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Volume II. No, .51,
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Goldfield Operators Throw
Down the Gauntlet Yester
day to Miners' Union.
Both Sides Give Out State
ments, Owners Alleging Out
rages and Miners Saying No
Occasion for Sending Troops
GOLDFIELD, Nov., Decombor 7.
Encouraged, doubtless by the
prcsenco of federal troops, tho Mine
Owners association held a meeting
this afternoon, and 'tonight gavo
out a statement in which it is
openly said that the mombers of
the association havo decided to
make a determined struggle, to free
Goldfield of union domination and,
r - f
make this an open camp. This
statement of tho purpose of the
mine owners is direct and unequivo
cate, and it throws down tho gaunt
let to tho Western Federation. Of
ficers of tho association refused, to
say if any steps had been taken
towards Importing non-union min
ers in sufficient numbers to re-open
the mines, which aro now idle and
rapidly filling with water, but they
stated that many telegrams were
being received hourly, offering men,
and that within forty-eight hours
the mines could be opened with tho
samo number of men as was former
ly at work. Ono concern at San
Francisco, it is said, offered today
to send 1,000 men on an hours'
notice. The officers of the associa
tion say, however, that in their be
lief there aro enough men in the
camp who will leave tho union to
make tho importation of men un
necessary, and they are looking to
these men to make application early
in the coming week. It isimpos
sible, the operators say, for them to
get enough men in tho mines at
present to operate the pumps and
keep them clear of water, and
cave-ins are constantly taking
place. Other damago is being
wrought by reason of inactivity.
GOLDFIELD, sTcv., December 7.
No unusual excitement was caused by
the arrival of tho first detachment of
troops, and the crowds of men gathered
at tho depot were quickly dispersed
after tho troops had marched to the
mesa, in tho northwestern part of tho
city, whero they havo gono into tem
porary encampment. Tonight Sit Gold
field, there are no indications of im
pending trouble. In command of Col.
Keynolds aro 283 men exclusive of of
ficers. At 10 o'clock tonight a special train
arrived from Monterey with 150 men
of companies C, E, F, G, and II of ibo
twcnty-BCCond infantry. Capt. "William
fox a member of Governor Sparks'
staff and tho personal representative
of tho governor in Goldfield, was to
night in conference with Col. Reynold,
lie states that Sparks' action in re
questing troops to be sent to Goldfield
was merely a precautionary measure,
not based on any overt acts of tho union
men. lie refused to say tonight wheth
er Reynolds would bo asked T)y tho
governor to station men at or near tho
mines in case tho owners decide to
make an effort to start up their mines
with non-union men. Reynolds has re
fused to say whether such action will
be taken.
All Because of Scrip.
Officers of tho local union and of tho
Western Federation stated to tho Asso
ciated Press tonight thnt the only griev
ance of tho" union miners is over tho
matter of accepting scrip issued by
J"hn S. Cook & Co., tho only banking
concern now doing business in Gold
field and which thoy say tho mino own
ers guarantco personally. Thcro aro
about 1,500 Western Federation miners
now out in tho entire camp.
The Nevada Workmen, tho organ of
th mino workers in Goldfield, issued
"night, contains n slatomont by Charles
If. Mnckinton, president of tho Gold
field miners union, in which ho says:
"There is no sano man in tho district
ho will say there is any need for fed
f!!il troops in Goldfield."
"Tho paper says cditorinlly:
"It is evident that tho Mino Owners
association intends to re-enact tho trag
'' scones of Colorado. The coming of
trorIis means nothing short of that. Vio
Itco, and disorder will ensue upon the
arrival of tho troops, and it is appar
ent to many that tho history of Colo
"lo is to bo rewritten."
Mino Owners' Side.
A statement to tho public issued to
B'ght by tho mino operators association
s'tes in tho beginning that "repeated
otjragcs against individual rights and
banishment from the camp of men de
sirous of investing. tho mines' . tho open
looting of every mino carrying high
grade ore, and deeds of violence- hnvo
becomo so unbcarablo that tho owners
must either closo tho mines, hand thorn
over to tho unionor mnko tho desporato
effort to gain tho right to work them ns
wo ploase. Wo havo chosen tho latter
alternative and proposo to mnko ono
final struggle ior tho right to manago
our own proporty."
Tho paragraph concludes: "Individ
ual miners and citizons who hnvo in
curred tho enmity of tho union havo
been beaten up nt night by tho scoro
and compelled to lenvo tho camp.
