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Wednesday, Nov, 6,1 9ojl
m j
Published each morning except Monday.
Admitted to tho malls as second class
JOS. H. HAMIIiL, Proprietor
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ia CAseof BomdeliTery of the daily,
Monday oxcepted.
Advertising rates made known on ap
; -in y in i i
"Early rising is a mistake," declares
a prominent physician. That is one
mistake tho averago small boy is doing
his best to avoid.
Whether they have chairs or benches
in tho houso of representatives, a good
,many congressmen will insist on riding
their hobbies as usual.
With tho second Thaw trial rapidly
approaching, ono cannot help wondering
whether Evolyn has had a few new pic
tures taken for tho occasion.
The only objection to holding the big
political conventions in Chicago noxt
year is that tho town wilt bo basoball
mad again just about that time.
Predicting war betweon tho United
Statos and Japan is one sport to which
no admission fee is charged, and which
is not interfered with by bad weatller,
Whilo scientists aro worrying ovor
.earthquakes that cannot bo located, tho
rest of humanity is thankful that no
long casualty list makes its appearance.
.Brass bands in Baltimore last week
earned their money by wearing ' ' Mary
land, My Maryland," to a frazzle and
..occasionally taking a -fall out of "Dix
ie." .
"It is tho duty of .women to bo good
looking," avers an exchange. Wo have
.seen somo women who must regard that
as the hardest duty that ever fell to
An esteemed contemporary says, "It
ia uui u iuui vuu &uuvts UUl WUfll 10
let go." But tho one who feels like a
fool is ho who knows when to let go
and can't.
At Akron, Ohio, two college football
teams played a game without killing
or injuring a singlo player. Evidently
the milksops are no longer barred from
tho game.
Explorer Xefllngwell says it took him
.thirty-five days to mail a lotter in tho
Arctic regions. That's only a"bit worse
than the experience of somo men right
in this town.
The next presidential campaign is
coming nearer every day, and still dem
ocratic candidates are as scarco as as
well, as scarce as bears in tho Loui
siana canebrakes.
The Indianapolis woman who accuses
her mother of having alienated her hus
band's affections has placed the mothor-in-law
joke in a now light and given it
a new lease of life.
A48t. Louis barber has been arrested
?ishaving a man on Sunday. IIo
should be severely dealt with for it is
just such jaen who give a town a repu
tation for wickedness.
The discovery that King Pharaoh suf
fered from toothache is not likoly to
arouso much sympathy for tho old fel
low at this late day. Too many of us
aro having troubles of our own.
The ono hundredth anniversary of a
wedding was celebrated in Hungary re
cently with both contracting parties
.present. Thero ought to bo no ques
tion about that woman's ability to
Patties Who Refused to Buy at 12 Cents are Anxions to
Secure the Metal at 15 Surplus Accumulation
of Phelps Dodge Co. is Entirely Gone
ft NEW YORK, November 5. A member of tho firm of Pholps Dolgo
& Co., largo coppor denlors, says: "Export purchases havo been onor-
& mous sinco last Friday nnd our surplus accumulation of tho past four
$ months is gone. Wo arc selling coppor for delivery no earlier than De-
comber. Domestic consumers who refused to take copper from us at 12
HI? cents n pound nro now offering 15 cents."
& Stronger conditions prevail in ovory branch of tho domestic copper
& market and business has been done nt 15 conts. It is also statod in
Reliable quartors that 15 conts has boon turned down by at least ono
if sollor.
