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Territorin tij,,..' '
Volume II. No, 45,
Force to Be Augmented by Between Seventy-five and a Hun
dred Men, According to Statement Made by Superintend
ent Hegardt November Output 2,700,000 Pounds.
Weekly Review of District--A
Strike Expected at Globe
Consolidated Mallory Shaft
in Few Days Other Devel
opment Work in the District,
Before tho end of this week the force
of miners employed at tho Old Domin
ion will havo been materially increased.
Superintendent R. B. Hegardt is au
thority for tho statement that between
sevcnty-flvo and ono hundred additional
men will bo put to work during tho com
ing week and from this thoro is little
doubt that tho era of curtailmont so
far as tho Old Dominion is concerned is
at an end. Tho new men will for tho
cost part bo put to work on the lower
levels of tho mine, extracting sulphide
Tor practically tho first time in the j
history of tho Old Dominion company
no shipments of ore from outsido the
Globo district arc being received at the
smelter. During tho month ending last
night approximately 2,700,000 pounds
of copper was produced, the output be-.
mg tho product of but thxoo furnaces.
Of this amount about 2,000,000 pounds
was reduced from Old Dominion ores
and this month tho proportion will bo
considerably greater on acocunt of tho
complete cessation of outsido shipments.
i otil about three mouths ago large w
spments of sulphide ore had boon re- &
c.i daily at tho smelter, consisting fc
cf onccntrates from Cananea and Naco-
r and about two cars of lump pro
-a.lv from the Shattuek mine at Bislipov
Th fire in the latter has boqn the causo.
-f tho suspension of shipmouts from
-at mine and the comploto close-down
t tbo Grecne-Cananca has stopped all
.sriacnts from the biir Sonora camp.
Tt-.ro is still romaininc on tho stock
i- a large quantity of Cananea con-
.-j'rates, but it will not take tho smel- 0
'- a great while to disposo of this re-
s?".c and then the Old Dominion will
ta" only its own sulphide ores to rely
brnco tho nuttimr on of more mon
' g out. the required ore. It is very
(.r.tiablo that anothor shift will be put
at the concentrator, whore only one
-.f' has been at work since the cur
a. oent began.
TV development work of tho past
T'-(t in tho Old -Dominion mine has
' : i cry satisfactory, although cross
es on the sixteenth lovel has been
-.! by wator. A pump has been
-v liied and work of pushing the eross-
the sulphide ore body is again
.rus. ' '
Globe Consolidated
V strike of importanco is expected
- thi Mallory shaft of tho GloboCon-
--Mated within ,a day or two. The
r:3iat is now about 140 feet from
-? shaft and the big y.ela which was
"P:ihI on tho -ICO level is expected to
t? ut at 150 feet. If the contents of
Cs tein come up to the anticipations
of " management it will bo an event
cf o'tnost importanco to tho entiro
.i:.i district as well as to tho com-
ts" Tho vein on tho higher level
Irachcd out to a considerable ex-
'?' although portions of it avcrnged
c " ? as 7 per cent in copper and oro
'opper and carrying considerable
j l' 'is looked for on 'tho "level now
i! "vclopcd.
ng of tho station on the 1,200
'" f the Gem shaft was begun last
" tjut it is not expected that cross-
J a on this levol will begin before
" ' - of the new year.
Superior & Boston
o there havo been no dovelop
f a sensational nature at tho
f the Superior & Boston, dovel
work has been progressing sup-
.1 most satisfactorily. At tho
Eastern shaft tho north crosscut
J2G level (same as Black Hawk
-1) is in about 200 feet and a
U3tanco must bo cut beforo tho
'awk vein is reached. Tho first
meeting of tho stockholders of
iany will be held tomorrow and
t James Ghynowoth and Sec
kV G. Rico of Houghton, Mich.,
for tho purposo of attending
!: (,
'la it.
Arizona Commercial
e fnt headway is being made in
-p 8okng of tho new three-compart-
C:a shaft of tho Arizona Commercial
Opsov at the Black Hawk. . The shaft
low eighty f ect deep and record
B,fc ill bo done-' by tho contractors
ca,1 ts completion. . . , . . '
Bids Opened Last Night Over
Three Thousand Are Re
ceived by CorMypu
WASHINGTON, 1). C, Novem
ber 30. The opening of bids for
tho issue of .f0,000,000 of Pan
ama canal bomls which was be
gun at -1:30 this afternoon, was
not concluded until 10 o'clock to
night, when Secretary Cortelyou
made the following announcement.
