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Wednesday, April 3, 1907
foge two
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Published each morning oxcopt Monday.
Admitted to tho mails as second class
JOS. H. HAMITJ., Proprlotor
Member of tho Associated Pross
Daily, by mail, one year . ..$7.50
Daily, by carrior, ono month .75
UTunklv. nnn vonr .........-. 2.50
Wcokly, six months 1-25
Cash in advance
Subscribers' Notice
Subscribers ploaso notify'this office
in caso of non-dolivory of tho daily,
Monday excepted.
Advertising rates mado known on ap
plication. ts stamp of approval seems to
tical death warrant.
are the work of the devil,
ho alleged bible trust be re-
Ipa has fallen, says a report
turns. Well, hIih always had
.ml name.
Wall street may be tho pulse of the
business world, but its action does not
come from tho heart.
An eastern exchange states that Har
ry Thaw if acquitted will probably
work for a living. He will perhaps
turn parlor socialist.
An Indlann centomirian is raising a
new head of hair. Thoy can raise prot
ty nearly anything in tho Hoosier state.
Look at Beveridge, for example.
The city ordinance of Fort Dodge,
Iowa, compelling bachelors to marry or
pay a heavy fine will be a groat thing
for the divorco lawyers in due time.
Many eities are following in the foot
ntops of Galveston in being now gov
erned by commission, which heretofore
have been misgoverned by omission.
There was the usual Easter egg roll
ing at the White House Sunday, but
for real sport it wasn 't in it with the
log rolling going on in Ohio at the
present time.
Taft as a presidential possibility
strikes us as being oor medicine. All
the large gentleman from Ohio has done
has been to holler every time ItooscvoK
stubs his toe.
The question of a successor to Sen
ator Spooncr is worrying Wisconsin Re
publicans and wo imagine Senator La
Kollotto regrets that ho has but one life
to givo for his country.
The dofeat of Judge Dunne for re
election to the mayoralty of Chicago is
another blow to Hearst and Hearstism.
William Randolph dpesn 't seem to bo
able to land a winner nohow.
While Ex-Hoss Abo Itucf would have
very little difficulty in proving to a
jury that ho has been suffering from
exaggerated ego, it is doubtful if such
a plea would save him from tho peniten
tiary. Funny how all uf those railway presi
dents are rushing to get into print, when
but a short time ago a reportor who
had the awful nerve to brace any of
them for an interview would have been
kicked into the street.
Mushroom hats are the vogue -and
ono fashion writer says that burnt on
ion will be ono of the popular shades
this spring. Isn't there some place in
which they can ring in tho beefsteak
to complete tho combination f
,i8an Francisco lnundrymen threaten to
gp on a strike unless their wages are
increase. In view of tho immense
amount of dirty linen which has been
washed in the Golden Gate city during
tho past few months, the domands of
the lnundrymen striko us ns boing per
fectly reasonable.
The irony of fate by which peddlers
of all descriptions havo been given the
run of tho territory without any restric
tions whatever is so singular as to seem
almost ridiculous, says tho Republican.
If- ttferc was any kind of legislation
wWcjr.thc Hon. W. W. Pace, a merehant
ofTgafford, desired moro than any other
iti was the furthor restriction of tho
peddlers who wero overrunning tho rich
valloy of tho Upper Gila in restraint of
trade of tho merchants who stayed in
tho towns, paid taxes and licenses and
otherwise contributed to tho support of
the community.
,Hardly less enthusiastic was Mr. Paoo
in favor of tho now liquor liconso law
by means of which tho peddlers have
been inadvertently turned looso to proy
upon him and others similarly situated.
!Tho oxisting peddlors' licenso law was
Tiufficiently restrictive As to most parts
of tho territory S was absolutely pro
hlbltivo. Yet whfcu Mr. Paco intro
duced his $1,00(1 license bill, nnd during
tho subsequent consideration of it, not
u word was uttorod by inyono in be
half of tho peddler. There 'vus nothing
in his occupation wbjch appealed to the
legislators. A $10,909 license would un
doubtedly havo been as acceptable. The
idea was to suppress the poddlor ani
there was no doubt that n $1,000 license
would do the business. The bill passed
swimmingly to tho governor who, rec
ognizing the right of tho peddler to ex
istence, vetoed it.
