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The Daily ?Bnlletin.
Why the Boston Pilot Uppos
t es Blaine.
From th Boston Pilot.
The mm who receired, on tbe secoml
ballot, 038 votes out of a total of 820, io
Democratic contention, is unquestionably
tbe choice of the party.
We opposed the Domination of Cleve
; land, the candidate; we shall faithfully and
earnestly work for the election of Cleve
land, the De mocratc standard bearer. The
Democratic principles is the Democratic
party, and this is infinitely greater than the
man it aelecta or reject!. It involves much
more than tbe personal likes and dislikes
of Democrats. Not the Interests of present
men aloue, but tbe future American liberty
is bound up with the pi eeer vat ion of tbe
Democratic party. Those who wish to
abide by its principles must not follow
wandering fires. To Irish-Americana in
particular we say: What is tbe record of
the Republican party in relation to you for
the past twenty yearsl What American
citizen of Irish birth has it protected
abroad t What shameful outrages on
American citizenship has it not allowed,
' when England was ' the perpetrator, and
citizens of Irish extraction the victims I
Not one Republican hand has been moved
to redress these sstonishing evila except
President Arthur's, and he bad to whisper
and smile his objections, because he repre
sented the Repubricsn party. Mr. Blaine's
voice, during all those years and when he
sat in the Cabinet as Secretary of State,
would have been powerful to correct; but
it was never raised not once. We isy to
Mr. Blaine now that bad he been a defender
of the rights of naturalized citizens, when
those citizens were flung into .foreign pris
ons untried and uncharged, tbe Pilot would
support him to-day, and a million Ameri
cans of the Irish race would vote for him in
November. But he did not do it, and his
pretentions of fair play and friendship now
are sheer humbug. .
Stages of the Kiyer.
River marked by the gauge at this
port, at 2:12 p. m. yesterday, 11 feet 7
inch. Rise during previous twenty
four hours, 0 foot tt inches.
Chattanooga, Sept. 4. River 2 feet 0
inches and falling.
Cincinnati, Sept. 4. River 4 feet 2
inches and falling.
Louisville, Sept. 4. River 3 feet 2
; inches and falling.
Nashville, Sept. 4. River 8 ft 8 inch
and rising.
i Pittsburg, Sept. 4. River 8 foot 5 in
' ches and rising.
St Louis, Sept. 4. River 10 ft 5 inch-
es snd falling.
: The Qus Fowler is the never-failing
daily packet from Paducab, arriving here
at 2 p. ra, making close connection with
the Illinois Central R. R. for 8t. Louis, Chi
cago and all points east and west.
River indicates 11 feet 2 inches; a rise of
8 inches in last 24 hours.
The Government steamer, Pearl, Capt.
Bud Smedley, succeeded in . getting her
3 barges of rock off "at Grand Chain and
towed them to Cairo.' ' She returned to Bay
City after another tow rock.
: The Minnetonka left yesterdsy at day
light with tow rock for the Government at
New Orleans and Wilson's Point. During
her stay here she chsnged pilots. Cspt.
Ben Frszier resigned and Cspt W. D. Phil
lips was appointed in his place.
The City of St. Louis, Capt. Donable,
. ! passed up to St. Louis last evening with
good freight list and lots of passengers.
She leaves St. Louis next Wednesdsy for
New Orleans.
The Hudson, from St. Louis, passed up to
Paducah last night with good trip. She
is tbe only boat running in the Obiojriver,
- except the Gns Fowler. Capt. Jno. Grif
fith commands the Hudson.
The Port Eads passed up to St. Louis
from New Orleans with tow empties for the
Valley Co. Tbe Future City, of the same
line, will take a low from Cairo to New
Orleana Saturday.
The City of Vicksburg will be here to
night from St. Louis, on her wsy to Vicks
burg and way points. Cspt. Keith com
r mands, and Geo. O Walton is clerk.
The racehorse, City of Baton Rouge,
Cspt. Horace Bixby, is due to-day from St.
Louis on her way to New Orleans.
Pilot Jaa. Edwards reports 5 feet water
between Cairo and Paducah. Pilots also
report 8 feet between here and Memphis,
, and 9 feet between ; Cairo and St. Lows,
and river rising slowly.
The Valley Co. is loading a barge with
package freight on deck, and will bulk the
, hold with grain at tbe Cairo elevator to go
forward by steamer Future City. j
The Ella Kimbrongh will, leave St. Louis
Saturday Snd arrive ' here' Monday. She
' will re-enter the Cairo and Memphis trade
until the corn trade opens. '
The James Guthrie arrived at Paducah
ways last evening. She had a bole 195 feet
long by 8 feet wide in her side. She struck
tsnag between Louisville and Evansville
but bulk headod and raised. y, t
Tbe Tyler will come out of retirement
soon and enter the St. Louis ! trsde. She
has been laid up at Paducah since last
spring. Cspt. Turner will command. .
