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NO. 23.X
Vanllla,Lninn,Oranie, ate., flavor Cake,
CrcaaM.PuddluHs.acca delicately and oat
orally a the fruit (rum which they ure made.
Price Baking Powder Co.,
Chicago, III. 6t. Louis, Mo.
Kit or
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
AMD -'
Dr. Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems,
Beat Dry Hop Yea.t.
129 Commercial Ave., Cairo, III.
administered dally.
A isdy In attendance.
Special attention paid to the Homeopathic treat
ment of surgical dlaeaues, and disease of women
and children.
OFFICE On 14th street, oppoeite the Fost
office, Cairo, 111.
OFFICE-East Side Commercial, below Sth St.
Cairo, Illinois.
Dental Surgeon.
Uics No. 1.10 Commercial Avenue, baweeo
a-gtita and Ninth Utreeu
G. PARSONS, M. f).,
OFFICE-Clty Drug Store, Carbondale, 111.
Of Cairo, Illinois.
. A Geueral Banking: Easiness
Of Cairo.
Commercial Avenue and Eighth Street
P. BKOSS, President. P. NFF, Vice Pres'nl
H. WELLS, Cashier. I T. J. Korth. Ass't cash
Direct, m'b:
. Broaa...mM. Cairo I William KIulo. .(.'. iro
Peter Neff " William Wolf.... "
C. M . Osterloh ' I C. O. Patler...... "
K.A.Budur " I H. Well
J. Y. Clem. on, Caledonia.'.
Kxchango sold and bought. Intereet paid li
the Savings Department. Collections made and
11 business promptly attended to.
I would respectfully announce to the clttiena of
Cairo that I hate opened and am carrying on ft
first class laundry In the rear of Winters Block,
on Seventh Street, wbero I am prepared to do all
kinds of work In mv line in a superior and work
manship style, defying competiton and at
reasonable figures. All work guaranteed, and
prompt payment if any good are lost.
N.B. Entrance to laundry, through the private
tra: c to Winters Block. 7-84-Sni
s.Illg Ail 3l
I . N aa:5-S
a-' -ill c
Horrible Futo of a Ilunpiritu
Who Murdorod His DtiujfU-ter-in-Law.
A Jealous Lqver Murders His Swsnthnar
Rheinlandor's Hallucination-Arrest
of the Dallas Ravisher.
Cheated the Justice of His Foes Sittin
Bull's Narrow Escape -Mui-dercd
His Ia'nend.
Btrunif Up to a Tree.
Wn.KKSlivltitK, 1'a., SeptfiubiT 5.--Zor-gorskl,
the Hungurlun who kllloil hit
ilaunliter-lu-luw uinl uttfinpted to com.
lull suicide by cuttli, lus ttirout at Slub
towa on Monday ulht, bus U-eii lynched.
Weduusduy uljht ho ca-jit out of the
house lu which ho wus lylui: Into u hog.
pen neur-!y, where ho was ullowed to ro
main, belni; too weak to escape. Yester
day morulng ha was not to bu found.
When scutch was made hu was discov
ered hauling to u ree, half u mile away,
with plain eviaenee that hu hud been
lynched, though by whom is not known.
Then was evidently a number of men
engaged, for the fo .iprlnts of at least a
dozen . wero distinct y seen In the null
ground. Ho bad been dragged from the
hog pen through the wood to iliu p ace of
the Impromptu ex cutio.i uud handed to
the limb of a tree with a strap. This Is
the first lynching that ever occurred In
this county. A Coroner's Jury has been
Impaneled, and an investigation will lie
made, though everybody is in sympathy
wlih the lynchers. The daughter-in-law
had apparency given him no causo for
killing her, beyond urging with insistency
tout he should cat some berries which hu
refused to partake of.
Magpie Seeling Murdered by IlurJaal-
OU8 LoVcT.
Columhi'h, O., September 5. This
moruiug J. W. (ireiuer shot and killed
Miss Maggie U. Seeling at tho residence
of C. A. l'arratt on Third street. .Jeal
ousy was the cause of the murder. The
girl bad beeu employed by l'arratt as u
domestic, and Greiuer called on her last
night, and 'vas ordered away by tier but
refused to go, when she called l'arratt,
who ordered him awny. Gainer lelt
threatening to kill both lu the morning.
