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The My Mlctin.
Daly, ona year hy mill... 10 '"J
Dally, uu moiiih..M-.-
Oatiy, nnaweek. ......... "J
Lallvavi ak - 1 M
Published ry morning (Mondays excepted).
Aeexly,one year Il 00
V kly, niouthi 1 Oil
I'uMtuhed every Monday noon.
leClubiof flvonnore lor Weekly Bulletin at
ouii time, per year, fl.50. Postage, ' all
All coinmnnlutiout should be addressed to
Publisher aud Proprietor.
Strange Customs uml Kup-rititiuna
A rieturrinrt Dance.
A correspondent of the SprlngtioM
Republican, writing from the interior
of Madagascar, says:
One of tlio most curious customs
iracticod by tits Sukalsivus in a kind of
ncantatlon and dunce, called thu Snla
manga, to iinluco thu spirit of evil,
which thoy boliovo possossus every ouo
who ia ill, to leave tlio body in which it
has enteral. To drive out this spirit
many forms are gone through under
tho direction of n sorcoror. In nil
Sakalava towns there is a place ar
ranged for tho driving out of evil spir
its. A platform about seven feet long
and three foot broad in supported
twenty-five foot in the air by a straight
up-and-down ladder constructed on one
of the polos. Two moro porpondicul&r
polos Btand at either end of tho plat
form, and about twelve feet from it.
At the tops of these lust two polos
charms are tied, und on tho ground
loaning against them, two wooden
idols are plucod. When a spit-it is to
be driven out, wood is brought to this
place and arrangements nro made for
building firos round the circle Inclosing
tho scafloldiiig and Idols. Oxen and
bullocks are also brought and secured
noar the scaffolding, tho number depend
ing upon tho rank of the sick person.
s night approaches tho Invalid is
brought out, arrangod in full dress,
and hoisted upon tho platform. Tho
cattlo are then killed und their blood
smeared over tho two idols, and also
over the bodios of tho people- collected
about tho placo. As tho sun goes down
the ilres aro lighted, and drums and
bamboos aro beaten. A circle is then
formed around the scaffolding and
idols, and tho people, shouting and
screaming, begin to circle around in a
kind of danco, first slowly, then faster
and faster, until thoy are nearly crazy.
At tlio same time spoars aro thrown
high in the air and tho idols are struck
at again and ogaiu in order to forco
tho gods to act
AU have on their dross ornaments,
and the sorcoror, under whoso diroo
tion tho affair is being conduoted,
usually -wears a very high hat, gorge
ously trimmed and docked with leaves
and flowers. As tho danco continues
tho screaming suddenly slops, and wo
men and girls begin to sing in a mo
notonous refrain. Aftor the goueral
danco tho people fall back out of tho
ring, and a woman of rank, throwing
off noarly all her clothing, steps with
in the circle of ilro and begins to
danco, kooping time to tho drums and
bamboos, which inako a terrible din.
This porformanco is often repented
several times beforo tho sick person is
given up. Upon ono occasion, in order
to koep in tho good graces of the peo
ple, your correspondent was obliged to
take part in this danco. An invalid
who docs not got any bettor after re
peated attempts to drivo out tho ovll
spirit, is often treated in a most bar
barous manner; poison is either admin
. istered or a spear driven through tho
breast. This last cure from misery is
usually ncsorted to by request of tho
Tho Sakalavas havo another poouliar
and picturesque danco 'which takes
place by inooulight usually upon tho
nights of the full moon. Drums are
beaten, bamboos and horns aro blown,
and the wholo villago is turned out.
All the men then form in an open
space, which sorves as aklnd of parade
ground. Tho music continues and tho"
dance begins, the men in their actions
representing tho various movements
assumed in battle. There is tho at
tack, tho conflict, the pursuit and tho
victory. All are shown by a kind of
acting. Their spears, which aro very
long and bright, gliston in tho moon
light as they are repeatedly hurlod up
in tho air and caught again in ono
hand, while a colored scarf of somo
kind is waved in the other. To mo tho
wholo performance was strange and
exciting, and, undoubtedly, it is very
inspiring to tho savage Sakalavas.
