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r, "c.
- ' Tuesday, April 2, 1907
Page Two
-I. Wt
"" fy.
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s 1
Published each morning oxcopt Monday.
Admitted to tho mails as second class
JOS. H. HAMTTJi, Proprietor
Member of tho Associated Press
Daily, by mail.nino year . $7.50
rniitr Ji (nrriof. ono month.....-...- .75
Weekly, ono year 2-jj0
Weekly, six months' 1-25
Cash in advanco
Subscribers' Notico
Subscribers pleaso notify this oflico
in caso of non-delivery of the daily,
Monday excepted.
Advertising' rates made known on ap
plication. The Tiger at least died Riune.
It wasn't an April fool joke for the
knight of tho green cloh.
President Bonilla of Honduras is not
uinning for otlico this year, dust now
ho is running away from it.
If .President Koosevelt wore a Hpecu
lator, every thought lie thunk about the
railroad question would bo money in his
It looks as though Phoenix's murdor
mysteryjissto remain ono in spite of the
fact thatftho alleged murderer has writ--ten
letters to that city.
There is really not imieli satisfaction
for a divorcee unless she gets alimony
or ft new husband, and even then not
much, especially in the latter ecnt.
The KiLbey resignation roport has
again cropped up. These are about the
onlv times whon General Ainswoith's
.name is mentioned in the territorial pa
It took outside capital a long time to
locate Olobo and they are just beginning
to fwdjKelvin on the map, judging from
the numerous deals reported from that
The trial of Ttuef, which begins today,
will not be attended in its opening ses
sions by Mr. Heney. The latter has
become so much attached to the grand
jury that he really can't tear himself
Tho Tucson Post, the bright little
newspaper published weekly in tho an
cient burg, has passed from Allen B.
Jayncs to Herbert Brown of Yuma, who
for many years was editor of the Tuc
son Gitizon.
Today is election day in Chicago and
it looks as -though Mayor Dunne, who
went in with 'Such a great hurrah two
years ago, will o out. And tho people
will say, "W'oll Dunne, thou goodcnd
faithful servant." '
Bosh Abo Ituef of San Francisco is
trying to free himself of Elisor Biggy.
Wo have always heard that Mr. Biggy
is a perfect gentleman nnd cannot un
derstand why Mr. lluef objects so stren
uously to hN company.
A Toledo boy has been re-mndo from
nn idiot by a surgical operation. There
is. nothing really remarkable ahont that.
We have -seen young men made from
.oflico clerks, etc., into mining experts
by a uiero change of wearing appnrel.
Wo wouldn't Oiink that Piesident
Roosevelt Bhould have much of an opin
ion of General Ainsworth or "Sitting
Bull," Wilson after the fizzle they mnde
of .the statehood campaign. At least,
not enough to make either of them gov
ernor. An indictment has been quashed in
Louisiana because one of tho grand
jurors who returned it was unable to
rend or write English. Xow Mexico
would bo a veritable heaven for crim
inals if such a ruling wore allowed there
and stood as an authority.
The Xogales Oasis continues to at
tempt to justify its course in running
paid writeups of mines, the editor hold
ing that his critics are actuated by
envy in not knowing so much about the
mining business as lie, whose expert
opinion on miniDg properties is worth
such"n great amount of money. If ho
would come out and confess that ho
needed tho money, no ono would find
fault with him and then ho could at
least In one' instance not bo accused of
Senator Foraker has .been .very, very
busy, too buy to pay -any attention to
next year's presidential politics, but not
too -busy to follow with some interest!
lhestraw 'votes for Taft as Boosovolt's
successor. So ho is moved to issue a
statomont intimating that he is ready
and willing to try conclusions with
Taft, discuss bofore tho people tho is
sues of the hour and cnablu thorn to
vote intelligently at primaries for tho
flection of dologates to a "convention
which should not only nominate a stato
ticket but "determine tho proforonco of
the Uepublicnns of Ohio as to candi
dates for United Stntes senator nnd for
president," says tho Chicago Record
"Mr. Foraker wants as "direct a pop
ular vote" on tho presidential nnd Bona
torial questions nsthe lnws of Ohio per-
mint, and ho stands on his record.
