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For Dyspepsia,
Siok UMdMlM, i
Cbronle Dlar.
rhtna, Jaundice,
Impurity of th
Blood, Fever and
Ague, Malaria,
nd all Diseases
caused by De
rangement of Liver, Bowels aod Kidneys.
Bad Breath ; Pain in th Siric, sometimes the
pain U felt under the Shoulder-blade, mistakes far
Rheumatism; general loss of appetite; Bowelt
generally cottive, sometimes alternating with lai;
uu head ii troubled with pain, it dull and heavy,
with considerable lots of memory, accompanied
with a painful sensation of leaving undone something
which ought to have been done; a (light, dry cough
and flushed face is sometimes an attendant, often
mistaken for consumption; the patient complaint
of weariness and debility; nervous, easily startled;
fee cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
of the skin exists; spirits are low and despondent,
and, although satisfied that eiercise would oe bene
ficial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to
try it in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several
of the above symptoms attend the disease . but cases
hart occurred when but few of them existed, yet
examination after death has shown the Liver la
have been extensively deranged.
It should be used by all persons, old aad
young, whenever any of the above
symptoms appear.
Persons Traveling or Living In Cn
healthy Localities, oy taking s d'n occasion'
ally to keep the 1-iver in healthy action, will avoid
all Malaria, lillinu attacks, Dizziness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc It
will Invigorate like a glass uf wine, out Is no In
toxicating beverage.
If Tou have eaten anything hard of
digestion, or feel heavy after meals, or sleep
less at night, take a dose and you will be relieved-
Time and Doctors' mils will be saved
by always keeping the Regulator
In the House I
For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly
safe purgative, alterative and tonic can
never be out of place. The remedy is harmless
and does not Interfere with business or
And has ail the power and efheacy of Calomel sr
Quinine, without any of the injurious after effects.
A Governor's Testimony.
Simmons I.iver Regulator has been in use in my
family for some time, and I am satisfied it is t
valuable addition to the medical science.
J. Gill Shontsb, Governor of Ala.
Hon. Alexander II. Stephens, of Ga.,
says: Have derived some benefit I mm the use of
Simmons Uvcr Regulator, and wish to give it a
farther trial.
" The only Thing that never falls to
Believe."! have used many remedies for Dys-
Cpsia, Liver Affection and Debility, but never
vc round anything to benefit me to the extent
Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Min
nesota to Georgia for it, and would send urther for
such s medicine, and would advise ail who are sim
ilarly affected to give it a tri A as it seems the only
thing that never fails to relieve
P. M. Jannet, Minneapolis, Minn.
Dr. T. TrV. Misann says : From actual ex
perience in the u-e of Simmons Liver Regulator is
ay practice I have been and am satisfied to use
tad prescribe it as a purgative medicine.
JgyTake only the Genuine, which alwayi
has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark
and Signature of J. II. ZEILIN CO.
Special attention paid to the Homeopathic treat
sent of surgical diseases, tod diseases of women
and children.
OFFICE On Hth street, opposite ths Post-
oxsce, Cairo, in.
129 Commercial Are-, Cairo, 111.
administered dally.
A lady in attendance.
0FF1CK-Klfhtk Street, near Comoaretal Avenoe
Dental Surgeon.
Ornoi. No. 1M Commercial Avenne, between
KrMfcand Ninth Htreets
A New and complete Hotel, fronting o Lert
Second and Railroad Streets,
Cairo. Illinois.
The Passenger Depot of tte Chlcaro, St. Lonlt
and jtew Orleans: Illinois central; wanarn, m
I-nnts and Pacific: Iron Mountain and Southern
Mobile and Ohio; Cairo and 8t. Lotus Railways
are all J nst across the street; while the Steamboat
Landing Is bat one square distant.
This Hotel la betted by steam, has steam
Laundry, Hydraulic it levator, Electric can Hens,
Automatic Fire-Alarms, Baths, absolutely pure sir,
perfect sewerage and complete appointments.
Saperb furnishings; perfect service; and an hd
sceliea lame.
La, I. PARKRR CIO.. Isjssj
Goldstine &
136 & 138 Com'l Ave.
hays received a full and complete line
ol new Fall and Winter
Cloaks, Dolmans, Notions. Etc.
A heavy slock of Body Brussels, Taper
tries and Ingrain
A fall elock of Oil Clotbi, all tiaet and prices.
Closing & Gents' Furnish'g Goods
A fnlTand complete stock is now being
Closed oat at great bsrgains.
etfil Oootte M Bottom tml
Wlat Abbey's Jaunt ii Costing Him.
