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Daily Arizona silver belt. (Globe, Gila County, Ariz.) 1906-1929, February 09, 1907, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Number 103 '
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s Ready to Make
ss.ons to President
p , v olt. Says Schmitz,
1 1
,. 'hat Japanese Cool-
, Be Kept Out of the
L , . Will Be Firmly Con-
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i Press
n. February 8 Mayor
n, i school io:irtl of San
x il in Washington this
. delegation will be re
, n Milont tomorrow morn-
iii tr said: "Wo have
uiKton with a free mind
... hoot iistinn with the
tact thnt wo liavo u-
president's invitation
. nleiu-e that we stnnd
, niut'ssioiis if eoiiviueed
mtintry will profit by
i is unfair to disyuss the
i il until wo have eon-
. president. We have
ii Japanese hildraii
K hut since the fire the
I it necessary to adopt
- ri'gation and not exclu
i makes the question of
itntnal with tho sahool
, :ue thnt when suparnte
. n established tho Phil
s', races must attend the
.it for thorn."
ooid Abolish Oriental Schools
I limv the Japanese chil-
Hlmitted to wliito Mihpols
. i i in agreed to tnnke the
uimh the president may
i tMir replied:
I alxilish the oriental
t'. JapHneeo would thOH
.ulini-iioH to the white
Hayes, cjutirwon r
i i i delegation, has arranged
'tniii to iet the pr!i-
.ifteriidoH. Swretiuien
l i' i I Metealf will part taint tr
i iii
Mut Keep Their Coolies
i .il.torniaiis prefers thoy
.. mind" ami willing to
-- .us, it can he stated oh
' ma that the delegation V
msi-it that the itreftidant
i uin-it understanding with
. riiinent for the oxeltMtion
i "iihes before thoy will
'..lull oriental sehoolg and
1 1 I'M- children to the white
'i'.' Hayes tonight tie-
' ' ' favored nation alnuse
mud to a logienl oonoju
I i in negroes as subjects of
I'' mi l.:ic a right to eoinn to
iml demand thnt their
'limtted to white schools
In re separate schools are
with tho examination of tho grand jur
ors as to their allowed bias and nroin-
dloe in the trial of Abe Huuf and Chief
of Police Dinan for conspiracy, nnd tho
trial of Dinan for porjnry. The aotual
trial will probably begin next week.
Bv Assoeiatod Pross.
"iJIO DE JANJURO, February 8. Tho
Bruslliau government has decided to
avoid possible disagreeable incidents by
excluding negr osoldiors from tho Bra
zilian squadron which will visit the
United States, The opposition news
papers attack, the government for this.
Admiral Mcado Retired
Bv Associated Press.
"WASHINGTON, February 8. Rear
Admiral Pitman Meade, who has boon
relieved of the eommand of tho Ports
mouth, N. H., navy yard by Rear Atl
inintl George A. Bloknell, was today
placod on the retired list of tho- navy
owing to ago.
Gana-Lowis Fight Otr
B Assooiatetl Press.
"PHILADELPHIA, February S. Joe
Onus today announced thnt his match
with Hnrry Luwis has boon tleolarctl
off. (Inns 'says Lewis was not satisfied
with the purse.
Infernal Machine Sent to Pat-
erson, N, J, , Official Does
Fatal -Work
Bv Associated Pro,ss.
"PATBRSON, X. J., l-'ebrnary 8. Ius
tiec of the Peace -Jiobort C. Cortes was
fearfully injurod in his oJHee tonight by
tli cxploiou of an infernal machine
snt hint by expro$. He will probably
die before morning. The oflieo wa
wrecked ami the detonation hoard for
blooks. The judge has actively aided
the police in the capture of Italian
lawbrenkors recently.
l''l - , I'r.iaa
x ii i I Ml (I I'll r.iJiriinrr S.
i ilitimi agreeable to both
hi mged today to dispense
PATBBS02C, X. ,T., February S.
justice Cortex distl at midnight front
nia inJHried. Ue had left his .sou Rob
ert in ehargo of the oieo and the young
man received thp infernal muehluc,
which ie from Newark. It was ilo
Urenal ly an Aworwyi tuptoss wigou,
the charged were iwid, :nid the boy ar
fHed It. When Cortez ronehdd the
oftice the boy handed the package to
him. The oHtaide wrapping ws pa
per, tiwl with a string. Inside was an
other wrapping nntde fast with strops
jirh as 1mvs iwe to put around hchool
books. The father rrsted the package
on his degk and pulled tho and of tin
Htraji toward him to ltMson the tongue
of the bwkle. The moment he did so
there was an oxploniun.
