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Daily Arizona silver belt. (Globe, Gila County, Ariz.) 1906-1929, October 20, 1907, Image 6

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Pago Six
Sunday, October 20, J
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Globe Plumbing and Heating Co.
P. L. Butz, Mgr. H. W. Titus, Sec. and Treas.
and Stearn Heating;
MJ 111 LJ3 -Vr' s
noted resort for hoalth and pleasure. Bates. $2.00
$3.00 por day. Twenty minutes rido from Hot
Springs Station, Graham county,
Arizona. Tlieso woudorful wa
ters aro recommended to euro
rhoumatism, gout, dropsy, livor,
kidney and stomach troubles,
blood disorders and women's ail
ments. Beautiful lawns and
shado trees; largo plungo and
swimming pool; also fish lake and
boating, lawn tennis and croquot
and swings. Try our wonderful
v mud and mineral baths. If you aro sick, get well. If woll, got ploas-
q uro and rest.
g Tickets with return limit of ten days, $5.35 for the round trip.
p Saturday and Sunday excursions On Saturdays and Sundays from
g May 23rd to September 30th, tickots limitod to return tho following
Monday will bo on salo at tho rato of $4.25..
8 ALEXANDER BROTHERS, Postofflco Fort Thomas, Arizona.
- i- l r .. - j ii l vr - "I "" I I ' "' - - -
Shooting GUNS
vjf , For sale or rent
Get ammunition
RYAN & CO. Here
Wholesale and
Retail Dealers
Mining Timbers a Specialty
If Americans Welcome Idea, Vessels Probably Will Come
If they Fail to Enthuse Story Will Be Denied
Germany Keeps Jealous Eye on Japan
Hollow Concrete Building Blocks
Cheapness of construction; buildings warm
In winter, cool In summer, dry ventilated
walls. Arc and dust proof; Insurance Is
cheapen requires no painting or repairs:
blocks can be laid In the wall rapldlj and
require but little mortar: plastering mar
be done on the back of the stone, savins
lathing: tree from rats, mice or vermin;
perfectly sanitary, resists rain and dries
quickly, while solid walls remain damp.
I use the Right Process, the Right
'Material and have the Right Kind of
Blocks, also the Right Kind of Machin
ery. Estimates on Buifding Promptly
Furnished. Call at
Two-story Concrete Block House, West
of Globo Lumber Yard
Direct from Mevagissey,
A Shipment of
Wm. Mill Williams
Telephone 121 GENERAL MERCHANDISE North Globe
ii 1 1 ii m 1 1 1 1 1 s i ii 1 1 1 1 i in i 1 mi iimnmiiiii H
I To Arizona and New Mexico, Sept.
I v
1 to Oct. 31
The following ratc3 apply to main lino points on Southern Pacific
Company in Arizona and New Mexico:
Via Direct Lines, and More Rates from Other Eastern Ports
Theso rates apply ovor differential lines
Long Time Limits and Stopovers
Cost of trip may bo deposited with any agent of Southern Pacific '
riAtvlnnMtf n A 44a1vaI r41f ln i1h1Ihii1 A. a aa - - - I
wuuiyaiiy, auu uv.n.ub wm uu uujivutvu tu yuur CUSlCIu inOUUi ,
Personally conducted excursion parties from Chicago, Cincinnati, St. '
Louis, Kansas City, Washington and Now Orleans overy week. !
Ask O. W. WARDWELL, agent, SOUTHERN PACIFIC 'CO., Bowie, '
Dist Pass. Agent,
f Santa Rita Hotel Bldg. 291 Tucson, Arizona X
WASHINGTON, D. C, October 19.
If the rumor of yestorday that a Gor
man floot of considerable proportions in
tended making a protracted and friond
ly visit to tho Unitod States after tho
Atlantic battleship floot of Admiral
Evans lias gone to tho Pacific coast
should jrovo to bo true, that visit rany
bo potent with political possibilities.
Yestorday thoro was none in official
eirclos who would either confirm or
deny tho rumor. Tltero appearod to bo
a disposition to dodgo the question.
