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NO. 2015.
Modern- Science
Hi'J Skepticism
Vli:it lias Skeptic ism done for the world?
Nothing Lut to fWKucKt doubts. It has ovi n
K'liflfesli'il that Klieuiii.ill-111 cannot bo cuied.
Skepticism IS US bad US KucUUiutisiu.
What lias Science done for the world ?
A KxA Liany things; for Instance, It, h;.s
.-how n Uiut ltheiiiuatlsui can becurciL
11 has shown that N uraltflacati be got rM or.
MHlt.'rnwti'nccU!Wir(v"Jtliiii ItlK-mnatlsinls
!i Mi! iUum, hikI h is proUd'-d Athi.opiiokos
: Uij remedy which can completely cure IU
It h is proved that althoililU the 0)1 cl'x t'ir
f.iil' d loovcreoiii'! NeUr.Uul i, ATHidMioiiescau
i "ai.ii It, and eradicate ll from iUn H stein.
It has proved that though these tormentor.:
di.vuscs were 80 slow and obstinate, theyt.iu
In; overcome la u Utile v. Idle Ly means ol
jfllliloplioros 1
lion't be skeptical. If you have any doubtsiis
to what ATuronioKOi can do, write to tinmc of
t lios; whom It has cured. Kcr llntatice, Ifcv. S.
li. IHiiUi n, 1). Ii., p.tiior TMid (.'rjngn-irailoii.d
( hurcli, of New Haven, ( onii., the Hcv. W. I'.
''rllt, pastOM;enrvM. M. K. Church, of Sew
llavi-n, the ltev. J. K. Sarles. pastor Wlllett M.
M. K. ( hureh, New York city, Mr. linimin'il. th"
vvi.il known caudy manufacturer, of Sew Voir,
Kx-'iov, HUridotv, of Connecticut, and iiuiiy
others, eqii.iliy wi.il known.
If yu cannot tf.'t ATHLoioioiiounf your ilnwi-t,
.e will wend it xi-r-' mi, mi receipt 'if rtvui..!'
rce dollar . r littv. We j r. -J.-r that ym liny
it from ) our dru.M-1, I. 'it if lie Inp-n't It. do ii"t I"'
i muaded to try wiiieUjMjb' el., but order t OU' i
fr-jui u ltd dircteL
fioscn water,
i no & ins
toiv a full si.il c
Coui'l Ave.
.: J'lc'.e I. lie of
I.iiici, tuaiiN. rii-t r-i. Xi; iuus, F.tc
A he ,vy r so-'k ol l,iy I'rti.-c , Tup. r-tr:c-s
mill Ir.raia
A fill I !k ol Hi. Cio'iiP, a'l (!& dtiil prhe.
All CJok1 Ilottoin I'ri's!
(Succi'j-Si r to ( has. T. Xtwlmul and
II.T.UeronW )
Wmh Seam and Gas Fitter
Com iiicrcial
Ave , bet. Tenth
veiith Ms ,
ami Ele-
Dilve Well Ki.rre n'.A Lift I'.im;
! and
pu; up. Ai;i'i.t for tho Olebrsted
the' bi't I limp ev r
lurr ic h ei to oriie'r.
I n v. ii t . . i . New (inn Kixtun-c
U il fixtures repaired ud
Lroii. -i.
liT JV.biios jirmii I't y.
r OilEUT A. HMII1'
Grand Central Store.
Patrick T. ilcAlpine,
JM;ulo to l.rdor.
Stl. St.,l)et. Ul.lo I.evee Cimitnerciul Ave.
OAlKO. - - 1 1-1-
llojiairiusf neatly done at slmrt notice.
wiiolksace a:.i jck f..
The L:ii'2st V;i'ity
I tixk vrv.
Cor. Nitioteunthitrcet I f'oirn I'l
(omtuerclslAvonuu l '.am. i,j
(lommission Merchants,
Egyptian Flouring Mil 1 s
Blffbut Cash Price Paid for Wh at.
Texas tho Seoiio of a Sanguin
ary Battlo Bctwocn Two
Old Friends.
They Meet oa Their Way to Camp Mat
ing and Settle Accounts of Long
standing Between Thein.