The Folly ol Attenssstlag lit Kb Nalarlea
sstt American Patronage.
Kkw York, Jan. 18. Several managers
of theatrical companies were seated la tbe
Morton Haute last evening discutttng
Abbey and tbe Metropolitan Elephant,"
as they termed It. "Yes, It ii an elepbatit,
and the biggest one Abbey ever attempted
to ride, " said one, ''I see It is reported
(bat be has already lost $48,000 during the
present teuton. Well, I hardly think bis
losses will reach that figure just at the pres-
ent moment. Whether they will before the
close of the hf&ion Is a question. It would
not require many more Kuch houses to
crush any Impresario as that I saw on Sun
day night at the sacred concert in tbe Met
ropolitan Opera House. Just out of
curiosity I estimated the probable receipts
for that nlbt. Tbey were 11.100; allow
20 per cent, for "paper," and that would
eave less than JtfWO In receipt!!. There
were nine tinkers and the orchestra con
tained seventy-seven pieces. At lewt
tbree of tbe slneers snd tome of tbe orches
tra received be ween $40 and $50 for their
night's work. Taking Into consideration
tbe pay of tbe remainder of tbe performers,
gas bills, advertising, etc., I am greatly
mistaken if Abby Is not out of pocket
at tbe least possible figure $500. S It Is witb
tbe opera. Abbey bat attempted tootjiucb.
Be pays bis artists fabulous prices for
their services, and expects to reap tbe
benefit of giv ng sucb extraordleary enter
tainment! Irom tbe public purie. I think
be ii already too well aware of bis mistake.
Sucb exorbitant wages must not be paid,
then a good manager may bope to score
great financial aucceei in Italian opera.
Not ouly tbe nabob wbo is able to foot a bill
of any number of thousands for subscrip
tions, but tbe moderately wealthy citizens
must be catered to by graduating tbe prices
of seats according to tbelr means. Pay
tbe artists a littleless, apd financial success
la assured. New York cannot support
aucb an elaborate opera season as tbls, at
tbe prices demanded for admission. I
doubt If any city in tbe world can do It
Abbey attempts too mucb. This it a
new sphere for him, of course, and no
doubt In tbia fact lies tbe cause of bla
"I don't be leve Abbey will loseaceot,"
said another well-known manager. "lie
It too old a bird to be caught in tbit way.
I I m not In error be receives a certain
percentage of the receipts before a single
bill is paid. Tbe owners of tbe Opera
House are the loser. They, I bave do
doubt, apprehend tbat financial, y the pro
ject would not be a success the first sea
ion, and tbey will not be disappointed.
Abbey will be tbe ditappointed party. lie
anticipated making money for both
tbe owners and blmself. In tbls respect
hi., expectation! have been far from real
ized. I venture to lay tbat over $50,000
has been lunk in tbe opera season alone
tbui far. If tbe close of the season doe
not find tbe management nearly twice tbat
turn behind, tben my reputation In tbta
business la decidedly Inferior. In my opin
ion, speculators wbo gobble up all tbe most
deilrable seats aod dispose of
tbem at outrageous prices, Lave
plated tbi mischief with Abbey. If
there it not a panic among tbe foot light
favoritiet toet be has hired before the sea
ion is over, because of a failure to recover
tbelr pay, my surprise will be exceedingly
great. Tbe American people work anil
cannot afford such expensive opera. Let
artists and opera managers govern them
selves accordingly. Make prlcea moderate,
and then tbe aucceai of toe finest opera
must be assured."
"Do you think Mr. Abbey Intends to
eontrol tbe Opera hsuse during tbe next
season f"
"If be continues bli present tactics be
would be exceedingly foolish to do to. I
think this, hit first season's experience in
opera, will teaeh him a letson.be never can
forget. If I am not greatly mistaken Col.
Mapleson baa bit eye on the Opera House
at tbe preteut time."
Mr. Abbey left for Philadelphia yester
day evening, where bis opera company is
now tinging.
. Law Preferred to Journalism.
Hannibal. Mo.. Jan. 16. -W. H. Rus
sell, wbo for years has been identified with
tbe press of Hiunlbsl, to-day retired from
tbe Morning Journal as one of its editor
and proprietors, W. 5. Hillock buying
bis Interest In tbe paper. Mr. Rusll was
a rising young Journalist, but he preferred
tbe legal profession and bat associated bim
self with Geo. W. Easier, attorney for the
Hannibal St. Joe.
