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Alleged Plot to Kidnap and Kill
McCarthy, Frisco Labor
Leader, Stirs Unionists,
Remarkable Confession Made
by One of Conspirators
McCarthy Says Citizens Al
liance Was Behind Plot.
By Associated Press.
SAX FRANCISCO, Cal., April 25.
A sensational story was sprung in labor
circles tonight of an alleged conspiracy
and plot to kidnap and murder H. II.
McCarthy, presidont of tho Building
Trades Council, one of the most promi
nent labor leaders in the city. Tho al
leged plot was laid bare in a remark
able aflidavit and confession mado by
II. Shockley, one of tho alleged conspir
ntors, in which ho implicates five othor
members of Electrical Workers Union
No. C. Harry Sullivan and M. S. Car
mody arc under arrest.
Shockley implicated John Young,
Jack Morris, Qus Burt, Gus Smith and
J. Van Frank. McCarthy disclosed the
alleged scheme at a meeting of the
Building Trades Council and gave to
the press what purported to bo tho
confession of Shockloy, which had been
sworn to bofwe Charles France, a no
tary public. While tho conspiracy is
alleged to have emanated from Elec
trical Workers Union No. G which has
been at war with tho Building Trades
Council, and was recently expelled from
that body, McCarthy declared that the
Citizens Allianco was behind the plot
and furnished the funds with which
tho six men, according to Shockley,
were to go to Europe (after carrying out
the plans.
Details of Plot
McCarthy, according ta Shockley s
confession was to be called to the door
of his home, knocked senseless with a
black jack, placed in an automobile
waiting near by, taken to a lonely
house on the beach and there chloro
formed, after which the body was to
have been thrown into the river. The
house for the purpose, it is declared
by McCarthy, was rented April 13, at
1243 Forty-eighth avenue, near the
beach. Since that date two attempts
were made to kidnap McCarthy and
carry out the scheme, according to
Shockloy 's confession. Twice an auto
mobile called at McCarthy's house, but
each timo it failed. It is alleged that
two revolvers, some rope, a sponge and
a bottle "of chloroform were found in
Carmody's room when searched by the
police. Sullivan, Carmody's ropm mate,
although not implicated by Shockley,
was also arrested.
Motive for Conspiracy
Tho motive of the alleged plot Me
Carthy finds in the enmity that the
membors of Elecerical Workers Union
No. 6 have for him becauso of tho r.rt
he took as president of the Building
Trades Council in tho expulsion of the
union from tho council. Tho union
called a strike of its members on the
Fairmount hotel some weeks ago with
out thp authorization of the council.
McCarthy ordered tho union back to
work under tho threat of expulsion.
Refusing to return to work it was ex
polled and the members regarded by the
council as non-union men with whom
they would not work. In place of. the
expelled union, a now union of elec
trical workers was organized by tho
Building Trades Council. Vico Presi
dent Sullivan of tho expelled union in
interview tonight declared that when
tracecd back to its source it will be
found that the alleged plot had been
hatched by McCarthy himself.
Reported Conflict at Sunday's
Meeting Debs and St. John
Expected There
The following is from Monday's issue
of tho Bisbeo Evening Miner:
Last night a meeting of the union
members was held at Pythian castla
for tho purposo of discussing tho sit
uation and planning future action of
the strikers. Tho meeting, which hold
for several hours, is reported to have
been an exceedingly stormy one. Mem
bers of tho union, it is stated on tho
street today, rose in tho meeting and
denounced tho action of tho committee
for calling tho htriko in tho first place
on the grounds they did, and secondly
for not having consulted a majority of
tho membership of tho union, which it
is claimed was not done.
After tho session tho meeting broke
up and ono by ono tho members strag
gled forth. In all thcro were, accord
ing to several counts, in tho neighbor
hood of 250 men present. Persistent ru
mors are to bo heard on tho streets to
day to tho effect that a largo number
of tho membership of tho local union
will refuse to abide by the decision of
the striko committee and will return to
work whether or no.
