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For Dyspepsia,
Sick BMdwki,
Chronlo Diar
rhoeas, Jaundice,
Impurity of th
Ulnud, Fever and
Ague, Malaria,
aud all Diseases
caused by De-
Mngement or Liver, Bowel and Kidney.
Bad Breath; Pain in the Side, sometime th
pain ii felt under the Shnulder-bLade, miitaltea for
Kheutnatism ; general lost of appetite; Bowelt
generally costive, t imetimoe alternating with lu;
the head ia troubled with pain, ti dull a-id heavy,
with considerable lou of memory, accompanied
with a painful actuation of leaving undone something
which ought to have been done; a alight, dry cough
and flushed face it sometimes an attendant, often
mistaken for consumption; the patient complain
of weariness and debility ; nervous, easily startled;
feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
of the skin exists; spirits are low and despondent,
and, although satisfied that exercise would be bene
ficial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to
try it in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several
at the above symptoms attend the disease, but case
have occurred when but few of them existed, yet
lamination after death has shown the Liver to
ha vi been extensively deranged.
It should be nsed by all persons, old aad
young, whenever any of the above
symptoms appear.
Peraoni Traveling or Living In t?n
healthy Localities, by taking a dose occasion
ally to keep the Liver in healthy action, will avoid
all Malaria, Hlllous attacks, Dimness, Nats.
Sea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc It
will Invigorate like a glass of wins, but Is do In
toxicating beverage.
If You have eaten anything hard ot
digestion, or (eel heavy after meals, or sleep
lee at night, take a dote sod you will be relieved.
Time and Doctors' 11111s will be saved
by always keeping the Regulator
in the House I
For, whatever the ailment may be, s thoroughly
safe purgative, alterative and tonic can
never be out of place. The remedy is harmless
and does not interfere with business or
Aad has all the power and sfficacy of Calomel er
Quinine, without any of the injuries after effects.
A Governor's Testimony.
Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use la toy
tamilv for some time, and 1 am satisfied it is a
valuable addition to the medical science.
J. Gill Shorts, Governor of Ala.
Hon. Alexander II. (Stephens, of Ga.,
says: Have derived some benefit from the use of
Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it a
surther trial.
"The only Thing that never fans to
Relieve." I have used many remedies for Dys
Cpsia, Liver Affection and Debility, but never
v found anything to benefit me to the extent
Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Min
nesota to Georgia for it, and would send further foe
such s medicine, and would advise all who are sim
ilarly affected to give it a thai as it seema the only
ttung that never fails to relieve.
P. M. Jannet, Minneapolis, Minn.
Dr. T. W. Mason saysi From actual ex
perience in the use of Simmons Liver Regulator id
ay practice 1 have been and am satisfied to use
sad prescribe it as a purgative medians.
6FTake only the Genuine, which always
less on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark
aad sUgnatare of J. H. ZEILLN A CO.
Special attention paid to the Homeoaethle treat
snt of surgical disease, sod diseases of women
end ebtldren.
OFKICB On 14th street, opposite tUs Foe
once, Cairo, 111.
JR. J. E. 8TR0NG,
119 Commercial Ave., Cairo, 111.
administered dally.
A lady U sttendsnce.
0FTIC-K1rt Street, near Comararr.la! Avents
Dntal Surgeon.
Omoav-No. 186 Commercial Avenne, between
Usjfctb and Ninth Street
A New ana complete Hotel, fronting o. Leve
Second and Kallroad Streets,
Cairo. Illinois.
Tb Passenger Depot of the Chicago, St. Loult
and ew Orleans: Illinois Central; Wabaeh, Mt.
Loots and Pacific; lion Mountain and Southern,
Mobile and Onto; Cairo and St. Louis Kstiwajs
r all just across the street; while the Stesmboat
Landing Is bnt one square distant.
This Hotel Is heated by steam, has steam
Laundry, Hydraulic Elevator, Electric Call Bells.
Automatic Flre-Alarms, Baths, absolutely pure sir,
ertect sewerage and complete appointments.
Biperb furnishings; perfect service; and an an
cexellea table.
Goldstine &
136 &138 Com'l Ave.
have received a full and complete line
ot new Fill and Winter
Cloaks, Dolmans, Notions, Etc.