A hole six foot square was torn in
the floor and the desk driven into the
eollar and torn to piocos. The boy
was linrled into the corner and seri
ously bruised and burned. Judge Cof
ttuc "was found with hh logs and arms
broken, his face and body torn and his
bnek apparontly broken. A mass of
Hush was torn from tho bones.
Ho was roniovod to n hospital, where
an anto-mortom statomont was takon.
Judge Cortoz was shortly to bo ap
Miintod sorgeant of tlotectives in recog
nition of the active work he had done
in aiding' the police in running down
Italian and other criminals. Cortoz had
u wife and uight children. It is bolieved
that the sendor of the machine sought
Same Old Story
Bv Associated Press.
"WASHINGTON, February 8. Pore
cast for Arizona; Fair Saturday and
Girl Continues Story She Told
Thaw, Which Loses Thrills
of the Preceding Day,
Cable from Paris Tells of Es
capades of Thaw There
Bathtub Girl Got $2,000 for
Her Wounded Feelings,
clulu r aeore " Carter of the territory of Hawull is n native of Hon
tteii V8, rorty J'enr8 i. "I' was educated nt Ynle, graduntlnjf In 1888.
in , " u,,l'f seasons on tho varsity football teams nnd rowed two seasons
V. h ' , '''"" Mtcr a few years In business at Seattle Mr. Carter returned
S.M,., ",w" ",1"d and became manager for the Hawaiian Trust company.
lett,'. ",'"' nK0 """U'lit Rnosovelt surprised young Carter by writing Ulm
Waiau h"i i 8 for ,l,f"ntloii as to tho state of affairs in Hawaii, many com
vi" leu made. Tho president appointed Ulm governor iu 11)04.
Bv Associated Press.
NBW YORK, February 8. Evelyn
Nesbit Thaw again today was the cen
tral figure at lior husbuud's trial. She
was still on tho stand and her direct
examination was unfinished when the
usunl week-end adjournment until Mon
day morning was taken.
Picking up the threads of her life
story wjuiro she had dropped them the
evening before the girl wife of the
defondnnt, always, as she declared, tell
ing her story just as she had related It
to Harry Thaw, brought the narratjvc
down to her wedding in Pittsburg in
April, f00.", and thoir return to New
York following the honeymoon. Sho
declared she had heard' White call to
hor on the street once after this nnd
that on anothor occasion, when she
pnssojl him in a cab, she noticed his
ab turn nrouud and .follow her iu the
direction of the doctor's office, where
she was going to have her throat treat
ed. On Monday she may be called upon
to finish tho relation of the events
which it is claimed by tho defense
brought on the explosive impulse in the
diseased brain of the defendant.
Not So Dramatic as Thursday
Whilo today's testimony lacked tho
IKsreonal quality which made yeter
day's recital so dramatic, impelling, en
thralling and pathetic, it served to cast
away oine of" the doubts and inferences
which remained from the incomplete de
tails as to the full extent of the revola
lion she claims to have made to her bus
Jerome, who had silently listened to
the young wife's statements, sent
thrill of excitement through the court
room by vigorously protesting against
this defamation of the dead.
"Is there no limit," he exclaimed,
"to the aspersions to be cast upon this
man? The court well knows I cannot
under the law controvert any statement
this witness might make against the
memory of Stanford White."
