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Thursday December 19, 1997
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Published each morning except Monday.
Admitted to the mails as second class
By the
Member of tho Associated Press
Daily, by mail, ono year $7.50
Daily, by carrier, ono month ....... .75
Weekly, ono year 2.50
Weekly, six months .... ... . . 1.25
Cash in ndvanco
Subscribers' Notico
Subscribers plcaso notify this ofllce
in caso of non-dclivory of tho daily,
Monday excepted.
Advertising rates made- known on ap
plication. Ooldfleld has all tho stage settings
for a labor war dramn, but tho nctors
and plot are missing.
Tho independent oil producers of Cnl-
.ifornia are going to buck the Standard
in real earnest. It's u good move if
tho public will benefit by tho scrap.
If everything goes right tho pay day
. ' now in progress at tho Old Dominion
will bo the last of tho "continuous
varioty. And there will bo nono to do
ploro tho discontinuance o tho same.
Claim owners who have- been wniting
for congress to suspend assesment work
for this year had better got busy, as
thero is not tho slightest probability
that .congress will tako any action in
the matter.
, Chancellor Day of Syracuse univer
sity, who wasted so much effort in do
fending Rockefeller and tho Standard
Oil, says he is for Hughes for the re
publican presidential nomination. Too
bad, after Hughes had mado such a good
Secretary Cortelyou, according to his
recent confession, is a candidate for
only "tho confidence of tho people."
Although he probably does not intend
it that way, the admission certainly
puts him in the presidential race. Any
political leader that can get tho con
fidence of the peoplo can bo president.
"When we contcmplato the loud
mouthed antics of some of our near
statesmen, we aro more and moro con
vinced that a great deal of famo is
nothing moro than a holler mockery,"
says the Washington Herald, a para
graph which tho junior senator from
Arkansas would probably declaro an
examplb of ycller journalism.
Nine days after taking his seat in the
scnato Senator Jefferson Davis of Ar
kansas delivered himself of a formal
speech and thus broko one of the time
honored precedents of that most digni
fied body which has declared through
years of tradition and custom that a
new member ought to bo seen and not
' heard during his salad days, while ho is
yet too raw to bo digested. But the
new senator was eager to mako a noise,
and his constituents way down in Ark
ansas were straining their cars listen-
ing for tho sounds of it. Trusts being
to him as red bunting -to a bull, .the
senator charged tho trusts, tossed them
on his hprns, gored them, pawed, and
trampled them under his hoofs and
what littlo life was left to bo fright
ened out of them with tho stertorous
blasts of his hot breath. Ho broko a
precedent. But did ho do any good!
At first thought the breaking of such
a precedent might not seem to amount
to anything; yet precedents, when es
tablished and maintained throughout
years by tho traditions of tho ablest
body of men in tho country, must have
behind them some extraordinarily good
causo for existence. They must servo
somo good purpose, and that purposo
must have- been recognized, clso they
would long since have been broken and
discharged by other men fully as able,
as ambitious and as daring as tho now
senator from Arkansas. To many of
those who heard Mr. Davis' specchhis
very infraction of tho precedent proved
its value; they saw how it had kopt
many another from doing what ho was
doing, and it seemed a good thing. For
though tho senator had announced him
self as coming to Washington to "stir
things up," and his oration was the
first "stir' ho made, it is obvious by
what 'ho had to say that ho had not
been a senator long enough yot to learn
that words and moro words and words
again do not accomplish much. They
must have influence behind them. Tho
samo speech from n man who had al
ready mado himself a powor in tho
chamber, by his display of legislative
genius and statesmanship in tho com
mitteo rooms, might havo had groat
force. As it was, his fellow-sonators
listened to him with respect, but not
with conviction. His wns nothing but
the exploding of a blnnk cartridge.
Tho result is that tho sonato has taken
tho now member's measure beforo ho
has had timo to grow and ho will havo
difficulty in proving to it hereafter that
1 hq is tall enough and strong enough to
do a man's work. ,Tho first bout in tho
wrestling match between tho sonator
and tho trusts is ovor nud it is scon
that tho sonator is tho only ono left
breathless; tho trusts nro not oven pant
ing. How can ho win tho other falls!"
Tho old precedent was n good thing
becnuso it kept tho raw recruits from
expending their ammunition boforo thoy
had learned to shoot strnight. It pre
vented innocent bystanders from being
hit iustcad of tho tnrget and saved tho
tympanums of sensitivo ears much pain.
Toll tho bells for dead precedent, and
mourn its loss. Washington Post.
