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" '
l.runry 10, 1910.
1 '."Hk
Page Five
ut'ivial Body Will
i Safford and
ii Branches
r of Safford Will
i Valley
t two weeks, tho Globo
mon'o will bo extended
ts seopo until it takes
mi district and tho cn-
n well, according to a
ilie support of tho poo-
no outsido districts, a9
ople of this city.
vady taken stops to
r organization to tho
i commereo and within
I is, acti-o work on a
lie started in Safford.
t li communities aro eng-
i li tho local commorcial
d there is apparently
k tho plan now under
i of tho Foster Mercan
Niflord vestordav held
n President F. F.Towle
H. A. Rohrabacker of
ununercc, at which the
h' an auxiliary chamber
safford and the valley
- nously discussed.
s is highly pleased with
nd immediately on his
i J ho will tako up th
luistness men of that
k, a mass meeting
i bafford, at which Sec-
kir will bo present and
"f the Safford chamber
-I mid bo accomplished
l of Sccrolnry Rohra-
plan is approved by
iurm at Safford an anx-
ii to tho Globo chamber
i e board of directors of
i will also bo members
g pernors of tho Globe
ue of afliliation with
. unzation.
it this plan, tho busi-
I e and Safford will bo
Either in a way that
) nolit to botli commun-
II benefit by having a
m1 body and at tho
i ' 'pie of tho valley will
ge of being affiliated
i hambor ot commrce,
n0'th which could not
tnctly valley organi-
u will bo carried out
Miami and as soon as
led, Secretary liohra
'! to bo in attendance
i--iitanco in perfecting
i- highly enthusiastic
' lorming an auxiliary
"t rce at Safford, when
r Belt yesterday.
"f tho valloy wore
j dilation of tho value
t commereo when tho
t commereo secured
i li system a reduction
oer tho Gila Valley
need of concerted ac-
-tion of a potition for
-i anting of tho low line
tho Southern Pacific
Hox canyon arose. A
i d for tho granting of
ifter much hard work
liiduals, but tho mat-
I ' en easier had thoro
I I organization in tho
Kindness men of Saf-
1 itliy with tho movo-
an auxiliary orgailiza-
hambor of commereo
l that thoy aro broad
in rcalizo that such
ill work for their bon-
tho pcoplo of Globo.
I ' not boliovo that this
Mi any opposition, but
I am suro that it will
ke tho matter up with
" of Safford at onco
ithin two weeks a
I be called at which
"ill bo formed."
n of Miami tako tho
1 "
ai YcU Do This?
otnpariion :
lavonte desjert recipe re
i vanilla. Use
' H
ordinary kind you have
'd to wing through habit.
the wonderful difference
- your dcMert when it b
v ' "'! (ike ihls wiH.con
rcmarkable s-jperiority,
iKtll and delimit flsvnrnf
v Burnett's Vanilla
on .
na.ys imist on getting it
' 't once.
sanio stand as docs Mr. Foster and tho
Minim chnmbor should bo nn nctivo or
ganization working with the Globo
chnmbor of commereo for tho benefit of
tho entiro district, within tho next few
Go to Aviation meet via Globo-Kol-vin
Stago line. Round trip $13.90.
Prico your goods before buying; then
try Adams' Candy Prices.
Sovcnty pages of illustrated informa
tion about Globo and tho great Globe
district, handsomely bound and a boost
for liomo. Sond siioe to your friends
who don't realizo tho greatness - of
Globe. Get thorn for o cents each at
the Silver Belt office.
"The Man from Boston" to
Be Presented by Lodge
Next Thursday
Tho first rehearsal of tho musical
comedy, "Tho Man from Uoston,"
which is to bo presented at Dreamland
next Thursday night by tho .Elks, was
hold at the Majestic theater last ev
ening. Tho rehearsal wns for tho members
of tho Elks' lodge, who aro to have bolo
work in tho coming show. They hnd
their numbers prepared in good shape
and as a result, tho first rohearbal was
very satisfactory.
Ihere will bo many professionals in
tho Elks' show and although thero is
only a short tiiilo remaining for rehear
sals, "Tho Man from Boston" will bo
presented in a way that should bo high
ly pleasing to the theater going pub
lic of this city.
"Tho Man from Boston" is a late
and very popular production and it will
bo well worth seeing. Tho Reed and
Arbucklo company will tako a promi
nent part in tho production, as will
manv of the local Elks.
