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Wednesday, June 12, iqv
Page Two
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Published each morning oxcopt Monday.
Admitted to tho malls as Bccond class
JOS. II. HAMILL, Troprlotor
Mcmbor of tho Associated Press
Daily, by mall, ono year..... .. $7.50
Dally, by carrior, ono month. . .75
Wookly, ono year 2.50
Weekly, sir months 1-25
Cash In advance
Subscribers' Notlco
Subscribers plcaso notify this oflico
In caso of non-delivery of tho daily,
Monday excepted.
Advertising rates mado known on ap
plication. Harry Orchard also stole shcop.
Tho church pcoplo of tho country will
no doubt bo greatly shocked to
learn thnt Harry Orchard played pokor.
General Juiroki has sailed for Japan.
This is very significant. Kithor ho did
not like tho Jamestown exposition or
lie is going back to prepare for war.
Tho hospitality of tho people of Nor
folk has recoived a black oyc. A vis
itor to tho Jamestown exposition was
fined $30 -for kissing n young lady of
that city.
Evory lodge in Qlobo is to turn out
in tho Fourth of July parade and somo
aro going to considorablo expense so
-that thoy can make a good showing.
Tho pnrado will bo tho greatest over
seen in Globe.
No ono has noticed President Rooso
volt coming to tho defense of Vice
,Prosidont Fairbanks, who is accused
of not having beon born in a log cabin
and oven the vice president is strangely
silent on the snmo question.
Tho town of Roosevelt in this county
will be entirely submerged and canso
quontiy no moro in a fow years. Prob
ably that is tho reason it was named
after tho president, and, liko him, it is
also a symbol of strcnuosity while it
As to tho coming Haguo conference,
wo stand stoutly with Czar Nicholas
for disarmament. Wo beliovo that if
more obstacles wero placed in the way
of tho pistol toter it would greatly dis
courage tho habit and ovcntually make
it extinct.
Whoucver you hear of a town or
community boasting of its jails being
empty and pointing with pride to its
sobriety and orderliness, you may rest
assurqd it is a dead one. Out in this
country ono of tho best signs of pros
perity is a full jail.
The Japs swelled up over their defeat
of the JJussians, aro looking for trouble
from Undo Sam. Well, they won't
havo to look long nor hard if thoy look
in tho right direction nnd they will
learn to their sorrow that there is some
" difference between tho navies and arm
ies of tho Czar and tho United States.
The request of cortain Tucson citizens
for permission to take Murderer Bald
win out of jifil for tho purpose of bap
. tizing Lim reminds us of a little inci
dent which occurred in Globe last Feb
ruary, when a similar request was made
on tho Gila countv sheriff. JJiit it was
a liigher Motive that actuated the .Globe
pjfitfoncrs as hfgh as'tho cross-arm of
a'tejephono pole
Tho vice president of tho Southern
Pacific railway notified Mr. Ilnrriman
thai 449 rails on tho lino had broken
in tho month of February, and that of
theso 179 had been in servico less than
six months. Tho same defect in rails
1 1
1 IflHBrV'
IPmmk. Tift a
T LaUe3 high Shoes, sold for $2.50; now
T Indies' black Oxfords, sold for $3.00;
Ladies' tan Oxfords, sold for $3.00; now soiling for S1.E0
Boys' nico dross Shoes for $2.50; now 81.50
furnished by the United fetfttos Steol
corporation has caused many1 smashups
and other nccidonts InvolvingHho kill
ing of scores of passengers on other
As a result of this oxporlenco the
Amorican Hallway association appoint
ed a committeo of nino of its mombors
to demand of tho Steel company a hot
ter nnd moro roliablo rail. Mr. Ilnrri
man gave an order to tho Tcnncssoo
Coal & Iron company, practically tho
only independent plant in tho country,
for 150,000 tons of rails, saying: "Tho
lives of tho passongors on tho Southern
Pacific are moro valuable than tho ne
cessity for dividends on Stool stocks."
