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For the Lure ot CourUs, LoldsJ
Hoarseness, Eronchitis.Croup. Influ
enza, Asthma,AVhooping Cough, In
cipient Consumption ana for the re
lief of consumptive persons in advan
ced staces of the Disease. For Sale
by all Druggists. l'ricc, 25 Ccnts.J
The kidneys fid as purifiers of the hlood. an!
when their funrtions a-e interfered with thrown
weakness, they need toning. They become henlth
fnlly active by the U8e of Hoi-tetter's Slomncu
Bitten, when falling short of relict Irnm other
sources This aupcrb stimnl .tlnt.' tonic ul-o pre
vents and arrest fever and asne, constipation,
liver complaint, dyspepsia, rheumatism and ottur
sllmonts. Use it with reeuiarit.
For rale by all dru Kiste and deulersnenerally.
Poison Oak
Sone to yield
Swlft'i Specific.
every time to treat aunt w ith
Spartanburg, S. C,
Toar most vain ible medicine
March 13, ISd
(SwIP's Specific)
has done nieo much pod tt at 1 feed like fuii.g
thli for thei nt'flt or those bo Miller like I did. I
wa misoned bv poison oak. and nw not a will
dsy for nix yeara. nntll I used almost evi-ry Kind of
medicine, hut none nad m i desired eitect. Aiier
using nil buttles of SwirT' Hi'Rciric I am n stor d
te perfect health with not a aiim of that awl.il
poison t
Your truly, DAVID SESBITT.
1 badfoi thirtv-etght yetrs suffered every spring
and (timmer with Poison Oak. w hich 1 com arp d
In bathing when a boy. I tried ever thins for i
including many rihvsieans, but without any benel.t
I took nlxbotl os of Swift's Specific (S. S. s 1 four
years airo, and it cured m sound and well. Thr e
summers have paused. hi d I have hHd no return of
It. JosKi'H Bkasi.f.v, Columbus, Uu.
I have had remarkable buccckr with Swift's Spe
cific; hive cured several cases permanently in a
very short time. One case which 1 am now rtit
ln was ulven ut to die. and alter uins! three b it-
ties Is so far recover" that 1 think one moic bottle
will cure her. The must remarkable cise of all whs
a ladvwith meduUrv cauc r of thi womb, lor whom
1 had no hope whatever. Afier using oue bottle 1
am satisfied she will ion be cured.
Kasleys, S, (
Treatise on Wood and Skin Diseases mailed
free to applicants.
Drawer:) At.anta. Ga.
N. Y. Office, 159 V.23d St., between Sixth and
Seventh avenues.
85 S. Clark St.,
A regular graduate. 99The Olile.t Kpcclull.t
in the United hut, whine Ltn: U.M. lAi tmK.sci:,
perfect method and pure uiodiano injure M'KKl'Y
and fEUMANtNT cima of all Private t lironic ami
Jiisrvoua Dispntps. A if eel inn a of the jtloml, Kliln,
Kidneys, llliitldir, Iriii.tlona, I p cr. Old
stores, J we II I tig of the limit. Sttvv .M mitti,
Thront, Jlnne Villus, ponnanenlly cured and
eradicated from the sybiein iur life.
nCnlUU W Low,: Vj-tinf l)i my, M, nttd
ond rinKieal Weuknrss, IViiliii; MnHurti,
Weak Z'i' Muiitetl Development, Imjirdi.
ments to Marriage, etc., from excinnrs or uiuj
cause, $peedUif, $nfly and prlratrly Curnt.
tfoum. Middle-Agi'd ami Old nu n, anil all
who need medical klll and exi-.'ii-nee,coni.u.t
Dr. Bats at once. Hit opiniun cuM" nuthiiiK. and may
save future misery and shame. W in n inconvenient
toviit the city for treatment, mi ilii iii-icnii be sent
everywhere by mail or eipress Iree from nlner.
atlon. tfll isatlf-evidenttluit a physician ulio
aivi.s hi wliole artpntion to a c!ai of disfaHfs lit
tains teut skill, and pliysiriuriHttir'nifTliout the
country, knowimjt hn, frequently reoinineruliliuicult
canes to the Oldest Ni.eelnllM, by whom every
known gnntl remeilv i u"l. J-lr. Itate'i
Ace and Kierlence ninti bis otMtiion of atu
preme Imiii.t'tnnee. D-'l'hose who call see no
one imithe ! tor. I.onnliatiori free ami sarredly
conflili-nttul. Owswhirh bsve fnileil in olilnininK
tvwl elwrtiere. fMciAlly eolcited. Keninle I
sws treat d. Call or writ, llourn. from l to 4 1
to . SundsvK. lo t(i 1. tiVJIDB 1U llALlll
StNTlKtK. Aiidrot.a.1 above.