Tbe watermelon club meets every day
between 10 s. m. and 4 p. m. on the wharf
Tbe Mississippi is due with tow empties
for tbe rock quarries up tbe Ohio and Mil
lies! ppi rivers,
Juries and Jury men.
It is s current notion that the reason
"by so few first-class business mon aro
found upon our juries is that thoy are
oxcused by tho courts. Tho returns
say that such men rarely got upon the
ury lists. In the exceptional cases
whore such mon are returned to sorvo,'
It is no doubt one of the most Impor
tant duties of a Judge to brace himself
up against yielding to any but the best
of excusos. Boards of trade would do
well not only to Inculcate It as a point
of honor that none of their men should
seek to shirk this grave public duty,
but also to see to it that their olass bo
properly represented. And hero lot
me add that the general hardship of
Jury duty is ovor-estimated. I have
repeatedly had business men at the
end of a term confess to me not only
the satisfaction they have felt in per
forming this function, and the interest
they have felt in thoir work, but tholr
surprise that it was so little onerous.
Connected with tho elevation of tho
jury is the question of tho bettor treat
ment. The two reforms go hand in
hand. It is no doubt essential to pre
serve the strict control of the presiding
Judge over tho conduct of tho jury:'
but It Is now the aim of thoughtful
Judges to exerciso this control with
the utmost courtesy that circumstances
allow. The jurors aro, in truth, a part
of the court, sitting under the samo
solemn obligation, and engaged in the
same serious duty. Respect from oth
ers tends to increase their self-respoct.
I cannot but foel that tho more they
are troated as gontlomon, the bettor
will thoy respond to tho call upon
them as such. I particularly object to
tbe uncomfortable and unsanitary ar
rangement of most of our jury rooms.
This constitutes to many persons of
delicate health or refined tastes tho
most serious objection to jury servloo;
while to those in good hoalth, and who
are loss fastidious, it is still an annoy
ing discomfort, which disturbs tho
considerate and calm judgment so im
portant in reaohing impartial and ac
curate verdicts. In this suggestion of
better accommodations for jurors, I
shall carry the assent of all reasonable
men. Judge R. 0. Pitman, in North
American Review.
Evolutions of the American IIoteL
Exactly fifty-two years ago, when
Fanny Kemble first came to this coun
try, she records that the universal din
ing hour in New York was 3 o'clock,
after which the hotel cooks and ser
vants cleared off the tables, cleared
out themselves, and it was impossible
to obtain anything fit to eat for love or
money. At that time the American
Hotel, at which sho stayed, was tbe
best in the city, though Mr. John Jacob
Astor, whom sho calls "the millionaire
of New York" (as if he was the only
one them), was about to remedy the
deficiency by building a magnificent
hotel, which soon after he did. The
Mansion House in Philadelphia was
considered excellent; so was Cozzens'
establishment at West Point; but Miss
Fanny thought the Tremont in Boston,
by far the best hotel then existing in
America. She has lived to see in New
York alone a multitude of magnificent
hotols which are surpassed in no city
in Europe.
Cooking on the Hook.
In the woods, near the mountain
crest, is a warm lake, a hundred foet
across, and three miles from it, down
bolow all the trees, near the Gardiner
river, a river of scalding water rushes
like a mill-race from beneath a ledge of
rocks, and flowing a few hundred
yards falls into the Gardiner. Here It
is that one may catch a trout in the
cold stream, and without moving a step
swing him, still wriprgling on the hook,
into tho hot river and boa him. I have
seen it dono many times. I have done
it myself, and have tasted tho flesh so
cooked; but as epicures say that "a
trout boiled is a trout spoilod," and as
these were cooked in boiling sulphur
water, I cannot avoid admitting that
tke morsel was not very palatable.
Manhattan for August.
Ice Cream Mustaches.
The astounding announcement that
ice-cream will make tho mustache
frow has created a furor for the frozen
elight on the part of beardless young
men. It has also increased, the busi
ness of the average ice-cream dealer to
an extent hitherto unknown or un
dreamed of even in his wildest flights
of imagination. There seems to be no
doubt that the cruel and reckless
report originated with some giddy
girls whose fondness for cream over
came her conscientious scruples. As
long as she remains unknown she will
reap the harvest to which she is en
titled by virtue of her vivid imagina
tion and praiseworthy ingenuity. But
if the socret escapes her all her hopes
of unlimited ice cream will be blasted
forever. Though the strain on the
purse of tho Impecunious youth is se
vere, yet his desire for a capillary cli
max to his handsome face counter
balances the agony caused by a woeful
lack of clinking coin. Tbe mustacho
must conic, even if it breaks a bank. i
N. Y.t homing Journal '"J,
The Market
Thursday Evraraa. Sept. 4, 1884.
