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Notices in thin column uire llui t of iSccMs
unnnmirtton or i"J P" tevk.
HCIV WA NT K I) -Female
tv Asrm. Ad liii 'HiMil, ciiortfftic la.lv of eoaJ
.Mrr and fu nr bunt ulily, to Introduce, 'o
Hie trade ul ro "u uii'm of thin cii'intv, Madumi!
l)n' Celelirafril Spuml Siipporilim Comet,
,.icn ii4lv H'lvciliri' 1 mi I h'ehlf reooininiuili'il,
r,i i'if riu ii oiriir lrv of i,t.) monthly will
lie lend. AtMri-M wj'h referem-en.
Lhwis scniKi.R & Co.,
SIM Broadway, N w York.
Hnvil cl j imp leaf nirrev, new, rnd job. nl a
Imriiiiiii. laquireufE A. Harnett, llulletiii officii.
U is ADidiiui.iy.
llv virtm; of a writ Imued out of tin Diilrlct
Court of the I'uitcJ Hu'eH, lor tne tfontl.eru On
trict of Illinois, in admlraltv. dated on Monday the
sih ilayof AUKim. A. 1)., l"Kl, will h.ild Kt I'uli
Itc Sal, to tlie hieheM and beet bidder, tor cash,
t New Mtu-rtT. I'npr county. In mid District, on
the fourth dav of September. A D . between
Hie hoar ol Miiutft of mid dy and HoVlnc If A. M .,
th-f 1 owine drr;bel prupert , to-t :
"Tievtrerk ot the e enmhoat K. K. LcIk, Inrliid
hit; tier t bollert, 2 engine, nliwr engine, doctor,
pump, ersie hnrn. ,c , Die same having been order
ed by mid court to lics.ilil. JOllNA- 1 ANNKH,
V, S. Marshall.
Spr'.i.-'tleM, III., Annt 1:h. lssi
' liy 11. 1". DAKWIV.
At Anctiou YaluaMe Real Estate
At lbs front door of the C urt H.u In Cairo,
Ills., at S 1. M ., on
I will off ir for tale to the hlfc'liet h'd ! r, the fol-
lowing, very desirable prop Ttv, viz : nricic n r.t
and lot atil'Hi feet, Wabini;ton avenu -, B'Molnlni;
llrewerv, til..ck -Ji Dwellimr houe and lots xi.
.11 and 35. block 30, 14th afreet. Dwelling bouse
audlnta.1l and .12. block ?(. Centre ttreef. Lot
S and 3. block 4ij. 1st addilloj, Poplar street; lot
II, block K M addition, near the New York store;
lot !.'. block 3, l.th afreet,
Thiittver desirah'e prope tv, situated iu the
busines centre of the city, a-d now tint it I cer
tain Cairo will toeedily become a ereat railroad
and commercial ci'y, presents an op;-oitunity for
inveomeut not likely to o.-cr.r -ain.
TKKMs j cash. h' tl aid 12 month teenr,'.!
itii s per cut tnteret. or 3 per cent off for ca!i
l.r f ir.or itforinatioa iDqair of
M i I10TLLY, A;-.-at.
For front.
A c zi 0 10:h Street, J Jx-t
wet of Wtiiu:
Ap'.v t-.
2 r '
K." Z::i-".t 5 :i fur .m
'ti'.'.rnf- iii:i"L.i.;
Tirtiet: vfts-tr i
tie' iTtin. CiiM'ur'. vhe-t in im;. ie-ei I
S'Miiuriiint uionr wi weeuh. j
was- convent:'!, t'-iiav a- -:nci.-Aum"- .?.
.. Jiirii. 0: t.i :r cm. 1- 0'.l:-.i
T:i' pr:ntr tuks- ta.
1. c. 1:.
12 1 day.-
t:iKt.- t ' Li.iaisv:'.i. e :
f I'JZic, 0 iwt;t: .1'JV.-
Cttj Curt.. Fuu'v, v.. prt ;ared
t . Misu- ordei- 'le- treasure! f..r
t.i' tiii.- al.owci by t;it- C:tv O.'U.-tci.' ,tr
Hi- is?' me'.'tii.
