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NO. 232.
Brand adrarUied a. abwlntoly pare
Plae. a can top down on a hotitor. until heattd.thM
nmott i la raw aad email, a chsmi.t will oal b r
UU4 todMa UMprwwMM ( ammonta.
la a atlllloa homta for a quarUr of a nnturr II am
toed Ik conaumara' iwllabl, tut,
amm or
Dr. Price's Special Flayoring Extracts,
n. .IrMfMt.M.l Mltlwu u4 atraral km Mi
Dr. Price's Lupulln Yiasf Dims
Tn Light, Health? !)mt, Th But Dry Hup
Yt In lb World.
129 Commercial Ave., Cairo, 111.
admluletured daily.
A edr tu attendance.
Special attention paid to the Homeopathic treat
Bi.nt of aurglcal diauaiea, and dl.ea.e of women
and ehlldruo.
OFFICE On 11th street, opprslto the Po.t
office, Cairo, 111.
OFFICE East Side Commerc'al below Ith St.
Cairo - Illinois.
Dental Sux'geon.
Urnca No. ise Oonmorcla' Avblh. be.woea
ftr rtb and Ninth street
OFFICE City Drug Store, Carbondale, 111.
Of Cairo, Illinois.
OA FIT A L. . $ 1 0 0,0 0 O !
A General Banking J'.nsiness
Ti03. vy. HALUDAY
Enterprise saving bank.
Of Cairo,
Commercial Avenue and Eiiflitb St reef
P. BH08S, Preaident.
H. WELbS, Ca.hler.
P. NiFF, Vice Pre-'nt
T. J. Kerth, Aen't -n
',... Dirwov ra;
' , Broa. Cairo I William Kluce C in
Peter Neff. . William Wol?.... "
('. U O.terloh ICO. Pallet .. "
K A.Uuder " I II. Well....... ..
J. T. Clemron, Caledonia..
Kxchango aold and bought. Interett paid u
the Saving. Department. Collection, ra.de ant
all ho.lne.s promptly attended tc.
I wooldrwpectfultyannonneato thecltlieni of
Cairo that I hate opened and am carrying on
ant eiaa. laundry In ta rear of Winter. Black,
on Haventh 8 tree t, where I am prepared to do all
uiunwmiaDr uae in a aapenorana work
maa.hlp tula, d.ljlnf comaetiton and at
maoaaDio agnret. au work inaranU.d, aid
pivHiyi payu.ai u any gvoai an loai.
If. B--Bnt-anca to lanndry, through ths private
eaua.ee to Winters Block. f-tt-taa
si r
3 ".dXitil
V-2 T8X
An Indian Inspector's Ropoil
Which Falls to Glvo Sat
isfaction. What Cattlemen Who Hava Been Forced
to Abandon Their Banohes As
sort Ward's Oowardioe.
Stockmen's Threat to Kill All Indiana
Caught Off Their Reservations
On Sight.
Denver, Col., September 4. Tho re
port of Indlau Iuspeotor Ward upon tho
Indian troubles la Southwestern Col
orado, which tends to shield tho Southorn
Utes from blame In tho recent outrages
upon cattlemen, and Indlau Agent
Patton In Usulng passes to resorvatlon
Indians, creates unfavorable comment
among the whites In the menaced district.
Cattlemen who have been threatened by
the Indians and forced to abandon their
ranges, assert that tho Investigation
lacked thoroughness ; that Ward was afraid
to venturo far enough luto tho country to
ascertain all the facts; that he declined
their proffered aid to Identify marauders
as reservation Indians, and that they
gave the Lames of responsible men who
can verify their statements us to the
truth of the outrages.
The stock men declare they will kill
all Indians on sight found off their
reservation, whether provided with passes
or not, and will depend upon themselves
for protection. They also assert that the
military officers at Fort Lewis, who are
cognizant of tho situation, substantiate
their statements.
Secretary Teller Is here. IIo states
that the Indians can not be removed by
legislation unloss the tribes will consent.