One of the Combatants Duad and Two
Dying, While the Third May
I'ki.umma, Tts., Auu.-.t 7. News is
just received of a tierce combat that oc
curred on Monday tvct.iiiij ten miles
north of hire between four desperate
characters, who happened to meet near
the hue between Sua Saba and Mason
Couu'.les. Samuel l aulkm r and Henry
AKeu attacked the two Woodail
brothers, opening tire at short
range wi'.h repeating niL-S.
'Jh; Woodalls, dismouutii!.', rtturueJ
the lire lrom behind their hjrus. Kiht
idiots wire rapidly lired by each side.
Allen feil about the llith round, pieiced
through the heart. .ne of the U'oodaKs
rete ved a bu.'h t lu the houlder in ar
the neck, dlsah.tn him. Tlie ruiialuin
Woodail brother and l'auikutr th.u ap
proached each oth.r
wnii nuwii; kmt.s m.aw.v,
and a fearful duel followed, each bein'
skiiied wieldirs of the weapons. The
wounded Woodail, lyinu' near by bleed
ing to dea.h, kept uiinii his broiin.r on.
iaulkner, however, alter a few sharp
Struggle.', seized Woodail's left wrist,
and nave him a oni. k jerk, whica
brought him to his kt.ces and as
the "latter fell I-'auUucr p. united his
knife just below tin.- victim's heart.
I auii.ner then turned to look alter Al
len, his dead companion. As he did so
henceived a buikt in the br.-ast from
the pMol of the elder Woo la 1, who lay
tli'. re unable to rise, his ixck and shoulder
beii.s: split open.
i auiiuiwr may recover, but the Wood
ails are dying. They soou became un
conscious from loss of blood. Mr. Jiur
her, who tried to pievctl the hostilities,
received severe flesh wounds in the arms,
i'.urner and two other men witnessed th
battle from the beginning but
uakk.ij oi in li.id Kia:.
Fauikntr to.d one of the spectators that
the lUht was the rt-sU.t i f a:i oid feu.i in
Alkaiisas, where all had onee been
fr.eiids. He said he ku..w it was death
v.iieii they met, and he was giad it as
over. Ai,e:j had ntariy 'j!,lJ'llJ on his
I I rou. It Is believed eacli party was on
its way to attend a cainp-meetin now iu
progress here.
Lstter of Kegrtt From Jff Davis.
IXvli.a", Ti:x., August ".Nearly twen
ty veteran organization are represented
at the tx-Coufederale reunion. There aro
also special headquarters for cx-L'niou
soldiers, and the most iraternal relations
are manifested by tho survivors of the two
armies. This morning there were fully
men iu camp, and the city was
packed wita visitors. The number at the
giounds was variously estimate-el at from
10,'.o to !'-.,( i.".t. Colonel C. S. Mitchei!,
President of the ex-Couicdcratc Associa
tiui , delivered t;:e a-.ldress of wel
come, which was responded to
Ly Governor Ireland. Most strcnu
i us efforts were made to secure
the presence of Jeif Davis, the society
going so far as to place a special train
and pa ace car at his disposal; but at his
aue seventy-six year his friends feared
that the excitement of the meeting would
I rove fatal to him, and ho was prevailed
upon to remain away. He scut a letter
iu wh.ch he said
end ou mv warm
est congratulations of the hardy old Sct-
t.trs, who a naiust desperate odtls, won the
battlo of the war for Iudcnoneeuee. Uf
the veterans who served in the war with
Mexleei, howfew wait on the verao of eter
nity. It was a rule among Homans to re
ward Generals returning successful from
foreign wars, but never to grant a triumph
fe r a victory wou in internecine striie.
With us the rule has I. ecu leveised, aad
the veterans of the war with Mexico
have been the subjects' of special dis
crimination. The history of Texas is
fuil of heroic deeds from tho self-sacri-
licitig Hand who peri-hed at the Alamo,
to the defense of Sabine Tass,
which for integrity an I extraordinary
success mu-t, 1 think, be admitted to
have no parallel in ancient or modern war
fare. Texas is now bold.v strldim: on
ward in the conquests of peace, and I
cau not wish for her a brighter future
than that in agriculture-, mining, manu
facturing, educational, social and relig
ious efforts, she may gather wreaths of
oak worthy to in.ug.e with the fade
less laurel that decks her brow.
