdr Oa
s. a. earn.
Grand Central Store.
.Manufaetarer and Dealer In-
Stfc ItiMh between Com'l Ato. ..id Levee.
Safe Reialred. All Kinds ot Bv Marie.
Boot & Shoe
Ho. 90 Com'l Ave., Bet. 5th & 6th Sts.,
Jut received a fall line of
which he will sell at the lowest bottom price. It
compriMi the best or ST. LOUIS HAND MAltB
OTW alto make to order anything la oarline
tie beat material and workmaaihlp.
Mrs. J. S. BACKER,
Cor. Washington Ave., Foorth St.
Foil itock of material for
Art :- Needle :- Work,
Zephprs of ill Shades.
-J gjasiateons' given la Arraaene. Order for
Swas"BJ sum vroproiupry ui w-. .
: New Restaurant. ;
"ADStT BROS . Proprietor.
i Washington Ave. an! 14th St , ; Cairo, III
taTMoala semd at ail hoars sltbtaad day,
fhs patronage of the public solicited.
For Dyspepsia,
Sick Headache,
Cbronlo Diar
rhoea, Jaundice,
Impurity of the
Blood, Fever and
Ague, Malaria,
ami all Disease
bT caused by Ie-
rangement of Liver, BoweU and Kldneya.
Bad Breath; Pain in the bide, tumelimea the
pain ia felt under the Shoulder-blade, miataltea for
Rheumatism ; general lent of appetite ; Bowela
generally coative, iometime alternating with lax;
the head ia troubled with pain, U dull and heavy,
with considerable low of memory, accompanied
with a painful sensation nf leaving undone somethini
which ought to have been d ,ne , a slight, dry cough
and flushed face is sometimes an attendant, often
mistaken for consumption, the patient complains
of weariness and del ility ; nervous, easily startled;
iee cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
of the skin exists; pin( are low and despondent,
and, although satisfied that exercise would be bene
ficial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to
try it in fact, distrusts every remedy Several
of the above symptom attend tSe disrate, but cases
havt occurred when but few uf them existed, yet
examination after death has shown the Liver to
have been extensively deranged.
It should be used by all pernon, old aad
young, whenever any of the aliove
ymptum appear.
Pereona Traveling or Living In Cu
healthy Localities, by taking a dux occasiosv
ally to keep the Liver in healihy action, will avoid
ail Malarias, Bllloua attack. Dirtiness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It
will invigorate like a glass of wine, but is no III.
toxica tinar beverage.
If Tou have eaten anything hard ot
digestion, oc feel heavy after meals, or sleep
lees at night, take a dose and you will be relieved
Time and Doctors Utile will be aaved
by always keeping the Regulator
In the House I
For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly
safe purgative, alterative and tonic can
never be out of place. The remedy is liarmleM
and doea not Interfere with business or
And has all the power and efficacy of Calomel or
Quinine, without any of the injurious after effects.
A Ciorernor'a Testimony.
Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use in my
family for some time, and I am satisfied it is a
valuable addition to the medical scictu-e.
J Gill Shoctlr, Governor of Ala.
Hob. Alexander II. Stephens, of Ga.,
says: Have derived sume benefit Irom the use of
Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it a
further trial.
"The only Thing that never fall to
Relieve."! have used many remedies for Dys
pepsia, Liver Affection and Debility, but never
have found anything to benefit me to the extent
Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Min
nesota to Georgia f r it, and would send further for
such a medicine, and would advise all who are sim
ilarly affected to give it a trial as it seems the only
thing that never fails to relieve
P. M. Jakm-t, Minneapolis, Minn.
Dr. T. Yf. Mason any : From actual ex
perience in the use of Simmons Liver Regulator in
my practice I have been and am satisfied to use
and prescribe it as a purgative medicine.
: Ua?Take only the Genuine, whieh always
has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark
and Signature of J. H. ZEILLV A CO.
Two Nights and Matinee
Harrv J. Mortimer's
Friday & Saturday,
DEC. 22 & 23.
Bartley Campbell's Latest Success,
How Women Love.
Grand Matinee, Saturday Afternoon!
Tb Delightful Comedy,
"Our Boarding House."
Reserved seati at Buder't. Popa ar price. 25,
60 and 7f conts. N extra rhatge for reserved
eat. Admiealon to matinee, 0c:; children,:'.
