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NO. 164,
long enoagh ran riot In the himu
7 (tern.
they have tormented the human family and
defied the medical faculty ; from Ume out of memoir
they tiav corrupted the blood, deiuorallaed the Join U,
vexed the nervea, atroulzed the amuck, and nuked
the brain with wearying pain.
"Ann)PH0Rosn la the enemy of Rheumo
Ham and Neuralgia, repair, their linum renews
the blood, eaae. the joints, oalma the nerve., oolhi
Uio mtuclea, lire, rent and peace to the trouble!
brain, and em una deUghtf ul sleep.
" ATHboraoBOS" Is a new remedy, but It baa
boon abundantly tried. From far and near com tos
timoolal from well-known peraom who had long
been nifferera It ha turned their disease, out It
hu cured them. That 1 all, and that la enough.
" Athlophoboh" can do for you what
It has dono for those Buficrcra. It can
drive out your Rheumatism and Neuralgia,
and will do bo if you give it a fair trial
" ArHLoraoBos " has by this time had Buch a
good trial all over the country that It. true work 1
known, and 1U true character proved.
"ATHtOFHoaos" means 'Prize-Bearer;"
Victor ; " " Conqueror." It Carrie off the prize a
Tirroa over the attack! of theae terrible maladlea,
and Coxqubbob of the frightful agouie. their via
tlm have endured. Not a mere temporary relief,
but a permanent, enduring, and triumphant cure.
If you cannot get Atbxophokos of your drug
gist, we will Bend It express paid, on receipt of
n-gular price-one dollar per bottla We prefer
that you buy it from your druggist, but if he
tiasnt It, do not be persuaded to try BomeUilng
else, but order at once from us as directed,
miimiiniiiiim 9 . miitimiiimiiii
lip smoking u th real tet of a tobacco.
It la the mtral way of smoking. You yet
more directly at the flavor and fragrance.
You take the unoke cooler, and the tonic
cleanlier and aafer. Pipe auokinc is
smoking reduced to a fine art
The mora the question of adulterated
tobacco fore It if on th attention of
smoker, th more deairabla It beoomea
to know precisely what you are smoking.
In BlackweU'i Bull Durham Bmoking To
bacco you have aguaranteo.
i always, inat is ture's
JL I own unadulterated product
w I IU fratrranra, flavor, and
I nnurraxdq,uality,arede-
nved rrom the soil and air.
Trylt, and you will be tat.
itAmt ajue genuine with
out trade-mark of the Bull
All iUoceaBful FUhermen and Sport
men amoke BlaekweU's Bull Ihiruam
BinUung Tobacco, and tht-y etjoy it
No. 101 Commercial Ave.,
Sole Agent foi the Celebrated
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Tie, Copper and Sheet Iron Work,
Bulldfr' Hardware and Oa-pentcr' Tooln.Taft'e
and I'ocket Cutlery, bent in th market. Kogor.
Bros.' I'lated Knives, Fork anu Spoons, Granite
Iron Ware. Berlin Kartbenware, vVhitP Mountain
Preescr, Water Coolers, Refrigerators, Clothe
Wringers, Crown Fluter-". Step Ladder. Garden
Implement, Golden Star Oil 8tove- best in the
world, Lumps of every description. Elsiu Oil,
Carii. t Sweepers, Feather Dusters. Brooms, Win
dow Screen Wire Cloth, Full supply ol Fishing
The above rock bottom price".
Corner K'tb and Commercial Avenue, Cairo, 111.
Telephone No. 12.
Illinois Central R. R.
Train will leave Cairo :15 . M., and arriving
1b Chicago tt:30 f. M. or the tamo day. rare to
Chicago and return,
The inmmor running meeting of th. Chicago
Drlvlnir Park wi 1 b bald June 20 tb to 28th In
clusive, presenting unusual attraction to those
Interested. Every one mourn taie tni opporiu
nl tn 1 alt Phtracrn
air-Ticket are good to return on a.y through
train leaving Chicago up to and including the
venlng train or Monday, juiy Tin.