It may be romnrked in passing that
tho laws of Ohio do not permit much
of a "direct popular vote," and that
thoro's many a slip botweon tho pri
mnry dolegato election nnd the action
of tho convention as far as voicing the
really popular sentiment is concerned.
However, Senator Foraker ovidontty
believes in tho formula, "Audacity, ul
ways audacity." He has "no opinions
to conceal"; lie has no opinion on hucIi
great national issues as railroad rcg
illation that ho could conceal if he
would. Ho stands on his record be
cause he must. Thoro is no .room for
shuftling and dodging. He has boon an
open and bold reactionary, nnd repent
ance at this juncture would not help
In tho country at large, among the
Uopublicnns, there is no Foraker sonti
nient. The alignment, as wo have uoted, is
between Taft, the representative of the
Roosevelt spirit, and Fairbanks, tho
colorless conservative. In Ohio tho situ
ation may be somewhat different, but it
would be interesting and instructive to
have a really popular and honest judg
ment on tho Foraker presidential claims.
Does the senator actually imagine that
the majority of Ohio Republicans prefer
him to Taft the Taft of the Philip
pines and Cuba, the Taft of tho war'
department, the Taft of "plain duty J"
Whethqr he does or not, the people
of tho country would be glad to have
the people of Ohio choose between Taft
and Foraker in n fairaud square light.
Doath of a Plonoor. Lady-ln Globe
The death of an estimable lady occur
red last night at 12 o'clock. She came
to Arizonn in the early days, when the
civilizing voice of the six-shooter was
tho only law recognized, and hns been
closely associated with almost every
shooting scrap of note in the territory
for the last forty years or thereabouts.
Though she was of peculiar fickle dis
position, never remaining truo to any
one wooer for moro than two days at
a time, yet sho counted her lovers by
the thousand from tho drill and hammer
man to tho millionaire mine owner.
She occupied a domain exclusively her
own and was constantly attended
by a staff of courtiers who wore dia
monds nnd gold and relieved one an
other regularly so as to keep the in
cense burning night and day at her
Though many predicted considerable
excitement as the hour of her demise
drew near, yot strange to say, her death
was quite peaceable in tho midst of a
host of licr admirers to the very last.
Her departure creates a void it will
be difficult to fill and is particularly
hard on those who devoted their lives
night and day to her service, and whom
rumor says she left entirely unprovided
for, thus bearing out to the bitter end
hor unstable and inconstant character.
Wo have been unable to ascertain the
lady's maiden name, but she was known
to her votaries throughout the .territory
as The Goddess of Chance. D. W. D.
All Fool's Day, 1907.
Good music at Dreamland every even
ing. Bergeron's orchestra.
Patrick Tclley Shot to Death In Cabin
at Capoto Mine of Orcene Company
Dowd and Dolan, Fellow Miners,
Arrested on Charge of Murder.
A special from Cauanea dated March
2K says:
- Patrick Tolley, a miner, aged Xi
ii-ars, was shot and killed in a cabin
at Capote mine last night. Ben Dowd
and William Dolan, both minors, arc in
jail, charged with the murder.
The details of the tragedy may not
be known for some time. Ah yot the
entire affair lit shrouded in mystery.
Dowd, at about 10 p. in. Both these
refused to make a statement, further
than to deny knowledge of the kill
ing. Telloy was shot just under tho left
eyof tho bullet, fired from a Colts 42,
having penetrated his brain and caused
instant death. Tho shooting occurred
in the room of Dolau, at about 10 p. m.
Both these men had been drinking from
a gallon jug of whiskey in tho room.
Telloy called on them and tho tragedy
ensued. When people ran into the room
following the shot, they found Dowd
and Dolan on a bed and Tclley dead on
tho floor. Lying near them was the
revolver with which the fatal shot was
fired. All of the chambers wero loaded
except the ono holding the empty shell.
Tho polico wero at once notified of
the nffajr and promptly placed the mon
found in the room under arrest pending
further investigation. They have been
placed in solitary confinement for the
present and it is not likely that a state
ment will be forthcoming from them bo
fore tomorrow, if then.
