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. 36"
iRage Two
Wednesday, Nov, 13, jqqJ
' , Y , W !
. c
Published each morning except Monday.
Admitted to tho mails as second class
By tho
Member of tho Associated Press
Daily, by mall, one year $7.50
Daily, by carrier, ono month .75
Weekly, ono year 2.50
Weekly, six months ..... ............... 1.25
Cash in advance
Subscribers' Notice
Subscribers pleaso notify this oQlco
in caso of non-dolivcry of tho daily,
Monday oxcopteu.
Advertising rates mado known on application.
Business men seldom pay an account
in cash. They use checks both for con
venience and becauso of tho record of
payment. Moreover, business inert
would profor to receive payment in
checks. They do not offer tho samo
.temptation to robbers and thoy aro
moro easily handled for deposit in tho
Tho uso of checks by business men is
a habit; tho uso of cash by wage earners
and tho smaller salaried men is also a
habit. As has been demonstrated in
tho past ten days, a man buys and pays
with whatever form of currency ho ro
ceives for his services. Ho has found
that a ten-dollar check does tho busi
ness just as well and goes just as far
as a ten-dollar greenback or gold piece.
Many employers pay only in gold as
the easier to handle in making up pay
rolls. Gold pieces do not stick togethor;
greenbacks sometimes do. But others
use printed money and try so far as pos
siblo to get new bills.
Eithor form, however, saws timo to
the clerical force over tho use of checks
mado out in small denominations, so
that they can bo readily used for tho
payment of small bills. Hence their
uso and henco tho workingman's habit
of using cash and of his feeling that
ho has in some way been misused when
ho gets checks in payment of his labors.
Moreover, a cashier's check is bettor
than that of a business man only as tho
bank is moro able to pay or has tho
larger surplus. A man might profer
Mr. Morgan's or Mr. Rockofcllor'a
check to that of any bank, or ho might
prefer that of tho bank as nearer tho
source of real cash.
But after the present experience there
should bo a better appreciation of sub
stitutes for money and less projudico
against asset money. .If checks have
-been found good and unexpectedly con
venient, what objection could there bo
for instance against a promiso-to-pay
currency based upon Globe's municipal
If a bank held as a part of its assets
tho bonds of any Arizona city, would
any Arizonan object in a timo of emer
gency, if it deposited these bonds with
the federal government and so secured
the right to issuo a certain percentage
of their face value in currency? Then
if all banks using this means for in
creasing circulation paid a small tax
for tho privilege, which would form an
aggregato fund for tho redemption of
tho issuo of any bank that might fail,
would not such money bo as good as
that based upon government bonds!
Add to this tho further requirement
of an increasing tax if tho issue was
outstanding for more than ninety days,
so compelling its retirement after such
an emergency had passed as tho crop
movement, or a financial scare, and such
asset currency would look pretty good
to a people, who have found nothing to
frighten them in a cashier's check.
It has been a campaign of education
,as ,well as a timo of monetary stress.
this tho caso after ho had -stowed away
his fourteenth drink.
Tho army is reported to bo in need
of moro dental surgeons. This will givo
tho Japs tho impression that wo nro in
tho habit of biting tho enomy ns woll us
perforating him with lead.
A West Virginia baby eight months
old weighs 110 pounds. When the father
walks tho floor with it at night ho
probably wonders why other people im.
ngino they have troubles.
"Money talks through a woman's
hat," avers tho Charleston ""News nnd
Courier, nnd most men will ngreo that
its conversation under such circum
stances gives them that tired feeling.
Now that cold weather is sotting in,
tho ond-seathog may bo found among
tho uonsmokors who crowd tho roar
platform so that passengers find it dif
ficult to got on and off a car.
After tho astronomors havo definitely
determined that Mars is inhabited, thoy
should try to find out whothor tho Mar
tians over suffer from the morning-nf-ter-olection
Mr. Bryan has declared that he finds
greater satisfaction in talking on re
ligion than on government. It is sus
pected that" ho also gives his feHow
domocrats greator satisfaction.
Up to tho hour of going to press we
have heard of no Cincinnati pt-oplo los
ing sloop over tho claim of George
Washington's heirs that tho city is built
on ground belonging to them.
A California professor was recently
arrayed in fly papor for saying that
women students smoked cigarottes. It
may havo clung to him, but wo don't
believo he was stuck on tho suit.,
An Alton, 111., woman is said to havo
talked so much nnd so fast that hor
jaw was dislocated threo times in half
an hour. A woman liko that can never
hold her own at an afternoon tea.
According o an eminent French phy
sician, yawning is healthful, and read
ers of tho Congressional Record can
now look forward to somo improvement
in their physical ns well as mental condition.
