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i lVlininrv 10. 1910.
fir- j : :
jn rlovcn miles from Globo, Is now tho terminal of tho Gila Val-
R y. lobo & Northorn railway. It has a postofflco, express office,
yl iiph ofllco and a thrco-trip-a-day train sorvico with 0101)0.
' , ago Miami had ono house; it now has two huudrod. Miami
tion of 500. Tho population of Miami district is 2,000. In tho
f t aro tho Miami, Warrior, Inspiraton, Kcystonq, Livo Oak, Oor-
1 f Miami, Cactus. Gibson, Duqucsno, Schulzo Group and Colo Do-
',v , ppcr mines, with a capitalization of $30,000,000. Miami is tho
f ' , pomt for these mines. Tho Miami mlno now employs 600 mou,
tli y Payro11 of $75,000. Tho first month's frolght recoipta at Mi-
tt i 540,000. Miami Is growing rapidly. All lines of businoss aro
It has a wockly nowspapor, Tho Miami Messenger. Many
' r itunities aro still opon. It is predicted that by January 1,
0 , , Ution will bo 3,000.
Miami Business Directory
Miami :rug Store
irmacy. Se
lf Drugs,
itont Mcd
foilet Artl
iders so
rt nything
Globo to
) soo mo
ou want
fflLS ROS, Props.
Dun I s Deliver-
at I ARIZ.
First-class Bar and Res
taurant. Wo solicit your
Miami Meat Co.
Wo deliver your orders
to all .parts of tho Dis
trict R. M. RAY, Mgr.
General Blacksmithlng.
Ilorso Shoeing and Car
riago Work Our Special
ty. Davis & Sikes
Miami Livery and
Feed Stable
Dry Goods Storo
jj, v w e open to
& - HAMS
Home Restaurant
Oiy F i s Restau
rs dx V i
The Miami Saloon
The place to meet your
White House Saloon
Best Liquors and Cigars
in Town
interior being uncompleted, several
thousand Jlollars wero placed on deposit
and a number of checks enshed. Mr.
Kllery stated tho business for the short
time tho bank was oponoil greatly ex
ceeded his expectations and ludicated
that tho Bank of Miami would receive
its share of businoss in Miami. At pres
ent tho banking hours in Miami aro not
fixed, but with tho ontranco of the.
Hank of Miami it is expected that the
Gila Valley branch bank and tho now
bank will establish banking hours suit
able to tho needs of tho public, which
will bo announced later. Miami now
has two banks, tho Gila Valloy in the
drug storo building and tho Bank of
Miami opposite tho postoflice.
Prico your Roods berorc buying, then
try Adams' Candy Prices.
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Editions of tho Silver Belt- to your
friends abroad. A fow loft at tho low
prico of 25 cents oach.
t 1
Page Three
Maxson Candy Co.
Boxed and Bulk Candies
for tho Ladies of
Cobb Brothers
Staple and Fancy
Tho Place to Buy
Says Congress Has Lost Its
Sectionalism and Become
National Factor
Ask us about anything you want to know about
' lule, the tolephono
' n" Miami tolephono
- 1 Wednesday, Man
irili of tho Globo sys
' 1 work.
1 is ono of the latest
accommodato forty
the sorvico outgrows
it hboard, additious
i result of a partial
Mr. Edwards has re
applications and
." t in on the initial
should niako their
as given a thor
IMwards and found
key y
Under tho Pnro Food
the United States..
Best Brands of Whis
tured in America.
, rescribo this liquor,
be the best made
"ly over our bar.
traveling somo dls-
ire Try it at
to be perfect. Long distance conver
sations were heard with clearness.
Poles, wires, insulators, etc., are now
enroute to Miami, and within a day or
two linemen will begin the local work.
The service will permit of local coner
sations without interrupting or inter
ference from GJobo connections.
The initial ratoJias been placed at
$1 jicr month for local service with a
5c toll to Globe for subscribers. Non
subscribers will be required to pay
loc for Globe connections.
Miamiites now have a telephone and
telegraphic service with tho outside
world. Recently necessary connections
were mado with tho Western Union
Telegraph company at Globe and as' a
result Miami is now a commercial tele
graphic point. Messages may bo sent
to any cities with Western Union her
A meeting of 'the ladies of Miami was
held Wednesday night at tho Miami
drug storo to organize and to discuss
plans for giving a dance on Washing
ton's Birthday. A largo number of
ladies attended and tho question of
giving tho dance was decided in tho af
firmative. An admission willl be
charged which, according to tho plans
of the ladies, will include a spread of
good things to eat, such as salads, nand
wiches, cake and colfce. Tho olliccrs
will be announced later and committees
are now at work plnnning for tho affair.