Various causes aro assigned for tho
inforior rails now supplied by tho trust,
but tho bottom reason is that which
has lowored tho quality and raised tho
prico of nonrly all goods manufactured
by a monopoly namely, greed onoour
aged and protected by a prohibitory
tarifT. The executive head of ono of
tho greatest trunk lines in tho country,
in roply to a question by a reporter of
tho Now York Amorican, na to tho rem
edy, said:
"Hoviso tho tariff. As long as tho
Steol corporation is ablo to control tho
ninrkot, deliver tho rails that it thinks
good onough, nnd the railrond is help
less to go elsewhere, tho trouble cannot
bo eradicated unless tho railrouds act
ing ns a unit domnnd n chango and
rofuso to accept rails unsatisfactory,
nnd thnt is hardly probable"
And this is tho sort of thing that tho
Republican party "stands pat" fori
Son of L. E. Bloomburg, Well Known
Traveling Man, Who Was Charged
With Killing Non-union Car Man in
San Francisco, Is Found Not Guilty.
Tho Bisbco Miner contains tho fol
lowing story which will"' bo of interest
to many Olobo friends of L. E. Bloom
burg, a well known San Francisco
drummer who comes regularly to this
Receiving word yesterday that his
foil who was arrested on tho' chargo
of murder and was tried a fow days
since nt San Francisco and acquitted
yestorday, it was truly a joyful day for
L. E. Bloomberg, a well known travel
ing salesman, who loft the city last
evening. The shooting with which
young Bloomburg was charged occurred
during a riot in connection with the
street car strike.
Mr. Bloomburg, who was a guest nt
tho Copper Queen hotel, was standing
in tho lobby yesterday afternoon when
a messenger boy cntored and presented
him with a telegram. Guests were at
tracted by the peculiar manner in which
ho acted immediately after glancing
over it, nnd his involuntary ejaculation
of relief.
Seeing their curiosity, he explained
that his son had been arrested during
tho riots, nttending tho San Francisco
strike, ns a suspect in connection with
tho shooting of a non-union motor
man. Tho facts of the case as far as could
bo learned were confined to the tele
gram. Tho motorman, leaving tho car
barn one day while tho riots were at
their height, started to go to his home.
To do this "he had to pass through tho
most .densely populated business dis
trict. In a short time he was aware that his
cap and uniform had been spotted nnd
"discovered that ho was being followed
by a largo crowd of union sympathizers.
On going a little farther ho found tho
crowd had become even larger and was
fteadily increasing in size, he turned to
imtko a fight.
On seeing his determined posture, tho
crowd backed off a little distance and
it seemed thnt the man was destined to
get away from them when thoy saw
that tho man was trying to avoid any
trouble At this point someone who
was in tho crowd commenced firing, and
tho motorman dropped dead with a bul
let through his brain.
Young Bloomburg, immediately in
front of whose plnco tho shooting oc
curred, was arrested shortly afterward
for tho crime. IIo was a special officer
and was trying to prevent tho crowd
from shooting or otherwise Injuring tho
man when tho firing occurred, ns it
afterward developed.
On being brought up for trial it was
h 'H Him m m f n h i
jOlovos, $1.50 now. . . . . . .81.00
!LacOj 10 and lGc, now 5c
Braid, 10c, now Ec
Llnon Collars, 15c, now. ...Ec
Watch Chains and Fobs.
Cuffs, Hairpins.
soiling for $1.50
now soiling for $1.50 and 32
found' that' thoro wnsino ovidonce'jwhich
could incriminnto tho young "man, nnd
ho wns released from custody.
Oomo early tonight. Tho Alexander
has it.
Adopted While Papoose by Pioneer of
Prescott, Bessie Brooks Edgar Now
Wants Part of Estato Interesting
Logal Contest Is Expected.
What promises to dovolop into one
of tho prettiest logal questions not un
mixed with romance the Arizona courts
have been called upon to decide for
somo time has evolved out of tho recent
death in Cloveluttd, Ohio, of Hezokiah
Brooks, tho pionoor settler of Prescott,
who camo hero in 18G3, building tho
first log cabin on tho banks of Granite
crook, at tho jircsent site of Prescott.