Deprived of the happiness of meeting,
probably for the lat time, the old set
tlers and ex Confederates iu their re
union auel of receiving the friendly wel
come and feeiing the warm grasp of their
hands, 1 send to them my earnest prayer
that every good uud perfect gift may bo
vouchsafed to them."
Ihc name of Mr. Davis was enthusias
tically cheered, aud his absence pro
duced deep regret, as many came long
distance expecting to meet him.
Another Cyclone in the Southwest.
Tom lain n, Oi:i:., August ".The town
of Wasco, in Eastern Oregon, was visited
yesterday by a heavy and destructive
cyclone. The stoun came from the south
east. The wind was accompanied by a
perfect deluge, but the rain-storm lasted
only a few minutes. The new Methodist
Church aud a large mill were
both prostrated. A number of other
buildings wero unroofed and otherwise
damaged. A prominent citizen, A. Jt.
liaruett, was fatally Injured by getting
caught under a fating building. Tho
damage can not bo estimated, but it will
bo very heavy.
The sawmill, planing-mlll and lumber
yard of Seatou & Ladd, at l'alouse City,
W. T., were destroyed by lire yesterday.
The loss will reach $ 10,000. The insur
ance is less than $3,000.
For Beatinir a Servant.
Lkavknwoktii, Kas., August 7. An
order was published at Tort Leaven
worth to-day sentencing 1'irst Lieutenant
James O. Macley,of tho Third Cavalry,
to bo confined to tho limits of the Reser
vation of Tort Leavenworth for a period
of eight months, aud to forfeit CJt dol-
lars ol his pay pur mouth 1or this period.
Lieutenant Mackey win yesterday found
iruiity by a Court Martial of visiting an
olliecr's mess-room and ln-ating Uoorgc
Henderson, tlij servant of Lieutenant
lul er, without provocation.
A Comparatively Smooth Sea tho Saf
vaticn of Pusientfers anel Crew.
Halifax, N. S , August 7. Constan
tino Ludwig, of New York, freight agent
and representative of llrasch & UJdhen
stein, of ii rl.ti, was one of the cabin
passengers. He said to your corre
spondent: "Tho sh p experienced fo!
and rain during tho eutirc voyage. The
ship struck threo times, but being on a
sand bank it was not genera ly known
to the passengers for some miuutes.
Then a panic ensued, but the
surf was comparatively smooth, and
Captain Lucas succeed ;d in reassuring
the pas.-engi rs. Ten minutes after the
ship struck a 1 hands were ciiguged In
throwing the cargo overboard. The ship
was thirteen miles on the bar, and Cap
tiiu Lu .a-, knew tho suit was treach-r-ous
and landing dangerou s an I as calm
weather prevai.ed a though a heavy sea
was beginning, the passengers were kept
on board; but no assistance arriving,
and the vessei beginning to make wat r,
Captain Lucas decided to attempt to
laud the passenger at the light house
thirteen miles distant. About two
hundred pa-seiigers were crowded
into the six bunts. They were
battling In the surf all night. The lirst
boat succeeded lu landing at the light
house at three o'clock. The others laud
ed between live and six o'clock one boat
upset, and two German passengers, one
named Dix, aud a liremau were drowned.
Mr. Ludwig spoke bitterly of the lack of
facilities for saving lile on the island. It
was several hours alter the ship struck,
he said, w hen her rockets were seeo at
the light-house and then the
light-house keeper had no rock
ets or oth r apparatus to respoud
to the signals of di.-tress. H takes a mes
senger live hours to communicate intelli
gence to the main station. The weather
was remarkably Hue. Had the ordinary
heavy surf prevailed, but few of the pass-
cngers could have been saved. After the
six7 boat loads had left the. ship, the re
maining passengers and the crew broke
into and rilled the cabins. None of the
baggage was saved. Provisions were got
ashore, but were taken possession of by
the people of the
island, many
of whom became
riotous from the iiqu r.
liaved with courage am.!
drunk and
The Captain be
coolness. Mr.
Ludwig speaks highiy of the Governor of
the island, Mr. Galloway, and otlieials
Des Uray and Alien.
The lollowlng Is a list of the cabin
passengers :
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig, three children
and a servant, of New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Uppiugcr.
Uev. Mr. Carmaiius, of Louisville, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. FahreuwaUlt, from Ber
lin for New Y'ork.