"A horse," says tho Wyoming Trib
une, "may cat his head off, but ho
doesn't run up a bill for repairs." Tho
bitter tono of this remark leaves us
with tho impression thnt tho writer has
an automobilo on his hands.
Professor Lombroso hns declared that
Harry Thaw is insane, and Thaw's law
yers will find it comparatively easy to
locate several other experts who will
express tho samo opinion if paid for
their trouble.
of manager and printor for
A Wlnslow man declares that burros
live forever, and is willing to back his
statement with tho offer of '$100 to tho
man who will bIiow him a dead white
Yuma is making progress as n grapo
grdging Bcction. A siuglo bunch of Mul
voiso taken from a clipping put in tho
ground last spring weighed ton pounds.
From a number of year-old vines forty
pounds of fruit havo boon picked.
A mountain lion, measuring soven feet
and six inches from tip to tip has been
killed on a much in Maricopa county.
During tho past year tho benst has
killed young colts valued at $1,000.
It is officially announced that tho
Donn-Arizona will resumo operations ns
soon as tho copper market makes a bet
tor showing.
Tho Shannon company has posted no
tico of a reduction iu wages, offectivo
Nbvcmbor 15.
Delia Pringle, an old'timo Arizona
favorite, is playing territorial towns in
"Tho Chorus Girl."
Samples of oil from No. 1 well, at
Virgin City, Molmvo county, havo boon
tested and found to havo a largo per
centage of lubricant and a small amount
of volatile oils, with an nsphaltum baso.
Its gravity is about 22B.
.Tames Brown, a woll known cnttlo
man of Mohave county, dropped dead
last Thursday. Tho body was shipped
to California for intermont.
Yuma school girls havo tho basket
ball craze.
Homo grown pecans are being mar
keted in Yuma.
Yuma, with two daily, newspapers and
a" weekly or two, has adopted a bulletin
.board for tho transmission of nows.
Residents aro supposed to post on this
board any item of gonoral interest. A
snap for newspaper reporters and a
gratifying medium for would bo editors.
Maricopa county has already sent a
string of thirteon prisoners to tho pen
nnd has another batch in browing.
Mosquitoes havo infested the Yuma
valloy for tho first timo in tho history
of that section.
Sanchez, convicted of murder at
Phoenix, will go to tho penitentiary for
A committee at Tempo is casting
about for 'a site for tho proposed now
high school building.
In tho face of tho financial stringency
a Tempo justice has raised tho prico of
disturbing tho peaco to $30, and ro
fuses to tnko clearing houso scrip.
Mexicans aro being forced out of the
Chihuahua district nt Bisbcc, which
will be converted into a business -.see-tion.
The chain of friendship is no stronger
than its weakest link, and that is often
broken when a man's leg is pulled too
Tho people, who aro worrying ovor
that trip of tho fleet to the Pacific talk
as if they expected to get a bill for
tho coal consumed.
In spito of tho chargo that Georgo
Washington was a tax dodger, it is be
lieved that tho country will colebrato
his birthday as usual noxt February.
Just how tho taxes aro to bo paid
this year is a serious problem with tho
largo property owners and business men
of Globe and Gila county, becauso of
tho unsettled financial conditions. Tho
regular county taxes becomo delinquent
after December 9 and they aro unusu
ally high this year on account of tho
new courthouse and school bonds. In
somo of tho largo cities additional timo
has been granted property owners in
which to pay these taxes, but it seems
that nothing short of legislative action
can remedy thp conditions in Arizona.
However, there has been considerable
stretching of federal laws governing
financial institutions during tho last six,
weoks and somo method of giving moro
elasticity to tho territorial statutes gov
erning tho payment of taxes should bo
discovered beforo tho timo limit expires
Tho Southeastern Arizona Baptist as
sociation has been organized as follows:
Rov. D. Carl Williams of Tucson as
moderator; Rov. C. Wardlaw of Safford"
as clerk; H. A. Karlson of Tucson as
treasurer. Tho respectivo gains in
church membership nnd Sunday school
attendance is about 25 per cent during
tho past year. Tucson will entertain
tho next session, the last boing held at
In its final report tho Cochise county
grand jury submitted an indictment
against Harry Duey on a charge of em
bezzlement, but as the foreman of tho
grand jury has not signed it, it will go
ovor Until tho inquisitorial body recon
venes. ,
Tho El Paso & Southwestern will
mako a number of local improvements
at Bisbce.
J. M. Hayden of Bisbeo has been sen
tenced to servo (hree yenrs in the peni
tentiary on a conviction of forgery.
Van Wagenen, next door to tho post
office, docs a general painting and pa
por hanging business. All work guaranteed.
