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Daily Arizona silver belt. (Globe, Gila County, Ariz.) 1906-1929, March 30, 1907, Image 4

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Page four
Saturday, Mar
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Ho Mado a Mistako
Into a Broadway oar stopped a man
anil a woman, both young, woll groom
rd and good looking. Thorn woro only
two vacant seats, asd tlioy woro on op
posite suloa of tliu ear, so, instead of
sitting side by side, they woro divided.
Picscntly the man at the girl's right
hand gallantly arose and stumbled
over to the unfortunate, young man. "I
will exchange, seats with you, sir," he
The young- ,mau hesitated, blushed,
but accepted the offer. Everybody was
interested and expected' to seo the
young collide striko up a conversation
without delay. Hut they did not speak,
and when the conductor came around
the man dived down into his pocket
for a nickel, and the woman dug
around in her purse and brought up
another, , and they paid their fares in
dependently. An auuuilo sign went up
from the rest of the passengers. The
man with the charitable spirit felt
worse than anybody else, unless it was
the young peoplo themselves, both of
whom. ,)imkratqo,d, the situation and
blushed furiously.
"Well, I don't care," growled the
gallant man finally. "L did my duty
anyhow, and he has had the pleasure
nt sitting beside her oven if ho doesn't
know her.1' New V'ork Mail.
Tho ''Innocent Joys of Youth
"Oiacious, Fanny," exclaimed a
mother to her little daughter, "why are
you shouting like thatf Why can't
you be ipiiet like your little brother?"
"llo's got to be quint," replied Fan
ny. "He's playing papa coming home
"And who are you playing"
"Oh, I'm playing you." Harper's
At Globe, in tho Territory of Arizona,
at tho close of business, March 22,
t Resources
Iai'iiIh and discounts $200,547.17
Overdrafts, secured nnd un
secured 1,557.81"
U. S. Bonds to secure circu
lation .. 12,500.00
Premiums on U. S. bond 003.25
Houds,jec.uritics, etc; 000.54
(tanking house, furniture and
fixtures a... . 1.1,854.00
Due t'roiii;,njitionnl banks, not
reserve .agents 44,075.00
Dae from state banks and
bankers 273.41
Due from approved reserve
agenUnte.... .11,40'!.4B
Exchanges .for cloaring house 217.88
Xotes of other national banks 2,745.00
Fractional paper currency,
nickels andconts 00.1.75
Lawful Money Reserve in
Bank; viz:
Specie ..$ 7,440.00
Legal tender notes 20,010.00 34,350.00
Redemption fund with U. S.
treasurer, 5 per cent of cir
culation 1,670.00
Total $.151,4 12.70
...,. . Liabilities
Capital, stock paid in $ 50,000.00
Undivided profits, less ex
panses nnd taxes paid 1,SS1.0S
National, (bank notes out
standing - r. 12,500.00
Individual deposits subject
to check 282,507.74
Demand certificates of de
posit 205.00
Time certificates of deposit.. 3,177.31
Certified checks 10.80
Cashier's cheeks outstanding 839.05
Total $351,112.70
' 'ountyof ;Gila. ss.
CA. G. ".Smith, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is tme to the best of
in v knowledge and belief.
A. G. SMITH, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 2fith day of March, 1907.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
Kuow All Men by These Presents:
That we, Win. Wooisey, II. N. Has
roe,' G. W. Joum and Geo. R. Hill, all
citizens of the United States of Amor
ica,havc this day voluntarily associated
ourxolves together for the purpose of
forming a corporation under tho laws
of .Jho Territory of Arizona, and wo
hereby certify, acknowledge and adopt
the- following-- Articles of Incorpora
tion: ,, ARTICLE I.
Thp.rnnme -of this company shnll be
Turnbull Development Company.
: Trie principal place of business of
thisa-orporatlon shall bo in ,tho City of
Globe, Gila County, Arizona Territory.
The gonojril nahire of business,, pur
Kiiltjand enterprise proposed to be tran
sacted by this corporation is as fol
lows: (a.) To- purchaso or otherwise nc
ptirc, own, hold, soil, bond, rent, leaso,
mino.TJidvork mines-and mineral lands
and ithV products tltcreof.