Later in the evening the women and
children join in the dance, and singing
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poanicfoa suq jojqo Suipoooons on.) vxm
ojordinoo joaou 9J sopioiuojoo puounj
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ino poMonoq 'osjMqjSaoi ijirds e Sot
spqx "os&ioo eqi uuqj joSuoj jcqAoraos
So u Sninno A"q optn si utjjoo y
eangtjsjp osiMJoqio pn Jioqi jjo una
01 pOljqO 01U BOAJAi 6H pUtJ poJIIJf 01V
moo siq jo Jtinq ijcoaS oqi jojqo v jo
XHTJOp Olfl l)y lUtMOjrjlp ITjqMOUlOB puo
OApjuoix9 worn 6j Auoui9joo oqj pojjuq
oju 3JUM. jo eplood uatm 'pijoa
WOtt oqi m iKis isoq3 oqi 9Ai3
oi jepjo uj Apoq eqj qijAi pojanq ojoav
sopnas joqjo aoj pntj iqas jo soooid
omog '8abj9 eq; aoAo poouid uoqj
bbaa sooi jo od qSji y qiaua qitM
' an peaeAoo uoqi pu oatsjS Avonvqs
oiuj pejpm nmx 6bm esdaoo oqi
peqo8i sum pijanq jo eoid oqi uoq u
?ueumoidisoraeqi mu. osjojoxo neus
qopqM'.uj 'poouornmo!) ojom 8ora3
OReiqw jo sojjqs pn pnnoa3 eqi no
peoid him osdjoo etn prioa oqi 3uop3
IAj9ini y Sajuoi pn Suirauojog
W9A otIA 'fuouanota jo o(avi v
q p8A0pDJ BBM. SuONJ pBUv) guioq
SiA OBdioo oqi s uoniBod 10 3ni
aopiopasd on jo utu -a jo vx sua
peBMTil'Ai T qojqM puoanj isag oqx
suotfuooo eseqi uodu ui poSinnui eiu
sooauxioijod SanroAoj isoru pub isa
" tfosais eqt t pus 'SutJinooo a'uwb
-uoo W eiwonni isnj osuvjis 10a bi
jt oraaimopejd aapjncu pan ijeqovej)
nonrjWBaui ojooa 'pavr snn ui
tqSra epqM oqj inotiSnoaij
rmi $SxMt jfateeads pas Sn3ui8
r -r -t -u r-n 1 i -
Alt faareaiot pnv 'pocunsooo tq intu
ci-ia jo $saoc tiqSa ooavp
c ;jt rqwocTxi ioj?oq 2unost0 pu
blood has been shod. Whenevet a
great soroerei', or a person of moro
than ordinary distinction, departs this
lifo, his bodv is allowod to decompose
before burial It is covered with aro
matio substances and placed on a
bamboo platform In tho sun. whore It
is left for sovoral days. Tho decompo
sition produces a putrefying liquid
which is caught in earthen vessels
placod nndor tho platform. This horrl
bio liquid is then divided among those
present. Kach receives tho liquid iu
his hand aud quickly rubs it all over
liis body. After this revolting per
formance tho body Is wrapped iu a
kind of cloth and hurled with various
t '
The man who called another a dog,
apologized by saying ho did not do it
purp-ously. (Jouvcncur lkrald.
A frisky sailor was knocked sense
less in Now York recently by coming
in contact with some electrlo wires. It
was a cloar caso of salt and battory.
"IJy-byo, lovo," ho murmured as ho
started down to his otlleo In thu morn
ing, and sho did, to tho extent of a .r()
bonnet. Ho says "Good morning"
Thoro is a great doal of billing and
cooing going on at the seaside. Tho
principal part of tho billing is being
dono by tho hotel keepers. Texas tiit-
A Soruorvillo girl was recently so
startled by being kissed suddenly that
sho died. Wo hasten to say that Som
ervillo girls, as a rule, need not fear.
Boston I'vut.
Did it over occur to you that, al
though a man may havo boon a vaga
bond all his life and of extremely low
parentago, when ho Is strung up on a
gallows ho at once becomes highly con
nected? Boston 1'ost.
Doctor (engaged six months after tho
death of his lirst wife, soliloquizing
over a letter) This is hotter, buo ad
dresses mo as "You doar, darling
duck." My first wife usod to addross
mo as "That nasty old quack."
A refreshment bar on a certain rail
way is kopt by a votoran baker. A
sprightly young travolor complained of
ouo of his pies tho othor day. Tho old
man booatuo angry. "Young man,"
ho said severely, "I tnado pios beforo
you wore born." "Yes," responded
tho travoler, "I fancy this must bo ono
of thoso pies."
An enterprising Vermont man has
his houso and storo counoctod by tele
phone The other day, during a storm,
tho lightning entered the store by tho
wire whilo tho proprietor was talking
to his wifo about when ho would bo
home to his dinner. As ho recovered
his consciousness the lirst words ho
spoke wore: "All right, Mariah, don't
hit me again; I'll do just as you say.
A'cw York (Jraphk.
A young man who bolioves in solf
improvomont having recontly married
suggested to his wife that thoy should
argue some question frankly and fully
every morning, In order to learn juoro
of. cueti oluer. I he lirst question hap
ponod to be "Whethor a woman could
bo uxpeoted to got along without a
lint," and no took tlio nllirmative, und
whon ho was last seon he had climbed
up a hayloft and was pulling tho ladder
after him.