Mr. L'hler, of Curaces, West Indies.
Sable Island is 100 miles southeast of
Nova Scotia. Mauy fatal shipwrecks
have occurred upon the island. The
Amsterdam Is the third vessel lost by the
company, the others having been the
lidam, sunk at sea by co.iisiou with the
Lepanto, and the Hotter lam, which wis
run ashore In broad daylight by the' cap
tain in the harbor of Amsterdam a year
ago. la making Sable Island she was
luilv miles out of her course.
The ".Morning Star-' R ady to Carry
"Great Tidings of Joy."
13a l in:, Mk., August 7. The mission
ary steamer Morning Star was launched
at uoou yesterday. Her dimensions are:
Length, 131 feet j breadth, :"J feet, 9
inches; depth, li' feet. Appropriate
services took pla;-e, conducted by Kev.
t.i. W. l-'oisom, and consisted
of prayer by Kev. Dr. Kobbius,
of Iowa; an address by lhv. A'.pheus
Harvey, ol llostoii; hymns, "from
Geeuhmd's Icy Mountains," a.,d "The
Morning Light is Breaking," aud bene
diction. The steamer is owned by tho
Ameilcau Board fur Foreign Missions.
Much of the amount came lrom Sunday
school contributions, mostly of live cents,
entitling each chilel to a certilicate of
AM A 1 HIT! ltlXiAI TA.
Canada to bs Represented Ly Her Best
Tonoxro, 0r., August 7. Great in
terest is being taken here iu the prepara
tions for tho rega.ta of the United States
Association of Amateur Oarsman at Wat
kins, N. V., next week, and the fastest of
Canadian scullers and crews are training
here for the different events. The Argo
uaut four-oared crew of Toronto go down
this week to Watklns, and have been
rowing for a month past to get iu trim
for the race.
Joseph Laiug, of Montreal, who headed
the amateur championship race iu the
United States Association last year, and
who is looked upon In Canada as about
as Invincible an amatetiroarsman asllau
lan is a professional, isalso training hero,
and will leave for New York iu a few days.
Caught a Rattlesnake.
SatAN'Tox, l'.v., August 7. Yesterday
Andrew l'ellan, a brake-man, thrust his
hand Into a hole to get a kitten he sup
pose.', was there. When lie drew his
hand out a rattlesnake was attached to
it. The reptile released its hold only af
ter Teliaii had given it a vigorous lash
ing. His hand soon became discolored
and .swollen. The sunptoms of poison
ing extended to his arm and produced a
swelling that caused lute so suffering,
l'ellan was piled with .stimulants, and
there is a possibility uf his recovi ry.
New Jeisey Republicans.
Tiii'.XTON, N. J., August 7. Tho Ko
publican Convention met here yesterday
to choose nu electoral ticket. F. K.
Pangborn, of the Jersey City Jnrnn1,
presided, and fx-Govcruor Oglesby ot
Illinois, made the principal ad dress. Kx
Senator John Taylor aud F. A. Potts
wero chosen electors-nt-largo.
Hunting Escuped Thicvea.
F.astov, Pa., August 7. KIster and
Green, tho thieves who escaped from
Belvldero Jail last Thursday and fled to
the Lehigh Mountain, aro still at largo
through an active search is being in ado
for them by tho detectives. On Monday
night they entered a hotol at Salisbury,
drank at the bar and again fled to tho
mountain. Each carried a loaded gun.
farmers aro much alarmed at tho pres
enco of tho desperadoes, and aro aiding
too detectives lu tho pursuit,
Tho National American Alliance to
Put "Another Richmond in
tho Field."
Mr. Blaine Entertained by the Business
Men of Portland, M-;.-Foar to Eva
Thousand Persons Present.
Cutler at Last Declares Himself
11) Wiil Make the Race for the
White House.
Cosiov, Mass., August 7. Tho Na
tional Lx cutivo Committee of tho Amer
lean Political Alliance wiil open head
fjuartcrs here August loth, and proposes
putting a full electoral ticket in the Held,
to be announced September Oth. Tho
National Committee is now In session to
make a choice of candidates.