(b) To purchaso or othcrwiso ac
quire, own, hold, sell, boud, rent, lease
ardrsublct water, wator rights, macliin
ryvtmppli03, materials and other arti
cle mecessry or conyeniont for uso in
connection with and in tio carrying on
of the business heroin mentioned or any
part thereof.
tTtf purchaso or otherwise ac
, own, hold, sell, bond, rent, lease,
sublet, maintain; manago or construct
pipoj lines, tracks, reservoirs, roads,
tramways, flumos; canals, ditches, em
bankments, telephone or telegraph lines,
railroads and other works, smelting nnd
refining plants, property or appliances
that, may bo incident or auxiliary to tho
main business of this corporation, as sot
forth in subdivision (a) hereinabove, or
thutmay be deemed necessary, oxpedi
PDtjuseful or convoniont to said main
ItusinriiSiby-the. Hoard of Directors of
thin corporation.
(d) To sell, convey, Jjond, leaso,
mortgage or othorwlso disposo of any
and all of its property of every charac
ter whatsoever.
Tho amount ot capital stock of this,
corporation shall bo Fivo Hundred
Thousand ($500,000) Dollars, divided
into Five Hundred Thousand sharos of
the par value of One Dollar ($1.00)
each and tho time when and the,
conditions upon which said Capital
stock is to bo paid in shnll bo regulated
and provided for by tho Hoard of Di
rectors. ARTICLE V..
The time of the commencement of
this corporation shall be, the., date of
the filing in the office of the "Secretary
of tho Territory of Arlzonaj of a cer
tified copy of these Articles of Incor
poration, and the termination shall be
twentv-hve vears thereafter.
The alTairs of this corporation shalj
ho conducted by a Hoard of Directors
consisting of not less thnn three per
sons, who shnll bo shareholders. A .ma
jority of said Hoard' shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business
and the first directors h1u11 be: Wm.
Wooisey, 11. N. Rascoe, G. Jones and
Geo. R. Hill, Lyman Woods and .1. H.
Thompson, who shnll hold cilice until
10 o'clock A. M. of tho first Monday of
May, 1008, and until their tuceossors
are elected and qualified.
Theieafter, tho directors annually, at
a stockholders' meeting to bo held at
the office of tho company at Globe, Ari
zonn, on tho first Monday in Mny, at
ten o'clock, A. M., in each yoar, shall
be elected and qualified for tho term
of office commencing on ths first Mon
day in May in each year.
The Hoard of Directors shall have
power at any time to fill vacancies
The officers of this corporation shnll
bo President, Vice President," Secrotary,
Treasurer and such minor offices as the
Hoard of Directors may, ftoui timo to
time, deem it wise and expedient to
have. The President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer shall bo elected
annually bv the Hoard of Directors
from their own number at the . first
meeting of tho Hoard following the an
nun! election of tho said Directors. Tho
offices of Secretary and Treasurer may,
in the discretion of the Board of Direct
ors, be held bv ono person.
The highest amount of indebtedness
or liability to which this corporation
is at any time to subject itself, shall
in no case exceed One Hundred Thou
sand ($100,000) Dollars.
The Hoard of Directors shall adopt
Ry-Laws for this corporation. which maj
bo altered, repealed or amended by said
The private property of the stockhold
ers of this corporation shall bo exempt
from any and all liability for the cor
porate debts of this corporation.
In Witness Whereof, we have here
unto set our hands and seals this IStli
dnv of March, A. D. 1007.
H. X. RASCOE (Seal)
G. W. JONES (Seal)
GEO. R. Hill
to por. No. 3; thonco N. 40 djg. I min.
E. 1416.3 foot to Cor. No. 4; thonco 8.
51 dcg. 20 min. E. 501.9 feet to Cor. No.