K. T. JEKFBKY, Gen. 8npt.
J. K. MUHHY, Gen. Western Pail Agt
A. H. UANBON, Gen. PaBi Agt.
Mrs. Emily Bowers,
No. 30 8th St., Cairo, 111.
aTOrrl Stock and PrUei Reasonable.,!
The Woman Who Robbed a
Faithful Wife of a Bad
And Learned Too Late the Nature of
the Brute She Had
Sues for Divorce From General John Mc
Donald, the Whisky Ring Peni
tentiary Bird.
St. Louis, Mo., Juno 16. General
Johu McDonald, who became notorious
iu St. Louis through the whisky ring
trials In lbC, again returns to notrk-ty
through a proceeding of his second wife,
Mury F. McDouald, lor divorce. She has
filed a suit la the Common l'leas Court,
Cincinnati, alleging extreme cruelty.
McDonald had a similar experience
previously as a married man. At the
time of his trial in 187C he was
married to an estimable lady living at
Green Hay, Wis. She procured a divorce
shortly afterward at La Crosse, Wis.,
also on the ground of extreme cruelty.
The facts, at the time were published 111
the Chicago papers, reflecting credit on
her and dishonor on him. lie married
bis present wife at Berlin, Wis., October
23, 1879, after he hud served eighteen
months in the Missouri l'euitentiary. She
now alleges iu her petition, that he be
gan at once a
which at last became intolerable. Among
Othir things, ahe says that June ti last,
while they were residing at 305 II street,
west, Washington, D. C, he quarreled
with her, pushed her to the sofa, used
vile epithets, and attempted to strike her.
She then left him. She alleges that he
realized tSO.OOO from his "Secrets of the
Great Whisky King and Kighteen Mouths
In the Ponitentiury," and asks for ali
mony. McDonald's first wife has since
died. She Is described as of amiable dis
position and handsome appearance.
Is young and pretty. She became per
fectly infatuated with him during his
trial, and after his Incarceration iu the
1'euitentlary she took up her residence at
the capital in order to be near him. She
was a daily visitor to the prison, and she
always carried with her a basket con
taining a lot of delicacies and a bouquet
of lre,sh flowers. Mrs. McDonald No. 2
made desperate efforts to secure the
General's pardon, and otherwise en
deavored to show her love for him.
Deep latere. t Felt la the Probable Ac
tion of the Saratoga Convention.
Wasuisoton, June 1C. Considerable
anxiety is felt among Democrats here
ovt r the action of the coming New York
State Convention at Saratoga this week.
Most of them feel that the results of the
Convention, whatever they may be, will
have a controlling influence over the Na
tional Convention in July. Generally
they look for harmonious action and a
divided and unlnstructed delegation.
Hewitt (N. Y.) predicts that there will
be no quarrels at Saratoga, and that
the Tammany men will receive all
the recognition desired, and the ac
tion of the Convention will be
united. "Sammy," be says, "will not
oppose the man who is strong enough to
receive tne majority support of the Con
vention." Hewitt is of the opinion that
Cleveland will be endorsed at Saratoga.
Representative Jordan, of Ohio, con
siders Cleveland the coming man at Sara
toga. The Democratic candidates for
the Presidency and Vice-l'resideucy, he
says, most hail from New York, and In
diana or Ohio are doubtful but essential
States, and that the man who can carry
New York State should be placed at the
head of the ticket, and Governor Cleve
land is the man for the place.
A Brother of th. Humiliated Girl Kills
the Young Wooer.
Wherung, W. Va., June 16. Another
crime has occurred In the centre of the
State, growing out of the numerous
family feuds which make that locality a
hot-bed of outlawry. The Riffles and
Barnetts have been on bad terms for
five years past " over the jilting
of one of the Kitlle girls by a Harnett.
Isaac Killlo and William Harnett acci
dentally met yssterday in a piece of
loucly road, and getting into a quarrel
mutually agreed to settle the dilterencc
by A fight. It culminated in Riffle killing
Harnett by hitting him over the head
with a club. Riffle was arrested, and
says Barnett drew a knife on him and he
hit him in self-defense.
A Well-to-do Farmer of Saline County,
Ho., Cause, a Sensation.