When seen todny at noon to ascer
tain his side of tho matter, J. D. Cuu
non, a member of tho Rtriko committee
and one of tho original organizers of
tho union, stated that the report was to
some extent truo in so fnr as it con
cerned last night's meeting. Thoro was
some discussion of tho actions of the
strike conunitteo and numbers of men
spoke on tho future action of tho union,
llo denied, however, that tho acts of
the striko committee had been called
into question, saying that boforo tho
meeting wns over thoir actions wore
indorsed in full for tho past and they
were instructed to proceed in future in
conducting the strike along tho same
Ouo statement which Cannon made
will doubtless conio as a surpriso to
Bisbce people, and that was that within
tho next few days it is very probable
this city will receive a visit 'from Eu
gone V. Dobs and from Vincent Saint
John. Saint John is a vice presidont-of
tho Western Federation of Miners, and
Dobs is a unionist lender and a socialist
orator of prominence.
Aside from tho union wrangles noth
ing is to bo noted today. Tlie mines
nre all proceeding nicoly with the, forces
at thoir command and uumbors of new
men arc coming into tho camp. It is
thought that conditions generally will
improvo from this time.
Assessed Valuation Will Be
Over Five Million New
Mine Tax Law
Tho assessed valuation of Gila county
this year will greatly exceed that of
last year and according to Assessor
Merritt it will reach a figure consider
ably over $5,000,000. Tho assessed val
uation last year was approximately $3,
500,000. Tho now Doran mining tax law which
was passed by the last legislature is
partly responsible for tho increase, al
though its workings have resulted in a
decrease in the valuation of some of the
mines in tho district. All of the re
turns aro not in, but it is expected that
all tho mining property in tho county
will be accounted for by tomorrow.
Under the new law, tho assessed val
uation of the Old Dominion and the
United Globe Mines willbc higher than
last year, but that of the Arizonn Com
mercial, Keystone and othors will bo
cut down. Complcto figures will be
available in a few days.
There has been considerable conflict
between tho assessor and several of tho
mining companies over tho now method
of taxing mines according to tho Doran
act, most of tho trouble occurring in
tho caso of mines which wero worked
by leasers last year and part of this
year. Several mino owners have re
fused on tho advice of their counsel to
make out thoir returns and sonic suits
by the county to enforco the collection
of taxes will probably result.
Recent Killing First to Occur in
Camp, Says Visitor from
According to Harry L. Hamilton of
tho Saddle Mountain Mining company,
who is in tho city from Christmas, that
camp is tho most peacoful community
in Arizona, despite reports to the con
trary which have recently given that
camp much prominence.
"Tho Mexican population of Christ
mas," said Mr. Hamilton, "is by fnr
greater than tho American, but tho re
cent killing of ono of them by'a dep
uty sheriff was tho first which has oc
curred in the camp. In view of its iso
lation, Christmas is far from being a
turbulent camp, although tho advent
of tho saloons to tho vicinity of tho
camp has caused slight disturbances
around pay days. No ono blames Dep
uty Pcmberton for killing tho man he
was trying to arrest, as the latter 's
death was tho result of an accident,
and tho Mexican was a bad ono whoso
taking off caused no serious regret."
Tho Saddlo Mountain company is do
ing ponsiderablo work to improvo tho
condition of its mines and smelter and
it promises to bo ono of tho biggest
mines of this section. Tho company's
now three-compartment shaft is now
down 200 feet, another thrcc-compart-lnonPshnft
has been started, as has ono
of two compartmonts. Tho smelter is
boing ndded to and by tho first of July
it will have a daily capacity of eight
hundred tons. Tho railroad which tho
compnny is constructing from Chirstmns
to Winkclmnn to connect with tho Phoo
nix & Eastern will bo completed in a
few months. Tho grading has boon
practically complotcd and six miles of
steel aro on tho ground ready for lay
ing. Tho company is also building n
hoisting tramway 3,000 feet in length
to connect tho ennip and railroad.
Firo in Minneapolis
By Associated Press.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., April 25'.
