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iW ' By tho
i t i !! i i i if
i'PiiVilU!.fil nAih innrninf oxcODt Monday,
Admitted to mails as second class matter,
t' Mnmher of tho Associated Press.
Daily, by mail, ono year $7.50
Daily, by enrrier, ono month 75
t w.li ... 5Kn
"Weekly, six months 1.25
Cash in adrance.
i -, i i i i,
Subscribers Notice
" f Subscribers polaso notify this office
-in coao or non-aciivery vi jug uiut,
Mondar excented.
? 1 :
Hr 1 ltf L j. a .t - - - - - - a at A
i .Advents. ag ruics tuaue " t
r 'nlication.
Entered at tho Postoffice in Qlobe,
,. Ariz., as second-class mail. ,
i - 7
Tho average dally circulation or tno
Silver Belt during tho month of Decem
ber was
.; 5873
The Silver Belt has a larger circala-
' tioa than any daily newspaper in the
world published in a city with 10,000 or
, '
r Q,t)uM.iKArtt f tint Tlniltf Arivrmn. Ait.
vei; Belt will confer a iavor on this
fGco by reporting promptly failo.ro to
Tecoivo paper. When, no complaint is
Teceivod tho natural conclusion is that
( tha naner in borne delivered recrwarly.
Is tho singlo life tho only successful
, President-elect Taft considers the old
said existence the Ideal one. Tq At-
lanta normal school pupils bo said:
"I think that the secret of most do
mestic Infelicity is In tho fact that
young women think that unless they are
.married their lives aro not a success.
As a matter of fact,T think the reverse
Is exactly true."
Mr. Taft la a good 'jollier-" To pu
plls in a school of technology he says
the world's greatest men aro its en
gineers; to law students ho says that
tho law Is the noblest of professions;
to divinity students he says that the
ministry is the highest calling. No
liarm Is done If bis pleasant utterances
are not taken too seriously.
Unfortunately, his remarks on tho ad
visability of remaining unmarried seem
to be taken seriously. And, coming
from a president-elect, they involve a
radical change In tha policy of the
government, being a complete reversal
of tha Roosevelt doctrine of big fam
ilies. Singlo blessedness, if it is blessedness
at all, is the very doubtful blessedness
of absoluto selfishness. Tho general
movement toward taxation of the
bachelor Is not without good reason.
Ho Is a parasite upon society, contrib
uting nothing toward the only real
thing in this world life. And the
same is true of the unmarried woman.
There Is no getting away from the
two fundamental yearnings of all ani
mal existence self-preservation and
procreation. Indeed these yearnings ex
tend beyond animal creatfon, and are
basic laws oven of the vegetable king
dom. The person who falls to bring at least
. ono life Into tho world dies in debt for
his or her own birth.
He or she may perform high social
service of other sorts. The bachelor
wedded to science or art or mechanics
may leave tho world better than it
was when he camo into it. The teach
er may contribute to life in making it
better worth living.
But in doing theso things, they do
not pay their full debt. On tho con.
trary, the higher the development of
their character and the higher their
capability for service, the greater is
thoir obligations to recreate their own
kind. K
Wo have never taken any great stock
. in tho report that there is a coldness
developing between Mr. Taft and Mr.
Roosevelt, but thero aro suspicious cir-
, cumstances, wo admit. For instance,
Mr. Taft's suggestion to tho woman
toachers that there may be a more lofty
sphero In llfo for them than the one
roached via the matrimonial altar. That
' Is not precisely Rooseveltlan, we think.
"Uncle Sam" Is to get out of Cuba
soon, but that tight littlo island docs
not want to got it into its head that
J the old gentleman isn't liable to drop
in for another pop call of a year or
moro, If occasion seems to demand tho
same hereafter.
A New York society woman is to
have her pet cat oporated on for a very
"delicate complaint We suppose tho sur
geons wouldn't have the nerve to an-
nounce that "the oporation was bril
llantly successful, but the patient died '
nine times," no matter what tho result.
Following their leader moro than two
hundred snoop out of a band of 5,000
jumped from a high cliff in tho stato
of Washington to their doath. The rest
wero stopped from following only by
tho hardest efforts of tho herders.
That's sheep-like.