1 lie tntliii ol tii'. leii'tapi, uiai, Inn
win ciieu lit tiie Lil'runi'-v (run, tin t lb;i:'.t
v' BuiiH'.'".'i.t Wt!tines:iii , v us ,V'. Lu''i i..
o! Spuria. I.is.,.w:te-f t .s tu-.tuer r
Mr. J. Y. C.ii.s.r . f 0 u.sta-i.
ia tie ciy TLu-sihy. ' n ,: ty f K-.:.-sas
tJ lok after sum? cn-i j.:rb! intil
and business interests he has there, in the
vicinity of the St. Francis river.
Mr. Patrick McAlpine, the Eighth
Street shoemaker, is seriously sick with
malarial fever, at St. Mary's l ifiinnry. He
was lyine; at his'home until Wednesday,
when, though the intervention of Capt.
English he was taken to the Infirmary.
Mr. Henry Winter returned Thursday
from New York, Cariui and other places.
He had been gone several weeks, during
which time he aided Men Uuller in his
laborious, task of writing his book accept
ing the greenback nomination lor Presi
dent. At the residence of Mr. W. F. Ax ley,
corner of Twelfth and Cedar, Thursday
evening Mr. McCahey and Miss Kate
Sitez were uuiied in marriage, Mai.stratc
Comings officiating. They are both Cairo
jwUDg people. They will make their home
temporarily with the family of Mr. Alley.
-Mrs. Sheehan has had a well dug nei;r
her hotel at Creal Spring, which furnishes
water that has been proven to possess re
markable medical qualities Several of
those stopping at her hotel, having con fin -.ed
themselves exclusively to the use of this
water, have been much benefitted in var
ious way.
The Illinois Central gives notice that
the following rules will govern shipments
of freight for exhibition ht faits in Illinois
and Iowa for 1884: Freight for t-xl.tbitiou
will be billed from starting point to the
station where the fair U held, or where it
leaves the Illinois Centrd, prtpahi Rt reg
ular tariff rates. Upon its nturu under tne
same ownership and with a certificate from
th; secretary of the fair that it m H,.U on
exhibition it will be billed f,ee to the
point on its line from which it (lliinall
started. '
.."ffS"1" "MiC,,tu'' "Point at
the World', f a , next w.nter by 'sending
to ti e Crescent City a wonderful collection
ot photographs of natural scenery. I'hod,
f;raphera in various parts of the State are at
work makini views of tin limit I
mountain and valley scenes. "The (ilorious
climate of California." has h, 'ri'tfifnrn I n
regarded an one of the chief promoters of
the beauty of ilm photographs made on
"the alope;" and now the matter will he
brought to a test, for the photographs of all
nations at the jjroat Expositions will be
placed side by side.
g The Mayor f l'liiUilelpliin !i8 net
ttliout thi) tusk of having plmtorapliB made
of the princip il public buil'in;8 A3 well hs
plan's ol historical interest in iiml itbout
the city of Brotherly Love. When the
pictures re finished they will tic pent ti
the Worl.l's Expiwition to 1m aihleil to the
fine nit yullerj of Americnn aii'l KuropeHn
Philip Lnwreoce has re-openeil his
meat shop on WaMhinton between Oih nn
lOili streets niul, comiiiencin with this
morn illy, will net vu all his ohl, nml nlso
Cfw, rusttuners with the brut of tut nieiits
at reasonable- irices. lie is e.v erietieeil,
knows what is choice in meats nml always
eti'liavors to please his customer?. Don't
fail to call on him.
In order to prevent visitors to lc
World's Fair from bent" over-charged the
Exposition uinuucincut will make n thor
ouijli canvass of Nuw Orleans and inter in
a book the names of all persons who de
sire to keep lodgers or boarders during the
season Any person charino; more than
the advertised rate will have his name
struck from the Exposition register. This
service will be entirely free.
Sheriff W. W. M-isoh, of Decatur,
came down yesterday to take with hint 'he
repeiitent thief West. He did not know
West, but West knew him and, when they
met, walked up to him and called him by
name and shook han Is with them. West
seemed v.-ry much pleised t see the sheiiff
and to o(-t buck to Decatur. West says he
trot $13 from his companion, a farm-r, but
t tie shot iff su. the farmer claimed to have
lust 2;V Tl.e cam is artdidy a strange
0Li. Slitriff Mason b. ft with his irisnnr
yest'-rday. alrern o!i.