"Bids for tho Panama bonds in
vited by the secretary's circular
wore opened this vening. There
were more than three thousand
bids and the loan was many times
oversubscribed. No complete tab
ulation has boon possible, but it
can be stated that tho average
price is well above the present
market price of tho bonds. Owing
to the large number of bids it
would be impracticable to make
tho allotment immediately, but the
secretary will bo prepared to givo
further information Monday."
Asked what was meant by 'Hlu
present market price of tho
bonds," tho secretary asked to -be
excused from boing more explicit,
'but other familiar with tho pres
ent price of .othor Panama bond
issue interproto tho words to mem
that tho successful price of the
prosont issue will bo considerably
in 'excess of 102 and possibly above
103. Among tho bidders was tho
National City bank of New Yqrk,
which submitted a number of bids
aggregating $.",000,000 at prices
ranging from 101 to 103. It is
understood that tho First National
bank of Chicago bid for a largo
amount of bonds at something in
excess of 101.
i'f -.'f o :.- :? :? :? ::
Fire Raging in Fremont Con
solidated Gold Mine and. Men
Cannot Be Saved -
JACKSON, Ca'l., November 30. Ono
of tho greatest calamities in tho annals
of this mining county occurred at tho
Fromont Consoliated mine, near Dry
town, this rifternoon. At 1 o'clock tho
first skip, 'containing thirteen men, was
lowered in the 1'rcmont shaft and, on
reaching tho 1,000-foot level, volumes
of smoke wcro encountered, showing
that the mino wag on fire. Tho skip
became jammed at this point and could
neither bo hoisted nor lowered. It is
supposed to have been thrown oft" tho
track by ono of tho men boing over,
come by smoke nnd falling against the
front wheels. Two men aboard got out
and climbed to tho surface by means of
tho laddcrway and the other eleven we.ro
in tho mino at tho last accounts. It is
believed that all havo perished. Great
volumes of smoke havo boon rising from
tho shaft over since.
An attempt was made to reach tho
imprisoned men through tho Grover
shaft sovcral hundred feet distant. The
rescuers got as far as tho 700-foot lovel
and could go no further on account of
smoke. Pour of tho imprisoned men
aro Americans, four Italians and three
Stops arc boing taken to closo up tho
mino airtight, so as to extinguish tho
flames. At 10 o'clock tonight the firo
was- not burning so fiercely and somo
hope was, entertained that the minors
may havo got into tho long drift away
from tho firo and may yet bo rescued. A
largo force of miners On each level from
tho Grovor side aro making every effort'
to stop tho 'firo and get 'to tho entombed
miners.".. ' . .
j, , -' j ' f ,
, rlMSrcp
' :i : I please; eoysH) -StevKt
H. .V 'ZS Utssif I JEcSi K&tdtll .5
Mm WJmteJBm&m ar I rLWM
" .--x 2Pr .,! ." l" I
? -r --- . , ' j $?; I
ST . . ''""."; y - I ; ' ?v I
I mZT ""' : . r ' : I
i J
jj. . , ... Kessler in St. Louis Republic.
Colored Woman Charged with
Murder of Another Last Au
gust Gets Acquittal.
Rigid Gross Examination Fails
to Shake Her Narrative of
Tragedy Jury Out but a
Short Time Two Ballots.
Tho jury in the case of Alena Jas
per last evening returned a verdict of
not guilty of .tho murder last August
of Bertha Lee, and tho colored girl
left tho courtroom a tree woman a few
minutes later. Thp.,Ycrdiet pf'tho jury
whs not in any way surprising to those
who havo been present at tho trial,
which consumed tho most of thrco days
in the district court and which has been
more or less interesting in its details.
At tho conclusion of tho trial Judge
Nnvo thanked tho jury and also paid a
high compliment to Attorneys Allrcd
and, Whitchcr for tho nblo manner in
which they conducted the dofonso of
tho accused, stating that it was ono of
tho most satisfactorily conducted de
fenses ho has heard since being on the
The climax in the trial was reached
yesterday morning when tho defendant
was placed, on the witness stand to tell
her 8tory;of ' the tragedy. Her direct
examination did not consume much
time, sho boing merely asked to go over
the occurrences of tho ovening of the
firo which resulted in Bertha Leo's
death. Sho said that sho was sitting
on tho porch of the house, when tho
other girl ran screaming from tho door
with her clothes in flames, and that sho
placed a quilt over her, after which
the burned woman was removed to an
other room. After that sho wont to
summon Jesse Alexander and on her
way back sho mot another colored girl,
Ella Coloman, who told her. that Bertha
Leo accused her of throwing a lamp at
her. Sho also heard tho accusation of
tho woman horself, and denied it, not
knowing why it was made.