Senator Hill's bill of last year would bo
la operation bad it passed tho House,
i'or this reason be has ordered Agent
ration, of tho Southern Utes, not to Issue
any passes and to koep tho Indians with
in tho reservation boundary. He tele
graphed tho Secretary of War to-day to
lustruct tho commander of Fort Lewis to
compel tho Indians to remain on the
Troublo Is also reported lu Garfield
County, the locality of tho Meeker mas
sacre, by straggling bands of Indians
from Utah, who are on their old reserva
tion and Insolent to settlers. No out
breaks have occurred, but the whites are
uneasy over the conduct of the Indians.
All of these Indians at both points aro
well armed and are likely to create
A glove riaiix,
Which Game Unplwaaantly Near Being;
a Free Fight.
Lotto Island City, September 4. A
desperate glove fight took placo In a
secluded spot, a short distance from this
city, at daybreak this morning. Tho
combatants wero Jim McIIugh, of Chi
cago, and Pave Fitzgerald, of Canada.
The men were very evenly matched, being
about the same height and weight. Both
men had a number of admirers and heel
ers, among them somo of the most turbu
lent spirits of tho rough element known
In pugilistic circles. During tho oght
there were frequent squabbles between
the heelers, over the rulings of tho
referee. Several times it looked as
though the affair would break up la a
free fight. Two or three times the mob
broke into the ring, and the fight
bad to be stopped until they re
tired. The men were game and
fought forty desperate rounds. It was
give and take throughout, and the fight
only terminated by tho referee declaring
It a draw to prevent a general fight be
tween the respective following of the
men. Fitzgerald appeared to have slight
ly the best of the fight, gaining first
blood, and repeatedly knocking his op
ponent down; but at the conclusion both
men showed the marks of terrible pun
ishment around the head and body, and
were about tired out. They could not
have fought much longer. The fight was
for a parse of 8300. The contest lasted
two hoars and thirty minutes.
Lord .Wolaaley Orders a Blroh Bark
Canoe for the Expedition.
Winnkpeo, Man., September 4.
Colonel Kennedy yesterday received a
cablegram from Lord Wolesley asking
him to procure a birch bark canoe for
him similar to the one be used during the
Red River expedition. Lord Wolsclcy
wants the boat for his own use during
too trip up the Nile. Colonel Kennedy
at once sent for Superintendent McCall
of the Indian Department and purchased
a canoe for him, which McCall recom
mended as being the best procurable.
It Is a six-fathom one and will carry
easily six men and baggage. It will be
here to-day to be ready to go along with
the expedition, which leaves on Satur
day for the East. Fifty-three men In all
are going. Colonel Kennedy goes as far
as Montreal, and as he has been offered
a position on Lord Wolseley's staff will
doubtless go to Egypt. The meu will be
divided into three classes. One-third of
them will be from St. Peter's Indian re
serves and are experienced voyageurs.
The remainder are men who have spent
years as raftsmen, together with a sprink
ling of young men who have had consid
erable experience canoeing and roughing
it in survey parties.
Temporary Btuponalon of a Minnesota
Wabaaba, Mimn., September 4. Yes
terday ltbecame known that the Mazeppa
mil Cocnpaay, owning and running ex
tensive floor mills at Mazeppa, in this
county, bad failed, with large liabilities,
and that the Minnesota Elevator Com
pear n made an assignment. It is as
serted that Senator James G. Law
seajoe, bx Is rresUent of the
Uawrtor Company, is In serious flnan
del dlflWilttos. . Yesterday morn
ing a nm commenced on the First Na
tional Bank of this place, of which Mr.
Uwance Is director and one of the
largest stockholders, and by noon all the
seady money of the institution, some
130,000, had been drawn oat, and payment
was necessarily suspended for an
boor or twe, but more cur
sancy was got in some way and,
psfjiut was MsosMd la the after
fonsi. It It beUaeed Oat the hank la,
troublo. Senator Lawrence's liabilities are
thought to ba heavy, but no estimate can
now be given. Considerable of his paper
Is bold hero and In banks at Lake City,
St raul and MUwaulsoo, and sorao lu
Eastern cities, especially lu Hartford,
Connecticut, and Syracuso, N. Y. Other
fallurog arc likely to follow.
Though tho Evldenoa Lisa Buried for
Two Long Tears.
LoaAMBi-oiiT, Ini)., Soptombor 4.
Sponcer and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koov
or, of Monticollo, Whlto County, wore
Indicted yesterday by tho Grand Jury for
tho murder of Alva Speucur, a wealthy
larmcr, in Whlto Couuty two years ago.