Tclley had been employed ns a miner
in Cananea for over six years'. He borol
an excellent reputation as a quiet, sober
and industrious man. Dowd and Dolan
enmo hero about ten months ago from
Bisbee. Thoy appeared quiet nnd in
dustrious and wero not known as drink
ing men or troublesome characters in
any senso. Both are young men. Tho
affair was a decided shook to the com
munity, being tho first tragedy that has
been lecorded in nenrly a year. -
Wero Not Looking for Mines, But at
Thorn and t tho Old Dominion Smel
ter Think Globe Is Wlioro BIsbeo
Was Sevon 'Years Ago.
Tho Bisbee Hoview tells in tho follow
ing of tho recent visit to Globe of a
party of mining men of that' city who
came hore to look at the smelter anil
mines of tho Old Dominion, while we
are forced to disagree witli the assertion
of one that Globe is where Bisbeo was
seven years ago:
B. M. I'nttison, superintendent of the
KhnttuekjArizouH and Denn-Arizonn
Mining companies, has leturned to the
city in company with L. C. Shattuck
and Arthur Houle, vith whom he has
spent the last few days in the Globe
district, examining the smelter's at that
point and tho properties which are now
placing the big Gila valley camp in the
class" of Arizona's important copper pro
ducing districts.
When nsked if his trip to Globe in
dicated the entranco of tho Shattuck
crowd into that district, and what was
the special purjioso of tho trip, Patti
hou said:
"As far as our ontering the Glo1o
field is concerned, there is "nothing in
the statement, at least at the present
time, because we have our two proper
ties in this district and a eouplo else
where to look after before branching
out anv more. Much as we would like
to secure some of the good propertied
lit Globe, there is no immediate prospect
of our entering the field.
"The purpose of the trip to Globe
was to inspect the workings of the smel
ters at that poiiiF, as we are contem
plating the erection of n reduction plant
and want to benefit by the experience
(if those who have gone before us. It
Was thought advisable to make a thor
ough examination of the Globe plant
ns well as those of the Copper Queen
and Calumet &. Arizona companies at
Douglas befoie we commenced on this
important project.
" think I voi-o tho sentiments ot
the gontlemen who inado the trip wheli
I say that we learned various things ft
Globe which will be of benefit to us in
the conduct of our own affairs and that
We were well repaid for our time nnd
' "Globe itself has reached tho stage
that Bisbee was in about seven years
ago and is fast forging to tho front.
Of course, up to the present time, there
have not been any extraordinarily large
properties opened up there, outside of
the Old Dominion property, but there
arc several corporations which own
ground that will, without a doubt, be
classed among the big producers of
Arizona in a short time. In short, the
camp is a good one, capitalists have con
fidence in it, nnd J think it -will be an
important factor in the copper industry
at no distant day."
Storage room phone (301.
California Girl Writes to Tucson Paper
That She Would Like to Correspond
With a Eeflncd Cowboy Citizen Says
They Are All Refined.
WANTKD By a young lady, 2.T years
old, rather pretty, medium size, to
correspond with a refined cowboy. Ad
dress Miss Mae lenders", PostofTicc
Box IBIS, Larkspur, Cal.
And then the love editor of the Tuc
son Citizen emits the following hys
terics: Whoop! nnd whoop and then some
What need is there now or any of
the knights of tho saddle, spurs and
lariat to say hat they are forever
dopmed to a lonely life niiiid.it the grass
valleys and the rough auf rocky foot
hills of the mountains 1
IJere- is the chance of a lifetime.
Here is tho opportunity for tho knights
of the southwest, who have been famed
for years in novel and in play, to get
them a helpmeet.
The young lady whose name is given
Ubove is without duht "gono" on the
gentleman with tho broad sombrero and
the "chaps." There is no doubt but
that her heart and hand nro awaiting
for one of the exports who bestride
the hurrienne decks of tho bucking bron
cho or who can rope the fleeting steer
in thirty seconds or better.
In her lottcr to tho Citizen the young
lady confesses her admiration for tho
cowboy. And in the advertisement
which she asks to bo inserted her
claims are mildly put. The young lady
suggests that the 'cow-punchers who an
swer her "ad.',' pay for it. But that
is entirely unnecessary. The Citihcn is
willing to play the role of Cupid to the
extent that thov"ad." is given gratui
tously. And the young Jady as she says is
of tho "skiddoo" age. Also the love
able age. Sho Is "rather pintty" she
says. A modest and sonslbje statement
to bo sure. And who Is there who has
the temerity to display his gross un
acquainianco with beauty by saying
that Califprnia girls aro not only
"rather pretty" but strikingly beauti
ful I
But still there is one .feature nbout
the letter "a refined cowboy," Who
has over seen one of, the hardy sons
of Ktho plains who is not refined nnd
gentlemanly? Thoy pay harsh words at
times; they even cuss their bronchos.