1, tho placo of boginning. Conflict with
the Pinal lodo claim, survey No. S19,
containing .238 aero, is excluded. Loca
tion notices aro rocordod in Records of
Mines, County Recorder's office, Gila
County, as follows: Silvor Star, Book
3, page 550, amended, Book 3, page
557, amended, Book 8, pago 301; East
ern Star, original, Hook .1, pago 550,
amended, Book 8, pago 305. Adjoining
and conflicting claims, as shown by the
plat of survey, are unknown claim and
tho Hcchtman and Gill on tho northeast,
Garrott on the southeast, Satisfaction,
-Pinal and Harney on the southwest, and
an unknown claim on tho northwest.
MILTON R. MOORE, Register.
First publication February 23, 1907.
J 75
The Globe Hardware Co.
County of Gila. ss.
Hcforo me, Alice M. Birdsall, a Xo
tary Public in jt.i1 for the County ol
Gila, Territory of Arizona, on this dnj
personally appeared William Wooisey
II. X. Rascoe, G. W. Jones and Geo. It
Hill, known to mo to be tho person:
whose names aro subscribed to tin
foregoing instrument, and who nc
knowledged to me that they oxecutei
the same for the purjpor.es and consider
ations therein expressed.
Given under my hand .and seal of of
fice this 1st day of March, J907.
Notary Public,
My commission expires February 9
19H)'. 141
United States Land Office, Phoenix,
Arizona, March 9, 1907. Xotico ishore
by given that S. P. Sullenberger, o(
Globe, Ariv.oua, as attorney in fact foi
John J. Cramer, has made application
for patent to the OHIO BOY lode Sur
vey No. 2328, shunted in the
Hobo .Mining District, Gila County,
Arizona, in Sec. 25, Twp. 1 ii., R.
15 E., O. & S. It. B. & M., aud described
as follows: Beginning at Cor. No. 1,
whence the N. E. Cor. of Sec. 25, Tp.
I N., R. 15 E., O. & S. it. B. i M.,
bears X. 71 dcg. 40.min. E. 390.1(J feet;
thonco S. 1 1 deg. 49 mia. E. 007.3 feet
to Cor. Xo. 2; thonco S. 09 deg. 0 min
W. 1499.5 feet to Cor. No. 3; thence
N. J I deg. 49 min. W. 007.5 feet to Cor.
Xo. 4; thence N. 09 deg.' 0 min. E.
1499.5 feet to Cor. No. 1, tho place of
beginning. Location.. notices aro rec
orded iu Records of Minos, County Rec
order's office, Git., county, as follows:
Oricinal. Book 0. luiiAi 170: amended.
Book 12, pago 202. Adjoining claims:
aro Lime Rock on tho north.; Ohio Boy
Xo. 2 on tho cast; Ohio Boy No. 3 on
tho south; and Ohio Boy Xo. 5 on the
west. MILTOX R. MOORE, Register.
First publication March 33, 1907. 190
Uuited States Land Office, Phoenix,
Arizona, February 19, 1907. Notico is
hereby given that E. A. Wayne, of
Globe, Arizona, 'is attorney in fact for
tho Globe-Boston Coppor Mining Com
pany, has made application for patent
to the Rooster lodo mining claim, Sur
vey No. 2302, situated iu tho Globo Min
Ing District, Gila County, in Sec. 13,
Xp. 1 N., It. 15 E., G. & S. It. B. & M.,
described as follows: Beginning at Cor.
Xo. 1, whence tho N. E. Cor. of Sec. 13,
Tp. 1 N., It. 15 E., G. & S. R. B. & M.,
bears N. 23 deg. 40 inin. E. 040.7 feet;
thence S. 51 deg. 41 min. E. 570.2 feet
to Cor. No. 2; thence S. 57 deg. 15 min.
W. 1315.9 feet to Cor. Xo. 3; thence S.
58 deg. 10 min. W. 181.3 feet to Cor.
Xo. 4; thtnee X. 51 deg. 41 min, W.
590.2 foot to Cor. No. 5; thenco N. 5S
dog. 18 min. E. 498.1 feet to Cor. No.
0; thenco X. 57 deg. 58 min. E. 1005.7
feet 'to Cor. No. 1, tho place of begin
ning. Conflict with the Search Mo un
surveyed lodo mining claim containing
.370 acre, is excluded. Location notices
nre recorded iu Records of Mines.