Candy Babe, tho Phoonix pacing
mare, owned by C. M. Ilniiua, dropped
dead as a result of heart disease.
Leading men of tho Salt rivor vnlloy
havo petitioned tho Maricopa board of
county supervisors for a frnnchiso to
build an electric lino of railway from
Phoonix to Mesa.
Phoenix has been assured that regis
tered mail will bo delivered during tho
coining holidays. In past years people
havo been compelled to go to tho post
ofilco and sign .up.
William Doherty, an old-timer of
Phoenix familiarly known as "Monte,"
is dead. Doherty enmo to Arizona
about thirty years ago and was at ono
timo considered a bad, man. For tho
past ten years he has been a shining
light in tho Salvation Army at Phoe
nix. Tho board of supervisors of Maricopa
county has given tho United States gov
rivor vnlloy is ou display In Phoonix.
eminent tho right to put up powor trans
mission lines ou all county ronds.
A small branch containing thirty-two
oranges taken from a tree in tho Salt
Tho oranges aro largo and well formed.
Two small Moxican lads havo confess,
cd to a largo number of storo and res:
denco robberies in Phoenix.
Cantnlonpo growers in tho vicinity of
Phoenix havo formed m association.
Mining men in tho Clifton-Morenci
district assert that the tailings injunc
tion if not dissolved means death to
mining operations in that section. Val
ley farmers say that if tho lid is lifted
it means death to agricultural pursuits.
And thero you are.
Phoenix is raising funds for tho suf
ferers of tho Monongah mino disas
ter. Tho Bisbco Elks mado a big hit at
Tombstono with "Tho. Collego Pen
nant." Allen Carson died of consumption at
Tombstone while on the way to tho
dopot to tako n train for his homo in
Wisconsin, where ho expected to spond
tho holidays.
In a rather rough mixup with a negro
Toreto Lopez had his head broken at
, Jack Gardner, a Bisbco bartender, is
missing and a warrant has been sworn
out for his arrest, charging him with
misappropriating two valuablo dia
monds. Tho independent telcphono company,
mado up of Pasadena, Cal., capitalists,
is persistent in its fight for a franchise
at Phoenix.
"Great Scott," said tho doctor to his
servant. "Has nobody called during
my two days' absence. I left this slate
ucro for callers to write their names on
and it is perfectly clean."
"Oh, yes, sir," responded tho ser
vant, cheerfully. "A lot of folks has
jamc. An' tho slate got so full o'
names that only this mornin' I had to
rub ' cm all out to mako room for
nore! " Cleveland Leader.
Big Show Tonight
A swell comedy act at tho Iris,
program on page G.
Trunks and Suit Cases twenty per
cent off at Sultan's.
Thero is something abvut Konncdy's
Laxativo Cough Syrup that makes it
different from others, as it causes a frco
yet gonllo action of tho bowels through
which tho cold is forced out of tho sys
tem. At tho samo timo it heals irrita
tion and allays inflammation of tho
throat and lungs. It is pleasant to take.
Children like it. Contains no opiates
nor narcotics. Sold by Hanna's Drug
Their first appearance in blackface
comedy. Don't fail to sco Conloy & Lee
in their blackfaco sketch at the Alex
ander tonight.
Dairco by Fraternal Brotherhood at
Maurcl hall, Christmas night, Dccombor
25. Tho best of music. A good timo
assured all. Everybody invited. Ad
mittance $1, ladies free. Objection
able characters will bo rofused admit
tance. How About Your Insurance?
Don't wait until tho house burn?
down beforo you think of insurance Sei
Mooro & Feland about it at once, Homi
Printing Building. tf
Storago room phono G01.
Nothing: does more for
a grocer, one way or the
other, than coffee. He
must sell poor; (he needn't
sell it to you) it is good
thit makes him.
Your ctoccr returns your money If you don't
like Schllltne's Beit: we pay him
"Tho Chorus Qlrl."
Tho lnrgost crowd ovor in Dreamland,
next to Mrs. Fiskc, witnessed tho above
beautiful comedy dramn, and it is safe
to say, tho best sntisficd crowd. It wns
really n mirpriso, and ovcry ono joined
in praising Jolly Dolla Pringlo, and her
well balanced compnny of nrtists. As
wns to bo oxpected, from tho nnmo, ov
ory act was full of lively and sensn
tionnl situations, and thrilling climax
es. Tho climax to the third act was
no doubt tho boat thing ovor seen in
Globq, tho largo nudionco fully appro
cinting its merit, and compelling threo
curtnins beforo it would bo satisfied.