Resisted Arrest.
Macon, Mo., Jan. 16. A man giving
hla name at White was arrested by Marshal
Clayton at a borte thief. A severe tussle
entued when Clayton attempted arrest, and
but for tbo Interference of other parties our
Marshal would have been tbot. Tbe man
Hole two bones from Linn county, Mo,,
ten nllei toutb of Brookfield. A rewsrd of
S0 bad been offered (or hli apprehension
by tbe authorities.
Receiver Appelated.
New York, Jan. 16. A bill hat b-en
filed in the United 8tata Circuit Court by
Judge Wallace, for the appointment of a
Receiver of tbe Ontario A Wettern, In be
half of Conrad N. Jordan. The Judge
made the order returnable Thursday. The
tult It entirely distinct from the. Ch.ipman
tuit. It It filed in behalf of plainiiff at a
common and preferred stockholder.
barged with Conspiracy.
Pitisbuko,' Pa., Jan. 18. Twelve coal
miners, formerly emu orsd in tbe South
west Coal Works at Buena Vista, were ar
rested on a charge of conspiracy preferred
by tbe owners, who allege tbat since tbe
lockout last December the men bave been
endeavoring to Induce those working to
itrlke. A bearing will be bad.
Killed by Cxptoaloa.
Cincinnati, Jan. 16. The Timet
Star'i Naretta. Ohio, tpejlal tare; Wesley
Miner, an engineer on tbo steamer Nail
City, wat killed by ibe exploaloa of a
team pipe while enraged In breaking loe
at tbe mouth of tb. Muskingum.
A SabetatatUI Gift.
BatCitt, Mich., Jau. 16. Tbe new
publle library presented to West Bay City
by Henry W. Sage, of Itbaoa, N. Y., bat
been dedicated.
Died! f Heart Bleea.
Providence, B. I., Jan. 16. Amos D.
Lockwood, leadlsvt ootton manufacturer
of tbi wuAtrs 414 ft htaH 4lMue.
When fUarsM Fall Oat,
Hew York, Jan. 18. A Wetbtartea
pedal to tbe Graphic tayi: A rumor la
prevalent of a rupture between tbe Chios go
Inter-Ocean and tbe Western Union Tele
graph company laid to be owing to th
publiftiiio.i fully of Senator Hill tpeT
on tbe ('natal Teeersph hill. The manairer
or tbe Western Union presumptouaiy
rotated tbe paper's leases of special wire.
Tbe Inter-Ocean had the loudest lino cl
wires in tbe oouutry, extending to
New York, Washington and St. Pau',
Manned by its own operators. It appear
tbat tbe only thing known about It la that
the Wa-bliigton correspondent of tbe Inter-
Ocean received a dispatch from tbo biul-
neas manager of the paper saying that Mm
lease had expired. This in considered
rather thin at leatet that Involve to much
do nnt expire to suddenly Tbe corres
pondent of the Inter-Ocean admitted that
he bad been directed to discharge the oper
ator and bad not done to but wat waiting
War ost Hblsky.
Atchison, Kan.. Jan. 1U. Although
there Is a prohibitory liquor law in Kanti,
no attempt has been made to enforce it in
tblt city, and intoxicating drinks have been
openly told up to tbit time by some fifty
saloons in vlolatlou of itt provisions. The
temperance people bave organlxed tbfs
week and propose to wnge war agaUtt the
liquor men. . To-day prosecutions will be
commenced against sixteen of tbe most
prominent saloonkeepers. The plaintiffs
will probably be arrested to-morrow.
Property ownert fear tbe closing of dram
abopt will leave them with empty buildings
from which tbey now derive a handsome
Income as reut.
Memorial Mervleea.
Milwaukee, Jan. 18. During the mem
orial servicei over the victims of tbe New
ball House fire, in St. Jobnt eatbedral, the
edifice wat heavily draped witb black. Tbe
catafalque was placed before tbe lanetuary.
Father Keogh was tbe celebrant and Father
Maboney delivered the sermon. Nearly
every Catholic priest In theeity wai present
and tbe cathedral was crowded. At tbe
conclusion of the service a meeting wsa
held to establish a permanent memorial
service and procure a marble memorial
tablet. Tbe archbishop baa approved of
these tuggeitloDi.
Fer Slurderlntr Bleb Banker.
Waupaca, Wis., Jan. 1. In tbe Cir
cuit court Afred Vandesar was put ou trial
for the murder of tbe wealthy banker H.
