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$. ?
Ours is a
Careful Laundry
Feibaps you axe not satisfied with
having your laundry work dona
at home or by your present laun
dryman. If such is the' case
don't get discouraged, hut give
us a trial, as wo aim to satisfy
and pleaso each' of our customers.
Just phono 461, and we will have
our wagon call.
Arizona Steam
Clothing and Gents'
Furnishing Goods
Being sold at ACTUAL
COST ! Now is the
time to buy! Don't wait!
Buy today!
687 N. Broad St.
The New Customer
Wo make old customers out of
new ones, and rarely lose either.
This Is because they are SATIS
are satisfied becsibe we do
horseshoeing and carriage repair
ing as it should be done. Horses
called for and delivered.
PHONE 2281
Pinal Dairy
Quality and Richness All Pre
served in All Milk Sold. We
To Make Butter.
Inspection Invited.
Testa Furnished on Eeqnwt.
Phone 2153. Box 731.
We Do Laundering
as it Should be Done
We guarantee our work to
pleaso you. All we ask is a trial.
Our wagon will call. Phone 1481.
Globe Steam Laundry
Downtown Office, Owl Club Cigar
Bank .Exchange
J. T. LOUIE, Proprietor
Now open in rear of
Chinese Chop Suey
and .Noodles
Meals at All Hours
Open Day aud Night
The Finest Resort in Globe
Popular with all classes winter and
summer. Befreehmeatf of all kiidt
Choice Cigars, Wines and Liquors.
BchliU and ABheastr-Baach Bear al
ways oae Draught. !
Registered Stallion
'Trotter, Record of 2:l4.
Stands at Shute's Barn
PRICE ssr.oo.
Private Pupils in All
Common Branches4 t,
F..O. Box 10T, i'1 Chlofcj, Arfai
"Sbf-i .
Four Insane From Santa Cruz.
Shoiiff Harry Saxon of Santa Cruz
comity took, four insano men to Phoonix
last week for commitment to the terri
torial insane asylum. One of thfi un
fortunates had brooded too long over
the subject of, religion, tho second over
the flowing bowl and tho'third over tho
defeat of -Mark rfnilth, which was suf
flelent cause, by the way. The fourth
went Crazy on general principles.
. 'Bitten by' Skunk.-
Henry Kicks of Douglas , linn .gone
to Austin, TexasYo undergo treatment
at the Pasteur instituto there for the
bito of n hydrophobfa skunk, which at
tacked him while he. was alseop on
Tuesday night. Kicks and his partner
wero out about twenty, miles from Doug
Ins drilling a we'll -aud were sleeping
In a lent by their work. One night
Kicks was awakened by a bite of the
animal and putting his hand to his
face found the blood trickling from the
wniiml. He called to bin partner to
light the lantern, A-hich was quickly
done, and the, tho animal was su.cu
about to make another attaek, but
quickly turned and escaped in the
darkness. About thcnmo time, .1. h
Parvin was also bitten by a hydropho
bia skunk at his ranch ,in the Swiss
helms. Pavin was without means and
a movement was .started among his
Cochise county friends tp raise money
to defray the expense of the trip and
treatment at tho Austin institute.
Scjd Surface Eights.
The surface rights of tho Lone Star
mine at Courtiand have been sold by
Thomas Pidwelf aud his partner, Julian
C. Hearne of New York, to J. N. Mc
Tate, who wants it for townsite pur
poses nnd will erect buildings thereon.
Pidwell and Hearne reserved the right
to mine tho ground below tho depth
of forty feet from the surface.
In response to a telegram received
from Chairman Hamilton of tho houso
committee on territories, Governor Kib-
bev left last Friday for Washington
to givo what assistance he could iu
the matter of statehood legislation.
Chairman Hamilton's telegram tated
that a tentative draft of the statehood
bill is now under consideration by a
subcommittee, and that it will probably
be reported on Saturday of this week
or on Monday of next week, Tho tele
gram further suggested tho advisability
of Governor Kibboy's presence in
Washington and added that the lime
is short.
National Guard of Arizona.
"Only one more company may enter
tho National Guard of Arizona nnd the
first- city ir tow n-tu'-prcscnf'n-'-'goud-application,-
will fcget; vthat company, ' 'j
said Adjutant General Coggins to n
GaKctto reporter. "The First Arizona
infantry is now within one company
of being a full regiment," continued
General Coggins. "One regiment is nil
that Arizona is allowed under the mili
tia law. -Tucson is organizing two com
panies, which are to'bc mustered in
next Thursday night? 4 That will leave
only one vacant place."