He killed the girl at tliu llrst shot and
then snapped tho pistol twice at l'arratt,
who grappled with him, but the pKtol
missed lire. He then struck l'arratt on
the back of the neck, and broke loose,
and rau from the house, but was caught.
A box of thirty-two cartridges was
iouud ou his person, also a letter ad
dressed to Mayor Walcott, staling that
be was goiug to kill Miss Keeling uud
theu kill himself.
Imaginary Outiaze.
New Yohk, September 5. William C.
Hliluolander, wiio is being examined as
to bis sanity, on account of his attack
upon Lawyer Drake, has written un ap
peal to tho people of the country as
serting that his family are using
tbelr iufluuuco and tho power of $87,
000 to seud him to uu lusane asylum,
aud calling upou tho people to prevent
the outrage upou the Individual liberty of
a citizen.
Arreat of the Nogro who Assaulted the
Dallas Woman.
Dallas, Tex., September 5. Bill Tay
lor, tho uegro recently arrested in Fort
Worth charged with having brutally as
saulted tho wife ol City Treasurer Flip
pen, of this city, a few months ago, dur
ing his absence In Kurope, was
held yesterday on $1,000 ball for
assault, and 1,500 lor burglary,
In default of which ho went to
jail. It is thought that Taylor and an
other negro, not yet captured, are the
ones who raped and attempted to rape so
many white women in Dallas about tho
time of the outrage upon Mrs. Filppcn.
The great excitement that existed at tho
time is reviving, and the Indications arc
that Taylor and his confederate, when
captured, will be lynched.
Cheated the Justioe of His Fees.
Cincinnati, O., September 5. On
Wednesday a stranger was arrested ul
Avondale for stealing, and locked up in
the Town Hall call-room. Ho gave his
name as John Graham, aged twenty
eight; no home. His hearing was set for
this morning. When the jailor entered
the call-room he found Graham suspended
to the top of tho cell by a piece of blanket
tied about his neck. Lifo had been ex
tinct .several hours. Tho body wa3
removed to the Morgue.
Sitting Bull's Narrow Escape.
St. Paul, Minn., September 5. Sit
ting Bull Is doing the city, and attended:
tho Opera-house last night. As ho was
leaving the hall some unknown man pre-;
seated a revolver at his head and was
with difficulty restrained from firing. Ho'
was determined to avongo tho death of
General Custer, but the pistol did not go:
off, much to the regret of many people.
Murdered His Friend.
Dawson, Pa., September C. Last
evening Samuel Short and W. J. Mullen,'
heretofore fast friends, engaged ia a'
heated political discussion, aud finally;
Mullln became so angry that ho drew a!
knife and plunged It Into Short's side,
lnllictlng a fatal wound. Mullen has
been arrested.
Third Hearing of the Same Off inse.
Bowling Gkkkn, Mo., September 5. .
This afternoon the caso of tho Stato
against Samuel W. Collins, Indicted for
murder in the first degree, was callod.
As Collins has twice been tried and found
guilty of the same offense iu this court,
it will be difficult to obtalu a jury.
Murder and 'Probable Suicide.
Portland, Mk., September 5. This
morning at the City Hotel Thomas Libby,
proprietor of the West Point Houso at
Point's Neck, Cape Elizabeth, shot and
killed Lydla Snow, his domestic, and un
successfully attempted suicide. Cause
unknown. Llbby has a wife and family.
The two arrived at the City Hotel last
night aud took a room. Pistol shots were
heard ta the room this morning, and In
Nalagatlon showed Miss Snow lying dead
Llbby wounded am
llet lu his brain. Tin
bleeding w ith a bulk
chances of his recovery are about even
Miss Snow was the daughter of a deacon
and so far us known hhu had lived a pun
Analysis of a Drug Captured at I
Chinese Opium Joint.