Tho specialties wero all good, and
ontlrely now hero. Tonight tho bill
will bo "A Bachelor's Romnnce,"
which is a splondid comoly, full of good
dialogue, and lively situations.
Tho company gota hotter and tho
crowds larger nt ovcry performance
a feature which always brings out tho
best thero is in nny troup.
"Tho Parish Priest" will bo tho pro
duction for tomorrow night.
Aloxandcr Theater
Tho Alexander theater is now under
new manngement, Duncan & Bochn hav
ing purchasod this popular plncc f
ainusenient',j'from Chnrlcs Alexander.
Both gentlemen havo been in business
in Globo for. somo timo nnd they prom
iso to furnish clean, wholesome and
nmusing attractions for their pntrms.
Tonight thero "will bo two now acts,
Conloy & Leo in blnekfuco comedy and
Cameron & McDonald Sn illustrated
Iris Theater
Tonight will bo ehnngo night nt tho
Iris, instead of last night, booniifc of
tho delayed arrival of tho new vaude
ville attraction. The Hardys, a cmncdy
sketch team, arrived in tho,' ity last
cvoning nnd will open their engage
ment this evening, playing at both per
formances. Thoy, arc said to bo very
clever comedians,
"It says here," said tho dead beat,
"that tho best cigars nro always
"I don't doubt it," roplicd tho easy
man, with much emphasis. "I notico
you arc always sponging tho best ones
from me." Chicago Daily News.
"Needn't shavo my upper lip this
time," said Archie, as he took his
seat in tho bnrbor's chair. "You may
start n moustache for me."
"I can't do that, sir," said tho bar
ber, "I'll let your upper lip alone,
but you'll havo to start the blooming
moustache yourself, sir." Chicago
"She's really too young to go shop
ping alone."
"Yes, sho is rather impressionable."
"Impressionablol How do you
"I mean she's linblo to get excited
nnd buy something." Philadelphia
Is one of Globe's oldest and best
known cafes; everything first-class in
his line. Call and bo convinced.
Buy your dried fruits at Saltans'.
Get your winter supply of coal while
wo aro delivering it in ton lots at $12
per ton. Globo Hardwaro Co.
For Sale, For Rent nnd Furnished
Room cards for salo at tho Silver Belt
ofiicc. 10c each, 3 for 25c.
Big Show Tonight
A swell comedy act at the Iris. Sco
program on page C.
Steam Laundry
Towel Supply
One Towel Cabinet,
Brush, Soap and Six
Towels each week
$1.25 per Month
Telephone 461
750 North Broad Street
Gas Engines
and Hoists
Latest, safest and most improved
model, guaranteed for economy and re
liability; simplest scientific ongino built.
Agent for
Sold and Installed on absoluto guar
antco by
John Wog
Box 211 GLOBE. ARIZ.
The sensational
climax to our
great year-end
E WANT to mako tho closing days of 1907 the most memorablo in
the history of this groat store. Wonderful as has been tho soiling
during tho past few wooks, our sales from now until January 1,
1908, will dwarf tho groatost efforts of tho past. Tako ono-fifth
0 o
off tho low prices that havo prevailed at McNeil's during this
great selling event and you will havo tho pricos of today. This sale affects
ovcry artlclo in tho house furniture, stoves, rugs, dishes, cooking utensils
everything. ,
Read These Amazing
The only real lino in tho city. Ab
solutely high-class goods. Beautiful
modern, elegant.
Tho Empress, wns $85, now....$68.00
Princess, was $35, now,..,. $28.QQ
Princess, was $22.50, "now. $18.20
Dressers that sold for $17.50, now
Dressers that were $1-1, now....$ 10.00
GO-GARTS A pretty collection at
prices that will surely interest yon.
Go-Carts that sold for $14, now $11.20
Go-Carts that were $1, now. $3.20
Make Your. Wants Known Here. You Will Get Satisfactory Results.
Advertisements under this Dead lOcenupcr line tne first Insertion uod fl cents Dcr line each
subsequent insertion. Uv tnotaontb. 11.00 oor line No ad Inserted'for less than .-0 cents. All
ad under tbU head must oe naia for in advance D'ncount to regular advertisers.
WANTED Two copies each of tho
Daily rizona Silver Belt dated Nov.
2, 1907, and Oct. 11, 1907. Return to
this office to circulator.
LOST Gentleman's gold watch and
chain. S. M. engraved on the case,
Waltham movement. Return to this
WANTED Employment Agency Dopt.
Laborers, $2.50 and eight hours work.
Reliable help furnished free of chargo
on short notice.
FOR RENT Real Estate Dcpt.