But what is of more importance la
that it's also human-like,
Wo do a lot of theorizing about our
individuality of thought and action, but
tho theorizing Is just about all there is
to it.
Ninety-nine hundredth of our think'
lng slides along in deep worn grooves
Tho man who lots a thought slip out
of a groove is denounced or pitied as a
, Men who havo contributed original
ideas to tho world aro extremely few,
and they aro peltod with anathomas and
ridicule' until their ideas begin to bo
popular, whon wo all, sheep like, chase
after them pell moll, whether to good or
The notion that is popularly acceptod
for the moment, however silly it may bo,
Rulo of the majority needs no written
constitution to make it work out in our
private lives.
The heaviest burden our minds carry
is memory.
Our commonest rule of action is Imi
Our most serious contemplation of
any act is an effort to recall how some
body has successfully done the same
With sheop-llke simplicity we follow
the fashions in dress.
A milliner in Paris designs the hats
for all the occidental world of woman
hood. A London tailor is tho bell-wether,
whose lead tho men of two continents
Wo read the book that everybody
else is reading.
We all want to get into the theatre
that is crowded.
Even ailments that aro for the time
most genteel aro the most infectious.
Never Jumps a sheep with a bell on
Over anything whatever
Over a cliff or wall or timber
But a second follows after,
And a third upon a second
And a fourth and fifth and dozenth
First ono sheep and then a hundred,
Till they all havo got clear over.
So wo human beings always
Seem to follow ono another,
When wo see a signal waving
In the air a tail uplifted
As the first one leapeth over
Then we follow, thicker, faster,
Till our littlo world is nothing
But a bllndly-lod procession.
4 In the courso of our evolution from
tho lower animals wo must havo paused
a long time In the sheep period.
Actions, not words, are what will de
termine tho opinion which the great
American public is to entertain of its
national legislative assembly. t Mere
verbal protest will not avail.
Representative Donby of Michigan,
in defending the house of representa
tives from tho insinuations and accusa
tion! of President Roosevelt, said:
"1" know he (President Roosevelt)
must have failed to realize that, In
encouraging in the popular mind dis
trust of this body, he is striking at the
very foundation of popular govern-
Denby should remember that "the
popular mind" is just that final intel
ligent common senso of the 86,000,000
peoplo of the nation, and that this
"mind" will trust or distrust its con
gress on the record. If congress shows
no disposition to protect tho criminally
disposed; if It passes legislation to ex
pedite not to hinder prosecution of the
thieves if those who mako up congress
keep their "speculation'; and their
public acts apart; If senators will cease
to practice "influence" along with
''law," and members will draw fees
for tho unmixed activities of legal prac
tice instead of mingled services to in
terests which aro opposed to the gen
eral good; if congress will begin to
see things from tho people's point of
vlow; if members of the house will be
as eager for tho passago of good laws
as for drawing "mileage allowances"
for miles not traveled, or Increasing
salaries not Justly earned; if congress
would have loss scandals about com
mittees liko that which makes laws for
our navy, and when scandals come
would spend more time in seeking truth
and less in punishing those who bring
exposure; if congress would rovise Its
rules; if congress would promote instead
of holding back progressive legislation;
If congress did not ever rido on passes,
seok tho appointment of a bad Judi
ciary, grant public moneys to the rail
ways; misuso tho frank, postal telegraph
and telephone; if congress did not mako
buncombo speeches, nourish tho fetish
of tho party names, Job in patronage,
wasto the people's time and do a few
moro things of such liko trend then,
with a better graco the public might
listen when its Denbys do their solemn
protest, and its Perkinses tako the floor
to say:
"It fs dangerous to the republic that
a largo portion of tho people should
'havo their confidence shaken in the
Vf3F4 '
Judges who interpret ' tho law; it Is
equally dangerous that their confidence
should bo impaired In those who onact
tho laws; and it is for this reason that
tho duty dovolves upon the lawmakers
not to allow tho integrity of their
motives to bo lightly questioned."
Poohl Mr. Chadbandl We are not
A Kentucky court has decided that a
husband has a right to whistle or sing
while his wifo is lecturing him or argu
ing with him. Ho may be within his
legal rights to conduct himself in that
manner, but wo think f ow husbands will
ever practico it enough to get in tho
habit of it.