Firo destroyed tho Wisconsin Central
froight dopot hero today, causing a loss
of $100,000. '
Cananea-Arizona Consolidated
Organization Perfected and
Company Launched.
Capitalized at $2,500,000 and
Shares Will Be Issued at
First Call of $1 Officers of
the New Company,
Word hns boon received from Chicago
that the organization of the Cnunnca
Arizona Consolidated Copper company
has been perfected and that tho com
pany would.be ready to begin dovelop
mout work, on its Olobo and Cananca
properties in a very short time and on
a large scale. The Globe properties of
tho company iucludo tho Coppor Basin
claims formorly owned by Dr. T. Shields
Collins and Tom Doyle, adjoining the
Blackhuwk mino of tho Arizonn Com
morcinl, the Great Eastern and Now
port claims of tho Superior & Boston
and sovcral claims of tho Globe Con
solidated, as well as a group of claims
formerly owned by Anton Trojnnoviefi
and Mrs. Warnor adjacent to tho Col-lins-Doylo
TUo company, judging from its offi
cers and directors, is an exceptionally
strong one, comprising well known cap
italists and mining men of New York,
Chicago, Duluth and other cities, thoso
of Duluth being especially well known
in this district, although they havo not
heretofore been interested here. Tho
company is capitalized at $2,500,000,
the shares being of n par value of $5
which will be issued at an allotment
call of $1, other calls to be of the same
. Officers of Company
The following are the officers of the
company: President, S. W. Osgood of
Chicaog, who secured tho proporty, a
mining engineer of considerable repute;
vice president and treasuror, Charles E.
Noblo of the Elk Rapids Iron company
of Chicago; secretary James W. Lu
ther, assistant cashier of tho Jackson
Park bank of Chicago; directors, Ar
thus T. Sexton, Minneapolis, purchas
ing agent Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul railroad; Orlo M. Cone, Chicago,
manager Edwin F. Daniels Coal com
pany; J. A. Lamon, Chicago, president
Lnmon-Gohl Syrup company; John F.
Donovan, secretary Federal Construe
tion company, Now York; nhd Mcssrs
Silverstein and Lcathhcad of Duluth j
general solicitor, James Jay Sheridan,
Chicago. The Duluth directors are well
known by reputation in this section.
Mr. Silvcrstcin i3 tho head of tho big
whMesalo dry goods firm which bears
his name and a director of the Calumet
& Sonora Mining company, as well as
othor companies In tho north. Mr.
Leathhcad is a son-in-law of Joe Sell
wood of Duluth, a big operator in iron
and copper. Other largo iron interests
of Duluth will figure in tho Cananea
Arizona. In tho numerous flotations which have
been made in tho Globo districts local
investors have usually been allotted a
small portion of stock and in some in
stances hnve been ignored. Tho ven
dors of the Globe properties of the Cananea-Arizona
mado nn agreement with
tho purchasers that a certain amount
of stock Svould bo allotted to Globo and
in nccordanco with this 30,000 shares
of tho capital stock have been allotted
here, which amount will be open for
subscription at the call price of $1 per
share beginning tomorrow nt the Globe
National bank and the offico of I. N.
Kinsoy, the broker, in tho Dominion
hotel. Only 100,000 shares of tho stock
will bo issued and the remainder has
already been placed with brokers in
New York, Boston and Duluth, where
tho stock will bo traded in.
Tho Cananca Properties
The Globo properties of tho company
aro too well known to require furthor
mention and tho Cananca properties of
tho company nro exceptionally woll lo
cated. The Bisbeo Extension contains
37.5 acres surrounded on three sides by
tho mines of the Cununea Central divi
sion of what is now the Grceno-Cana-nca.
The surface conditions on tho
Extension nro tho snmo as thoso on tho
Grccnc-Cnnanca and Canartca-Bisbeo on
both of which oro bodies havo boon
Tho La Viojita contains 100 acres
with mines of tho Grcono company at
Manznnnl adjoining, with a vein thirty
foot wido containing rich smelting ores,
as well as somo concentrating ore. Tho
Chicago contains 13J.5 ncrcs, adjoining
tho La Viojita on tho west and having
in addition to ores ground necessary and
valuablo for other purposes.