Ono of tho conditions of tho danco will
bo that all those attending must raise
their masks at tho door.
Tho Bank of Miami, with W. J. El
lery in charge, opened its doors for bus
iness Wednesday. The location of tho
bank is opposito tho postoflice in the
townsito company's building. Although
the bank was unable to open its doors
until late in tho day, on account of tho
T. H. Arnold & Go.
Engineers and Contractors
cived, a shipment of fresh Safford Butter
1 Kanch Eggs, every one guaranteed.
tomatoes, direct from Mexico.
iiia Sweet Potatoes. ;
ad of fresh Potatoes enroute.
Ji we arc in Miami we cany goo(,ls that
a cr
edit'to a big city
PUEBLO, Colo., February 9. "When
you consider that the resolutions or tho
national irrigation congress have been
written into tho statutes of the coun
try; nnd its discussions have become the
nntion's fixed policies," said B. A. Fow
ler of Tlioenix, Ariz., president of the
national irrigation congress, "you have
paid tho highest tribute to tho organization."
Mr. Fowler spent nearly a week liero
in earnest conference with other mem
bers of tho board of governors of tho
congress, and with the Pueblo board of
governors of tho congress, and with tho
Pueblo board of control that has charge
of the local plaits for tho eighteenth
congress that will meet hero Septem
ber 2G-30, 1910.
"There is no other organization in
tho country," snid Mr. Fowler, "outside
of tho federal congress, that has accom
plished tho direct results to the najtjon
that the national irrigation congress
lias. It is the parent of the reclamation
act, that turned the national govern
ment from the skeptic to tho largest
proprietor and developer of and lands
in the west that there is in tho country.
It has iotcred tho best industry nnd
made it possible for the country to look
forward to the time when it will pro
duce its own annual consumption of
sugar. It has led out in the forest pol
icy, recognizing the relation between
conserving the forests which in turn
conserve tho water that reclaims the
land. It has furthered the home-making
policy of the government nnd of
the states and thereby contributed to
the increased production on thc land
that the country's growth in -populatlV
"The national irrigation congress has
lot its sectionalism It is national, and
it is more than that it is internation
al." Mr. Fowler, who had not visited
Pueblo for many years, was much im
pressed with the improvement, with
the energy of tho city, and emphatically
stated that it was a stibcrb pluco in
which to hold a session of tho congress.
Although known for years as an indus
trial city, Mr Fowler saw tho immense
agricultural development, under irriga
tion, and tho promiso tho Arkansas val
ley holds out for great development in
tho immediate future.
"I have every assurance," Mr. Fow
ler said as ho departed for his home,
"that the eighteenth sessions at PuebJo
will eclipso anything in tho long line
of illustrious precedents sot by other en
terprising cities."
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trj' Adams' Candy Prices.
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pation, no appetite or feel bilious, give
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab
lots a trial and you will bo ideascd with
tho rosult. Thcso tablets invigorate
tho stomach and liver and strengthen
tho digestion. Sold by all druggists.
Jjf . . 4. . 4.
The shirtwaist workers in Cleveland,
Ohio aro being organized.
Tho lock-out of tlto cloak makors of
the Fashion Cloak and Suit company
in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been settled.
Tho Piano and Organ Workers' un
ion is voting on a roterendum proposal
to reduce tho initiation fee from five
to two dollars.
Last year tho employes of tho North
British Locomotive company, at Pol
madic, Scotland, gave more than 1910
to local charities.
Tho cigarmakers' strike against tho
firm of B. Pfeifer in Now brk city
has been settled and tho 400 employes
havo roturned to work.
Tho Seamen's Intcrnatuonal unUm
has increased its membership from 4,000
to moro than 20,000 during the last ten
Last year leather workers on horso
goods mndo a gain of tcu now locals
and increased the gcnoral membership
of their organization by 2,000.
Tho San Francisco Molder's union,
with its membership of nearly 900, has
voted to becomo affiliated with tho
State Federation of Labor.
Tho Boston, Mass., building trades
crafts havo been notified that the ev
ening industrial tcliool under tho aus
pices of tho city of Boston, will start
a class on plan reading and estimating.