St. Loris, Mo., September 5. Twi
samples of tho article taken from Al
Wing's opium joint on Wushlngtoi
aveuuo ivud Fourteenth street, last night
were dellv red to-day by tho pollco t
Dr. llaeckelmun, analytical chemist o.
the Health Department, for unalysls
Tho Doctor took a small portion oul
of one of tlio bono recepta
cles, making tlrst a dilution
with distilled water and afterward a solu
tion with alcohol. Ho then dripped souu
nitric add Into tho vial In which tho so
lution w as placed and the fluid assumed i
deep red color, gradually changing to
light orange color, plainly showing that
the stuff was Indian hasheesh, and nol
opium, us was supposed. A tabulated
statement of tho analysis will be iuad
and glveu to tho chief.
Lead to the Indentlfioatlon of
Sai.km, N. .J., September 5. Howard
Sullivan, a negro driver for a Salem
farmer, has been traced as tho murdurei
ol Miss Klla Watson somo weeks ago, bj
means of a knife with two nicks in th
blade. Ho sold tho knife two days aftci
tho murder to a lit lu boy, and tho ulckt
In the blade, lilting tho breaks iu the
freshly-cut sapling with which the girl
was killed, and the nails and breaks lu
tho solo of his boots precisely fitting the
tracks beside the scene of tho murder,
tho proof was considered complete.
Tho production of tho knife, tho treinoi
of tlic murderer, as ho was Identified,
and his protestations of innocence,
aud his conduct before tho Justice, made
iilto a dramatic sceno in tho Sheriff
olllce, tho other negroes lu custody
who wero thereby exculpated, belli,1
amongst tho most lutorested of the spec
tators. Brok) Jail.
South Bund, Ini., September 5. Tcu
prisoners out of seventeen in tho County
Jail ei-caped last night by sawing off sev
eral bars of iron in tho grating of a ven
tilating register in the floor. None have
as yet been recaptured.
A Foolish Fiifht.
Four Smith, Auk., September 5. lu
an altercation near llackett City Wednes
day evening, over the corn crop, James
Taylor was fatally injured by Freeluu
Johnson striking him on the head with a
pleco of scuutliug, fracturing his skull.
Arrested for Forgery.
AsnriiY Pakk, N. J., September 0.
Frank Patterson, charged with forging
Indorsements for largo uinounts, was tho
proprietor and manager of the Opera
houso here, and not of the one at Long
Branch. He was arrested eurfy this
morulng at Philadelphia.
Terrible Leap of a Prominent Chloago
Real Estate Aent.
Chicago, III., (September 5. James
M. Gamble, one of tho best known real
estate men in this city, who represents
millions of outside capital, was fouud in
an alley at tho side of tho houso at 48 1-2
Congress street at three o'clock this
morning. Ho was en dishabille, his face
terribly cut and one leg broken. To tho
police who curried tilin to a room at tho
Palmer House, Gamble said he had leaped
out of a third-story window aud had
caught on the telegraph wires aud fallen
to tho ground. He offered no further
explanation. It is said tho leap was duo
to tho appearanco of a police olllcer
aud the alleged "lujurod husbuud," but
It turns out that the couplu wero ou their
way to another flat in tho same houso to
arrest a brother of a prominent merchant.
Gumblo is In a precarious condition.
Declares for Butlor.
Nkw Yohk, September 5. Wm. A.
Fowler, for years a leading member of
tho Democratic Stato Committee of New
York, and of tho First Ward Democratic
Association of Brooklyn, has resigned
membership of the latter, giving as his
reason tnathedoes not believe that Cleve
land Is a fit candidate; that ho Is a sound,
Democrat, and his nomination was
brought about In opposition to tho wishes
of tho Now York delegation at Chicago.
Fowler declares for Butler.
New Hampshire Grreenbackera.
Manchestkii, N. II., September C
Tho Greenback Stato Convention held
here to-day, with fifty delegates pres
ent, nominated Georgo A. Carpen
ter, of Swansey, for Governor; John F.
Woodbury, of this city, and J. K. Wil
liams for Congress, and a complete Stato
ticket throughout. Butler was indorsed
as Presidential candidate, and an elec
toral ticket placed In the field. Tho reso
lutions of tho Indianapolis Convention
were Indorsed
The Steel Nail.
