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mm i i inMinw"nn wwiwimHiiirn m
Fnr the Cure of Couchs. Colds
- o w
Hoarseness, i-roncnms.Lroup, lntiu-
enza, Asthma, x nooning cougn, in
cipient Lonsiimption anu lor me rc-licfofconsumptivc.croi)sinailyan-cecl
stages of the Disease, l or Sale
In' all Druirdsts. Price, 25 Cents.
Health and Jappiness.
(Fecu? ? HAVE DONE.
Are your Kidneys disordered?
wen. After 1 bill lvn n ur lv l.i t st iliNirtE
Detroit." AL (V. Kveruiu, Jdtvhauu:, luuia, ILicli.
r-.ftftri was n. t -xp rM loinr. - Jim. ji. a.
OovdwiOjta, c'Anliun MHitor Clcvtlaud, U.
Have rou Briffht's Disease?
"M'!ney M.-.rt rnreo me it-n my water waajuat
Fran Wiiion, Peabody, Ma.
Rufferini? from Diabetes?
Ti ln..T.W,.r! i.it7io in, xt Mli'..sfu 1 ri-tlll-'lv I have
ever UJtu. Vtves al lU'1-.i inwnei.mte rui.
lr. I u.ii:p c. iuyu, .uniitum, i .
Have you Liver Complaint?
"Kiday-irt ctm-d me i J chruiuo Livr l)iiises
after 1 prated to d-.o.' n .
Ilvary Wim, ute c 1. Ci'.a at. uuaru, i.
Is your Back lame and aching?
Lame I tad to mil u'it of i-d."
C. ii. l.U.UulfcV , Ji.iWlUltl-e, "IS.
Have you Kidney Disease?
"Kt.ln.-y-W -t mart" me u;i ; inlir-r ami ki'ln.ys
$10 a box. bam 1 iioU'-, W.Luujiown, West Va.
Ar ,.f s-irui i -t.-nn..-. it worm
Are you Constipated?
OrMiw-Wort i-aues t-a.-v eva. untioris and cured
me after 14 j--ar u- if i-'hr in-'li ae "
Xl.-oa I- i.ici.uJ, si. AlUrnj, t.
Have you Malaria?
KMa-y-Uoit r..w w U-ttrr i.on any ether
1 tare ever u. 1 in 7 rra
vi . 1 K. L aouia iiQru, t k
Are you .Bilious t
.iJfiB.V: hta .l-.nn.A m..lv i?'xA than any
other reuievly 1 h in- ever tnki-n."
Sir. J. 1. ijailuvitt, IU t lai. iin-gon.
Are you tormented with Piles?
pil.;4. Iir. "'.('. Ki.im rc'i iiiniciilMl It torn- '
Uea U. Hurst, Cashier M. iiunk, M vemown, Ta.
Are you Rheumatism racked?
Kidii'-y-Wott i-un 'l in" n(!er I win t-iv.-n up to
din by pl.Vilt'ian" ,'iml 1 li i'l utr- n l thirty ir."
J.ilindB-e M ilculiu, Wt-l bath, Maine,
Ladies, are you sufferincr?
iyirt... v.W(.ft mred inn t.f I'.-euliiir tr--ui'h of
defend Vcari.tnnitiHLr. Many frletnU line and prnle
11," Alrb. 11. UllUOreUUX, lle Ul Jlofcle, I b.
If you "would Banish Disease
2 ii..-'--.9
The Blood cleanser.
1111 I V Mill til J M ii 1M WilfitWM
EC-generation for Enfceliled Sytcms,
PufferiDK from a ei.'Ctal want of tone, and !tn
Ufual cuucoioilantr. dv(t Mie a nnd DtrviiticneBs.
if feldom dcrivalilc from the tKe el a notiridiii i;
diet and Ptilinnli of appr-tite, unaided. A mrdl
cine that will enVct a reitinvu! of ih: ppec'.flr. ohitta
cle tu renfwml hi-aith and vlijor. that li iri-nulne
co-rtctlve. Is the r al m-ed. It i the Donenlnn
of tlil trand requirement wh'rh luake Hofte'ter'!"
e-tmacn nut r to eihctive an au lnvl!rant.
ror raie hj all aru. im and dealer neutrally.