Thoso who conversed with officials of
tho stato and navy departments and
with Baron Sternberg, tho Gorman am
bassador, gnthorod tho impression thoro
wns more .in tho moro rumor than any
of tlieso officials or diplomats cared to
There is a suspicion in certain well
informed circles that this rumor has
boon started as a fooler for tho purposo
of sounding American sentiment in tho
mnttor. Just whore tho rumor sprang
from no one appears to know, but evi
dences are not wauting Mint Gormany
would bo dolightod to send a big fleet
to American .waters for political roa
sons of her own, in nddition to any pos
siblo disposition tho knisor may have to
show his friendliness for tho Amorican
peoplo by such a visit of ceremony. If
tho Amorican peoplo take up with the
idea, tho flcot probably would bo sent;
if tho proposition is condemned, an offi
cial denial of any such intention would
easily closo tho incident.
Keeping Eyo on Japan
It can easily bo scon that, nsido from
her desiro to maintain tho most friendly
rolntions with tho Amorican govern
ment, it is not tho purposo of Germany
to permit Japan to disposo of matters
in tho oriont entirely to her Own satis
faction, if such settlement can bo pre
vented. Tho way to do this, apparently,
from tho German viewpoint, is to kcop
Japan in a state of irritation until Gor
man interests aro properly cared for.
Germany, in common with Great Bri
tain ,and JJussia, after tho closo of tho
China-Japan war in 1S94, provented Ja
pan from enjoying tho spoils of war by
seizing territory that ordinarily would
havo gone to tho victor. Under con
cessions from Ohinn, Germany today
owns tho port of Kiao-chaou and the
Shantung peninsula on tho China sea,
a naval station, railroads and coal and
iron mines. Through these Gormauy
hopes to control its share of tho trade
o.f tho orient, and when sovcral mem
bers of congress visited the emperor in
September, 1905, ho talked freely .with
them concerning affairs in that part of
tho world.
According to tho cable news of that
date, tho emperor' dwelt on tho "yel
low peril," and expressed tho opinion
that tho Japanese would follow up their
military successes by closing tho "open
door" and, by thoir command of cheap
labor, force Europe and America out of
tho oriental markots. Tho Japanese,
the emperor said, would indirectly own
China. In the course of this remark
able interview tho kaiser was quoted
as saying it was necessary for tho whito
nations to stem the yellow peril by unit
ing. The only power that Japan feared,
ho observed, wbb America, and it was
a good thing for tho world that tho
Unitod States was on ono aide of tho
Japaneso ompiro.
Resentment Shown In The Hague
Again, at Tho Hague last wcok, Gor
many showed her resentment at tho in
sistence of Japan, and incidentally took
a position that may bo of advantage to
this country, should war unfortunately
come with Japan. Under tho approval
and guidance of Germany, tho Hussion
government repudiated tho most impor
tant articlo in tho final draft of the pro
posed convention concerning tho rights
nnd duties of neutrals in tho case of u
maritime war. It was acknowledged
that tljo strongest motive in tho repu
diation was political. Tho cables an
nouncing this action stated that Ger
many had taken tho step to show her
good will townrd and encouragement
of tho American fleet's voyage to tho
Pacific. Tho practical effect of tho ac
tion of Russia was that Russia would
bo broaking no resolution of The Haguo
conference if sho proffered unlimited
recourse to Vladivostok to tho Amorican
flcot under any eventuality that may
Noithor should it bo forgotten that it
was at tho solicitation of tho kaiser
that tho United States took ho acivo
part it did in the Algeciras conference.
Tho action of Presidont Roosevelt re
sulting in tho peace of Portsmouth, end
ing tho war-botween Russia and Jnpany
was taken at tho instance of fcmpcror
William, who has Btatcd that ho re
quested Air. Roosevelt to tender the
good offices of this government at the
suggestion of tho czar himself. Trade
agreements have been made with Ger
many, through changes in tho adminis
trative features of tho customs law,
that are of material advantage to Ger
man importers, thus carrying into ef
fect Secretary Strauss' epigram that
"commerce makes friends, and friends
mako peace."