The weather is very hot again. For the
past two days the mercury has coquetted
with tbe 90 odd degrees, and humanity baa
weltered and suffered. To day closed
cloudy with prospect of rain.
FLOUR There is no movement. Prices
are low and week and stocks large.
HAT There ia no demand for anything
below gilt edge, and very little call for
that. . Stocks are in excess of the demand
CORN The doroand is very light. The
mills take very little corn, owing to the
dullness of meal.
OATS Tbe market is fully supplied,
and the demand is small.
BRAN-Plenty and quiet.
MEAL Very little demand. Tho meal
season is over until about 1st of December,
when a lively trsde is anticipated.
BUTTER Strictly choice is very
scarce and in active request. Common is
not wanted.
EGGS Tbe market Is steady and un
changed. '
CHICKENS-Rccclpts are light and tho
demand fair. Price same as last week.
FRUIT The season is nearly over and
quotations nominal.
VEGETABLES The general feeling is
better in potatoes, etc., with lower prices.
Sales and Quotations.
NOT. Th price ner given are fur sales from
arivBiuai id rouaa iuis. ah HTuict te
charged for brokon lotun utllniorder.
500 bbli various grade..
S 60Q5 CO
M, a ih&s bo
...... S 50
4 SO
Kxtra fancy ,
rancy .
cart Timothy, mall hal 10 SO
8 er gilt edge 11 00
4 can strict prima I 00O10 00
1 r whit In linlk
S can mixed In bulk..
2 can heavy Id balk
Scare new Southern, Illlnoli ...
1 cart new In sacks
S care choice.....
No. S Red, per bu
No. S Medltereneao
No. 3 do ..
Mo. 4 do
S00 bble OUT on orden 9
S00 bble Cltr
i 05
City mills
...... ....I
son pounds country
SOU pounds choice Northern
900 pounds fancy creamer r..
oOO doien.
ftoo doacn
Large choice
10 50
9 00
Cholcejhens 9
Itteoope choice young 1
4 coops medium young 1
B0Q3 00
7VH.9 IX)
!M1 75
Freestone Peaches, per box,.
Apples per both
Grapes per pound
Potatoes, per (bushel..
New fancy yellow nansmond per bu Suoo
ieeeeeMMtMS 114 10
Oranges, nominal ........ 007 00
Lemona .5 005 50
Choice per barrel 1 50Q1 75
Choice per bushel...... .. soots
Per 100 ...... S 00Q7 00
Too-washed SSQSfl
Fine unwashed .... isi&iO
Tt Hs(M e a aoMSSewl tss t w 9
Hairdo u
Backets 1!
Plain hams ..)3S14
Fancy CanTassed Ham UHO lMt
o. C. Bams 14
Clear sides 11 H
Shoulders (J
Bams.....,..., ., none
Hides .none
Shoulders none
St. John y. IS
Ohio RWer 1 05
9tf bushel burlapa t
ft bushel 12X
Peaehee,halvee and quarters eflBH
Apples.brlght -i,fH
Choice navy 9 SOftA 00
Choice medium t I0i 76
Choice, Factory m 8
Cream ...... ...... im ......... ....w. SJ
Cooa ,
Mink . . . . .... ......
Red Foi
Wild Cat- ..
Beam per pound .
Otter... ....M.M. ............. ........
Opossum. .....
10 to 65
10 to 48
1 0O
.. 10 to 50
.. 60 to 9 60
.. 75 to 6 no
S to 15
..1 00 to 9 00
sWirnMMusei t e
D17 Flint cholc
iif pan. 1 1,. ............. Man. ......
ween Bait.... ...........
Plum Green
Sheep felte.dry.....
Sheen Pelte. rmn..,
Damaged Bides
... ..
Common Lugs, ...... ft 760S or
Good lugs.. .m.. 4 6UQ 5 0t
owLaaL. 4 785 S OP
tedlnm Leaf. awdrro
Got Leaf. T 5f5 9
J ' Grata
Men.pbt MX
N' Orleans,. 19K
Heiene, Ark.......... 15
Kllneeton, Miss 15
Ketch 17X
All other way points
below Memphis to
RswOrleaai. ..) SO
' Hay Flour Pork
Jewt. Wbbl. t)bt:
15 98 86
16 5 55
90 SO 46
90 SO , 45
Legal Blanks Kept Fur tilth,
at Toe Bdllktin otllce.