Ttda porous planter li
afasolately IAS but erer
aiade, combiung the
tlrtnes of hups with
nma, balsams and ex
tracts, 1U power Is wonderful In curing dlsesMa where
other plasters atmiilr r. h... vi,.l. ,?. o...u -. .
Heck, Palo In the Si.le or Limbs, Stilt Joints and Muscles,
Kidney Troubles, klwumatistu. s-,,r,,i..,. u,.
Affections of the Heart ami Urer, and all iniui or s hia
la sny part cured tnitsntiy by the wa i'(o.lrr. I r Tr
i. I'nce i centa or flro for il ti
Sailed on reoeintof nrlee. K .1.1 l,
laU dru:'!Tliirs and country stun.
Jion fiaaier toriuiun'i.
- Proprietors, lioslon, Maaa.
, yyor oonntifiaUun. loss of appetite and (luu-iiuf the
sowessssare tiawirj pmoTniwn s-oi i.it't i-hh. sperms.
Opp. Court House, CHICAGO.
Serious Labor Riot Thought to
Bo Imminent at Qulncy,
The Mayor of the City Publicly Expresses
Himself in Sympathy With
the Strikers.
Non-Union Men Egged by Women The
Bosses Will Call on the Governor
for Military Protection.
Qcincy, III., April 25. A labor riot is
undoubtedly Impending, and there is ex
treme alunn throughout the city in con
sequence. Last evening 3,0u0 persons
gathered at tho foundries, and again
this morning thre was anoth
er, large throng in the vicinity.
The women mothers, wives, daughters
and sweethearts of the striking tnolders
were especially clamorous, und when
ever a "scab" appeared going to
or from the workshops the women
threw stale eggs at thein, and a few
hurled stones.
The Mayor's course had given the strik
ers renewed courage, as that official pub
licly announced his sympathy with the
union roolders, and leaves the further
protection of the foundries to a special
meeting of the council, which is called
for to-uigtit. It is proposed bv the bosses
to demand militia from the Governor,
as they fear bloodshed. Serious trouble
will be had to-day or to-iuorrow.
f$ City Marshal John Kroner was assault
ed last night by an unknown man whom
he attempted to arrest, lie was seriously
cut on the head with an ax.
James Harris of LaGrange, Mo., died
lat night of knife wounds indicted by It.
lieekel. The murderer is still at large.
TUKY WANT 1'liO'l l.c HON.
ChicaR-o Newsboys Developing; Strong
Protective Tariff Proclivities.
Chicago, III., April 25. The newsboys
and bootblacks are being worked up to a
high pitch of excitement over the propo
sition to license them, aud, in imitation
of Iho saloon-keepers, have commenced
to meet and discuss the situation. Their
ilrst gathering was held at the Newsboys'
Home,1 at which about one hun
dred put iu an appearance. They
were noisy, as a matter of course,
but at the same time there was
n spirit of earnestness among them.
They did their own speech-making, and
their views proved to be as greatly at
variance as if tliey were an indignant
ward-gathering. Two of the speakers
had visited tue Mayor and Comptroller
during the day and expressed great sur
prise that they were not present.
"They are snide," replied a small boy's
voice from a back seat.
"They're afraid we'd stone 'em," yelled
The chairman, who proved to be the
proprietor of a down-town polishing es
tablishment, replied by saying: "iioys,
yees wouldn't throw bricks at 'em, would
"No!" was the deafening reply, after
which business proceeded.
(Hie of the speakers touched upon the
revenue question In advocating a license.
"We boys who's here wants protection
from the tramps, don t we?" he said,
which was upplau.ictl to the echo.
Another gamin, iu expressing himselff
said : "De question is high lisens or low
lisetis. lie price out to be 'bout ten
shines," which created a hurrah of ap
"1 want to push tlte little fellows under
twelve years of age out of the business,"
said a youth who was nursing a tuft of
hair in front of his ears, "to keep 'em
from gelling run over."