Feeling American Sentiment
Much, therefore, depends upon how
tho rumor concerning tho movements of
this German fleet is received in this
country. If it is approved and Japan
looks upon it as the ovidonco of a coali
tion botweerl tho United States and
Germany, tho friendly settlement of tho
issues pending between Japan and this
country will bo postponed, although this
docs not necessarily mean that thoso
issues eventually will not bo straight
ened out.
Diplomacy may require what puro
friendship will not suggest, but some
influential officials of this government
do not hesitate to exprcs the opinion
that if visions of a German entento
loom up, tho clouds on the oriental hori
zon cannot be readily dissipated.
Rev. Mr. Hopkins Seeks and Does Not Find Under' the
Gaslight Tour Proved a Veritable Frost What
He Saw and What He Didn't See
CHICAGO, October 19. What Rev.
Frederick E. Hopkins expected to see
after midnight in tho fashionable res
taurants of Chicago and what ho actu
ally did see wero recounted by him to a
laughing congregation which thronged
Pilgrim Congregational church last
The address was the last, so Mr. Hop
kins announced, of his scries-of talks
on "Woman and Booze."
Ho took as the basis for his final ad
dress his experiences lato Saturday
night and Sunday .morning, when he
spent several hours at tho Pompcoian
room of tho Auditorium Annox and at
tho College Jinn, with representatives of
tho morning nowspapors.
Prom letters he received from corres
pondents, who would mako Baron Mun
chausen look liko a tyro in tho gentle
art of exaggeration, Mr. Hopkins had
expected to view tho following sights
at both tho places mentioned:
Exquisite womon gowned. in lapo
or silk and' shimmering with jow
ols, executing danco movement on
tho tables.
Girls as fair as Helen of Troy,
giving boholdors an Opportunity of
fnmiliarizing themselves with tho
latest creations in Parisian lingerie.
Actresses displaying tho last fad
in mottoed garters.
Society womon pledging wine,
wit and wickedness out of their
satin slippers. '
Vaudeville stars kicking silk hats
off tho heads of .financial mag
nates. Lovely women stooping to folly
to tho extent of tossing champagne
glasses at the mirrors.
Women in $1,000 gowns and $200
hats scoking grateful rcposo on tho
floor after consuming two quarts
of sparkling Burgundy apiece,
But Mr. Hopkins explained to Ins
congregation, often interrupted by
lnughtcr, that theso wore not tho things
ho saw at all. What ho actually did
see, said ho, were tho following:
Old mon sipping highballs, wh6n
they should havo been in bed with .
a brick at thoir foot to keep up
their circulation.
Old girls awfully old fearfully
old trying to conceal tho ravages
of timo by a ronowal of youth with
tho aid of a cocktail.
Fat mon with bloodshot eyes and
fat necks eating Wolsh rafobits.
Tho same fat mon trying to utter
gallantries to equally fat women
drinking ocor out of steins. ,
Sixty-dollar-a-month clerks spend
ing their week's salary in an at
tempt to bo "sporty."
Young girls, in faded gray skirts
and cheap phirtwaists talking fatu
ously to tho abovo youths.
A lot of vulgar persons.
Mr., Hopkins characterized tho Pom
peiinn room ns "ono of tho most dan
gerous places in tho city," whilo ho
termed tho ColIege'Inn "a dive."
He said that tho 1 o'clock closing or
dinance was violated at tho Collcgo Inn
on the occasion of his visit,
You never have any trouble to got
children to take Kennedy's Laxative
Cough Syrup. They liko it becauso it
tastes nearly liko maplo sugar. Ken
nedy's Laxative Cough Syrup is a safe,
sure and prompt remedy for coughs, and
colds and is good for overy mombor of
tho family. Sold by Honna's Drug
. Cool Candy
Chocolates kept cool and fresh in
tho hottest weather at Van WagenonB
Post Office Store. Call and bo cpn-vinced.