In his most bitterly sarcastic vein
lerome spoke of the "tattlo of the ten
derloin" and declared the court had the
right to limit such testimony, "until
competent evidence has bone adduced
here to show that this man is, or wai
of unsound mind. We don't know
whether tho defendant ever was jn
sane," he concluded. j
As to "Other Girls"
The question which called the vohem
eat protest from Jerome was addressed
to Mrs. Thaw by Dolmas nnd its pur
port was whother or not Thaw had told
lior about other girls who had mot a
"fato similar to your's at the hands of
Justice Fit7gerald thought "the de
fense should lny a broader foundation
tp show insanity before 'proceeding
along the lines surrounded by Mr. ,Dcl
nias' question.
" We will .proceed to do this as soon
us possible," answered Delmas.
Mrs. Thaw declared that White dur
ing the year which followed her experi
ence in the room of tho mirrored walls,
lopeatcdly sought to have her visit him
"I told Harry." she said, "that Mr.
White beggedlnc, pleaded and cried and
scolded and done everything he could
to make me comn to sec him alone. 1
refused and he told me I was cruel and
that I was coffl as a fish and not a hu
man being. T told White 1' did not care
to trust him.
Thaw Thought Hor Untrue
"After my return from Europe and
during tho months I would not see
Thaw because of tho dreadful things
Whito nnd his friends had told me
about him," she declared that Thaw
accused her of improper relations with
the architect, "I toltljiim it was n lie
and I had not," sho testified with an
emphatic show of feeling.
The defense had Mrs. Thaw toll .of
her acquaintance with Jack Barrymore,
the actor. Mr. Darrymore was in the
courtroom one day during tho early part
of the trial ut tho instance of Jerome.
Sho said she first mot Uarrymoro nt
a party given by White tno year roi.
lowing nor uuihiiuihiuu i" uium
tect. V
"I though him very nice," sh6 said
today. . ' , ,
"One day at White's studio ho said:
Kolyn, will you marry met' I .said:
'I don't know,' He asked me a second
time and again I said: 'I don't know,'
and everybody laughed.
Foolish to Marry Barrymore
"Mr. Whito told tinc I. would be very
foolish to marry Barrymore and my
mother said so too and we all quarreled.!
The upshot at the whole thing was that
White said I ought to be sent to school
nnd I was sont to New Jersey."
Dolinas asked hor if sho had seen
Whito after hpr return ..to Now' York
from tho honeymoon.
" passed him one day in Fifth nve
nue. I was in a cab arid he saw me,
and I heard him say, 'Evelyn,' as if to
call someone.
"I went back to the hotel and told
Harry, and he snld 'tho dirty black
guard, ho had no right io speak to you.'
"The next time I saw him T was
driving to the doctor's ollico to have
my throat tieated. Whttp was also in
u cub. He jvist stared tins timo and
strokod his mustache. As I alighted
nt the doctor's door I saw "White com
ing. I rang tho boll and then got so
nervous nnd flustrated that I told the
maid I would come back again nnd I
rnn down tho steps, got into tho cab
and drove to tho hotel, ivlicro I told
Harry what had happened. Ho got
very excited and bit his nails."
These wero tho only two times, Mrs.
Thaw said, , that sho told her husband
that Whito had approached or attempt
ed to speak to her.
Other Lottors Read
Another great crowd was in the
courtroom today, every available spaco
being occupied, but the dramatic thrills
of the day boforo wero not there. The
day began with n continuance of tho
rending of letters from Thaw to Mr.
Longfellow written after Evelyn Nes
bit 's rovelatlons to her suitor in Parjs.
There wero others which had been sent
to the attorney to deliver to Miss Nes
bit, who at that timo would not sec
Mrs. Thaw followed with the relation
of hor oxperionce with White and At
torney Abraham Hummel coucorniug
tho alleged affidavit which sho made
charging Thaw with having tuken her
from her mothor against her will and
with gross cruelty. Mrs. Thaw told
how she had been induced to answer
some quostiou about herself and Thaw
and had been told stories about his
'cruelties to girls."
To Protect Hor from Thaw
White had told her, she declared,
rlmt it was necessary to take drastic
measures to protect her tioni such a per
son and that Thaw must bo kept out of
New York. She denied signing any
papers in Huinmol's offic1? but said that
sho rememborcd having fjgnod somo for
White in his onlce, Uie contents of
which sho did not know.