Vflo want glossy, lnxnriaut
and wavy trosscsof abuiidant,
licatilil'ul Jlair must use
clcaut, cheap article always
makes the Hair stow IVecly
and fast, keeps it from falling
out, arrests and cures stray
iiess. removes dandruff ami
itchins, makes the Hair
strong, giving it a curling
tendency and keeping it in
til'ul, healthy Hair is the stiro
......14. .....! I.' 41.
o eur
K0 fAt!
tlMliml IM3i, If nil lii.tlb all I'll
N'l. l;j hnVI It t I.AHK hi.. IllCftl-l!
vbI.. Nvrvuu., Ciimulc tel hi.. Ul 'h
kta.Hirmit'rlerft. Imtt.le y'Keiu.l
lnriitr I, Ki-mi ni...e., nr.
nll.ti.iD lwi.'.i!lT. f'f l'f I' llT fie
iir K'.n i. H' airily phyil'-Uli la ll
ell, li.at wftrr.nl rum fir ncitiir. tM
wt UlUtaVa Iwvk . vtw jmwi-i mi ii-uuui, ii uau.
1 g,"
The Dailv Bulletin.
Dh yitiio j ear liy carrier $1.1 Ur
CJil per cul. illacoiini II paid In advance.)
Dally, oue year by mail 1 0
Dnllv, one ninntb .. I "
Dally, one week ''C
I'u'l)ltried efi-ry morning (Momlii) exrepteili
Weekly, one year - "',
Wmkly, miittlh" 1
I'uhlUbedeverv Monday nion.
Urriabaof live or more lor Weekly Ilu'lt tlu at
one time, per yeur, Jl.N). IVii;o iu ull cut-c
prepaid .
All Coniraunlcatioin should be aildreseed to
E. A. BL KNKT1'.
Publisher and Trourletor.
"la .ni ( r i i r vi's ca a:i:i.
AVtuili $l;l,-'H0,00) VVlu-n Killi-tl-Hiiniiin
a llo( kutli' to Supply
Kussia AVlili l'uwtlor.
Mr. Lnmniut Duiumt, who was killed
on Saturdiiy by tiio explosion nt
'l'lioinpson's point, i.s s:tid to luivo lift'ii
worth $13.UA,000. Ho liati a controll
ing iutercit in the mtntifafturo of
ni'iirly all tlio hirh explosives that were
mailt;' in the United Slates and Canada
cast (f the Uoeky mountains. Ten
million pounds of these materials weru
consumed in the country iu lS.S'- the
Hepauno company's works at Tlionip-r-on's
jioint produeinir one-third of this
f.niount. Ho is creditetl with having
organized a combination of all the
makers of hL'h exjilosives. When
jieirctiatin,' with the runauia Canal
company for the powder to he used in
that' work lie jruaranteed to supply
twelve tuns of Atlas powder daily if
that nuiotmt were needed.
Oue of the most daring achieve
ments recorded in the history of the
present century is oue of which he was
the central ligure. During the Cri
mean war the Russian government ran
short of powder, and the explosive was
required to continue the defense if
Sevastopol. A cargo was purchased
from theDuponts iu this country, and
was placed in a steamship lying oil' 15al
timoro. The British hail frigates post
ed in wailing outside the Chesapeake.
Alter seven "feints the watchers were
eluded and a chase begun across the
Atlantic, through Gibraltar and up the
Mediterranean sea. With remarkable
good fortune the vessel passed through
the Dosplwrus and into the Black sea
unchecked; but when Hearing the
place of contention the English war
ships hailed the stranger.
Youn iHipont was at the helm him
self, and insisted that the vessel pro
ceed, not beetling the signals from the
warships. Two broadsides were tired
into the vessel, but she was able to
steam ahead and steer through the
rocks find was beached insitiij the
Russian lines. This daring adventure
saved the cargo, for which the Russian
government paid the sum of $3,000,000.
Throughout the civil war the family
rendered distinguished services to the
government, and at the very beginning
of the rebellion Mr. Lamruot Uupout
was placed in a position by which,
through his energy mid genius, the
country was supplied with the means
of defense for the ensuing conllict.
When it became evident that the re
bellion was not to be suppressed iu a
single campaign tho government began
to consider what means it had for sup
plying powder to the vast armies to be
put in the field. Mr. JJupont was
called to Washington to consult with
tho president, and his estimates fairly
startled tho cabinet by revealing to
them a great danger ahead in the
highly probable exhaustion of tho sup
ply of saltpeter.
iruin hugland alone could the re
quisite amount be obtained, and Mr.