"I sires it all," said a little fellow on a
front seat. "Yees big tins wants to drive
us little uns out. Now, je go on."
The matron of the home at this junc
ture put in a word against the little
ones, anu said that oi those in uer
charge under twelve years of age,
only one hail been able to save as
much as twenty-live cents a week.
Jlis name, she said, was Toinmie
Jiurns, and he made the most of his
money by begging. Tominie was occupy
ing a seat near her, and indignantly de
nied the charge. The matron insisted
that she was right, however, and the
little fellow became so abashed at her ex
pose that he finally gathered up his "kit"
and left the meeting, crying as he went,
followed by the jeers of the crowd.
After this the discussion, if it might be
called such, partook of a general hurrah
character, to w hich the boys paid very
little attention. At the close, however,
it was given out that the crowd were in
favor of paying a license fee of about $1 ;
of requiring residence in the city a given
tune before being able to procure a
license; and of refusing licenses to boys
tinder twelve years of age. Jack Mack,
Thomas Ilatton, John Kcnua, Arthur
Johnson, and J. A. Miller were subse
quently appointed to lay these views be
fore the Mayor.
Postal Telegraph.
Washington, D. C, April 'Jo. To-day
the House Committee on Tost-ollices and
l'ost-roads appointed a sub-comtnittec,
composed of itogers (of Ark.), Ward (of
Intl.), Taylor (of Tenn.), iiingliatn (of
l'a.) and Wakelleld (of Minn.), to draft
a bill providing for postal teleurapliy by
contract. The sub-coinmittee begins work
to-morrow morning.
Ooinff lo Hurt Somebody.
Washington, 1). C, April 25. Mr.
Dorsoy arrived here to-day, but at his re
quest, it is understood will not be called
before the Springer committee for some
days yet. This committee Is said to be
working a new lean witn a view to as
certain the exact relation existing lie
tween the Star-Houte contractors and their
boiiilsmi'ii. Important developments are
anticipated, as Dorsey is just In the mood
lo nun somebody.
To Secure Per Diem.
Washington, I). C, April 25. In the
Investigation of the charges of irregular!
ties ugaiiiNi United Suites Commissioners
before the Springer Committee to-day
G. 15. Perkins, of the United States Secret
Service, sUted that the United State
Commissioners at Ripley, X. r., In the
case against Handal, charged with coun
terfeiting, prolonged the hearing, occupy
ing thirty days when but twd days tvai
necessary. I he Commissioners did this,
ne said, lo continue their petdieni, which
Is live dollars each. Other wltuesses will
be called In the matter.
Soventy Thousand Dollars for a Junket
Washington, 1). C, April 25 The
House Committee ou Foreign Affairs to
day instructed Mr. Stewart (of Texas) to
draft a bill to bo substituted in lieu of all
others on the subject of providing for the
appointment of three Commissioners to
visit Mexico and Central and South Amer
ica, for the purpose of ascertaining the at
titude of those countries toward the
United States as regards commercial mat
ters, and report suggestions for the pur
pose of enhancing these relations. The
bill appropriates 8(70,000. The object is
to see if the United States cannot secure
some of the trade now going from South
America to Europe.
You Tickle Me and I'll Tickle You.
Washington, D.C., April 25. General
Kosecraus, of California, whose vote in
favor of the consideration of the Morrison
tariff bill has been criticised bv the pa
pers of the Pacific coast as tending to
prevcut legislation restricting Chinese
emigration, savs: "We depend ou a
body of Democrats for the consideration
of our Chinese bill. To have voted agaiust
the consideration of the tariff would have
been a refusal to listen to the appeals of
their 'Constituents for tariff revision. 1
could not expect them to consider the i'a
cl lie coast's wants w ithout showing con
sideration for the feelings or views of my
Democratic brethren, without whose fa
vor we cannot succeed. Instead of pre
venting, I think my vote will secure fa
vorable action on the Chinese bill, which
was not otherwise probable.
Commissioners Differ.
Washington, I). C, April 25. Presi
dent Comstock of the Mississippi IUver
CounnJssiou to-day continued his state
ment before lepresentative King, of the
Mississippi Levee Committee. His opin
ion was that the levees were not needed,
but a deeper channel for commerce.