Mouso Colored Guns
By Associated Press.
BERLIN, April 25. Emperor Wil
Jinm has ordered that all guns, gun car
riages and ammunition wagons of the
German artillery bo painted dull gray.
Tho chango is based upon experiences
of tho Russo-Japaneso war.
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, April 25. The sight of
tho mutilated body of a 10-year-old boy
who had been killed by a Coney Island
surface car transformed tho passengers
into a maddened mob which beat into
unconsciousness tho motormnn. Tho
timely arrival of police reserves saved
tho mau's life.
Tho car operated by Georgo Decker
struck Edward Kelly and tho wheels
severed his head and legs. Tho motor
man was dragged from tho platform,
thrown upon tho pavement and tram
plod upon.
By Associated Press.
STOCKTON, Cal., April 25. There
are ns yet no prospects of a settlement
of tho strike of miners at Angels Cam)
for an eight-hour day at tho same wages
they receivo for ten hours. A special
from Angels is to tho effect that all
tho mines are still closed. Since tho
inauguration of tho striko thoro has
been an exodus of miners from Angels
and over one hundred havo gone to
Goldfield. The exodus lias been stopped
by the minors union in tho hope that
the owners wil como to terms.
There has been no troublo and tho
prospects for troublo nre remote.
Tho mino owners insitjt that they
cannot operate tho mines at tho udvanco
in wages which cutting down tho hours
amounts to.
Anarchist Well Armed Caught
in Confessional of Brus
sels Church
By Associated Press.
BRUSSELS, April 23. An anarchist
armed with a dagger, loaded revolver
and other weapons was arrested today
in the church where Princo Albert of
Belgium, nephew of King Leopold and
heir presumptive to the throne, was
about to visit. Ono of tho attendants
of tho church accidentally discovered
the man hidden in tho confessional box.
Later three other anarchists similarly
armed wero arrested in the rear of tho
church. They admitted that they wero
French anarchists. The authorities are
convinced that tho prisoners intended
to assassinate the prince.
Prince Albert is a son of tho late
Count of Flanders, brother of King
Leopold. On October 4 last Prince Al
bert was officially declared successor to
King Leopold as sovereign of the "Congo
Independent State and is a member of
the Belgium senate.
Masked Men Ambush Three
and Leave Them Bound Hand
and Foot on Prairie
By Associated Press.
MONTROSE, Colo., April
on their way to the sheep range with a
largo herd from Frisco, Utah, three
herders, Grovcr Cornott, Peter Swnnson
and A. Swnnson, wero set upon by seven
masked men near Whitewater, Colo.,
fifteen miles west of here. Peter Swan
son was shot and mortally wounded and
his companions were bound hand nnd
foot and left helpless on the prnirio.
News of t)io shooting has stirred the
cattlcmon and sheep owners of this sec
tion to high indignation and a diligent
search for the perpetrators of the out
rago is being prosecuted.
By Associated Press.
At Philadelphia it
New York 5
Philadelphia 3
Batteries McGinnity and
II. E.
9 2
10 4
man; Corridon, Moran and Jacklitsch.
At Brooklyn R. H. E.
Boston 0 12 3
Brooklyn - 13 4
Batteries Lindamnn nnd Brown;
Pastorious and Rittcr,
At Boston
Boston ...... ..... ,
R. II.
4 13
2 7
Batteries Bander and Schrcck; Tan
nchill nnd Crigcr.
At New York R. II. E
Washington . 2 7 3
Now York 11 14
Battorios Hughes and Warnor; Orth
and Klcinow.
By Associated Press.
EL PASO, Texas, April 25. J. P.