Special work is to bo carried on in
tho Pacific coast states by representa
tives of tho International Alliauco of
Emll Falcke, Emil Susscrmann and n forco of ten engineers hnve arrived
In this country, bringing with them tho German gyroscope monorail car which
August Schorr, proprietor of tho daily Berlin newspaper Lokal Anzeiger
hns sent to this country for exhibition. The enr Is not us largo as the one
used for demonstration by Louis Brenntin In Knghitid, but the underlying
system Is the same. It is twenty foot long and four foot wide and Is capable
of carrying ten persons. The gyroscope revolves nt the rate of 8,000 revolu
tions a minute. It Is run by an independent motor. The exhibition car can
attain a speed of thirty-five miles an hour.
briek, tile and torra cotta workers for
the purposo of increasing the general
membership this year.
Three lntndred and seventy five teach
ers in Spokane's grado schools aro
ready to begin a campaign of twelve
twelve mouths' salary instead of nine
months, as at present. They will albo
ask for an increase of ten per cent
in their pay.
.Many of the Hebrews of tho eastern
section of Brooklyn, N. Y., engaged in
tne boot and shoo trado havo recently
become organized and aro desirous of
affiliation with other shoo workers in'
the organized labor movement of this
During the past year there were forty
prosecutions for violations of tho child
labor law in manufacturing establish
ments of tho state of Now Jersey, ac
cording to tho annual report of Lewis
T. Bryant, stato commissioner of la
bor. Tho 'full result of the ballot of tho
Lancashiro cotton operatives on tho
quostlon of limiting the working hours
to forty-eight a week has been made
public. All sections votea. Tite ag
gregate figures aro 107,554 for the pro
posal, 75,022 against, 10.953 neutral.
The Anti-Asiatic league has received
a letter from Battersea, New Zealand,
asking for information and all litera
ture as to tho operations of the league
in combatting tho Japanese, as it is
tho intention to bring the matter more
fully to trc attention of tje people
of New Zealand.
Minneapolis, Minn., printers have
been devoting considerable attention to
the work of creating a greater demand
for nrintinsr bearing tho union label.
Contests arc held at intervals during the
day, and a special label committee is
constantly bending its cnergios in the
interest of tho label.
musical comedy entitled "Mibs Nobody
From Starland." It will bo produced
by Mort II". Singer in , Chicago next
Monday night.
Eleanor Gordon, now in vaudeville,
was for two seasons tho leading lady of
tho Boston Theater stock company at
Boston. She is spoken of as 0110 of
the most beautiful women on the stage.
"Love Among tho Lions," a new
comedy by Winchell Smith, author of
"The Fortune Hunter," is scheduled
for production February 5. The play it,
founded on a btory by F. Anstoy,
author of "Vice Versa,"
William Farnum received high praise
for his excellent performance of the
title rolo in "Ingomar," when that
play was produced the- other day at a
special performance with Mabel" Talia
ferro as Partheuia.
British Customs Would Be
Profitable in America
For Over-Eating and Drinking Noth
ing on Earth cleans you out liko Tho
Tuna Bitters, naturally easily. XNo
upset, sick feeling. Pnlaco Pharmacy.
An attack of tho grip is often fol
lowed by a persistent cough, which to
manv proves a great annoyance. Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy has been ex
tensively used and with good success
for tho" relief and cure of this cough.
Many cases have been cured nftcr all
other remedies had failed. Sold by all
Seventy pages of illustrated informa
tion about Globo and the grent Globo
district, handsomely bound and a boost
for home. Send somo to your friends
who don't realize tho greatness of
Globe. Get them for 25 cents each at
the Silver Belt office.
Graco George has resumed her tour
in "A Womnn's Way."
Lenora Bradley is playing in "St.
Elmo,' with Vaughan Glaser.
Mclntyro and Heath aro traveling to
the Pacific coast with "In Haiti."
E. H. Sothorn and Julia Mnrlowo are
to add "Macbeth" to their repertoire.
Mary Manncring may appear thfa sea
son as Rosalind in "As You Like It"
in London.
Gertrude Hoffman is soon to appear
in a now vaudovii.o act entitled
"Something Now."
Lawrenco Wheat has been engaged
for "Miss Patsv." Ho male an in
dividual hit in "Artio."
Tho now play in which John Mason is
to appear is by Ernest Poolo and is
entitled "Not So Blind."
Georgo Edwardes, tho English man
ager, has obtained the English rights
to tho play "Is Matrimony a Fail
ure?" Edward M. Favor and Edith Sin
clair aro mombers of tho company sup
porting Lulu Glaser in "Ono of Our
.1. C. Williamson, tho Australian man
ager, has bought the dramatic rights to
"Salvation Nell" for that country.
Tho Shubcrts have succeeded in ac
quiring tho Amcrioan rights to a spark
ling German farco entitled "A Flea in
the Ear."