McElroy for glass.
'On Pascoo IIill" was tho amusing
bill presented by tho Reed and Arbucklc
company at tho Majestic last nighL
A good house greeted both perform
ances and thoso who attended were
kept in a state of constant laughter by
tho stories related by tho two comed
ians. A pretty stago setting added
largely to the attractiveness of tho bill
and some very pretty costume effects
were displayed in tho chorus.
Some new and pretty musical num
bers were introduced by Miss Rowe,
Miss Durfce, Mr. Arbucklo and Mr.
Last night 's show contained more of
the amusing and entertaining variety
of dialogue than tho previous bill and
was thoroughly enjoyed by those who
witnessed tho performance. The same
bill will bo presented again tonight.
CINCINNATI, February 9. "I
leave everything of which I dio pos
sesscd'lo my beloved brother, Justus
Theso words, constituting one of tho
shortest testcmentary documents over
recorded in Kent county, Kentucky, the
will of Arthur Goebcl, were filed in Cov
ington today. Justus Goebcl, who by
today's will becomes possessor of tho
combined fortune, lives in Phoenix. No
estimato is mado of tho valuo of tho
estate. "William Goebcl, sworn in as
governor of Kentucky on his deathbed
in 1900, left lna cstato to his brother
Public Offices and Probably
Banks Will Observe
Day in Globe
As tho result of tho proclamation of
tho governor, making tho Jno hundred
and first annivorsnry of tho birth of Ab
raham Lincoln a holiday, public offices
and probably tho banks of this city,
will closo next Saturday, February 12.
Judgo E. V. Lewis announced-yesterday
that there would bo no session of
tho district court on Saturday. All tho
cases sot for hearing on that day will
bo taken up on tho following Monday.
All of tho other offices in tho court
houso will probably closo during tho
Thero will bo nothing in tho way of a
public obscrvanco of Lincolna anni
versary, although a few oxercises may
bo held in tho city schools on .Friday.
. '
Important Meeting Would
Initiate Evangelism of
the World
EL PASO, Texas, February 9. A
mooting of wido importance to all
churchmen throughout tho southwest has
been arranged for February 27, S28 and
Miuch 1, in this city. It is one of a
scries of such mcotiiigs being held
throughout tho country under tho direc
tion of what is known as tho Laymen's
Missionary Movement, having as its
motto and watchword, "The Evangeli
zation of tho World in tliis Genera
tion." Tho El Paso meeting is de
signed to cover all that territory as far
oast as Midland and Alpino in Texas,
as far north as Santa Fe, N. M., and as
far west as Douglas, Ariz. Tho city of
El Paso is preparing to caro for 1,300
laymen and the lectures, speeches and
addresses will bo by men of national
reputation. On tho opening night a
banquet will bo spread, to which every
layman Is invited, and at which some
of tho subjects pertaining to the Lay
men's Missionary Movement will bo
discussed. Evory evangelical church in
the torritory mentioned is urged to send
a delegation of its leading laymen to
this meeting. It is proposed to so
nrouso tho missionary spirit in tho
churches of this southwestern country
that each one shall become a center of
missionary iniluenco under tho leader
ship of its lay membership to tho end
that tho gospel shall bo preached in
overy part of tho globo beforo tho pass
ing of tho present generation. It is
a great undertaking, fraught with far
reaching results, and the co-operation of
all Christian men is earnestly solicited.
Each church ig requested to tako the
matter up at once and arrange for a
representative attendance of its mem
bership. Everyone who expects to at
tend will confer a favor on tho commit
tee by notifying Mr. II. B. Durkce, gen
eral secretary, at El Paso, at ouce.
McElroy for wall paper.
Prices of Lots in Townsite
Too Low and Will Be
PHOENIX, Ariz., February 9. The
department of tho interior has ordered
the re-appraisal of all lots in the town
site of Parker, on a showing that the
valuations which have been established
"aro too low and that two of the former
appraisers mado entries after thoir ap
praisal. Many lots aro now in process
of final proving. According to an
nouncement tho re-appraisal will begin
at once and will be .finished before final
proofs would have been fully made, un
der the former appraisal, so that' no
tinio may bo lost to settlers. Tho new
board of appraisers is mado up of F. C.