"Citizens and merchants who dared
to protest against or oven disprove of
theso outrages havo been threatened,
boycotted, benton and oven murdered,"
continues tho statoment, and specific in
stances of outrages of this nuturo al
leged to havo been committed by union
miners aro detailed.
Helps High-Qradors.
"Tho union has encouraged, protect
ed, and assisted its mombers in tho
crime of stealing ore from tho mines
of tho district. Tho union has provoni-
ed every effort' to stop theso practices
and in every way encouraged tho. ore
Tho statemont concludes ns follows:
"Tho mino owners havo notified tho
Goldfield miners union that all con
tracts, agreements and understandings
existing aro nt nn'end. Wo proposo to
adopt tho reasonable rulo for protection
of our property and to employ men jr
respective of tho union. Wo belicvo
that tho courageous, fair minded minora
,in Goldfield who are weary of the,
tyrariy of tho union and who know
that thoy will receivo ample protection,
will como forward to work tho mines.
If thcro aro these, .thoy will be given
preference, but if not wo will bo com
pelled to secure them from somo othor
-source. ' '
.Tho troops aro temporarily encamped
about a mile from tho business center
of tho town. They are being picketed
and all those without business aro be
ing prevented from approaching near.
Tho men have onlj the rc'giilar service
equipment. ,
Tomorrow's detachments will bo di"
vided and several camps in different
parts of tho city and nearer tho mines
will be made.
Dynamito Humors.
Rumors tonight aro that an attempt
was made to derail or demolish tho train
over tho Goldfield and Tonopah rail
road bearing 130 federal soldiers from
San Francisco aud tho rumor was pat-l
tially confirmed by General Manager
Hedden of the road, who states that an
employe of tho road made n verbal ro
port to him in tho afternoon, saying
thatrdynnmito had been found, on tho
track a mile nnd a half from the' Gold
field depot. The dynamito, according to
tho report, was found last night sev
eral hours before tho train bearing
Reynold nnd his command, arrived. Rey
nolds said tonight that lie had heard
nothing of tho rumor.
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.' :, "-xir CHARRINR PFR.IIIRY 1
MILBURN, Mass., December 8.
Death which has been expected almost
hourly for a week,, was announced this
morning at 12:20 from the .bedside of
Mrs. Louisa M. Taft, mother of Sec
retary of War William II. Taft. Mrs.
Taft was the widow of Alphonso Tnft,
secretary of war and attorney general
of tho United States under President
Grant, and, later minister to Austria
and Russia.
Prominent Citizens of Globe'
Are Indicted by Federal
Grand Jury Yesterday
' II
Powers Told Witness That
Goebel Was To Be
" That Day,
McCutcheon in Chicago Tribune.
MOW 55
Western Federation Votes Assistance.
DENVER, 'December 7. At a meet
ing of tho executive Committee, of tho
Western Federation of Miners in this
city it was agreed to levy an assess
ment upon membors of the organization
for tho benefit of Goldfield 's strikers.
The possibility of s&niring congression
al investigation of Roosevelt's action in
sending troops to Gildficld at tho re
quest of tho governor of Nevada was
discussed and it was practically decided
to bring tho matter to tho attention
of congress.
"Tho action of tlit president in send
ing troops to Goldfield, wa3 tho result of
a prearranged conspiracy botwecn Wall
street interests and l3parks," declared
acting President Malnnoy after tho ex
ecutive session. "T!icro is absolutely
no need ot such action. It seems pecu
liar that hoops shoikl bo hurried to
Goldfield before tho shoriff made any
request upon the governor for aid. Tho
action isv unprecedented and somo ulterior-
motivo is undoubtedly responsible
for tho outrage. Tho Federation will
render every assistance in its power
to tho miners."
Haywood's Opinion.
William D. Haywood, secretary of tho
Federation, declared that tho mino own
ors were responsible for tho strike and
any troublo that followed must bo laid
at their doors. Ho said tho owners had
violated their agreement and ignored
tho compromiso to which they had
agreed. Haywood declared as absurd
tho story that ho instigated tho strike.