Jn tho wild days of tho rugged west,
when tho prospector and the redskin
roamod untrammoled snvo for the pres
ence of each other o'er the desert and
mountain lands of Aris-onn, Hczckinh
Brooks engaged in tho bnttlo with tho
reds that was fought on Battle Flat,
twenty-five miles from Prescott. After
tho fight, in which tho Indians were
completely routed, Mr. Brooks chanced
upon a pretty, rod-cheeked papoose ly
ing on the battlo field, crying lustily
for its mother, who had dosortcd it in
hor hnsty rotrcnt from tho scene of
Tenderly tho rugged pioneer gathered
tho woo atom of humanity into his
brawny arms nnd, bringing it to his
homo in Proacott, ho presented it to his
wifo ns ono of their daughters and lit
erally, if not logally, adopted tho little
waif, who soon grow into handsome
womanhood under tho name of Bessie
Brooks. Later the adopted daughter met and
was won by ono of Yavapai county's
stalwart sons, James Edgar, of whom
she is now tho happy wifo.
Then came-tho timo when all of Hcz
ckiah Brooks' kith and kin, save this
adopted daughter and his niece in
Cloveland hnd passed away, and now
that tho old pioneer has gono to join
thorn in tho great boyond, tho niece and
adopted daughter are anxious to learn
the rights of each othor to the estate
deccdont left behind. It is understood
tho niece makes tho claim that as Bes
sie Brooks was novor Jegally adopted,
sho has no right to any part of tho
estato. Tho question of law to bo decid
ed is whether ornot she was legally
the adopted daughter of Mr. Brooks.
In support of hor claim that sho was
legally adopted, Mrs. Edgar cites tho
fact that at the timo of her marriage
to Mr. Edgar the question was raised
that there was an Arizona statute pro
hibiting nn Indian and white person
marrying. When it seemed that tho
marriage would thus be averted, Mr,
Brooks camo forward, it is alleged, and
mado affidavit that the bride-to-be, Bcs
sic Brooks, was his legally adopted
daughter and therefore, by adoption, a
white girl. On this showing the license
was issued and Mr. Edgar and Bessie
Brooks wero united in marriage.
As tho adoption if legally made took
place in tho COs, thcro is much specula
tion 'among tho attornoys engaged in
looking up tho matter as to whether a
record of Mrs. Edgar's legal adoption
can bo found.
Attorney for Alleged Murderer Who
Died in Jail at Prescott Will Continuo
Effort for New Trial Prisoner Died
from Exccssivo Uso of Opium.
That T. G. Roach, tho prisoner in the
Yavapai county jail awaiting scntonco
for the murder of Jack Fletcher in
Crown King, who died Tuesday eyening,
supposedly from tuberculosis, but in
icality jfs the result of a largo dose of
"yenshec," tr cooked opium, ended
his earthly troubles by committing sui
cido is now a well established fact.
Although every effort was., mado by,
friends of tho dead man to keep tho
real nature of his death from becom
ing public, it was discovered later when
a search of tho cell formorly occupied
:lM.ln14,..,l,4l,.H1,.n,.,n.i,.i.iMi,iHi i ii i H H M"M"i"frM 1 HI 111
Roosevelt Stock Goods
We will put on the market Monday morning the entire stock of
General Merchandise brought over from Roosevelt. We don't put this
on the market this cheap because we need the money, but because you
need ,the goods and we need the room. Don't forget the place, 151
Broad Street.
Men's Cowboy Hats, sold for 33.50; now $2.00
Men's, Fedora Hats, ssld for $3.50; now soiling for $2.00
Men's Telescope Hats, sold for $3.50; now selling for?. $2.00
Men's Straw Hats, sold for S1.50; now .75c
Boys' Hats, sold for $1.00; now 50c
Telephone No. M 241 MERCHANTS " 151 North Broad Strut
Make Your Wants Know Here. You Will Get Satisfactory Results.
Advertisements under this bead 10 cents per line the first Insertion and 0 cents per line each
subsequent Insertion, lly tho month, II 00 per line. No ad Inserud (or less than 20 cents. All
- ads under this head must be paid for tn advance. Discount to recuur advertisers.
WANTED A good blacksmith and
wagon woodworker; good wages for
right man. Call at Cnrvil's black
smith shop. 207tf
WANTED A telephone operator. Ap
ply at Consolidated Telephone & Elec
tric Co. 207
WANTED A dishwasher at tho Occi
dental restaurant. 209
WANTED Competent waiters at the
Dominion hotel.
WANTED Chambermaid at once at
Dominion hotel.