Solomon Speucor Is tho brother of tho
murdered man whoso body, which was
exhumed several days ago, gives unmis
takable signs of tho prusonco of arsenic
In largo quantities. It is thought that
Koever and his wLfo wore hired by tho
brothor to do tho murderous work. The
suspected persons were arrested. Tho
greatest excltumont prevails in Whlto
County over the developments.
Governor Bourne' a Proclamation.
Proyidknck, R. I., Septembor 4. The
following Is Governor Bourne's proclama
tion on the death of United States Sen
ator Anthony :
Stats or Knonn Ihi.ano, 1
PuoviuKNUB, Soptombor U, 1HH1. J
' It U my painful duty to announno olllclully
to Uio puoplo of tho Huto Unit tho Hon. lion ry
11. Anthony, tho sontor Hcnutor from this
Htato in tho Coiinri'88 of tho Unltod Mates,
illod uthlsroaidonott, lit I'rovMunoo, on Tues
day at 1 : 15 o'clock p. in. His long oaroor hits
boon distinguiiihod by faithful anrvicos to
his native Htato, mid his follow oitlzons
will grutof ully prosrrvo tho memory of his do
Votlon to tiuiir intorusts. The funeral aerviocs
Will tuko plaoo at tho Pint Congregatloiiul
t'hurou, Provldonno, on Hatunlay, Hoptomuor
G, attwelvo o'oliok. 1 rociuust tho tnombors
of the General Aasombly and tho StaU) olll
vora to moot at tho Statu-housii on Saturday
next al 11 a. ni. for tliu pui-potto of atUinriliiK
the funeral. I also requost thut between tho
hours of twolvo o'olwk noon mid two o'olock
p. ru. ou that day, nil public otltous bo olosoil,
and that, hs a tribute nt' i onpeot to tho luto
Hoiuitor, all business during those hours, in so
far as prnotloablo, bo susxtiulod.
SJguodl, AuuusTimO. Uoiihnk,
Butler on His Travels.
Ciiicaoo, III., Septembor 4. General
Butler left for Mlnnoupolls at ten o'clock
this foronoon, accompanied by a delega
tion composed of Win. C. King, J. F.
Lee, P. II. Shadrlck andW.W. Gcnn,
from that city, who journeyed hero to
meet hlra. He will make a short stay at
Milwaukee, en route. General Butler said
to your representative this morning that
be declined to make any statement as to
a probable fusion with the Democrats in
Illinois. He had been in conversation
during the morning with Mr. Oberly,
Chairman of the Democratic State Cen
tral Committee, upon tho subject. Mem
bers of the People's party, who were
present at the conference, declared that
no decision as to fusion would bo reachod
tor the presont in any event.
Kindall Renominated.
Philadelphia, Pa., September 4. -The
Democratic Convention for tho nomina
tion of a candidate to ropresont the
Third District In Congress was bold this
morning. On motion Samuel J. Randall
was named as the nominee of tho Con
vention. On motion the nominations
were closed, and Mr. Randall was nom
inated by acclamation. He addressed
tho Convention In a neat llttlo speech,
after which tho Convention adjourned.
Seventy-two Ballots.
Graylino, Mich., September 4. Up
to noon to-day there had been seventy
two ballots taken In tho Tenth District
Michigan Republican Convention, and
the dead-lock still was unbroken. Bal
loting began yesterday. Tho district Is
the one represented by Hatch, and In
cludes the city of Bay City and most of
tho heaviest lumbor region of the north
ern part of the lower Peninsula of Michi
gan. The chief candidates aro C. F.
Gibson, of Bay City: R. J. Kelly, of Al
pena, and Dr. Gcorgo Granger, of Tus
cola County.
Only Wants to be Governor.
Centralia, III., September 4. Tho
Centralia Daily Sentinel will print to-day
a personal letter from General Richard
Oglesby In which he says t "I am a can
didate for Governor only, and for noth
ing else. I am not a candidate for United
States Senator. I do not want thatolllce.
I want to be elected Governor and to
serve the full term out, and want noth
ing else. I am running on tho UepubIN
can platform, plain and simple, and on
no other, and am bound by no other."