County Recorder's office, Gila Counay,
as follows: Original, Book 3, pago 592,
amended, Book 8, page 3G2. Adjoining
aud conflicting claims, as shown by the
plat of survey, are Garrett and Gill
on the northwest; Big Johnnie, Search
Mo aud an unknown claim on the north
east; Search Me, Bowery Girl and Bed
Rock on tho southeast; Wiuchcll ou the
southwest. MILTON R. MOORE, Reg
First publication February 23, 1907.
United States Land Office, Phoenix,
Arizona, March 9, 1907. Xotico is hereby
given that E. A. Wayno, of Globe, Ari
zona, as attorney in fact for Globo Con
solidated Copper Company, has made
application for patent to the OSCEOLA
lode, Survey No. 2323, situated in tho
Globe Mining District, Gila County, Ari
zona, in Sections 13 and 24, Twp. 1 N.,
It. 15 E., G. fc S. It. B. & M., and de
scribed as follows: Beginning at Cor.
Xb. 1, whenco the N. W. Cor. of Sec.
24, Tp. 1 X., P. 15 E., G. & S. It. B. &
M., bears X. SS deg. 21 min. W. 297.(
feet; thence X. 41 deg. 9 min. E. 1307.2
feet to Cor. Xo. 2; thence S. 51 deg.
41 min. E. 252 feet to Cor. Xo. 3; thence
S. 53 dcg. 1 min. W. 377.8 feet to Cor.
No. 4; thenco S. 40 deg. 22 min. W.
948.7 feet to Cor. No. 5; thenco X. 51
dcg. 41 min. W. 8S.1 feet to Cor. Xo. 1,
the place of beginning. Location no
tices arc recorded iu Records of Mines,
County Recorder's office, Gila County,
as follows: Original, Book 11, page 45;
amended, Book 8, page 305; amended,
Book 12, page 191; amended, Book 12,
page 438. Adjoining claims are I. X.
L. on the northwest; Amorican Boy on
the northeast; Tip Top, Wild & Wooly
and Darius on the southeast; Cotton
wood on tlio southwest. MILTON R.
MOORE, Register.
First publication March 12, 1907. 189
Carpenters Tools,
Blacksmiths' Tools
and in fact everything in
the Hardware Line
at the right prices
Agent for
Gasoline Engines
and Hoists
The Globe Hardware Co.
Pont get in a
Dont be a CL
United States Land Office, Phoenix,
Arizona, Fobruary 19, 1907. Notico ip
horeby given that E. A. Wayno, of
Globe, Arizona, as nttornoy in fact for
the Globe-Boston Copper Mining Com
pany, has mado application for patent,
to tho. Silvor Star and Eastern Star lode
miniug claims, Survey No. 2324. situ
ated in tho Globe Mining District,' Gila
County, in Sec. 13, Tp. 1 N., R. 15 E.,
G. & S. R. B. & M., described as fol
lows: Silver Star Beginning atl Cor.
Xo. 1, whence tho N. E. Cor. of Sec.
13, Tp. 1 N., R. 15 E., G. & 8. R4tB. &
M., bears X. 78 dog. 42 min. E. 2000.4;
feot; thonco S. 40 deg; 4 min. W. 1416.3
foot ,t.o Cor. No. 2; thence N. 5H deg.
20 n.in, W. 000 feet to Cor. Kb. 3;
thonco X. 40 deg. 4 min. J. 1410.3J feet
to Cor. Xo. 4; thenco .8. 51 dog. 20iroyi.
E. 009 feet to Cor. Nq. 1, tho plao of
beginning. Conflict with the Pinal lode
claim, Survey No. 819, containing! .130
acre, is excluded. . Eastern Star Begin
ning at Cor. No. ly whenco tho N. E.
Cor. of Sec. 13, Tp,,l N., R. 15 E., G.
& S. R. B. & M., boars N. 04 dog. 30
min. E. 1751.7 feet; thonco S. 391 deg.