SITUATION WANTED by colored man
in hotel or camp; first-class cook;
moat apd pastry. Address M. II., Sil
ver Belt. 207
WANTED Business women to travel
represent a wholesale firm. Apply
room 28, Dominion hotel, Mrs. M. C.
Hall. 210
WANTED To rent floor on west side
Broad street for tho Globo tailor shop.
J. L. Fredlihp. Will pay $50 per
month: tf
FOB BENT Housekeeping and furn
ished rooms. Call immediately this
office. 210
FOB BENT Furnished front room for
rout at tho Manzanita, opposite rail
road station. 210
FOK BENT Boom in the Postofflce
v building. Apply at Silver Belt office.
FOB BENT Desirable furnished rooms,
coolest in town. Mrs. L. G. Coombs,
Ballground. tf
FOB BENT Furnished rooms, centrally
located, modern conveniences. 148
Mesquitc street. tf
Mrs. J. Harvey Harris, opposite the
schoolhousc on old Ballground. tf
by Roach was made that ho had suffi
cient opium secreted in the cell to have
killed three men.
How ho becamo possessed of tho poi
Eonous drug has not yet been deter
mined by the jail attaches, and as there
are various ways by which prisoners
often succeed in having the drug smug
gled in to them from the outside it is
probable that no enlightenment will be
obtained on this score.
At the timo of Roach's death it was
thought probable that he bad commit
ted suicide, but as no search was made
of the cell at that time it was not
known for a certainty that such was the
case, although Dr. Loonoy, tho county
physician, who was called in just before
Roach expired, stated that the latter
was Buffering from opium poisoning and
following his diagnosis a stomach pump
was secured and pressed into service,
but Roach, in his weakened condition,
due to tuberculosis, was too far gono
to bo fsaved.
Among other things raised by the
pump wore particles of some black sub
stance, which it is now thought was
part of the yenshco. Tho county phy
sician issued a death certificate stating
that Roach's death was due to opium
Attornoy Leroy Anderson, who was
retained as counsel for Roach, prior to
tho latter 's death, and who has pend
ing a moUon for tho setting aside -of
the verdict and tho granting of a new
trial, stated that ho would still press
his motion for a new trial despito tho
death of the prisoner, in order to clear
tho dead man's name of tho stigma at
tached to it, but as other attorneys con
tend Hint the presence of the defendant
is absolutely necessary in such cases, it
is not exactly clear just how Attorney
Anderson hopes to bo granted a new
trial for his client.
Shop Without a Name
In tho Devonshire town of Mcdbury
there is a butcher's shop which has no
name, nor har. it had ono for tho last
120 years. Tho reason offords nstrik
:ng illustration of tho superstitious na;
turo of West Country folk. When this
particular business was started, the
owner for somo reason did not have his
name inscribed on tho promises. Wheth
er this fact had nnything to do with
the success of tho business or not it
would be difficult to say. Trade, how
FOB BENT Seasonable rates, furn
ished rooms. 'Seo Mrs, Lavergno, Hill
street, opposite Whito schoolhousc.
FOB BENT -One large furnished room
for light housekeeping. Inquire of
" Mrs. Geo. R. Hill, Ballground.
FOB BENT Two rooms in the Post
offico building. Apply at the Silver
Belt oflico. tf
FOB SALE OB BENT Houso of four
rooms on old Ballground. L. Walli
man, South Globo dairy. tf
LOT. Do you want a choico corner
rcsidonco lot, 100x100 feet, in good
neighborhood! If you do, bo quick.
Call at Silver Belt for particulars, tf
i ' - . - -
FOB SALE House of five rooms, easy
terms; $900. Apply T. L. Seebold,
White House 210
FOB SALE OB RENT Restaurant fur
nished. Apply A. Cono Webb, Eooso
velt. tf
FOB SALE Choice business lots ou
Broad or Oak streets, 25, 50, 75, 100
or 120 feet front; this includes Wells
Fargo corner, tho best business site in
town; also hnve number of choice res
idence lots on nnd near Ballground.
Call on Dan Williamson. tf
FOB SALE A Remington typewriter
' in first-class condition. Address P.
O. box 230, Globe, Ariz. tf
FOB SALE Three-room house. Apply
Jule Maurel, box 221, or Cement
houso. tf
FOR SALE Fine porcelain lined re
frigerator and Singer sowing machine.