Rov. Donald M. Brookman of Palo
Alto, Cal., has accepted tho position of
rector of St. Andrews Episcopal church,
Among tho men who nro sure thoy
can namo tho next president of tho
United States aro very few who can
naino tho presidents wo havo already
Tho other day a Seattle man playfully
flourished a revolver on a crowded
street car nnd everybody got off. Still,
that's a protty risky way to get a scat
for your nickel.
A Stockton, Cal.; woman committed
suicido becauso her husband failed to
como to supper when sho called him,
Soine women will not stand for a knock
on .thoir cooking.
"A man is not always as rich as ho'
feels," remarks tho Punxsutnwnoy (Pa.)
.Spirit. Quito true, and especially is
Cars of dynamito loft on sidinga in
tho business center of tho city nro
causing considornblo nnxioty in Douglas
sinco tho Nacozari trngedy.
Francisco Diaz, a Mexican, whilo
drunk, went to sleep under cars
at Douglas and had a foot crushed off
when tho cars wero started by tho
switching crow.
Entiro change of program tonight at
tho Alexander.
We . will not bo responsible for any
debts of our predecessors, Scoble, So
boy & Co.
Sowing machines for rent nt J. P.
McNeil's Furniture store, opposite the
Minor's union hall, Globe, Ariz.
Do Witt's .Carbolized Witch Hazol
Salvo penetrates tho pores thoroughly
cleanses and is healing and soothing.
Good for piles. Sold by Hanna's Drug
A Washington correspondent savs
that President Roosevelt will recom
mend statehood for Arizona in his forth
coming messago, still expressing his be
lief in joint statehood with Now Mexico.
All retail stores in Douglas aro to
closo on Sunday.
A forty-two foot vein of fine sulphido
oro has been struck in tho Eagle mino
near Wickenburg.
A falso report started by somo ma
licious ignoramus cnuscd a run on tho
Navajo County bank nt Winslow., Busi
ness men joined with tho bank officials
in restoring confidence and the bank is
now on a clearing houso basis.
Tho Santa Fo yards and building at
Winslow aro now lighted by electricity.
Frank L. Mooro has , purchased tho
News nt Williams. Ho has been con
nected with tho papor in tho capacity
How About Your In3urance7
Don't wait until tho houso burns
down beforo you think of insurance See
Mooro & Poland about it at once, Home
Printing Building. tf
Don't fail to soo Royo Brothers in
their comic shooting act tonight at tho
Bring in Your Bronchos
Wo havo a now sot of JBarcus horso
shooing stocks and aro propnrcd to shoo
bronchos and all bad' horses.
Givo us your shooing, wo can pleaso
you. ,KTBBE & CO, Blacksmiths.
Rear of O. K. Corral.
Tho postmaster of Gasconade, Mo.
Danici A. Rugh, says of Do Witt's Kid
noy and Bladder Pill's: "X am doing
so well, and improving so fast in health,
that' I cannot say too much for your
Kidnoy and Bladder Pills. I feel like
a now man." Do Witt'H Kidnoy and
Bladder Pills aro sold by Hanna's Drug
A woman would bo willing to savo
all tho m6noy sho spoilt for clothes
that aro out of fashion if sho could got
it back. Now York Press. " " '
Make Your Wants Known Here. You Will Get Satisfactory Results.
Advertisements under this bead 10 ce'nts per line tno first Insertion and 0 cents per lino each
subsequent insertion. llr tne mouth. 11.00 ner line. No ad .Inserted' for less than tf) cents. All
ads under this head must do paid (or in nnvanco. . Discount to regular advertisers.
WANTED Good, cloan cotton rags at
this office.
tent colored man ns a first-class short
order cook, for restaurant, both meat
nnd pastry. Strictly sober and re
liable. Address Cook, 529 South
Broad street.
WANTED A competent waitress at
tho Dominion hotel.
WANTED Eeliablo help Is furnished
promptly free of chargo at tho Em
ployment Agency, room 23, Trust
WANTED Good Japanese boy wants
any kind of work to do from C to 10
p. m. every day. Address George, this
WANTED To sell or trade twenty
shnres of Arizona National stock. Ad
dress, E. R. Gaynor, Box 892, City.
FOB RENT Desirable furnished room.
Mrs. L. G. Coombs, Ballground.
FOE BENT Room In the Postofflce
building. Apply at Silver Belt office.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished, very
comfortable room, opposito Dominion
FOR RENT Furnished front room for
lady or gontloman. 539 South Hill
FOR RENT Two room houso partly
furnished, 325 S. Hill street.
FOR RENT Board and rooming house,
cloven rooms, half way to" smelter,
partly furnished. Address F. M. II,
this office.