A heavy stock of Body Brussels, Taper
tree and Ingrain
Carpets, Designs.
A full stock of Oil Cloths, all slses nd prices.
Clothing & Gents Furnlsh'g Goods
a nil na complete stock I now being
eieeed oat at great bargains.
awjll OU kLBottCMan
A Pamenger Train In a Seething Lake
of Fire.
The Coaches so Rapidly Consumed is to
Preoluda the Escape of Passengers.
The Only Karepe Thronab Whitlow
Droketi by I be Intense Ileal-A
Neeue rtial Rafflp Description.
riTrsBt'Hii. .Tui. 1!V. A Bradford, Ps.,
Ilspatuii any: While a train n the Brad-
ford A Kin Ja railroad was passing sn oil
well, which was btdug torpedoed, Ibe Are
b ig was open and the gas Ignited, . setting
the well on ore. The train Jumped the,
track, and twelve persons are reported as
burned to death.
Another dispatch sap: Tbe
eoglne Jumped the irajik and
collided wltb tbe tank, which eiplodtd.
There Is nothing definite learned yet.
On woman is dead and ten to fifteen badly
Bradkord, Pa., Jan. 13. A stream of
waste oil flowing Irom a tank across the
Bradford, Bordell and Klnzua railroad
caught fire this morning. A passenger
train from WelUvllle (or Bradford ran into
It and tbi train wai Immediately enveloped
In fla ses. Tb track (or a distance ef fully
one hundred yardi was oovered with oil.
It Is believed tbat the (as coming In contact
wltb tbe fire-box of tb engine, exploded
and fired tbe oil, wblcb spread on a hurri
cane wind and enveloped tbe doomed train,
wbloh, In an instant, was a mass of flames.
8o Intense was tbe beat tbat tbe windows
were cracked and (ell In. In less time than
it takes to write tbla, tbe passenger
coaches aod baggage car were converted
into a seething, biasing cauldron of fire.
for a moment. The coach was filled.
There was a ruth (or tbe doors, but tbe
heat wu so intense tbat tbe panlo-itricken
passenger were driven back aad forced to
Jump through the windows to a landing in
tbe snow. Relief train with surgeon
war at one llspatebed to tbe eoen. On
arriving a terrible light presented itself,
Tbe passenger coaches and bagage car
were smoking in mini. Tb saglne lay on
it back, having turned a complete
somersault. It is definitely known tbat
only three person, all woman, ware burn
ed to death.
A Mr. L. C. Fair, of Einxua Junction.
She was burned beyond recognition. Mr.
Fair was a young woman aod bad oulr
been married two years. Her husband es
caped by Jumping through a window.
Miss Katie Moran, of Aljens, N. Y.,
(mall station near Alkso. To body was
burned almost to a ertip. Miss Moran was
(ound banging outside tbe eoach grasping a
wlndow-alll. Tbe other dead womsu bad
not been Identified.
Prof. Faugbt, not expected to live.
Patrick Seaton, engineer; terribly
burned about tbe bead and bands.
Mike Walsb, fireman; horribly burned
about tbe face and arms.
W. H. Belman. Jumped from Ibe train
and was injured internally.
Jerry Denagan, brakeman; bands badly
Cbarle Herdrlcb, eipress messenger;
burned about bands.
Ueorge McCartney, newsboy; terribly
burned about the bead and bands, sod la
not expected to live. His hsmls are
burned to a crisp.
A. N. Carpenter of Little Geuessee bad
bl (ace and left baud burned.
Jerry Haggerty, Ore, N. Y. badly
burned about tbe (ace and head.
Mrs. Black, daughter and son, o( Aiken;
burned about tbe head and bands. Mr.
Blaok was tbe most severely burned.
O. W. Van, wife and son, of Ind aospo
III, bnrned. Tb boy wu badly burned
about tbe face and hand.
JohnKafoor, e( Aiken, terrible burned
about the (ace and band.
Blew HI Own Heart Oil.
Boonvillb, Mo., Jan. 15. Nicholson
Krump, a farmer, five mile west of tble
city, committed tulclde Suodiy. In the
evening he left hit house, taking hi gun
with him, and telling bl family that be
was going to kill blmself. About 10 o'clock
tbat night he was found dead in the woods.