Wheeling, W. Va., September 5. The
Iron and Steel Amalgamated Association',
of workmen publishes a card calling upon
consumers to boycott steel nails. Thcyi
claim that tho iron nail Is better audi
cheaper, whllo tho manufacture o'f steel!
ualls would throw 3,500 men out of em
ployment, as It is niado almost entirely
by machiucry. The card asserts that the'
attempt to iutroduco tho steel nail is
solely for the purpose of breaking up tho'
Amalgamated Association and crippling
tho strength of tho laborers.
Spontaneous Combustion.
Whkklino, W. Va., September 8. By
spontaneous combustion of chemicals In
Parson's photograph gallery last nighty
the placo was burned, together with the'
block situated on the corner of Twelfth,
and Main streets, owned by McLaln
liros. Loss, $9,600; covered by lnsur
nice. Summer Billiard. ,
Chicago, III., September 5. Advices
!rom tho north wost and Mississippi Val
ey Indicate that a cold wave will strike'
icre during the day. The temperature i
las fallen from ton degrees to sixteeni
legrecs In Dakota, Minnesota and Wis
on Hid Hour aud
Tho Hocrotury of tho Troasurj
Dopurtiiiont Dion in tho
Overwork ami Too Oloso Application ti
Details of His Offije Responsible
for His Uutiuioly Death.
Uricf Resume of the D;;ad Sccietaiy'i
Political Caicer The Department
Closed To-duy.
Gknkva, N. Y., September 6.--lion.
Charles J, Kolger, Secretary of the
Treasury of tho United States, died atbl
homo hero at 4 :45 yesterday afternoon.
He had beeu prostrato from overwork foi
several weeks, uud Ills friends wero nol
unprepared for the uews of his death.
was born In Nantucket, Mass,, April 10,
1HIH. When ho was twelve years old, he
moved with his parents to Geneva. H
graduated with honor ut the Geneva Col
lege In I HM, and soon after commenced
tho study of law In Cunandalgua. Aftei
three years, ho was admitted to tho llai
of tho Supremo Court, and entered Im
mediately Into the practice of his profes
slon at (ioncvu.
Iu 1814 ho was appointed Judge of the
Ontario Court of Common Pleas, aud
was also miido Muster and Kxaiiilnor In
Chancery, which positions ho held until
the Chancery Court was abolished In
In I H.I I hu was elected County Judge ol
Ontario County, and held that olllco four
years. In those days J udgo Kolger was
known as a Democrat, but disagreeing
with his party on the slavery question,
ho allied himself with tho Republicans,
und has since been one of tho leaders uf
that party In tho State. Iu 18iil hu was
first elected to tho Statu Senate, and was
re-elected In 1 till J, 1805 and 18(17, wheir
his Senatorial term expired.
In l8ii'J President (irunt uppolnted him
1'nltcd States Sub-Treasurer ut New
York, which office hu held until 18711,
when lie was elected Judge of tlio Court
of Appeals. In May, 18H0, Governor
Cornell designated him as Chief Justice,
to llll a vacancy, aud he was afterward
nominated and elected as such In the
fall of Uiu samo year.
In October, 1881, lu was appointed
Secretary of tho Treasury, for which
olllco ho qualified on November 1 1, uud
held It at the time of his death.
On September to, 188-', lievsii nomi
nated at Saratoga for the olllce 'of Gov
ernor, but was defeated ut tlio polls.
Iu public olllce lie was painstaking uud
conscientious, and personal attention to
details which proper, y belonged to Ills
subordinates has probably hastened his
The D-mr miits lu Mourning.
Washington, I). C, September C
Tho heads of burcau.i i.f tho Trcusury
Department met this morning, and Comp
troller Lawrence, Commissioner John
son, Treasurer Wym.iii, Commissioner
Evans, ml Solicitor Neal wero uppolnted
a committee to draft resolutions of re
spect to tho nii'iuory of Secretary Kolger.