Arizona's Two Arbor Days.
Arbor day under the law isiobserved
in all the (Southern counties of 'this ter
ritory, the Friday following the first!
day of February in rath 'year, and in
tho counties of Apache, Navajo, Coco
nino, Mohave and Yavapai, tho Friday
following Hiq first, day Of April hi each
year. This fixing of two arbor da' 3
in Arizona indicates the wide diversion
of climate, thero being two mouths' dif
fcrenco in the spripg planting season
Gas Engines
arid Hoists
Latest, w saxes? ana moat tmyrove4
model, guaranteed for economy and re
liability; simplest scientific engine bulll
Agent fox
Installed on rttelste guar-
ate ay
John Wog
Bex Sll
Fi Ma a?ra frail
U MjhUili
,-..- ..... ---.--.-.
"S5'Hi!W!tf '
A Day's
.'1JJ.5 . JnV
Doings in
between northern nnd soutliorn Ail
zona, says tho Tucson Citizen. Arltor
day is a legal holiday and all rdnrhtion
ul 'institutions arc required by law to
observe tho same by tliQ planting ej'
trees or shrubs and 'vines. Tho governor
is required to Ihsuo his proclamation
calling tho attention of tho people to
tho duo observance of the day.
Holding Up the Railroads.
The Douglas Dispatch says: Tho
Gila Valley, Globe & Northern railroad,
which proposed to construct a line be
tween Globe and Miami, has given, up
tho project because land owners insist
ed in holding out for such high prices
for rights of way flint the companv
abandoned tho yroiccV IIero is a
mighty valuablo lesson for tho farmers
iu the Sulphur Springs Valley. Kail
roads are tho first asset for the devel
opment of auy country; without them
little can bo done; this tho directors
know, and they naturally feel that the
new lines should have justice.
Sank In Quicksand.
Sinking in quicksand on a cold, dark
night is a most unpleasant experiene,
but it is ono which befell Hichard
Schwcpp, and Hugh 9. Knox of Wash
ington, D.. C. They started for Tempo
in a buggy and nrrived at tho river af
ter dark. II was loo dark to sco tho
guido stakes and they got too far down
stream. Tho horse floundered in quick
sand almost instantly. Tho two men
were obliged to get put nn 1 help the
horso out of tho sand while the cold
water lapped around them. Tho' rig
wns bo firmly imbedded iu the sand that
they had to leave it there until morn
ing. Young Knox is a son of tho Penn
sylvania senator.
Gold Claims Bonded..
The Arica group of sold mines, iu
tho Parker district, Yuma county, has
been bonded by tho Williams brothers,
through tho agency of Arizona Charlie
Meadows of Yuma, tho price reaching
well into sir figures. This is practically
equivalent to a sale, as negotiations
have been under way for some time;
tho quality of oro is well known and
the purchase money is in hand for tho
payments. Mrs. C. II. Gray of Phoenix
was principal owner of the Arica mines,
and they wore operated twenty years
ngo by her husband, "Uncle. Ijum"
Grny as he was familiarly known to
Arizona pioneers.
Accident to Launch.
President Matthews of tho Tempo
.Normal has returned from a ratbor
strenuous trip which' an accident to
the craft used by the party brought
to an. .abrupt end -so far as -Mr. Mat
tlmnH was concerned. Tho president of
tho Tempo Normal was a member of the
Parker excursion Sunday and after
reaching his destination made it up
with a party of gentlemen to go 10'
Yuma in a gasoline launch. On the
down trip nn accident happened to tho
engine nnd Mr. Matthews was com
pelled to leave tho crowd and make the
trip overland, a distance of seventy
two miles.
A Large Banch Enterprise.
B. P. Hackett of Milwaukee and E.
T. Davis of Philadelphia left this
morning in an automobile for tho Cama
Tanch, in which they- arc interested,
says tho Tucson Citizen. This runch,
which extends for several miles along
the Santa Cruz river, is being rapidly
Cleared and several thousand .-.ores will
soon be under cult vatiorl. Several
wells have been drilled and .m ample
supply of water has been found. By
means of pumping stationj winch will
be biiilt the watr will be sntt through
ditches to the different parts it tlio,
ranch. The Canoa propos'tion is one
of the largest private cnterprines in the
Mexican Burned to Death.