Pa ;uol; New-, S.'u-.hv : ' Ti.e ;jine
cf lis-.L".','; be'.wet-n tits Ec! fords t-f 'h i
city ar i Cairo club W j-layt-j S in
Jay a:'tir2--'n ntx. at 2 o'c.-k, od the
Tricble lu-il'i'.l v-rc-U2 j. Tte Cairo club
t.-leripl.eJ tbe E.-kf.'rla to iiy tbt-y
here aci wi'.i be tc-
C. 2.T
r i
arf iakr of fv.tzl
os". v be htre ior
t::-2.'i :: r-lr
:z2 '.a .':r itr.st is :
1 a i': i2i:-2t-i.
2 i f a:!:-: 2
t: tie
.f f.;as:-r
2-i.i.r .: Li : .ciilit U ; -i.i . 1
a .. 2.feit i:
'.U-i? 2 . 2.!'::: U t-T':: ' I' t'"i
Z':t 'rx-.u. it-iLr:: :t... .'
Tin C;reu;t C-'ur. v..; v.nrt-it
.itcrma Aloiiiitiv it Septerttier, 1:l
I.tiLt." ol tin bench. Tnert- ut ii.it uiy
cnuuria. cases ol Lr:rtiorc:;i;i.ri imji irtMic.i
t in liiipi'Se.t; ot. Tin L'Tunti iury cirtvt
to; tii' teru. will comprise . lit- t;i'.i.v'ai
ivi.ii-0 .iitiemei. - is; Cairo prec.uic..
I. ii;;. W. Miller. Jolm ilown' ; ii-.l Ci.ro
pretnct.Tl; s. W. SnieiUc, Wtmil Hitter-ii-.u;.;)
i Cairo precinct, P. J. Tiiin:tfwtitd.
L'lin.- Uerbert : -Jfi. Cairo precinct, 7".nii
tnj (itiriuar.. J. W. Spier; Dth C-ulri jre
cnic:. I' rm.i. Cuiifriiet, luci.t;!:i Pnwcrt:
ii-eeti K.cii-i, 5 W. iluiker: I'ui'y, Jiv.-.o
K--Kt'i . VV. W. In ifcti j , '6h.-j jui-Lv, Gev. W.
Y'.n2Ui! t.ct', M iset L':i.'z. TL"s. ves :
C.eur (hk. S. M. P. KcCi-jre: Ewt Cape
j.'S! Jt. L. San -ier-: Ti.tt'-s, John
Mi. tr , C. A. Ma:cLi:d' n; Sat.ta F-. Wm
L. Wo "is; G use Istand, I'-'.mai Ii.ilins;
Lake Mulligan. James Ice.
Mr. Loverin. of Messrs. Il'.ff-iung & Co.,
Sydney, N S. W , Australia, suffered agony
from the gout and was unableto g-t ud sta
irs. A few application of St. Jacoln Oil, the
magical pain reliever, cured In in .
Letter List.
SATURDAY, AfOUfiT 2J, 1884.
Albright, Wm
Attiuleii, C
Appleby, E S
Haint S J
Cowtll, James 0
Cosh, A M
Doorc, Julian
Faltitroy, Hoy
U ty, Henry
Harris, Willie
Ilochin, Ii A
Hindi, Jessie
llaraisori, Hugh
Ates, Luui
Anderson, Elder
Hay ley, Wm
liurk, John
Cobb, J II
Cranshaw, Jahnne
Fenner, Ilichard
Goodhue, Henry
Hogans, Wm
Harding, Wesley
Humphreys, Jue
Hoskins, James M
Hodley, Fred
Hutchins, Geo C
Jones, Lewis
Jerten, Hudt
Johnson, Fred
Leahorn Jack
More, Louis
Mann, Char Us
Owens, Meley
Parks, Marion
Hunner, Hennety
Schwaitoz, William
Turner, Tom
Harding, L M
Janson, William
Johnson. Jim
Junkerman, Henry
rveanan, jnhn
Lee, Charles
Medcalf, Jake
Newton, Joseph
I'arks, Wm M
Preston, James
Ueeder, E
Towers. T II
Williams, C C
ladies' list.
Armstrong, FannjZ't- Allen Calley
uurrell, Aancy Ann
HeniiK', Lucindia
Prown, Cat heron
(,'asia, Nellie
Danniels, Lallie
Goerley, Kittie
Lemon, Kate
Merrit, lk-ttie
Mansco, Sarah
Harrison, Besssie
Mdlor, Forance
McGrath, Bridget
Price, Mairgey
Norman, It E
Vaughn, Lottie (2)
Wilson, Willey
Bardell. L
Clark, Saddie
Col well, Maud
Ellis, Ella
Johnson, Jemima
Louis, Elizabeth
McCurty, Ada L (2)
McCall, Ilariett
Mathews, E M
Morgan, Emline
Neff, Delia
Patton, America (2)
Heshorn, Annie
W'insem, J
Toting, Francis
u msd's I'oint.