,' Whon General B. F. Butler was a
young man two girls, dwelling in tho
samo boarding houso, wcro simultane
ously In love with him. Both ladies
woro silting in tho parlor ono evening
and Ben was making violent lovo to
one of thorn, much to tho chagrin of
tho othor, who llouncod to tho piano
and sang "Bock of Agos" at tho top
of her voico, laying particular stross
on tho lino, "Simply to thy cross-eye
tiling.' '-JUl-.
Mr. Mulcahoy recontly took "a day
off" and wont down tho harbor ou a
lishing excursion. Tho sea being de
cidedly choppod it was not long beforo
he paid tribute to old Nontuno sovoral
times. Ho looked, as Mark Twain
said ho felt, "as if .ho would disgorge
his immortal soul," and, between the
rounds, blurtod out: "An' (hie), bo-
gorra, an I can't oonderstand phwy I
Bhud bo so sick, whin I wuz brought up
wiuiin a muo uv mo say. -notion
Globe. .
Mr. Isaac Camo, a rich shoemaker oi
Liverpool, who left his property to pub
lic charities, opened his lirst shop op
posite tho building whero ho had been
u servant, and put up a sign which
road: "I Came from over the way."
Somewhat like this was tho sign of o
tavcru-koopor named Dangor, noar
Bambridge, who, having been driver
out of his house, built another oppo
site, aud inscribod on it, "Danger from
over tho way." The successor then ro
torted by putting up a new inscription,
"There is no danger hero now."
A bollo at Long Branch wont down
to tho bouch to take a bath the other
day, and after entering a bathing
booth, kept hr male escort waiting
half an hour. "It was too provokiu
for anything," 8ho oxplainod whon sho
roappearod. "I dropped my new
bathing suit down a knot-hole and
have boon all this time lishing it up
with a pieco of string and a hair-pin."
"Humph," said hor escort, are you
sure you rescued all of it?" Xorris
town Herald.
"When Jennie Meets Mo at tii
Gate," Is tho title and burden of a now
song. If the night is cloar, When tho
Stars are Twinkling, Love, keep your
weather eye out for the old man, say
about tho time Our Grandfather's clock
strikes 10, for he maybe Coming Thro'
the Bye from tho village storo with
lowser; in which case you had better
get Over the Garden wall, whilo sho
goes in and Pulls Down the Blinds to
make hor pa boliovo she said her littlo
Now I Lay Me Down to Sloop at 9
o'clock.-jPec;' Sun.
They have a Btory of a bald-hoadod
chemist at Nice. Into his shop camo a
lady with a pretty little boy. Present
ly came another lady, who smiled at
tho pretty little boy. The chemist
came in front of his counter and leaned
over a box to got some articles which
Lady No. 1 had ordered. Lady No. 2
had been looking about and had not
seen .the chemist loave the counter,
bhe thought she would kiss the protty
littlo boy. She loaned down and kissed
the chemist's bald head. She was
disgusted, and the chemist frightened,
the little boy dellghtqd, and lady No. 1
not knowing wiitil to i:iy, gazed' silent'
ly out of the door.
I was Introduced to a gray-haired
salt iu that quaint envoi u, aud tho
captuiu who presented me said, with a
complimentary accent: "Ho has scon
service though." Thu man hitched up
one side of his mouth its ho smiled at
me, and he spoke witli a deprecating
hall, as if he didn't like to take up any
of I lie time. He was a gnarled speci
men, deformed ami mutilated in tho
face, head, ami and leg. "You have
evidently been out In a heavy blow,
sir," 1 remarked to him. "Got k etch
ed in u whale's mouth, that's all," ho
said. "Ho spit me out, though, after
he'd chaw'd mo up!" Ho was uncon
scious when ho was picked up. Nun
tuckd Letter in Ihlroil I'osl.
During a noted Koutucky campaign
one day, 'while tho confederate army
was passing through Allen county,
General Breekouridgo, approaching
General Hindiuan, said: "We ore on
lv a short distance now from Bear
Waller, and aro not very fur from Jim
town." The solemnity of his mannor
utlraeted Hindman's serious attention,
and, regarding Brcekenridgo with a
long look of inquiry, ho asked: "But,
general, why does our nearness to
those piaecs no concern you?" "Well,
you see," Brookcnrldge replied, "I fear
it will be my falo to bu killed in an ac
tion at Jinituvvn or Bear Wallor. Bear
Waller," he repeated, "tho thought of
being killed in a place beariug such a
name makes me sick."