Goldstine &
136 fc 138 Com'l Ave.
have received a full and complete line
ol new Fall and Winter
Cloaks, Dolmans, Notions, Etc.
A heavy ttocb of Body Brne!, Taper
tries and Ingrain
- A Ml toek of Oil Cloth, all eUei and prices.
Clothing & Gents' Furnish'g Goods
A follaod complete stock la now being
loeed oat at great bargain.
All tjroodm 1st Bottom Frtoeal
O'Donnell Hanged at Eight O'clock
This Morning.
Failure of President Arthur's Intercession
In His Behalf.
New and Note from Washington and
Oilier Matter of Interest.
O'Unnsiell L aerated.
London, Dec. 17. O'Donnell w
hanged ai 8.02 o'clock tbia morning,
now lie dikd.
Dr-siiile the boiHterfotia and squally
w vainer, a voiiMidurable crowd asmmblfil
at the prison at 7 o'clock tbli mornlns,
hundreds of workinjimen pasting by the
jail walling to gaze at the black flag.
Among them O'Donnell' brother, who
paced to and fro opposite the flagstaff in a
rnoht restless and dri'cted manner, excit
ing the sympathy of all preseut.
The hansmtu't ttrrngemen's were per
fnct. The execution occurred with
out a hitch. O'Donnell was cool and ol
let'tuti and made no statement on the scaf
fold. awaitixo death.
London, Dec. '18. O'Donnell passed a
good nigbt aud conliuuei cheerful. His
appetite Is fair, but be enjoys smoking hi t.
ler that eating. He was vWlted this after,
noon by Father Flemmlnir and another
prlfst and was attentive to tbelr exhorta
tions. Strict reticence Is obherved by pris
on officials. A special cuard of twenty
four men Is on duty Iniide the prison day
and nlk'bt. and several detectives are sta
tioned ouuide. The street in the vicinity
of the prison are empty aud quiet. Some
une&slnes 1. being felt aboat Binn's drop.
It was thorouxbiy tested lo-day, and the
machinery again overhauled. It seemed to
work well.
The exclusion of representatives of the
pr mi from the prison aud the difficulty of
olital ning Information causes much dissatis
faction. The execution will certainly take
place at 8 o'clock Monday morning.
Victor Hugo baa written to Queen Vic
toria, asking her to pardon O'Donnell.
The police leavinit duty at the prison this
evening report tbst O'Donnell continues
Arm as a rock. Every one Is much im
pressed with bis tier v . O'Donnell is pre
pared to meet bis fate, but remarked that
his death would be avenged on England.
Victor Hugo, In his letter to the quen,
say the queen of England has shown more
than once her greatness of heart, and that
the queeu will grant O'Dounell bis life and,
accept the unanimous and profound thanks!
of th" civilized world. '
Mw will be said at 8 o'clock in various
Catholic cburchca for the repose of O'Don
neli's soul. The local news agency stales
at the farewell visitof O'Donnell'slirotb
tsr to him Saturday the men conversed a
ba'f-bour. O'Donnell give bis brother
final instructions in regard to certain pri
vate matters' Tbey spoke iu Irish to pie
vent the warders from understanding them.
O'Donnell declared bis intentions to say on
the scaffold that be shot Carey and felt no
remorse for the set. He felt comforted
t cause the fund which was subscribed for
his defense will be devided among his wife
and other dependent relatives. He died
for Ireland and would die like a brave
O'Donnel's brother was desirous of
burying the body iu consecrated ground,
and was horrified to learn the remains mnst
be interred in the prison yard. As the
brother will not be allowed to revisit
O'Donnell he stated he would standout
side Newgate prison Monday until the
hlaux fl ig is hoisted.
