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Daily Arizona silver belt. (Globe, Gila County, Ariz.) 1906-1929, February 10, 1907, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Khm uBMsByPEBHHWsftiJlBMii hummm win im imi mniMMti
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in southwest
Number 104
immense Sulphide Strike in
Old uommiun naamea ho
Surpassing all Others,
GRAUt Uttt uim ifin
And the End Is Not Yet Ore
on Thiiteemn Level iviuun
Ricliei than Was First Re
portedOther District News
TVn. hi boon but ojio nb-iorbing
,n u al mining circles miring me
eK, tin- big sulphide striko in
,,i ii ...iii.iii mint- nun it win
llie IMH "" , ,
-.mile t furnisn icon ior mining
u , i r.,. i.,:. m.,i...
jtlil IlllH'U.ll "l iwiniliiiiiuin-
claim and grading for n two-compartment
shaft which tho company intends
sinking to n depth of 1,000 fcot. Tho
slto selected for tho shaft is botweon
tho lead proper and the limestone hang
ing wall. A small hoist and othur
equipmont has been ordered and will bo
on tho ground by the timo tlioy aro
needed. It will not require more than
sixty days after sinking starts to go
down 200 feet, nt which depth a level
will bo run which should open up good
ore. Tho Calumet & Ulobo is ouo of
tho most promising of the new com
panies now operating in this district.
. . - l.rr iimn 4a pmiin.
.L.trirT I'T '"h - -
U . . ... -i.i.il
fm t (iejitli in tins msirici nas
! ... t lima .ilart cmll-.i.l
I.-.I1 ! " "" """ ""'
, . i.. ,.r..i,!(.iii nf the comnanv. and
UlJlUlur ("- -- - I
tbf ill.l Poimnion mine win in " smm
nmr i-rux I., be one of tho biggest, if
Bt tbr biggf-t an richest, copper mine
, tut- suiithweit
Thf nnkf n the 11th level, which
lfU I lie HUH II iJiraici mint "- ..n...
,MP, list night
Globo Consolidated
Tho coming week will bo an impor
tant ouo for tho Globo Consolidated, ai
it will mark tho first stopping point in
the Gem shaft. Tho shaft is now a
tritlo over 485 feet deop and tho Inttor
part of tho week tho C00 level will be
reached, tho point from which lateral
work will bo started.
Tho oUicials of tho company who
spend tho last weok in Globo are more
than pleased with their inspection of
the properties and tho work al realty
"dono by tho company nnd thoy were
unanimous in their praise of President
Hovlaud, Manager McCarthy and Su
perintendent Wnyne. A directors'
meeting was held at which plans were
formulated for tho coining year, but tho
plans wore not made public. Tho ofli-
claN woro to have loft yesterday morn
ing for llisbee, but woro delayed here
nnd ,wjll, leave this morning for the
Warren district.
I.jt night tho width or the
t iMpI""' il" milt" ' v....;fi
mo iuto i u" immense ore shoot, was
airusimjirlN thirty feet, with no hull
,ai,..ii "i wall ' s't?1'1- Measurements
ukeir Iti.U afternoon showed the
i.lth of the ure in the crosscut to be
i t i mi ho and since, another round
,f six toot iinies nan ueen uriiieu in
ThfM Imles were blasted at 11
, lurk lnt night and drilling was
aguiu riMimt'.l by the shift that went
n ,luM at miiluight.
tt rk 'Hi tins crosscut which is the
eiml out ironi rue main crosscui, un
tbr 14th being driven from tho main
pitMitioii clrift in the footwall, is pro
prsiiu at the rate of six feet a day
; ami the off is continuous, as well as
hvTino, n linunution in copper vnluo;
in fait, thf grade of the oro has iui-
I imH. iin List two nays anil tno enure
nijst will ntrage at least l. per cent
mi oiitr
Drifting on the big vein is progress
ing brtnen the main crosscut and cross
i lit 1, the work going on from both
tnmuiN in opposite directions, and
the arn exriected to meet in a few
la On the main extraction drift
about fort foet of work is required be
fore the xiint is reached from which
N" mil he started into the sulnhide
riu un.l it ih almost certain that this
iruiut ft ill flml the horse of spar
tetweeii the eins gone and both of
the ein, mori'eil into one mass of ore.