A gentleman just from tho South ro.
ports tho following: On ono of tho
.Southern railroads there Is a station
called "Sawyer." Lately a nowly
marriud couple boarded the train aud
were very loving, Indeed. Tho brako
inan noticed the gushing groom kiss
tho bride about '.'00 times, but main
tained a sere no quiet. Finally thu sta
tion in question was reached, aud just
after the whistle sounded the groom
f'tivo the bride a rousing smack ou the
ips, ami the brakeman opened the
door iiiul shouted: "Sawyer!" Saw
yer?" "What's that?" responded the
groom, looking over his shoulder at
the brakeiuan. "Sawyer! Sawyer!"
"Well, 1 don't care if you did; sho'
my wife!" Merchant Traveler.
I'.aller liniioei'H.
It is a terrible severe courso that ono
has to go through Iu preparing to
dance on the stage, lruo enough, the
dancer who means to exerciso Tier art
ns Taglioni did, must show nothing of
the gymnast in her performance; but
gymnastic.! of tho severest kind nro tho
most necessary part of tho training.
When dono with the grace of a Taglioni
it does not kcciu so hard to turn tho
feet outward "until they form a
straight line," to balance oneself on
the points of the toes, or to pirouotto
gracefully ou ono leg; but tho toll of
these exercises Is known only to those
who navo practiced thorn undor tho
eaglo eye of the ballet-master; and
they are, after all, only tho A B C of
tho art. Tho French author of a re
markable work on tho subject mentions
a score or moro of technical studios,
such as les taqucles, lex roncltcs, les bal
uncus, les entrechats, les dcvelopjh-s, les
y rands lunettes, which, as Mr. Cook
says, are scarcely intelligible outside
the walls of the class-room. Ono has
but to glance at tho limbs of a prima
ballerina, say on tho stage of tho
Alhambra, to' form a notion of tho ex
traordinary severity of tlio training sho
has undorgouo, tho displacement of
tho calf, tho fattcuing of tho leg in
front, tho disproportion in size botweon
tho arms and legs; showing, what
might have been expected, that tho
lower muscles can not bo abnormally
developed without injury to the upper.
It says something for tho skill with
which Taglioni was trained, and much
also, no doubt, for tho natural vigor
and elasticity of her form, that by the
tinio sho was ready for her debut, hor
flguro was not ouly quito unspoiled,
but had developed to an almost ideal
perfection of suppleness nud grace.
Many a ballet dancer has a cood log.
but a beautiful arm is a rare possession;
yet ono of her English critics, when
she lirst appeared in London, said with
emphasis, in his commonts on her
personal charms, that "Mile. Taglioni
has a singularly lino arm."
Clinsed by a Spider.
Tho kiuw of the spiders on tho pam
pas 13 not a Mygalo, but a Lycosa of
extraordinary size, light gray in color,
...;.!. - H..1 i : ,1 . n
wuu u U1UC& ring uruuuu its umiuiu.
It is active and swift, and irritable to
such a degree that ono can scarcoly
help thinking that in this specios
nature has overshot her mark. Whon
a person passes noar one, say within
three or four yards of its lurking-place,
it starts up and gives chase, apd will
often follow for a distance of thirty or
forty yards. I camo ouco very noarly
being bitten by ono of thoso savage
creatures. Kuling at an easy trot over
tho dry crass, I suddenly obsorved a
spider pursuing mo, leaping swiftly
along and koeping up witn my Doast,
I aimod a blow with my whip, and the
point of tho lash struck tho ground
close to it, when it instantly leaped
upon aud ran up the lash, and was
within three or four inchos of my hand
when 1 flung tho whip from mo. The
gauchos havo a very quaint ballad
which tells that tho city of Cordova
was onco invaded by an army of mon
strous spiders, and that tho townspeo
ple went out, with beating drums and
flags flying, to repel tho invasion, and
after lirlug several volleys thoy were
forced to turn and fly for their lives. I
havo no doubt that a sudden great in
crease of tho man-chasing spiders, in a
year exceptionally favorable to them,
suggested this talo to somo rhyming
satirist of tlio town. Ucnllemaris
Tho Adrian (Mich.) 'Times Bays:
"Professor Douglas, of tho State Uni
versity, it is snid, produces amateur cy
clones at will. Ho does it by suspend
ing a lur;o copper plate "by silken
cords. This plaio is charged heavily
with electricity, which hangsdown like
a bag underneath, and is rendered vis
ible by the use of arsenious acid gas,
which gives it a green color. The for
mation is a miniatuVo cyclone, as per
fect as nn v started In thu clouds. It
Is iuuucl-shapcd, and whirls around
rapidly. Passing this plate over a
taulc, the o-ceiil cyclone snatches up
copper cents, pens, "pith balls and other
objects uml scatters them on all sides. '
S't AOKS OK I'll It K1VKR.