Marshall, Mo., June 10. Charlie
Surbaugh, a well-to-do farmer near
Miami, this Couuty, eloped from this city
last evening with a woman Darned Mollio
Castle, both of whom have beeu stopping
at the Deck House since Monday. Sur
baugh is about forty years old, aud has
been married three times. His first wife
died, he was divorced from his second,
and deserted the third about ten days
ago. Their whoreabouts are unknown.
A Laok of Unanimity Among the Men
(Hve. the Operator. Cotuage.
Pittsburgh, Pa., June 16. The gou
eral strike of the river coal miners or
dered for to-day Indicates a lack of unan
imity. Work has been suspended in sev
eral mines, but a majority are still in
operation. There Is no enthusiasm
among the miners, and the men seem to
be waiting on one another to take the
initiative. The miners' officials claim
that all will be out In a few days, while
the operators characterize the strike as a
failure. '
Uaryland Property Destroyed and Liv
Baltimore, Md., June 16. Tho storm
of Friday and Saturday last had done
immense damage in the western counties
of this State, of which only meagre re
ports are being received. The streams
feeding the Pomac became floods and
wiie&.&g$7.&i$ii& facA wtiiai&t
to thousuuds'of dollars. "OiTthe raouutalu
sld serious land-slides occurred, In two
casei entirely carrying away a farm, leav
ing the posse.ssors;witli only a waste of
bare rocks. Several mills and two dis
tilleries were washed away with their
valuable machinery. Some of the escapes
were almost miraculous and several lives
are reported lost, but tho names are uot
Gnnlus, Poverty, Crime and Detection.
Brooklyn, N. Y., June 1C A middle
aged man who says his uame is Rolaud
Lee, was committed to-d;iy for examina
tion on a charge of grand larceny. The
police found a large number of stolen
articles at his residence, l'j-10 Fulton
street. Ills wifo aud five childreu who
were in the house appeared to be In des
titute circustunces. Lee suys that at ono
time he was a wealthy citizen of Louis
ville, Ky., but lost his fortune in Inven
tions and speculations.
Suicide of a Colored Woman.
Marshall, Mo., June IC Ella Hyde,
a middle-aged negro woman, was found
dead lu her bed this morning about six
o'clock. Yesterday she and her husband
had some trouble, which ended In a fight,
and last evening she told one of her neigh
bors that she lnteudecl suiciding. The
Coroner's verdict was suicide from
Republican Senators in Caucus.
Washington, D. C., June IC The Re
publican Senators held a caucus this
morning to receive and take action on
the report of the committee to revise the
amendments to the Mexican pension
bills. The principle amendment is that
of Mr. Itigiills proposing to remove the
limit to the arrears of pension act. This
amendment, it is claimed, if It became a
law would add gi'5O,OW),0OQ to the pen
sion expeuditures. The caucus finally
decided to al.'uit Mr. Ingalls' amendment
with a proviso limiting "its provisions to
all case which may be illltd by January
1st ms.
t oit i v-iiKiirm cox'uitfcss.
Washington, D. C, June 16. Senator
Plum reported from the Committee on
Appropriations the army appropriation
The same Senator reported from the
Public Lands Committee favorably, with
amendments, the bill forfeiting unearned
lands granted to the Atlantic & Pacific
Senator Ingalls, rising to a question of
personal privilege, said the senior Senator
iroiu Georgia (Brown) had referred to
his making a characteristic speech on the
bill to refund certain moneys to the State
of Georgia. That language had escaped
his attention at the time, but the employ
ment of the terms used were offensive,
and he asked if the Senator intended his
remarks as personal and offensive.
"Most certainly not," said Senator
Brown. "The relations between the
Senator and myself have always been
"That is sufficient" rejolued Ingalls
with icy distinction, "on that point."
The Senator then objected to another
statement iu Brown's speecn iu which fie
said that Ingalls had not come to the
point but went ail around it In rcgaj-d to
the position of Georgia iu this money
"Are you satisfied" asked Ingalls;
"That you used that language?"
"That's my distinct recollection," an
swered Brown calmly.
Ingalls, continuing, said that after the
report was sent to the public printer the
words weredeliberately Interpolated in the
report of the Senator's speech which falsi
fied the records and committed a forgery
on tne records of the Senate."