Arbitrator Adams' Resignation Ac
cepted. New York, September 4. The resig
nation of Cbas. Francis Adams, Jr., as
arbitrator of the railroads which are
members of tho Trunk Lino commission
has been accepted. The reason assigned
by Adams Is pressure of business affairs.
His action will probably lead to an abol
ishment of the office and the reorganiza
tion of the system of adjusting differ
ences. The plan of a board of arbitration
has not worked well. The matter will
come before the conference to be held
here to-day, which will also discuss a re
duction of freight rates. It Is recognized
that unless the pool can be reorganized
the existing promises to maintain rates
tan not be observed.
Sinking- 6f the General Keade with
6,000 Saeka of Wheat.
Jefferson City, Mo., September 4.
The steamer General Meade struck a rock
In the river opposite the capltol building
at six o'clock this morning and sank in
seven feet of water. She loaded at Cam
bridge, Saline County, with 6,000 sacks
of wheat, and was on her way to St.
Louis. The principal stock of the boat is
owned by the captain, Archie Bryan. She
is valued at 10,000 and Insured for
13,000. About 4,000 sacks of wheat will
le lost. The boat will be raised.
Is It -Only Baser
Logan, Q., September 4. Regarding
the annonncement that tteoalerndkate
has decided to suspend ope rations one
rear, It Is feared that In retaliation tho
miners will make an attack upon the
most vulnerable spot of the operator's
Bnes. Itis thought that as soon as the
aider baD drive the miners off to hunt
weak jftrt it win be rerekanfllm
J. W. Owona Rulod Off tho St
Louie Jookoy Club
Tho Triok by Which Ho Tried to Tul)
Nora M., the Favorite in a Raoo,
Aftor tho Pools Woro lu.
He Pleads tho Uaby Act by Declarinfl
that He Had Never Read the
Turf Rules.
Sr. Lopis, Mo., September 4. Inquiry
Into the Nor.i . matter was pursued
till late last evening. It will bo remem
bered that this maro was entered for s
tlvo furloug heat raco last Friday, fot
which slio should huvocarrlud 108 poiintls.
Whou tho other soveu horses we the
post her owner, or rather tho owner ol
hor running qualities J. W. Owens
informed tho judges that ho could
get no ouo to rido tho maro
excopt a boy namod Ilartmnii,
vlio could ride no lighter thau 114 3-4
pounds. As tho maro had been a warm
favorite, llrst, In fact, until just beforo
tho race, tho olllclals would not listen to
Owens suggostion that he bo nllowod to
draw the maro, and insisted on her start
ing with even this extra weight up for
the llrst heat, whtlo they directed Mint a
boy of tho proper weight bo procured for
tho others. 1 ho starter reported that
It was with tho greatest dif
ficulty ho could get Hart man
to bring the maro to tho post at all,
though when another jockey, Thayor,
was put up Norah M. acted well lu every
way, guvo no troublo ut tho post and
won tho succeeding heats and race. KM
donco was given to the judges that Wren
Yetmau had been regularly engaged to
ride tho maro and that ho conld do so at
her proper weight of 108 pounds. It
was proved to tholr satisfaction that the
boy had boon told by Owuns that ho
should receive 925 uot to rldo tho mnro,
but to
It was proved that tho boy thereupon
took a scat at tho back of tho stand, a
course, to say the least of it, very unus
ual for a jocky, and that wlionsouu thero
and questioned by people interested In
tho mare, ho .acquainted them that Owens
had promised him money to stay away.
It was further stated that Thayor, a
Iockoy who could also rido tho wulght,
tad gone so far as to offer Owens 820 to
allow him to rldo Instead of
charging him a jockey's too
for tho reason that ho, Thayer, had back
ed tho mare to win him 8200. It was
further proven that Qtiantrell, tho well
known and ablo jockoy, told Owons up to
tho very moment of tho race that ho could
and would rldo tho maro at 110 pounds,
and tho case tucreforo narrowed Into the
facts that while Yetmau and Thayer wero
ready to rldo at 108 pounds, Quautrell at
only two pounds extra, Owens wont out
of the war to pick Ifartiuann, who It was
allowed Juts
In his life, and put him up at six and
three-quarter pounds over weight. Tho
defense mado by Owons practically con
sisted in his statement that though ho
had bocn racing for a considerable tlmo
ho had never taken tho troublo to oven
read the rules of racing. He slated that
ho bad been offered 8500 la Chicago to
pull the maro thero, and declared him
solf innocent on this occasion. The
judges, however, wero fully satisfied of
his guilt from the evidence of tho outsldo
parties, and ru'cd him off tho track for
Brighton Beach Baosa.