I he iniirtanip of sulphide vein No.
n thi I ith leel, it has just been
les'ur.l Rat neer fully made public.
)u tin-, level the vein is twenty one
fret ni,e ami the richest ten feet of
ore h ii luier been toiwlieil sinen it
,-.- T
vd , rovs nt This ore, it was defl
iiiieh I. iiiumI last night, runs 17 per
iriit oiiiit r Tln ntlior olovpn font nf
the win ulih'h linq linpii atminil fm
b fe. t. i irries nearlv 10 nor cent
"Clr I his eiii lias been located for
l.u"'i fiet mi dm Dominion ground and
hkmi(1 , i rosscuts in a uuniber of
l-U'ei, re iimtr values varvinc from
i r 4 ,r i t-nt up to 20 Tier cent the
ntire wnitl, f the vein. Kich seams
'arrMiiy ,, ,,j,, a, f;,-; jH,r el,n e0pj)(.r
" lo mi iiit in crimm'iit "Kn. ! nn tlin
" Ii f been reneatedlv asserted bv
"" ilwr l.t, nnd despite the govern
""hi Ktoo.gi.-ii report, sulphides in
Kr,it '(iiintiti.-s and carrying high cop
i" units w.iul.l ho found with depth
111 th. ii,iiri l.elt on which tho Old
w in in i .ii inn,,, is located and this con
'"''.i, hi,,, , ,as j,een sililrt.u ,y local
""""'K "ii has without doubt beon
'"''ttnti ,t.,
Ore in Captain Shaft
P. C. Alsdorf, who is dovoloping the
group recently purchased by an eastern
syndicate in tho vicinity of tho Kurekn
and Inspiration, has been making good
headway on tho shafts on tho Captain
and Ued Springs claims. Oro which
commenced to show nt a depth of fifty
feet in tho Captain shaft, has at a depth
of almost a hundred feet greatly in
creased in vnluo and assays inado last
week show values running botweon 3
and 4 per cent copper.
(Continued on Fago Six)
Thought that Mrs, Thaw Will
Be Taken from the Stand
Tomorrow Morning,
Pittsburger Feared a Violent
Death at Hands of White
and Had Provision in Will to
Punish Him if Successful.
j- ;
of hor tcstiinony by calling chorus girls
or oinors who nngui no examined 10
know about tho events related. Mrs.
Thaw visited hor Wisband in tho Tombs
By Associated Press.
PIERRE, S. D., February 0. The
committee to investigate statements
against cortaiu state oflicials reported
to tho sonato today, charging Ex-Governor
Herried with drawing large sums
of money as contingent funds without
authority of law. The committee also
charges the state railroad commission
with the payment of money to an at
torney in violation of the constitution.
Abolishes Dispensaries
By Associated Press.
COLUMBIA, S. C, February 9. Tho
senate today passed tho house bill to
discontinue state litnior dispensaries.
Conference Between San Fran
cisco Authorities and Roose
velt Ends the Trouble,
Young Kansas City Woman
and Prominent Doctor Are
Found Qead in His Office,
Girl Was Patient of Doctor
Merwin and Unrequited Love
for the Doctor Actuates the
Double Tragedy.
' tlo I
Arizona Commercial
' W itlll-r lifld fnvnroH nunrnf i.ina
1 1 r inn mine, nnd shipments
"b tp to the Old Dominion
oro to Douglas
"f u
""'l"r 'Ml s,,K;0U,
l ir.
." '" nogiiia
""'""i irrie.l ,
' Mm
'"iniiiil at the rate of about two
'I In If. .mil.,.. ,1..1.. ..,., ,na
,l t.v uiui'iiau. i.ifin
Eighth level drift
"' '" good concentrating sul
'iming about three ounces of
T (llltixr ln l.n 11 ..!..
--....h lw luu niii. i. miipiir ut
l"'1 '"I work at the Black Hawk mine
"I" ' r",,r",,(,(1- West drift on the
' I. vtl has beon steadily driven
J'""' sl' mg any important change.
ln" " i ledge matter. Tho water
("'"" !"s been overhauled and as
fue'i "'" ls a 8ufuc'cnt supply ot
oii MiiiKlllir vi i i.o rpumnoil.
w down 503 feet.