Warranty Deeds,
Bpeclal Warranty Deeds,
Chattel Mortals,
Quit Claim Deeds,
Heiil KnUto Mortgage,
Executions, Hunimons, Venire,
Uarniflliee lllnnks, &c.
Southern KxpoNition, Louhivillfl, Ky.,
AiiffUstlCth to October 25 th.
The Illinois Central It. It. tickets to
Louieville and rcturu Mondays and Tues
days of each week, at H10.15.
i;ood to return on twenty diiyg from ditto of
saie. iwo Usily truius leaving Citiro:13
a. m. and 8:45 p. m. A. II. Hanon,
6w (leu. PaHH. At.
IT You Do!
If you want to sell anything,
If you want to buy anything,
If you want to increase your business,
If you wmit to liiro anyone,
If you want a situation,
If you have a liiiuso to rent,
If you want to rent a house,
Advertise IuThk Caiiio Hum.ktin.
KtieKion'H Arnica salvo
The Best Halve in tlio world for Cuts,
Bruises, Horeg. Ulcers, Halt Uheiim, Fever
Mores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles. It is ;uarftiitoed to yivo per
iod satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents pur liox. For salu by Barclay
urot ners.
"Kotitfli on Pain."
Cures colin. r.rnmiiH. diarrhea: exti'rnal-
ly for aclus, pains, sprains, headache, neur-
aluiri, rheumatism. For nun or beaut. S3
and 00 conts.
A Walking Skeleton.
Mr. E. Springer, of Meuhiiiilcsburg, Pn.,
writes: "I was sfTocted with lunf lever
and abscess on lungs, and reduced to a
walkini; skeleton. Got a free trial bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, which did mo so much 'oiid
that I boui'ht a dollar bottle. After uhiii'
three bottles, found myself Oiteo more a
man, completely restored to health, with a
henrty appetite, aud a gain i'i tlesli ot 4H
lbs." Call at Barclay Bros.' drug store and
(jet a free trial bottle of this ceftain euro
for all Lung Diseases. Larjjo Dottles f 1.00.
Thousands Say So.
Mr. T. W. Atkins, dirard, Kan., writes.
"I never hesitate to recommend your Elec
tric Bitters to my customers, tnoy give en
tire satisfaction and aro rapid sellers."
Electric Bitters aro the purest and best
medicine known, and will positively cure
Kidney and Liver complaints. Purify the
blood and rcgulato tho bowels. No family
can afford to be without them. They will
save hundreds of dollars iu doctors' bills
every year. Sold at fifty cents a bottlo hy
Barclay Bros. (u)
Nothing equals Allen's Bilious Physic is
quickly relieving coBtiveness, headache,
heartburn and all other bilious troubles;
25cts., large bottlo. At drugyiBts. (Oj
Prompt relief io sick hoadacho, dizzinoss,
nausea, constipation, pain in tho side, etc.,
guaranteed, fo those using Carters Little
Liver Pills. Onopill a doso. 20c.
The Hope of tho Nation.
Children, slow in development, puny,
scrawny and delicate, use "Wells' Health
New Flokknce, Mo., August 17th, 1883.
Fifteen years past I havo kept constantly
on band for use in my family Merrell s Fe
male tonic, Merrell s Penetrating Oil and
Cardial, and Merrell's Cough Balsam. I
think these remedies havo srved mo many
doctor bills snd I would not be without
tbem. Tnos. J. Fowkm.,
Att'y for Wabash, St. L. & P. H. It. Co.
Don't Give it up So.
"Oh! if I had onlp known that in time.1
Known what? "Known that a simple cold
in the head may develop into chronic ca
tarrh." Well it iBn's too late, for Ely's
Croam Balm will cure catarrh even after
the sufferers lifo has becomo a burden to
him, and ha a nuisance to his friends. It is
the only radical and thoroughly icientific
catarrh euro known. Not a suufT. Not a
liquid. , Applied to tho nostrils with the
finger. Price GO cents.
"Bough on Pain" Plaster;
Porous and strengthening, improved, tho
bent for backache, pains in chest or side,
rheumatism, neuralgia. 35 cents. Drug
gists or mail. 5
Cheap Homes in Arkansas and Texas
Along tho lice of the St. Louis, Iron
Mountain and Southern Railway, Texas and
Pacific Railway and International and
Great Northern Railroad, are thousands ot
acres of the choicest farming and gra.inc
lands in the world, ranging in price from
$3.00 to 300 and $4.00 per acre, in a
healthy country, with climato unsurpassed
for salubrity and comfort. Send your ad
dress to tbe undersigned for a copy of sta
tistics of crops raised in Arkansas and Texas,
in 1882, and makeup your mind to go and
see for yourself when you learn that tho crop
for 1883 is 50 per cent larger than that of
1882. To those purchasing land owned by
the Company, and paying one-fourth, ono
half, or all cash, a proportionate rebate ia
allowed formoneypaid for tickets or freight
over the Companies lines.