New York, September 4. Tho Bright
on Beach races wero continued yester
day, whon tho following excellent pro
gramme was run off:
First Race Maidens of all ages, thrco
quarters mile: Frolic, first; Joo Saw
yer, second; J. W. Whlto, third. Tlmo,
1:18 1-2,
Second Race Selling race, ouo mllo:
Carloy B., first; Swift, secoud; Adonis,
third. Tlmo, 1:44.
Third Raco Handicap, ono and ono
olghth miles: Mattlo Rapture, first;
Hickory Jim, second; Ten Strike, third.
Time, 1 :58 1-2.
Fourth Race For beaten horses, seven-eighths
mite t Joo Murray and Cara
mel, dead beat; Greenland, third. In
the run-off Joo Murray won easily. Tlmo,
Fifth Race Threo-ycar-olds, ono and
quarter miles : Bull's Head, first; Royal
Arch, second; Pionocr, third. Time,
1:14 3-4.
Sixth Raco Handicap steeplechase,
full course i Gcorgo McCullough and
Aurellan, dead heat; Joo Cooper, third.
George McCullough and Aurellan dlvidod
llrst and second money. Tlmo, 4:39 1-2.
Ccore of Games Flayed on Wednesday,
September 3.
Boston, Mass. Bostons, 7; Clove
lands, 0.
Baltimore, Md. Athletics, 15; Baltl
mores, 5.
Pittsburgh, Pa. Vlrglulas, 8; Allo
gbenys, 4.
Columbus, 0. Loulsvllles, 2; Colum
bus, Washington, D. C Nationals, 6;
Kansas City, 6. Game called on account
of darkness.
Providence, R. I. Provldoncos, 11 j
Bnffalos, 1.
Philadelphia, Pa. Phlladelphias, 5;
Detrolts, 4.
New York. Chlcagos, 9 ; Now Yorks, 8.
St, Louis, Mo. Indianapolis, 13 ; St.
Louis, 3.
Boston, Mass. Plttsburghs, 0; Bos
tons, 4.
Wilmington, W. Va. Cincinnati
Unions, 7; Wllmlngtons, 8.
Crushed to Death.
PrrTSBDBon, Pa., September 4. Lata
last evening a serious accident occurred
In the Thirty-third Ward, causing tho
death of one man and badly Injuring an
other. Mr. Troutwein and son Daniel
were raising a one-etory house. They
bad placed Jack-screws ander each corner
bnt neglected to prcrldo flrmbases for
them to rest upon. One jack slipped and
the drop broke one of the sleepers. Both
wero working troderthe building. Tho
aflaepgr fell across the Young man'e
brsaeteind ajwghwirar fattrcrVloga. Tho
son's breast was crushed. Ho llngored
until ten o'clock, when he died. Thelder
Troiitwcln had two ribs broken ancrwos
considerably bruised.
It Bnnta the World for Making Men
Uraiy and Quarrelsome;
Hanoou, Mic, Soptombor 4. AtJ'ort-
ngo Luke, near Ashland, John Frazcr
and a man iiameil Welch, lothcrazy with
liquor, wero at tho houso-of Edward Fox
at a lato hour. Fox ruquostod tho man
to go home, whereupon they knocked him
senseless. His daughter gave tho alarm, j
and Fox's sou, who lives across tho road,
eaino to tho rescue, llograbbud a chair'
and felled Frazor tu tho lloor. Frazer
recovered ami caano at Fux. Tho two
clinched, drew pocket knives and com
menced stabbing and slashing each other.
Tho second alarm brought in a man
namod McUowau and two laborers.;
Frazor's nosu was cut almost off, only1
hanglug by a small nteco of skin, I lot
lulso received several small wounds. Cov
;had au arm badly cut. Tho moil wero
:partcd and when It was supposed Frazor1
was lu tho wugou safe, ho bolted awav
from his captors and ran to-tho houso as)
If crnzv. Ho iuninod through thioo w in
(lows mid ono door, smashing them. At)
last no was. quieted ami went uomo.