'" tw
" thltt
' i l.l i - i. .) ....
f "i" loinmenco witnin a uay
III I I,, nod .l!fi Al. pfnn nAA
j,. , i mill oil luu iiuuiuui
teet tt'"" t,,e oro "0(,y lH twenty-one
Bl,l'- mil runs about 8 per cent
W' Huh is the best largo body of
Ir '" M" BLiek Hawk mine and the
tB"s"" ' " the drift is only about
lr.,pW '"Pt from the lin0 of the
R.J 1',M'-n claim of tho Superior &
By Associated Press.'
KANSAS CITY, February Sj. Dr.
Everett Merwin, n prominent physician
nnd surgeon of this city, and Miss Maud
Slater, aged 2.1, n patient of tho doc
tor, woro found dead in Morwin's ofllce
in the Hall building today and all
available evidence points to tho theory
that the girl shot and killed the phy
siciau'nnd thon committed suicide as
tho result of an insane jealousy. Each
victim had been shot- through the head
libit a pistol was "found near tho ox-
tended right hand of tho girl.
Oflico Boors Locked
The doors of tho ofllce were looked,
and tho tenants of tho building, who
heard tho sound of shots in Merwin 's
ollice, were obliged to forco an ontranee
to his apartments.
The aged parents of tho girl when
they were apprised of tho death of thoir
daughter several hours after tho trag
edy, said sho waB a patient of Merwin
and had announced beforo sho loft her
home today that sho intended to go to
tho doctor's oflico for treatment. They
knew nolhing of .any other relations
than patient and physician fiotween
their daughter and Vr. iuonvin.
Doctor Was Annoyed
It is said that Merwin had expressed
annoyanco to somo of his friends bo
cause Miss Slater frequently wrote him
letters, telephoned to him and in other
ways thrust her attentions upon him.
Ho even charged that through a feoling
of jealousy Miss Slater had published
an announcement of his engagement to
another young woman. Tho announce
ment was most embarrassing to Merwin
and tho young woman concerned and
both declared it false, nnd said thoy
woro not responsible for tho publication.
Merwin was 38 years old and ono oi
tho most promising young physicians in
tho city. Ho was treasurer oi a nomoo
pathic college hqro and had an oxten
sivo practice,
'"pany Owinir to non-arrival
I'- ri7.lT1-l rV..i... ...'i!nl .ntlwn.l
uu.it. MlllllnuiUIIII I1..IIUIOI
""' I tin I'n.nnl,.!..,! tt.n 111...lr
'u,ufiv.vii tw bill? i-.iui;ji
Ho studied medicine in
lacking several hundred
' ' looked for any day and
i- !,,.! .. I i .
,U i j i.irgt; loiiiiugo cu ore
" -'"I'l'eil from tho Black Hawk.
Calumet & Globo start Work
,r('jr'i",""'lent George S. Andrus ro
'riij n'la from Phoenix and yes-
'miinVY" b"Sy ent'aBin8 I,len nnd
prupeit 'K'n Work at tho company's
Vork V'uUlorr'W morning. Tho first
road f hp tLe u"lllng of u short
""a the gulch to the Brewery
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Tobrhnry 9.
Through tho Russian embassy of this
city, Secretary of Stato Vrassokol and
plenipotentiary of tho Russian famine
relief committee has transmitted an ap
yeal to tho Amorican people for finan
cial assistance for starving peasants
who number into tho millions.
Tho Weather
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, l''eimiary
!. Fore
cast for
Arizona: Fair Sunday and
By Associated Press.
NRW YORK, February 9. Doubt
and speculation oxist tonight as to what
courso the dofenso will take in tho enso
of Thaw whon the trial is resumed Mou
day. Whon court adjourned Friday it
was the intention of Attorney Dclmas
to hnvo Mrs. Thaw continue tho story
upon which tho prisoner's lifo may de
pend. District Attorney Jerome had
dramatically protested against any fur
ther "defamation of tho doad," and
had beon uphold by Judgo Fitzgerald
in his contention that a broader founda
dation of insanity should be laid.