Two and 6-room houses, furnished.
Two, 3 and 6-room houses, unfurn
ished. Tour-room house furnished and four
room hours unfurnished.
For Sale Lots from $33 up.
Houses with lots, $225 nnd up.
NICK MILICK, Agent, Room 23,
Trust Building, Telephone 2101.
FOR RENT Completely furnished
houso of five rooms, close in, nt a
snap. Call 170 East Push street.
FOR RENT Five-room house. Apply
at 359 South Sutherland street.
FOR RENT Five-room furnished house
on Nob hill. Call this office.
FOR RENT Six room houso; furnished
or unfurnished. Also four room un
furnished house Apply Mrs. E. ,Mer
rjtt, 319 Mesquit,o street.
At a meeting of all of the Fire In
suanco Agents doing business in Globe,
Arizona, held this 17th day of Decem
ber, 1907, it was decided to extend no
credit to any policy holder beyond the
15th of tho following month in which
tho policy went into effect, and that in
tho event of cancellation no other agent
shall bo allowed to write insuranco for
tho delinquent until notified by tho
original agent that tho earned premium
thereon has been paid to him.
Further: That in each and ovcry case
whoro an endorsement is made a chnigo
of fifty (50) cents shall bo collected
beforo delivering tho policy.
Consolidated Realty Co.
Gila County Abstract C.
Mooro & Feland,
Globo Bank & Savings Co., Inc.
For Sale, For Rent and Furnished
Room cards for salo at the Silver Belt
office. 10c each, 3 for 25c.
Worth doing is worth doing well. If
you wish to bo surcd of Rheumntism
uso Ballard's Snow Liniment and you
will bo "well cured." A positivo euro
for Sprains, Neuralgia, Bruises, Con
tracted Muscles and all tho ills that
flesh is heir to. A. G. M. Williams,
Naynsota, Toxas, writes:
"I havo used Snow Liniment for
sprained anklo and it gnvo tho best of
satisfaction. I always keop it in tho
Sold by tho Palace Pharmacy.
Twenty per cent off on Roborts, John
son & Rand Shoes at Sultan Brothors.
Notico is hereby given that tho an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Arizona Eastern Railroad Company
will bo held in tho offices of the com
pany, at Tucson, Arizona, on Tuesday,
January 14, 1908, at 3:00 o'clock p. in.
Dated Tucson, Arizona, Dccombor 4,
Iron and Brass Beds
Brass Beds, satin finish, wero $85,
now - $08.00
Brass Beds, wero $32.G0, now....$20.00
Brass Beds, wero $22.50, now..$18.50
Iron Beds, claborato brass trim
mings, wero $27.50, now $22.00
Iron Beds, beauties, wero $20,
now . $ 1C.00
Iron Beds, were $12, now .....$!)30
Iron Beds, wore $8, now... ,.....$0.40
Iron Beds, wero $4, now ..$3.00
Buffets, wero $17.50. now.. $38.00
Buffets and Combination China
Closet, wero $55, now $44.00
FOb. RENT Room in the Poatoffico
building. Apply at Silver Belt office.
FOE RENT Desirablo furnished rooms,
$S and up. Mrs. L. G. Coombs, Ball
ground. .
FOR RENT Furnished rooms; also fur
nished housekeeping rooms. 320 E.
Oak street.
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms,
with bath; also furn. house. Mrs. J.
Harvey Harris, 424 S. Hill. T.cl. 1391.
FOR .RENT Largo store room in rear
of Mrs. Fort's millinery parlors. Eu
tranco from alley. Apply to Mrs.
FOR RENT Ten-room house; lavatory
in every room; just completed. In
quire of .1. Maurcl, box 221.
FOR RENT Threo-room house. Apply
Julo Maurei, box 221, or Cement
houso. tf
FOR RENT Furnished room. Apply
to tho White House, 504 N. Broad
TO TRADE Equity in 5-room lfou0
First National Bank account. T.'T.,
Silver Belt.
LOST Combination K. of P. and M.
W. A. watch charm. Finder leave at
Silver Belt office. 3t
FOUND Ono gentleman's glove at
Dreamland. Owner can obtain samo
by calling at theater.
710 N. Broad St. Tel. 1711
Headquarters for tho
Gatti Meat Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Will Meet All Prices
Tho Gattl Meat company is still in
tho field to sell butters. Saying nothing
but standing pat against all butters.
Globe, Ariz., December 17, 1907.
Notico is hereby given that tho City
Assessment Roll nnd warrant for collec
tion of taxes for tho year 1907 are now
in my possession.