Grand Formal Oiwnlng ou Weditosday'
St. Lotm, Mo., September 4. Ono-of j
tho largest crowds ever congregated!
In this city got together last night to)
wltnoss tho grand street pageant which
Imarkod tho opeulug of tho now uud mag-:
nlilcent KxportlUon Building, just conw
'pletcd at a cost of e(i25,000,ati(l which Is'
tho honest pride of every St. Loulsun's!
heart. Owing to Insuulclout-advortlslng
comparatively low strangers wero scon to
Jmlnglo with tho throng of slght-seors,
mid thus tho chief object of all tho labor
and expense of the occasion was
Tho thousands ol elevated seals along
tho route of tho procession woro early oc-'
cupied, whllo all tho principal thorough-1
fares and side streets leading Into them,t
swurmoil with teoiulng thousands oil
Tho pageant, whllo not without merit,
fell fur short of what tho St.;
Louis public had boon led to'
anticipate both from past experiences and
tho promises of tliosu having tho mutter
lu charge Few of tho (louts camo
up to tho expectations of tho spectators,
whllo many proved a positive dlsappoli.t
ment. Tho military companies in the line ot
march woro principally noted for tho
masterly straggla which marked thulr
movomonts; but to this general rule tho
i'redway KHIes proved a most happy ex
ception, their order of march and occa
sional evolutions presenting tho appear
anco of a pleco of perfect machluory con
trolled by tho hand of a master
mechanic. The decorations and
illuminations aluuir tho lino of march
wero only tolerable, with tho single ex
ception of tho display at tho Exposition
building Itself, wliero tho effect produced
wus fully oqtiul to tho effort made, and
could only havo been improved by a tasty
illumination of tho Interior of
tho great struoturo Itself.
Ou tho whole tho "Grand pageant und
opening exorcises" woro a disappoint
ment to those who witnessed them,
which can only bo oxcusod by tho brief
time allotted for tho preparations.
It Is bollavod, however, that tho Ex
position Itself, whon fully under way, will
rcallza tho most sangtiluo predictions of
its friends and promoters and satisfy tho
most critical of visitors.
"Who's Bocn Hero Slnoe I'a Been
Baltimore, Md., Septembor 4. Suit
was Instituted lu tho Circuit Court to
day by Dr. W. Perry ol tho United States
Navy, against his wlfo for absolute di
vorce. Complainant being In tho sorvica
of tho United States, wus continually
absent from his wifo and family for thrco
years, and though ho novcr saw his wlfo
during thut tlmo, ho provldod for her by
furnishing her 875 per month from his
salary. Upon tils arrival homo he dis
covered that a child had been born to his
wife about flvo months ago. Ho Informed
her that ho could not cousont to longer
11 vo with her, and to-day prayed for a
divorce, and for the care and custody of
his two chlldron.
An Absolute Embargo.
Ottawa, September 4. Dr. McEach
rcn, Inspector of tho Dominion Cattle
Quarantlno, had an Interflow with tho
Minister of Agrlcalturo to-day to Urgo a
complete system of quarantine to bo en
forced to prevent tho Importation of dis
eased cattle from tho United
States Into tho Canadian Northwest. Ho'
maintains that nothing but an absolute'
embargo against American cattlo will
prevent tho Introduction of pleuropneu
monia into tho Canadian cattlo. The
Minister promised that the question
would be taken up by tho Government at
The Report of Bateman's Arrest Un
foundedThe Search Continuea.
St. Joseph, Mo., September 4. Tho
report that young Batomau had been ar
rested ou good cvldcnco pointing to him
as the assailant and murderer of tho two
llttlo McLaughlin girls, of Flagg Springs,
proves to bo a canard. Ho Is at largo,
and no suspicion rests upon him, but Is
entertained of several other moo.
No evidence can bo brought forward to
fasten the guilt upon any ono, and tho
popular conviction is thut tramps com
mitted tho outrage. Tho countr? for
twenty-five miles around Flug Springs Is
aroused, and tho search continues, bat
so far without success.
To Suspend for One Year.
NswraeiTwnxE, 0., September 4.