Tho court's ruling that the insanity
of tho defendant has not yet been sufli
ciently established to admit bringing
in furthor details of his wife's testi
mony may result in a temporary change
in tho line of evidence. The courso to
bo pursued depends greatly upon the
attitude of .leromc, who declared he
could have ottered legitimate objection
to Mrs. Thaw's testimony at tho very
outset on tho ground that tho alleged
insanity of the defendant had not been
established, but ho had refrained be
cause of the fact that he knew the tes
timony as to her revelations to Thaw
must come out some time.
May Excuse Mrs. Thaw
If Mr. Jerome persists on Monday
morning in his objections to this line
of examination as indicated by Del
mas' question as to tho stories concern
ing young women, othor than tho wife
of tho defendant, tho prosecuting offi
cer will bo asked temporarily to excuse
Mrs. Thaw to permit of tho introduc
tion of evidence in accordance with
Justice Fitzgerald's ruling.
As Mr. Jcromo probably will bo glad
of tho delay beforo ho takes the diffi
cult task of cross examining tho young
wifo, he is expected to consent to the
plan. In that event, Delmns will first
attempt to get in evidence of Thaw's
will, ruled out on Friday, which because
of the many interlineations had not
been proved. Fitgerald held that the
will must bo shown to have been in its
present condition when signed.
Anxious to Uso Will
Delmns was very anxious to have the
will go in evidence, believing that it
will go farther than any documentary
proof he can produco to show tho effect
Evelyn Nesbit's story of her treatment
at the hands of White had upon the
mind of tho defendant.
Although counsel deny thnt the infor
mation is altogether accurate, it leaked
out today that one of tho provisions in
Thaw's will is tho setting aside of a
sum of $."0,00J for tho prosecution of
all persons who may bo concerned, in
caso of tho death of tho testator by
violence. The probable instigntor ot
this anticipated violence is said to be
revealed in the provision, v.
Fund for White's Victims
Another paragraph, it is reported,
made provision for a fund for tho bone
fit of young women, whom, tho will do-
dared, suffered treatment nt tho hands
of tho dead man similar to that of his
wife. Tho roports say that tho names
of White's alleged victims nro included
in tho clause of tho will rolating to this
Thaw's will also mado provision for
Hownrd Nesbit, Evelyn's brother, who
it has been reported would take the
stand in opposition to his sister. The
rest of Thaw's propcty was to go to his
Mr. Delmns may call to tho stand
Mondny an nttorney from Pittsburg,
who will bo asked as to tho interlinea
tions in tho will, and it is expected he
will prove that they woro put there at
tho timo the tes'tament vas signed.
Want No Interruption
Thnw's counsel do not like tho idea
of interruption to tho wife's story, con
tinuing over any considerable time.
Should Mr. Jerome again protest, the
several alienists employed by tho de
fense, other than Dr. Wiley, will bo
placed on the stand. Thoy will bo
shown Thaw's letters to his lawyer and
to his wifo and then bo confronted by
a hypothetical question embracing the
wife's story of her experience with
White, other details surrounding the
caso, and ultimately the shooting. The
attorneys will have a broader founda
tion for tho question. They do not an
ticipate a repetition of tho disaster of
tho first day.
Brief Gross Examination
It was said tonight that Jerome's
cross examination of Mrs. Thaw will
bo brief. Tho district attorney boing
barred by rules of evidence from at
tempting to controvert anything Mrs.
Thaw says sho told her husband, will
confino himself to finding out if she told
Thaw all the story sho repeated on the
stand. Jf ho can trip the witness into
an admission that sho might not have
related somo praticular dotail, Joromo
may ask tnat all oi iier evidence uu
stricken out. It is thought certain that
no attempt will vbe made to offset any
Miners' Union Representatives
Onen Headquarters Yester
day in Open Camp
Special to the Silver Belt.
BISBKK, Ari?., February 9. In spito
of tho election held by the miners em
ployed in the Warron district last year,
at which tho proposition to unionize
tho camp was voted down by an over
whelming majority, it was learned to
day that a determined effort is to be
made by the Western Federation of
Miners to secure a foothold in Bisbee.
Tho plans of the federation were
learned today when Messrs. Raw ling
and Cannon, representatives of the
Western Federation of Miners, rented
offices in the Schmid-Shattuck building
and announced that they were here to
organize a local of tho Westeu Feder
ation, which will be known as No. 100.