A tie-housi belonging to the Phoenix
& Eastern railroad burned at Florence
and in the ruins remaining after the
Annies had spent their energy wero
found a few lragmonts of Jesus Vuldoz,
a section hand, who had Ix'O.i one of
the occupants of tho house. Tour 01
five others were iu the house when it
caught firo and all managed to escape.
It is believed to have starred from the
overturning of a stove or lamp during
the course of a drunken Mpre;, in which
the men wore indulging consequent In
the arrival of pay day.
Hold for Murder.'
Sam Boretto, wlio shot and killed Sam
Bosnvick in Jerome Tuesday, was boun 1
over to appear before the next grand
jury without bonds On tho ehargo of
Vnurdcr. From tho testimony of eye
witnesses to tho shooting, it appears
that; Boretto accused Bosavick of being
the author of a. disparaging statement
concerning his wife's sister. Bosavick
denied tho accusation. Mrs. Boretto
struck Boretto on the head wi'th a chair.
Boretto started to leava and after walk
ing a fow steps turned and drawing a
pistol, fired four shots, striking Bosa
vick in tho stomach four times. Bosa
vick succumbed to tho wounds an hour
Silver Bolt wants your job printing.
. . ..... .
vn - cwSS' - 'VW v ' - stf-' ftiMPsraiiHtf3iirtw.'.-F -vww.t -aorf
Celling "Cariyle."
Horn la Whistler's story of bow he
sold his famous picture of Cnrlylo to
the Glasgow corporation;
received lliein, well, you know,
rharmlngly, of course, nnd one who
spoke for the rest nsked mo If I did
not think I was putting a largo price
on tho plcttiro 1,000 guineas and I
Bnid,'MVc, perhaps, If you will have
It so!"
And lie saltl that it Bccmcd to the
council excessive. "Why, the figure
wns not even life size."
And I agreed.
"Rut, you' know," I said, "few men
are life size."'
And that was nil. It was an otlkial
occasion, nnd I respected It. Then
they asked mo to think over tho mat
ter" rintil tho noxt day, nnd they would
coino again. And they came. And they
said, "Ilnvo you thought of tho thou
sand guineas and what wc Bald nbout
it, Mr. Whistlerr
And I said, "Why, gentlemen, why
well, you know, bow could I think of
anything but the pleasure of seclni
you again?"
And naturally, being gentlemen, they
understood, nnd they gave mo a check
for the thousand guineas.
The Southern Art of Conversation.
The north may thlnk'It knows some
thing of conversation, but tho north, as
compared with the south, may be nald
never to have enjoyed a conversation.
About the village courthouso, within
the hospitable doors of some central
store, In the ofllco of the local dally or
weekly paper ot, above all, In tho lei
surely nnd genial Intercourse around
the firesldo or on the Inviting porch
In summer of friend with friends
there will be henrd a conversation
which In wit, In the charm and force
of Its Illustrations and in the direct
ness and freedom of Its' criticism Is
not surpassed In American life today.
It is tho product of leisure, of a
world without haute, without ruthless
preoccupations, without those resources
of expression nnd interest which be
long to the Crowded and overweighted
existence of the commercial city. It
Is, moreover, part ot tho tradition of
tho cavalier. It Is part of the genius
of climate and soil and social habit.
E. G. Murphy in "The Present South."
Sour Milk Cow.
Tho woman wns new to the country,
and her host took great pains to ex
plain to her whatever she didn't un
derstand nbout the farm. He lmd little
regard for (he truth, this farmer; he
delimited to tent her gullibility to tho
The eows seemed to Interest her
more than any other domestic jaiilmal
due of' tlie""cows hud Tost her tall
somehow, ami this fact led the w oman
to ask why It was,
"That's the xour milk cow," the farm
cr explained, with a straight face
"Wc always cnt the tall' off one cow
In the herd so ns to get sour milk
fresh every day."
The woman looked her doubt.
"It's perfectly true," the farmer In
sisted. "You see. when the cow's tall
Is gone tho sun shines continually on
the cow's udder, nnd the constant heal
sours the milk.-"
But the woman still doubted. New
York Suu.
Few Burled Alive.
"It mlght.be Incidentally mentioned
for tho relief of anxious souls," says
Dr. Woods .Hutchinson in the Amer
ican Magazine', "that tho risk of any
Individual passing Into u trance and
remaining In It long enough to be
burled alive Is exceedingly slight.