Hi right boot was off and be was ibot in
tbe moulb, and It Is supposed that he re
sorted to tbe old way of put tin? tbe muzxle
in till mouth and pulling the trigger with
bis toe. lie wss forty-five jeisrs of
('osMilni; 4'tsannlltiea.
MaLDKN, Mas., Jao. 15. At Hay ward
vllle, Melrose county, last night, a double
runner (led (truck a (led on which Jaraee
O'Leary was seated, cutting off his right
1' g. He died within bslf an hour. A
brother o( O'Leary on tbe double-runner
was hart Internally. Charles Hay ward's
right leg we broken In two places. Two
young woman named Hollsbsok were in
ternally Injured.
Bsrnum'a white elephant, baa arrived In
Liverpool on iU way to America. I
Cairo, Jan. 15. There ha been a de
olded rale In the Turkish contingent!,
principally in Albania, which shall form
tbe third brigade o( the Egyptian array.
The Of MM are Essglle.
a bad aaiAfra.
ll Caasrs 1 reubl Iss Ss ewts
Mast's raoalljrs
New Yoke, Jan. Jft.-4E4auel Brfk7J
wa. married July 80, ISM, pa eew lUee)
for tepitrs ion In tbi Qasjp )i vomaaea)
IVah on very novel irouaoW Though mat
rl-d. he alleges, b could cOsVKMl bl wife.
Iitime listely after tb def la) wai marftaf
be din'owred that her BNafia WU to snare
sive that he almost raid stay 4y he Wef
born, lie d-olares be h4 Km Informed
and fu iy believes, tbat haff wmer hasbani
left her on that acoount, aa4 vn ebtainetl
a divorce from ber in Hsnguy a aooooal
or it. us siyi tbat it la entirely imprtfar
and un( for bim to llvi with heri and
not only bis comfort ti marr4, bat bit Ilia
tnd health and those ( nil ahUdren are aaf
dangered. . He atki only (or perpetual lip
aratlon. not an absolute dlforoa. .
The House Committee on patents eon
tldered tbe Vane bill, to protect innocent
purchasers of patented article. Tbe de
cision tbereou will probably be reached
at Next Tuesday's meeting.
Tbe House Committee on Bauking ana
Currency heard tbe argument of ex-Kegls
ler of the Treasury Crittenden, on tbe na
tional bank system.
In the House, after an introduction of a
few bills by tbe members absent yesterday,
tbe regular order ot tbe chair committee nn
Ways and Means reported resolution call
ing on tbe President for Information re
specting alleged undervaluation of otber
frauds on importations. Morrison reported
resolutions calling on the Secretary of the
Treasury (or information in suspension of
tbe collection ou tax whisky. Both were
placed on the oalendar. Dobb, of Indiana,
committee on public lands, reported, de
olarlnj forfeited certain land grants, made
on States aid construction raliroai s.
King, of Louisiana, from the committee
on levees and Improvement of tbe Missis
sippi river reported a bill tOOloe the gsps
In tbe levees of tbe Miiniistppi, wblcb wa
placed on tbe caleudar.
WaSHiNOroN, Jan. 15. Representative
Harmer, of Peotisylvnnfa. Introduced a
bill In tbe House to organize chiefs of
bureau in tbe Xavy department, in con
nection with tbe secretary, into an ad
visory board, tbe majority board to deter
mine tbe work to be done un der contract,
and tbe amount to be done in navy yards.
All work done under oontract or otherwise
must be submitted to tbe board's approval
before It la begun. Before any vessels
built by contract are let tbe bill proposes to
publish a publio advertisement three
months before tbe time tbe contracts are
to be opened. Under the bill tbe beads of
tbe bureau will be held responsible (or
what is done. Tbe present advisory board
la only temporary. After giving direc
tions tbey go out of existence, and oo Is
responsible (or mistakes. Tbe bill Is es
peolslly intended to prevent tbe sbriftlng
of responsibility.
Te Be Forfeited.
W8HiscTOsr, Jan. 15. The Houae
committee on publio lands to-day adopted
by a unanimous vote a resolution declar
ing forfeiture to tbe Tt-xas and Pacific land
Senator Mttcblll, of Oregon, will be heard
by the committee to-morrow In behalf of
tbe Oregon Central road.