Tne uews ageucy adds: Information b is
been received at Scotland Yard that several
Invincible left New York recently either to
attempt a rescu? of O'Donnell or revenge
his execution. The police boarded the
Assyrian Monarch Sunday, but no arrests
were made, as there was no passenger list
on board to furnish the names of suspected
Washington, Dec. 17. Thursday last
Secretary Frellnghuyson telegraphed Mln
is'ei Low-ll, statin? that (be House of Rep
resentatives bad brought the case of O'Don
nell to the Tresident' notice with the
hope tl at the latter might secure a reasona
ble delay in the execution of sentence, and
ascertain whether the prisoner is an Ameri
can c i zen, and whether there was error In
.he trial. In this telegram Lowell was in
structed as follows:
"As before instructed, you will consider
O'Donnell's cl' z nshlp established. There
being In Great Britain no Judicial examina
tion or appeal proceedings at criminal trial
pns'lle, errors can only be corrected
through a new trial or executive
action upon the sentence, therefore
this government I anxious such care
ful eam!nation be given proceed
ings In this case as will discover the ern r
should one have been committed. You
are therefore directed by the president to
request delay In the execution of the sen
tence and a ctrelul examination of the case
be made by her nn J 'sty's government and
the prisoner' counsel be permitted to pre
sent any alleged points of error. "
Secretary Fiellnehuysen is now in re
celpt of a telegram from Lowell, who states
on the 12t i be received 'be above telegram,
and immediately communicated" it
substsuco to Lord Gran
ville, who acknowledged the re
ceipt, and stated it had beenreferred to the
proper authorities. Saturday, the 1Mb Inst ,
Lowell received Lord Granville's replv. In
which the latter, after referring Lowell's
communication, stated that connsel fur
O'Donnell having submitted representations
he thought advisable on the prisoner's be
Half, those representations and all other
circumstances of the case hail been careful
lv examined and considered in the manner
u-ual in a case of capital conviction, and her
majesty 'a government found no grounds
upon which It would be Justified In advising
the crown to Interfere with the sentence of
the law oi It execution.
Aaoiher Srtamer.
XKVAtu, Mo.. Dec, 17. Dayid Dill
man, aged about 20, son of W. T. Dillman,
living four mile iou'h of Schell City, com
mitted suicide by shooting himself at the
American bouse la this city to-day at 10
'clock; cause unknown.
Onarht f Maw the Paper.
New York, Dec. 17.-Mi Ellen Ford
arrived on the Oermanla yesterday from
her trip to Irelaud, where she has distrib
uted the (5,000 for the relief of the families
of the executed Invincible. She uy she
found these people In most heartrending
destitution, and the given of the money
can have the satisfaction of knowing tbelr
venerosity ha relieved great suffering.
She was sbadod by government detect.'
Ive and attempt were made to make trou
ble for her by report that h wa using
money to encourige MdiUoa
lra Aeeoeisstton risasige.
Pr. Lou is, Dee. 17. -That this i an era
of consolidation aud combination of Inter
ets Is every day becoming more apparent,
and that the newspaper and Prets Asso
e at Ion are subject to the same law, wa
hown In the consolidation of the Cincinnati
Commercial and Gazette during the sum
mer, and also the consolidation of the As-o.
cul-d Press of tbe East with the Western
Associated Press, whereby Wm. Henry
Smith was transferred lo New York In
charge of tue combined Associated Press.
Tu - American Press Association of Chicago
few months ago absorbed the Mutual
Press Association of Cincinnati and about
the same time 0 eued headquarters in New
York and Major O. .1. smith,
of Chicago was transferred to New York
to take special charge of that
department with a general supervision of
Its service throughout the couutry. This
last mentioned Press Association, on Sat
urday, Dec. 15, absorbed the Western
Press Association of St. Lou's, and thereby
lucre tses Its list of dally papers to nearly
tw i hundred. This change will greatly Im
prove the news service from St. Louis, and
Increase tbe business of tbe association in
tbe Southwest. Tbe local management at
St. L ml- will continue as heretofore and
the offlne remalu at "JO Olve
street. The - two associa'ions above
mention-id together with the United Pres
A-so iation which Is also a consolidation of
two or more associations with headquarters
In N'-w York in charge of Mr. Phillips, now
pract'cally control tbe news service of tbe
country outside of the special dispatches
which a few of the largpr dailies take in
addition to the news furnished by some one
of these Pre Associations,
Tom linn-la am Defendant.
St. Louis. Dei;. 17. Tom Dorris is de
fendant to-day In the Circuit Ciurt In a
suit for t"7.50 brought, bv one A. F. Pick
ens, of New Orleans, The evidence pro
duced showed that in 1S75, Dorris being
then In Mew Orleans, went to Pickens and
borrowed tbe amount at Issue from him.