Fail to Shako Story
Tho cross examination by District
Attorney Henry was thorough and ex
haustive, but did not tend to sertngthen
tho case of tho proscciition. .'On'.' the
Vtho'r hand, the girl's' first story-coujd
not bo shaken in any particular and
when sho ilef tvtlio stand after tho cross
examination of oyer two hours, there
was little douI)t what' tho jury) verdict '
would be.
JOnlv one- witness' was called in ro-
; lijittal
littalf -Jesse Alcxanderkiuo mulatto
who livcrLwith .tho victim ohilia trag-
. . . - TT 9
mil- It ...no a n J , .1,1,1 l. 4lnD.!f MAua '
'. ..... . ..
to shpw the improbability 01 tiio the
ory of the dofenso thnt the fire had
been started by the overturning of an
opium lamp, nnd it was in the nature
of oxpert testimony. Tho lamp over
which the dead girl had "cooked" thp
Chinese drug was introduced and Alex
ander went into all the details demon
strating the operations of a "hop lay
out." He lighted the lamp to demon-1
,strnto the territory's contention that' it
could not burn if placed on a bed quilt.
Tho court here took a hand in the dem
onstration and introduced a lap robe
which was used in lieu of a quilt. The
lamp did- not como up to the expecta
tions of tho prosecution, nor did it
corroborate the expert testimony just
given, as it continued burning.'
Arguments Begin
Both sides rested when Alexander
loft the stand and arguments began, As
sistant District Attorney Weinberger
opening .for tho prosecution. Ho spoke
about fifteen minutes, carefully sum
ming up the evidence introduced by the
territory and disclosing tho apparently
weak spots of tho defense; Attorney
Whitchcr followed for tho defenso and
occupied a full hour in going over the'
evidence and pleading for the liberty
of 'his client. He mado a bitter attack
on Alexander, whom ho characterized
as a creature too low to bo worthy of
belief. District Attorney Henry closed
tho arguments. Ho" asked for ri verdict
of murder in tho second degree, citing
that tho ovidonco that tho Jasper wo
man threw the lamp was conclusive.
Tho jury was charged by Judge Nave
and retired shortly after G o'clock.
They were taken to suppor and when
thoy returned a ballot was taken which
resulted in nine votes for acquittal and
thrco for conviction. Somo discussion
followed and tho second ballot resulted
in all of tho jurors voting for acquit
NORFOLK, Va., November 30. This
was tho closing day of tho Jamestown
exposition and whon at midnight Pres
ident Tucker turnfj pff the lights the big
fair will shut down. Its future is prob-'
lematical. Receivers may bo asked to
keep tho exposition intact and in, readi
ness for another year on a prospective
sale;. Director Gcnoral Martin .today
issued a statement stating that tho to
tal attondanco of tho exposition, since
tho opening April 2(3 was about 2,8Q0,
000, of which about 1,500,000 paid.
Holding Her Own
, Although, according to ITotty Green,
politicians are eating up tho country,
thoy haven't bitten into her slice of it
yet. Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Declares Himself .for Old Party
Principles and Against New
Experimental Legislation.
Both Parties Hold Caucuses
Yesterday for Convening of
Congress Tomorrow Clark
Has a Good Bill,
WASHINGTON, D. C, November 30.
Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois was to
night nominated by the house repub
licans for his third term as speaker of
the house and will bo elected upon tho
convening of tho house Monday. Tho
nomination was made at tho republican
caucus, attended practically by all of
tho 22G republican mombors. The cau
cus was called to order "by Representa
tive Hepburn of Iowa and within nn
hour's time tho nomination not only
of tho speaker, but of all officers of the
house, was completed and adjournment
taken. Other officors chosen wcro Alex
ander McDowell, Pennsylvania, clerk;
Frank B. Lyon, New York, doorkeeper;
Harry Casson, Massachusetts, sergeant
atjarms; Samuel W. Langum, Minne
sota, postmaster.