Tbe House committee on Commerce de
voted a session to tbe preliminary discus
sion of Reagon'i interstate commerce bill.
Tbe House committee on public build
ings and grounds awarded tbe House res
taurant of the eStb Congress to George
Dishelld tbe present Incumbent:
Swindled lu '79, lie Bvx-o vers His Da
cat a Now.
Easton, Penn.. Jan. 15. In 1863 John
H. Koenlg, of this city, made application
(or a pension on account of a wound re
ceived at tbe buttle of Gettysburg. Tbe
application was granted tbe same year and
Koenlg was given V? a month from the
time be was mustered out of service. He
received tbat sum quarterly until tbe fol
lowing year, when on account of Improve
ment in his condition the pension was re
duced to $4 a montb. He reoeived the
latter amount quarterly until 1ST6.
Tbat year be made application for an in
crease lu peuslnn on valid eroumls. A
re-isue was made out by tbe Government
and tbe veteran waa again allowed $0 a
month and i'2 a month additional from the
time the peusiou was reduced until tbe day
of tbe last iucrease.
The June (quarterly) payment for tbat
year, for some unexplained reason, wss
not innde, but at tbe end of tbe following
quarter Kieulg received a check willed be
mipposed to be for $36, for six months'
p iv, not thinking tbat be would tbeu be
paid the xtra2 a montb from tbe time of
tbe decrease until tbe last Increase. In
stead of tbe amount being $3u il was 1308.
Koeiiiu managed by bis meager knowledge
of writing to endorse tbe check,
told her that It was for 30, ana requested
ber to take it to a store kept by Bernbart
Stern, a Hebrew, at wbloh they dealt, pay
tbe store bill, which amounted to $12 and
receive tbe balance. Mrs. Koenig, who
was also unable to read or write, gave the
cheek to Stern' wife, told ber that It was
(or $36, was given tbe ebarge (24) and re
turned to her home. Stern, who wa In
tore at tbe time, and who has since died,
endorsed tbe cbeck and drew tbe amount
(or whiob It wa made out from the First
National bank of Easton. That wss the last
beard of until a few days ago.
Last summer Koenlg railed at tbe offloo
of Capt. George U. Young, a Justice of tbe
Peace, and bad bim make application for
an increase of bis pension. Tlie papers
were sent to Pension Commissioner Dud
ley, Wasblrrtton, D. C, and Mr. Young
soon received a vouoher showing the
amount tbat Koenlg bad received since be
became a pensioner, also a check for 6,
tbe amount due bim to date. Tbe pensioner
bad always been uneasy about tbe extra $2
montb. He wu called to the office of
'Squire Young and, on being told that a
check bad been lent him on Septerabor 10,
1876, for $408, made affidavit tbat be bad
never received It. Mr. Dudley wa again
written to and be referred the whole mat
ter to Gen. Siokles, of Philadelphia, and
ordered him to bunt up tbe records.
The myiterleui check . was (ound tnd a
description o( lu appearance, together
with tbe namei of tha periona by whom It
was endorsed, wai lent to Mr. Young.
Stern 'i wife was next isen. At first ihe
denied all knowledge of tbe check, but
being told that It could be r'oduced the
confessed, and last evening paid Koenlj
$300. Koenlg, a poor man , wltb a larga
family depending upon bin (or support, la
e( course fry happy.
A Mao With a Pmj Beard bat a Red
Me Kmera hnoUay.fe'bool a Satan
tlit il. r t,'rin unit Leave a
st i ti 1 1 all ReMnit HI in. .J
Nk'.s Vmu. Jan. 15. Tbe congregation
st tii Ft it' .n-ect Methodist Cuurch,
B ivi v., K it , ,ire excited ind mdlg
nui' uiiirit-r tiisgraupiul scandal which
tii )'iM a.-n- : tljht. This Invo v s Mr.
w. K Tripi l"r. former teuretsry jf tli
e)i!)iatb-otiooi roiineet''d with the church,
ai.ii o a n g lady teacher lu tbe school.