Major llarrod, of tho Commission, posi
tively declared that the levees are an
essential feature of the plan of improve
ment, and said the fact had been clearly
demonstrated "to confine the water in
the chanuel." lie continued: "Levees
must be constructed. This is the opin
ion of every commissioner except Coin
stock." He said a rough estimate of the
Commission was that twelve million dol
lars would construct a complete line of
levees some feet above the highest
water from Cairo to New Orleans.
Good News for the Crescent City.
Washington, D. C, April 25. To-day
the House Committee on Appropriations
agreed to report favorably Ellis' bill to
loau 81,000,000 to the World's Industrial
Cotton Centennial Exposition at New Or
leans next December, one-third of the
amount to be appropriated immediately
after the passage of the act and the re
mainder iu four monthly payments. The
bill provides that no greateramouut shall
be expended upon buildings, grouudud
preparations than the aggrgatep an'tnat
may be secured by subscription si th-
capital stock and the amount of the loan.
In the di.-.tnbution of amounts that may
remain in the treasury of the Board of
Managers after the payment ot current
expenses of the administration, the
amount of the appropriation by the Gov
ernment shall be paid iu full into the
Treasury of the United States before a
dividend or per centage of proxies
be paid to the stockholders.
Washington, D. C, April 25. In the
Senate the Naval appropriation bill was
reported from the House.
Mr. Hale moved for a committee of con
ference on the bill. The action of the
House, he stated, had been to reject all
the Senate amendments with the excep
tion of the appropriation of 850,000 to
provide for the armament of tho steel
The resolution providing that the silk
flag presented to the Senate by Joseph
Newman, of California, be deposited in
the Smithsonian Institute was agreed to.
Mr. Call reported favorably from the
Committee on Education a bill to en
courage Indian education in Dakota.
Mr. George reported favorably from tho
same committee a bill to protect Ameri
can laborers.
Mr. Cameron (of Wis.) introduced a
bill to sell certain public lands to the Ari
zona Mineral licit Kailway.
Mr. Ingalls introduced a bill to provide
for the sale of the New York Indian lands
iu Kansas.
When the bill to make the Department
of Agriculture an executive department
was reached, Mr. Kcuna, offered a substi
tute creating the Department of Indus
tries, with a division of agriculture to be
presided over by u commissioner. The
substitute aNo creates other divisions to
attend to labor statistics, mines, mining
and other matters relating to trade and
Mr. iiayard, objected to the considera
tion of the measure, accordingly It went
In his prayer this morning the Chaplain
invoked Divine protection ou the Greely
relief expedition and Divine aid for the
successful termination of its mission.
Her Hull Stove In and a Portion of Her
Cargo Damaged.
Nkw Oulkanw, La., April 25. Tho
rkmimui'H Vicksburg special savs: "Tho
Anchor Line steamer Johu A. Scud'
tier, St. Louis to New Orleans, while
making a landing at Bradford's Point,
eight miles below here, yesterday after
noon, swung iu broadside on the point
ami stove iu thirty feet of her larboard
hull. Finding thu steamer making water
Captain W. w. liaker landed at Warring'
ton and commenced discharging her cargo,
much of which was In the hold, and Is
more or less damaged. The steamer
Commonwealth has gone to her assistance.
the boat ami cargo will be saved."
Heading for Tophet.
ii.KKsiiAKKK, Pa., April 25. Four
acres of the surface above thu working of
the Black Diamond Colliery at Lti.ern
borough have settled several feet. It is
feared the mine Is much damaged.
The Englisli Government Ha3
Last Decided to Send Relief
to Gordon-Next Pall.
Fall-Mall Gazette Waxes Sarcastio
at the Delay, and Makes a
Facetious Suggestion.
How Aguero's Filibustering Expedition
was Fomented in America Self
Government Promised.
Lonpon, April 25. It Is stated that
large numbers of emigrants are going to
Canada this year from the Continent.
John O'Conner Power, member of the
House of Commons from County Mayo,
has abandoned the Paruellites and joined
the Independent Liberals. He will coti
test for an English constituency at the
next general election.
going ron GOUDON.
The Post says the Government has de
cided upon an autumn expeuition for the
rescue of Geueral Gordon.
The Lord Mayor is raising a fund
for the relief of the sufferers from the re
cent earthquake.
The Pall Mail Gazette expresses a belief
that the Government will not relieve Ber
ber, but will wait for the rebellion to
spread to Khartoum. The Gazette urges the
dispatch of therelnforcementsof 5,000 men
to Egypt,or England's withdrawal from the
country. "Any other course," It contin
ues, "would be madness. The trans
ports, alter bringing the English troops
home, might restore entente cordlale by
conveying the French army of occupation
to save Egypt from anarchy."