B'-rr, Lee
Derrington, W A
Aclier, Lennie
hooper, E'.U
Glass, Thomas
Pretio, Amanda
Harrison, Green
H'ingate, James
JJryan, Norah
P' arcer, Kate
W'i.liams, Charles 0
Wane. It,,l,t
Persons calling fr 1 1 . c- above letters will
please say advertised. "
Wm. M. Mutriir, Postmaster.
Sorrotary Chundler's Flag-Ship
Meets an Ignominious Fato
at Soa.
Collides With a Coal Steamer and Goes to
the Bottom Surgeon Black and a
Colored Servant Drowned,
Loss of the Secretary's Personal Effects
Escape ol the Officers and
Boston, Mass., August 22. A report
has just been received from Cottage City
saying that the United States steamer
Tallapoosa ha 1 collided with n coal
6teamer off .Martha's Vineyard last night
and Immediately sank. AH the otlkers
and crew were saved, with the exception
of Surgeon Black and a colored servant
The crew escaped to the deck of the
collier, which immediately started lor
Wood's Hole, but beiug overtaken by the
Gate City, ol the Boston and Savauuah
Line, they were transferred to that vessel
aud lauded at Wood's Hole. Tne United
Status steamer Fishhawk went to the
scene ol the wreck, where nothing can
be seen except
of tbe suuken vesel. The Tallapoosa
was en route lor Newport to receive Sec
retary Chandle- and party, all of whose
effects were on boar 1 the wrecked
steamer and lost.
The scene ol the ace. t., t is of! Squash
Meadow sho&i Die co..iding vtswel
wa loaded wuii l,:'oO tons coal. The
crew of the Tallapoosa, consisting ol 10
ciiict-rs and rut, tscaped lrom the sink
ing man-of-war to the schjouor.
Wauinot., D. C, Auguit 22. A
dispatch recem-d at the Navy Depart
ment tiU muMiing courirms the report of
the sinkii.-g oi the Tallapoosa. Pist As
sistsnt Surgeon Clarence E. Biack, who
is supposed to tx- ilrowrx'd, w a naSve
oi 'tw- Brunswick, and appointed to the
positiisa ovembtr 14, lr7l, lrom Penn
sylvania. He ranKed as rst lieutenant.
He Lii seen tven ears of sea service,
&2-J ve years cl shore duty, and w -as
02e year tinier waiting orders'.
wis a f.v2r.j-riU pii'.c steamer of f 5.i
t:-2s a.2 d carried two howitzers. She was
2ei &5 i i.?yu;. Tiss':l, and became
J122C-2 iZ't l-.r part-cipation in the
:tikt2irgi;-srf of ledersi officials. The
Ii.i;X'j-a wii the vessel fitted up tj
carry Caret Id ont to s?a, but the idea
Hi.' tr'andc-ned, and she Las since been
it the censtant service of Secretary CLau
ciitr i-hi lis lr.t2is.
AoAlT UL-VlXi:.
Tut. OrtLi.e-tii.Hi: cf Catala Iiiut a
Btrcte Itaaifsato.
Tvi:iNTO, Av.rust Orate bodies
tiirciugiiout '.ii.ti.rrj LTt aScpt.LL' resolu
tmus culling upon tie:: t-rciirtn it tie
I'liiied Suites to vote Jor CitreiitjjJ. The
lolli'viiip b;peaiwbs passed at a meeting
of tiit .rat'geiato cl th.s city on Wednei
any ii-itht to te bttt to Orange organ. za
Uols throughout the Unite J Mates: "We,
Vj. cn.zets A Toronto, n.'-ti.b'.rs of the
iojai Or&Lij Association ol Brctish North
America, ctsire t address our hrc-tnreu
aud leiiow-Caiiadiaiis in th1; United
Stales as to the statnl they should u-;: in
Americaa politics. We believe it is th;
duty ol our brtthrtn to strenuously op
pse, both by their votes and intlu'-.-ijce,
the election ol James G. Biaine, tii.; ii'.--publican
nominee lor President, us we
believe he Is the enemy of Eii.an -1 and
lriend ol the demagogic, Irish and off
spring ol the Komish Church." 'J he up
peal Is signed oy a committee of 1 jur
Four Colored Men Numd tor C"jni,'i ass
in Mississippi.