When sho got frightened about tho
papers and demanded to sec them she
said White took hor to Hummol's olllce
and there they burned a paper on which
she said her name was ut the bottom.
Sho was not allowed to sco what the
paper contained whou it was destroyed.
Mrs. Thaw's testimony was mado
amusing at times by interjections of the
unities which Thaw hadapplicd touthe
lawyer and White's agitated question
ing as to what she hadjftpjd Ifumtucl
ibout him. Sho declarcdasho had told
the lawyer nothing.
" 'Well,' White said to me, 'there is
something wroug somewhere. Hummel
has just squeezed a thousand dollars
out of me and the Lord only knows how
won ho will squeeze anothor.' I then
remembered having told Mr. Hummel
wlien he threatened thiugs about Thaw
that ho had better be caroful, for Thaw-
know a lot of teiriblc thhigs about
Wills of Thaw aud Wife
The defense cuduavorcd to put in evi
lenco today the wills of Harry Thaw
mil .Evelyn Thaw which were executed
tho night of their wedding. There were
so many interlineations, additions and
erasures that Justice Fitzgerald held
the documents not admissable until the
hanges wero proved.
Delmas said he would endeavor to
prove this as the wills and interlinea
tions and a codicil by Thaw- had to do
with the proof fending to show the in
sanity of the defendant. Jt came out
that the name of Stanford Whito ap
peared in Thaw's testament.
Mrs. Thaw will go on with Jicr direct
examination Monday morning. Just
what will be the naturo of Jerome's
cross examination is mere conjecture.
It is said ho may try to attack her
credibility and probably as to her abil
ity to remember other things as well as
sho has the stories she has declared she
told Harrv Thaw from time to time.
House Passes 725 Pension
Bills in an Hour and a Half
at Yesterday's Session.
Leasing of Public Lands for
Grazing Subject of Coming
Resolution Charter for the
New Alaska Railroad,
By Associated Pret.8.
WASHINGTON February 8. A new
high record in tho way of passage of
private pension bills was made by the
house today, when 725 bills wero passed
iu an hour and a half. The naval ap
propriation bill carrying over $95,000,
000 millions, was taken up. Speeches
wore made by Mr. Lamar of Florida on
the rnilroad rate bill; Mr. Higgius of
Connecticut, favoring the creation of
the White Mountain and Appalachian
forest reserves; by Mondcll of Wyom
ing, on the "Limitations of Federal
Authority," and the withdrawal of coal
lands from entry.
Indian Bill Passes
WASHINGTON, February 8. The
senate today passed the Indian apropri
atiou bill. Senator "Frazicr made an
address on the subject of state
rights, after which the army apropria
tion bill, carrying a total of $81,500,
000, was taken up. The army measure
was partly read for the approval of the
committee on amendments, and adjonrn
ment was taken when it became appar
ent that considerable debate was to be
occasioned by an amendment to permit
the government to receive reduced rates
from the railroads for tho transporta
tion of troops and supplies for the army
and to allow army officers and their
families to accept free transportation.
The adoption of this amendment
would be-a modification of the railroad
rate bill. Senator Warren, in charge of
the bill, gave notice that he would press
its consideration tomorrow. Senator
Nelson said ho would move tomorrow
for the consideration of the bill grant
ing the government the right of appeal
in criminal cases.
Grazing on Public Land
Thrt senate committee on agriculture
t preparing a resolution looking to the
leasing of public lands for graziuz pur
poses. A large delegation or western
cattlemen are already here to support
the measure.
New Alaska Railroad
The senate committeo on territories
today authorized a favorable report on
a house bill giving to tho Alaska Rail
road company a government charter for
a road from the head of Cordova bay
to a point on the Yukon river near
Eagle, Alaska. Tho railroad will enter
the Alaskan copper fields.
The tax upon Incomes of jivor $1,000
a year is made progressive up to 4 per
cent of tho total. Even government
rents, excepting those held abroad only.
nominally escape, coupons being exompt,
but revenuo therefrom being taxed
when the total income of tho holder ex
ceeds the minimum laid down.