Dezendorf, Raymond Satterwhite, spec
ial agents of the land offico and Charles
E. Kelsey of the Han Jose Indian bureau.
Of Personal Interest
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCune arrived
laHt evening from northwestern Canada.
.Mr. McCune was a former resident of
Globo but iias been absent about six
months. Ho hopes to make this city nis
homo again.
Thomas Taton and William Benedict
left yesterday for Phoenix and. after
attending the aviation meet, will go to
Los Angeles. Thoy expect to remain in
Southern California, but have not def
initely decided upon tho particular
place where they will locate.
John Hill will lcavo this morning for
Tonopah, Nov.
Mr. and Mrs. If. Kieger will lcavo
this morning for an extended visit at
Chicago. Tiiey will go by way of New
.1. A. Mooro left yesterday morning
for Phoenix to remain until after tho
events of aviation week.
R. T. Archer will leave this morning
for Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Cornell and Miss
Hazello Cornell will leave this morn
ing for Los Angeles. Thoy arrived a
few days ago from Cananea, where
they havo spent tho past few years and
after spending a short tinio in Los An
geles they expect to go on to Seattle,
whero thoy will prbably locate.
Mrs. Belle McDonald left yesterday
morning for a visit at Phoenix.
Pimrlna ltinmpn left vostcrdav morn
ing for phoenix tt attend tho aviation
meet. On Ins return trip iur. .muim-n
expects to stop at San Carlos on ac
count of some business affairs.
Mrs. A. II. Sterns returned Tuesday
evening from Indian Hot Springs,
whero sho had spent a fow days. Mrs.
stnrna wnt snfffirinfr from an attack
of la grippo and wont to tho springs
to seek a cure, .wnica sno uviuunwy
found, as sho camo back feeling entire-
lv well.
Go ta Aviation meet via Globe-Kelvin
Stage line. Round trip $13790.
McElroy for gbod work.
Whilo it is often impossible to pro
vent an accidont, it is never impossible
to bo prepared it is not bej-ond any
ono's purse. Invest 25 cents in a bot
tle of Chamberlain's Liniment and you
aro .,propared for sprains, bruises and
like injuries. Sold by all druggists.
C7 T
8 I JiL fcrv
Billiard and pool experts regard Connie Allen, the Kansas City boy who
pushed Champion Ilucston so hnrd In tbelr contest at Uoston for the world's
title, as a marvel. Voting Allen tic is only nineteen made the phenomenal
run of eiglity-llvo balls lu his contest with nucston, thus establishing a new
reeorcL Hitherto the highest run was scveuty-nlue, the record having stood
for years. Allen is ready to challenge the champion again and If ho wins
will go after the cue experts In Paris and London. lie Is a nephew of Johnny
KUng, the former catcher of the Chicago National league team.
Further Investigation Dis
closes Loss of Many
Pocket Knives
As the result of a careful inspection
of Sultan Brothers' department store
yesterday morning, it was discovered
that the burglars who entered that es
tablishment Tucsdny evening escaped
with hcveral dozen pocket knives and
with possibly a fowundergarinents as
When the storo was inspected by Har
ry Sultan, immediately after the discov
ery of the burglary, the stock was ap
parently untouched and a complete in
vestigation was not made. Orderly as
had been the intruders, however, a
moro complete investigation by daylight
revealed the fact that they had been in,
tho storo n longer time than had at
first been apparent and that they had
paid particular attention to the cutlery
Whether tho burglars escaped with
their loot-beforo they were disturbed, or
whether thoy secreted themselves in
side tho storo and mado their escape lat
er, is not known. As only a small
amount of plunder was secured, how
ever, it is thought that Mr. Sultan's
entrance caused the intruders to decamp
beforo they had completed their work.
A woman living in tho rear of tho
store, saw two men, who arc described
as being dark and heavy set, emerge
from tho ,rear of tho store during the
evening, but as sho thought they were
employed at tho establishment, she did
not inform tho officers.
Tho county authorities mado an in
vestigation of the burglary yesterday,
without being able to run down the
McElroy for framing pictures.
24G East Cedar street, (Bert Pratt's
residence). Phono 314; terms reason
able; best of references.
Send somo of tho Specinl Mining
ixiiiiuus ui mu onver ucii 10 your
friends abroad. A fow left at the low
prico of 25 cents each.