The representatives display a char
ter and say that they are here to stay.
Schmitz Gives Out Brief State
mentJap Representative
Makes Caustic Remarks
Pertinent to Situation,
the committee of tho Republican party.
In addition there was a great deal of
money spent by individuals and uy
semi-political organizations which did
not come under the restriction of the
election laws. These amounts of money
cannot bo spent properly in merely in
forming tho voters of tho issues of the
campaign and in guarding the ballot on
election day, and therefore the greater
part must bo spent improperly, directly
or indirectly influencing voters."
NEW YORK, February 9. J. S. Tay
lor, tho colored runner of the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, won the main
event, a special race at six hundred
yards, of tho indoor meet at Madison
Square garden today. Taylor competed
with threco of the fastest men in New
York. Time, 1:14.
Ex-Governor of Missourf Testi
fies in the investigation of
the Texas Senator. -
San Francisco Will Celebrate
Discovery of Pacific Ocean
' rin 1913
By Associated Press.
SACRAMENTO, Cab, February 9.
The movement to hold a world's fair in
San Francisco in 1913, the four hun
dredth anniversary of the discovery of
tho Pacific ocean, to surpass any expo
sition that has been, held in this coun
try, was given an impetus today that
will go far toward carrying out this
vast undertaking. Tho legislature has
been asked to appropriate $3,000,000 for
the projected Pacific Coast Exposition.
Congress, it is said, will appropriate
$3,000,000 and a like amount is to bo
raised by tho people of this state. A
largo delegation representing the prin
cipal commercial and financial organiza
tions and interests of San Francisco
and other cities today called upon Gov
ernor Gillette to get his co-operation.
The advertising that California would
receive from such an exposition, the im
petus it would givo to immigration and
tho effect it would have upon tho de
velopment of the stnto's industries were
ably presento'd to the governor, who was
much impressed.
Unusual Honor Conferred Up
on Former Friend of Bryan
by Catholics
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, February 9. Presi
dent Roosevelt and the authorities of
San Francisco today reached a mutual
understanding that the California-Japanese
school question can be adjusted
without danger of any serious difficul
ties with Japan. Details of tho adjust
ment aro not agreed upon yet. To ar
range them other conferences are to be
held, tho next being Monday.
It was authoritatively stated tonight
that tho one result of today's confer
ence was a mutual understanding that
a settlement could bo reached which
would bo satisfactory and which would
leave no ground for any trouble mak
ing complaint by Japan. Tho Califor
nia delegation came to Washington, it
was said, with nothing in the nature of
an ultimatum, but rather open to the
consideration of any basis of settlement
which tho administration might pro
pose, 'i lie coniercnco was attended by
the president and Secretary Root, May
or Schmitz, members of the board of
education, tho superintendent of schools
and the assistant city attorney of San
Francisco. ,
Schmitz Optimistic
Mayor Schmitz after the meeting
"Nothing has been decided on any
proposition pending. By Monday or
Tuesday I think a decision will be
reached. Tho meeting was entirely
friendly, but I am not prepared to say
it was satisfactory."
Senator Flint of California was in a
long conference with Schmitz tonight.
Neither he nor the mayor would make
any statement.
Masuji Miyakawa, representative of
Japanese residents of San Francisco in
the suit with the board of education,
had a conference today with Secretary
Strauss. He said tonight:
Want no Compromise
"The Japanese want no compromise
on the school children's rights. If
thirty-nine boys and girls between 15
and 20 years of age are demoralizing
00,000 boys and girls of all nationali
ties in the public schools tho board of
education is welcome to make a rule
so that the adults over the age of 10
shal loot attend the public schools, but
this rule must bo applicable to Amer
ican, English, Japanese, German,
French, Italian and Russian children
Aro not Mongols
"Japanese have been Japaneso for
ihe last 2,.ri00 years and not Mongolians
It is said by somo California labor lead
ers tluit there aro 10,000 Japaneso in
San Francisco. They clamor about the
exclusion of the Japaneso coolies be
cause of the fear that 40,000 Japanese
in Hawaii may come to San Francisco
in tho courso of time. Let me ask, what
if all tho Japaneso in Hawaii Blioutd
land in San Francisco in one day? You
know that in ono year you are having
li53.71S Russian .Tows and 42,201 Mag
yars, descendants of the Central Asian
crusade, not speaking ot tho European
coolies, who aro landing by millions.