Hullihan, chief ongincor for tho Sierra
Mndro railroad, today announced that
Colonel W. C. Grccno hns ordored tho
road oxtonded from Casas Grandcs, tho
present torminus, to tho Mexican Pa
cific coast. Within n hundred miles of
tho coast tho railroad will branch out
in cither diroction, ono lino running to
Gunymas and ono to San Aginbompo.
Tho work of oxtonsion will begin on
May 2. '
President Roosevelt Will Pt;ess
Gold Button to Start the"Big
Exposition in Virginia.
Ships of Foreign Navies Arrive
at Hampton Roads to Take
Part in the Ceremonies
Roosevelt Leaves Last Night
By Associated Press.
NORFOLK, Vu., April 25. With tho
president ns guest and with diplomatic
and military officials froili all tho moro
important nations formed in attendance,
the Jamestown exposition will bo
thrown open to tho public tomorrow.
Every steamer anil train reaching Nor
folk tonight brought innny visitors. The
city is decorated as seldom beforo and
the governor of Virginia has proclaimed
tomorrow a holiday in this vicinity.
Details of tho program on land and
water havo all been cnrofully worked
out. Tho exposition management is
looking forward to the opening as a no
tablo epoch in tho history of Tido Wa
ter Virginia.
Warships Arrivo
Today witnessed tho arrival of the
most formidable of the visiting warship
squadrons. The Austrian ships Sanctc
George nnd Aspcrn and tho British
cruiser squadron composed of tho Good
Hope, Argyll, Hnmpshiro and tho Rox
bury passed in tho capes within a few
hours of each other. With saluting can
non ami dipping flags, they cruised
slowly up Hampton Roads to the posi
tion assigned them on the naval rendez
vous grounds. The flagship Connecticut
of the American fleet exchanged salutes
with the Sancte George and tho Good
Hope nnd inter Admiral Sir George
Neville of the British squadron and
Commodoro Hermann P. Lcscott of the
Austrian squadron put out in small
boats to visit Rear Admiral Roblcy D.
Evans on the Connecticut.
Call Is Returned
They wero warmly welcomed and had
hardly gono over the side to return
to their own flagships when the Amer
ican commander wns in his launch re
turning tho official visit of courtesy.
With dull gray sides and smoky black
funnels, the visiting ships arc in sharp
contrast to the American ships resplen
dent in new coats of immaculate white
paint. Tho arrival of tho Britons and
Austrians, who have been preceded two
days by tho German squadron nnd the
Argcntino ship Sarmicnto, lent immeas
urably to tho attractiveness of the na
val display ond will make tomorrow's
review a notable event of inaugural
President Leaves
WASHINGTON, April 25. President
Roosevelt, members of his family nnd
a party of friends left Washington navy
yard nt 3:10 o'clock this afternoon on
board the Mayflower for a visit to the
Jamestown exposition. Tjicy return on
Sunday morning. On Saturday Presi
dent and Mrs. Roosovelt aro to make
the trip up the James river On the dis
patch boat Sylph. A congressional par
ty comprising n joint committee of the
senate and house and their families
preceded tho presidential party this
morning. Secretary and Mrs. Metcalf
and others left earlier in the afternoon
on tho U. S.. S. Dolphin nnd the diplo
matic corps followed tonight.
As the president ascended the gang
plank of tho Mnybower the band on
board the vessel played "Star Span
gled Banner," and the president's flag
was hoisted. As tho ship pulled out
tho presidential saluto of twenty-one
guns announced the departure. The
presidont will take an important part
in tho opening of the exposition and the
exercises incidental to which aro to
begin soon after ho arrives in Hampton
Roads tomorrow.
In tho morning ho is to receive the
assembled men of war and receivo the
flag officers and commanding officers of
foreign ships. At half past ten the
president leaves the Mayflower and will
bo met at the government pier by offi
cers of tho exposition nnd a military
escort and will bo saluted by the United
Stntcs artillery stationed on tho expo
sition grounds. An hour later ho will
go to tho roviowing stand, where a pro
gram of oxcrcises, including the address
of Presidont Tucker of tho exposition
and Prosidcnt Roosevelt, and tho lat
ter will press a gol.l button formally
opening tho exposition.