C Meade in 1882. A large number of wit
nesses were on band. Tbe case promises
to be one of unutual Interest. The murder
was one of the mott brutal and unpro
voked character, aod for weeks wat
ibrouded in complete mystery. Tbe evi
dence for the State Is strictly circumstantial
but promises to be of a startling character.
Over a week will be occupied witb tbe trial.
Tbe city It full of people from all parts of
the country.
Brass emasi Nolan Brained.
Hannibal, Mo., Jan. 16. Pat Nolan, a
brakeman, was killed In Aahhurn, 16 miles
below tbit city, on the K. & St. L. road.
He was rear brakeman on an extra freight
bound north, and Hepped between two
cara to make a couppling. His foot alipped
through a cattle guard and bla head was
crushed to a telly, hit braini belnK scat
tered aloog the track for a dUtance of 100
feet. Nolan's body wat tent to Qulncy,
III., to relativet wbo reside there. He
was an experienced railroad man and uo
Ass Awful Scene. - -
SteeLVILLE, Mo., Jan. 16. An infant
child of Mr. Zacb Jones met witb a frigbt-a
nil fleatk bere. Tbe parents wont ii m to-,
gether, leaving the little one with an elder
child. Tbe latter was seated in front of
the fire-place with the Infant on her lap.
By tome accident both fell forward from
tbe chair, and tbe little thing wat burned
to death, tbe luveolle guardian being too
teriifled and too feeble to attempt a
Shot tip Shop.
Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. 16. The board
of managers of tbe PrOducers'Oil Exchange
of Allegheny, met and decided to adjourn
tine die after drawing warrants for the
payment of debts and declaring a dividend
of 14.52 on each share of stock. The stock
holders' meeting last November decided
to wind up tbe aflilrs of tbe concern and
tbe board of managers were instructed to
surrender the charter.
Deeervea a Rope.
Columbia, Mo., Jan. 16. Great excite
meut was created here by the arrest of Sam
W illiaras, colored, In an attempt' d crim
inal assault oo M is Lura Todd, who livet
lithe eastern part of town. Her cries
were beard by Col. S. Turner, wbo seised
theneTuand lodged blm In jail. The
feeling against bim is strong.
Bead Denies It.
IndkprnDencb, Mo., Jan. 16. Society
at Rock Creek, a farming community five
miles west of town, Is all torn up over tbe
arrest of Jesse Reed, charged with tbe ruin
of Mollle Cllne, under the promise of mar
riage. Reed say tbe affair is blackmail.
He will have a bearing Friday.
Fire mt St. Lake's.
ST. Louis, Jan. 16. An alarm of fire
was sent In from St. Luke's Hospital tbls
morning, caused by a volume of smoke out
of the chimney filling tbe fourth floor. No
damage was done beyond tbe panic among
the patients, none of whom, however,
were seriously Injured.
Old '7 Bellgerant.
Cantov, O., Jan. 16.-Mrs. raulino
Bentz, aged 76, was plaintiff In s divorce
proceeding against her husband, ' Paul
Bentz, aged 76. She charges blm wtth
failure to support her, and with drinking
whisky. Tbs decree of divorce was
Joplln's Medical College Closed.
Jor-LiN, Mo., Jan. 16. Slnoe the action
of the State Board of Health In refusing to
reorganize tbe Jopllo College of Pbyalclans
and Surjeont ss s medical sohool, tbat In
stitution bat decided to close its doors. A
number of students left tor tbelr respective
Crashed le DeMb,
Nkwcomerstown, O. i Jan. 16. James
Rauscb, who was employed In one of tbe
mines, was burled under six tons of ore,
snd cruthed to desth. He lesves a
wife and two ohildren.
. Scarlet revet mt Indepeadestee.
Independence, Mo., Jan. 16. About
15 cases of sesrlet fever of s mild form sre
reported. An elimination la being made,
aiid if deemed neoessary Iks publle school
will bs olossd.
V .4
4. . "
The Enwmous Unearned Land Granti
to Kailroadi.
The Hill l ikely its Th roach toss-
arrea witb a Boom-Tbe Northern
VsMlllii to be Only Kceeption.