In tho meantime, Mr. Paco and his
friends wore having a somowhat more
strenuous timo with the liquor licenso
bill. It was made so renovating that
it swept away bodily every paragraph
in tho statutes which directly or indi
rectly alluded to the subject. Thus it
fatally attacked tho paragraph relating
to the licensing of peddlers. Instead
of excising the provision concerning
those who peddle wines and spirituous
drinks, it expunged tho ontiro para
graph. It can hardly be conceived that the
legislators wero not aware of what they
wero doing. Thoy wore probably rely
ing upon the Pace peddlers' license bill,
but oven in that event they ought to
havo considered the risk of failure
somowhoro in its course of the Paco bill,
however remote such a contingency may
havo seemed.
It is now plain to them that it would
havo been much better to lot the old
law stand until it wns wiped out by
the repealing clause of the new law
if it had become a law by the gover
nor's signature.
Thus we are again reminded that mid
stream is not a suitable place for swap
ping horses.
Good music at Dreamland every eveii
ing. Bergeron's orchestra.
Coney Island Up-to-Dato
Fr.esh shipment of limes; drink gin
riekev. 153
Tho Villain Still Pursued Her.
Pays Ten Dollars Per Share for Greene
Gold-Silver Stock Allotted to Cananea
Miners Last Year Unique Record Is
Made by Copper King.
At Cananea Thursday Colonel W. C.
Greene made what is probably a new-
record in mining stock history when he
handed to subscribers to 5,100 shares of
Greene Gold-Silver stock $51,000 in re
demption of n pledge made them a year
ago. Every cent of tho money goes lo
Cananea people. It came from Mr.
Greene without solicitation, solely in
making good his promise, and certainly
adds to the many strong reasons Can-
ar people havo for belioving firmly
in its builder at all times nnd in all
ways, for ho has never failed to make
good the word given or tho statement
made. Entirely outside of tho fact 6f
his payment of $10 per share, because
of his promise, for tho stock is now
nuoted at about $1.75. Grerene Gold-
Silver must look hotter to holders
through this display of confidence on
the part of Colonel Greeno a display
backed by the most substantial of ar
guments, hard coin of the realm.
In March of last year, Mr. Grerene
announced to the employees of tho
Greene Consolidated in Cananea that
he had a good thing for them in Greene
Gold-Silver and that he wished them to
have an opportunity to mako profitable
investment in tho stock, which he made
available for their subscription at $7.50
per share. Tins stock (common) was at
the timo selling in the open market at
between $8 and $! per share. The Can
ancn subscribers wero, thereforo, being
let in at about a dollar under the mar
ket. In all 5,100 shares were subscribed
for at under the market price within
the time hunt allowed. Shortly aftei
this Gieeno Gold Silver commenced n
decline which carried it below $2.
When the decline commenced Mr.
Greene advised the Cananea investor!
not to throw their stock on tho mar
ket, but to hold it. Ho again expressed
his full and complete belief in tho great
value of tho Greeno Gold-Silver prop
erty, with which many of the investors
wore conversant through a personal
knowledgo of tho ground, nnd his con
fidence that the absolute merit of the
ore resources of tho enterprise would
sooner or later compel an advance of
tho markat vnluo of tho stock to a high
figure. In conclusion he advised that a
year from the date of the purchase he
would take up tho stock at $10 per share
Jrom all who desired to sell at that
price, ho holding tho opinion that it
would command that much or more in
that timo in tho open market.
Tho year onded about the middle of
this month with the stock quoted in
tho open markot nt around $1.75, a
fact attributable, in largo part at least,
it may be fairly said, to delays brought
about in railroad construction and de
volopment through unprecedented rains
in tho Siorra Madres, and because of
other circumstances beyond human con
trol. At the timo of the expirntion of
the year Mr. Greeno was in Los An
geles. Word camo from him that he had
not forgotten tho mattor, but that he
was advised that there had been some
confusion of tho stock certificates and
that he would have to look them over
bofore proceeding" furthor, which he
would do on arriving at Cananea. Im
mediately on arrival on Tuesday of this
week no took tho mater up and on
Thursday morning authorized the Bank
of Cannnca to redeem all of tho certifi
cates presented nt $10 per share. Such
certificates as havo since been presented
for redemption hnvo been promptly tn-
kun up hml tho ensl paid uit over tho
bank counters, both at HonqjiHlo nnd
nt tho Chivntora bank.