Itiver marked by the gauge at this
port, at 2:13 p. ui. yesterday, 11 feet U
inch. Kise during previous twenty
four hours, 0 foot 2 inches.
Chattanooga, Sept. 5. Hiver 1 foot 8
inches slid fulling.
Cincinnati, Sept. 5. River 4 feet 0
inches and fulling.
Louisville, Sept. 5. Hiver 3 feet 2
inches and falling.
Nashville, Sept. 5. River 3 ft 1 inch
and falling.
Pittsburg, Sept. 5. River 3 foot 5 in
ches aud rising.
St Louis, Sept. 5. River 11 ft 10 inch
es and fulling,
The liver indicates 11 feet 0 inches, a
raise of 3 inches in last 24 hours. .The riv
er will be on a stand by Sunday.
The Anchor Line will reduce their pas
senger rules during the fair to $3.25 from
Cairo to St. Louis and return, without
mculs. Their charges for meals are 75c
for dinner and 50c for supper or breakfast.
Tickets good to return on any Anchor
Line bout.
Tlio Arkansas City, the most popular
steamer in tho Vlcksburg Anchor Line,
will pass Cairo to-night on her way to St.
Louis, dipt. Harry Brolaski commands.
While the Hudson was lying at Neeley's
landing, 70 miles abnvu Cairo, an accident
occurred which killed one man and injured
another very badly. The guy rope broko
and let the stage fall, knocking the man
killed into the river. His name could
not bo learned
The Jay Gould, of the Valley Co., with
her usual luck broke three flanges nearne
lenn, Ark., and will Imve to be repaired.
The It. S. Hays, of tho same line, was de
spatched from Memphis to take the Gould's
tew to New Orleans. This is the second
accident the Gould bus hud in thu last
The lludbon will be here at G o'clock
this evening on her way from Paducah to
St. Louis.
The Port Euds came up from New Or
leans yisterduy morning with 5 barge?,
which oho left here, and,' paused up to
Grand Tower to bring out 3 barges lef
there by the My Choice. The Choice re
turned to St. Louis. The Future City will
take the 3 barges, with 3 more now bore, to
New Orleans as soon- as Eads returns.
The Sarah Elliott came ('own t Cairo
with tow rock for the 51. & 0, railroad. She
returns to-duy with empties. Thu Success
had a tow for Cairo Wednesday.
Capt. Kiuibrough has decided not to
bring the Ella Kimbrough to Cairo, but re
enter her in the lower Missouri trade. She
leaves St. Louis to-day.
Tho Annie P. Silver is loading at St.
Louis and will leave to-night for New Or
lcaos. Sho will reach Cairo Monday.
The reliable Qus Fowler, the only boat
making connections iu the Ohio river, had
big trip from Paducah to this point. Sne
makes a special trip Sunday to bring the
Paducah base bull club to Cairo to play a
match game with the Cairo boys.
For the benefit of those who do not
know, we will give the time-tablo of the
Anchor Lino arriving ut Cairo: Eevry
Monday either the City of Vicksburg or
Belle Memphis passes Cairo on way to
St. Louis; every Wednesday either tho
Providence or City of Helena; every Satur
day, cither the City of Cairo or Arkansas
City. Down Every Sunday the City of
Providence er City of Helena; every Wed
nesday, either the Arkansas City or City of
Cairo; every Friday, either tho City of
Vicksburg or Bello of Memphis. These
are the St. Louis and Vicksburg boats.
One of the above named goes up or down
on the days named alternately. Tho Now
Orleans boats arrive Mondays and Thurs
days down, and Tuesdays and Thursdays
up, unless delayed by low water.
The Baton Rouge arrived last evening at
0 o'clock with all the fieight she could car
ry on the water. She added somo freight
here and departed for New Orleans about
Capt Hop Louden is iu town, after an
absence of over a year.
The slern wheel steamer Gen. Mead
bound from Cambridge to St. Louis with a
cargo of 0,000 Backs of wheat, struck a
rock near shore yesterday morning about 0
o'clock and sank iu 7 feet of water. She
was valued at $1,000 and inusred for$3,000.
About 2,000 sacks of wheat, which was ful
ly insured, was saved in a dry condition.
Capt. Bryn. is the principal owner. She
will bo ruued as soon as possible.
Whom debility, exhausted
uwer, pruuiitlur drcuy
' cud failure to porfurm llt'v'
dutle properly are cauxid tijf
icnwea, error of youth, etc.,
will rind parfm'i and lantlntf
rontora'lon to robnit heultb
and vtanrotia inunhood la
fir Bt4ii?Arn arunBinir not
Inntruinvnla. '1 ht treatment of
Sin-roue leblllty and
noceMfal bMMa banrd on pnrfvet diaa-noals,
UKW anal ellreet method and alxolnte t hnr.
out Full information and Treaiia free,
Aiidrea C'onmiltini Physician of
NARST0N REM EOT CO.. 46 W.14th St.. Nf w Ytk.