"Tho Japaneso school children in
San Francisco do not understand what
the board means by saying 'compro
mise,' because tho word compromise
means tho reciprocal abatement of
rlirhts. The Jananeso children have
nothing to give. Let tho Japaneso chil
dren go to tho public school or else
proceed with the caso."
Situation in Central America
Becomes Graver and War
Is Impending
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, February 9. Ad
vices received at tho state department
late today added to tho gravity of the
Central American situation. It is re
ported that arbitration which has been
going on in San Salvador for the ad
justment of tho differences between
Honduras and Nncaragua has been ab
ruptly terminated. War is impending.
Swears that Senator Wouldn't
Take Pay for Legal' Services
but Borrowed Money from
Head of Oil Company.
Representative Rixey Passes
Away and House Adjourns
Out of Respect to Him.
Senators Talk on Occupation of
Cuba and the Equipping of
State Militia with the Regu
lation Department Arms,
By Associated Press.
OMAHA, Neb., February 9. At tho
funeral of John A. Crcightou today,
which was attended by many notable
i iit-ii:. T
men, among tnem oeing wiuibiu
Bryan, President M. J. Dowling of
Creighton university, in his eulogy of
the dead man announced that tho So
ciety of Jesus all over the world wher
ever the Catholic faith is known would
hold services for tho deceased, who was
conspicuous for his beneficence to the
Recognition by tho Society of Jesus
is an honor conferred on few men, es
pecially of tho laity of the church. Mr.
Creighton stood loyally by Bryan in
financing his campaigns for tho presi
dency and was his supporter in both
contests. s
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, February 9. Tho jury for
tho second trial of President Shea of
tho Teamsters' union and other labor
leaders, on charges of conspiracy,, was
completed today. Tho first trial was
only secured after three months. This
jury was obtained in ono week.
Editor Discusses His Bill to
Prevent Spending Money in"
9. "It
Three Killed in Collapso
By Associated Press.
ODEBOLT, Iowa, February 9.
Three men w6re killed and several in
jured in the collapse of tho ruins of
Tho Madisou-Motio general store there
this afiernoon.
By Associated Press.
seems to me that the root of all corrup
tion in general in public life is the,use
of money in elections," said Represent
ative. Hearst tonight in discussing the
bill to provent tho corrupt use of money
at national elections. "
"To illustrate, let mo cite the last
Now Ynrk stnto election. The use of
something" more than a million dollars
in the state campaign is admitted by
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, February 9. The
house today have been informed of
the death of Representative John F.
Rixey of Virginia adjourned shortly af
ter convening, out of respect to his
Tho general debate on the naval ap
propriation bill closed so that when the
bill is taken up Tuesday under the five-
minuto rulo it will bo subject to de
Army Bill in Senate
The army appropriation bill and me
morial exercises for the late Represent
ative Marsh of Illinois occupied the en
tire time of the senate today. Discus
sion of the army appropriation bill was
unusually interesting for the reason that
it branched off on the American occupa
tioiiMjf Cuba, the plans for the equip
ment of state militia with regulation
arms and tho proposed authorization to
tho war department to accept reduced
fare or freo transportation for troops
and supplies. The latter was an echo
of tho debate on the railroad rate bill,
last session. A number of unimportant
bills were passed without debate. Sen
ators Cullom nnd HJnkins delivered
eulogies on tho lifo and character of
Mr. Marsh.
Low Bates for Officers
Senator Clapp in the discussion on the
transportation amendniont suggested it
should bo so framed as to give the gov
ernment tho jjenefit of a reduction of
rales. Senator Warren mado a plea for
the right of army officers to accept
passes, calling attention to General
Funston's declaration that they are
now getting less than hod carriers in
San Francisco.
jThis brought from McCumber a sar
castic reply that his "heart bled for
the poor militiamen who drive to rail
road stations in carriages." Ho con
trasted their condition with that of the
ordinary man to their great advantage.