II. C. Towhsend, Gen'l Pass. Agt.
St. Louis, Mo.
(Comer Prairie Avenue and 2flth St., Chicago),
Medloal DepHrtment ot
'A'lie Not th. wee tern University.
' N. 8. DAVIM, M. 0., LL. D JJutn.
Tbe Co legists tear will begin Sept. S3, 1881, and
Cloee March 94, 1885, Tbe course of Instruction Is
graded. Students btslng divided Into first, second
and third year classee. Qualifications for admis
sion are either a Degree of A. B.. a certificate of a
reputable academy, or a preliminary examination.
Tbe method of lnetructloa Is conspicuously prac
tical, and Is applied In tbe Wards of the Mercy.
St. Luke's and Michael Heeso HoaplUlf, dsily at
the bedsid of the sick. The Prauitlonere' Course
will begin the day after the Annual Commence
ment and e nt'i ue four weeks. Fees, In advance f
Matriculation. 15.00; Lectures, $7V0O; Demonstra
tor, 4H.00. Hospitals! Mercy, lit.OUjHt. Luke's.
$5.00. Uboratory.IVrti; Breakage, JT.00. Final
Xtamlnatlon, 3n.o0, February let. Practitioners'
Course, 130.00. For further information, address
WALTER HAY. M. D., LL. D., Hecretary,
715-4wd 143 mate St , Chicago, 111.
inns mumm or music.
hsiahlisbsd In lTJ. A Collide cnurseof study
in. I lann. Organ, Hinging and Or h.trl Instru
intuits. I.ahuUHK, Art and Klorotli.n. Address
J.. HAIII.OVV.Miish'iil Director,
Jacksonville, 111,
Whciit.m, lllln. .in.
Tu Instructors. Two hundred anil fifty lire
studiMils liiHt yi-Kf. Honk keeping, (Inrinau, Pen
manship nnit KliKMitlon wlllimit t-xira i-hergo.
UaMli-al, Hr.lniallln, Normal anil lluslnua(!oiirss.
hill term begins He.. ij; Winter t-rm Uuc. V.
Spring term March 17. Tho nau ol tobacco and
Intoxicating Illinois, snd attendance. aecretso
rleties are forbidden, For rcglntur and furllior In
formation, aihlrcH
CM AH. A. ULANCIIAIil), I'rcs't.
VOUNO liADI Ktt' ATllttN.UIIM.-l'riiparos for
Welli sloy. Kull Acaili'inlo t'oiirsoe. School of
Art. Oratory. From KlmlergarU-ii to College.
Furnlshea liiillon lu Illinois Cnnatirvnt'iry on all
brancluia of Mii.li-. Address
K. I'll ANK, Hupt., Jacksonville), 111.
To sell tho ' h- a iilh.-nlUi lliou;!
KyVV.Clevi'laiMl & Hendricks
lnr heliner, of N. Y., the nmM f,.lul.lo, In
teri'.llnganil Kiclily lllnalraleil. It contains Una
steel poriratlH, will noil IIihIumI Mid pay hlir
K"Ht pi'nlitN. Hewaro of unreliable, catch
penny books Write at once li 1 1 W 1 1 1 1 A 1M )
UNO!-., Ml UNnllo street, Chicago, III. I'. N.
Outllla are ready. Head 50 for one and rave lime.
rPOAIlVKKTlNKUH. -Lowest rules Pr ailvertls-
dip In WW gouil neweperi sent free. Aildruns
(Hit) I'. ltlVkl.l.X u., lOHprucoHUN. V.
Everywhere Called "The Pent."
Inllnltcly belter than liniments, lotions or any
oilier plasters Hudson's I'updnu i'orous Plasters.
TT VP y'i wants t:in vn-Hhot ItopeHtmg
I '11)1 1 "HI" Tor lfl, h :) llmiich Loading
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rantiltn forHr. a fn Magic Lantern fer IU, a
HoldSv'IJ Walcli for Ti lIT IIS, alls Hllvor
Watch for $s. You Villi can get any of
thus.! articles FHKK A y' If you will devote
a low It ips of your l Isurn 1 1 mo uveiilnea Io Intro,
duclngoiir new iruods. dnu larty T i Tfll
seciireda (inlil Watch film, In a V Al I
single afternoon. A gentleman got ' lA' -a
silver watch for fifteen inlnut s' work A boy 11
years old uciireda watch lit one day: hundreds of
Diners have done nearly as well. If you have a
Magic l.-intern you run start, a business that, will
pay you from fill to Ml every night. Hcnd at once,
lor our Illustrated Catalogue of (loul anil Hllvor
Watches, rli'lf-cocklug Hull I). it Itovolvers, Hpy
(IIhniii'H. I nil Inn Hi-itlit iinil A .1 n.ii. tin I... I 'I1..!.
es, Telegraph Ins rnniutits, Tvpti Writers, Organs,
Ai.r.irill.,.ia t'li.lli.u Mrn .. I I ... u ............. ....