Thero is great excrtemcmVherothls morn
ing over tho annoancement-that the coal
syndicate has decided to stwpend opera
tlons for ono-year here, and ha ordered
all Its stock, powder, equipments, etc.,
to the lower Ilocklng Valley. Tntecioses
five mines, and throws five hundred
rnineTB-otrt of employment.
Lacerated With, an Use. Hook.
I'ajnx, III, September 4. Frank
Wetohart, an employe of the Foley Ice
fnsii i4ka)Mif hm 1at thlai munilOst
honftOf wtthjturtce hooV, severtmrtbwe
i'or mo v,urc oi mugns, uoiui,
I loarscncss, I!roncliitis,Croup, Influ
enza, Asthma, Whooping Cough, In-
ciim-nt Lonsufhption and for the rc-
litTiifnmsMiiptive persons in advan
ced fdacs of the Disease. For Sale
by all llrtijists. Price, t$ Cents.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Hth Htriioi,bitwviiu Cein'l At. -.nt l.i-M'c.
sfn. II jiliml. All Kiiul, n Kuyi M tie.
No. lOiConimciTial Ave.,
Mole Atfciit foi tlx) (Tlul)iiihv'
and "I1ANGES,
M aim ini liirer mid Dealur lu
lliilhli ru' Hardware and CnrpKiitera' Tool., Tali '
anil I'oi kut ( ntli-ry, bunt in the rnirUet. Hoiior.
Ilrof.' I'liiUid Kiilvt'M, Kork. ami Npoona, (iraiiila
iron Ware. Ilrrlln Knrtlii'uwarii, White Mountain
Kri'iixttrn, Water Cnolum, Kufrlyuralore, Clothe.
WrliuitirH, (,'rtiwn Klutiim. Hti-ji Ladder., Garden
I in il- in i'ii t h, lliilihiR blur Oil Htuvec hunt lu the
world, Lump of i-vurv diwrli.tlon, Klalu Oil,
CJnrM t HwiM'tiorn, Fratliur Dimtera, llrnnin., Win.
dew Sciueii Wire Cloth, Full auppljr ol Flailing
Tie kin.
Tint uImivo -t mrH bottiim price.,
('oritur I .'Hi and Commercial Avenue, Cairo, III,
Tiilephtiiiu Mo. 1)1.
(Successcr to Chan. T. Newlaud anil
Plumbei, Steam and Gas fitter
Commercial Ave , bet. Tenth and Ele
venth Nts.,
Drive Well Korre and I.I ft l'umpa fnrnlahed and
out up. A Kent fur tho Celebrated
he bent pump over Invented. Kew Ua. Flitar.a
urrlahitil to order. Old Fixture, repaired and
tyjobblng promptly attended to BlV-tl
Commission Merchants,
Fi.oin, hbaiji wi ru
Pro pntora
Egyptian Flooring Mills
4hfb8t Cash Prfce Paid for V'hnL
Hay Fever.
jriV'iS I havluii Docullar evmD-
I RPfAM BNrJ by an Inflamed condt
I I C7ilkCURreC0i: 1 tion of the lining mem
I IMWAjl"llJ!il ot the notrll.
I lrCOftlADI teat-ducts and throat,
aXrwr2(fM ktA fcctlnt the Ion k
rHAVFEVERfl K An acAd macu. la
J wSSr ""croted, the discharge
W &Crf 11 accompanied with a
I KuJ ealnful burning lenia-
f y r0 tlen. There are
SA Pem el eneea-
VjrArasJxV mr, fruquont attack.
XS-J v'VfSX of blindiuir headache,
a watery and Inflamed
tala of the evea.
iAY-EEVER ramodv lounded on a
. -
correct aiagno.t. ol thla dl.ea.e and can bade-
pentea upon. duo. ai arggi.u; "j
Bample bottle hv mail luo. -
ELY BROT11BK8, Drtt gl.tl. Owe.N,r
rjDOV.VV Salary and commission
to competent btl.tne.. manaer Jar ' 'i'M0'
mu) Agency. KK8P0NS BLB COMPANY, baj.
Inea. ptaotlcal Ir a monopoly, rlvaHing the Tela
phone. $5W OAHH EQCIKO tt $1,000
Sample outfit btapl?goods. no bonds.
No Partlcnlar. addrea., with reference.
21 East 14th St., New York City.
, mr hi Mil ' in

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