"When T left Nevada," said Hay
wood, "tho Goldfield minors and op
erators had reached an agreement. Tho
minors agreed as n. compromiso to ac
cept their wages half in cash and half
in elenring house certificates and tho
owners accepted tho compromise. It
wns when tho operators wcro requested
'o stick to their bargain and declined
either to guarantco tho checks or pay
;iny part in ensh, that tho miners wcro
forced. Tho certificates wore accept
ed at only ono storo and tho miners
wcro consequently without means to
"I had a conforonco with Senator
Nixon of tho Consolidated company in
vhich ho personally agreed to tho terms
of tho compromise Tho mino owner's
hnvo only themselves to blame for tho
Terrible Scenes Follow Awful Disaster in West VirginiaHundreds of
Women Widowed and Destitute of Whom Fifty at Least are Prostrat
ed and a Dozen Insane Heroic Rescuers Will Die From In
haling Deadly iTumes---TJi6usaridi ol KiWervQuitWor:.:
to Witness Scenes of Rescue
MONONGAH, W. Va., December 7.
At nino o'clock tonight a total of twen-tff-five
bodies had been recovered from
tho mines of tho Pairmount Coal com-
rccoyered is horrible; many aro dis
membered, somo fearfully crushed and
tho rest blackened and burned beyond
recognition. A scoro of moro of men of
pany. Spores of othor victims aro in tho rescuing parties aro in a critical
sight of tho rescuers and it is cs- condition tonight' from inhaling black
timatcd that at least 100 dead will be damp, and several of them aro not ex-
brought to tho surface beforo daylight.
Lato today tho deadly black damp bo
camo moro pronounced as tho more
farther recesses of tho mines wero ap
proached and it was stated tonight by
pected to live. Up to lato today many
entertained high hopes that somo of
the entombed men might bo taken out
alive. As the bodies recovered today,
however, wero brought to' tho surface
crowded with people, whilo thousands
lino tho hills in tho vicinity of tho
mines. Every barroom in Fairmont and
Monongah is closed and throughout tho
territory over sixty mines havo suspend
ed temporarily and about 6,000 miners
aro visiting here.
, GEORGETOWN,. Ky., December 7.
Wharton Golden, for the prosecution,
testified today in the trial of Powers
giving tho most damaging testimony
against Powers so far brought- out.
Golden told of tho alleged conspiracy
implicating ont only Powers but Gov
ernor, Taylor, Fiuley, Hownrd, Youtsey,
John L. Powers and others. Ho related
numerous conversations had with Pow
ers about killing Goebel. The day Goe
blc was shot Golden said ho was in the
adjutant general's offico where he saw
"Tallow Dick" Combs, Mason, Mason
Hccker Smith and 'Gardiner Wallace,
the first two negroes. Combs was mak
ing threats against Goeblc, declaring:
"I could kill Gocblo now, G d
Later ho saw John L. Powers given
Henry Youtsey tho key to the secre
tary of state's office and John Pow
ers shortly afterwards told him that
Goeblc was to be killed that day.
Golden said he protested against the
killing of Goeblc, but Powers said:'
"You need not be uncasv; I gavo him
the wrong key"." Golden said after
wards that ho saw John 'Powers ex
changing keys with Youtsey- and bo
was with Powers on the train at Louis
ville whqn ho heard that Goebel was
shot. When Powers heard of the
shonting hcj,txclaimed: "It's a d
shamp oir the people."
Four Arrests Made and De
fendants Released on Heavy
Bond; Others Not Made Pub-'
lie; Final Report Is Made,
y1 "V lift IB
mm of
General Manager Malono that 478 horribly mangled, all hope was dispell-
actual miners wero checked off as en
tering the mines yesterday. This num
ber, it is further stated, did not include
fully 100 trammers, mule drivers, pump
ers, and boys who aro not under tho
check system. Should theso figures be
correct tho death list will bo over 550
Tho condition of tho bodies thus far
cd by tho distressing scenes following.
It is estimated that 250 families are
destitute. In many places relief funds
have already been started for tho aid
of widows and orphans.
Tho accident is tho greatest in the
history of American mining and has
dazed tho people. Tonight tho streets
of both this town and Fairmont aro
PITTSBURG, December 7. A special
to tho Gazette-Times from Fairmont, W.
Va., says: "That at least ten mem
bers of tho heroic band of rescuers will
die of gass poisoning was admitted to
night by the physicians who are at
tending thorn as they are drawn out of
tho mines unconscious... Of tho 300 or
moro widows of victims at least fifty arc
prostrated and a dozen aro temporarily
insane. That many will die from the
shock is probable."