An.Ordinanco Relating to Firo Limits.
Bo it ordained by tho Mayor and
Common Council of the City of Globo:
It shall bo unlawful for any person
to maintain within tho said firo limits
any tent or canvas covered building, -or
othor structuro with canvas or cloth
roof or lining, or any stovo pipes run
ning through any sido or roof'oponing
in any buildingj nor shall any porson
build or erect any building or addition
to any buifding within said firo limits,
of any material other than brick, stono,
cement, or other non-combustiblo ma
terial. Provided, howovor, that tho City
Council may, in its discretion, grant
pormits for buildings of material othor
than as abovo (inscribed, within that
part of tho said firo limits described as
follows: AH of tho firo limits east of
tho first alloy'east' of' and "parallel ;with
Broad Street, and all west of tho"first
alley west of Broad Street, also in
Blocks 82, 90 .and tho. cast half of
Block 73. , , . , , t
Ordinanco Number Twonty-fiv.o is
hereby repealed.
Passed and approved this third day
of October, 1907.
Approved: W. S. SULTAN,
(Seal) Mayor.
Attest: F. J. ELLIOTT, Clerk.
United States Land Office, Phoenix,
Arizona, October C, 1907. Notice is
hereby given that Charles E. Taylor,
whoso post ofiico address is Globe, Gila
county, Arizona, has mado application
for a patent for tho Defiance, Mexico,
Humbolt, Wedge, Bull Pup, Colorado",
Utah and California lodo mining claims,
Mineral Survoy No. 2382. located in tho
Globo Mining District, Gila county, Ari
zona, about seven and one-half miles in
a northwesterly direction "from Globo,
and approximately in Section 25, Town
ship 1 North, Rango 14 East, unsur
veyed, Gila and Salt River Baso and
Defianco Lodo
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 tho N. E.
cor. U. S. h. M. No. 2382 bears north
05 deg. 18 min. E., 3921.43 ft.;
Thenco S. 4 deg. 38 min, E. 555.4 ft.
to cor. No. 1, tho S. E. cor.;
Thenco N. 01 deg. 12 min, W., 1192.22
ft., to cor. No. 3, tho S. W. cor.;
Thenco N. 4 deg. 38 min, W. 000 ft.
to cor. No, 4, tho N. W, cor.;
Thenco S. 50 deg. 14 min. E., 1200.3
it., to cor. Wo. 1, tho placo of begin
ning, Mexico Lodo
Beginning at cor. No, 1, tho N. E.
cor,, U. S. L. M. No. 2382, whence orig
inal location bears N, 20 deg. E. 5.0 min.
whenco sec. cor. 19-30, T. 1 N., R. 15
E., G. & S. R, B. & M. bears N. 75 deg.
50 min. E., 3790.4 ft. Grnnito Promon
tory bears S. 00 deg. 30 min W. Ponds
shaft bears S. 81 deg. 40 min. E.;
Thenco S. 20 min. W., 570 ft. to cor.
No, 2, tho S, E. cor.;
Thenco N. 80 deg. .00 min. W., 1371.40
ft. to cor. No. 3, tho S. W. cor.:
Thenco N. 20 min. E., 570 ft. to cor.
No, 4, the N. W. cor.;
Thenco S. 80 deg. .00 min. E., 1371.40
ft. to cor. No, 1, tho place of beginning.
Colorado Lodo
Beginning at cor. No. 1, tho N. E.
cor. U. S. L. M. No. 2382 whenco cor.
No. 2 Louis lodo bears S. 33 deg. .01
min. W., 441.4 ft. on lino 1-2 Louis
lode, Survey 20S9; whenco original lo
cation bears N. 20 min. E., 985.00 ft.,
whenco sec. cor. 19-30, T. 1 N., R. 15
E., G. & S. R. B. & M., bears N. 83 dog.
40 min. E., 5130.70 ft., whenco cor. No.