Canton, Miss., August 2.'. The 11--publicans
in this State have now made
nominations lor Congress in each ol the
seven districts. Four of the nominees
are negroes. In the Second district, now
represented by Chalmers, a negro named
Johnson is the nominee. In the Third,
Jefford's district, a negro named i'lene
has been nominated. Juo. It. Lyuch, col
ored, contests with Van Eaton, the pres
ent Democratic Incumbent from thu
Sixth, lor an election. Yesterday James
Hill, colored, was nominated lrom the
Seventh to oppose Jlart-ksdale, a Demo
crat, now serving his first term. Hill is
the United States internal Revenue Col
lector lor the State and gives a larger
bond than any other negro in the world.
It is said he will decline the Congres
sional nomination
Extract From Commander Schley's
Forthcoming Report.
Nkw YmtK, August 22. The following
Is an extract from Commander Schley's
forthcoming olllclal report: "la pre
paring the bodies of the dead lor trans
portation In alcohol to St. Johns, it was
found that the bodies of six of them
(Lieutenant Klsllngbury, Sergeant Jew
ell, Private Whistler, Private Henry,
Private Ellis and Sergeant Kalston) had
been cut and the lleshy parts removed to
a greater or less extent. AH other
bodies were Intact."
Failures of the Week.
Nkw Yokk, August 22. The lailures
throughout the country during the seven
days, as reported to It. G. Dun & Co.,
number for the United States, l!i7;
Canada, 22; total, 2l'.t, as ugainst 220 for
last week.
Came to the Trial.
Boo.nviu.k, Mo., August 22. Frank
James arrived hero yesterday to stand
trial on the charge of complicity In the
ottervllle train robbery on the Missouri
Pacitle In 1H7H. Tho case will bo called
to-morrow. It is said the defense will
move for a continuance.
Arrested for Murder.
Nkw York, August 22. Joseph Ulco
was arrested this morning for fatally
shooting Lena Stein, she refusing his at
romiHJN m:vs.
P.utis, August 22. China has notified
France that an attempt to repeat the
Kelutig affair, hi which Admiral Lespet
attacked aud destroyed the fort, Is to
bo considered a declaration of war, aud
that China will call on the treaty
powers to fulfill their duties to neutrals
lu the Island of Formosa, those powers
having assumed a proteetonte over Ke
luuu In the treaty. It is announced to
day that Admiral Courbet was Instructed
last evening to bombard Foo-Chow ar
senal, but it is expected that very little
resistance will be offered aud that the
II. I. UK F. ASII.Y CAl'l t iii:d.
The town Is merely a collection of
workshops, factories and yards lor ua
al construction aud the development of
the metallurgical wealth ol the country,
lu ordinary times it employes about 2,
uoo workmen under the superintendence
of sixty-six Europeaus. The port ol
Too Chow Is not on the sea coast, but
hotit twenty miles Inland, on the Kiver
.Men. The city, or settlement, lies about
ten miles higher up the river, and Is not
accessible U steamers drawing more
than twelve feet of water. The Ar
senal lies about midway between the
mouth of the river and the city. It is
the only place where ships can be built
by C hiiiameu In European style.
uiiio i:i:i ru stand asiuk.
Dnu.iN, August 22 The jurors lu the
scandal cases have subscribed their names
to a document attesting in effect that
w liell U'Hrieil, edilor of I'nit'-'l Irtliiut,
off.-red Ids evidence he was ordered by
the Court to stand aside.
stanu:ys hkaliii.
London, August 22. Henry M. Stan
ley has gone to Aacheu, lussia, where he
will remain several weeks to try the
i.a!eis for his health. He disapproves
of th transfer ol the military base to
Israel's Keruains Intact.
Kii.iMi i", Mich., Auitu-t 22. Com
:;.a:ider Schley of the Grcely Relief lix
pci.tion, stated privately th tt the re
::.i!3 of the late Edward Israel of Kala
i:mi 10, the meteoroloui-t ol the Lady
lra:.k:i:i liay Expedition, were intact.
Jii relations will not allow them to be
i i. J!:.e 1.
Tne Chautauqua M elintr.
Cuu iuta, N. Y., August 22. Rev.
Daniel Curry lectured this morning on
'The Theology of the Heart," after
:.ich a children's spe.iing match was
ht. . J.
Grain and Prov.o.oiu.