French savings are largely invested
in rents.
The burdens placed unon foreiirn se
curities, both private and governmental,
constituted a particularly heavy blow
to Russian securities, of which it is
estimated from eight to ten millions
are held in France. This new income
tax measure is one of the radical re
forms to which the Clemenccau minis
try committed itself upon assuming of
fice. Whilo it is received with un
bounded joy-bv, tho socialists as a pro
per shifting of the burden of taxation
to the shiulders of tho idle rich, it is
sure to encounter intenso opposition
from tho more moderate Republicans,
as well as from tho conservative parties.
Japanese Government Wishes
to Confer Orders on Amer-
- lean Diplomats
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, February S. With
an expression of its high appreciation
of services rendered Japan during the
war with Russia, tho Japanese govern
ment has asked for permission to con
fer upon the American ambassadors to
Russia and Japan during the Russo
Japanese war, various decorations, am)
tho secretary of state today forwarded
the request to congress. --
With Secretary Hoot's letter was a
communication from Viscount Aoki,
Japanese ambassador to Washington,
expressing tho desire of the Japanese
empire to award to Robert S. McCor
mick and George Vpn L. Meyer, former
American ambassadors to Russia and
Lloyd C. Grisconi, former minister to
Tapan, the first class of tde Order of
tho Rising Sun. Decorations aro also
proposed for secretaries of the legations.
Consul at Honduras Says in
General Opinion War Is In
evitable Between States,
Says Treaties Between Central
American Governments Are
to Be Respected United
States also to Take a Hand,
Pari3 Thinks Thaw Insano
PARIS, Februaiy S. The newspapers
of Paris are devoting much space to the
proceedings of the Thaw trial and as
the result a number of persons are com
ing forward anxious to testify as to
Thaw's alleged escapades in Paris,
which thoy declare can bo only ex
plained on the ground that ho .was jn-anc.
A woman from whom Thaw rented
an apartment in this .city has visited
Gonsid'Cpncral !Musoii anti-she recount
ed' numerous episodes of Thaw's stay.
Another woman who says she is au
American, has informed the nowspapers
tfiat sho figured in tho "bathtub inci
dent," to which reference was made by
Hvelyn Thaw yesterday.
This woman makes further allega
tions of mnltrcatmcnt at the hands of
Thaw and declares that he gave her
J2,000 to compensate her for injuries
she sustained.
Hearst Gets Busy
WASHINGTON, February 8. Repre
sentative Hearst introduced a bill in
tho house today to prevent corrupt prac
tices in elections by making bribery
a felony and prescribing other safe
guards for elections.
Government Will Send Troops
to Coast on Colonist Rates
Next Month
Engineer and Stokers Burned
to-Deatli Nine Dead and"
Two Injured
Louisiana Congressman Held
'for the Murder of His Wife's
' Physician
By AVociatcd Press.
BATON ROUGE, La., February 8.
Democratic. Congressman'olect George
FavroUwns, today indicted by tho grand
jury on tho chnrgo of murder for shoot
ing' Dr. Harry Aldrieh, ono of tho load
ing physicians of Daton Rougo. .
Favrot immediately after the shoot
ing last November igsucd an informal
statomont that ho had killed Dr. Aid
rich for making slanderous statements
about Mrs. Favrot, Dr. Aldrieh was
Mrs. Favrot 's physician. Favrot is ono
of the leading jurists of Louisiana and
was a judge of tho civil court at fho
time of the shooting, but resigned im
mediately. Ho appointed tho grand
jury which today indicted Mm.
By Associated Press.
LOltENTE, France, Februnry S. As
the result of an explosion on the tor
pedo boat No. 339 of tho French navy
today, nine are dead and two injured,
She was undergoing a full power steam
trial in the roadsted, with a complete
crew tin board. Returning to her an
chorage, a part of the evaporation ap
paratus burst and a mass of flame was
forced into tho stokehole where tho en
gineer ami stokers wore at work. Tho
engineer and eight stokers wero burned
to death and their bodies practically
leuuceu to cinuers.