Tho damago suit of John Hall against
tho Gila Valley railroad did not go
to tho jury yesterday as was expect
ed. Tho plaintiff rested his caso yes
terday morning and until lato in tho
afternoon witnesses for tho railroad
company occupied tho stand. A motion
wns made by Senator Ives that tho
court instruct tho. jury to return a ver
dict for tho defendant anil for over an
hour tho jury remained in ti; corridor
of tho court house whilo tho attorneys
argued for and against tho motion. Ar
guments against granting tho motion
wcro mndo by all of tho counsel for tho
plaintiff, Judgo Baker, Geo. J. Stone
man and F. C. Jacobs. Tho court final
ly decided not to rulo on tho motion nominally unchnnged, with Lako 13.37
NEW YORK, December 7. Tho ox
trcmo irregularity which has been char
acteristic of tho stock rnarkot for sev
eral days was moro pronounced than
ever today. Stocks connected with tho
copppr mnrkct wero conspicuous in the
depression, especially tho American
omening, tiio dividend on tho pre
ferred stock was reduced.
' NEW YORK, December 7. No
chango was reported in tho metal mar
kets and business wns light, as usual
in tho absence of cables. Copper was
VLADIVOSTOK, Decombor 7.
Twenty-one sailors implicated in the ro
cnt mutinies horo wcro condemned to
death by court martial and twenty-four
moro wero given varying torms of penal
until tomorrow' morning when tho trial
will bb resumed.
No other matters wcro taken up in
tho district court yesterday.
to 13.62: Electrolytic 13.12 V, to
13.37) and Casting 12.87 to 13.12.
Lead was weak nt 3.95 to 4.05.
Spelter was easy at 4.35 to 4.45.
Iron was unchanged.
NEW YORK, Decombor 7. Stato
Senator Page, regarded as ono of Gov
ernor Hughes' personal friends, said to
day that tho governor would not accept
a re-nomination. Ho said that if tho
governor continued in pubjic lifo after
thp end of next year it would bo bo
causo the republicans elected him presir.
dont of. the United States.
NEW YORK, December 7. Tho di
rectors of tho Amalgamated Copper com
pany. today voted to continue curtailing
the output of copper from tho mines of
tho company as nearly as possible on
a parity with tho present basis of con
sumption. It wns decided' to authorize
operating officers to closo such or con
tinue such mines and smelters as they
doom best. Tho later action was taken
with tho view of concentrating output
at such mines and smelters as can bo
most economically operated.
SAN FRANCISCO, December 7. Or
ders issued today by Governor Gillette
to Attorney General Webb to make ap
plication to the. courts for the appoint
ment of a receiver for tho California
Safe Deposit and Trust company. As
a basis for action it is said that when
the bank closed its doors early in No
vember it had a rpservo of but IV nr
per cent instead of tho twenty per cent
of deposit required by law. It is
charged that over three millions were
loaned to a director of tho bank on
personal notes without security and to
companies with which somo of tho di
rectors wcro connected. It is further
said that out of its nino million .assets
only two millions could bo realized at
present. The condition of tho bank is
said to be such that tho depositors may
not receivo more than 22 cents on tho
dollar. Tho total liabilities of the trust
company arc $13,504,072.07 and of this
amount it is said $8,748,487.81 is due
depositors and $842,744.18 is owing to
other banks. Against these sums there
is less than $400,000 in tho vaults. of tho
Palace Pharmacy
suggestions; page 8.
-Christmas gift
DENVER, December 7. O. W. Hil
lon, acting goneral attorney for tho
Western Federation of Minors, today
received a telegram from President
Moyer now in Boiso to tho effect that
STOCKHOLM, December 7. Tho fol-1 Stovo Adams was turned over to tho
lowing bulletin on tho condition of King Colorado authorities to bo brought to
Tellundo for trial on tho chargo of
White House A new list of bargains;
pago 8.
Naquin Announcing formal opening
and reception of new storo on Decem
ber 11. Beautiful souvenirs given;
pago 0.
Ryan & Co. Buster Brown tells of
Globo's real toyland; pago 0.