Washington, Juu. 16. Huntington's
overwhelming dufctt yesterday fore
shadowed the ct ruin and swift setting
utide of thu taunt of 15,000,000 odd acre
cuiiHldHred iu the original Texas Pad tic
land irranl. The unanimous report of tbe
Public Lands Committee baa shaken the
raluoad rtnac to tbe very center. Members
now see their Inability to resist tbe anti
ruilroad tide. Huntington baa made a very
feeble fluht. Tbe argument Oen. Roger
A. Pryor submitted yesterday wan one of
the ekiiht ever m.ide before any commit
tee, it was simply a bit of
Idle rhetoric mad in tbe
most perfunctory and commonplace
manner. The unanimous action of tbe
committee win send the repeal of the grant
through the House In a great burry. His
not believed tbat twenty votei oould be ral
lied against it. It Is probable, therefore,
tlint the bill will pass on next Monday,
when a Mbuention of the rules will be in
order. There Is such a panic In Congress
at tbe mere mention of tbe name of Hun
tingtcn, that it is posiiole tbat the bill can
be passed without objection. At any rate
It will be pas-ed by tucb an overwhelming
vote that tbe Senate will not dare delay ita
pxssuge. Tbe vote practically wipes
out all of Huntington's claims aod leaves
1118 lakok lobby hehb
out of employment. Senator Van Wyck's
bill In tbe Sen ate, providing for s reduction
in tbe freight and passenger charges of the
Uniou IVIfic and Central Pacific railroads,
It in line witb the anil-railroad feeling, so
stroaz in tbls Congress. Tbe original char
tvr of thee roads provide when tbefr net
receipts sbali exceed 10 per cent. Congress
shall have tbe authority to regulate charges
upon hese roads. The mana,eri of these
pr ipertiei in their anxiety to unload
their stock upon tbe market, have
worked up tb net receipts above
tbe 10 per cent, limit, and so are
within tbe reach of Congressional super
vision. It will be bard for any member or
Senator to oppose any of the anti-monopoly
leglsla ion tbat will be proposed. Congress
man Cobb intends to give Congress an op
portunity of pasaing upon every one of tbe
forfeited land grants. The House will
probably le'ease upwards of one hundred
millions of acres. It it hardly probable tbe
Senate can refuse to agree to tbe action of
tbe Houe. There is do evident Intention'
f disturbing tbe Northern Pacific land
gra n. The majority are Inclined to regard
that as a settled matter. Mr. Cobb It iu
favor of foi feitit) this grant, but his views
ure not shared at preient by tbe commit
tee. Nenata
'Washington, Jul)- l. In the Senate
Sherman reported from t n Committee of
Finance a bill to provide for tbe taaue and
circulation of national, banks with several
amendments. The amendments were
ordered printed aud the bill recommended
Plumb reported favorably the Public
Lands bill, forfeiting land grant extension.
The Iron Mountian Company bill passed
afor a brier debate.
Vance introduced a bill to regulate dis
tillers' spirits, the capacity to be lets than
tw nty gallons per day.
Miller, of Aew l orK, presented a mem
orial from the convention of stockmen held
In Chicago relating to pluro-pneumonla
aud tnipectfon of cat:le.
tSPiumb'lntroduced a joint resolution pro
posing an amendment to tbe constitution
in rela ion to the manufacture and sale of
Intoxicating Liquors.
The Senate th 'n proceeded In tbe consid
eration of tbe proposed Joint rules of the
Uouse and Senate, which were agreed to
practically as reported.
It Throbbed lor l be H leer lea ol an
Aboeed Doe.
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 16. Christine
Niisson, while out walking to-day, taw two
boys beating a dog. Greatly Incensed at
their conduct she drove tbem off. The dog,
recogulzing a friend, followed her
to ber hotel. There she bad bim
washed and put to bed. She then sent out
and got a collar for bim and adopted tbe
auimal. Mme. Niisson was the recipient
this afternoon of a baudtome luncheon
party, given iu ber honor by Mn. Samuel
W. Gross, wife of the celebrated surgeon.
Home of the most prominent ladies in the
city were prcne.it. To-morrow evening she
dines with Mrs. George W. Cbilds,- snd
afterwards will attend a ball given ber by
Mrs. Tbomai McKean, whose husband is
the grandson of tbe president of the fiist
American Congress. As Marguerite Mme.
Nillsson tang latt night to aa 8,000 house.
Doubled to Harvard Collear.
Boston, Jan. Id. By the will of Da
ta fin El.ls his estate is left Iu trust for tne
benefit of bit sister, and upon ber decease
60,000 goes to Harvard college, the net In
come of which, after deduotlug 6 percent,
(or the purpose of Increasing the fund, te
kte applied to tbe payment of tuition and
ther expenses of certain descendant! of
Javid Kills and others who may be mem
bers of the college. Tbe residue of tbe
trust property, If any, is slto to be paid to
tbo pretldeut and fellows of Harvard col
lege, the lno jme, after the tume deduction
of 6 par ceut., to be applied to the pay
meut of the talary of a professor of patho
logical anatomy, under certain regulations
as to tbe amount of sucb salaiy.