Uupout sailed for Liverpool with the
necessary credentials, personal and
hnancial, ami matte Ins way with all
speed to London. There he nt once
applied to reabody and the Barings
(then hnancial representatives of the
United States in London), but encount
ered many obstacles, attributable to
the timidity of the secretary of the
treasury, who, after promising an
ample supply of funds, had failed to
make good all his engagements, in
this emergency the patriotic enoy con
cluded, on the responsibility of his own
house, nn arrangement with Brown
Brothers & Co. which placed at his
command a sullieient sum. But tho
greatest difficulty was yet to be en
countered, for Earl Russell's govern
ment refused to allow Great Britain
to bf deprived of so much saltpeter,
and Mr. Lhipout returned to America.
Another consultation of the cabinet
was called, and, when all were be
wildered by the difficulties of the
situation, Mr. Dapont made the sug
gestion that, in the event of another
refusal, tho American minister should
bo instructed to demand his passports.
and close the embassy, this, it was
understood, was to be" stated merely
as an alternative, for its moral ctlect,
without any immediate intention of
putting the threat into execution.
President Lincoln accepted the sugges
tion, ami Mr. liupont, returning to
Migltuid, had an interview with tlie
prime minister, who, on learning the
danger of an intenuntion of diplomatic
relations, l.e-r'i;d Mr. Duixmt to for
bear communicating with Mr. Adams
for a dav, and next morning called
upon him at his hotel to tell him that
the council had been communicated
withby telegraph, anil the con-enl of
the government obtained to the export
of the saltpeter. A number of - .-"Is
were at once loaded, ami fortunately
got away with their cargoes the very
night of the arrival of th" news of the
capture of Mason and S i It'll. Tim
premier on hearing that the vessel had
sailed expressed his satisfaction and
privately assured Mr. lluoont that he
was at liberty to stale coniideniially to
Mr. Lincoln that scarcely for any cause
would England at that pi rio 1 go to war
with America. l'liuwU ii'i a It l-ra,
It is said that the chestnut is fast ba
coming athing of the past, mid a med
ical authority claims that l!s disappear
ance is a lixetl process of evolution. It
says: "lhe chestnut tree is going,
just as all trees of a spongy inferior
liber must go beLj-n sti di stout, (dose-
(ibered trees as iloak. Iii ice-histor
ic times the earth was covered with a
rnnk, quick growth that yielded as the
ages Went on to the eoinuac'er itiiil
stouter trees. It is in tho operation of
tho same law that the cues' nut is
l!u IVciillur Maiux TH and Cunio.ii i
of I lie People.
Some portions of Virginia are s'liiit ii
from the great world by a .succession of
mountain ranges, says a Rutland, M l.,
correspondent of the New York Sun.
The inhabitants of these nooks have pe
culiar manners and customs. They
see nothing nntl honr little of what is
going on beyond tho mountain ranges.
In the summer and fall of 1882 I was
one of a corps of engineors engaged in
the construction of tho New River Rail
road. It is a branch of the Norfolk &
Western Railroad, running through
Giles county, Virginia, and Mercer
county, West Virginia. We were in
one of the most retired sections of these
states. With tho natives timo has no
value whatever. Nothing is done to
day that can be put off until to-morrow.
With few exceptions they lead a shift
less sort of a life, in which thoy are as
iiieradicably born as in original sin.
Many amusing incidents occurred iu
our sojourn there. A native of. bright
er mind than his associates told me
that when the first wagon appeared in
that country its driver was troubled by
a number of men who kept dodging in
nnd out of tho bushes on each side of
the road, and watching tho wagon with
great interest. Ho finally stopped his
horse and demanded an explanation.
They replied that they had never seen
a wagon before, and that they wanted
to see when tho hind wheels would
catch up with tho fore wheels. The
same man told nio the story of a boy
who hail never seen a biscuit. When
one was given to him he turned it
over and over, and finally said that he
was going to put a coal of fire on the
dumb thing's back to make it poke its
head out.
On one rainy day, unfit for field
duty, we all stayed hi camp. A bridge
on which the track had been laid
fronted the cam). It had just been
built over East River. Two men and a
dog were approaching it on the oji
posite side of tho stream. On reach
ing the abutment they hesitated a mo
ment. Then ouo of them boldly took
the stringpiece. The swift running
water dazed him, aud, turning to his
companion, he shouted: "Down, Jim,
down!'' Suiting tho action to the
word, he dropped on his hands and
knees, and crawled vigorously toward
the opposite shore. His comrade fol
lowed, but tho old dog walked along
quietly and serenely, amid a roar of
laughter from the camp, without turn
ing to the right or left. Tho string
piece was so broad that a child miglit
have walked over in safety.