Tbe question of the disposition cf the
money is where tbe contradictions come In,
Pickens claiming that Doirls bouzbt him
self a new suit of clothe with it, while
Dorris claims be purchased gambling chips
from Pickens with tbe amount, and lost
them, basing upon this unfortunate out
come of bis venture tbe defense that
the debt Is a gambling one, and outlawed
on that account. Mr. Dorris is the owner
of several of the houses in 'Poker Row."
on O v street, west of Eleventh, and an
old St. Louisan, when be beard ot tbe
lingular suit wbicb I being tried to-day,
cried: 'What! a Dorn going back on a
ebt of honor! Well, well t Where would
Tom Dorris be now If Jim Lucas hadn't
paid over the mouey which George Dorris
won from him at draw poker, and with
wbicb Tom's bouses and tbe rest of the
row were built?"
Another riot in Ko-mh lias resulted in the
killing oft rabbi aud tbe wounding of
many Jews.
A delegation of French working men
were formally received at Irving hail, New
York, Sunday.
Bill Nye has been sued for libel by Dr.
S. S. Dysart, of Louisiana, ot Laramie in
tbe sum ot 120,000.
Martin Mlley of Boston, murdered his
wife Sunday evening, for not having nipper
ready. lie was arrested.
E. E. Chenev, of Walde, Tex., shot
himself twice through tbe bead Sunday.
No cause can be assigned.
A drunken net:ro, named Johnson,
stepped overboard from a ferry-boat, at
Shreeveport. La., and was drowned.
Mate Duffy, of the ship Harris, was
knocked overboard by capstan, at Brazos,
De Santiago, and devoured by sharks.
The fence-cutters of Texas having aboti t
finished the pasture fences, have turned
tbelr attention to field-fence building.
A gang of young roughs, at Qtiincy, III.,
resisted arrest and fearfully beat tbe two
officers attempting it, on Saturday night.
Tho. Entwistle, of Mason City, pleaded
guilty and was fined $100 and costs for sell
ing liquor without paying the special tax.
The German Crown Prince reached Ge
noa early Sunday morning. The reception
was a failure. He will arrive at Rome to
day. Thos. Locke and J. W. Campbell, were
arrested at Waco, Tex., on Sunday morn
ing, charged with counterfeiting silver
William Hunter was clubbed with pokers
In tbe hands of two stranger in a Law
rence, Kas. saloon Saturday night. Skull
A notorious horse-thief named Chris 'Jan
sen, broke Jail at San Angela, Tex., Sun
dav night, anil escaped. Supposed to have
bad outside assistance.
Four escaped convicts from tbe Texas
penitentiary were recaptured on the Neche
river Sunday. Cordova and Quisenberry
were among the number.
The Duchess of Montrose bas purchased
a burial ground for the late (second) bus
band for tbe sum of $150,000. She will
erect a monument to correspond.
A Sweed named Krrickson stabbed a fellow-countryman
at Rockford, Id., on
Saturday evening. Tbe wounded man has
fifteen severe cut and is very low. ;
Witc'iman Harrington was seriously in
jured, and tbe library building and many
valuable book damaged by a gasoline ex
plosion at New port Torpedo Station.
G. D. Houston was struck square in the
brenst with a pistol ball In the recent riot at
New Orleans, but bl life wa caved by a
vest button ou which tbe ball was crushud.
The steamship, Priuz George, from
Palermo, arrived at Philadelphia Sunday.
She report losing two men overboard In
a cycioue on Dec. 1, in .lat. 34-57, long.
It is expected that a strong British force
will bo immediately dispatched to G;ypt,
at the request of tbe Khedive militia i
being enrolled to replace tbe battalions to
Abouty sixty negroes attended a dance
near Lexington, Mo., Saturday olght.
Whisky was freely drunk, a tight ensued,
and sixty negroes aro to-day nursing sore
placet on head and body.
A Jaaper county grand Jury have re
turned indictments against W. Bowers,
presiding Justice of the county court for ac
cepting illegal fee; and J. D. Clarkson of
tbe Carthage Board of Trade, for perjury.
A deputation of Irishmen called upon the
Pope for hit approval of a (cberoe for erect
ing a church at Cablrclvoen in -memory of
O'Donnell. The Holy Father blessed tbe
undertaking, and promised to contribute a
foundation stone.