Notwithstanding tho closing London cables yestordny wore, lower
ft than tho opening prices, somo of tho largest houses bought yostordav
ft afternoon at nearly tho equivalent of 15 conts.
ft Foreign buyers nnd speculators havo taken tho lead in tho recent
ft buying movement and purchases for export havo boon enormous. It now
ft appears that tho accumulation of coppor which was responsible for
ft much of tho market depression lately is no longer a sorious inenaco to
ft values, owing to tbd rapidity with which it is disappearing from sight.
ft Tho larger American usors of coppor hnvo not becomo ns yot fac-
ft tors among tho coppor buying element, although somo of thoni, includ-
ft ing tho American Brass company mndo somo purchases last week as
ft low as 12 jents. Othors aro credited with still working off somo of
ft their high-priced metal.
ft In tho trndo it is stated that tho United Motnls Soiling company
ft has worked off much of its accumulated stocks, whilo tho other prom-
ft inent soling intorosts have disposed of practically all of thoir surplus,
ft Tho United Metals company is understood to havo sold Inst week about
ft 30,000,000 pounds at 12 conts flat. With 17,000,000 pounds sold on Mon-
ft day in addition to last weok's enormous total, tho Soiling company hns
ft sold at least 100,000,00 pounds of copper sinco Octobor 1.
ft Tho Chineso inquiry, which is considered legitimate, hns resulted
ft in sales for future shipment of npproximntoly 15,000,000 pounds nnd
ft thero is still a domand, through commission housos, for largo amounts,
ft Phelps, Dodgo & Co. are bqliovcd to havo sold considornblo copper for
ft shipment to tho Orient and this will appear in tho oxports during tho
ft next few weeks.
ft "It was tho Chinaman who startod tho advance," said another cop-
ft per man. "Tho Chineso woro tho clever mon who know whon tho prico
ft had reached rqck bottom. Last Thursday thoy entered tho market
ft and altogether 20,000,000 pounds havo sinco been taken by thorn. I
ft know, too, that it is for speculative purposes more than for trado thnt
ft thoy are buying tho metal. Thoy havo done it boforo. Jf copper goes
ft to a high enough figure they'll resell. If not, thoy '11 turn it into cur-
ft rency."
ft A Boston dispatch says: President C. S. Smith of tho Old Dominion
ft company, who returned this morning from New York, whoro ho looked
ft into tho coppor situation, says:
ft "Tho copper accumulation has been practically cleaned up and cop-
ft per is now being sold for November and December delivery at 14 to
ft 15 cents. I know of n bid of 14 conts which was turned down for
ft a substantial block of the motal. I think somo of tho leading Amor-
ft ican consumers woro a little slow in getting in thoir ordors nnd havo yot
ft to fill their requirements.
ft "Tho distinct improvement in tho motal situation may have an im-
ft poftnnt bearing upon properties resuming operations."
3? ? ? V V $ : 'r 3 s w "c V c w ww w ' r V W w w V w V w w w v -a
habit, but up to tho hour of going to
press wo have heard of no one walking
into a drug store to ask for it.
A Connecticut postmaster has thrown
up his job because tho receipts amount
ed to only 15 cents a day. Ho might
have boomed tho business by occasion
ally advertising a bargain sale of shelf
worn stamps.
Someono has discovered that nine
thousand duplicate koystoIndopond
enco hall exist in Chicago. Now if they
wore duplicate keys to tho county jail
the story would start Chicago poopls to
Tho T.opcka State Capital thinbj if
Washington goes "dry" there will, bo
great difficulty in keeping a quorum in
congress. Surely a Kansas editor ought
to know that thero aro plenty of ways
.to keep congress from going dry.
Tho Brooklyn Eagle stands pat on its
declaration that lithioglycollicorthocar
,boxylic acid is a sure cure for tho liquor
Tho parent of panics is fear. The
timid and selfish dopositor frightened
by the collapso of stocks which aro al
ways first to bo affected takes his mon
ey from tho banks and holds it from
tho channels of trade. Ho whispers to
his friends or boasts publicly of what
ho has done and there is tho beginning
of most bank run's nnd resultant finan
cial upheavals.
Banks hold 25 per cent of their de
posits as cash reserves. Tho balanco is
in notes, bonds, stocks and other secur
ities for loans. "When their cash is
gone only n fourth of their deposits will
havo been paid, but their doors must
close; their business must pass through
forced liquidation nt a great loss in
values and bankruptcy follows.