.-- """i i luniini w..,, nb. ivinrejr ni 111 , jiiu ,111
llit! road toweallh
I -i! Nh-shii Slrinit, New York.
The Sck'ncoofLile. Only $1
Kxhuusled Vltallly, Nervoua and I'hy'lr.al I)u
blllly. I'ruuiaturn Decllnu In Mini, ICrrurs ol
Youth, and untold miseries resulting I rmn Inills
cretlon or excesses A hook for every man, young,
middle-aged and old. Itcontalus lift prescriptions
or all inn to ami chronic diseases, each ouu ol
which is luvnlualite. Ho lound by tint Author,
whose experlenru for XI yours I such as probably
nvvur before fell to the lot of any physician, and
pages, hound In hcantiful I'rench muslin, umbos
sud covers, till' gilt, guaranteed to h a finer work
in evi.ry setiso mechanical, literary and profes
sional than any other work sold in this country
fur $4 rill, or I he in Miny will hn refunded In every
Instance. I'tlro only l.(Kl by mall, post paid.
Illustrative sum lu II cents, hcnd now. (.old
modal awarded tho author by tho Natlo' al Medical
Association, to thu i Ulcers ul which hen-furs
This hook should be read lir tho vnuntr lor In.
struc.tlon, and hy thu allllctcd for rultul It will
Denottt ail. l.ontton l.anrui.
There Is no member nl sontotv Io whom tlila
book will not bu useful, whether youth, parent
giiarillun, Instructor or rlerg man. Argonaut.
Address thu I'uuhody Medical Instiliite, or l)r
W. II. I'arkur, No. 4 llulllnch Htrent. llnstou,
Mass., who muv bn consulted on all diseases ru
iilrlng skill and experience. Chronlo and obsti
nate diseases Hint liuvn liallled 1 I lit A I tho
skill of all other physlclun
sa I I I'Jil I J spe
dally. Hitch treated sue- rpi I VTC 1 I i?
cussfully without an Inst- 1 1 1 1 ijl jljV
ol failure
Mention this iniDcr.
617 St. Charles SUr ST. LOUIS, M0.
A raeulnr Ornwlunt-n of two medical
colleges, lias been longei engaged in the treat
nieiitnrClirotiii', Nsrvoiis, Hltln nrnt
ltlnnd Ulscsses tlnin sny other physli-laii In
Bt. Loul!, asctty patiers show undull eld resl
deutsknow. Cnusultatliin atoillcn or by mall,
free and Invited. A friendly talk nr his opinion
costs nothing. When it Is Inconvenient to visit
he city for trestiucnt, nimllcluus can he sent
tymallor express everywhere. Curshlecates
giianiuteeil : where doubt exlstult, is frankly
stated. Cull or Write,
Nervous Prostration, Wehlilty, Mental and
I'hrnlcal Weakness, Mercnilal and Othe
affections ot Throat, Hklnand ltones, Blood
Imparities and Blood Poisoning, Shin iffeo
tlons, Old Bores and Ulcers, Impediments to
Marriage, Wienmatlsm, Plies. Special at.
tentlon te eases from over-worked hraln.
BUROICAL CASKS receive spec Isl attention.
Diseases arising from Imprudences. Finesses,
Indulgences or Exposures.
it Is self-evident that a physician faying
particular attention to a class of cases attain
great skill, and physicians lu regular practice)
all over tile country knowing thli, freoienlly
recommend noes to thnoldcnt otllce In A uteri
ea, where every known annUaiics Is resorted
to, and the provmlstooil ranincllnir cf alt
ages aud countries aru used, A whole home Is
used for otllce purposes, snd all are treated with
kill In a respectful manner; and, know.ug
what to do, no experiments are made, (in ac
count of the great numlter applylnr, the
charires are kept low, often lower than is le
uisuued by others, It you set-urn the ski 1 I lid
getaapeeuy and perfect life cure, that . ilin
Importiint matter. Pamphlet, Stt psgon. S:nt
to any address free.
Elegant cloth snd gilt binding. Sealed for W
cents In postugettr currency. Over lllty won
derful pen pictures, true tollfe, articles on the
following subjects i Who may marry 1 whon tti
whyr Froner age to marry. W ho marry flr-t.