Tho draping of tho New York sub-Treasury
to-day, und of other sub-Treusuries
and Custom-houses on tlio day of the
funeral, was ordered. An K.xecutlvo
order will be Issued cldng all Govern
ment Departments and ordering all flags
ou Government buildings, ships, reserva
tions, forts, etc., at half mast ou tho day
of tho funeral. Tho Trcusury Depurl
mout building was draped lu mourning
President Arthur Keoolv.s tho Nows.
Newpokt, U. I., September 6. Presi
dent Arthur received a telegram an
nouncing tho death of Secretary Kolger
at llvo o'clock aud wa greatly affectod
by the news. Ho will attend tho funeral
and hopes to be able to attend that
of Senator Anthony also. Ho
has telegraphed his coudolenco
to tho father of Secretary
Folger and ordered that the flags on Gov
ernment vessels aud buildings lu this vi
cinity aud at Fort Adams bo placed at
half-mast until after the funeral. Tho
President hud Intended giving a dlnmr
to the English Admiral on Saturday, but
this Is now probably Indefinitely post
poned. Secretary Lincoln's Mothor- In-Law
Washington, D. C, September C.
Mrs. Harlan, wife of ex-Senator Harlan,
and mother-in-law of Secretary Lincoln,
died at Fortress Mouroe last night.
A Young Woman Becomes a Raving
Manlao After Eatlnsr Them.
HiLLSHOHo, III., September 5. About
two weeks ago John Burtlett, residing at
Fillmore, fifteen miles southeast of here,
bought a box of sardines for his sick
daughter, who ate a portion and set tho
rest away. A fow duys Inter sho ato tho
remainder aud was taken violently sick.
Tho doctor nronounced it a. cuso of
poisoning, and administered remedies
wnicn apparently restored her to health,
but her mind soon began to wander, and
she Is now a ravlugmaniac. Her mother,
who attended her closely, exhibited the
same symptoms a few days ago, aud Is
now also Insane.
Proap.oi for a Novel Camp-Meeting.
Nelsonvillk, O., September 5. Tb
families of fifty of the striking miners
will be compelled to vucate their houses
at Bmhtel on September 10. Georgo
Snowclen, a prominent cltl.on of that
town, made application to Governor
lloadly for teuts for them. Governor
Hoadly wired that they would be sup
plied, if tho Sheriff made the applica
tion. The operators want the houses for
Imported miners. Guutral Grosvencr, of
Athens, has been ongugod to defend the
arrested strikers.
Dr. OroBory Kt slgns.
Jrvkkiison City, Mo , S. ptember fi.
Dr. E. II. Gregory, of St. Louis, Presl
tout of tho Statu Hoard of Health has
undered his resignation to Governor
Crittenden. Tho letter reads: "I here
with present my resignation as a member
it tho Missouri State Board of Health.
I hare considered the matter .nd con
eluded Unit another, mom ellli lunt, cat
fo loiimi to un my position." Thodoctoi
was anxious that Ids resignation hIkhiU
bo accepted at once, but this tho (lovernoi
wad not willing to do and only ucceptei
It to take effect January I.
fcoru ol damn. I'Uye t on Thurs lay
8-ptembiir 4.
Ilostoii, Mass, Bostons, 7; IlulTa
los, 0.
I'oluuilius, O, Columbus, 6; Vlr
glnlas, I.
Indian ipolls, I ml., Ilrooklyus, 5; In
Washington, . C Nationals, ti;
Kansas City, 5.
' Philadelphia, I'a.-D. trolls, I'blla
delphlus, I.
New York. Cliligns, 7i New Yorks, 6.
Providence, It. I.-Providence, :t ;Civo.
lands, 1,
Toledo, 0.--Toledos, 4; Alleghenys, 3,
Italtlmore, Mil. St, l.onls Unions, 15)
Baltluniro Unions, 5.
Ilosion, Mass.-Pittsburgh Unions, b;
Hustons, ;t.
Tim Shot pahiiu t Day Hucos.
Ni'.W YoliK, September 4. -The ex
cellent programme of tliu third day o
the (i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Hireling ut Slirepsheud Hay
brought together a large assemblage.