Tho coward fourth cause this sort of
disaster to tho three-fourths and then
bury their gold, paralyzing trade. In
two days $21,000,000 was withdrawn
from two trust companies in New York
in this way. Probably this was less
than half tho amount checked from nil
banks because of fear in that forty
eight hours. Probably also 90 per cont
of this enormous total, if not all, was
hidden away. Money called for especial
police protection and thieves hurried to
tho city in hopo of plundor.
No city and no country enn stand
such a taking of cash from tho users
of business. To prevent this however,
has heretofore taxed tho wisdom of
financiers until necessity forced Now
York to tho uso of clearing houso certi
ficates in lieu of cash. The present gen
eral adoption of thcplan not. only keeps
Globe's money in Globo, but it keeps it
in tho banks for tho uses of business,
and tho public is realizing tho wisdom
that makes everyone safo and so effec
tually checks the paralyzing of industry
and enterprise.
Tho tempornry suspension of tho
Globo National bank is a measure em
ployed to stay the hand of tho cow
ardly fourth who would destroy tho
three-fourths. Tho bank is ns solvent
today as during tho boom days of last
Juno and July. Its cash rcservo is as
great and its securities just as ample.
But fear, not of the institution, but ef
tho general financial situation, precipi
tated a still running panic and tho
doors were closed in tho faco of the
W. R. Raycs will represent Tucson at
tho National Mining congress.
Tho Espco is stopping nil of its im
provements in tho Yuma district.
James W. Bakor, a Yavapai county
pioneer, is dead at Prescott.
Mrs. Leon M. Breed, who mndo a
big fortune promoting mining claims,
recently married Michael Ivinnoy nt
Mrs. C. M. Zander, a prominont young
woman of Buckeye, died on Tuesday,
survivied by n bnbo twelvo days old, a
son of six years and her husbnnd.
The now highschool for the Mesa dis
trict will be erected on n piece of land
leased from the city for a period of 99
A rich strike of copper has been
mado in tho Kolly-Frnzco group of
claims in tho Warren district.
Luther Price, who shot Oscar Bell
near Pearce, hns surrendered to tho of
ficers, after hiding in tho mountains
for nearly a week.
Tho grand jury at Tombstone has re
ported sixteen cases to date, including
murder, robbery and forgery.
G. P. Knor, a Bisbco miner, hns had
his wifo arrested on a charge of drunk
enness and disturbing tho peace.
Tho Rovicw reports tho mining sit
uation good in Bisbco.
Tho Tucson Post has abandoned its
magazine form and is now issued ns a,
0-column folio.
A tolephono lino is being built from
Flagstaff to Camp Verde. Undoubtedly
tho lino will bo run up tho Verdo later.
This means that tho Flagstaff business
men are after tho "Verdo business.
Tho freight on flour from Phoenix to
Florenco has been increased from 20 to
50 cents per hundred pounds. Fifty
cents per hundred is tho prico charged
for hauling flour from Phoenix to Flor
enco by wagon freight before tho rail
road was built.
Tho Tucson Star has discontinued its
Monday morning issue.
The Douglas baseball tournament has
been called off.
Tucson's chamber of commerce is the
only commercial body in tho territory
accepting tho Phoenix invitation, and
tho Arizona moot of bodies of this char
acter will perhaps bo abandonod.
Tho Coppor Queen started work this
weok on a new shaft in Uncle Sam claim
in tho Warren district.
It is quite out of tho season for
strawborries in this section of Arizona
but D. E. Schuebly brought to this
market Saturday from his Oak ranch
a lot of fino ripo strawberries. Tho
bcrrios were tho second crop raised by
Mr. Schuebly this year, nis ranch is
noted for the fino quality of fruit raised
and for size and flavor excels, that of
tho ones back east, or out west, or any
whore olso for that matter. Coconino
Yuma wants tho Espco to give stop
over privileges to tourists ticketed from
tho cast to California points.
Yima makes tho claim that genornl
business in that city has increascd.sinco
tho financial depression.
A recent baby show,has led to numer
ous neighborhood rows in Yuma.