I tif friend of tiie youug lady In question
are endeavoring in every way possible to
stre: I ner from tbe disgrace cow attached
to her by the gossips of Ibe eommunity, It
is Mid tbat on last Christmas Day one of
the principal )oung lady teaohers In the
cbo'il look leave of ber scholars after tb
Chriatmas (ostival, telling ' them
t i : t the was going to Bos
ton, and would probaoly remain away
(or a long time. On the tame day she ex
hibited to ber parent, who are prominent
members of the oburcb, a telegram which
purported to oome from an auot In Con
niivticut. This telegrsm stated that the
ai.nt was very sick, and tbe latter request
ed lier niece to come to ber bedside at
once. Her parent considered tbat tbs
matter was strange, Inasmuch as tbe aunt
usually communicated with tbem and not
witn their daughter. Tbe latter, however,
pleaded with tears to be allowed to go to
ber dying aunt. Finally the young lady's
trunk was packed and ibe departed. Sev
eral days having passed and tbe parents not
receiving auy word from their daughter,
they bezan to grow uneasy and tbe mother
determined to follow ber. Upon arriving
at ber sister's home in Connecticut lbs
(oun l her dHUghter there, but the revela
tion w made to the anxious parent that
the daughter
in a few weeks. The latter tola a pitiful
story of the love and confidence she bad
placod In Trlppler. It bad not been no
ticed that the secretary bad paid more at
tention to tbe young lady than he bad to
otbtr teachers In tbe school, and the Intel
ligence tbat Trlppler had accomplished
tbi Ir daughter's ruin by promises which be
was not in a position to keep, being mar
ried, so Infuriated the parent of the unfor
tunate irl tbat tbey at onoe determined to
begin proceedings agalnit bim. Tbey were
desirous, however, of protecting tbeir
daughter's good name, and tried to Hnd, if
putsible, other means to right tbe wrong,
jhe father of tbe young girl has been some'
wl t deranged since be has been Informed
of bis ilauifbter's (all, and several times
threatened to shoot Trlppler. Tbe latter,
having beard of hi danger, left tbe elty
Saturday, after a stormy interview wltb Mr.
Baldwin, superintendent of the school, dur
ing which Trlppler v: -vsrn"i to never put
his foot in the cburcii, .n l h .i be bad dis
graced ihe sacred edifice. Trlppler Is
about 4.) years old and wears a long white
bear. I. He oover has been connected wltb
the Fourth Street Church, but was brought
Into the Sunday-school about two years ago
by bs tirst wife, who died "about a year
go. Tippler's grief was apparently
that he gained the sympathies of all con
nected wltb the church. Shortly after bit
wife's death he was ohosen secretary of tb
school, and ei tbe nam time took charge
of a Bible class. About three monthi la
ter be distinguished himself and Involved
tbe oburcb Inascsndal by eloping wltb
Miss Lottie Ley tb, one of his class pupils,
wbo at tbat time resided at No. 69 Broad
way, Brooklyn. E. D. They were secretly
married by an obscure clergyman and
hive since been living in Macou street,
Brooklyn. Mr. Trlppler No. 8 is a bright
pretty girl, only 16 years old, land takes
ber present affliction very bard. She ap
parently thought much of Trlppler, and
she refuses to see or converse with any one
In ber present troubles. Her father was
visited by a reporter, but refused to impart
any information concerning hi son-in-law's
despicable action. He would ouly say that
tbe details of the story as given above were
true, and he was of the opinion that Tripp
let is no In P.'iiluJelDlila with some rela
tives. The Rev. J. J. White, pastor of
the church, was visited at his home, No.
96 Si uth Third street, Brooklyn, but he
would say noibing bevond the fact that
Trlppler bad been requested to leuve the
church. Should Trlppler ever return to
tbe Sunday-school or church it Is said he
will be promptly arrested and be compelled
to answer tbe charges against bim.
Berlin, Jan. 15. It transpires tbat the
real difficulty between Prince Frederick
Charles and bis wife, the Piincess Marie
Anna, which led tbe Princess Into leavlug
ber spouse and seeking the protection ot ber
family at Anbalt, was cruel and Inhuman
trea raent. It I said that (or sometime
tbe Prlnco ha been drinking heavily and
was drunk nightly, also beating his wife
brutally. The Princess remonstrated and
threatened frequently to ieave unless he
mended his ways, but to no purpose. Sbe
even called to ber aid tbe Empreas Augusta.