Asked regarding the mattor prior to
his departure from tho city Thursday
afternoon Mr. Greene modestly declined
furthor information of the report, refer
ring inquiry for details to the bank.
Storage room "phone 001.
Stockholders Meeting
The annual stockholders meeting of
the Globe Western Mining compnny will
be hold Monilny ovening, April i, at a
o'clock, in tho offices of Phillipson &.
Hngon, P. O. building, for the election
of officers and other business.
Jill) Acting Secretary.
The Villain Still Pursued Her.
"Do you ever quote Omar Klmy
lamf " asked the literary girl.
"No," nnswoied tho busy borker,
"wo never handle any stock that isn't
listed." Washington Star.
Williamsport, Pa., Paper Tells of the
Funeral of Woll Known Man
Pennsylvania Grit, published nt Wil
liamsport, Pa., in its issue of March
21, says regarding the late W. P. An
thony, who died in Globe last month:
Tho funeral of tho lnte Walter Fran
cis Anthony, who died on March 9 at
Globe, Ariz., took place Thursday at
3 p. m. Tho fuuoral was in charge of
Baldwin II Commandery No. 22 Knights
Templar, and a committee from Hugh
Do Paynes Commandery No. 10 of Ens
ton. Sorvices were conducted at the
home of the deceased's father-in-law,
Lewis Sheffer, of 010 West Third street,
tho Rev- Elliott 0. Armstrong of the
Third Presbyterian church officiating.
Several selections were sung at the
house by a quartet coniKiscd of Mrs.
Samuel Uhner, Mrs. W. W. Shank, Men
roe Irving and Byron Vandersloot. The
knights marched to music furnished by
the itcpns. band. The pallbearers wero
Fred E. Allen. Frank T. Lundy, Wil
linm T. Carson ami Oliver 11. Foresman.
Walter Francis Anthony was born
near "Richmond, Va., August 13, 1803
His earlier manhood was spent iu the
wholesale drug business in Richmond,
Later he became n commercial traveler
and covered practicnily nil of the Unit
ed States in this capacity. In April,
18U0, ho mnrried Miss Corn Sheffer, tho
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shef
fer of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
traveled a great deal, but for almost
the last ten years had resided at Eas
ton, whero Mr. Anthony was prominent
in business and wns connected with Aus
tin Nichols & Co., wholesale grocers of
N'ew York. He was a leader in Mn
ionic circles, having been a member of
Dallas lodge No. 390, F. &. A. M.; Eas
ton chapter No. 173, R. A. M.; Hugh
De Paynes commandery No. 19, K. T.;
Williamsport consistory, S. P. R. S.,
Thirty-second degree, and Irem temple,
A. A. O. N. M. S.
It was about four years ago that Mr.
Anthony's health became so impaired
that he gavo up his commercial busi
ness and, accompanied by his wife, trnV'
eled through old Mexico and the south
western part of tho United States with
the hope of regaining his former
strength. Last May they took up their
residence at Globe, Ariz., whero his
death occurred, nnd from which place
his body arrived on Tuesday night.
Brief services were conducted at
Globe before the body was received
Mr. Anthony was interested in copper
mines in Mexico nnd the southwest and
was particularly interested in the Ari
zona National Copper company, of
which T. M. B. Hicks of this city is
president. Besides his widow he leaves
two sisters, Mrs. Charles W. Parker of
Charlotte, N. C, and Miss Beulah K
Anthony of Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. An
thony wns widely known iu the commer
cial world and had made friends all
over the country. Mrs. Anthony will
remain in this city for the present, with
her parents.
mm i
The Villain Still .Pursued Her.
Con Crowley will buy up all stock of
the Arizona National Mining company
held by stockholders not satisfied with
the progress of the company for thirty
days. Call at Globe Bank &. Savings
The Villain Still Pursued Her.
Curfew Ordinance.
Bo it ordained by the Mayor and
Common Council of the City of Globe
It shall bo unlawful for any child or
children under the nun of fifteen vears
to bo on the public streets or daces
within the coritorate limits of tho Citv
of Globo after the hour of eight-thirty
p. m. unless accompanied by a person of
lawful age.
All parents, gunrdians, or any other
persons having charge of or under
whose enro children are, who shall per
mit nny child or children under tho age
jf fifteen years to bo abroad it nun the
streets and public places of said City of
Uloue after tho hour of eight-thirty p.
m. shall bo deemed guilty of a misde
meanor and upon conviction bo fined
in any sum not less than fivo (5) nor
moro than twcnty'(20) dollars and im
prisonment in the city or county jail
not exceeding fivo (5) days, or both.