TbatMexleaa Treaty.
Washington, Jau. 16. It is whispered
bere tbat St. Louis peo pie wbo are bopiug
to see tbe new treaty with Mexieo adopted
may yet be disappointed. It is said that
there it a icheme to talk the treaty to death.
It must be finished by tbe 30th or It passes
awav by limitation, and tbe sugar interest
but made a combination with two or three
other Interests tbat are threatened by the
treaty. Many of the friends of tbe meas
ure doubt very much whether tbey will be
able to ratify It In the face of tbls opposl
lion. Ta Beorcanlse the Army.
Washington, Ja.i. 16. Through Con
gressman Buckner, Herman S. Hess of
St. Louis filed a petition In tbe House for a
reorganization of the United State Army.
He wants sharp-shooters to be added lo
tbe army as a special branch, tbe facilities
of tbe artillery Increatedr the number of
oftl -era reduced and privates Increased, the
army to be divided Into tlx dlvislous, a
Major-General to be In cba s of sacb. Tbs
petition was referred.
Major Steele's Oviiioi of tbs) Celebrated
Bla Reasons for Preaeaflas; Ike Minor
ity Report Again! the Ueaeral's
Washington, Jan. 16. Representative
Steele, of Indiana, wbo presented tbe mi
nority report from tbe House Committee
on Mlllltary Affairs, opposing Fit John
Porter's reinstatement to the arm, said
to an interviewer tbat the case seemed too
important for him to acquiesce, tlirouirli
onurtes, in the report of the majority.
He believes tbat tbe court which convicted
Porter was composed of ton ab'e ami hon
orable men for tbelr Judgment, batted on
fresh personal knowledge of events, to be
cast aside 30 years after tbey considered I he
"Do you not find tbat their verdict and
sentence were Inconsistent?" was aaked.
"Not at all," he replied. "Putyour
self in a position similar to tbat of the
Court. You bave to approve your deci
sion a kind-hearted and humane executive,
a man to whom extreme measures are re
pugnant. If you did not want your man to
go tcot fret, wouldn't you give him a sen
tence that would be likely to be approved
rather than a harm ons which might be
negatived through mercy. There wai no
necessity for inflicting tbe extreme penalty.
All this talk about a five to four court is all
nonsense, No one knows but chat tbe
Court were unanimous."
"You are firmly eonvineed of Porter's
inexcusable disobedienoe, then?"
"How ran I help beta? so in tbe fsee of
bis order? Take that famous 4:30 p.m.
order. Did be proceed against tbe enemy f
Take McDowel's testimony, tbat there
were not obstacles to Porter's sdvsnce."
"You don't admit, then, tbe possibili
ty of Longstreet having been between Por
ter and Jackson's right?"
' 'There Is no evidence tbat Longstreet
was tbere except that given by tbe Con
federates. Even had he been tbere, so
much more reason wby Porter should
have engaged his forces. Wby should he
bave been permitted to rest In seoure Inac
tivity while bis oompanlons were marching
bravely te death In obeyance of ordert? No
matter if Longttreet'i foroes were tbere be
s .ould bave obeyed orders, whatever lay
In bis path. No, I cannot bring myself to
believe tbat be Is to be excused for having
neglected to render tbe first duty of a sol
dier. Tbere may be a feeling against
Cutcbeon aud myself for having taken thia
position in opposition to the rest of tbe
committee, but I oaunot surrender my con
victions, even though I be alone In oppos
ing tbe bill. I think, however, ws shall
find some able champions. "
"Do you know whether Senator Logan
is going to take bis old position In regsrd
to tbe case snd will make much of a
"No. I know no more about It than I
have read In the papers."
"What are the principal points In your
"We base our report on the minority
report of tbe Commutes on Military Af
fairs of the 40th Congress, snd signed by
Anson G. McCook. F. B. Marsh and Thos.
M. liroAn, adding wbat Individual views
we may bold ourselves."
Very reat Interest Is shown In the case
here. Ii Is believed tbe bill will be patse 1
next week.
An Aafeetlaar Meene lag (oart Many
Cheek BniTaaed with Team.