In tho aftornoon thoro will bo a lunch
to tho president's party in the Audi
torium building, a review of the parade
of soldiers, sailors and nntionnl guard,
a reception to tho president by tho olh
cors and directors of tho Jamestown
Exposition company, after which at 5
o'clock tho president returns, to tho
Mayflower. In tho evening tho presi
dent and Mrs. Roosevelt nro to dino
with Presidont Tuckor at his home in
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, April 25. As tho
result of an opisodo in tho congressional
library in which two members of tho
mnrino corps wero ojectod from tho
building, Secretary Metcalf will order
an official investigation. It is his in
tontion to secure testimony from both
sides and he will appoint an officer to
act in conjunction with tho officials of
tho library. It is claimed by tho watch
men that the marines were detected in
tho act of flirting, whilo the men charge
that they were ejected because they
wore in uniform.
By Associated Press.
PITTSBURG, Pa., April 25. An
nouncement was made today that the
Wcstinghouse Electric & Manufacturing
company is to issue $5,000,000 of new
stock. Stockholders on May 4 will
havo tho right to subscribe for tho new
stock at $75 a share. Tho stock has a
par valuo of $50 and tho company there
fore asks a premium of $25.
By Associated Press.
NEW ORLEANS, La., April 25. A
torrential rain flooded many sections
of Now Orleans today and tho heavy
downpour continued tonight. The wa
ter is moro than a fpot deep in parts
of Canal street, where tho big stores
are located. Tho precipitation was es
timated at over three inches early to
Douglas Stole' Bonds Worth
More than $400,000 Bos
ton. Lawyer Suspected
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, April 25. The World
tomorrow will say:
"It was learned yesterday that the
amount of bonds stolen from tho Trust
Company of America by William C.
Douglas, tho assistant loan clerk, was
in excess of $100,000. All the bonds are
in possession of tho trust company or
have been located.
"It was learned that tho major part
of tho stolen bonds were taken from tho
strong box of tho company by Douglas
shortly before he fled on Friday last.
His purpose in doing this, it was admit
ted yesterday, was to compel the com
pany to overlook his smaller thefts
if ho should return this block."
NEW YORK, April 25. That a
prominent Boston lawyer is to figure
in tho further proceedings in connec
tion with the arrest or W. O. Douglas
and O. M. Dennett, charged with the
theft of bonds from the Trust Company
of America, was persistently reported
in Wall jtrcct today. He is reported
to have urged Douglas to take about a
million dollars' worth of bonds and
turn them over to Dennett. Tho Bos
ton lawyer is now supposed to bo in
this city and is being watched by de
tectives. When President Home of
the trust company was asked today
whether criminal proceedings will be
taken against a third man he replied
that so far as ho know the arrest of
Dennett and Douglas ended the search
for the men alleged to have taken part
in the crime.
San Angelo Horse Defeats Jeff
Dunegan's Animal for a
$500 Purse
Races on tho Minmi track yesterday
drew a crowd of about three hundred
Quartcr-milo rnco for $500 a sido be
tween Billy Bnrtlett, a horse owned by
Mr. Winn of San Angelo, Texas, nnd
Bull Maverick, owned by Jeff Dune
gnn of Clifton, Ariz., was won by the
former by a scant length.
Tho Texas horso got the best of the
start and Duncgan claims that his en
try again got tho worst of it by being
jostled, causing him to swerve from tho
course. The timo, 25V4 seconds, is con
sidered very good in view of the soft
condition of tho track. Quite a number
of Bido'bcts were mado on the rnce.
After the main event sovcral match
races wero run nnd closely contested.
Also n colored youth who oilered to
run a seventy-five yard foot race with
anyono in tho crowd found a contestant
in a white boy who proved to be far too
swift for tho darkey.
Tho crowd was good naturcd and
scorned to extract a good deal of fun
from tho day's events. Owing to tho
superstition prevailing against racing
on Friday, other events billed for the
race meet wero postponed until Satur
day and Sunday rfftcrnoons.