Tbat lady had several conferences witb ber
wayward nephew which always ended in
the Prince making fine promises of amend
ment and improvement of conduct towards
bis wife. But the Improvement laited but
a few days and would break out anew, and
if anything treat his wife more harshly than
before. This stste of things continued
until tbe Princess deolared she cou'd en
dure it no longer and quietly left ber hus
band and went to reside witb ber family,
A Saxon anarchist bis been shadowed for
some time by detectives. He Is suspected
of being implicated in tbe recent attempt to
mow up tbe police oulce at Fiankfort wltb
dynamite. Ho wai arrested at Hamburg.
Tbe Tageblalt publishes a telegrmu to
day from Anbalt, In whiob tbe Pilm ens de.
dare abe is not satisfied with the separa
tion only, but will demand divorce.
Maphip, Jan. 15. -At a banquet of tbe
free trade leaders to celebrate the conclu
sion of commercial treaties between Spain
and tbe various countries, the) ministers of
foreign affairs, flrunce and tbe l iiorior
were present. Great stress wa laid up
on the beiirfloisl effect a pro
viiiunal treaty witb America will have upon
Spanish trade.
Paw. Jan. M.-The Minister of Narlne
b is tbe following telegram t 1
"Ha Not, Jan. 8.-8100 tbe capture o(
outay there have beta) (ewer plratea near
Ha Kl aud Hal Pbong. Tbe B'ack Flag
have burned several village ou tbs lfl
bank of the Black River. We a.-e making
reeonnolsance. f Irates threaten tbe Pro
viuoe of Nam Dluh, but Col. Bronvllle's
eolura n are pursuing them everywhere."
8i l'lcrKHSBUHii, Jan. 15. It it stated
tbat orooials here have obtained the posses
sion of a lefer In cipher found in the lodg
ings of Nihilist from London, wbo had
been closely communicating with tne Irish
malcontents. The letter. It is believed,
ailvse- a simultaneous attack upon the
tini'ei.ir of (,nnny sod tbe Czar of Rus
KM til. AMD.
Liv Ki.qooi., Jan. 15. The ete.imiblp
Celtic unveil here early this ruorniuz.
London, Jan. 16. A naval attache of
the American legation wlil shortly visit the
Government dock yards at Porumoiilb, to
makeespeoial Inquiry into the working ot
m ichme guns.
Ottawa, Jan. 15. Application will be
made to Parliament (or an act to incorpo
rate a company to construct a tunnel under
tbe St. Clair River for railway purposes,
from Sarnis to Port Huron.
DUBtiy, Jan. 15. Peter Wade wu
hanged this morning for the murder of Mr.
Quinn, of Rathfarnbam counly, Dublin.
It was raining early tbi morning aud but a
small crowd gathered outside tbe tall. Tbe
execution wa a quiet one.
Lexington, Jau. 15. J. H. Vellman,
hemp manufacturer has assigned. Liabili
ties, $'0,000; assets f 15,000.
tbe aeeono) Daj'e TrIal-EUsH Wit
neases Eaamlneo for lb
Pittsbi.ro, Jan. 15. The second day
of the Nutt trial made no diminution In tbe
number of persons seeking admission
to tbe court-room. Mrs. Nutt' and
daughter, heavily veiled, were present
and sat a short distance from tbe pris
oners' dock. John Boyle, Esq., of Fsyette
Co., made tbe opening argument for the
prosecution In the oase. Eight wit
nesses were examined during tbe morning
session, who told tbe story of tbe shooting
as a ready published. When Officer Pegg
arrested Nutt be laid, "Jim, you've done
bad work. You have killed Dukes and, I
think, mother man." Nutt replied, "I
am sorry for the other man, but Dukeil
couldn't heip killing ." The defense at
tempted to prove tbat Dukei wai armed,
but an objection by the prosecution wa
sustained by tbe court.
Hew York.
Wheat January $1 0: Fsiraary
$1 06H; March $1 00; April $1 UK, May
Jl 13 V.
Corn January 62; February 681;
March 64H; April no; May 66.