It shall bo tho duty of tho police of
said city to ascertain from all children
under the ago of fifteen years, when
found abroad alone upon the public
streets and places after eight-thirty p.
m,, the name of the parents, guardians
or other persons who have chargo nnd
enro of them and when so ascertained
report them to the Justice of the Pence
in said City who shall thereupon pro
ceed against thorn according to law.
All ordinances or parts of ordinances
in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.
Passed and adopted this 28th day of
March, A. D. 1907.
Approved: W. S. SULTAN,
' (Seal) Mayor.
Attest: .T. Woinberger, Deputy Clerk.
Make Your Wants Know Here. You Will Get Satisfactory Results.
Advertisements under this bend 10 ocnts per line the first Inncrtion nod 8 cents per line each
subsequent Insertion. Uy the month, $1.00 per line o d Inserted for less than SO ocnts. All
ads under this head must be paid tor in urtvancc. n'xeount to reeumr advertisers.
WANTED Competent waiters at tho
Dominion hotel.
WANTED TO RENT A four room
house unfurnished. Inquire at tho
Silver Belt office. tf
WANTED Woman to work ono day
out of tho week. Call at this office.
WANTED Girl to take care -of baby
six mouths old. Call at this office.
WANTED Woman to assist in cooking
at the Miller Boarding House, near
smeller. 150
WANTED A bargain hunter furniture
for two rooms now; in use sixty days;
must be sold at once. Call at Silver
Belt office for address.
BAKER WANTED Arizona Bakery
wuitn a baker for cakes mid bread.
sit ion as first-class mining blacksmith.
Address Joe Smith, box 1003, Globe,
Ariz. 150
LOST A gold wishbone pin sot with
mx pearls. Suitable reward if re
turned to this office.
FOUND A gold rimmed pair of nose
glasses. Call nt this office.
Tho Belief of It
"Well, 1 finally summed up the cour
age to speak to her father Inst night. I
tell you, it was u great relief."
"Gee! What did he sayf "
"Ohl vim misunderstood me; he was
n't in."
Go to Myaii's
When you want magazines, confection
cry, books, stationery, ammunition or
raphophone record. Souvenir postals
at Ryan's.
Go to Buxton & Mcrritt for the finest
lino of wall paper and house decora
tions of overy description.
Money to loan on good security. Ad
dress W., Box 97L, city.
Charlie Queen, having purchased the
Union Pacific restaurant of Jim Lee,
wishes to notify the public that ho will
not be rcsjKinsiblo for any bills owing
by tho above mentioned Jim Lee, or
any contracted by him hereafter. Char
lie Queen. March 21, 1907. 150
"Live and let live." Union Cash
Market, C. Musgrave, proprietor.
Just received a carload of tho vcrj
latest designs in wall paper designs of
1007. Buxton & Merritt.
Tho Groat Mimic
"After all," said Hi Tragedian, di
dactically, "Death is the star traged
ian." "I don't know," replied Lowe Com
erdy, "I always think of him as a low
comedian a mere mimic because he's
always taking someone off."
Stage to Gibson Mino
Stago will leavo each Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday mornings at 9:30 a.
m., from Barclay & Higdon's corral.
Choice beef, pasturo fed and the fin
est to be had uuywherc. Globo Meat
Choico hams and bacon, -nono finer
Globe Moat Mnrket.
If you are lost follow anybody; you
will bring up at Tho Dime.
The Younger Man Strange that wo
men can't throw straight.
The Older Man Yes; my wife tells
me she threw herself ut another fellow,
missed and caught me. Princeton Ti -
j: Globe Real
We have moved into our permanent quart
ers and will be pleased to serve you.
Call and see us before buying any
Real Estate, We may have just what you
are looking for.
We have unimproved property in any
section of the city and a good assortment
of homes. Some furnished.
We can loan you moneyto build a
home and stop that rent.
F. L. TOOMBS, Manager
FOUND A box containing valuables on
Sunday's train. Apply at Home In
vestment Co. office.
LOST Pair gray buckskin gloves be
tween Sultan's grocery nnd Ball
grounds. Return to this office.