Vtm Dr. KEAM.
Hu. in buna Ouu St., Chlraao (HI
Ub)lftb4 taui,tiaiill Inaliat all Pri
nt, Nam, Obroale aaa HvmUI die
aMapn potney ImiiuI
.tamparllr), ! ni. .
'aaliailoa panoully, or l y Ittur fr
ally that warranto ar or y. M
Dfa ill uatnt txa.Tr l,m vnacrliiUuai, II ajuaaR. -
And Every Species of Itching and Hunt
ing Diseases Positively Cured.
Iiraitm uttiiy, wim two ur tnri'u final' ui I'litic'ir
tuHOlvunt, I he New II I "oil i'uriliur, to keep tho
Wood conl, thu pi-rnuiratl'iu I urn mul utitrrilatliiK,
thu bowel iipi'ii, thu livur mil ki lncy unlive, will
peudlly euro Koteiim. Ti-tlrr, Huiitwurin, I'eorla-
mIm I I..I....I I'.ii.ihi. U..II..I II. .... I ll.n.l.t.ll u...l
.1., hi. uuu, i ilium-, ii .ii'ii iiunu, ifitiiuiim, nun
every tpuclra of Iti liln,,', tculy and l'lmply Humor
of Hi NisNlp and 8kln, when thu bunt p retclaL
wu an auuwu ruuieuiua idll.
Will McDoiiliM. SMtf Puarbon St Chlcaijo,
pritiiilully acknowledge a euro n Ht Klieuiu ou
buad, niirk, fiicu, srniB und Ipis for autmitfiuu yearn;
nut ahlu to wtlk eieept or hand and kneea lor ore
yuan not ahlu to help hlmnulf for elulit tvara;
tried hundredi! of remodlo-i; doctor Qronounccd
hi chh hiipelen- j piirinanantly curud by (,'uticura
Iteaolvenl (leoud uurllier) Inti-mallf. and fulli nra
aud Culicuru Wonp (the ruat akin cure)elturr.ally.
ChtK. MoilL'lit'Mi. Kmii.. 'awvttr, in Hlatv Ht. . Una.
Dot, re pun h u time ol' "nl t Khuum under bi ubner
VHlioii tor tun ' uitra. whli'.h covered tho patient'
bodv ami lliiiba, anil to which all known uiu'faodi
of treatment had been applied without liunoHt,
wh'cb whk completely lied by ( tJTIutliiA lttSMI-
uiKrt, leavluu a c fan. anil healthy akiu.
V. H. Drake, Y.sn., Dutroit, Mlcb.,iin" rud untold
orturua from Suit ithuuin. v hluh appeared on hi
hand tiend and face, aud nearly tluidroved hli
eye. Alter the uiont citruful (lnctiirliii; and a cun-
tmluulou or phyelciittie failed to relieve lilm, ho
used the I'uthjuiia IUmkimkh, and wub cured, aud
ban retained so to dulu.
illl. I'OIIH I II "11, II I1IVVB1IHIIC, .. niui.. .
have mill'ereil from Malt Itheuiii lor over elht year,
at time o bail thai 1 could not altetid to niv bui
notfi for week HI it time. Three hoxea of 1 tiTtcUiiA
and four hotilea Kkhoi.vknt have entirely cured
..... it. i .i....ir..i .ii........
1M flMi.iil UlMI1...uI....a 11.. u,.t... . r
luu ui line iiii-aiiim uiocuiii.
Hiilfl hv lilt Hrni, irlatii Prlfo rirTloin.. Ml f.ta
Kkhoi.vknt, 81 ; Hoai', iHct I'ormi Dnuu and
CiiKM'U I. (Jo , Himt'in, Miis.
Hend for"llow to Cure Skin I)imuwe.
fl T'pi CV KA MHl'. An exiimilo Tollut
J U 1 1 Hath, and Nursery Miimuve.
ibv Catarrh.
Complete Treatment with In
haler for One Dollar.
The (ireut llaU'imlc Dia Illation
of Witch Hanoi, American l'ino.
Canada Kir, iMuiii'old. Clover Hlos
Hom, eic , culled S-ankohu'h Kadi
cm. Cum:, for the Immediate rollef
and permanent cure of every lorm
of Catdrrb, from a tdinple Cold in
the llcndto lovvof iiiell,Taate and
ileurini:, Coiijjh und tulurrhal
t'orciinipllon . Complete treat-
"The only ahnoute epcclllc we know of."-
Tiinea. "The beet we have found In
a liletinio oi
diillennir." Itcv. llr. WIi;kIii, Ilnnton. "After a
Ions mriii'clii wltn Caiarrh, Hi" Kaiiii:ai. Cuiik ha
conqnered '' Ht V. S. W. Jlonroe, l.owiaburch,
I'a "I have not found a case that It did "ot re
lievo at once." Andrew Lee, Manchester, Mass.