H Is thought that cither
'ilx-Governor Clarke, of New York, or
Lx-Governor Pollack, of Pennsylvania,
will receive the nomination for Presi
dent, while some Democrat will be se
lected to liil the second place. The com
mittee claims the new party will poll
77,iji.o vetes in New York State alone. The
opening paragraph of au address just is
sued is as follows:
s'onn I the alarm, iin tin? belN, down w ith
tin- lit einpl tn el. et ti Pie l lent by the ill. I of
t leciiiicelitiiitt'.l ton-urn er natiiruU'.ed Votes.
Aim r.e.ui- to i ul" Aniiji le i. li lie . oint- ii' i
eary wlieti inreijiii-rs oix'ani. u pnhtl 'ill
rod es compiled ot n itiii nlized voter fur I In
Aiiievieaii t,.,r:i e, t,..-, 10 nnike mi Anicroau
v.un' t tLe American voters,
Blaine at Portland.
PuKi i.AMi, Mi:., August 7. Mr. Blaiue
was entertained last night b tho busi
ness men of Portland. The City IIa.Il
was packed. Mr. Blaine appeared upon
the platform at eight o'clock, escorted by
Congressman Heed, and was received
with great cheers.
Congressman Heed called the meeting to
order and introduced lion. O. A. Wood
man, who read an address to Mr. Blaine
signed by over Uuo busiucs men, con
gratulating him on the lioiur of the
nominatiou. The address contained t'ao
Many i f us have enioyed tl.e m'svllee'e of a
pi rs Mia! ne put trance iv.th you, and although
we ha . e not a 1 lieeu nine to airieeul'.li you
iui political ijiii st ion- we have all had CMiitr
Uciieo in your n.t 'vnty us a man. and your
runty und uliilliy as a sta'ennan. Tliouir!i
y.'ili' iiicee, ii the eoinimr election may
idea your owi n-tunit es lor n-i-ful service.
it will a Id inn a ii in to the unliiri e lcoiitMt-in e
an 1 esteem for you l.y u in common with
the great u.as- of your t'edow eitiutis of
Ma t,e.
Mr. Blaine, on rising to respond, was
received w ith a magniilceut ovation, and
it was some time before lie could speak.
He was plainly affected by the reception
given him, and his voice trembled a little,
lie brieily thanked the assembly for the
reception; reviewed his rosi lnce lu the
city from IS37 to 1S5'.1, aud congratulated
the citizens upon their commercial integ
rity and prosperity.
When Mr. Blaine le-umed his seat he
w as again heartily applauded.
Mr. Jieed thm announced that Mr.
Biuiue would be g ad to shake hislrieuds
by the hand, and every person availed
himself of the opportunity. Between
4,000 and o,"00 persons wero present.
At tho close of the reception. Mr. Blaiue
was driven to his hotel. To-day lie will
go to Old Orchard.
Ben's Letter.
Boslon, Mass., August 7. Tho follow
ing letter was given to tho press last
Huston, Mass., August ii, bs.
To ll'iu. ('In. .1. 1. Mini, t'diter y. V, Sun, X w
Dhau Sin: A a means of roiudiiiitr mor.i
iiuer.sis than 1 can do in any oiln-r way. I w rite
this note for such use as you chouse tn make
of it.
Answer I. do inten 1 to stand hv the nomi
nations of the Greenback nil I I.ahorili).- men
and the Aiiti-Monopoh-tS. und 1 ho;ie every
body will vi t for me who think that It is tho
l"-t tlmu todo.
I w ill mve the reasons for my action, which
are eoutrodiiur, to the public as oun as I can
have the bem tit of Mr. Cleveland n letter
of iicoopnmi e so that wherein 1 ii.su;; ree with
tinii, i may do linn no iiiju-ii.e.
Very trulv, your fr en 1 mid servant,
1ILVI. I'. llt TI.KIt.
How the President and Party are Pass
ing the Tim
IIOTF.t. IvAATKIiSKII.L, N. Y., August 7.
The President breakfasted quietly at
ten, from which time until two o'clock
personal correspondence occupied his at
tention. The President's daughter, Nel
lie, mid niece, Mrs. Mclllroy, with Gener
al Sharp, were up with tho larks mean
dering about tho mountains. Through
out the day visitors from a neighboring
boarding house swarmed to tho hotel to
catch a glimpse of the President,
who kept to himself until three
o'clock, when ho took a short drive,
returning at five o'clock. Mr. George
Harding tendered a batnpiet to tho Presi
dent at half past six o'clock in a private
parlor, an elaborate menu being sei ved
with covers for twelve. The party were :
The President, Chief Justice and Mrs. M.