The Metropolitan Underground Em
ploye Association of London, Lngland,
nave presented Minister Lowell with a
sharp memorial, taxing him with either
not kuowlug, or wilfully oeglocilug the
dutlei of hi office In refusing, upon re
quest, to transmit to hi government a pro
LUti ml Bit A mar tea (tyaamlteii. 4
Congressman'Hatktll Succumbs to
The Grim Monster After a
Lingering Illness.
How the People's Servants in Winning
Honor and Coining Money.
A Dull Day at Htllsboro Burial of the
Victims of the New Orleana Biot
Bbot by Hla TJnole-Aa
Bin Again.
Washington, Dec. 17. Congressman D.
C. Haskell of Kansa died here at an early
hour yesterday morning. Hi death I deeply
deplored by bis congressional aitocla'es.
He wss one of the ablest and beat equipped
of the Republican leader in tbebouie. HI
health was broken last winter by tbe ardu
ous and entbus astlc work bestowed by him
011 tariff legislation. He was in poor health
when be came here at the belnnlng ot the
month to enter upon bi fourth congress
ional term, but b s prostration prevented
bis taking his seat.
On account of the ill-health of Judge
Keller, Haskell was generally recognized as
tbe leader of tbe Republicans of
the last congres in tbe discussion
of tbe tariff bill. Those who knew
him heat say no' member of tbe bouse
was belter acquainted with every detail of
tbe tariff than he. He was an ardent pio
tectinnist, and while the tariff bill was
pending devoted to that subject nearly the
whole of his time and after that bad con
ferences wiib manufacturers and others In-tere-ied
in tt at late hours of tbe night. To
bis indefatigable labors in connection with
tariff legislation is largely attributed the Ill
health which ended in bl death. He wa
not well when he returned to bl home after
adjournment of Congress last spring, and
d urine tbe summer visited a health resort
in the Northwest, and finally about a mouth
ago came to Waihlngtou. At all these
places be was treated for different diseases,
physicians holding various opinions In re
gard to the nature of bis illness. Since his
return here be bas been confined to bis
rooms. He contemplated last week being
carried to tbe House to take tbe oath iu
order that lie might introduce measures in
the interests of his constituents, although
unable to attend the daily tesiion of the
The familj of tbe dead man, accompanied
by u congressional committee, leave Wash
ington to-day for Lawrence, Kas., where
they expect to "arrive Wcdntsday and
where tbe funeral will take place.
Tbe following committee was appointed
by Speaker Carlisle from the House to at
tend the funeral: Representatives Hirback
nd Ryan of Kansas, Kasson of Iowa,
Runic of Missouri, Brown of Indiana, and
Lcfevre of Ohio, rules Senator Ingalls
shall return from Massachusetts in time to
proceed with the funeral party Senator
Plumb will go, accompanied by Senator
Cockrell of M ssouri, as a committee from
tbe Senate.
Henry Garneau Charged With Being Ac
oessory to tbe Killing.
Waikkloo, Dec. 17. Wm. Derousse,;
w ho was shot on Friday last as reported io
these dispatches, died at his residence near
Prairie de Uoeher, at 12:30 this morning in
great agony. Alexis Godair, a brother-in-law
of the deceased, was with him at the
time and not Garneau as erroneously
stated In tbe first advices from the scene.
Derousse was aged about twenty-five
year aud leave a wife and
two children in rather straitened clrcum.
htaiic.s. (ir.ni ao informed your corres
pmiueiit ibat Uodalr is tbe youngest of the
fami y. not having reached his twentieth
year. He is inclined to bo uncommunica
tive and answer only in monosyllables but
the following version of tbe affair was
drawn out of him: "Garneau and myself
went to Prairie du Rocher, last Tuesday,
with an order to tbe .tore, and we got
drunk. When we returned to tbo residence
Desousse, in the evening, I went to the
window and tuld Dcrousse be was $1.50
ahead of me on an order. He answered if
be was he would make it all right. I think
I then told bim that if be didn't 1 wou d
whip him. Afterwards he came out
and off the porch and caught hold of
me with bis left hand, at tbe same time
running his right band Into his
pocket, whereupon I fired. Godair is cor
roborate! in this statement by Garneau,
except that the latter will not say that De
rouse ran bis bands Into bis pocket, but he
thinks it was down by bis side. Coroner
Hilton held an Inquest on tbe remains yes
terday, and tbe Jury brought in tbe follow
ing verdict: We find, etc., that Derouse
came to his death by a shot from a p.stol in
tbe bauds of Godair, and we charge Henry
Garneau with being accessory to tbe killing-
The Dead I'onarreaaniaa.