There is'no authentic Instance of this
having ever occurred. I took occasion
to Investigate this question some years
ago nnd couiinunlcated with n number
if leading undertakers, nnd they all
unanimously denounced It as ono of
the myths of, the times. Ono of them,
at the tlme'prosldent of the National
Fnnernl Directors' association, In
formed me Hint he had carefully In
stlgated every Instance 'of 'burial
alive' reported in the newspapers for
fifteen years past-niid found every ono
of them to be, In his own language, u
pure fake.'"
Legs and the Alps.
In the visitors' book of one. of the
Swiss hotels an observing traveler has
Inscribed the following lines:
Some dashlnt' young tourists, I see.
Wear trousers which end at the knee.
Twero fetter by half
Junt to,iover the calf
At least where tho calf ought to be.
Only "(hose who linvc seen tlio
scrawny legs, Incased lu mountain
climbing costume, of somo of thoso
tourists who "do" the Alps can fully
appreciate the humor of tho "limerick."
Nuts as Food.
One very great ndvnntagc which
nuts possess over most foods is their
absolute frceu'dm from adulteration.
When you buy nuts you always know
what you arc getting. Of course thoso
bought in'thOriell aro also absolutely
clean. (lood Ileal tb.
Light and Hope.
Even In evil, thnt dark cloud which
hangs over the creation, we discern
rys of light and Jiopend gradually
ijtme to ,seMn-sufferIng piid tempta
tion proofsrind Instruments of tho
trubllmcst purposes of wisdom and
love. Chanu'
At His Expense.
She-Jack told me' that that hospital
was built entirely at his expense, Is
it possible? (lie Well, Jack's undo
eat him off with a hundred doDars
H"" '" "" rest "or -bib money) to
IbulJd.tho hospital..,,,.-,.., A.'
Diet, That Will Bo Beneficlalrto Young
By the time a baby is a year old its
diot should begin to include scrapod
meat and fruit juices and tho whites
of eggs, says Dr. Leonard Keono Hirsh
borg in tho February Delineator. Bo
gin with a wine glass of chicken broth
or bouillon, fed from a spoon, and as
these things aro increased, gradually
decrcaso tho amount of bottle food,
Soon after it turns its first year tin
child should learn to drink from a small
cup. After that its meals may be re
duced to five meals a day, with un occa
sional drink of orange juico nnd plenty
of water in tho intervals.
Tho first meal, on waking up in
tho morning, had better be modified
milk as its chief constituent, with half
as much infant food or strained oat
meal added. The second meal, in tin
middle of tho day, may bo a repetition
of the first. Early in Jtlie afternoon
a uill or so of chicken broth, or half
as much beef juice, may bo given, and
this may bo varied, every few dajs,
with tho white of an egg boiled, say,
for ono minute. Tho two remaining
meals had better have milk as their
mainstay. After n. month or bo of such
diet, if tho baby is in good health, its
mid-morning meal may begin to include
dry toast, zwieback, thin oatjneal aim
other cereals, and its afternoon dinner
may include tho whole of an egg, soft
boiled or poached, aud a toaspoouful
of finely chopped raw beef. Fnris
may be given freely, but it is always
best to havo them well cooked.
There is no Quinine, nothing what
ever harsh or sickening in Provcntics.
These little Candy Cold Curo Tablets
act as by magic. A fow hours and
your threatening Cold is broken. Can
dylike in taste. Proventics please the
children and they break tho feverish
ness, always. And least of all is the
economy. A largo box 18 Proventics
25 cents. Ask your druggist, lit
kuowsl Sold by Palaec Pharmacy
Let the Gunrantco Paint eompany do
your work. Best material, beet work,
lowest prices.
For a rubber tired outfit, just phone
the O. K. 481.
It Does the Busaoas
Mr. E. E. Chamberlnin, of Clinton,
Maine, says of Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
"It does the businoss; I havo used it
for piles and it cured them. Used it
for cluippod hands and it cured them.
Applied it to an old sore and it healed
it without leaving a scar behind." 25c.
at Palaco Pharmacy drug store.
Special sale genuine Oregon City
Mills Wool Blankets at $2.50 , 3 and
$3.50. Thcso sell regularly at $5 and
t(S. McNeil's Furniture store.
If you wnnt tho best driving or rid
ing horses, cnll up the O. K. Phone 481.
W. P. Kclsey, Prop.
Highest class job printing at reason
able prices at Silver Belt.
Fever Bores
Fever sores and old chronis sore-
should not bo healed entirely, bnrshonld
be kept in healthy condition. This can
bo done by applying Chamberlain's
Salve. This salve has no superior for
this purpose. It is also most excellent
for chapped hands, sore nipples, buras
and diseased of the skin. For sale by
all druggists.