London, April 25. Judge Denman of
the Court of Queen's Bench, who presided
at the O'Donncll trial, has received a let
ter in which the writer says that his
damaging statement to the jury as to
total lack of intention to shoot on Carey's
part, and his determined efforts to secure
o'Dout . ll's Conviction, will cost him bis
life; that he had better prepare to meet
death at any moment. On receipt of the
letter the Judge communicated with the
police, who advised that detectives be
detailed to guard him, which was done.
The detectives mingled with the crowd
in the court room where the Judge pre
sided, closely scrutinizing all coiners.
London, April 25. The Government
has announced that it will accept the de
cision of the House of Commons In re
jecting Dodson's motion to restore the
cattle bill to its original form, which was
introduced in the House of Lords, pro
vided the Government be empowered to
allow the import of cattle from untainted
parts of suspected countries.
Madrid, April 25. While Aguero's ex
pedition was iu course of preparation
certain Spanish Republicans of extreme
views sent an agent to America for the
purpose of fomenting the movement. Their
hope was that the movement could be
made to assume such proportions that its
reaction would be felt in Madrid. The Re
publicans promised Cuba self-government,
and declared that the relations between
Spain and Cuba would be made similar
to those between England and Canada.
Dublin, April 25. Fenian circles are
greatly excited over a report that the po
lice have made an important capture, and
that the prisoner is none other than P. J.
Sheridan. Inquiry at police headquar
ters failed to elicit any information be
yond the fact that the detectives had ar
rested a man this morning having in his
possession a quantity of dynamite. The
detectives put on a mysterious air and
vaguely hint that the arrest is an import
ant one, and that other arrests are likely
to follow, ,as letters were found in the
prisoner's possession in which the names
of several prominent Irishmen are men
Dublin, April 25. Tho man arrested
this morning, whom the detectives
thought to he P. J. Sheridan, was
tiiken before the Magistrate where an
examination resulted in his discharge.
A number of witnesses who Identified
him as a commercial gentleman, testi
fying that the dynamite in his posses
sion was for commercial purposes.
Caiko, April 25. The English soldiers
dislike the Idea of serving alongside the
Egyptians in the expedition to Khartoum.
The Thirty-tlfth Regiment (British) sta
tioned at Assiout Is sufferiug much from
(ever and heat, there have been many
:ases of sun stroke.
Black Blood and White.
La Grange, Mo., April 25. There is
:onsiderab!e excitement and bad blood
aere between the negroes and a number
of white men, mostly Irishmen, working
in the quarries and the rolling-mills.
During a melee in front of Tom Archer's
barber-shop last Friday evening Jim
Harris, u negro, was severely cut by
Bob Becktol, a white man. The
trouble originated between Becktol aud
Fleiu Robinson, Harris' stepson, and Har
ris interfering threw a brick at Becktol,
w ho in turn closed upon Harris and in
flicted two ugly gashes with a pocket
knife. One cut was given across the
cheek and ranging down toward the neck,
aud another and more serious one was
across the abdomen. Harris was taken
homo aud his wounds dressed.
At first he was supposed not
to be dangerously hurt, but
Ids symptoms dally grew more alarming
until Wednesday ho died. Becktol was
arraigned before Esquire Million Immedi
ately after the affray, but the evidence
going to bIiow he acted In self-defense,
he was released from custody. Since the
death of Harris there is a demand for a
new hearing, and otllcers arc uow in pur
suit of Becktol, who, learning of the
death of his victim. Drocured a skiff and
crossed to Illinois.
Saw-Mill Burned.
Wiluamsport, Pa., April 25. Th
mill of Woolverton A Tensin; B
was burned to-day. Loss, 10,0i0; lusur
ance, ,15,000. ....
26, ibfrl
Clothing- Store Burned.
Akhon, O., April 25. -Early this (Horn
ing flro In the basement of tho extensive
clothing store of J. Koch & Co., of South
Howard street, caused a loss ot $40,000.
Fully Insured.
Hotel Burned.
Hock Island, III., April 35. The How
ard Houc at Leclaire, Iowa, was com
pletely destroyed by tire last night with
several adjacent buildings. The loss li
not far from 8 15,000.
Arthur and Lincoln.