Asitle from some old follows who
had been in tho array, none of the
natives had ever seen a railroad. Even
the veterans regarded the cars with an
awe akin to that of tho old negro
when he saw his first steamboat.
When the construction trains began to
run the inhabitants of dwellings near
the road displayed an extraordinary
interest. Each family was strung on
tho fence in front of its rude abode,
eagerly awaiting the advent of tho iron
horse. If a father had not enough
children of his own ho borrowed
enough from his neighbor to make an
imposing spectacle, i'he shrill whistle
of a locomotive brought men, women
ami children of all ages, s.zes, shapes
and condition down from tho moun
tains. One evening a bevy of rustic
beauties were standing near tho track,
with eyes distended und mouths agape, I
watching a train in silent wonder.
Suddenly thero was a sharp whistle J
from the locomotive. A girl jumped in
the air as though she had been shot. It
was a long time before she recovered
sufficiently to express her astonishment.
On another occasion two men saw a
train. One of them said: "There she
comes, but ain't she a beauty?"
His companion renlied: "Ah, if I
only had my good coat, wouldn't 1 fo
oil on her, though.'
One day a special train cam in" the
president of the road aud other officials
came down on a tour of inspection. A
party of natives thought it would be a
glorious thing to ride on the palace car.
They waited near the track, not doubt
ing "that the train would stop for them
wnen signaled, n sped pa,t them de
spite a vigorous waving of red handker
chiefs and loud cries of "Hold on.
thar!" The party was terribly disap
pointed at the lack of courtesy shown
by the railroad officials.
Teaching Animals to Converse.
II. Stuart Wortley w liti s as follows
to Mature: A ttog of mine knows in
stantly whether he may go out with my
nouseueeper or not, rocording to
w hether sho wears her bat or her"bon
net. In tho first instance he knows
she is going where he may eo. and ho
is on ins leei naming With y,v HS soon
as she appears. If she l a, thr. bonnet
on, ho knows it to be cluiit h. or a visit
toirienus in ine country, where he can
not go, and, like the "eldest ovster" fl
quote from memory), ). winks his
eye, and shakes his" henry head." If
drawings of hat and bonnet were made,
he would know them at once.
Some years since I had a remark
ably clever Syke terrier, whose wisdom
was at the time shown in a letter to tho
Vi'mts. IhisdogI taught as follows
When I went out it was quit,, sufficient
to say "Yes" or "No" in un ordinary
tone; but wanting to take him beyond
uiai, i taught, in m very otiicklv to
know the two words when minted on
cards, )b or NO, and after a few
weeks teaching hu never mistook
them. I have no time now fur much
teaching; if I had, I am sure it could
be tloue with tho dog I now have.
J ho inti lligi'iiee i,f (.;.., ; o-reatlv
underrated. My wife's favorite cat
follows her everywhere, and comes
when called wherever shu mv be,
Cats, too, are very grateful for kind
ness. N hen 1 went into tho Malaklioff.
I found a cat on whose paw a bayonet
had fallen and pinned it to tho wound.
I released it and took it home, nnd it
always folio wed mo all over camp till
the end of the war. And this eat did
as follows: I took lu r to a doctor of
the nearest regiment for two mornings
to have her foot dressed. Tho third
morning I was away on duty before
daylight, and the cat went herself to
tho doctor s tent, scratching the can
vas to bo let in, and then held up her
paw to b( doctored. Tho intelligence
that can be developed in nluiosi, any
animal depends on our treatment of it.
Tho Older lllcMi It fly.
Prof. Tyndall ne.iy. reii h's third
royal institution lecture on "Tho Older
Electricity, its phenomena and investi
gators," "before a mil theater. Ho
began with some supp'emeniarv re
marks and experiment i..us::ativo of
induction, on which Epinus, as ho
showed, had shed a good deal of light.
It was next demonstrated that tho
charir of a conductor depended upon
Us surface, and not upon its weight.
Mouuier proved this. Ho found that an
anvil weighing 200 pounds gave a
smaller spark than n speaking-trumpet
weighing 10 pounds. Lo Roi nnd
D'Aixy observed that a hoi low sphere
accepted tho same charge when empty
as when tilled with mercury.