K. Waite, Win. Harding, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Harding, Miss Bella Harding, Mr.
and Mrs. Alexander Brown, Mrs. Win. (1.
Millikcn, General tleo. 11. Sliarpo and
Mrs. Dr. Jolr soii. A grand pyrotcchcnlc
display was tendered In the evening, tho
Presidential party and guests occupying
the piazza. The President will remain
In re during the remainder of his vaca
tion. A Governor's Romance.
Ni:w Yoiik, August 7. Governor
bolt of New Jersey, was bathing at Long
Branch a few days ago, wheu tho grace
ful swimming of a young lady who had
ventured out beyond the line of breakers
attracted tho attention of promcnadcrs
on tho beach. Upon turning to como In,
tho young lady's strength was exhausted
and she disappeared. She rose to the
surface again aud struck out bravely, hut
again she sunk. Governor Abbott swain
to her side, and placing his arm beneath
tho young lady, gracefully assisted her to
shore. Sho thanked tho Governor,
laughed and cried hysterically, and then
fainted. After caring for her the Gover
nor re-entered the water.
Convloted of Attempted Murder.
Fout Smith, Ark., August '7. Tha
conviction ot John C. Sherwln la tho
United States Court ycsUrday of assault
with lutent to kill, excited much jm.
nathv. Several vars aco Shcrwlft ffiar
rlod a beautiful wort'nwi, wd jJkto$H"wIl
until incddiesomo relatives Induced
her to leave him and tako their only
child. Sherwln becamo almost Insane,
aud lu this condition he attended a par
ty near Vlnlta to seo his wife. He asked
her to dance, but sho declined, and
danced with another. This enraged
Sherwln, aud when ordered by thj pro
prietor to leave the house ho shot him,
inll.cthig a severe wound, for which ho
was arrested and convicted.
Score of Games Played on Wednesday,
August 7.
New York New Yorks, 2: Provi-
deuce, 1.
Chicago, III. Chicago., 13; Cleve
land, 4.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Brooklyn, C; Alio
gheueys, 0.
Louisville, Ky. Louisvllles, C; Cin
cinnati, y.
Indianapolis, lad. Indianapolis, 0;
Philadelphia, Pa. Bostons, 4 ; Phlladel
phias, 1.
Kaln Interfered with the game at De
troit, Mich.
Ilichtnond, Va Athletics, 5; Virgin
la, 2.
Norfolk, Vn. Allentownf, 4; Athletics,
of Norfolk, 1.
Jersey City, N. J. Baltimore, 11;
Jerseys, 9.
St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis L'uloiis, 8;
Cincinnati, i.
Philadelphia, Pa. Keystones, 4; Bos
ton Unions, l!.
0.uincy, I I. Quincys, 10; St. rauis, U.
THL TL'ltl',
Brighton Beach Races.
Nr.w Yokk, August 7. Tho track at
Brighton Beach yesterday was in a much
better coudition.
First Race Seven furlongs: Hazard,
llrst ; Marsh lledon, second; l'.dison,
third. Time, 1 :",7 li-t.
Second Race One mile: Ben Woolley,
llrst; Carrie Stewart, second; Tony Fos
ter, third. Time, 1:50 l l .
Third Bucc Mile and a quarter: Wave-o'-f.ight,
llr-t; Blue Peter, second: Tom
Martin, third. Time, :';17.
Fourth K ice Three-quarters mile:
Will Davis, lirst; Barney Aaron, sicond;
Transit, third. Time, 1 :i'l.
Fifth 11 tee Threc-ipiartid's mi e: Tal
leyrand, llrst; Medusa, second; Coutessa,
third. Time, 1:22 3-4.
Sixth llace One rand one-half miles,
over six hurdles: Voltaire, llrst; Bonal
rctt:i, second; Pawnee, third. Time,
2:57 1-2.
Buffalo Races.
Bl i i'.vi.i, N. Y., August 7. The morn
ing opened clear and cool. The track
was in fair condition, but a little slow.