PoiTltltDltUU AND ClIKMICAl, Co., llOftOU
New Mio for Shattered
fill Muncleiand
w VOLTAIC A'olatic K'ocl
Orirnnti. Col In'
i'octric 1'laoter In
ntHi tly afl'ecia the nervous
inuieui and nnniaoea pain,
nei vim nn eft) aud dcbilltv. A
yiS perfect Eltctro Oalvanlc Bat
iry iombiiie'1 with a hlKbly
.uieniciniti liittHier ior 4:1c.
the Spiral Stairs.
Invisible Architecture in a New Eng
lauil I'arsouajre.
"Vei," ehe said, "our children are married and
gout1, and my husband and 1 sit by our winter fire
much as wo did beforo tholltt'.eoncBMme to widen
the circle. Life Is sometuics like a spiral stair
case: we are all tlio time coming around over the
spot we started from, only one decree furtuur tip
tho stulrs."
"TUla tin a pretty illustration," remarked her
Irlend, numingly, cozing Into tho glowing coals
which radiated la pleasant heat Jrom the many
windowed Btovo. "You know we cannot stop toll
luu up the hill, though."
"Surely we cannot, and for mysill I don't find
fault Willi that necessity provided tho advance In
lifo is not attended with calamity or suffering, for I
havo had my shuru of that. Not lonu' since my
health utterly broke down. My system was full of
malaria. My digestion became thorouglr disorder
ed and mv nerves were In a wretched state. I was
laiinuid, ate little and that without enjoying it, and
had no strength or ambitimt to perform even my
liKht household dnt'es. Medical treatment failed
to reach the neat of tho trouble. Tho d'sease
which seemed to he weakness of all tho vital organs
progressed until I had several attacks which my
pbyBiclai.s pronounced to be scute congestion of
the stomach. 'I he last of these was a desperate
struggle and I wa given up to die. As the crisis
had purl I ;ii I v pusneil, inv husband heard of the
merits of I'A UK vK'S TON 10 as an Invigorant in
just such ciises us mine. I took il and felt its good
edi cts at onco. It appeared to prevade my body, as
though the blessing of new llfu liadcome to me,
Taking no otho' medicine I continued to improve,
and nm now in better health than 1 have been lor a
f Extract from Interview wllh the wife of Rev. P.
Perry, Pastor of lluptiet Church, Coldbrook, Mass.
Electric Appliances ara tent on 30 Days' Trial.
Wilt) are lUfTurlnir from Nsrvous Dummtt,
Lost Vitality, i.acic or N'khvi Fobxi akd
Viooa. Wasting Wkaknk8ss. anil all those disease
of a i'ehsonai. Natur rviiiiltlnH- from ABl'lin and
otiisk t'AUsns. Hpeedjr mllef and complete rato
ratlun uf 11 salth.V iuoh and Manhood Ouarantbbd.
The grandest discovery of tlio Nineteenth Century.
b;iid at once fur llliutrated Pamphlet fro. durea
fTPKI, HTHKNUTHKNKII." Kte Isan internntlnn
adverlihiuiiiuit loiiit run iiiouiT'Ui''r. Inrmily toin
iliiini'H we will miy Unit tliere is nn evidence omTiTiii
Piiit about t hi, tlnllie contrary, the advurtiHiTH are
Tery llinllly inilor-ed. Inlerefd persona may get
eejiled ciriiiilarn itiving all mrlieiilarH liy nd.lresniiiir
KllIK jilKllieAti ",...u;1r;lllo:N.v.-r..n;,, ior.
mm mm mm aHiantoml nf mi of HrTrM DohtTt Cy, mn
E l LLui ud pliynlc! wMktitt. Imt nianlioultuir
ril rPfow proiimiloii, th rvcuiii orttHllnrretltini,
MtixtMiunt or tvu y ium, ouratl byNERVITAt
BtroDf ftltb that H will rnr wry pmtnpu mw luwudtv
nya.irrerr tt lAlr'kiiPBffl Rjini M
on rrlpt of 11 ccnia furLIIII Till HI '
an mraMbU curt for PI Ira.
Price (I, at dnitraistt, or
te til nrenaldbTma
re. Ad. "ANAKF.
11. ram
lakers. Uos iM16Newxork
IrUV.KM A, or Halt Khuum, with It aKonlziuK
J itrhiiiK anil iiiruliii;, luUmly tulivvbd by a
warm Imili with Cutkura Snap, ttud a ainglu aappll-
(utl.tii tt J'lttl.'tim f I... H....I klitu I'll... 'I'til..