In his reply accepting tho nomina
tion, Cannon dealt with a number of
public questions. He justified the largo
appropriations of last congress and in
dicated very plainly his opposition to
any policy looking toward a too great
centralization in tho functions of tho
government. Tho following aro his rc
maiks: "It has boon as decade sinco tho re
publican party assumed tho responsibil
ity for legislation. -Tho American pco
plo are richer by many billions of dol
lars than they were, and their wealth
is represented by tho incomo from work
and wages is more equitably distributed
than over before. But it has been said,
'Boast not of thyself of tomorrow, for
thou knowest not what a day may bring
forth.' Wo must face tho responsibil
ity for government without regard to
tho' past. Tho recent shock to business
that arrested commerce admonishes U3
to approach tho task with soberness and
courage for wo will bo judged by their
work of tho present, not by our record
of the past.
Wants No Experiments
"By amendment and otherwiso tho
Fifty-ninth congress enacted such new
legislation which will bo" tried and test
ed. Wo are to exorcise power with
care, that it wil.bo, not for a more- exhi
bition of strength without the restraint
of caution against injustice. Including
tho permanent appropriations o the
last session congress appropriated more
than a hundred million for the fiscal
year, a startling amount in the abstract,
but owing to our enormous production,
business activity and expenditures, wo
havo kopt within the income of the gov
ernment without creating new sources
of revenue. In providing for public
service during the sixtieth congress we
should bear in mind that tho develop
ment of the country is as marvelous as
it is still in its infancy. In my judg
ment it is not wise to increase tho re
enues of the government, and neither is
it necessary -or advisable to transfer
the burdens from local and state treas
uries to tho federal treasury,, to foster-
centralizing power and responsibility
which of necessity dcvclopcs quito fast
enough. Wo have been admonished by
events that it is not time for extrava
gance or excursions into the realm of
experiments in legislation and it is my
personal judgment that wo should hold
fast to the principles laid down by- our
fathers; that .tho federal government
is ono of limited powers, but supreme
where it has jurisdiction, and that wo'
should leave to tho. people of the states
jurisdiction not granted to tho federal
government and also leave upon them
tho responsibility and burden of taxa
tion for the same."
Williams Chosen
WASHINGTON, I). C, November 30.
By agreeing to place -in nomination for
speaker John Sharp Williams of Missis
sippi, the democratic members of the
house today in effect decided to con
tinue him in his position as minority
leader in the Sixtieth congress The
nomination of Williams was agreed on
in a caucus of the democratic members
had in the hall of the house of repre
sentatives, beginning at 2 o'clock to
day. Williams was absent from the
chamber when tho election took place,
but soon afterwards was escorted to the
floor by a committee appointed for that
purpose. He- spoke- at some length,
thanking his fellow members for the
confidence reposed in him and promis
ing to serve them to the best of his
ability. He especially urged them to
stand togethor and support party priiir
ciples, saying that it is most important
at this time that-thc democrats should
liavo team worn -T
"We should," he saidji'work to
gether as a football team anil in so
doing we may win important victories
in the future."
Congressman Hay 'of Virgina intr'o-
jdiiced a resolntiojijriccjajjngthnt it bo
tl.e-sense of tuo-caucus tliat a ITiirfor
the revision of-tho tarifl" should. b&im
mediately introduced.
To 'Take Off Paper Duty
WASHINGTON D. C, November 30.
At tho first opportunity after tho
convening of congress, Representative
Champ Clark of Missouri will introduce
a bill repealing the law imposing a duty
on paper for printing. Following is;
the full text of1 tlic proposed measure:
"From and after tho approval of this
act, no import duty shall bo collected
upon white print paper, white book
paper, or any material or ingredients
used in the manufacture or composition
of tlie same."
Goldfield Operators Adopt Res
olution to Stay Closed
War on Smelter Trust
GOLDFIELD,, Nov-,. November -30.-T
Tho Mino Owners' association met to
day and considered thc'.followiiig rcso
lution's whielu. were construed' by the
Goldfield iHiblic ns being a tlcfi to the,
.miners' union and tho forecast of an
onen canin when tho mincs'rcsum'c 'work
a cam:
v :t , , . , ., ...
jfcsoivcu, mat me mines or
Goldfield district
remain closed until
tho present crisis is passed, until local
conditions arc settled to tho satisfac
tion of operators and until tho smelters
will treat oro at a rate which will war
rant the mine owners to commence pro
duction." The Goldfield chamber of cpmmcrco
has begun a war upon tho smelter trust
and will carry it to Washington. The
directors met today and appointed a
committeo to invito the co-operation of
other mining camps in sending a com
mittee to induce the president to inves
tigate tho smelter trust, with especial
refcrenco to its alleged policy towards
Nevada. Nevada is boing boycotted, it
is claimed, by tho smelter trust, which
has placed such burdensome conditions
on oro shippers that shipments aro
practically prohibited and at the timo
that tho smelters arc taking all the ores j
of Colorado and other states, whero tho
trust has largo mining interests, with
out any restrictions or advanco charges.