First Pace Two-thirty class, 81, ."00
divided, not finished: Charley llogan
won two heats and Pearl one, and Tom
Campbell another. Best time, 2:22.
Second U ice Two-tweuty-ono class,
.? 1,500 divided: Zoe B., llrst, in three
straight heats; Secret, second, and Will
Collender, third. Time, 2:2;! 1-2, 2:21 l-l,
2 :22.
Special llace Wcstmont wdth nrinlng
mate to beat his record of 2:01 1-1.
While a largo measure of Interest was
manifested in tfu several heats of the
the other classes, it was evident that this
event was the magnet of attraction, and
when Mr. Johnson appeared upon the
track with the pair It was tho signal for
the warmest applause. They looked a
splendid pair indeed. After a preliminary
warming up, they got away at a
tcrrillc gait, :oing to the quarter
in 151J; to the' half in l:Ol 1-4;
to the three-fourths in 1:1)1, and came
to tho tiead of tho stretch very f;i-t, but
unfortunately Westmout left his feet her,)
aud lluished running in 2:0Su-4. His
second trial was not an improvement. He
reached the quarti r itiiU; the half in
1 :0o; three-quarter 111 1 :34 and finished
in 2:U',. It is but fair to say iu reference
to this event that the effort was made
ag ilnst a retarding headwind aud a rather
slow track.
Encampment at Gettysburg.
Gi:i i vsiiritii, Pa., August 7. Tho
event of the Pennsylvania National
Guards Kticampnient at Gettysburg tran
spired lat evening tho review of the
entire division by General l'hll Sheridan,
who, with Secretary of War Lincoln
and several United States Army olliccis,
arrived yesterday morning. The patty
were escorted to the camp by the Sheridan
Cavalry. During tho morning, in com
pany with Governor Paltlson and Major
General llartranft aud Brig idier-Gouer lis
Snowdcn, Beaver ami Sigfricd, Secretary
Lincoln aud General Sheridan made a
close inspection of the en' Ire camp. The
morning was devoted to artillery prac
tice and inspection of regiments. Many
thousands of visitors thronged tne camp
grounds aud witnessed the grand re
views. liigld discipline Is observed in camp and
a large guard does duty in the town. Tho
review was a very imposing scene, being
ono of tho finest military displays iu re
ceut years, aud elicited hearty applause
on all sides. The coluian, composed of
a, Ono troops (infantry, cavaliy and artil
lery), was nearly an hour in passing a
given point. Colonel Black, of the L niud
'states Army has been detailed to i-it the
camp and report to tho War Department
He highly complimented tho moveim iiU
of troops. The warm weather pros
trated a number of tho men, but all re
covered. The camp covers nearly ;'.i0
acres, and Is located on the ground over
which the famous Pickett charge was
made. Multitudes of visitors Inspect
the camp and battldLdd every day. i lov
ernor l'attlsoii will review tho division
Friday, and tho camp will break up on
Railroad Shops ut Sprinuflo'.d.
SidiiMii ic.l l, Mo., August 7. Our
$17,000 has been subscribed by the busi
ness men to secure the location iore of
tho machine shops of tho Kinsas City,
Sprlngileld & Memphis Koad. The Com
pany has agreed to establish the sh ips
here If the city will douato $.'0,000.
The balance of the amount will proba
bly bo raised this week. If it is, work
upon the shops will be commenced about
September 1st.
Beat lli Brains Out.
N'KWCOMKitsTow.v, O., August 7. Wil
son Woodruff and Vincent Barber,
farmers, .quarreled yesterday. Uurbco
threw a stono and knocked Woodruff
down. He then beat his brains out. Tho
murderer escaped.
DefenAicff Hi Character.
Lowkix, Mass., August 7. Mayor
Dooavonhas attacood lh JMdy Ci
for 150,000 in salt for llbol for Impeach
ing bH Integrity. Ttw Mayor has so
cured General Butler as couosel,
f!rin u mrirtiM'i im abufilutfljr pnra
Phoo ii fun t ....,wii on .1 hot-toie until hMml,thia
ri-n,.,v tl.u i',ivr and ioell. A "llmilet will liut I r
quirwi to delect tlio prusuuca uf an.inuiii.