FOR RENT Nicely furnish'od rooms
with privilege of light housekeeping
nnd bath. Tel. 1391. Mrs. J. Har
vey Harris, 424 S.- Hill street.
FOR RENT Furnished front room with
bath, $10.00 per month. 277 N. High
FURNISHED rooms for rent at No. 170
South Pino street, in rear of Domin
ion hotel.
FOR RENT Ten-room house; lavatory
in ovory room; just completed. In
quiro of J. Maurcl, box 221.
FOR RENT Thrco-room houso. Apply
Julo Maurel, box 221, or Cement
houso. tf
FOR RENT Nicely furnished front
room with bath. T. Trevilliun, 482
E. Cedar street.
FOR SALE Five-room furnished ro.j
idenco, Nob Hill. Box 1105.
FOUND A key, near tho railroad by
tho Wcdgo saloon in North Globe.
Ribbon attached to key. Owner can
recover samo by paying for this ad.
FOUND Degree of Honor pin at tho
-Iris theater.
LOST A folded purso. near Iris theater:
contained oro receipt mado to G. A.
Matthows, return to this office.
FOUND Lady's silk shoulder shawl.
Owner call at this office, prove prop
erty and pay for this ad.
LOST Ono folding purso on South
Broad stret between railroad shops
and crossing. Finder pleaso leave at
this office for reward.
Do Witt's Little Early Risers aro the
best pills made. They do not gripe.
For sale by Hanna's Drug Store.
Van Wagenen makes a specialty of
tinting. Satisfaction our motto.
Don't bo fooled by fako sales. You
can buy your clothing and furnishing at
Lan tin's cheaper than at fako sales.
Tho undersigned, havjng' acquired the
business of the , Arizona Silver Belt,
will concludo all unfinished transactions
bearing on tho business of this office.
P. Puhata & Co. havo purchased tho
Union restaurant from Vuksanovich &
Co. and tho latter will retain all ac
counts against and payable to tho res
taurant. Tho new firm docs not assumo
any of tho indebtedness of tho retiring
firm. Tiio Union will be open for busi
ness on Monday, November 11.
Ring up 372 for a painter. Van Wag
enen will call on you and gi0' you a
first-class job.
Wo frame pictures. Naquin & Co.
Stop at Sam Eeo's today; ask about
tho shoes..
Don't worry. Globe Jobbing Shop
crates furniture.
Mr. Will Feland being no longer cm
ployed by this corporation, parties hav
ing business with him for us will please
ring up Tclcphono 441 or sco us over
Brown's store.
Babies and children need prompt at
tention when suffering from coughs and
colds. Tho best remedy for mothers to
uso is Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup.
It tastes nearly as good as maple sugar.
It contains no opiates and it is laxative
and drives tho cold out of tho-systcm
by gently moving tho bowels. For sale
by Hanna's Drug Store.
It is worth, whilo to inspect our large
stock of clothing, hats, shoes and fur
nishings at Lan tin's.
Ovcrshirts and men's gloves.
Stnrago room phono 601.
Just Arrived from Belfast, Ireland
Beautiful Assortment of Hand Woven Table Linens
with Napkins to Match. Prices for Sets
$10.00 to $35.00
Fino Assortment of Gago Hats, tho Latest Creations from Paris.
Wo now have a first-class and up-to-dato trimmer.
Dress Making Department
With an experienced lady in charge. A magnificent assortment oi oeaut
iful things from tho East, for your inspection.
TEMBER 30th.
Old Dominion Commercial Co.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
OFFICE: 174 S. Broad St. RESIDENCE: 346 S. Hill St
j.uiujjuuMu tot. xeicpnoue 433
A Big Reduction Sale
In Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats and Gents'
Single and Double Teams
Saddle Horses Hay, Grain & Coal
A Specialty made of Fine Livery Rigs
Telephone 171
Globe, Ariicm
Direct from Mevagissey,
A Shipment of
Wm. Mill Williams
Telephone 121 GENERAL MERCHANDISE North Globe
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocoooooooococoo oooooooopoo ooooooooc
Going! Going!!
Auction Sale
Every evening this week at Globe Furnishing Co., formerly
Edwards &-Neff, to clean out all that's left of our cloth
ing, shoes and furnishings. ANYTHING YOU NEED AT
Private Sale During the Day
Men's Suits that were sold at $25 . . $12.50 All Wool Underwear, per suit $1 to 2
Hats..that were $3 $1.75 Fine Dress and Negligee Shirts, 50c and 75c
Underwear that sold for $2 and Shirts that sokLf or $2.50, now . ". 1-75
up, per suit . . . . . 75c arid $1 Neckties that sold for 75c and $1, now 35c
Let's do business. If these prices don't suit, tell us what
you'll give. Stock must all go by Saturday night.

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