This assertion created a sensation in
the chamber. Vice-President Edmunds
thought the Senator out of order, and re
marked that If he had any accusations to
make he must make them in a different
"That language," continued Ingalls,
"was not uttered in debate, and is sus
ceptible of an offeuslve interpretation."
A Senator on the Democratic side cried :
"This is shameful! Don't reply, Brown,"
Senator Brown, whose face flushed
with excitement, said: "I decline to
make any reply."
Ingalls.who remained on his feet looking
fiercely at the Senator from Georgia
"I supposed the Senator would."
"The Senator is out of order," again
said the Chairman.
Ingalls went on to chargo that the
changes lu the report were in the hand
writing of Brown; he said he was always
willing to submit to tho fortune of vic
tory or defeat, but ho was not secure
against partisan arrows that a fiying foe
might see fit to discharge from the safe
ambush of the printing office.
"While this mode of warfare," he ex
claimed, "iseminentlysafeto the one who
wages it, It Is not satlsfactiory to the vic
tim. It requires about the same amount of
courage that is exhibited by the thug
who waits until his enemies are asleep
and then stabs them. I move that the
language which I have referred to bo ex
punged from the record."
Excitement on the Democratic side
continued. Several Senators clustered
around Brown and told him to keep cool.
German objected to tho present consid
eration of the resolution, which accord
ingly went over.
Some other business Intervened. When
it was disposed of, Senator Brown said :
"Tho motion being objected to, I will
not reply now, but I do not intend that
this shall go unchallenged, aud will reply
to the accusations to-moirow."
The excitement then subsided aud the
Senate proceeded with their business.
In the House this morning Lowry (of
Imhana) presented the report of the Com
mittee on Elections in tho case of Camp
boll vs. Morry from the Seventh Ohio
District, awarding tho scat to Campbell.:
Bills were introduced and referred as
By Mr. Follctt Granting 160 acros of
the public domain to every honorably dis
charged soldier or sailor of tho late war.
By Mr. Deuster-To prevent and punish
by prosecution under tho Uulted States
laws fraudulent claims against foreign
By Mr. Wood Calling for executive
Information relative to tho fencing in of
public lands.
By Mr. Belford For tho erection of a
Union and Confederal, Soldiers' Home
at Denver. V l
Tho conference report du tho bill pro
viding for a bridge over the Missouri
River at Sibley, Mo., was adopted.
The Douse then went Into comniltteo
of tne whole, Duun (of Arkansas) In tW
ctntr, oh the deflcrcacy apstapriatioK
That Bright Gem of tho Ocean
Covotod by President
Its Annexation to be the First and Most
Important Policy of Mr. Blaine's.
Should the Democratic Party Permit Him
to Carry Off the Cake in the
November Election.
Washington, D. C, June 10. "The
annexation of Cuba is likely to be tho
first and most Important policy of Mr.
Blaine," said ex-Collector Wicker, of Key
West, Fla.,to your correspondent, as he
stood In the House lobby yesterday, talk
log of his experiences and observations
as Collector at the Tort of Key West for
ten years or more. "There is no sucli
country under the sun as Cuba,
as well as anybody In this country. He
was talking with mo about it only the
day before I left to attend the Chicago
Convention. To my remark tuat the
island was worth 8:'50,O0O,000 at least
to the country, he replied, 'Yes, nearly
double that.' His policy will be, if he is
elected President, to acquire Cuba by
purchase, stamp out the yellow fever
there by meaus which our energy and
superior nvthods will provide, and cul
tivate the commerce of our Southern
"What do you think of the Value of tho
"I think it is much more valuable thar
Is generally supposed, and more so to us
than to any other country. It has never
oceu lully developed. There are mineral
and agricultural resources that are some
thing wonderful. Why, its soft soil has
produced tobacco, one of the hardest
crops possible, year after year for de
cades, yes, centuries almost, and is yet
as good as ever apparently. The island
is badly governed and badly managed un
der the .Spanish. Yet it now brings that
Government an immense income."