Washington, Dec 17. Tbe remains of
tbe Hon. Dudley C. Haskell, In charge of
Ser.eant-at-Arms Ltedom, aud accom
panied by his family and the Congressional
committee, left this morning by special ctr
on the Pennsylvania Road for Lawrence,
Kas. The funeral cortege will arrive at
Lawrence Wednesday morning. Short ser
vices, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Riukl
of tlie Congregational Church, were he tl
this ni' oning at the residence of the late
re pre s mittiv . Thero were present a num
ber of Congressmen, Including Speaker
Cnrli-le. Tbe paii-bearer were ex-Speaker
Kelfer, Represenlatives Morrell and Per
kins of Kas. , Tucker of Virginia, Reed of
Maine ami J. D. Taylor of Ohio. At tbe
House of Representatives a flag was placed
at half-mast and thed sk ot Haskell draped
in mourning.
'I he llonae.
Washington, Dc. 17. The Chaplain,
lu a few touching words, referred to the
death of Hon. D. C. Haskell, of Kansas,
and Invoked the Divine blessing on bl be
reaved family.
Mr. Anthony, of Kansas, said: "It k
with great sorrow 1 perform tbe sad duty
of announcing the death of my lamented
colleague, Hon. Dudley C. Haskell, late a
representative of Kansas, who died at his
residence In this cttV earlv vesterdav morn
ing, and, with the earliest tint of that
acred day which algnifle to Christian rest
from their labors, bl spirit severed from
the Jurisdiction o( tbl Congress of tbe
United States, and Joined tbe sublime
general assembly ot all natlona. oontlnenta
and eountrle. Asa baba sleeps, 10 he
slept out thla life aHi wok
to , Ibat 1 Immortality , vouchsafed
anugiveabv the Lord Jeaua Chrlau Mr.4
BtikeU tere4 during that Ita it"'-f".
Crease with ever-hcreailng ability, Idol.
Ity and efficiency, and had be been tpared
to oeupy tbla teat, draped with emblem of
mourning, but brightened bv flower of
Christian hope, be would have taken a high
and deserved place In tbe rank ot the
FortV-ela-hth Conarrit.a. 1 if hi. iiinr.
I questioned purity of character, bright
legislative experience and ttateimensliip,
thla l not time to speak. On a future day
tbe House willbe asked to suspend tbe or
dinary proceedings and pay a fitting tribute
of respect to tbe life of one whoe word
aud deed become an ioipirable part ot his
tory. Mr. Anderion offered tbe customary res
olutions, which were unanimously adopt
ed. Tbe Home, as tribute of respect to the
memory of the deceased, adjourned unt I
the (Senate.
Washinoton. Dec. 17. Mr. Sherman
offered a resolution that tbe Senate pro
ceed to the election of officers. O dered to
He over until to-morrow,
A message wa received from the House
announcing tbe death of Mr. Haskell ot
Kansas. It was Immediately taken up.
After appropriate remarks by Ingalls, and
on bis motion, tbe President of 'he Senate
appointed Senator Plumb, Cockrill and
Dawes a committee to attend the obsequies
of tbe deceased representative. The Senat
In respect to hi memory adjourned.
A Oeaeravl Awakening.
McLiansboro, IU., D c. 17. Tuert la
a general religious awakening In this local
ity. Rev. G. W. Williams, at Ihe C. P.
Church, Is having a remarkabl revival, a
is also Elder N. S. Hayn -, of D eatur,
State Evangelist, at tbe Christian Church.
The Bapt , at Ten Mile, Middle Creek
and New Hope, all rear here, sre tlao
holding meetings with t' rooged house and
unusual interest.
Origin and Animus of the Attaoks Upon
New York, Dec. 17. Recent publica
tion In regard to the affair o Tbe Graphic
are calculated to produce an erroneou Ira
presslon. Tbe Graphic company i a for
eign corporation, o ganlzed under the laws
of Canada, and hence It property can be
attached In suit, whether the baaisot action
i good or bad. The litigation conceining
which publication has been made I tbe
work of discharged employe, to whom the
Graphic 1 not Indebted, according to the
Biatement of Its manager, but cn the con
trary they are Indebted to Tbe Grapbio.