FOR SALE Good team work horses;
cheap for cash; also good double har
ness. Inquire nt Scoblo, Soboy & Co.
FOR SALE Ono barber chair and out
fit. Inquire at the hilbor Belt office.
FOR RENT Several neatly furnished
rooms nt the McKovitt house, north
of bridge, over Angius &. JCenovich
grocery store, 151
FOR RENT Three room house west of
Globo lumber yard. Cull at .1. Mnu
rel'a residence, North Globe. 147
FOR RENT Two rooms furnished for
light housekeeping. Address G, M.,
caro Silver Belt. 148
FOR RENT Room in the Postofflco
building. Apply at Silver Belt office.
FOR RENT Four room dwelling, part
ly furnished, close in, Mrs. C. R.
On ami after March 24th, 1007, the
following butcher shops of Globo will
be closed all day Sunday:
Pioneer Mont Co., 1'. D. Reed.
Peerless Market, Ryan &. Goskill.
C. MusgraveS.
Globe Meat Market, D. Murphy.
Central Market, M. U. Bonne. 148
His Bcto Noir
"Pa," asked the senator's little boy,
"what is a ' Nemesis f ' "
"A 'Nemesis,' my son," replied the
senator, wearily, "is a female office
seeker that you foolishly promise to
assist. ' ' Philadelphia Press.
The finest line or wall papers cvot
shown irTGlobc. Buxton & Merritt.
Is one of Globo 's oldest and best)
known cafes; everything first-class in
hir line. Cnll and bo convinced.
If you want somothipg extra nice In
wall paper, got to Ryan's.
Sympathetic Visitor How do you
like your new doctor!
Interesting Invalid Immenselyl He
says that four of my symptoms are ex
ceedingly rare and one is absolutely
unique. Brooklyn Life.
Go to tho Central Market and receive
a ticket with your purchase. 173
First-class work at bed rock prices
Buxton & Merritt, the painters.
We receive Kansas poultry twice a
week. Globo Meat Market.
Docorato Your Homo
Go to Rynn's for a varied assortment
of wall paper.
She Don't you feel well, dear!
He My head feels heavy. Do you
suppose thoso biscuits you mndo could
havo gone to my hcadf Yonkers States
man. Try our sausage, the very finest in
quality. Globe Meat Market.
Fino fresh Kansas pork. Globe Meat
Mnrket. '
f Brickl Brick!
Parties wanting brick can have their
wants promptly supplied by leaving
their orders nftho office of
Mines and Stock Exchange, Globe, Ariz.
Estate Office ;!
Next Door to Silver Belt X
Look! Look! Look!
Bed and Springs from $7.00 up
Couches from $7.50 up
Davenports from $9.00 up
Dressers from $10.50 up
These prices for this week. Buy now and
save money.
Many other bargains. Come and see for
Comparing quality our prices cannot be
If so, trade at
Liquors and Cigars
Brown & Scanlan
Successors to I. 0. L0WTHIAN
Fuel, Feed and Groceries
P. O. Box 696
Luke Angius Steve
Dealers in Groceries and Provisions
Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc.
Everything Reliable and Endorsed by Pure Food Law
P. O. Box 59 1 -Phone 1571
The Finest Resort in Globe
Popular with all classes winter and summer. Re
freshments of all kinds. Choice Cigars, Wines
and Liquors j
Schlitz and Anheuser-Busch Beer always on Draught
Finest rooms in the city.
Everything new, rats
reasonable and special
inducements offered to
getting accommodations
by the month
Will carry on his business from
the 1st of March in Edwards Ac
Nell's store. All clothes made to
order will be made at home in
the latest styles. Keaseaable
Prices. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Dry Goods
Hats, Caps
Boots and Shoes
Telephone 751 Store Opp. Depot
Kristovich Nick Zcnovich o
McKevitt Bldg.. Globe. Arizona
Rend the Silver Bolt; alnn P ''
date and newsy.
Of the quality you want, in the
?uantity you require, is our ol
er in Meats and Pouitry.
Another offer we propose is
careful handling, cutting an1
Still another, lowest selling
price the market will warrant.
With such a combination,
roved by years of square
eating, ought we not to nave
your trade?
Pioneer Meat Co.
Pioneer Dairy
Anderson & Blake
Fresh Cream and Bu ter
milk in any quantity aw'
always on hand
' 9 - j 1
- -Sy v
v- . a'iWK,c ,

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