1 Louis lode, Survoy 20S9, bears N. 33
deg. .01 min. E. 19.50 ft.;
Thenco 8. 84 deg. 30 min. W., 523.50
ft., to cor. No. 2, the N. W. cor.;
Thenco S. 20 min. W., 514.18 ft. to
cor. No. 3, the S. W. cor.;
Thence N. 81 deg, 30 min. E., 523.5
ft., to cor. No. 4, the S. E. cor.;
Thenco N. 20 min. E., 514.18 ft. to
cor. No. 1, tho placo of beginning.
Bull Pup Lodo
Beginning at cor. No. 1, tho N. E.
cor., U. S. L. M. No. 2382, whenco orig
inal location bears S. 51 deg. 35 min.
E., 504.70 ft., whenco sec. cor. 19-30, T.
1 N., R, 15 E., G. & S. R. B. & M., bears
N. 78 deg. 41 min. E., 5093.30 ft.,
whenco cor. No. 3 Colorado lode, this
survey, bears S. 84 deg. 30 rain. W.,
48.18 ft.;
Thenco S. 38 deg. 25 min. W., 532.2
ft, to cor. No. 2, tho S. E. cor.;
Thenco N. 20 deg. 28 min. W., 510.24
ft., to cor No. 3.;
Thence N. 49 deg. 47 min. W., 310.52
ff In .rv- Yn A (l. Q W on- .
Thenco N. 38 deg. 25 min. E. E.,
int in t tr, v k i.A "V w n. .
WW. AW V. 11 VISA. .V. Vf W1V A.. ,f. I,..,
Thenco S. 51 deg.' 35 min. E.f 783.8
ft., to cor. No. 1, tho placo of beginning.
California Lodo
Beginning at cor. No. 1. tho N. E.
cor., a. S. L. M. No. 2382, whenco sec.
cor. 19-30, T. 1 N., R. 15 E., G. & S. R.
B. & M., bears N. 00 deg. .02 min. E.
40S2.40 ft.;
Thenco S. SS deg. 41 min. W. OS 1.90
ft., to cor. No. 2, the N. W. cor.;
Thenco S. 33 deg. .03 min. E., 124S.C0
ft., to cor. No. 3, tho S. W. cor.;
Thenco N. 88 deg. 41 min. E., OS 1.90
ft. to cor. No. 4, tho S. E. cor.;
Thenco N. 33 deg. .03 min. W., 1218.00
ft, to cor. No. 1, tho place of begin
ning. Wedgo Lodo
Beginning at cor. No. 1, tho N. E.
cor., (J. S. L. M. No. 23S2, whence sec.
cor. 19-30, T. 1 N., R. 15 E., G. & S. R.
B. & M., bears N. 09 deg. 14 min, E.
4721.58 ft, whenco cor. No. 1 Humbolt
lode, this survoy, bears N. 08 deg. 12
min. W., 140.40 ft;
Thenco S. 33 deg. .03 min. E., 372.70
ft, to cor. No. 2, tho S. E. cor.;
Thenco N. 71 deg. 30 min. W., 1012.90
ft, to cor. No. 3, the S. W. cor.;
Thenco N. 33 deg. .03 min. W,, 477.10
ft. to cor. No. 4, tho N. W. cor.;
Thenco S. 08 deg, 12 min. E., 1090.00
ft, to cor. No. 1, tho placo of begin
ning. Humbolt Lodo
Beginning at cor. No. 1, tho N. E.
cor., U. S. L. M. No. 2382, whenco sec.
cor. 19-30, T. 1 N., R. 15 E., G. & S. R.
B. & M., bears N. 77 deg. 28 min. E.,
4711.24 ft;
Thenco S. 4 dog. 38 min. E., COO ft
to cor. No. 2, tho S. E. cor.;
Thenco 8. 89 deg. 10 min. W., 1350
ft, to cor. No. 3, tho S. W. cor.;
Thenco N. 4 deg. 38 min. W., 490 ft,
to cor. No. 4, tho N. W. cor.;
Thenco N. 84 deg. 30 min. E., 1347.25
ft, to cor. No. 1, tho place of beginning.