There Were six races aud all wero well
First Kaco Two-yeur-olds; throe
fourths nilloi Floilo, first; Ma Chore,
second; Natalie, third. Time, 1:10 8-4.
Secoud Kuco Threo-year-olds and up
wards; ouo nilloi Checkmate, first;
Klcu, second; Arsenic, third. Time,
1 :40.
Third littco--Tho September stakes for
three-year-olds; one and three-fourths,
miles: l.oulselte, first; lllast, second;
Economy, third. Time, ;i:i)7 1-4.
Fourth Knee Handicap sweepstukeS
for all ages; one uud llvo-elghths miles:
Monitor, first; Nettle, second ; Murk
land, third. Time, y 3-4.
Fifth Race All ages; one and one
eighth miles: Frank Kiiiiyan, first; Monk,
second; Prescott, third. Time, 1 ;58 l-'J.
Sixth Kuco Handicap steeplechase
over full course : Cochran, first; Altai re,
second; Disturbance, third. No tlmo
Hiunpil' n Park Uxors,
SriilNGl'M'.i.n, Mass., September fi.
Another cloudless sky, superb track, uud
iillractivu programme, drew tlio largest
crowd of the meeting to tho third day of
tliu Hampden Park Association's fall
The postponed 2; 17 pacing race, purso
$1,1)1)0, hud only two starters, and wus
won hi tli reu straight heats by Hesslo M.;
I.orell., secoud. Host time, 'J; 18 1-L
Tin) 2:11 trotting class race, purse (M,
000 divided, had three starters, aud was
won by Harry Wilkes, who took the
third, fourth ami filth heats; Phillips,
second; Majolica, who won the first bout,
being drawn In third. Host time, 2:15,
by Harry Wilkes, lowering his record of
2:10 1-2 inailo at Buffalo this season
This Is tho Ht cond time 2:15 has beeu
madu ou 1 1 a m i p Ion Park track, the first
Doing two years ago, by St. Jullen.
In the free-for ull pacing class ruco,
purse, 1,1 no. divided, there wero three
start ts, ami Westmont won In threo
straight heuts; Jewett, second In each
heat und ruco; Hilly S., third. Kesttlmo,
A Puolng Race.
Minneapolis, Minn., September 6.
Twelve thousand persons wltnossod tho
puclng raco for $5,000 between Johnston
and ltlchbnll yesterday. Splan drovo
Johnston, and John S. Campbell, Hlch
biill. The weather was Hue and the truck
good. Johnston won the first heat, lu
2:1.1, ltlchbnll tho second lu 2)20 H-4, and
Johnstou tho third and ruco In 2:17 1-4.
J John Pie Bouts the Record.
Fall Kivkm, Mass., September 5.
One of J. J. Cody's homing pigeons niado
the journey from Bordentown, N. J., hero
(214 miles) yesterday In 275 minutes,
averaging l.Sii'J yards per minute. Tho
best previous record for 200 inl.es was at
the rato of 1,31'J yards pormlnute. .
Failures For the Weok.
Ni.w Yohk, September 5. The busi
ness failures throughout tho country
for tho lust sevon days, as reported by
It. (i. Dunn & Co., number, for tho
United States, l'JO; Canndu, 14. Total,
213; as against a total of l'JO for last
week, showing an increaso of 17.
Casualties uro still numerous In tho
Western and Pacific States, while In tho
other sections of tbo country tho number
of assignments Is rathor below tho aver
age, The President.
PitoviDENCK, It. I., Septoniber 5.
President Arthur will coma to this city
to-niorrow morning, to attend the funeral
of Senator Anthony. He probably will
leave hero direct for Geneva, N. Y., to
attend the funeral of Secretary Folger.
He returned tho call of Admiral SlrJno.
K. Cummerell ou board the Northampton
this morning.
Gloom in New York.
New Yoiik, September 5. Tho death
of Secretary Folger has cast a gloom
over all tho offices connected with tbo
Government In this city. No official ac
tion has been taken yet, and In tho ab
sence of Instructions from Washington
nothing Is kuowu as to what will be
Death of Yankee Robinson.