Inquire at Duncan's, across creek
from dopot. " 208
LOST On Troy road a few miles from
town, a lady's .black long coat. Please
leave at Silver Belt office. tf
ever, was brisk, and the butcher duly
retired, leaving tho nameless shop to his
son. Tho business was handed down
from father to son for more than 120
years, but none of those into whose
occupation iHias come wolud have his
namo put up on any consideration, feat
ing as, in fact, the present owner does
today that such a procedure might
break the spell of good fortune with'
which the business has been favored.-Tit-Bits.
If you want to enjoy a good rest go
to tho Indian Hot Springs. 209
Don't imagine, my boy, if you throw
up your job
That the firm that employs you will
fail, f' .
That the whole oflico force in their an
guish will sob
And the senior partner turn pale.
You are highly efficient and active and
So you say. I'm unwilling to doubt
But the chance of all this is incredibly
Thcro aro plenty of others without
Don't get mad with the girl and to
make bbr feel bad
Fail to go for your usual call.
It's tho truth, though I know it sounds
awfully sad,
That she may never miss you at all.
It's mighty poor policy staying away,
Though I grant that at times she may
flout you,
But I, know that Pm in a position to
There are plenty of otheis without
Don 'r TfotrBrjured on tho world and llo
anything rash.
Not to speak of ;tbo good of your soul,
If you jump in thoko you may mako
a small splash,
But you'll never leavoVnuch of a hole.
Don't expect folks to mao.such a ter
rible fuss
When they think very Ii;tle about you
And, to use common language, aren't
caring a cuss. jl ' ,
Thorc aro plenty of others withedt
'you , Chicago NeVs.
' : U it ' -II
11 M"M i I'M IM M
L.u-.r. i..?il .
Jr .
Skirts not up to date, but good outing or around home wear;
sold for $6.00 ; now at the low price of .' . .82.50
Lot No. 2 Ladies' and Misses' Skirts, sold for $5.00 to
$7.00; now $3.00 to $1.00
These aro good stylish Skirts and are bargains.
A fow $15 Suits for men, now $7.00
A few doz. Pants, $3X0; now , ..$2.60
Two dozen boys' Suits, one-third off selling price.
Just Received
A large carload of Stoves and! Ranges;
the World's best
Monarch Malleable Range
Moore's Merit Steel Range
Stewart's Steel Range
i Excelsior Steel Range
Cast wood -and coal Cook Stoves. Gasoline
Stoves and Ovens
O. K. Livery Stables
General Livery and Feed Stables
Gaited. Saddle Horses.... Phone 481
Phone 481 Yv P. KELSEY, Mgr. Globe, Arizona
Finest rooms in the city.
Everything new, rates
reasonable and special
inducements offered to.
getting accommodations
; . -
oy the, month.
iUi u-
' . .Uli iVlAA A AiVf
A large car of Alaska Refrigerators and
Ice Chests, white enameled and plain, all
sizes and prices.
A large assortment of Art Squares and Rugs
Cheap and High Prices
Opposite Miner's Union Hall
Buy Your Bread, Pies, Cakes,
Etc. of Us
A trial will convince you that ours is the best
bread in town. We have a complete line of CAKE
DECORATIONS for special occasions and can
. make a cake that will "take the cake."
Buy.tScoWe, Sobey&Co.
Mm I
Of the quality you want, in the
quantity you require, is our of
fer in Meats ana Poultry.
Another aWar w nrnnose IS
careful handling, cutting and
Still another, lowest selling
price the market will warrant
With such a combination,
S roved by years of squart
ealing, ought We not to can
your trade?
Pioneer Meat Co.
Read the Silver Belt Always tp
lii'iii i1! 1 1 1 1 H ii 1 1 it 1 1 1 it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H'l
" We have prepare table for you. Will yoa cme in (not
sup with He) but bargain with us; for you will Sad every
thing on this table to make life pleasant a heme comfor
table. Good people, these are net oM Junk, hat real bar
gains, aa&iyott should not miss the chance to get 1b and get
jti n.i..i.n.ii ii.ihiii g.n...i..i..n.-i-n..iinii 1 1 n 1 1 i-n- lit l'nllt',tt'tMtll
, i P1
?' i Jt iSint

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