PliTSBCRa, Jan.. 10. Tue opening of
the Nutt trial was noted by the abaonos of
the great rush of tbe past few daya and the
presence of many ladles among the specta
tor!!. W.iiKi Pi ay ford was addressing the
Court for the onenlnt of the defense, and
remarking r -able results of tbe trial,
tbe faces of laose most concerned were an
interesting study. When reference wss
made to the insulting manner iu which
Duke had laughed in the prisoner's face
and taunted bim in tbe public streets,
many in the audience and those personally
interest, d shed tears. A tilt between the
counsel In regard to tbe family physician's
testifying in regsrd to Nutt's mental con
dition, attracted a great deal of attention
and was tbe turning point in tbe case
and occasioned t general surprise among
lawyers and spectators. Brown being al
lowed , to question Dr. Fuller,
be said he bad four or five
questions in writing which covered
tbe whole matter and suggested to witness
just what to say, snd tbat was "yes."
That one word described James Nutt as an
imbecile whose mind wat Inflamed by the
murder of bis fstber, to tuob sn extent that
he would be a monomaniac on tbe subject
and wou d easily lose control of himself
when excited by tbe object of ills mania.
Mrs. Nutt was placed on tbe stand and tes
tified on the subject of the mental condi
tion of Jjmes whlcjh bad been frequently a
subject of conversation with herself and
husband, previous to his death. Tbat tbe
defect In Ins mind had been perceptible all
throuiib bis (James') life. James attended
Dukes' trial throughout, and the verdict
rendered at tbe time and the pubiicati on of
letters bad a marked effect and when taken
witb Dukes subsequent insults
Iu publie bad affected hit mind to
tbat she at times was fearful his reasoa
would be entirely dethroned. After Mn.
Nutt had Identified teveral letten which
bad prevloualy been read at Duke's trial,
which Duke had written to Capt. Nutt,
tbe Court took a recets until 1 p. m.
An Coroly Meeting ol Railroad Man.
agers, ol which He waa Chairman,
New YotiK. J in. 16. At the Ontario and
Western meeting, Mr. Houston was elected
chairman. Mr. Jordan moved that the
meeting adjourn for thirty dayt and that an
investigating committee be appointed to
report on the condition of the oompany.
Tbere wat great excitement and the
meeting was lame. Dos Pestoi represented
Jordan and Judge Green (he Wins
Isw (action. Mr. Houston, the Chairman,
refused to put certain motions, and Mr.
Jordan put them himself, snd declared bis
resolution carried. Houston deolsred the
whole matter out of order. There wsa
lively discussion between the counsel, and,
finally, on Jordan's motion, tbe meeting
adjourned until 1:80 o'clock. It Is rum
ored tbat tbe action of Jordan was proba
bly Inspired by S. J. Tllden. At a meet
ing C. f, Woeritboffer, who was Chal
lenged by the Jordan oounsel, oast hit vote
for the regular ticket, beaded by Horace
Porter. The present Board of Dlreotcrt
bold a sum dent number of proxies te eleet
board In their own Interest.
Swansea, Jan. 16. While a number ef
miners were being lowered Into tbs Gar
nout Colliery preparatory to commencing
work this morning the rope broke precipi
tating them to tbe bottom, a distance of TO
feet. Eleven men were killed and teveral
London, Jan. 16. The Marquis Tseng
left Folkestone for London, where he
goes to confer with Earl Granville, Minis
ter of Foreign Affairs, on tbe Tonqulo ques
tion. CHOOSING a rector.
London, Jan. 16. In tbe election to fill
a vacancy in the Rectorship of St.' Andrews
University, caused by the resignation of
Minister Lowell, Rev, Tho. O. Ring re
ceived 96 votes to 87 for Mr. Gibson, a
member of Parliament.
London, Jan. 16. Tbe Duke of Argyls
intends to write a reply to Mr. Henry
George's "Progress snd Poverty. "
Viinna, Jan. 16. Tbe Minister of Com
merce has approved tbe scheme for a
regular monthly line of stesmers between
Trieste snd New York. The steamers will
begin running the first of February. Rail,
way and shipping rates on goods fro a
Buda-Pcstb andVlsnnato New York via
Trieste will be exceptionally cheap. Ths
Southern Pacific railway company has also
taken tbe Initial steps for s direct line ef
steamers from Trieste to New Orlesns yfa
Havana, and proposes making preparations
for tbe larger imports of American cotton
owing to tbs unsettled stste of affairs In
S3 CRM 4 NT.