COTTON Stfa-ly; lu-'l I. in.', n-i 41 IV?.
t L Ch-:ea-iy; XXX to enoue. f -., &3.6S;
r.'.a'. :.!. t ji'j.-V-'
W ntAT .-te.v!;. : No. 2 Ke 1. "-n'cvSf for
Lew . No. 3 lO.-l, in w, ;:t iA-.c.
C - 'US-.-'.i-j-!;. : .No. 'J ,. . :'(il se; No.
i t:; n..ie-i. -.
"at K.riii'-r: No. '-. :.''. t -JT--,;.
jivi. I,', wi-r; No. 2. .. .e.
1 'B a '. i i-ir.ii : ju.'s; t-ottifiion to ftiotee
f-i J il).oi; ieji; ronifiio'i r-.l ienf, t7.."j
l:.i.h: in'-iaiiii m (fwi'i f ,i ij i'ilT.oi.
H aV i'ldirm ('.v: ; i -i tor pi ime toehnieo
n- w: cover niin-l. -.-il'i !nr i.-oiiimiom t.o
yr.Mif. ehoiee new timothy, Jll.u.-iU.lM; tau
cy. t U Oi il i.Vi.
Uctikk Kinn'-r: choice to ia:n.-v vw.wtl
3iU2e; (Jmry. enoiee to luney, l'ii7,.-; low
t'moes noiiiiintl.
hoos .i-t:v ; (unlle l, II je; shippers'
murks. I'l tle ..
PoT.TOKs-ii ,.-ln r. hi c: -; -M i er l.u-tiel.
J'oitK .-ti-ili,' uii'l bikin i ; IH-w iness, 1 1.'.."
J.tno fiii'-t ; prlm stOiiin T .c.
iiACo.N Lonvs. IDtll-.o: i-.'ioi-u llvi&ll'tc;
cn-m ntis. ll'a 'II , nil pa. k 'I.
W ool. liiiewiistieil, ch Jv'"..'ilo: fair,
!TT'"-2'e; 'lliiiry iirel low -."i :;. I'iiwatiei
Choice iie.liijin, 21 vile; loo-l av iiU'e im-liioa
lt M;iiM'i....i niriit lln- 1- 4l.ic ; e I av
era;, l'i"J7e; ln-nvy lt-tl"-: roiiteii.'. -t
L)" "1. 2l (4.':.'e; eoniliiiu'. lj,v ini.-s. pi r.r.ij.
IIiOKS Oijii-l: ilrv tlnn l'i,:. Uiim in
12--tc: tiijiis or sia.M, 1)';; ory sultel,
12e; Orv s.i:t; 1. ilmiiw-l, l ie: ki;i an I
eair, siit'.-ii. s-jo: iia'inwel, :'.: tuihs and
stu'a, u-4e; (fi-eeo, uneure I, e; iKiina.'.-.l,
SilF.Kl' I'ki.ts Wi-uk: irr--ii TO '.si(.; ,ry
do, 4 l-,7'k'., a-i to lOM-i.int an I -jih Pvo' wo !;
(rnsen Bii'Mroii,',, lie; Or .lo. luli,;: luiuO
elv in H,
Wmkat Lower: No. 2 ti.,j. S-iii c m tt-r,
W",e: Oelolji-r. lil'Ci;; Novi-nilier, 'Mli-; De
ceniber, '.'); .laiiinu v, !i
CoilN lllth -I-; Auu-t, i;: Si-iti-iiiber,
lile; Ociolier, We; Novinli.-r, an ,:.
Oats Wenker : August, .il ,e; Si piember,
31 'i,e; Oetolier, ai Sc.
t no A JO.
Wheat Lower: Aiilm s', -
-: Si-iiti-niti'T.
tH'-ic: Oetolier, HI ts-i .e;
Novcmlicr, se;
Jli-i einoer, c.
(.'oil." Lower: Aoirii,e, r,2 e;
K.'c; lletolit-r, ai!ie; Novi-uili-i-,
."e: May, 4'-ie.
IM'IS-L'iwet'; August, 21 e;
Hn; le' tr, 2 'i ,(; yi-nr. :.M ',
l'fiitK II iitIht: Aii.'ii-t. i:Mt;
f:!l."i: oli'-r. . i.'m; y-ar, f 12.
1") ,e; jear,
r'i; .hiuo.tiy,
IjKMt Firmer: Anni i, ,:;: 'ipii-Miln'r,
t7..i7': Oi'Uilier, t; No i-iiiIkt, ?,M7 ,;
Juiiiliu v, I7.H7-j.