Tho big event for Saturday will be
between tho Safford maro Mamie, own
ed by Johnson & Parks, and a sorrel
maro from El Paso entered by Winn &
SJrickland. Several races are on tho
program for Sunday.
By Associated Press.
EL PASO, Texas, April 25. John M.
Soton, awcll known mining man of
Cananca,- has mysteriously disappeared
and is now believed to have been mu'r
dorcd. When last seen t?n, days ago
ho had a largo sum of rnonoy' on his
person. A diligent search.is'boing mado
for him. . i . ' f - .
Unsuccessful Attempt Made in
Kansas Town to Jake Train
Robber from Officer.
Following Killing of Officers, all
Colored Citizens Warned to
Leave Negro Attacks Girl
with Razor at Alton.
By Associated Press.
PITTSBURG, Kan., April 25. A mob
of negroes made an unsuccessful at
tempt at Corona, Kan., to lynch Joseph
Bush' -arrested last week in Oregon,
charged with trniu robbery, when tho
train bearing Bush stopped at that sta
tion last night.
Bush is believed to bo ono of tho
men who robbed the passengers on the
Missouri Pacific passenger train on
the night of March 4, when John Henry,
a negro who lives at Corona, Kan., was
killed. Bush was placed in jail here
Warn Negroes to Leave
BIG SPRINGS, Texas, April 25.
While assisting in the arrest of several '
negroes late last night Deputy Marshal
James Burko was killed. Following tho
killing of Burke citizens assembled at
a mass meeting today and notified all
the negroes who are without property
in town to leave at once. Negroes own
ing property were notified to dispose of
it and leave town within fifteen days.
Attacks Young Girl
ALTON, 111., April 25. A posse of
citizens is in pursuit of a negro who
tonight attacked Miss Violet Spencer,
the 18-year-old daughter of Thomas F.
Spencer, on a street here with a razor.
The condition of tho young woman is
serious. -
Detectives Think Horace Mar
vin Was Murdered and
Search for Body
By Associated Press.
DOVER, Del., April 25. State de
tectives who caused the arrest of Frank
Butler, alleged kidnaper of the Marvin
boy, who was ordered released by tho
attorney general today, will continue
their investigation. Detective Lore of
New Jersey adheres to the theory of
death and will search for the body of
the boy. He will first ransack the wood
near where Butler in his statement told
of stopping to fix a broken wagon bolt
and where Caldwell, his companion, last v
remembers having seen tho bag of
"Wo havo established one thing,"
said Lore tonight. "Wo have stirred
the detectives to renewed energy and
they now realize that tho. matter is no
joke, but a crime deserving summary
"Little Horace Marvin is dead and
wo expect to find the body."
By Associated Press.
BORDEAUX, France, April 25.
An anti-Dreyfusard meeting attended
by two thousand persons nnd presided
over by a Royalist, Count do la Saluces,
tonight developed a likely monarchical
A lantern picture of tho Duke of Or
lenns, thrown on a screen, was received
with cries of "Long live tho king."
A few 'dissenters wero thrown out of
tho hall. Tho polico arrested one per
son on tho outside who persisted in
shouting "Down with the republic."
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, April 25 It is an
nounced that the committee appointed
by the Federated Union Inst Sunday to
go to Washington and ask Booscvclt to
retract tho statement that Moyer and
Haywood aro "undesirable citizens"
had decided not to go. This decision,
it wns stated, was tho result partly of
tho lettor from tlio president to tho
chairman of tho Moycr-Haywood con
ference of Chicago, confirming instead
of retracting his original statement.'
t i
John Mitchell Better
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, April 25. John Mitch
ell's condition is so much improved to
night that tho operation for his ailment
has been indefinitely postponed.
Still Fool Champion
By Associated Press.
GREENSBURG, Pa., April 25.
Thomas Huston of St. Louis retains tho
pool championship of tho United States,
having defeated W. II. Clearwater of
Greensboro in a series of three games.

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