New Yoke, April 25. The Evening
Telegram of this city to-day places at tho
head of its editorial page the following
ticket: For President, Chester A. Arthur,
of New York; Vice-President, Robert T.
Lincoln, of Illinois.
Cock Fight.
Flushing, L. I., April 25. A cocking
main between New York and Long island
birds occurred yesterday. Each battle
was for 1.00, ami 85U0 depended on the
main. Long Islaud won by four battles
to three.
Oath's Book.
New York, April 25. It has been re
vealed in literary circles that the title of
Geo. Alfred Townsend's Umg promised
romance Is "The Entailed Hat, or, Patty
Cannon's Times." it is sulllciently odd
to excite curiosity. It will be issued soou
by a prominent publishing house.
Independence, Mo., April 25. At the
second days' session of the Western lice-
Keeper's Association, now iu session in
this city. Jerome Twitchell, the leading
honey merchant of the west, delivered an
address ou "Marketable Honey," giving
a number of new ami practical hints ol
value to bee keepers.
A Hundred Thousand Dollar Blaze.
new Y'ork, April 25. The losses by the
fire at an early hour this morning Iu the
six story building, 20 and 22 Pell street
aggregate w100,0oo. The principal losers
are Jacob Levy, owuer of the building;
J. B. Thomas, cabinet maker, and the
Scoville Manufacturing Co. The proper
ty was well covered by insurance.
One Hundred and Twenty-one Rounds.
Pittsburgh, Pa., April 25. A soft
glove contest between Jack Clifford and
Billson Jack, last night, brought together
a large crowd of the sporting fraternity,
together with about tllty ladies. One
hundred and twenty-one rounds were
fought. Clifford was declared the winner.
The stakes were one hundred dollars.
Strikers' Movements.
Pittsburgh, Pa., April 25. The labor
ers shearsmen, firemen and blacksmiths
employed in Brown & Company's rolling
mill strut-If to-day against a ten per cent,
reduction, and the mill closed down.
Newcastle, Pa., April 25. The strike
of furnace-men, inaugurated over a-week
ago, is over, and the men have returned
to work at all furnaces at old wages.
Ruga's Confession.
Long Island City, L. I., April 25. In
the trial of the uegro murderer lings, the
confession made by Rugg February 11 to
his jailer was read. In it he confesses to
having choked Mrs. and Miss Maybee to
death and having beaten Mr. Maybee.
The confession is signed by Rugg. This
is the strongest evidence offered by the
prosecution. The case is expected to go
to the jury to-night.
FRIDAY, A1'KII.'.'5.
Grain and Provisions.
Cotton Steady; miillliritr. HVilSe.
Flock SH-mlyj XXX to choice, t-l.o U.75:
patents, f5.?.r4'i.40.
VW1KAT MCnOV; 0. Kill, 1 1.1U' lil.Il
No. a Hel, HT'o-.l.Ul.
l.oit.N-llnih r; No. 2 mixed. TOUHVc: No. 2
white mixed. .ViVtiV.
(lATS-l)ull; Nu. 2. :u-34c.
Hvk hull: No. 2, o'.'c.
Tobacco Finn: lus common to choice.
f '.7'&1U 00; leal ; cinntinin red leaf, s.otxii
lu.im; tne.imm to irooii (,417
Hay Prairie fln.ouiill.ii fur prime: H.'iOlS
12.UU for choice; 1111 JllKiU i fur common to
prime; timothy fll'ftlT for prime tu fancy.
lit TTKK Memly: enoiee to lanev creamery.
2si;i0c; dairy, choice to fancy, $h;1'm uml 2oc
for sclci'tionx; low armies nominal.
Lugs Kaaier, at ll'ie.
1'iiTATiiKS-Dnll; Eastern Hiirhank. I2 ;i.tlc;
Ho-e a id Peerless dull at avitlT'.f. Northern
stock very hard to sull at -intl'ic, and liottoin
Block at l.V?f.;.rc.
I'okk Dull; standard mes. 117.12 , al..l";
hard side, tliiii:.",.
lard Steady; prime steam, nominal at
8 ' iC
lUcoN Umirs. 9',i"c; MiorK S'lW.t-Sc;
elenr ribs, V
Wool, I iilewaslicd choice. .i2','He: mo-
(Hum, Ws'C'c: unwashed medium, iKk.lc; low
and coarse irralc. I.'i,Pe.