Miuit-r lints Aiian-t. ln.4.";: SeiifiMiibi-r,
tli).I.ViillJ.l7'ii 'ietoher, tin. Id.
Live Stocos Markfcta.
( llll'AOl).
CArn.K-Heeelpti, 5..VM: evpoiH tlnnr-r lit
tfl..rK'J7.Uil: K""'l to elioii-i- s.i -w at Ji. I) k(:.",Ii;
common to lair, ti.W'j.Vit.i; Ti-mius, ;f.7."nft
SilK.KI KeeelpIS, l.timi; slow itml weak lit
12 UM l.i'l.
HoiiS Keeeiptu, ll.INi; aeti-o but weak
lind f'il'ie low or: liirhl, ...7.'-(.;.ijii; rouli
paeklmr, t".s.Vvl.:)0; li'-avy pae'oiiir mel sliip
plllir, t i. K..4'1.7n.
Catti.k Miii ket dull: lair lo eliolee tr.27
.1.75: eoiiiiiinli lo Ine.lium sPem s l.2n-;4.'.'l:
mixeil bulelieis' I.2IK'(, 1.2..; si,, en hulls f.'.Hlia
HilKKl Mm ket (lull: Wi-pi-a ImmiIih com
UIOII to Ijiooil, ?4. I V'' .1.00; I Ullildillll,
i. 10.
linos (iiassi-i-s, $"i.2."i''.'i,!i"i; eliolcu ilniijr
leu, i'i. ti; Pius, t4.,.,.'i.:.n.
Catti.k Kruelpt a, I, Din; weak and slow;
bet ipmllty meilinm native sieer-i l,!i to
I. .MM pounds iiviMiini', t.j.im'Ci; Hi: ilo, it :tt to
I,im poiiinls aveniKU, tl.sn'iJi.:i.); st ckers
Hli'l fi-e'leis, S!I..MPtl.."i(i; cows. t2. ,5 .l.(ie;
Ki uss Texas steer-t, t.'l.lH"M.im.
Hons Iteei'ipls. n.onil; tiiiene.l weak hut
clc-eil si router; stiles ut fe.'mi,iil.:'i; muhily
at is.l.',l 2,"i.
Slll.t.l' lieeeil-M," l,-0l; sternly tind till
elianireil. Money and Stock Mai knt.
Nkw Voiik, Amrust 22. Slo. ks, utter a
fill' tiniliil ileeline. Iieeniiii. strnmr iin.l Inioy.
ant. I it Mill I'neille ioe to .Mi- on liemy
tnin sin tioiis. .Noitl.wi si.-ru in -u to MM; St.
I'uill, ss'j,; Pu.-llli' Mini. .i2',i WesOrn l ltlon,
illl'i, Money. I 'a per, 5 .'tii. pur silver,
lln'i. K.xehiiiiiro llrmer; ll' io4Mfc lonn,
IS4' til 4-4 ' slioit. ItovernnieliU linn; .-tltus
iMiot; lionilssti-.inir. Sloeks iron. iifu-r II
H. til. Il'lvanrril; ill 111 l 1 . 1 1 1 llllll'n. loss aetlve
nml priees Irai tioniilly Lover. TIii-hcS, 1(MJ;
1S,S, 112 1; 4s, 1.11; I il -ill.- H, 125.
1 )J0A a:i IN
JajDauriccl Jiu'lin and Atik AVare,
inl Cages, Until Tubs, Wat or Coolers A: Ice Cream Freezers.
Ag-eiit fur Ailiiiiis & Wostlako Oil. Gasoline and Oih Stovt'H, Detroit
Safi Co., Hamilton Steel Plows, (ihillcd Plows, Walking: Cultivators,
Coin Sludlers, Planters, Ktc, Ktt.
NOS 97 ft 6V K's""' Street,
lUb. Li C fJ'J, CAI RO. 111.
I i in J i h V ill
l I U n l n ill
J n
lot) Coiniiieifiiil A veil lie,
B0kcaierdal Job Printd',
7S Oliio I.cvee.
Jiound-lfole lVrloratoi'.
Prices acconlina: t Style an l t.iiutlity
of Pa jut, special tlisfount on l;ir;re
orders :
Vl.y. E l'KU SI M.I.I. 1,011,1.