Taxes will becomo delinquent sixty
days after tho dnto of this notice, nnd
if not paid on that dato or prior thero-
to, fivo por cent will bo added to tho
amount thereof as penalty.
Said taxes aro payablo at tho ofilco of
the Tax Collector,
City Tnx Collector.
Dolls! Dollsl Van Wagenon- has tho
finest lino over brought td Globe.
If you wish a fine riding saddle call
at Sultans'.
characterized this
Cots and Davenports
Stocl Cots, wero $7.50, now $6.00
Steel Davenports, were $9, now .$7.20
Steel Davenports, wero $15, now
............ .. . ...$ 12.00
Couch Pads, wero $6, now.... $4.80
Brussels Art Squares
Axminster, 10-0x13-6, wero $40,
now a- $32.00
Axminster, were $30, now.. 424.00
Brussels, 9x12, wero $20, now..$10.00
Brussels, 9x12. were $20, now..$lC.00
$.17.50 Brussels, 9x12, now...i.$14.50
Brussels Bugs, 30x54 inches, Aycro
$2.25, now ,...., . $1.80
Axminster, 60x27 inches Wero
$3.50, now ..$2.80
Axminster, 36x72 inches, wero
$5.50, now $4.40
Parlor Sets
Heal Mahogany, were $55, n6w..$44.00
Mahogany Finished, wero $25,
now , 420.00
Thrce-Pieco Mission, was $15,
now .: $13.00
Dining Chairs
Solid Oak, leather &eat, wero $3,
now . ......... $4.00
Mission, leather seat, were $4.50,
now . $3.40
Don't fail to see our gigantic
China and Crockery Department.
Great cuts here.
Just Across tho
Christmas Cheer Permeates
Our Entire Store
here the prudent shoppers will assemble during
the next few weeks to secure their gifts. Our holi
day display s of a nature uniquely and acceptably
Beauty, Ornamentation
and Utility
You'll findta different air pervading this storean
air of elegance, of refinement, of metropolitanism so
so desirable. No confusion here. Large, well ar
ranged store. Fine goods in. departments especially
constructed for them. A shoppers' haven that's it.
Old Dominion Commercial Co.
l.li I ai . I n . i . m 111 ! . '
JAAAttAAtg?? 4 At A AIA A AiJTTTT A t tJ tt AAiTuVWut t"3il '51' '2I I V
X Lon Sanders, Proprietor ?
v T
t me
X High-Class
Wines and Liquors
1 1 p ii T( iTt f mTmT iT iTi
O. K. Livery Stables
General Livery and Feed Stables
Gaited Saddle Horses....Phone 481
Phone 481 W. P. KELSEY, Mgr. Globe, Arizona
The Eagle
House completely overhauled; nowly painted and papered; now furni
ture; immaculate table linen; good silverwaro nnd nico dishes. Finest
and cleanest kitchen in tho city. Givo us a call nnd you will bo regular.
AAAiTmTi TtTiTtTi iTufr U AAAArf twti tfrf A f A T A T. tTi A Jst"II 4tittf Ti A A A A A flWI' 4 yff
We have the greatest salesman in Globe. Wit,
humor and eloquence sit down when he rises to spealc,
P'Tli,7 is the great speaker, the convincing
ll.d salesman, and is listened to by every
one, and sells the goods.
the unheard of low
prices that have
great selling
China Closets.
Were $37.50, now .
Wero $47.50, now .
Sideboards, were $47.50, now
Excelsior, were $5, now
Cotton Mattresses, were $5
Cotton Mattresses, were 'SO
Orient, wero $14, now
O3tormoor, were $18, now . .
$3 h V
,$3 i p
$4 m
$ si
4ili ' j
An extensive lino of Singer s.
ing Machines from $10to $25, w r
1 ranted.
Rocking Chairs
Cane Scat Rockers, were s
now . sz j
Wopd Seat Rockery, wero $1 7"
now $ i'
Reed Rockers, were" $6, now. $4 v
Reed Rockers, wero $11, now $- v
Solid Oak Rockcrsr, were $1
Arm Rockera, were $3.50, now k'i m
Arm, Rockers, cobble scat, were $
now . . . . , $3 2(
Arm Rockers, cobble t 'seat, were
$-.50, now ... ..'C(i
Leather Scat Rockers, were &6.r
now , y $".2f
Leather Seat Rockers, were $H,
now r $12 n
Morris Chairs, were $1750, now
... $H '
Imported and f
Domestic Cigars
iTnTi tTjJwTnTi ttTnTT TT tTtTi iw t rf Jti T Ji I i I !?

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