Thoy play cards yea, oven for money.
Sometimes they put 'daylight through
tho ancandejiconts, Jant these mild exhi
bitions aro alwaya at a'stng party.
Wherever women nre present the
cowboy cam always bo counted on to
net the gentleman.
Make Your Wants Know Here. You Will Get Satisfactory Results.
Advertisements under this head 10 cent per line the llrst InertloniDd A cents per line ech
subseouenilnvertlon: Hy the month, ll.o5 per line No ad Inserted for less than tooeuts. All
ails under this head must be paid for In advance Discount to regular adversers.
WANTED Competent waiters at the
Dominion hotel.
WANTED TO BENT A four room
house unfuriiibhed. Inquire at the
Silver Belt offlee. tf
WANTED Woman to work ono day
out of tho week. Call at this odicc.
WANTED Oirl to take care of baby
Bix months old. Call at this office.
WANTED Woman to assist in cooking
at the Millei Boarding House, near
smelter. H0
WANTED A bargain hunter furniture
for two inoms new; in use sixty dnys;
must be sold ut once. Call at Silver
Belt office for address.
LOST A gold wishbone pin set with
six pearls. Suitable reward if re
turned to this office.
FOUND A box containing valuables on
Sunday's train. Apply at Home In
vestment Co. oilier.
LOST 'Pair gray buckskin gloves be
tween Sultan's grocery and Ball
grounds. Return to this office.
A Commendable Ambition
"What special reason have you for
wishing to get yourself elected to the
"I desire to have a law passed that
will make it illegal for people to go on
ignoring more than SO per cent of tho
laws that have been enacted and art
si ill in Voree."
Go to ityan's
When you want magazines, confection
cry, books, stationery, ammunition or
grapkophonc record-. Sonvonir postals
at Ryan's.
Go to Buxt'jn L Mcrritt for the finestj
line of wail paper and bouse decora
tious of every description.
QtvinriAi. th.ii T(.flnn
-- -- - "... ,
jtemarKaDie! jfcmarunuic: &cxjj
the college weekly.
"What is remarkable!" asked the in
nocent bystander.
"Four of the jokes in this publica
tion are not nbout drinking, and I have
not found in it a single poem entitled,'
To My Pipe.' "
Money, to loan on good security,
dress Wv Box 971, city.
Charlie Queen, havinc purchased the
Union Pacific restaurant of Jim Lee,
wishes to notify the public that he will
not be respoiibiblc for any bills owing
by the above mentioned Jim Lee, or
any contracted by him hereafter. Char
lie Queen. March 21, 1907. ISO
"Live and lot live." Union Cash
.Market, C. Musgrave, proprietor.
Just received a carload of the very
latest designs in wall paper designs of
1907. Buxton &. Morritt.
Not at All
"Does your husband possess an art--istie
temperament J"
"Oh, no; not at all. lie regards the
. - i i; i$ff
marriage lie as miming.
Stage to Gibson Mine'
Stage will leave each Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday mornings at 9:30 'a.
m., from Barclay & Higdon's corral.'
Choice beef, pasture fed and the fin
est to be had anywhere. Globe Meat
Choice hams and bacon, none finer
Globo Meat Market.
If you arc lost follow anybody; you
will bring up at The Dime.
:: Globe Real
We have moved into our permanent quart
ers and will be pleased to serve you.
Call and see us before buying any
Real Estate. We may have just what-yoii
are looking for.
We have unimproved property in any
section of the city and a good assortment
of homes. Some furnished.
We can loan you money to build a
home and stop that rent.
4--"''H""tl'lt"M'lt"W'4"i'H' !
roUND A gold rimmed pair of noso
glasses. Call at this ofltcc.
FOE SALE Good team work horses;
cheap for cash; also good doublo har
ness. Inquire at Scoblo, Sobcy & Co.
FOE SALE Ono barber chair and out
fit. Inquire at the Silber Helt ollice.
FOE EENT Several neatly furnished
looms at the MoKcvitt house, north
of bridge, over Angius & Zonovieh
grocery store.