Ingram Attractive offerings in gen
tlemen's suits and furnishings; page 5,
Oscar was issued at 10 o'clock this
evening: "The king to all appear
ances passed a painles day and no es
sential chango in his strength has' been
noticed sinco tho last bulletin. His
respiration isstill irregular. f ,. ',
murdering Arthur Collins, mino super
intendent, and W. J. Barney, mino fore
man. Hillon will proceed to Tellurido
tonight to meet Adams and prepare his
Dolph Baatz & Co'. Twenty per cent
discount sale ladies' suits, coats, gowns
and petticoats; pago 5.
Tho W. W. Brookner Co. Announce
ment of big bargains for this week nt
tho great realization salo; pago 3.
Ladies' Auction Salc
Neff building; pago 2.
-At Edwards &
Dr. F. C. S.
card; pago 5.
Sanders Professional
The deliberations of the most notable '
federal grand juryin the history of this "
judicial district-in point of sensation- ' '
alism, came to an end yesterday,- after,'-! -,
five' indictments .had been returned for
perjury "and four for presumably
subornatioii of perjury in connection.,
with;th'c alleged coaV land frauds iq
New Mexico. Tho first indictments' for
perjury were returned at, 3 o'clock yes
terday afternoon ' and' consisted of ' a
bunch of fjve and bench warrants for
the subsequent .arrests were immediate-lj-
ordered issued by Judge Nave.
Of the five indictments, returned, one
has not been made public, tho' defend-,
ant being out of the city. The four
who. were takpn in custody by deputy' '
United States marshals were R. B. Hcg
ardt, superintendent of thc,.01d Domin
ion company, N. S.' Berray, formerly '
mine superintendent of tho same com
pany, Edwin T. Stewart,, formerly chief'
clerk of the United Globe mines', now
county recorder, and l?obert B. Reill,
present chief clerk ;'of the. latter coni-
Answer Tomorrow.
The .four against Whom "indictments
were returned were arraigned by Clerk
Smalley at 5:30 last evening and were
ordered to answer to the indictments
at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Bond was fixed In the sum of $5,000 -each
and was furnished by tho four de- '
fondants, Geo. W. P., .Hunt-and Jacob"
Sutcr acting as sureties, the defendants
being released from custody, upon the
approval of the bonds by Judge. Nave.'
Four additional indictments were're"
turned by the grand jury at 7:30
o'clock last evening, when the final
report was made. They were ordered
placed on secret file, the court ordering
that a bench warrant bo issued for the
first one and that bond be fixed at the
sum of $10,000, bond to be. approved by
any United. States commissioner. From
the fact that bu,t one bench warrant was
issued and tho. bond fixed at such n
high figure, it is inferred that the four
bills were brought against tho same de
fendant, who is probably a high official
of tho Phelps Dodge company.
. Final. Report Made.
When tho federal jurors made their '
final report, they were thanked by the
court for their arduous work and their
strict performance of their duty. Tho
final report docs not contain any ref
erence to tho land cases, being only a
statement of immoral conditions exist-
ing in the city and an arraignment of
the city authorities. The following ia
the final report:
"The grand jury of the district for
the November term, 1907, of the court,.,
respectfully calls attention to the fact
that at our present session we had oc
casion to make a partial investigation
of alleged violations of what is known,,
as tho Edmunds-Tucker act and from "
such investigation wo arc convinced ,
that the morals of a certain clement of
the city of Globe, living in the north'
em portion of said city and especially
about tho neighborhood commonly
known as the 'rcdlight district ' of tho
city, aro very deplorable and, that such"
condition in a measure is attributable
to the course that the city authorities
of Globo have pursued towards licensing
and permitting women to openly prac
tice lewdness in that vicinity. And
which tends to congregate about said lo
cality tho idle, vicious and criminal
element, thereby bringing about inde
cency and crime which would not other
wise prevail in the city of Globo as it
now does.
"We would also say 'that in our lim
ited examination of tho conditions-,
abovo mentioned, we have found that
tho officers of tho city of Globe at
least those who havo been subpoenaed
before us to givo information relative
to such lewd practices aro quite' indif
ferent and apparently unable to furnish
us with tho information which would
warrant us in proceeding to bring tho
violators of said Edmunds-Tucker act
to answer for such violations, though
U "iybuld appear that said officers whoso
duty it is to ferret out crime and guard
lhe welfare and good namo of their city,
f thoy would perform their duty well,
ought to havo been ablo to havo fur
nished tho information which wo re
quested and desired from them for tho
ourposo of suppressing Buch practices
and violations of tho law, by presenting
ndictments against them, to tho end
(Continued on Page Eight)
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