Hiiiks t.uiet: dry Hint. IS'ie; ddmafroil.
l'i'ic: htriis or s a :s. tOvMIc: dry suited, l.'tc:
drv suite I, ilain .tired, lie: kip uml calf. S tited.
Uc; da inured, 7'ic: tiiiilsauii stags, to; trreen,
unci roil, sue: uumaireu. 'c.
isiiKKP l'Ki.TS steadv: tneen, "iwmc; u-y
uo, 40 .00., as to amount uml mm ttvor wool;
Ki'een shearlings, lac; dry lo, hKttl5c; lamb
skins, ZttiH:.
Wheat Hlirher: April HOc; .May. lc;
Jiine.MJV'MCiV-; Jul)', 'M V'- 'l'i
Cobs Firmer; April, .!; May, 53c;
June. 57 ia; .1 uly. r. Sc; Auirust. 5i vr.
oats Hlirher: April. JU'c; May. SI'.c:
June, aac1; July, iCOje: year, 2Hc.
Pork HiKhcr; May. f !..";: June. Hi.22'4:
larii Mijrner; May, Wi; June, x.u;
.lulv. is. 7ft.
Hhort Ribs May. JH.45: June. JS.50
July, s.o7H.
new vork.
Wheat Weaker: No. 2 Red. Mav. 1.05a
l.nfi'i: June. flS'ifrH.lSU: July ll.tiM's bid.
Uorn illirlicr; April, w.jiiiociJuiie, sivw
(UTS Steady: No. 3. mixed. Aurll. ifsc;
i'ltovisio.NS I'orn unlet; spot mess,
Lard Firm; steam, .May, s.iiXojs.7).
Live Stock Markets.
JlUlin IV -Ul-I iin, lo.oow. luiiij vi.i,.j vni ij,
now slow. Iiirht.".4i ffii.!): rmiirli uuckiiitf.f n.flO
1T.... 11 lna lit OOil. r..l..l. nn.lcn na.ltt
tW.sft; heavy packing and shipping, fo.UO
J o-25.
CATTLE Receipts. ZMH jiKujuc. inwcr
exports, fd.hV'tiH.wi; good to choice, 5.7n
H (Kir common to fa r. sri.2HrKji.SI).
Shekc Iteoeipts, 4,000; steady; common to
Cattlk Dull; fair to good steers, I'l.SOta
Bhkkp Unsettle,!; fair to good Western
shcop, W.TMiu.iH); choice to fancy, 6.2.r,ia'l.fi0
.moil Western lamtm. fil.2.Vfi,7.i:i.
Hons Dull; good lo chulco Yorkers,
t3.fWi8o.7ft: good medium weights, jd.utKi.iid.io
pigs, fJi.00tfi-2i.
Cattlk Receipts, l,7Wi; dull and f,o to lOo
lower: native shipping steers 1.147 to l.tss lbs,
average, IS.Iin.'Ml.tift; .butchers, 7tKI to 1,(IRI lbs.
average, vi.wkico.2d: cows, n.iKKrtt.rm.
Hons Kecciuts. SM): active and strong
Hie hbrhor; heavy fli.B11W1.s6; mixed f.i.r)Ot
5,ar; light fii.&visiuo.
Hhnkh liuceiuts. 144: steady and un
Positive Cure
. 'or every fo,ia"of
KiN axi ' bLood
,t'HUM ,
Pimples to Scrofula.
-TO C KAN8K TH-. BK N, Scalp and Blood of
t licMu .', Sou y, I'tmiily, Clipper Co'ored, hero-'
fu o'iii", Inherited, and Uonlaliius Uuuiors, liluod
Pol-ons Ulcers, Abscesses aud Iufantlle - kin Tor
tures, the Cuticuka ' KM KtlIKH are I ii fa1 1 1 bin.
Cimct'kA Kshoi.vknt, the new Biuud Purifier,
Piur tic. and Aperient, expels disease (lerms from
the nluiid and perspiration, and thus 'uniove he
cause. ( nilnira, the k eat skin Cnrs, instantly
alUys lirhinv and li flauimatlou, chars Ike Vkia
und-iuin, lieal Ulcers and Korea, restore! tl
Complexion, Cutirura Soap, au exqiiieite Skin
it "Hit tl.-r and Toilet Requisite, Is lu'isueurahle
In treutlui; ski i d aestas, aud for rough, chapped,
or ureas) sk n, h'ae.kheads, blotches, and heby
humors. Ciitiiur.i Ituii edie- are the only Infallible
bl oil purine' nd skin heautiflrrs.