In n niil'.t n homn f.r uMarti-r cf a ttntury It haM
toUvl tilt coll iidhth' IVitlllilt tt,
makers or
Dr. Price's Special Flavoring Extracts,
Tlio (nmi(p(,mot ilelkloui nl u,i(urnll)aior known, and
Dr. Price's Lupulln Yeast Gtms
For I.U-ht, li" il
Hrm.i, Tim r
t Lry H p
V- .m In (he W,,rM
If you feel dull, drowsy,
have frt i u cnt h e a d a c h c,
mou tli t.i-t'S bad, poor appe
tite, t'ln.aio coated, you are
troubled with torpid liver or
" l.iliousnes.s." Why will you
suffer, when a few bottles of
ilOiiS and Malt Bitters will
cure you? Do not be per
suaded to try something else:
said to be just. as good. For
sale bv all dealers.
To SMOKERS of Blackwell's
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
This special Peimsit Is to punrnntee the
pAymt'tit uf the gS premiums fully described
lu'our former (iniiounoemeiits.
The premiums will be paid, nn matter hov
small the numtn r or hans returned limy be.
Oflft nl.tritirrU't Vurhivt T harm C)..
I'nrhum, .V. ., May 10, leM. I'
p. a. wrr t v, fj
rVeAiVr H nf Purh im, fiNrVim, If. c.
pE.in Sm -We indewi y.m ijll.tn'm i. which
rle.w eliice en Si e.".nl Ipehit to ray piviiiinum
f..r our mi tv tehaciv bum to !' nliirncd Heo.
lith. W ard truly, J. B. OAHR, lTldeal. ,
0 uf ll-t tlmkot )iir(im,(
"iiiir.im. .V. (', il'ti M, ls.
j. s. CArin.r.-j. , rj lh rh im TKvt
Pvin Sill -1 Into' to i:k!inleiln nwipt of
'l Who. i from yell. ulr.. i wo Iuvh idaeexl uroa
Se.l. ial Ut eeMt f'r tllP nl'lo t yen slate.
h' uU 0,1 Vouw truly. 1'. A. WILEY. Cashier.
N, in' ip'iu:ne willie"! t-Mtiw of UllXou tlia
1 W'l.iwe.
I "S, i' eur otluT aiinouiiepnieliU.
R'ck npfi'lirho and reliovo all tho troiihle Inct
l!''tit to n b.liolini Klate uf tho system, inch M Dia
ji'nes', Naiiseii, lriwsinesii, I):stre after cutintf,
l'a 'i in the Side, Ac. While their most reaiarfe
ahljBuccuss liaa beeaBhoivnincuriiig
III mlnrlicyct Cartrr'sLlttlo Liver Tills tro yinllf
valualilo in Conslili'ilion, curing and pruveuttnif
tlil Himoy in complaint, w hile they alo correct
a'l di-onler 'f tho jeouiaeh, sthmilato tha liver
aud rculuic the bowe'.n. Even if they only Cure4
Mhf V.iry rntiMhottimrvtprlceloa to thoM Vrho
taii-1 from this distrciwiwr coniplaiut ; but fortu
lia'.ely their K'ili'Cssih)i' not end Jure, and thosa
liooueoiry mem win iinu ineue- iiiiiffunuiu'
a'il e In po many way thnt they wlllriot b
Lut after all sick beti
n v'"r 'ril'i 'iW r'i ?V'7n7imnitfiiBiiatti-
Is thelisno cf to many lirr thnt hrre In wher w
nnko our preat liOtot. Our paU cuii it wOiia
farter's Litllo Llvr Tilln are TorymalUn
rry cay to tnkf, Onoor two Pih makt-a aou
Th y an' atrictly Tex-etrl.lo Biul do net gnw or
purrc but by th. ir gentle a.-tion i;I;'w''w0h1?
by tlru 'lata evexyLcic, ot wait by niad.
00()T,K MONTH!
tn roiututriii l'iii-lii'' mii.iH'er for hl tlty (of
i'hI :"" Aaoncir. htM't'NSU'LK CUM PANTjbr.
ire. p ae-t'cnlU a mntiopolT. rTallirig the Ta!
uiionA $:.0 -.-Il hKiCl"KU for tt,WJ
U.MHLKiHTifir. 8TAlXaOeJOUr. Nobont'i,
No 1'ntticulara ad'rcaa.wltb refrrtnee.
21 Fast Uth St., Sew York City.

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