Berlin, Jan. 16. The President ef tbs
Lasker Committee, Herr Levitsow, and
Herr Forokeobeck, will proceed to B oman
in receive tbe boi'y of tbe late Dr. Lasker
upon Ita arrival at that port.
Vienna, Jan. 16. Tbe members of the
Anstrfan court baye been vaccinated In
oontequence of tbe alarming nines'! of
Arch Ducbees Stephana. Tbe Empress of
Austria is enolente.
Madrid, Jan. 16. It is announced that
King Alphonso Intends to adopt tbe Ger
man army system for Spsin. For tbls pur
pose a number of Spanish army officers are
to be sent to Berlin to study tbe system.
An Engineer Willi a Wife at Each End
ol III Ban.
Atchison, Kas., Jan. 16. Society is
considerably torn up over tbe deceiving of
a young lady of tbls city by W. J. Plumb,
a married man, wbo Is an engineer on tbe
H. & St. Joe road, and has a wife and four
children residing In Cameron, Mo. He
represented himself as single and wooed
nd won tbe daughter of Dr. W. Seip, of
this f y. In December he obtained a II
eeme iu marry Miss Seip, snd since that
time hat been living witn ber as his wife at
tblt end of tbe line, and with bit lawful
wife at Cameron when at that end of tbe
line. On Monday the city marshal arrested
Plumb on a telegram from bis wife at Cam
eron, and yesterday she snd ber father ap
peared. Dr. Seip being absent from tbs
city snd wife No. 1 refusing to proseoute,
tbe amorous engineer skipped across the
river into Missouri, and, for tbe time, it at
Called Ont and Shot.
Easton, Pa., Jan. 16.-D. P. Hill, a
merchant of Hlghbrldge, N,'J., was called
to his store, and shot by thrie masks I
men. Two balls lodged In tbe head. He
Is not expected to live. No property was
WootfratTi Hotel Ds(rovet.
Steelvilu, Mo., Jan. 16. .News has
Just reached bere of the burnlug of Wood
ruff's Hotel and all Its contents, In Bour
bon, last Saturday morning. It was Insured
or 11,600.
Hew York.
Wheat January $1 OiHi February
$1 06i; March $1 08:; April U UK, May
1 13 V.
Corn January 62 K; February 63 Si
Maroh 64 ; April 65; May 66.
Wheat January 94V b. ; Febniary
91 X; March fttK; May 98K; June
tei b.
Corn January 63 b.; February 63 K;
March MX; May MX; June68.
Oats January 3UX b.; February SiXto
83; March 83 b; ; May 37XO.
Chicago, Jan. 16. Hogs Receipts 80,
000; opened stronger and subsequently ad
vanced about 10c; light 131605 75; rough
packing $O25(a5 70j heavy packing and
shipping $5 7006 25. Cattle Receipts 9,
000; best steady, other dull; exports $60.
6 60; common to choice (4 90.
at, Loaie.
Wheat January 91X; February W
March 9i; May II 08.
Corn January 63X; February 54;
March 54 K; May 59 1 June 58.
OATS-January 83; February 8;
March 33 V; May 87 X.
Catt le Export steers $6 40O6 60;
good to heavy do J 75V36 25; light to fair
(gratters) $5 10(95 50; common to medium
4 40(35 00; fuir to good Colorado $4 COft
5 60; Southwest $3 75(95 50; Grass Tex ins
3 50(95 2d; light to good stockers n SO e
3 75; fair to good feeders $3 75(34 25; co n
iron lo choice native oows and heifers $800
Ol H5; sctllawags of any kind 2 50(3
3 00.
Siirrp Common, medium and light
J2 7if3 70; fair to good $3 7504 25; prime
4 80'tt 25; fair to good Texan 7M9
Hogs Receipts 8,668 head; shipments
1,114 bead. Strong and alive; comnon
mixed to good choice packing J6 505 9t.
Torkers aulet at f5 40O5 60; butchers to
choice heavlea fS 750S 00. Philadelphia
$6 00O6 15.
Liverpool, Jan. 15. Wheat and corn
arrived dull and lower to sell In quantity.
Wheat and corn to arrive dull and lower to
sell In quantity. Mark Lane Wheat and
corn dull. Country markets quiet. Spot
wheat dull and neglected; No. i spring 8s
Id; red winter wheat off ooeai declined 8d. ;
Western winter 8e Id. California declined
Id. Mixed Western corn better at 6s 6d.
Demand from United Kingdom and Conti
nent moderate and fair for wheat and

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