Thau Hoi'iurroN, h.m) . lawvur, iH btae Street ,
Ilii'loii. repuriH n cii-c 11 f Suit Itli u 111 under bis
oh i rviitiou fur ten years, which covered the pa
li' Ui ' hudy and limbs, and to which all known
method- of treatment had been applied without
In n II , which was complete! cured solely Br the
C itii.tca i.emediei. le vii g a clean aud healthy
Mr. anu .Mils. Everett mthiibins, Belchers
town, M ., write: "Our Pule b y m terribly
l!lutod w.'h tier fula, Suit fhuuw, ai d Krysipe
las ever ! ce he was hrn, and nnthtn? we could
p-ive in ip.'d him uml we tried ( nticura K' med es,
wlich ::rulual!y lured h m, until be Is as fair ai
any 1 hiM.
il. 1 . Caiii'i s ri: 1, Hi t.dursim, N. Y, cured of
Ps rUH or Li pr my. of t-ieti y years, standing,
by (' iiVur 1 K.'in ilea. The mint woie'erfiil cure
UM' inI A tin -ii'Htifu! of seal 's r im him dally.
I'livs'c h : and li t frle de tlio ;f?ht he murl d .
'tire i.w rn p. b. fnre a J mice nt n e peaw and
Henderson's im,-t i mo I icnt cltlsena
Mh K. 'A ici'ri.n. Oeca ur, III , writes that
h'r fuce, bcul. ami sc Hie. lit t of her body were
a'miwiriw li ud lovrred with scabs ana sores.
Still, r d fi arn'ly and trcd everything Perma-
nei.nv rn en ny me i .iiciira Iternediea from a
kin limn r
S dd 1 v ryirbere 1'rire1 Cutirura. M cents: K
(ilvetit. $1 HI; S v, J5e.-its I'oTTtB LlHCO at
pkhcai. Co , Dust 11,, Mass.
Send fur "How lo (.'ere 5kln Disease."
he (Jreat llal-amie Distillation of
v ilch-Hiizei Amor ifan tViue, Caua-
tiiaii rir, jia 1,'oiu, -Blossom,
For the Irrmcdiate Relief and Permanent Co-eof
ry furm of catarrh, fr rr, a Simula Head fold or
Influruz tothe L')c of Smell, Taste, aud Hearts K,
Cou.'l', Kronrbitts, aid Incipient Consnmptton.
Relief in live mmntcs In any and eTerv csae. Noth
ing like, t l) atefui. fragrant, wholesome Cure
U'ns Irum first application, and is tapie, radical,
pe matient. and never ladii.if . 1
One imttle Radical Cure, one box Ca'harral Bel
vent and sai ford's Inhaler, all in one package,
forming a roTiplete trea'ment, of all druggist- Lr
1 .'s iur .-rtnjunl Ka'iicai ture.. j'unaa
Dat a and CiirwnXL Co.. Boston. ,
Collin's Voltaic Electric Plaa
ter lnsUely afferts ihe Nerv
ous System and bmtshea
I'a n. A Pc f'T-t Eleetrtc Bat
tery e imblned with a Porou
P aster for iti els. I' annihi
lates Pain, vitalizes Weak and
Worn Out Parts, sirei uthena
or a
surrEmii ituvt
11 u M .'tier, UK-vents D se se. ar d does moie la
ne halt the ilnie than any other plaster in the
w rld. bold everywhere.
' . . n n -
II. Steagala & Co., Cairo, 111
DR. C7l .
Electric Appliances art itnt on 30 Dayi' Trial.
WHO are sufTerlne from Nsnvous Paim-nT,
Lost Vitality, Lac or Nanvs Foaca us
Vioon, Wastino Ws knkmsks. and all those dl teases
ot a I'tnioSAI, Natiirb resulilng from Asusia and
Oman Cai.'sss. Htieeily relief and complete re. to
mtlonor HKALTH.t louasnd Manhood OUABAHTBID.
I lie grandest dmeavery of the Nineteenth Century.
S. nd atones tor Illustrated Pamphlet tree. Addrsss
r C J tVt' , OUT OF ORDER.
nJlA Mr. -ntlA1, A . . J-

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