Fill I mum, eotirit'tirn oloue bottle Had-
Hil V ical Cure, one bin Catarrhal Soly
MM UX "M n"' """ l'l roved Inhaler, In
14r- oi iiackiitfc, tnav now bo had of
1 I iill Druu'i'BtHlorlll. Auk for SAN-
mmmmmm ami mnrmjiiuiiM
L DR. m .
I beforeV and -after i
nnn ran
1 UlilbLK
Train depart. Tfaina arrlva.
tMail -.a:ada.rn. I tMail 4:05,
Kxpres 8:40 p. lu. I tExprea 11:46 .
bl ioiil Bu Initio p. iu. I tin Louis Ex V:1S p.
I. c. b. 11 (tioutborn Diviaion)
t.Mnll 4:4Bt.m I tN. O. Ex,,.l:10a
rr. 1 press i"-no a.ui
X. O. li
tAccom 3 '45 p. in
11:10 a
.4:30 p.
tN. O. Kx..
M. B. R.
ST. L. A I
.10:) p.m.
7:4" p.m.
...9:30 . m
f Rsnri-aa
Bxprsn HS;80p,
tSt.L. Mail... 8:30
tht. h. x....6:U0n.
tHt U Mail..
tSt. L. Ki..
W.. BT. L. P. H. n.
Mall A Ki 4:00 a.m. I Mall 4 Ex. .:9.S0d
Accom 4:110 p.m. I Accotn 10:80 a
Frolxht 1M a.m. Frotght tJ:45 p,
Mall 5:Mia.m. I Hall 9:10d
Dally except Sandtur. t Dally.
Arr at I Dep'n
P. O. I fm PC
I. C. K. K. (through lock mall)..
0 a. m.
.. 11:00 am
3p. m.
9 p. m.
9p. m.
9 p. m
II p. in.
7 a. ni.
11 a.m.
8 p. ni
" (war mall)........
" (Houthern Div. .
Iron Mountain K. It.
Wabash ft. K
Texas A 8t. Louis H. K
St. luii tft Cairo It. K
.2 :80 p.m.
,. 4:80p.m.
.8:00 p.m.
,. 0 a. m.
. 12 noon
.4 p. m.
.8 p. m.
juiss itiver arrives Wed.. Hat. A Slon.
" depart! Wed.,Frl. Han.
P O. eep del. op. n from 7:80am to7:30 pm
P.O. Iiox del. open from 6 a.m. to 9 p. m.
Kundays tier. del. open from... .8 a. m. to 10 a.m.
Sundays box del. open from. ...6 a. m. to 10:80 am
WrNOTK.-hanga will m published from
tlllltt tO time incltv Danera. ( jniim vnili- Mrdi a..
cordtuuly. WM. M. MUKPUY, P. M .
Shortest and Quickest Rout
St. Louis and Chicago.
The Onlv Line Kunmnu;
Ifrom Cairo,
Making Direct Connection
Tbiimi Liit Cairo:
S:UO a m. Mail,
A rriviijg in St . Louis 9 :00 a.m. ; Chicaito, 8 :80 p.rr.. 1
ConuHctine at Odin and Effingham for (Mucin
natl, Louisville, Indianapolis and point! East.
12:25 p. m. Fust St. Xiouis nnd
AVestern Jf.xpreBS.
Arriving in St Louis 6:45 p. m., and connecting
for all points West.'
3:45 p. m. Fast Eipresa. . ..
For Pt. Louis and Chicago, arriving at St. Loali
10 15 p . m . , and Chicago 7 :20 a. m.
3:45 p.m. Cincinnati Kxpresis.
Arriving at Cincinnati 7:00 a. m.; Loulsvlllt 4:55
a. m.; Indianapolis 4:0A a. m. Passebger bv
this train reach the above points 12 to 39
HOUHS in advance of any other ronte.
tay-The 8:45 a. m. express has PULLMAN
BOKEPINQ CAK from Cairo to Cincinnati, with
out changes, and through sleepers to tit. Louis
and Chicago.
Fast Time East.
Pit ddmi rrora b7 tnls llne K through to East.
XttklCllCia em point withont any delay
caused by Kunilay Intervening. The Saturday after
noon train from Cairo arrives In new York Monday
norniug at 10:35. Thirty-six hours in advanceot
OT other route,
MfPor through tickets and furthor lnformatlox
apply at Illinois Central Railroad Depot, Cairo.
J. H. JONES, Ticket Agent
A. H. HANSON. Gon. Pass. Agent. Chicago
- u f-x -tllVJL 41
J. C. CARSON, Cairo, Ills.
ov r
to. .

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