"That being the case, would she sell
"I think so. Spain owes England vast
sums of money, and at high rates of in
terest. Indeed, she owes nearly every
body. She Is anxious to get out of debt,
and to get this troublesome province off
her hands, for it is always making her
trouble. Yes, I thiuk she would sell,
and t hat if England should receive assur
ances that she is to get the proceeds
she will not object.
"What do you suppose she would want
for her island!"
"That is pretty hard to say; proba.
bly not much less thau five hundred mil
lions." "And would it pay to give such a
"Ye. Why we semi nearly one-fifth
that sura out of the country every year
for the very lsu;ar grown there, to say
nothing of the amount paid for its own
products, all of which would, If the island
was our own, go iuto the hands of our
own people."
"What would the people of Cuba think
of this annexation scheme?"
"They would be glad to see ft come
about. The Cuban element in Florida
would be especially gratified, and I be
lieve that this very issue in that State
will earrv for Blaine."
"Carry Florida for Blaine?"
Score of Games Played on Saturday,
June 14.
Boston, Mans. Providences, 4; Bos
tons, 3 Baltimores, 1; .Boston Un
ions, 5.
Philadelphia, Pa. Indianapolis, IC;
Athletics, 13 Phliadelphias, 8; New
Yorks, 4.
Cambridge, Mass. Ilarvards, 14;
Dartmouths, 2.
Detroit, Mich. Chicagos, 9; Do
troits, 4.
Buffalo, N. Y. Buffalos, 8; Cleve
lands, 5.
New York Metropolitans, 10; Tole
dos, 4 Columbus, 10; Brooklyns, 3.
Minneapolis, Minn. Quincys, 8; Min
neapolis, 0.
Chicago, 111. Kansas Cltys, 8; Chica
goes, 4.
St. Louis, Mo. Prickly Ash, 9; Spring
fields, 8.
Cincinnati, O. St. Louis Unions, 5;
Cincinnati, 3.
Chicago, 111. Chicago Unions, 9; Kan
sas Cltys, 6.
Little Rock, Ark. Memphis Reds, 9;
Littlo Rocks, 0.
Game. Lost and Won.
The following tables show the standing
of tho various Association and League
Clubs up to and including June 14 :
Won. Lost.
Metropolitans 24 8
Athletics a 12
liOiiisvilli'g , ail u
St. Louis l 10
Columbus 1 11
Ciniiiiruit is 1" H
Haltiniores 17 11
Brook ly us 2 g
Alleirhenys jo ' 21
Tuli'dos II ssi
InditumpollS 7 a
Witsliiutrtons 5 as
. Won. Lost.
St. Louis SJ 3
CliieiiKo H 12
Cincinnati 10 12
Boston 17 13
HiUtlinoro 15 13
WiiRlilntrton 7 21
I'lillailt'lnlila 8 ti
Kansas City 1 4
Won. Lost
Boston 2H 7
New York 24 W
Providence UH 11
II11IIB.0 , 18 17
Ohleairo 15
I'bUailoliihia is 26
I'levelMud 10 81
Detroit , 0 i
Pittsburgh Petroleum Xxehang-e.
Pittsburgh, Ta., June 16. At a meet
of the Directors of tho Petroleum Ex
change this morning a resolution wan
adopted that hereafter no vouchers
will be accepted for oil to be delivered
r receivod from any bank not a mom-1
ber of the Ptttwburgh Cleartag Houao
association. This notion watt tTOTjRfct
rtarrrt ttf a Jsat-la &m.VSm&
fog a cneck for $00,000 Trawn "on "an
other bank not a member of the Clearing
House Association and, demanding cash
or a check on a Clearing House barik.
Vlotims Of a Quack Dentist.
Mattoo.v, III., jnnh 16. For two
weeks an Itinerant quack Indian doctor
has been doing a land-office business here
pulling teeth without pain. The lini
ment applied to the gums causes somo
very sore jaws in about ten days. C.
South, one of the sufferers, tats entered
suit for ai,500 damage;.
- 1 .
Found Dead In Bed.
Marshall, Mo., Juno IC Ella Hyde,
colored, was found dead In her bed this
morning at Stringtown, at the east end
of this city. It Is thought she committed
suicide by taking laudanum, although the
coroner's jury has not rendered a ver
dict yet.