WitEsT-January MX; February 81 K
Mircu.9 J K ; May 98.
Corn-January 6;X; February 64.1s ;
March bih ; May 59; JuneMV.
Oats January 83; February UH;
March 33; May 87.
Chicago, Jao. 15. Hogs Receipt 84,
(XK; opened stronger and subsequently de
clined about Be; light $4 75(95 60; rough
packing $5 10(35 60; rough packing and
shipping 0006 15. Cattle Receipt 10.
000; hi m aieadv. other dull; export $5
6 60; common to choice $4(35 90; butcher
n 4Vrf ! 4ii, tiocken $3f84 60.
m l.oaie.
A decline in Chicago on reported failure
of a prominent Pullman car company
official, depressed wbeat and corn, closing
week. Oats dull.
Wheat January MOlh.; February
110'.' H to K : March $1 04 to $1 04; May
fl 07 V to M 06 Jnne$l 06: vear 96 b.
Corn January 47 b.; February 48;
March 4Ui; MavJUH to 63.
Oats Imiuarv 82 b.: February 40Jfj
March 82 b; ; May 36 b.
B cttkr Receipt 18,812 Its. Market
quiet, but firm for the oholce grade, tbe
supply of which wa rather light, while
low and medium grade were almost
neg ecteil -nominal. Quote: Creamery 80
032 for choice, to 85(388 (or selections,
occasionally a shade more is obtained in a
small way. Dairy Choice at 24(328; fanoy
selections l(32o more; prime to oholoe 18
to23; fair 12(316; low grade 8(310. Near
by mak" (packed) steady, ranging at 8 to
15 fir poor to choice. Roll 8eieoted
Dairy 20 3.'2; country dull, but steady
choice sel.lnt; at 16318, low 10(312.
Dresei Poultry Turkey wre in
moderate supply, and sold rapidly at o
lb advance; Chiokeui easy, ei tos bulk
of offerings were small and tbln; Gees
and Ducks fair sale when (at and well
dressed, but tbln and rough stock dragged.
We quote: Turkeye 12(9120 lb;
Chickens-Small, tbln and rough II 50(32,
(air to good 2 26V32 50, choice ft 75(38;
Geese range at J338, and Duoki it S804,
according to ilae and condition. ELive
stock not wanted.
Hoos necelpti 5,448 bead; ibipmenU
2,974 bead. Strong and alive; oommon
mixed to good heavy packing $ft 4LVB6 80.
Yorkers uulet at $5 25736 45; butchtr to
choice beavleg $5 50(36.
Cheese Firm, with a (air demand.
We quote: Cheddars good to fine 129
14; fancy Wisconsin full cream 13 (314;
Western lull cieam 12(818; best skims 8j)
8; fair skims 7(37; Young America 14(3
14 ; low grades 236-very few of litter lo
market. Sale, 85 boxei obolce iklmi it
E;a-Recelpti 878 pkgi. Stesdy de
mand at 22o (or (resh; doubtful aad froien
stock much less than above price.
Kaasas fit-
Cattle Receipts 1.470 head; market
weak and ilow it yesterday 'a dcltae;
itockers and feeder! quiet. Hogs-Re-celpts
4, 126 bead; market itrong and active;
6(3100 higher; extra obolce heavy So BftfeM;
good beavy $6 76Y36 80; mixed paekers
to ftofttt 70; light o 85(35 40. .
LiviRfOOL, Jan. 15. Wheat and eern
arrived dull and lower to tell In quantity.
Wbeat and corn to arrive dull and lower t
sell In quautlty. Mark Lane Wbeat aad
ooru dull. Country market quiet. Spot
wbett dull and neglected No. t tprlng ta
Id; red winter wheat off coast declined M.t.
Weatern winter 8 Id. California declined
Id. Mixed Western corn dull atOedd.
Demand (rom United Kingdom and Conti
nent dull and neglected for wheat and
The narrative below by a prominent
scientist touches a subject of universal im
portance. Faw people are free from tha
distressing evils which hypochondria brings.
Tbey come at alt times and are fed by tbe
very flame which tbey themselves start.
Tbey are a dread of coming derangement
caused by present disorder and bring about
more suicides than any other one thing.