Minnio Tittoll Bruno, who, though an
American, has mado much of her fame
in Australia, mado a hit in London
in "Tho Woman in, tho Caso."
Elizabeth Marbury, tho dramatic
agent, has bought from Daniel Froh
man the foreign rights of Thcodoro
Burt Snyro's play, "The Commanding
H. B. Wagner is tho star of "Alias
Jimmy Valentino," tho play of a safe
breaker, by Paul Armstrong. Donald
Galleher, tho child actor, is in tho cast.
Sarah iucVicker, who is promicnt in
tho cast of "Tho Traveling Salesman,"
was born in Troy, N. Y., and had for a
Sunday school teacher Mrs. Russel Sage.
Bessie Wynn is to start in a now
With tho advent of tho public motor
car, which starts with an initial charge
ui ao cuius 10 cover rouguiy ono nuio or
travel, tho handsoino cab, for a very
long time the popular means of reach
ing a destination, has been less and less
To meet the new competition, 2000
handsome cabs and four-wheelers (the
number, it is stated, will be increased
very shortly) havo been placed on the
London streets in which two persons
can travel a mile for 12 cents. The re
duction in fare promises to a certain ex
tent to revive the use of tho handsome
cab although the greater speed of the
motor car is decidedly in its favor. Tho
interesting fact is that handsome cabs
and four-wheelers can be operated prof
itably for the very low faro of 12 cents
a. mile.
Nothinc impresses the Amprio.nn
abroad more than the disnaritv in the
charges for cabs and carriages in his
own and foreign countries. Low faro
greatly multiplies the use, and so profit
ia possible. To show how common is
tho uso of motor cabs, a paragraph ap
peared recently in ono of the London
papers stating that 1500 experienced
chauffeurs were required to run new
public motor cars that wero necessi
tated by tho demands of traffic.
Another fcaturo of transportation in
London to which attention can bo call
ed is tho practice of designating by a
number tho route of an omnibus. The
number consists of largo numerals con
spicuously displayed above the driver's
scat and at tho rear of tho omnibus.
The advantages of this simple modo of
destination are quite evident.
In American cities of considerable
size, thero is frequently somo central
junction point which practically all tho
street cars pass. At certain hours in
tho morning and evening, they pass in
great numbers and there is more or less
anxiety and-confusion in trying to de
termine which is tho car to take Thero
may be several streets or places men
tioned on tho samo car, and litis may
prove misleading. Tho uncertainly in
creases late at night as the traveler
tries to remember the car ho wishes to
In tho London system all omnibuses
trnvcrsing tho same routo use the same
number, and it is tho number almost
jnovitably that is mentioned when one
asks which omnibus goes to a certain
place. Might not tho samo system bo
adopted to very great advantage in
American cities?
Baths witholit dolay at the Ruby bar
bor shop. Hot water on tap at all hours.
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all their candies at 10c to 25c per lb.
reductions. Buy now.
Go ta Aviation meet via Globe-Kelvin
Stage lino. Hound trip $13.90.
Notice is hereby given that tho firm
of Iieay & Hoopos was dissolved Janu
ary 10 by mutual consont. Mr. J. L.
Hoopcs will eontinuo tho business and
assume all liabilities of tho dissolved
firm of Heay & Hoopos.
Miami, February 7, 1910.
Send somo of the Special Mining
Editions of- tho Silvor Belt to your
friends abroad. A fow loft at tho low
prico of 23 cents each.
Baby's Hands
Will get into mischief often it
means a burn or cut or scald. Apply
Ballard's Snow Liniment just as soon
as the accidont happens, and tho pain
will bo relioved'whilo tho wound will
heal quickly and nicely. A sure cure
for sprains, Rheumatism and all pains.
PVicc 25c, 50c and $1.00 a bottle. Sold
by Palace Pharmacy.
J nil ifnliinn ivt Al rtf?
.wv vaiuuo xiuw oll.ZO
$20.00 values now $10.00
$17.50 values now $8.75
$17.50 values now $11.00
$16.00 values now $10.00
$15.00 values now $9.50
$10.00 values now $8.00
$9.00 values now : $5.00
$18.50 values now . $9.25
$16.00 values now $8.00
$15.00 values now $7.50
$10.00 values now . $5.00
$8.50 values now :.... $4.25
Commencing Monday Morning, February 7,
the wagons of the
Sanitary Steam Laundry
of Globe
Will call at all the homes in the city and will
assure all having any laundry work to be
done that it will be reasonably attended to.
In order that there may be no mistake call
PHONE 1633
Valentines for Your Friends 1
i nt iiEooe to
I Co.
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Anderson Candy Co.
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Physicians Advise
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