Manhood, Womanhood. Physical decay. Will)
should marry, iiow life sud happiness may oe
lncreaoeil. Those married or coiiteuiplittilitf
marrying should read It. Itought tube real
by alfsdult permits, then kept under lock and
key. Popular edition, samess above, but psi'.ttr
cover snd too puges, fi cents ky mall, IP uouet
or postage.
Delivered at CAIRO, HI.,
Ft. bottom. Ft. stave. Capacity gals. Frice.
0x8 1450 $24.00
0x9 1G30 28.00
7 x 8 2000 32.00
7 x 9 2250 36.00
7 x 10 2500 40.00
These tanks are made of CLBAK CTPRKSC. M
Inrhos thick, securely hooped and art WATJCH
TIGHT. They are
Shi pped whole and are well brtvoed
to prevent their being racked or broken In hand
ling. Estimates fum .shod for
TftAka) of any Size.
S47 Delord St., Now Orleans, La.
rk on Manhood
PaMIc Sale ol Unclaimed
There will bt sold at nbile auction for storua
and charge, to the highest and best h)d4er.a
Wednesday, the 10th day of September, use, at the
Wharf boat of I he Ualllday A Philips Wharf Boat
Oi laving moored ta th public landing oa tbe
Ohio Diver opposite tb foot of Sixth srreet, Cairo,
Illinois, The sale to commence at 10 o'clock, and
eontlnuo until all are sold or disposed of, anises
previously called for.
The following lot of goods, utensils, at.. which
have been In store enduncalled for mors than
twelve months last past, numbered and marked
as follows via i
Lot No. 1. no mark, I hoi a tovs pips, Ac.
II. Jas W Msans, Ilrooklya, Ark, 1 boi
S. YA W, 1 hrl stove pipe.
4. no mark. 1 scale beam.
A. Kiucher Cairo, I hoi H H (oods.aad
I bedstead, rail and slats.
n. J. W. Phillips, 1 bog II U good.
7, no mark, 1 box lamps, Ac.
8. J. W. Haven noit, Memphis, 1 bill
canvass and show.
0. no mark. 1 bog glass.
10. Kg Htr Vlrgla l.ee, 1 drag saw.
11. Agt. e), P. A U. show, Cairo, I boi
show bills.
It). Joe Armstrong, Greenville. 1 brl flour
U. M.O.Adam, Cairo, 1 brl mineral
14. no mark. 1 bog plow point.
15. 1'oter Human, Texarkana, 1 box
IS. II., I lot llollowars.
17. 1.1.., Wllltamsvllle, o.,l box dry
1H. no mark, 1 box frames.
ID. A. (I. Roberts, Muntlcello, Ark., 1 brl
lamp cMmneys.
Htl. M K. Hup, Fort VTorth, Teias,
brl glassware.
HI. H.. Holly Bprlngs, Mis., 1 brl hot
tics, . H. A O., Mllburn, Ky..l hals batting.
li:l. no mark, sowing machine.
!l. Jas. Hell, Ulllu, 111 ., 1 pr hamss.
X tin mark, 4 bdlua. (i doa washboards.
Xtl. Livingston A Co., Iron founders,'
l'lttshnrg, 1 box apple parers.
117. It. A. Kldil. 1 box flask,
lis. Dsn l'helsn, Vicksburg. 1 bdl (I
a. ft. II. W 1 wash stand.
;). Alsrv Mam pie, Calvert City, 1 box
II II goods.
HI. Nmith Bros Cairo, 1 box H It goods.
IU. Hlorroll A Hell, Osceola, Ark., 1 box
II II good.
111. Win. Held, (loose Island, I box gun.
SI. T.T.Travis, lllg pond, Ark.,1 hex.
y W. H. Uasklll, Cairo, 1 box U U
an. Miss Kale Itrtlnta, Cairo, 1 box.
V. Hollirhllds fti.'o., Oil.., O., 1 box.
HH. no mark, V boxes paper palls.
8U u. I.. Atkeu, Kvauaville, lnd 1 box
40. no mark, 1 box II II goods.
41. M A. It.. Clinton, Ky., 1 box souft
4.'. M. P., 1 bureau.
Hi. K. W. I). Thompson, Ldg, 1 box gin
ger snips.
41. k. W. l., Thompson Ldg, 1 box
4!). K.W. U., Thompson Ldg., 1 boi
. -III. K. W. U., Thompson Ldg., 1 hot
pettpor sauce.
47. IC. W. !.. Thompson Ldg., 1 box
4H. K. W. I).. Thompson Ldg., 1 butt
tohao n.