Utah Lodo
Beginning at cor. No. 1, tho N. E.
cor., U. S. L. M. 2382, whenco sec. cor.
19-30, T. 1 N., R. 15 'E., G. & S. R. B.
& M., benrs N. 05 deg. 43 min. E.,
3028.70 ft., whence cor. No. 1 Mexico
lodo, this survoy, bears N. 27 deg. 20
min. W., 933.50 ft;
Thenco S. 30 deg. 40 min. E., 459.70
ft, to cor. No. 2, tho S. E. cor.;
Thenco N. 59 deg. 14 min. W., 1015.40
ft., to cor. No. 3, tho S. W. cor.;
Thence N. 30 deg. 40 min. E., 459.70
ft., to cor. No. 4, tho N. W. cor.;
Thonco S. 59 deg. 14 min. E. 1015.40
ft, to -cor. No. 1, tho placo of beginning.
Tho locations of these claims aro rec
orded in tho mining records of tho coun
ty recorder of Gila county, Arizona, as
Defiance, Book 0 of Mines, page 53;
Moxico, Book 0 of Mines, pago 110;
Colorado, Book 12 of Mines, pago 140;
Bull Pun, Book 9 of Mines, pago 130;
California, Book 12 of Mines, page
Wedgo, Book 7 of Mines, pago 100;
Humbolt, Book 0 of Mines, pago 150;
Utah, Book 12 of Mines, pago 100.
Tho adjoining claims on tho north are
tho Bull Dog and Louis lodes, survey
No. 2089, and tho Contention and Con
tention Extension lodes, unsurvoyed;
Owner, Inspiration Mining Company.
Adjoining claims on the east aro Lone
Star lodo, unsurvoyed; owner, Kcystono
Copper Company;
Tho adjoining claims on tho south aro
tho Dowoy, Boulder and Pilot lodes, un
survoyed; owned by tho Koystono Cop
per Company;
Tho adjoining claims on tho west are
tho Last Chance and Copper Hill lodes,
unsurvoyed; owned by tho Keystone
Copper Company.
So far as known thoro aro no other
adjoining claims, and tho foregoing
claims for which patent is asked are
bounded by United States Government
Heating Stoves, Cook Stoves
Sheet Iron
Our stock has arrived
just in time to supply every.
one in Globe.
H Iff If H k h"'L & 'HBff'vV'- ,
IF illWmi.:;:i
! P'VVI iH- sHBuB
DOMINION HOTEL -Finest Hostlery in the Southwest -80 Roonis-AS
Modern conveniences and the best or Service
Successor to E. F. Kellner Lumber Co.
Lumber of Every Descriptioi
Doors, Windows, Lath, Shingles,
Roofing, Etc
Alway Ready
to Serve You
Wm. Whalley, Prop
Single and Double Teams
Saddle Horses
Hay, Grain & Coal
A Specialty made of Fine Livery Rigs
Telephone 171
Los Angeles, California
Arizonans spending the Bummer on the beaches are welcome to the use -Jl
ladles' parlors, gentlemen's waiting rooms, bureau of Information, and all h0,eJ2
Tenlcneen. Meet your friends there. Ladles and children welcome. Alld?01!
stop at xno liouonoccK. iaeotnc excursion ana beach cars pass tne aoor
Central Location. Excellent Accommodations.
Reasonable Prices. Splendid Hestaurant.
Office of tho Arizona Hassayampa Olnb of Los Angeles.
Franz Lumber Col
Lumber, doors, windows, paints,
oils, varnishes and cement. All
kinds of builders material
Sole Agents for Douglas Cement
Yards located on Railroad Streetone block
west of the Court House.
The Finest Resort in Globe
Popular with all classes winter and summer. R"3"
freshments of all kinds. Choice Cigars, Wines
and Liquors
Schlitz and Anheuser-Busch Beer always on
e . . .iitffij.AiB:K . .; vii'affia5E,SM&1r'jy6atK?auJAt''ir !jaasi4.sti'..J. '.-at-isf v-.?'-.. , ii- vv .ittt. ,
,.-, --.pw
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