Tho lecturer illustrated the perfect
efficiency of a hollow conductor by tho
experiment of suspending a hat from
silk strings. Electricity was poured
into tho hat, but produced no cilect on
tho electroscope, the two gold leaves
of which, however, Hew asunder the
momeut the nap of tho hat was elec
trified, proving that all tho chargo was
distributed upon tho surface. Ho re
peated also the demonstration devised
by Franklin, who placed a long metal
lic chain in a silver teapot, which ho
oleetrilied. Then connecting tho tea
pot with an electroscopo ho produced
divergence, knit on lifting the chain by
a silk string tho electricity spread in
part over tho outside of the chain, and
the divergence was very sensibly di
minished. Faraday built himself a chamber of
laths covered with paper and wire
gauze, nnd suspended it by silk ropes.
Within this chamber no trace of elec
tricity could bo detectetl, while from its
outside edges and corners tho electrici
ty streamed vehemently into tho air.
The importance of tho electric action
of points, as illustrated experimentally
by Franklin, who afterward turned
that action into such momentous ac
count in his invention of tho lightning
conductor, was next adverted to.
The lecturer retraced the Ameri
can philosopher's reasoning, and justi
fied his deductions by corroborative
demonstrations, pointing triumphantly
to tho electroscopo charged with a
point. The fluid passed through his
own electrified body, through the
necdlo he held in his liand, nnd out at
tho steel point swift ns lightning to
tho delicate index of action. Of course,
as tho live conductor, he was standing
on tho iusulating glass-legged stool.
His electrical condition was plainly
enough 6hown by tho paper thongs,
yards apart, of tho mimic whip in con
nection. Then, as he stooped down
from the stool, they fell flabbily
enough, thus demonstrating the instan
taneous discharge of electricity by a
point There followed the electrifica
tion of tho air in tho theater by a
The electricity was next carried oft
at a point through tho discharging
power of llame. Prof. Tyndall hero
remarked that by the discharge of
electricity from a surrounding point tho
air became electrified; it became as a
consequence self-repelled, that a per
ceptible "wind" was felt when the
hand was brought near a point whenco
tho electricity thus issued. It was ou
this principal Hamilton founded his
electric mill, which the lecturer forth
with showed iu action. A prettv ex
periment which followed was often
performed by Faraday. It was the
fusion of sealing-wax under tho action
of electricity, which caused it to shoot
forth in lorg filaments of extreme del
icacy and beauty. London Times.
A Genuine Romance.
Miss Fannio G. l'ortrr, daughter of
Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, Postmistress at
Russolville. Kv., was married at Ocala,
la., to Mr. Clem Dickey, of Colorado,
formerly of Glasgow, Ky. Miss Porter
is exceedingly popular in Kentucky,
where her many splendid qualities aro
known and appreciated. Numerous
congratulations have been sent to the
young couple from their friends here.
1 here is quito a romance in iuiss
Porter's life which, as it never has been
published, will be read with interest.
Uver a year ago, late in the evening,
she was walking with some lady friends
here when an old, gray-haired, ragged
tramp approached the party. Iter
companions screamed an I ran away,
but sho walked leisurely along and re
turned his salutation. lhe next day
aud for several days afterward, he took
a position in front of the pontofhen und
spent hours watching her. Finally he
came to a window where she w as writing
and spoke to her. She responded pleas
antly, and, taking courage from her
courtesy, tho old man asked her name.
"Please write it out for me," he added.
Sho did so, and he placed the sheet of
paper away in his pocket, "You aro
a good girl, and a mighty pretty one,
too," tho old man continued, "and I
like you. Don't you know that you'ro
tho only person that has treated mo
with kindness for years. They say I
am old and crazy, but don't you believe
'em. 1 nave got lots of money, and l
am going to leavo it all to you."
Miss Porter's mother coming in at this
point, he repeated his remarks to her,
and shaking hands with both the ladies
Timo passed on, the old follow hail
disappeared and no oue thought about
him. A few months ago tho Sheriff of
this county received a letter from
certain town in Kentucky, which relat
ed that a tramp was found dying in tho
woods near there; that he hail been ta
ken in and eared for; that a letter was
found In his pocket which explained
that money sullieient to pay his doctor
bill and burial expenses would Lo
found hid away in his clothes. The
sheet of paper containing Miss Porter's
name was also found, and with it in
structions to send all tho papers to her;
also that ho had so many thousand dol
lars in a bank in Tennessee, naming
the town and bank, and that it was
his wish that Miss Porter should accept
it. Tho papers wero sent to Miss Por
ter and were turned over by her to two
prominent attorneys of this city, who
arc now engaged in looking into the
matter. Mis Porter a short while ago
received a letter offering her $3,000 for
her interest in tho old man s estate
sho would forfeit all claim to it. Tho
offer was not accepted, and so tho affair
rests for the present.