Algernon Edgar Oascoigne Cecil has
offered a bill in parliament to suppress
the suffragettes. In our opinion, the
rampant femininity represented in tho
ranks of tho suffragettes Isn't going
to shy at the efforts of a man with
a namo like thatt
"The Cuban congressmen will wear
silk hats and frock coats in honor of
tho dignified office they hold," says the
Clovoland Plain Doalcr- Surely thero
will be ono member from Wayback to
protest against any N such hlghf alutin
foolishness. ,
King Alfonso contempU-.tes a trip in
an air ship. Wo suppose his majesty
wants to convinco the anarchists that
he may be depended upoa to provide
his own finish, if given sufficient lati
tude. "The world cannot prog) ess without
the sacrifico of human life '.o scienco, ' '
says tho Baltimore Star. That, however,
is no shadow of an excuse In tho perni
cious activity of the rockletB automobll
1st. I
"Ono can buy a bcttei auto today
for $1,500 than he could for $3,000 a
few years ago," says tho Nashville
American. Tho great majority of peo
plo can't and couldn't do anything of
the kind.
Thornton J. Halns says a trial for life
is like a poker game tho defendant
holding douces at tho start and tho pros
ecution having a hand full of aces. Mr.
Hains seems to have made his bluff
We sea no particular reason why Mr.
Roosevelt should go to Africa for the
hide of a rhinoceros when he might so
much moro easily skin a standpatter or
so right in Washington.
The Oklahoma legislature has official
ly abolished tho "Hon." so frequently
attaching to Individual members' names.
Thus another pleasant littlo fiction goes
to the land of things that were.
King Edward and Emperor William
are to meet soon. Presumably, the lat
ter will tell tho former all about the
latter s hay crop and the servant girl
situation in the German household.
The Sultan of Turkey doubtless fig
ured that Austria's check for $10,000,
000 in hand was a good deal better than
a couple of 2x4 provinces not even in
tho bush any longer.
"Without a congress after March 4,
Mr. Roosevelt is apt to got out of con
dition," says tho Chicago Post. And
how about congress without a Mr.
A Maine man has written 11,7000
words on a sincle costal card. We have
no doubt, moreover, that ho is the cham -
pion checker player of his town.
"Frenzied, capricious, self-centered,
and self-exalted" aro a few of the long
and handsomo words former Senator
Towne hands Mr. Roosevelt.
Tho list of things Mr. Roosevelt will
carry into Africa is a very long one,
but, thank heaven, it doesn't Include
the congressional war.
Congress' recently awakened tender
solicitude for tho lately execrated Mr.
Roosevelt's feelings is touching if not
altogether convincing.
Lillian Russell's announced intention
not to marry again may help Nat Good
win to rest content and stand pat on
his present record.
Whon tho administration blows up
tho powder trust, wo supposo it Is sched
uled to make a noise that will be heard
around tho world.
We bellovo tho Sultan of Turkey
might havo been induced to part with
Herzegovina and Bosnia for $9,999,
999.09. Ohloans should consider tho Lilloy
Georgo L. He appears to bo successful
ly holding on to two offices simultan
eously. And now science finds another evi
dence of tho missing link. It is quite
possible for an apo to have apendicitis.
President Roosevelt has not increased
his popularity with certain portly colo
nels since ho took that ride.
All tho world loves a lover because
it enjoys a joke.
i-!&mm& 3mms&m?mEmi
r , mw;:rsuo9a!alSH5iS
Y j " vssri "ir
twMiAfw JM"
Th Aged Angler: "Oh, aye, the last tith I caught were r proper big 'un,
n' no mistake."
Th Inquiring Angler: "Indeed? Why didn't you have It stuffedf"
The Aged Angler: "Well, you eee, I weren't more nor a lad at the time."
From tho Baltimore Sun.
It would be unjust to Mr. Taft, and
it would raise false hopes In the south,
to give his declaration on this vitally
Important matter a meaning which is
not fairly deducible from his language.
But if the statement which we quote
above means that in making appoint
ments to tho office in tho south, Mr.