Letter Hea.ls f I CO to o'J
Hill Hcitils ' t 1 1 4 00
Note Hea ls :,u to :,o
Packet Note Hea ls oo to 1 00
Monthly SUtuiients ' .V) to ;j .10
Business Cards 'J .10 to 4 00
Kiivelojies ( 1 ) 1 1 cut Osi.... 2 00 to 15 .10
Envelopes fhiili cut C'j)... '! oO to 4 00
Shipping lays ' .lo to .'J o'J
Iiills Lulling 4 50
Checks, Orders and lt.ceit'ts
(10 books) -. 50 t i 1 50
Dodders, all colors, Minnie
thousand) C x 0 2 50
Dodfirs, 0x1'.' (sinyle thou
sand) ! :i 00
111! 100.
Wed'linc; Invitath ns '4 50 to 7 oO
Hall Inv.tations 2 00 to 5 00
Hall ProL'rammes 2 50 to 5 00
Posters, P.' x Is ' 4 sheet i 500 4 50
13 x 21 ij; chectj,
sinL'le 100 Ii 50
" 21 x ;jtj O'uM sheet). . (i oo per loO
L'S x 42 (luammotli).. 11 00 er HO
t'fff- idi iflri! t ! uj ill in In pn-t-rs oi.i- o two
dollars, tfp'.ciul ra'i'1 on apploatioti for c I r d
IA H. SMITH. Klilir.l'.T A. s,Il'
Grand Central Store.
CiV 1 HQ. - IJLTj
Patrick T. JlcAlpine,
I.emler in
MiiiIk to ii'lr-r.
6th St., bet.. Ohio Levee & Commercial Ave.
CAIRO. - - IL,Ij
Repairing neatly done at short notice.
Manufacturer uud Dealer t n
B'.h Street .between (.'nm'l Ave. uud Levee.
Sufes iteaalred. All Kinds ol Kuys Jlndo.
Mrs. Emily Bowers,
JJalilll; S:T:0:R:E,
Noxt AloxaiuWr Co. Hank, Mtit.
:utro, 111.
ifcTiood Stock and I'rlcca Reasonable j
Civ B R O S
I t -r
... XII
i i crus h,
Jiosen water,
i:G 1 JH Crom'l Ave.
l:v t fa". CiUj-'.i-te liiio of
I. hu t; (.ootls, loisters, Notions, Kte.
A ti.;vv cfork o! Ilu.!j Iirmn- i,T(' T
tr.ei net I; yr n
A f'.ll f o'k ot (nl t'liiOi", t 1 tii-f kuiI prhei.
All (JibmIm ut Jlottom J'ri-"!
o. 1 Hi Commercial Ave.,
.'-!e A;'cnt foi the t'eleljiafe '
a nil KA.isG.KS.
MantiUitur.'r and llealei In
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work,
r.ullilirs' llurdwart! bikI Carpentrrs' Tool", Ta'i'e
anil Torket ( iiil-ry, lu st In ihe einrkt. Itoeri
liros.' I'lafeil Kniv.-s. Fiirku aim Suoori". (iraiilte
Iron Ware. Il.-r.in Kurtheuware, White Mountain
1 r i-z.-r". Water Coolers. Knf-ierator", Cloth' s
Wrlneers, Crown Kluti-r-, St -p Ladders. Oarden
Ini.li melitf, (iolden S'ar Oil stoves - tx-ht iu the
world, L oiiis or i v-rv ilesrri, tion. Elalu nil.
Carp-! Sue. per-, r-uther liiisters. Ilrooiiip, Wlu
dow Screen W're CioUi, l ull pupply ol Klcli ititf
The hIiom. it rni R liott im price.
Corner l.'lh and Commercial Avenue, Cairo, 111.
Telephone No. Vi.
(Success, r to Clms. T. Newlmnl ami
H.T.Ueruuld )
Piumbeif Seam and Gas Fitter
Connneicial Ave , liet. reutli and Ele
venth ,sts ,
CA1UO. : : :
Drive Well K.irre anil Lift I'ump furnished and
toil up, Aijeut for the Celebrated
the best pump ever Inveuted. Nuw (las Flxtureii
liirr.iBhed to order. Oil f ixtures repaired aud
IC-Jobliliifj promptly attended to. Ul'l-tl
The LacLrA Variety Slock
!or, Ninet c- l'i rfr "t t
ommerclttl A", unno f
Golds lino
N l 1 1 I I Slim' V W
Cairo, III

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