Remarkable Rain Storm.
Santa Fk, N. M., June 10. A some
what remarkable storm swept bver the
country Saturday afternoon. It extended
from Leadvllle, where snow occurred, to
a point south of Chihuahua aud from
Central Texas to the Pacific and proved
one of the heaviest rains In the history of
the country. All tho streams and banks
are full and railroad travel to the south
west is temporarily suspended.
Death of Dr. Webb C. Qalffley.
Alton, III., June 16. Dr. Webb C.
Quigley, an old aud esteemed citizen,
head of the wholesale drug house of
Quigley & Co., died at his rcsldenco In
this city last night. He had only been ill
for a day or two, and was not considered
in a critical condition until a few hours
before his death. He was sixty-six years
of age and leaves a widow and a family
of grown children, besides many rela
tives here aud in St. Louis.
Drowned by Its If other.
Boonvillk, Mo., June 18. A child
was found In au old coal bank near
Palestine yesterday morning, and clrcum
stantial evidence shows that Laura
Gather, colored, Is the mother, or knows
something of the drowntng of the child.
Sue will be arrested at once.
A Jockey's Suicide.
Pkkin, III., June IC A boy of seven
teen was killed by the P. & P. U. passen
ger coming to Pekin at five o'clock
yesterday afternoon. He was cut almost
in two. It is supposed to be a suicide.
He was the rider of Hancock, tho running
horse, at the late Peoria races.
Murder in High Life.
BvLiiMOitK, Md., June IC A terrible
tragedy occurred at Westport lu tho
western part of this State yesterday. M.
J. Hoban, a store-keeper, was killed by
Peter Jolce, one of the most prominent
citizens In the western counties. Hoban
claimed that Jolce owed him a bill aud
meeting him last night demanded pay
ment, when a quarrel ensued. Jolce
claims that Hoban drew a pistol on him
so he stabbed him in the abdomen with a
bowie-knife, cutting him fatally. Jolce
was arrested.
How They Go-Howard Ahead.
Baltimore, Md., Juno IC Following
was the score in tho female walking
match at noon to-day: Klllroy, forty-two
miles, two laps; Morton, thirty-seven
miles, seven laps; Anderson, fifty miles,
seven laps: Mabel, thirty-nine miles;
Woods, forty-one miles; Douglass, forty
nine miles, eleven laps; Howard, flfty
oue miles, nine laps; Thompson, twenty
four miles, twelve laps; Massacot, thirty
six miles, twelve laps; Tobias, forty-four
Hurrying of the Cooking.
Baltimore, Md., June 16. Miss Mary
A. Kelly, a spinster keeping a small dry
goods store here, failed in business and
became melancholy. Sho filled a wash
tub full of scalding water, then saturated
her clothing with coal-oil, and sitting on
the edge of the tub set fire to herself.
When overcome by the flames she fell in
to the hot water. Her body was liter
ally cooked through when discovered.
A Sarrrle of Our Navy.
Annapolis, Md., June 10. The frig
ates Constellation and Dale left to-day,
tho former on a cruise with cadets along
the Atlantic Coast. Tho latter will go to
Hampton Roads to repair her hull, which
it Is found Is so rotten that it will not
hold ber rudder. On Inspection the bow
was found In the same condition.
Helster Clymer Burled.
Kkahixu, Pa., June IC At the fuueral
of Helster Clymer this afternoon Senator
Bayard, G. A. Nlcolls, President of the
East Pennsylvania Railroad, and Dr.
Dcllcr Lutber, of the State Charities,
were among the pall-bearers. There were
many mourners from Philadelphia and
Ferd Ward's Property.
New Yokk, June IC The Supremo
Court granted an order to-day In the suit
of the Marino Bank against U. S. Grant,
Ferdinand Ward and others, directing1
the Sheriff of Kings County to transfer to
John T. Wilson, receiver in the suit of
John II. Morris, as assignee of James D.
Fish, against U. S. Grant, Wm. S. War
ner and others, the property in his pos
session levied upon under the attach
ment Issued in the actlou of the Marine
Bank against the property of Ferdinand
Depression ir the Iron Trade.