4ti It W. 1).. Thompson Ldg., J( brl
to. K. W. I)., Thompson Ldg , 1-4 brl
r.l. It W. 1)., Thompson Ldg., M hrl
It). K. W. I)., Thompson Ldg,, 1 box
brandy peaches.
5:i. K. W. 1).. Thompson Ldg., Mo., 1
hoi glassware.
114. K.W.I)., Thompson Ldg., Mo., 1
box pickles.
M. K. W. I)., Thompson Ldg., Mo., 1
box brandy cherries.
M. R. W. 1)., Thompson Ldg., Mo., 1
caddy tea
67. H. J Hlmpson, Lku Charles, Mis.,
6 boxes tobacco.
ItH. no mark, 1 hoi II H good.
Ru. do 1 box mdse,
no. do do
til. do do
hi. do Vi hrl O. O. salts.
lt:. A. 11., Now Msdrld, 1 ho mdse.
nl. no maik, 1 trunk mile,
tin. It. T. & Hon, llnelfoot, 1 box candy.
Ul. 1. A IC, Kanklus Ldg,, Mlo., 1 but
(IT. Geo W. Craig, caro. tin Fowler,
hale mflse.
08. Houseman, Armon A Co., Ht. Loul
It) bdle cotton sacks,
nil. no murk. I box b ulng paddles.
70. do 2 butts tobacco.
71. B. Buuny Hide, 1 hag coffee,
do do '. brl sugar.
72. M.C. McNalrr, St. Charles, Ky., I
box siind lev.
78. no mark, 1 hrl Ismp ehlmnlea.
74. A. Kahn, Mllleklu Mend, 1 box
7.1. no mark, 1 box sundries.
711. B. Navaro, Little Itock, 1 brl glass
77. no mark, 9 bucket bar stores.
78. do 1 box bsr store.
7. do do
ho. do do
HI. do do
HJ. do do
H.I. do do
SI. do do
K,. J. B. N., 1 box bar (tore
Wi. do do
H7 do do
HH. dt do
Wl. Butler Hair, Ilolly Retreat, Mis,
box medlc.no.
00. J. II. Cavauers, Monterey, Ark, 1
box firs crackers.
01. no mark, 1 bdle wagon rods.
m. do 1 hrl glassware.
n:i. it. 8. Aiken, Kvansv'.lle, I box
ague medlolno.
lit. D O.JsynoJfc Bon, Phils., I box
9.'i. McKeown & Pond,! boxes stove fix
tu res.
(Ml. Jno. Holdcn, lllandvllle, Ky. bos
suail hoots. (
ti7. no mark, 10 black valises.
IU. do 1 trunk.
W.l. J. II. Bray, 1 trunk.
1 0. K..9 plows.
101. ltussel, litrd's Polnt.9 plows.
W. A., Cairo, 1 box buggy bad, snd
1 bOx gearing.
Cairo. III., Aug. Bth. 1RH4.
Mutual Life & Accident
Organized December, 1883, Under tlit
Law or mon.
Buccessor to Widow and Orphan Mntnal Aid So
clety, organised July 4th, 1877, nndar
the laws of 1672.
JOHN H. I(OBINBOM...M.oM. President
WM. BTKATi' 'N ... Yloe-PrUldent
J. A. OOLK8TINB -. Treasuroi
C. W. DU vNINU ....Medical AdvUer
Wm. Btratton, Btratton Bird, t roner, Calm, III.
J. A. boldstioe, ofUoldstlne A Ro sen water, whole
sale and retail dry good;0. W. Dunning. M. O.;
Pres. Bd. Med Kx., for Pensions; Albert Lewis,
commission merchant: J. H Roblntoa, county
ludgo ane notary publlo; Wm. F. pitcher, com.
broker and Insurance agent; R. H. Balrd, city
street supervisor; M. Phillip, carpenter and bulla
er; Thoma Lewi, attorney and eertarr I.V,
Pierce, attorney-at-law, DuQuoln 111. E. O. Pace
cashier of Centennial Bank, Ashley, III. ) Albert
Hayden, cashier of Qeorge Connelly A Co., Spring
fleld. Ill B. at vjunn, attorney-aHaw, is Baa
dol ph street, Chicago; Boa. Bobt. A. Hatcher, attorney-at-law,
Charleston, Mot.i D. Lelghton
cashier First NaUonal Bank, BtaarL Iowa.
The SegTolar Cairo ft Pfcdoob Dallj
. Packet.
, USOBaa JOBXa, Clerk.
leiye P.tducah for Cairo dally (Hundays pV
d) at 8 a. m., and Xoand City at 1 p. . tf
tag, ! Cairo at 4 p.m. t Xoaad City at I

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