By Associated Press.
OMAHA, Neb., February 8. The war
department has found n way to got even
with the Union Pacific and the North
western railroads for refusing to haul
the tents for tho cavalry from Nevada
forts to San Francisco at lower than
the tariff rates' Today orders were
issued to hold the men until March 1,
on which dato tho colonist rates aro to
bo put in effect on all the western rail
roads. Soldiers will be hauled at one
half the regular rate plus two dollars.
This is a lower rate than the quarter
master's department expected to secure
from the railroads on a regular bid.
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, February 8. Carry
ing out tho wishes of the state depart
ment that a couplo of naval vessels be
kept in Central American waters, tho
navy department has dispatched tho
gunboat Marietta to Grcytown, on the
gulf coast of Nicaragua, accompanying
the cruiser Chicago. It is said the pur
pose of sending tho ships is t have
a ship at tho disposal of tho American
ministers if they should find it jcees
sary to travel up and down the coast
whore communication is limited. Also
thoy will, of course protect any Amcr;
ican property that may be endangered.
Says War Is Certain
Consul Alger at Tegucigalpa, Hon
duras, communicated yesterday with
Amorican Minister Coombs in Guate
mala City that the general opinion in
Tegucigalpa was that war between Hon
duras and Nicaragua was almost inev
itable. The officials hero do not like
such a pessimistic view, but believe that
the combined efforts of Mexico and the
United States will convince them that
their differences can be settled without
recourse to arms.
Bound to Interfere '
It was admitted at the state depart
ment today that correspondence had
been exchanged between the depart
ment and the Mexican government re
garding the prevention of hostilities.
The Washington government regards,
itself as bound uudcr the tA-aty of
Sau Jose ami the Marblehcad pact to
offer its Bood offices to preevnt war
between the Central American repub
lics, and as the republic of Mexico is
uuder similar obligations the two are
trying to arrange a program whereby ,
Mexico would present the wishes for
the United States as well as her own
In Favor of Contract
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, February 8. Chair
man Shonts of the isthmian commission
today unqualifiedly expressed himself in
favor of building the canal by con
Diaz Issues Warning
MEXICO CITY, February 8. The
state department has made public tho
following note:
President Diaz, acting upon the direct
request of President Roosevelt, has sent
a note to the governments of Costa
Rica, Salvador and Guatemala asking
them to use every effort to prevent an,
armed clash between Nicaragua and
Honduras, with the iutimation that past;
treaties must be lived up to and that
their dispute must be referred to an ar
bitration board.
By Associated Press.
BLOOMINGTON, Ind., February 8.
A strike of all the boilermakers and
helpers of the Chicago &-Alton railroad,
numbering two hundred, began today.
! They want an increased wage scale.
New Scheme for Taxation in
France Creates Sensation
Poor Man Exempt
By Associated Press.
PARIS, February 8. The govern
mont's new scheme for taxation intro
duced in tho chamber of deputies today
Created n stir when made public this
aftornoon after the closing of the
Bourse If enacted into n law it will
constitute a cpmpleto readjustment of
the financial system. All direct taxes
aro to be replaced by ft system based
upon incomes. Day laborers are prac
iically exempted.
A jfT 1 - If gain HMr' ''iRL IL
The new president of tho Pennsylvania Railroad company, James McOrea.
who uccced3 the late Alexander J. Cnssntt, has been engaged In railroad -work
since be was seventeen years old. Ho was born In 1848 in Philadelphia
and went to work first as a rodsman and later as an assistant engineer In tne
construction department of the Connellsvillo and Southern Pennsylvania rail
road. He served several other roads and finally, In 1871, became connected
with the road of which ho Is now the head. Mr. McCrea at the time of Pres
ident Cassatt's death was flrat vice president of the Pennsylvania s UnM w?st
f Pittsburg.
- it.
1lBfc-,jfii Hk
A. ".v-
v u&
WlV -
IJL mLiiMti.
A laH&iKr -OHWl-Wt

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