Her countless friends throughout
this entire section wish her infiuite suc
cess iu both her romances. Courier
13, 1884.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbaoo. Backache, Headache, Toothache,
More Tti rout, ftwrllliiica. Nprnlna, llrulnra,
111 run. Si-nliU. t'l iinl llllra.
AND AU, til licit IliiliM.V lAI.S AMI Al H KM.
Sold b brutfKiitl and lli-ftler, rvwrivr. iri Count butUt.
hir-ti..u la II l.UKiHKt-i.
TIIK. II Altl.KM A. VOtil I 1 11 CO.
(Kikhmvii i. A. uui.u.u A co j finliiuun, lit., C. B. A.
ThU porou oltwtor Ii
klMnluU ly the beil errr
made, cumbiuiiiir tho
yirtuoi tf holm with
mm., I, !.,., ....
tractH. Ita power b wonderful in curing dUie whore
uiui-r inn.nr Miuiuy ri-uere. t'rlrlr, lu the Hark and
Nwk, I'ain In tho Si !. or Limbs, Stiff Joints and Uuneh i,
kiilm-y Troubles, Uhi-umatlstn, Neurah-ia, Hnro Client.
AlieetioiM ci( the Heart and Liver, antlail loins or aeh't-I
In any part cured luntautiy by the ll' p J-later jr Try
it. i neu&j retiu or llvo lor tl.uu.
Mail, don reciiitof jirioo. SulJ by
all dru:-'-'l-'s and cuuntry aluix-a.
U 1 'latrr Oimjainv,
rroprivton, Uostjii, Haas.
t jrl'nr cou-tiimtinii. hiiw of a'p t.iuuml :i.-tiaa.-suf the
Viwi l. titer- ln-"T's S'nmrh n-nl l.lvi rlMt.. t'ecntn.
Mutual Life & Accident
Organized December, 11183, Uiuler the
Law of 18IJ3.
Scccjorto Widow anil Orphan" Mum-il A d So
ciety, organized July h, IS. 7, uudcr
the lawn of
.... Vice I'rtnlilent
Trein'.in I
..Medical Adviser
Wm. Strnttnn, Stratton liird. cruvr". Cairn. I!).,
A. doidotine, ollioldntliiu liufeimater, bole-
ale ami retail dry good;!'. W. Punnlrm. XI. I.;
Prei. lid. Med Kx.. for I'l-nxion; Albert Lewis.
commipidou merdinm; J. II. Kuliltiriiin, county
udL-e an notary public; XX m. V. Pitcher, com.
broker and ln.urauce a?ent; K. II linl'd, cut
tUreet supervisor; SI. 1'b ill n. cirptnter aud build
er; i bomaii l.ewln, attoriii'v ami necri tarT ; r...
H:erce.attoriie-At law. nuunoin lll.;h. C. race
ranhler of l etitenuial Bans. Ahley, III. ; Albert
llayden. canhl'-r of Georise ( onne ly A Co., sprlnir-
field. I 1 ; B. St Muun, attorney-at-law. 1M HaJ
dolph street. CblrriL'o; Hon. liobt. A. Hatcher, at-tornev-at-law,
('harleMon, Slo.; II. I.cifjhton,
cashier First National Bank, Stuart. Iowa.
! Al K
Commission Mercnanls,
Ert IS
Ft OUR, NIUi'N .:i u
V roprtflfor
Egyptian Flouring : ills
iirh8t C.-j-h Priep phi fnr Win at.
-n V
IL Stcngah &. Co,, Cairo. Ill
ok 1 hi-: hi'm . mmy hM.Am,,:i, ii:vri,
fTlfrlD, SI HI N,1 HKNMV' Y.w.. inn uit.-r."tiri.T
U'lvn ii iii. nt inn m nut in r. In rryly u in
gum xx.' x nl r-.y, t h,,( 1 h r1 n irn-x ulnm- n lni'ii
Vitt 'ihom ThH. On Hit' rnmrary, t Ii i nl vi'rt'"V" fir"
Viry hiL'My iinlMr-nl. lnHTvMri p'Tnrn in ji v 'k
f'.'tli'il i-if'ii.-ir L-iMiif nil pnrtii-nl;irs ), mLli "-m)i
Eiui: Mi'iiii -, i. r..., iiuiI.lIm, S.V.-f J.X.,, .., It.