WASHINGTON, D. C, November 3D.
By direction of tho president, First
Lieutenant Charles Finch of. the
Twelfth- infantry has been dropped from
tho rolls of tho army for. desertion;
Stolypin Flayed in Douma by
Roditcheff, Who Coins a
Historic Phrase,
Tense Atmosphere of Earlier
Doumas Restored Radical
Offers Apologies; Didn't
Mean Anything Personal.
ST. PETERSBURG, November 30.
"Stolypin necktie," the expression
used by Fedcri Roditcheff, the orator
of tho constitutional democrats in the
douma this afternoon to designate tho
summary drumhead courts martial in
stitutcd by Stolypin in August, 1900,
and decreed out of existence by tho
second douma, is the phrase on all lips "
in the capital tonight. The phrase has
already become historic and it has com
pletely blotted out the effect of minis
terial dictation on subsequent debates
and destroyed the complacency of the
conservatives, restoring the tenso at
mosphere .of earlier doumas.
Upon Stolypin, who, in company of
colleagues was sitting on the speakers'
tribune, the words fell as a thunder
bolt, recalling the most painful inci
dents of his career as premier. He
turned deathly pale, clenched the desk
and stared motionless for several min
utes at thp unprecedented storm let
loose by the reactionary deputies surg
ing past him. Finally he left tho cham
ber without uttering a word.
The Associated Press learns that to -ministers
with him on the pavilion
Stolypin announced firmly his decision
to challenge Roditcheff to a duclaiid
asked Chcglovito'ff, minister of justice,
and Prince Vassilehikoff to act as his
Speaker Carried Out
The tumult caused' by Roditcheff 's
speech continued for a half hour, during
which the speaker was sovercly handled
and Jlnally carripd nwaj- bodily-' by Jiil "
supporters to" a C'oTrier Of the hall. Party
leaders then tencred Upon a long con
sultation. It .was made P'ain,.by,gthp
constitutional democrats that. BodjiclU
eff had meant no personal attack-on the
premier, but had been carried away by
his impetuosity. Roditchoff thereupon
went to the pavilion and begged Stoly
pin 's forgiveness.
After an hour's, intermission, during
which the' passions of the members sub
sided, tho session was reopened. Khom
yakoff, the president, sternly lectured '
the Rightist members and then proposed
to suspend Roditcheff from the sittings.
Later he arose and declared that ho
had no intention of offending anyone,
but would let his words appear on the
records as spoken, however. The sus
pension was voted by sixty-nine major
ity by" the OctoborisYs and members of
the Right. The constitutional denio-,
crats led by.'Mitukoff joined' in the ova
tion to testify to the douma 's high
regard for Stolypin.
SIOUX FALLS; S-.-D., November '30.
Fivo -burglars. early today. dynamited
le'sTife iir tlie'bahTc of'Btlent ST D.
People who rus'h'ed 'from their homes,
hearing the explosion, wgjro ordered
back and shots were, fired'at those who
did not movo fast..en.bugh. The. robbers,
are'.said to have' secured several thou:
sand dollars. " '
- r f
MILBURY, Mass., November 30.
Dr. C. A. Church, who is .attending Mrs.
Louisa M. Taft, mother of tho secretary
of war, said'latc today that Mrs. Taft
is still failing in health. Ho intimated
that, she might live a few days longer,
but her Case is hopeless and sho is un
conscious most of tho time.
' Dolph Baatz. Calling attention to a
superb lino of ladies' furnishings and
icady-to-wcar articles; page 5.
Tho W. W. Brookncr Co. A complete .
page of bargain in the "First Annual
Realization Sale," which opens on Tues
day morning; page 3.
J. P. McNeil. Money-saving bar.
gains in furniture and house' furnish-
y .
ing goods; -page 4
Homo Investment
real estate;, page 8.
-Bargains in
Naquin. Prc-Christmas' Room-making
Sale, with tempting bargain offerings;
page o.
The White House. A
crowd-drawing prices; page '8.
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new list .ofBfc m
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