New Jkitkhson, Ia., September 6
Filyctte Loda wick Iloblnson, better known
as "Yankee" Hoblnson, the famous cir
cus and theatrical showman, died here
yesterday afternoon, aged sixty-six years,
lie wus a lineal descendant of Dr. K b
lnnon, the eminent divine who came to
this country with the Pilgrims in the
"Mayflower." "Yankee" lioblnson
was a prominent Free Musou, aud the
fraternity here took churgo of the
Kate Smulsey's Fast.
Koiit Plains, N. Y., Scptomber 6.
K: to Smult-ey's parents say that up this
morning she hat lived 178 days without
food. She seems to be In about the same
3o idlilon as she was a mouth ago.
Resembles Hog Cholera.
Alexandria, Va , . September 5. A
dls iuso resembling hog cholera hu
tiroken out In this vicinity among the
iwlae, and sevoral have already died,
For the Cure of Coughs, Coldi,
1 1 oarst" ncss, I ironc h i t is.t, rotin. Influ
enza, Astlunn, Whooiiing Cough. In
cioicnt Constimntion and fur the re-
. . - H
licfofroiistiinptive persons in advan-1
red stagciol the Disease, rorbalc
by all brungists. Price, 25 Cents.
-Manufacturer und Dualnr In
Hlli Htrtwi, lititM-miii I'niu'l Avu. uud l.cvuo.
AM. kindh ok a munition.
Mafus Itnnnlroil. All Kliuln ol Iters Muilx,
No. Commercial Ave.,
flolo Agent foi tliu OlclmtteJ.
and HA.XG.KS.
ManufACtiirur ami Doalur tn
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work,
riiillilrra' flnnlwaro and !arpmti-rs' Tools, Tab's
and I'orkut Cutlery, host tn the market, llogiirs
llros.' I'latnrl KiiIvkk, Forks ami Hpuuns, (I run He
Iron Ware. Hurl In ICurtliunwarn, White Mountain
Kri'iizern, Witliir Coolers, ItufrliTHtom, Clothes
WrliiKiirs, Crown Flutem. Nti'p Lndilurs, Uardon
Implements, (lolilim HturOII Hlovns linut lu the
world, Lamps of evnrr dunrrlptlnn. Klaln Oil,
Carpet Hweeiiers, Feat tier Dusters, llrooiim, Win
dow Semen wire Clotb. Full snonlv ol Flshlmr
Tho above at rnnk bottom prices.
Corner I'ilh and Commercial Aveuuo, Cairo, III.
Tulvpnons No. ID.
(Successor to Chan. T. Newlautl anil
II. T. ticronld.)
Plumber, Steam and Gas- Fitter
Commercial Ave., bet. fenth and Ele
venth hits.,
Drlvo Wull Force and Lift Pumps furnished and
put up. A(unt for the Celebrated
he best pump over invented. New Gas Fixtures
nrnlshed to ordor. Old .Fixtures rvpaired and
IVJobbing promptly attended to. 319-tf
(onimission Merchants,
lighflgt Cash Price Paid for Wheat.
This porous planter la
famom for its quick
and hearty action In
oaring Lame Back,
RheumaUun, Sciatica.
IMoklnthalteok. Side or Illn. Nouraloia, Still Joints
and Hun-lei, Sore ChMt. Kliinov Trouble and an pains
or aohfs either local or doep-anated. ItSoothca-Strengtb-snn
and Stimulates the parts. The virtues of hops com
bined wltli irunu clean and ready to apply. Buperlorto
liniment, lotions and salves. irlcs 15 cents or t tor
ealpt of price. Bop
PUxMttr (ftmpany, Pro
prlctors, Boston, Mam.
tr The best family pUl mado-Hawlej's Stomach and
IjTfrPllls. Sic. VlwiwintlnaetlmiandywytotalM.
$35000 PER MONTH!
to competent buslnesa m.irtnirer for this city (of
HtaU) Agency. KtrtPONSlhLK COMPANY, tins
loess p aetlcalW a monopoly, rivalling the TsU
phone. tl(KI CAftn KEyVIHKD for $t.0W
No Particulars address, with references.
21 East 11th St., New York City.

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