Easton, Pa., June IC There Is a de-j
prcsslon In the Iron trade, caused by the1
falling off of orders for ore from the
mines in Williams Townsjilp, Northamp
ton County, which wpply the Olendon
Iron furnaces. This morning the mines
of Sampson, Mcrwarth, Bennett ant oth
ers, shut down. A largo namber of then
aro out of employment. Harm's mines
and several others have orders to reduce
from eighty-five to ton tons per week.
Prefer to Paddle Their Own Canoe.
n Concord, N. H., June 18. Prominent
Prohibitionists say they will hold a del
egate convention In September and nom,
inato a full State ticket. On being told
that the gentlemen who are candrdatesj
or who are even mentioned for the Be-i
publican nomination for Governor are
temperance men. both n tfteor
vncftu. they Uuwrtd rat the fMM-l
r aSd
1 & - m -t sirL:i7r tivvi w
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Backache, Headache, Toothache,
Pore Throat. NwHIIni;, Npralit., BralMt,
turn. NrahU, front tiltr.
ViU 1 bru(lala ml DrtUra rt wlere. riftj Cal4) twill.
Direction, lo U Language!.
Fortify tho System.
All who have experlencel and wltncflfed the
efloct of lioBtetter Htnmach Hitters upon the
weak, broken down, donponding victims of dyspep
elH, liver comp'aint, fever and ague, rheumatism,
uervon debility, or portnature decay, know that
In this supreme tonic and alterative there rxlsta
(Decide principle wnicti leache the very source of
the trouble, aud effects an absolute and permauent
ior rale by all dru. gists and dealers generally.
Bofan it arts on the UV EU, BOWELS sad
KIDS ES at the same time.
Baoanaa It aleansos tha yBtera of the poison
ous humor that dovetope In Kidney and Uri
nary Diaeaae. BUiouaneu. Jaundice. Constipa
tion, Pllos, or In Baeumatiam, Neuraliria, Ner
vous viaorder and all Female complaints.
By causing FREE ACTION of all th organ.
and Amotions, thereby
restoring the normal power to throw off diaeaM.
of the worst forma of these terrible diseases
have been quickly relieved, and In abort time
Cry can be sent by mail.
WELLS. aiOTIAEDSOM tt Co., Burlington, Vt.
9 fi.na tump tor uiary AltuaiuMi lor iwh.
Wlio want glossy, luxuriant
and wavy tresses of abundant,
beautiful JI air must use
elepuit. cheap article always
malies the Hair grow freely
aud fast, keeps It from falling
out, arrests and cures gray
ness. removes dandruff anU
itching, makes the II air
strong, giving it a curling
tendency and keeping it in
any desired position. Beau
tiful, healthy Hair is the sure
result of using Kathairon.
This purous plaster ia
famous fur It quick
and hearty action la
earing Lame Baek,
Rhoumatbm, Bciatloa.
Crick In the Buck, Side or Hip, Neuralgia, Stiff Joint,
and HumU'S, Bero Chest, Klilnt-y Trouble and all pain,
or ache either local or dei-p-seated. It Hoothes, Strength
ns and Stimulate the parts. The virtues of hop com
bined with (rums clean and ready to apply. Superior to
Unimenta, lotions and calve, rrlce 86 cents or t for
li.m. sola iy drug. m m mm a bbbb
gtsta and country llrTt- tlT
tore. Miil.'d fin nv 1 '"Saa.fi
eelpt of price. Bop
riotttr Company, Pro
Prletors, Boston, Has.
I tr The best family pill made Itawky'i Stomach and
Liver Pills, ate. Tli-anant In action and tnrf to take.
Whom debility, e
powers, pruni.tunt decay
anil failure to perform lire's
duties prupwly an mummI by
eicoaaws rnr of youth, to.,
will find a poi-fnet and lasting
restoration to l-ohual health
and vlirumne nmnhoud in
Neither atomaea druitgiug nor
intniment. 'nilstn'atinentof
Krrvou Iiebllltjr and
fnMSt-ful becsns band on perfect diagnotia,
mew nd direct method and abaolut then
ughaes Full Informal ion and Tmti. tr,
Ail.lrwalionmltintr I'h.mcian of .
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