Must Bear Heavy Expenses
Senator Scott suggested that hard
ships were occasioned when an officer
was ordered from an army post to an
other in which case ho had to bear the
ATnpnse of transportation for his fam
ily and household. McCumber said this
Imrdshin is placed upon the govern
ment employees of all kinds. He also
criticized the differences between the
salaries of officers of highor and lower
urades. The compensation or tne latter
Jio" regarded as inadequatp. It was the
greatest privilege tnat couia come iu a
young man in this country to be edu
cated by the government, assured of a
commission in the army and then re
tired on pay.
By Associated Press.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., February 9. A spe
cial from Austin, Texas, says:
Former Governor Francis of Missouri
was the star witness today before the
Bailey investigation committee and he
repeated the denials on behalf of Bailey.
Senator Hanger, attorney for Bailey,
submitted to Francis Representative
Cooke's charges referring to the pur
chase of tho Gibbs ranch.
"Is tho charge truef" asked Hanger.
"Absolutely false," replied Francis,
"except that I assisted Bailey to buy
the ranch."
Ho later told of Bailey's obligations
to 11. C. Pierce. Cooke asked Francis
if ho was the medium through which
Pierce was to secure Bailey's legal in
fluence to re-enter the Waters-Pierce
company in Texas.
Francis said he had nothing to do
w ith the company. He insisted that the
charge was a reflection on him and
wanted tho charge proven or with
drawn. Tho witness wanted to be sure
that this statement got into the rec
ords. Introduced to Fierce
In April, 1900, Francis wired Bailey
at Gainesville to come to St. Louis and
he said he gave IL Clay Pierce a letter
of introduction to Bailey. His purpose
in wiring Bailey was to bring about a
Both men were his friends. They
were friends socially, but never had
any business relations. Pierce had
asked for a conference by telephone.
Pierce had told the witness of his Texas
troubles and asked about a Texas law
yer to help him. Francis recommended
Bailey. t
"That Texas politician T" said Mr.
Francis said he gave Bailoy a strong
recommendation to Pierce and then aid
ed the introduction. He denied that ho
had anything to do with the Gibbs
ranch purchase.
Bailey Makes a Touch
Francis said Pierce later told him
that he had loaned money to Bailey
Francis found in his letter book that
on November, 1900, he had paid Pierce
$3,300. Bailey had directed him to do
so. He did not remember whether Bai
ley advanced the money, but ho would
have loaned it to him anyway.
Francis told of a conference with
Pierce in which he said:
"Clay, you arc not going to let Bai
ley do that work for you for nothing? "
Pierce replied that Bailey would not
take pay, but he had loaned him money.
Francis recalled a letter to Pierce in
which he sent $4,800 to pay Bailey's
obligations and that Pierce returned
the due bills.
Midway Producers Win Fight
with Standard To Get 30
Cents a Barrel
Canal Cost
, WASHINGTON, February 9. Chair
man Shonts of tho isthmian canal com
mission continued his explanation of
the estimates of the expenses of the
project for next year today before the
house committee on appropriations.
By Associated Press.
BAKERSFIELD, Cab, February 9.
The Midway oil producers have emerged
successfully from their fight with the
Standard Oil company for the sale of
the oil of that district. A contrnct
has been entered into with the trust for
3,500,000 barrels of oil'at a price of 30
cents -per barrel, tho highost price for
crude oil paid in five years. According
to the agreement the pipe line recently
sruvcyed must bo built and ready to run
oil within sixty days, all oil of 14
gravity or abovo excepted. A minimum
of 7,000 barrels per day must bo deliv
ered, with refusal to take all. There
is ifo time limit in which, the producers'
end of the contract must bo filled.
The Midway producers are unwilling
to announce as yet the companies which
have agreed to this compact. Tho ques
tion is still before the executive board
for final approval. Drilling in the Mid
way field will begin immediately and
twenty-five new wells will be sunk. '
By Associated Press.
GUTHRIE, OKia., reoruury .
account of tho absenco of many dele
gates tho discussion of the proposed
"Jim Crow" constitutional plank was
not taken up by the convention today.
The motion eliminating the provision
for a state printing plant, adopted yes
terday, was reconsidered today and 'the
legislature empowered to establish such
an institution
'. 'stl ""Avf
W a it &
is-JV iti '

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