' .,. ,.-, . ITT . ...
mi uuiiks 01 iiOcniBc county win go
on a clearing houso certificate basis.
Douglas felt a seismic disturbance on
Sunday night.
VBisbeo has disposed of ,$18,000 worth
01 nooi oonus at par. xao warren
company .took $12,000, and Citizous
National'bank $6,000.
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WANTED To rent four or flve-rooin
furnished house, close in; permanent.
Atjdress F., Silver Belt office.
WANTED Good, clean cotton rags at
this office.
WANTED A competent waitress at
tho Dominion hotel.
WANTED The Globo National Bank
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ployment Agency, room 23; Trust
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room, with bath. T. Trevilllan, 482
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Alexander Theater
Moving Pictures and Illustrated Songs
Change of program Wednesdays and Sundays. Two
performances each evening: First, 7:30 p.m.; sec
ond, 8:30 p. m. General admission 15c; reserved 25c.
New Pictures and New Songs To.
night at the Alexander
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tho Wedgo saloon in North . Globe.
Ilibbon attached to key. Owner can
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FOUND Degree of Honor pin at tho
Iris theater.
FOE BENT Ton-room houso; lavatory
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quire of J. Maurel, box 221.
FOB BENT Furnished front room for
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FOB BENT One largo furnished room
for light housekeeping... Inquire of
Mrs. Geo. It. Hill on Ballground.
FOB BENT Two rooms furnlshod for
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Hill street.
LOST A folded purse, near Iris theater;
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Matthews, return to this office.
FOUND Lady's silk shoulder shawl.
Owner call at this office, prove prop
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FOUND Stock certificate, Powera
Gulch Development Co. Owner can
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LOST A pair of eyeglasses between
Dreamland and South Globe. Finder
will please return to this office.
Gymnasts and Hand to Hand
. Funeral Directors and Embalmers
OFFICE: 174 S. Broad St. RESIDENCE: 346 S. Hill Si
twoiiuuuo Mi jLeiepuone 403
Wo framo pictures. Naquin & Co. "1 Babies and children need prompt at
tention when suffering from coughs and
colds. Tho best remedy for mothers to
use is Kennedy's Laxalive Cough Syrup.
It tastes nearly as good as maple sugar.
It contains no opiates and it is laxative
and drives tho cold out of the system
by gently moving tho bowels. For sale
by Hanna's Drug Store.
Stop at Sam Eoo's today; ask about
tho shoes.
Don't worry. Globo Jobbing Shop
crates furniture.
Anyone wishing to purchase a Nav
ajo blanket or jug, call at 475 N. Hill
street, Bailey block. Finest collection
over brought to tho city.
Don't worry. Globo is all right.
Need a carpenter f Axtcll, Globo Job
bing Shop.
Buy your Winter Underwear at Sul
tan's. 10 per cent off.
It is worth whilo to inspect our largo
stock of clothing, hats, shoes and fur
nishings at Lantln's.
Mr. Will Foland being no longer em
ployed by this corporation, parties hav
ing business with him for us will please
ring up Tclophono 441 or sec us over
Brown's store.
Van Wagenen, next door to the post
office, docs a general painting and pa
per hanging business. All work guaranteed.
Ovorshlrts and men's gloves. Sam
Axtcll makes Mission Furniture to
g hum mw , Til
I LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiK'- .v- k'&Sm
m Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim -- m - ww
Bo Charltablo
To your horse as well as to yourself.
You ned not suffer from pains of any
sore your horses need not suffer. Try
a bottle of Ballard's Snow Liniment. It
cures all pains. J. M. Roberts, Bakers
field, Mo., writes: "I have used your
liniment for ten years and find it to
be tho best I havo over used for man
and beast." Sold by Palaco Pharmacy.
"Little Johnny Jones"
One Night Only-Thursday, November 7
GEO. M. COHAN'S Phenomenal Musical Hit
80Pcople-80 40--$how Girls-40
Seats $1.00 to $2.50 Reserved seats on sale Monday at 10 a. to-
Vi" ",Mifr
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