The newipaper, since Mr. Hinck
ley, tbe present manager, took
charge, bas been recovering rapidly from
tbe effect of reckless and extravagant
management in former year, it circulation
and advertising bave been greatly increased
and its expense bave been reduced and it
i upon a paying aud prosperous basis. It
bas no obligation v hicb It cannot readily
meet. Tbe attack . It comes from disap
pointed persons who bave no legitimate
cause of action, and who bope only o
create an unpleasant impression concern
ing tbe affair of tbe company on tbe pub
lic mind.
Mr. Hinckley, the managing director,
own a controlling Interest In The G apbio
stock, end I a constant purchaser of other
stock, aad the Cauadian stockholder an
in hearty accord with him. At the last
meeting of the board of directors a resolu
tion was passed unanimously compliment
ing bim upon tbe success of bis manage
meut, and Indorsing bis policy. j
Lite Stock
CATTLE Receim 8.600; stronger;
export $S50ft7 25; gooa to choice
hipping quoted at $7 75 Od 40; common
to fair $1 25ft6 40.
HOGS-ReceiDts 85.000 active aud weak.
light at S4 X36 25: roui-h Dackinsr
H 70O5 20; heavy packing and shipping
to IKOU 13.
CATTLE Exporters W lOttd 40: rood
to heavy do $5 tx6 00: light to fair 14 25(2
5 '; common to medium) $4 40id5 00; fair
to goouuoioraiioxuufdo tw; southwest $3 75
44 80: grass Texana S3 00f4 -26: liiht to'
good stockers ft 50oJi 75; fair to good feed
ers W tbii 25; common to choice native
cows and heifers $3 00 4 65; scillawas of
any kind tt SOftS 00.
HOGS-Receipts 8,544 head: shipment
2,817 bead. Market unsettled. Pack
ers selling at aotod 50 for rough mixed ;
and butcher steady at 16 10
(ab 75.
SHEEP Common, medium and llghtfitil
i 10; (air to good Vi 2o3 50; prime 3 80
'ai 00; fair to good Texaos 7&a
8b0. ,
irsslu. j
WHEAT Decemoer 99: Februerv
$1 00 ; January U9X ; May 1 07ra .
U0K3-LccemDer WH; January D9'i ; ,
February M ; Mav 61.
OATS-December 841'; January S4;'
February 31; May 8SH.
sr. LOUM.
WHEAT-Decembe.- $1 01b.; vear :
lauuary 104:804 X; February il'OttXb.;
nay ei liitj; jiaicu ?l 03.
CORN December 47; year ;Jn-
tay 48 340; February 49 K. May 54
OATS-Deuember 80: year ; Jan-,
uary 81Kb; February 82 X b; May 80S'
Ot .
WHEAT December J112H: Jamaryl
1 12; February 11 IBS; Mav 211.
CORN December 64V; January 65;
February 66 ; Mav 69.
OATS-Decemher 39; January 40;
February 41 ; May 41 S. j
Cejtaaury Prodaeo.
JLT' ER Creamery at 846935 to 38 for
telecUoua, a shade more in a small way;
second at 2.V9J8. Dairy at 25fU6
tor choice to faduv, to 29 for selection;
fair 12016; low grade SoaMtf. Poor to
choice near-by In pail eV)15.
POULTRY Dressed, Spring ebleken
-small f300r2 25:fatrM choice. S2M,att 75;
choice 8 25; Old chickens Cock $X4i 75;
mixed, VI 76rd)3 00; hens, 75;
tvao ia an.. ...ji... .1
IU""I fl TP wuvu, awviuuil w IIS9. 1
and dressed at 1irtvl2 per lb.; duck $3 00 f
au. "l Mai t
wa u, inn. tMr,
EGGS Receipt 387 pkg. In better de
mend and slow at 34o. for good to choice
Wheat arrived quiet tod dull; corn
arrived unchanged. Wheat to arrive dull
and eon quiet. Mark Last Wheat dull
and oorn Irm. Coansry market quiet.
California wheat to arrived declined Id. i
r wheat Arts; No. I avriag, 8 6d;
(friar, uoco la market; Wettera
winter, JHd. Mixed wester con dull
at Is Kd. Demand frees Continent and
United Kingdom not noah Asia la )aaatl

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