30 min. W. 1410.1. feet to Cor. No..J2;J
thence N. 51 deg. 20 min. W. 573.3 feet
United States Land Office, Phoenix,
Arizona, February 19, 1907. Notico is
horeby given that E. A. Wayne, as at
tornoy iu fact for tho Globe-Boston
Copper Mining Company, has mado ap
plication for patent to tho Stnllo &
Moody, Rod Cloud and Crauoer lode
mining claims, Survey No. 2299, situ
ated in tho Globo Mining District, Gila
County, in Sections 13 and 14, Tp. 1 X.,
R.,15 E., 0. & S. R. B. & M.f described
as follows: Stallo & Moody Beginning
at Cor. No. 1, whonco tho W. Cor. of
Sec. 13, Tj. 1 N., It. 15 E., G. & S. It.
JJ.ftM., bears N. 1 deg. 22 min. W.
580. feet; thonco N. 07 deg. 48 min. E.
28.0.3 feet to Cor. Ho. 2; thenco N. 51
deg. 27 min. E. 1019.1 foot to Cor. No.
3; thence S. .4 deg. 48 min. E. 580.3
feet to Cor. No. 4; thonce S. 52 dog. 58
mm. W. l-JTO.n feet to Cor. No. ft;
thonce N. 54 deg. 48 min. W. 032.2 feet
to Cor. Xo. 1, tho placo of beginning.
Conflict with Aztoc claim, Survey No.
,320, 'containing .025 acre, and conflict
with Pinnl claim, Survey No. 819, cou
tnining .034 ncro, are excluded. Red
(iloud Beginning at Cor. No. 1, whonco
tho W. V Cor. of Sec. 13, Tp. 1 N.,
R. 15 E., G. & S. It. B. & M., bears
X. 17 deg. 50 min. E. 493 feet; thenco
"S: 54 deg. 4"S min. E. 020.20 feet to
Cor. No. 2; thonco S. 51 deg. 51 min.
W. 1500 feet to Cor. No. 3; thence N.
54 deg. 48 min. W. 020.20 feet to Cor.
,No. 4; thenco N. 51 dcg. 51 min. E.
,1500 feet to Cor. No. 1, tho placo of be
ginning.' Crancor Beginning at Cor.
No. 1, whence tho S. E. Cor. of Sec. 14,
Tp. 1 N., It.' 15 E., G. & S. It. B. & M.,
boars S. 47 deg. 25 min. E. 910.0 feet;
thenco N. 30 deg. 22 min. W. 206.5 feet
to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 51 deg. 51
mill. E. 1262.5 feot to Cor. Xo. 3; thenco
S,.30 -dog. 22. jnin. E. 100 feet to Cor.
No. 4; thenco S. 47 deg. 8 min. W.
1281J1 foot to .Cor. No. 1, tho placo of
beginning. Conflict with Aztec claim,
Survey No. 820, containing 2.298 acres,
is xcjuded. Location notices aro roc
onle'd in Records of Minos, County Rec
order's office, Gila County, as follo.ws;
Stallo , Moody, original, Book 2, page
'107, hmQiidod, Book 5, pago 322, amend
ed, Book 8, page-. 309; Red Cloud, orig
inal, Book 5, pago 87, amended, Book 5,
pago 323, nmendod, Book 8, pago 357;
Crancer, original, Book 5, page .050,
nmendod, Book 8, pago 309. Adjoining
jyidjCouflicting, claims, as shown by the
plat of survey aro Ruth, Giant Cactus
and Bryan. on tho-northwest) Pinal and
Satisfaction on tho northeast; Satisfac
tion, Bell, A,ztec and Populist on the
southeast; and unsurvoyed claims on
tho southwest; MILTON R. MOORE,
Register. ,
First publication February 23, 1907.
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Silver Bolt wnnt ndn briii8 results, lor not; and every amessmont mado
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shall bo valid, whether such notice or
demand was reeived"or not.
Itoviscd Statutes of Arizona, 1001,
3848 (Sec. 18). It shall be tho duty of
every porson owning, or having charge
of, or undor his control, property in
this Territory subjecj; to taxation, and
in this titlo provided, to makoout and
dclivor to tho Assessor, between tho
first Monday in February and tho first
Monday 'in June, in each year, a cor
rect list of tho saftio, ns required by
law, whethor ho shall rocoivo from tho
Assessor a notico or doinand to' do so
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