FOE EENT TLreo room house wost of
Globe lumber yard. Call at .J. Man
rel's residence, North Globe. 147
FOE EENT Two rooms furnished for
light housekeeping. Address G. M.,
care Silver Belt. 1 8
FOE EENT Eoom in tho Postofflco
building. Apply at Silver Belt ollice.
FOE EENT Furnished rooms, centrally
located, near rBroad street. Mrs, 0.
It. Fiske. "
FOE EENT Four room dwelling, part
ly furnished, close in. Mrs. 0. 11.
There come near being bloodshed
among the Indians at the reservation
recently. Tin- reclamation service has
been employing large numbers of In
dians at $1.0.") per day in clearing away
brush and trees. The Yuma Indians de
cided to go on a strike for $1.75 a day.
Thoy accordingly refused to work. The
government then imported large mini
bers of Cocopahs and Papagos, ancient
enemies of the Yumas. Tho Yumas were
highly incensed that these scabs should
come onto the Yumas' own sacred res
ervation and take the bread from the
Yumas' mouths. But at the critical
moment they found that one faction of
the Yumas had weakened and gone to
work for 41.05. Yuma Sun.
On nnd after March 24th,. 1907, the
following butcher shopsof Globe will
be closed all day Snndayj
Pioneer Meat Co., E.;pjRced.
Peerless Market, HyanGuskill.
G. Musgrnvcs.
Globe Meat Market, D. Murphy.
Central Market, M. C. Bonne.
The finest line or wall papers evci
shown in Glob?. Buxton & Mcrritt.
Keegan's -lt
Is one of Globo 's oldest and best!
known cafes; everything first-class in
hit line. Call and be convinced.
If you want something extra nice in
wall paper, got to Ityan's.
Go to tho Central Market and receive
a ticket with your purchase. 173
First-class work at bed rock prices
Buxton & Merritt, the painters.
We receive Kansas poultry twice a
week. Globe Meat Market.
Decorato Your Home
Go o Kyau'a fot a varied assortment
of wall paper.
Try our sausage, tho very finest in
quality. Globe Meat Market.
Fine fresh Kansas pork.
Globo Meal
Brick! Erlckl ,
Parties wanting brick can have theii
wants promptly supplied by leaving
their orders at the ollice of
Mines and Stock Kxcliango, Globe, Ariz.
Estate Office jj
F. L. TOOMBS, Manager
Next Poor to Silver Belt
Look! Look! Look!
Bed and Springs from $7.00 up
Couches from $7.50 up
Davenports from $9.00 up
Dressers from $10.50 up
These prices for this week. Buy now and
save money.
Many other bargains. (Homeland see for
Comparing quality our prices cannot be
If so, trade at
He Carries
and Cigars
Brown & Scanlan
Successors to I. 0. L0WTHIAN
Fuel, Feed and Groceries
P. O. Box 696 Telephone 751 Store Opp. Depot
Luke Angius
CAaii If
Dealers in Groceries and Provisions
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.
Everything ReliaMeMd Efttased ky Pure Feed Law
P. O. Box 59 1 -Phone 1571 McKevitt Bldg., Globe, Arizona
The Finest Resort in Globe
Popular -with all classes winter and summer. Re
freshments of all kinds. Choice Cigars,- Wines
and Liquors
Schlitz and Anheuser-Busch Beer always on Draught
Finest rooms in the city.
Everything new, ratss
reasonable, and special
inducements offered to
getting accommodations
by the month
Will carry on his business from
the 1st of March in Edwards &
Neff's store. All clothes made to
order will be made at some in
the latest styles. Seasonable
Prices. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Dry Goods
Hats, Caps
Boots and Shoes
h.lAli. aI wLl ImI 7mm At.m am 5:
Read the Silver Belt; always up to
date and newsy.
Of the quality you want, in the
quantity 'you require, is our oi
ler in Meats ana Poultry.
Another offer we propose is
careful handling, cutting and
Still another, lowest selling
price the market will warrant.
With such a combination,
proved by years of square
dealing, ought we not to nave
your trade?'
Pioneer Meat Co.
Pioneer Dairy
Anderson &. Blake
Fresh Cream and Bu'ter
milk in any quantity and
always on hand
wtr '
-t .
v. i'te

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