Taft will not select men whoso presence
In official positions would be objection
able to the great majority of the white
people of that section, we think It is
not an unreasonable conclusion that
Mr. Taft will appoint no negroes to
important offices in tho southern states
He docs not say this in so many words.
but wo'believo that this Is the inter
pretation of bis language which will
prevail in the south. The political ad
vantage which Mr. Taft's party would
derive from tho policy of putting In
offlco men whose presence In official po
sitions would not create among the
white residents in tho southern commun
itlos a "sense of alienism in the govenv
ment" might not result in a political
revolution In tho south but it would
strengthen the confidence of the south
in the practical wisdom of Mr. Taft.
From the .lournnl of Education.
Teachers should organize in every
county and state. The New York teach
ers and the Chicago federation of grade
teachers havo taught their fellow-teach
ers a noble lesson. Tho Chicago princl
pals aro strengthening their organiza
tion and making it a power.
The next great educational advance
is likely to bo along tho line of close,
protective, and promotive organization.
The teachers will present a sorry spec
tacle in American life if they remain as
individuals. Tho wrongs that teachers
suffer individually and collectively can
bo righted more quickly, more completely
and with lesss waste of time and money
through a well-organized association
than In any other way. Superintcn
dents, principals, secondary school
teachers, special teachers, as a whole,
1 and Brade teachers should each havo
thoir own most efficient organizations
Havo no fear of mistakes; only learn
from them.
From tho Atlanta Constitution.
It was the south, In the person of the
arogant stato of Mlssissippf, whero they
grow such antipodal extremes as John
Sharpe Williams and Vardaman, that
gavo imortality to tho Roosevelt admin
istration by sending down to history
tho contemplative Teddy bear.
It will be the privilege of Georgia to
insure for the democratic south a sim
ilar distinction in the Taft republican
administration by bestolwng upon the
illustrious Ohioan, now a guest in our
midst, the appellation of 'fast friend
and International advocate of Br'er
Marsupial replaces ursa minor; tho
king is dead, long live the kingl
From the Ohio Stato Journal.
One by one tho cities are adopting
tho centralized form of government
known as the commission plan. There
is ono thing to bo noticed about this
new style of municipal government, and
that is, it seems to bo succeeding, for
thero is no return to the old complicated
power-distributed plan whero the com
mission idea has been intelligently tried.
Hore is one thing that the people
should agree upon and insist upon as
a matter of public policy, that their
government should be simple and direct
They get tho best service out of such
a plan. And then it must occur to all
observing peoplo that intricate and com
plex machinery serves to hide needless
expenso and various forms of graft,
which would not bo possible if four or
five men, standing out in the daylight
of publicity, would have to shoulder
the blame. The commission plan in fast
growing in popularity, and it will not
be long when a city will be regarded alind reiiabIe Vegetable regulator. ' Sold
an Stiff aiw tin jAn hm4 Vmw.& Jet 1 . - .
I an old fogy that does not have it.
Croup and Wkoopmg Cough
Tho mothers of young children have
bo need to fear these diseases if they
keep Chamberlain's Cough Bomedy at
hand. Mr. M. Davenport, of Pauls
Yalloy, Ind. Ter.. writes: "I have
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ray family for several years and have
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Mm. James Hubbard told Mrs. Jones
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For health and Happiness DeWitt'a
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From tho New York Ktcmng Post.
It remains only for Capt. Hains to
escape on the ground of insanity, and
Now York might then just as well hang
out a sign: "Murderers Welcomed and
Too Much Face
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From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Not long ago a telophone girl married
a millionaire. Now she receives $700
a month alimony. Her married life may
have been brief but it seoms to havo had
its recompenses.
Every Mother
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plication. 8old bv Paluco Pharmacy.
From tho Richmond Journal.
The president's experience, and tho
wido publicity given to his rido, should
have tho effect of stimulating the pride
and cnorgizing tho efforts of Virginia
peoplo to improve their roads.
The Meanest Man m Town
Is the ono who always wears a frown,
is cross and disagreeable, and is short
land sharp in his answers. Nino cases
out of ton it's not tho poor fellow's
fault, it's his liver and digestion that
make him fool so miserable, ho can't
help foolinc disagreeable. Aro vou in
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m ... ' . . . ....!
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r f
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W. E. Linley, M. D., a prominent physician, is located permanently
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ALEXANDER BROTHERS, Postofflce, Fort Thomas, Arizona.
The Globe Commercial Co.
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