IN? Jm 5tf?
i . i
-CAb .o.rNff iAlAA
Shortest and Quickest Route
St. Louis and Chicago.
The Oniv Lino Htuitimu
roin Cairo,
Ma kino Diukct Connection
win i
Thaim I. is i nr. C'titw:
'::.") h in. Mull.
Arrlvihj; iu St. Lonis !. tu i..n. , c'h.; .:,
Cmitii-ctlnif at (!;:, Rnlui'iiam for i'-i.Hi
bail. I.oiiuville, luiiiuiiUtii.il ui.ii p iiuts Kuti.
lii:rj."j p. in. I-'aat fr. Louis and
X'-MlMIl I'Xplt'HH.
Arrlvinif Iii St I or, tf: n p. m., and couuiclliu
lor all point Went.
p. in. P'iiHt Kxprt-HH.
Kur s't. l.onig and I'hirairn. arriving at St. L'iul
l'Ki: p. m,. and t'hican ', :au a. ui.
'i 45 i,.m Cmoiimiiti JOxivmh.
Airlviiiu at Cincinnati 7:0 a. m.; Louisville if :!
a. m ; innim:apo 1" I. eft a in. Pa-et,jer h
thin tram rem h the al vc points i Ui to ,'JiJ
hotlCs 'ii ailvai.ee of any other ruiite.
- - ii.i i li. i, 1 .A .1
StiKKI'l.N'l) 1'AH (ri. in t u rn t.. I I,, !,, H
J Tl... 3"r A m ..v......... I.. r I -1 i i t
out etian 'e. and thriiii-b .li-muir t.. m I ..ni
and Chicago.
Fast Timo Kust.
caused h btinday interveninc. The Saturday al:et
iiii'u umii lunui uiriittrfiiefllliutiw 1 one .lii.liday
Doming at u:.Vj. Thirty-six hours In advtnceol
nt other mute,
KT"Kor throiich ticket and further inforiuatlou
il plyat Illinois Central kallroad IK-pnt, Cairo.
J. U. JONES, Ticitet A;-ri
A. H. DASSON. (ien. Paa. Aiteht. thlraeo
Trains depart. Train
tSlail -i-.itn.n,. I tSlnll
Kipn-s 3:4') p. ru. ItKiprtss
arr .
.4:' .' a. m.
11 4', a. m.
Is; Louis Ix U'.S i). m. I t.St Louis Ex
v; : 15 p. in.
1:10 a. m.
11 :loa.m.
.11 p.m.
i:W p.m.
I. c. K. K (Southern Divisn
t SI all
Kx p'ess
Stall Et..
AcCoin ....
....1:45 a.ra I N. O. Kx ..
,...lii: am. tS. U. Kx. ..
...3 45 p.m. I tN. O. K...
fcT. L. A I. M. It. It.
,.10::iO p.m. Kxprers
W., ST. L. A P. R. H.
....4.10a. m. I 'Mall A Ex..
,. 4:l p.m. I 'Accom
....'rAb a.m. I Frettht
10: n a.m.
ti 4'i p.ra
MHI11I.E & OHIO H. It.
Mail ..- R:55a.m. .Mall
Dully except SuBdav. t ilallv.
0:h) p.m
aliltlVAL AND
I Dep'r
I fin PC
:l p. to
ti p. m.
tip. m.
ft p. m
M p. m.
6 a. m.
:30 am
p. m.
Arr at
P. O.
K (throufb lock mail). !t a. m.
I. C. K.
..HMtia m
" (way mail) 4 :10p.m.
" (Southern Dlv. !S p. m.
Iron Mountain H it p.m.
XXahanh K H I'l p. m.
Texus & St. Louis K. H 7 p. m. I
ht. Louis A Cairo K. K 5 p. m.
Ohio Kivcr i p. m.
Mis hiver arrives Wed . Sat. A Slon,
" depart Wed., Frl
P O. cer del. op n from
P.O. box del. 0Pv.r Irom
Sunday get. del. open Irom.
gnndav box del. open from
tfyS'OTK.-Chanam wiil
& San.