Shoeing the Habitant.
Families of French Caundlau farm
era often run luto large numbers, as
Is demonstrated by the following
written order received by the proprie
tor of n Quebec shoe store: "You will
put some shoe on my little families
like this, nnd send by Sam Jameson,
the carrier: One mau, Jean St. Jean
(mc), forty-two years; one woman,
Sophie St. Jeau (she), forty-one years;
Ilcrmedo aud Ixionore, nineteen
years; Houore, eighteen years; Cellua,
seventeen years; Narclbso. Octnvla nnd
Phyllis, sixteen years; Olivia, fourteen
years; rbilllppn, thirteen years; Alex
andre, twelve years; Borlna, eleven
years; Bruno, ten years: Pierre, nine
years; Eugone. we los him; Edonard
nnd Eliza, seven years; Adrlcn. six
years; Camlllc. flvc years; Zoel. four
years; Joseph, three years; Moire, two
years; Muriel, one year; IllUaire
(he go barefoot). IIow much?"
Work That is Unselfish Brings Fullest
You have yaur dream. No doubt you
would liko to live in a castle and wear
fine clothes and be n lady or gentle
mon of grcnt significance. There is
only one way to achieve this. Help
the world to mako somo of its many
other dreams, which aro not so very
different from your own, come true, and
it will help you to realize yours. Evory
dream, you know, has work behind it
for some one. If you want a castle.
some one has to build it. If you want
a dress, somo one has to weave it.
Thcrofore your way is to work for
some ono else in the best way you can,
and in turn some, else will wOrk for
you. You will be paid. And out of
your pay, if your work is good, all the
things which you desire, tho dreams
which you want td come true will come
Mind you, the world rarely gives us
exactly what we want. And, also, we
rarely wunt what we thought wo Want
ed, after wo have it. Nevertheless,
the dreams of tho world, such as tiny
are your dreams and mine arc really
achicveable, and tho regular shops and
factories and trades and professions,
which uro all about us, show the way.
Work is tno answer giving the world
what it? wants by sowing, reaping, man
ufacturing, distributing. Get in dn
that) 'showing what you can do as A
maker of dreams como true, and the
world will quickly respond nnd your
own will become a realitv. Tho Febru-
TMlinonfn. - ' . ' ", " ! S
Shoes at cost. These are good shoes; will
give the best of satisfaction.
ing at from $2 to $2.75; also some bargains
in ladies' and children's shoes.
Don't miss this big sale.
151 North Broad St.
mini m mm ! i unit u i H
Are using or contemplate using POWER for any purpose, see us.
for power over any other prime mover. Bfemember, our service is
tcrrupted twenty-four hours a day.
You want of the food you n
You need a sufficient amount of
good wholesome food and more than
this you need to fully digest it.
Else you can't gain strength, nor
can you strengthen your stomach if
it is weak.
You must eat in order to live and
maintain strength.
You 'must not diet, because tlio
body requires that you cat a suffic
ient amount of food regularly.
But this food must bo digested,
and it must be digested thoroughly.
Wlien tho stomach can't do it,
you must take something that will
help the stomach.
Tho proper way to do Is to eat
what you want, and let Kodol di
gest the food. .,
Nothing else can do this. ' When
the stomach Is weak it needs help;
you mustlhelp itby'givingvi rest,
iha Kodbi ftill do that.
We can save you money on your shoes.
We are closing out all our J. R. &R.
Heavy work shoes in black and tan sell
Sydnor & Sterns, Props.
We handle only the
Best Quality Goods
474 North Broad Street
want to demonstrate to you the advantages of ELECTRIC MOTO;
Eat What
Kodol will digest it.
Our Guarantee
Go to your drutnrist today.
purchase a dollar bottle, and if)
can honestly say, that you oW
receive any benefits from it,1
using tho entire bottle, thei"5
gist will refund your money WJT
without question or delay.
Wo will pay the druggist the f
of the bottle Durchased by yoa.
Tliis offer applies to the 11
bottle only and to but one '
We could not afford to make
an offer, unless we positively I
what Kodol will do for you.
It would bankrupt us.
i The dollar bottle contains 2t
as much as tho fifty cent bottl I
' TTrrtf to m-irln nf.tlioUhorjf
-f K. fi. TWVVItt .fe Oft . fWl
W; ' """ "
. . &
r: MJ'4
t V
n' "h
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