Tbeir first approach should be carefully
idltors Herald:
It ia seldom I appear in print and I
should not do so now did I not believe my
self in possession of truths, the revelation
of which will prove of inestimable value to
many who may see these lines. Mine has
been a trying experience. For many years
I was conscious of a want of nerve tone.
My mind seemed sluggish and I felt a cer
tain falling off in my natural condition of
intellectual acuteneas, activity and vigor. I
presume this is the same way in which an
innumerable number of other people fet l,
who like myself are physically below par,
but like thousands of others I paid no at
tention to these annoying troubles, attribu
ting them to overwork, and reaortiog to a
glass of beer or a milk punch, which would
for tbe time invigorate and relieve my
After awhile the stimulants commenced
to disagree with tuy stomach, my weariness
increased, and I was compelled to report to
other means to find relief. If a physician
is suffering he invariably calls another phy
sician to prescribe for him, as he cannot see
himself a be sees others; so I called a phy
sician and he advised me to try a little
chemical food, or a bottle of hypophophates.
I took two or three bottles of the chemical
food witb no apparent benefit. My laasitude
and indisposition seemed to increase,
my food distressed me. I
suffered Irom neuralgic puns ia
different parts of my body, my muscles
became sore, my bowels were constipited,
and my prospects for recovery were not
very flattering. I stated my case to anoth
er physician, and he advised me to take five
to ten drops of Magande's solution of mor
phine, two or three times a day, for the
weakness and distress in my stomach, and
a blue pill every otber night to relieve tbe
constipation. Tbe morphine produced such
a deadly nausea tbat I could not take it,
and the blue pill failed to relieve my con
stipation. In this condition I passed nearly a year,
wholly unfit for business, while the effort
to think was irksome and painful.
My blood . became impoverished,
and I suffered from incapacity with an ap
palling sense of misery and general appre
hension of coming evil. I passed sleepless
nights and was troubled with irregular ac
tion of the heart, a constantly feverish con
dition and the most excruciating tortures
in my stomach, living for days on rice
water and gruel, and, indeed, the digestive
functions seemed to be entirely destroyed.
It was natural that while in this condi
tion I should become hypochondrical and
fearful suggestions of self-destructiun oc
casionally presented themselves. I experi
enced an insatiable desire for sleep, but on
retiring would lie awake lor a long time
tormented witb troubled reflections, aud
when at last I did fall into an uneasy slum
ber of short duration, it was disturbed by
horrid dreams. In this condition I deter
mined to take a trip to Europe, but in
spite of all the attentions of physicians
aod change of scene and climate, I did
not improve and so returned home with no
earthly hope of ever again being able lo
leave the house.
Among the numerous friends that called
on me was one who had been afflicted
somewhat similarly to myself, but who had
been restored to perfect health. Upon his
earnest recommendation I began tbe Baine
treatment ha bad employed but with little
hope of being benefited. At first I experi
enced little, if any, relief, except that it
did not distress my stomach as other reme
dies or even foed had done. I continued its
use, however, and after tbe third bottle
could sea a marked change for the better,
and now after the fifteenth bottle I urn."
happy t' stateist I am again able to at
tend to my professional duties. I sleep
well, nothing distresses me that I eat, I go
from day to day without a feeling of
weariness or pain, indeed I am a well man
and wholly through the influence of II. II.
Warner t Co.'a Tippecauoe. I consider
this remedy a taking the highest possible
rank in tha treatment of all diseases
marked by debility, loss of appetite, and
all other symptoms of stomach and diges
tive disorders. It is overwhelmingly supe
rior to ti e tonics, bitters,; and d) spupsic,
cures of the dsy, and is certain to be so
acknowledged by tha public universally.
Thousands of people to-day are going to
piamatura graves with these serious dis
eases, that I have above described, and to
such I would say : "Do not let your good
judgment b governed by your prejudices,
but give tha above-named remedy a fair
and patient trial, and I believe you will
not only be rewarded by a perfect restora
tion to health, bat you will also be con
vinced that tbe medical profession does
not poeeese all the knowledge there is em
braced in medical eclence."
. - A.O. RicHAiuja, M.D.,
460 Tremont I treat, Boeton, Meal.

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