. .7:3nin to7:21 pm
..6 a. m. to U p. m.
. .S a. in. to M a. ni.
,.a. in. to li: an?
be published from
time to time Id city paper Chatit'c vonr cards i
cordlngly. WM. i. MOHf'UV. P. St
Chatit'c vonr cards ac
Electric Appliance! art tent on 30 Dayi' Trial,
"tTTHO re jnitft-rinK from NiRrors Dkmutt,
Lost Vitamtt. Lack ur Xtnv Foim k ako
ViiioR. WjisTUftj V BAKNKfKH, htnj nil t.ior diiwaiM i
of a 1'kr.so.sal Nattuii r-Mlttnf from ABCiKfi ni
othkk t'jiOiw. fifwJy rtlti'f an'l com plot reuto
Mtiun'if (iKAi.Tn.v NoRnti'l Manhood ci carantkkd,
I tie intfiUfst iliH4Mrry of the Ninotpcntb Ontury.
b.;:.cl at uiit.-o fur IllUjlraWd I'ampliJet tnv, AdilieM
85 S, Clark St., Opp. Court House, CHICAGO.
A rornlsrirradiiste. jy-ThiOldt-t Sierlallt
In the United Status, whuie I II K i.oxi. KM tltiKSi K,
perfiirt iiiMthod and puro nicdicine insitre mkkiy
and I'KltM isknt ci'ltKH of all 1'nvatn. Chronic and
Nitvoiih l)miiitK4iK. Altui-tioriHof the lllooil, Mkln,
kidney, llluilde.-, I'.rtipllona, I li-rr, 411,1
fcores, stuilllnu f llio C.laiul,.Sne Month,
Tlirimt, Itonu l'alna, ppriu.-iiieiitty cured and
eradicated from tho sy&u-in iut life.
II CD V fill 0 li)nlfnni.Hrtninal
II Ell I U U O LotMiH, ttijcmil hi ru ,M rnttll
and J'iiIcnt HWi.-nr, I'mling Slmwrij,
Wrali J.ijia, Stiuitt il lhtt'lopment, Jmju ili
inriils to MarrUttjr, He, from crcrsses or any
causr, spredilji, tuifrhj mill Jirlratrty Currd.
BJ-Yonliir, Middle-Ac'l and Old mnn, and ail
who need inedicul skill mid experience, cnn&ult
Dr. Ilato at onco. His opinion coi-t- nut limp, nnd may
save future ntinery and idianie. Wlion inconvenient
to vini t tli o city lur ti-eatiiient, midiein'-i can lis sent
everywhere by ui.-iil or extiruns IVeu fr.iin ohner
Tiilloo, x U H H' lf-i'Hili ill Hint a jihyiicinn who
pivi'S Ins wlnilo nttentinn to a clans of diseases nt
tulns ureal l.lll,and pbysii'iiinslhroiichotit tho
country, kniiwii-r this, fnniinntlvri-com mend difficult
cases to lite Olilt-Ht Nc-'lall-t, by whom every
known goad remedy is us,'d. aj-lir. Bate'
Ave and Cxpcriroee mnVo his opinion of n
preme Ini-Mit iiiiici-, it -Thosn who call so no
one but tho Doctor. I'onsultationsfreeantlaiieredly
conlldi-ntlol. Caitpswlitrli hnvsfnilod inobtnimn'n
rebel elsewhere, esM"cially stilirited. Keninln Dis
eases trented. Call nr write. Honrs, from U to 4
41 to Sitnilnys. lO to 19, CUIOK lo iltALlu
HE.NT 1'ltEK. Addrcos as abovo.
Whns debility, exhnnnled
owe.-a, preuiHttne di-eay
and fnilura to perform IIIV
duties properly are caused by
ejees-ea. errors of youth, etc.,
i will tituf a n..rfi..f ,.! I..uil.,rt
restoration to robimt henlih
nnd vlirorotis nmnhiioil in
iSeiilier siiianii'li druityuiii nor
lo-iriiiiii'iiis. i niHireiitinunt ol
NervniiM Itehlllty and
fir RATE
M sa ii e ii ti
f . nj'inii aii-ei.y isunitnriniy
vncecssful because biised on pert'ert dinirnosis,
new l. nd direct methods and absolute thor
otiahneas. Kill I information and Treatise free.
Address Consulting Physieian of
MARSTON REMEDYC0.,46W.14lhSt., New York,

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