Pn illlf nnirrlilmra in flirt T fl C V
Rescue lodgo of Globo and to tho in
structor of our deceased son. Donnld Ar
thur we are profoundly grateful for
your kindness to our son and to the
family during his illness and for tho
care at his funeral and interment at a
time when we were not permitted to at
The Ladies Aid society of tho First
Baptist church will meet this afternoon
at the home of Mrs. W. C. Hayes. All
members are requested to bo present.
The meeting will begin at half past two
The Ladies' Aid society of the Meth
odic Episcopal church will meet this
afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. B.
Newman, 232 South Hill street. It is
desired that all members bo present at
this meeting.
Seventy pages of illustrated informa
tion about Globo and tho great Globo
district, handsomely bound and a boost
for home. Send somo to your friends
who dorrt rcalizo tho greatness of
Globe. Get thorn for 25 cents each at
tho Silver Belt office.
MRS. W. D. FRENCH, Correspond
SAFFORD, February $. J. M. Foster l
left for Globe last evening.
Fred Blake was called to Globe a few
days ago owing to illness of his uncle,
Alec Blake. Ho returned yesterday
morning and reported his relative much
Lloyd Sands of Soloinonvillc left for
Duncan yesterday.
'A. C. Prina, accompanied by his lit
tle daughters, Eva aud Ruth, left for
Phoenix this morning to take in tho
aviation meot.
Dr. J. A. Edmonds was a business vis
itor fijom Willcox yesterday.
M. L. Ashbcll, a special land agent
from Washington, D. C, was an incom
ing passenger last evening.
About ten miles oust of Solomonvillo
off tho traveled road, was found last
Saturday, tho dead body of a white
man. It was judged to havo been dead
about a month and was partly eaten by
wild anials. Sheriff A. A. Anderson
brought tho body in and buried it, as
there was no clue to its identity.
Mr. and Mts. 1. E. Solomon have gone
to Globo for a short visit.
A, J. Stoin of Globo is a business
visitor in Safford.
Tho Mesdames Wiakofield, mother and
wife of Jas. E. Wakefield, left for Phoe
nix this morning to witness the great
Hying contest.
Tho body of the lato F. W. Hayes
was embalmed yesterday afternoon and
will be held for burial until Thursday.
Friends of tho family have so far failed
to locate any relatives of tho' dead man,
as his early historj' is unknown.
A. J. Colton left on a business trip
yesterday morning for tho southeast
corner of Uraham county. Ho will
make tho necessary survoys in order to
establish tho boundary lines between
Graham and Cochiso counties, which arc
necossary in ordor to dotcnnino in
which county a recent caso of cattle
stealing occurred and under tho juris
diction ot which court tho caso must
bo tried.
A Skin of Beauty Is a Joy Forovor.
kR. T. Follx Gouraud'o Oriental
Croom or Magical Booutlflor.
Removes Tan. rioiples,
Freckle. Jlotn Patches,
Hash, and i-kln Diseases,
ana every oiemun
an beaut jr. and tie
ties detection. It
bas stood tbe test
ot fl years, and
Is so harmless we
taste It tobcsurelt
Is properly made.
Accept no counter
(elt of similar
raroc. Dr. L. A.
Havre said to a
lady ot tbe bruit
ton (a pitlent)t
"As you ladles
will uso thero,
I recummend
'Cniirnnil'H Crenin' as the least harmful of nil tbe
skin preparations.'" For sale by all druggists and ancy.
Goods Dcalero In tbe United fetates, Canada and Europe.
fEBD.T.HOPXINS,Prcp., 37 Great Jones Sheet, Newfak.
fa (t- 4 S)1
. 'AW """
Two Nights Only
A Musical Comedy
The Society Dames The Debutantes
The Midnight Songs
General Admission 25c Reserved Seats 35c
Seats on sale during the day at MaXson's candy store
Dreamland Rink
Friday Night
Good Music Good Floor
Coming Soon
"Tempest and Sunshine"
If you have' read the book you will
want to see the play
MittntMi oi'afta4ftC't'fr
I t
Sydnor & Sterns, Props.
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Liquors and Cigars
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Best Quality Goods
474 North Broad Street
&iMirtflc4a t $ ttttnte$ofrte'8o
between other machines
and the
are invariably points in which the Underwood is the rec
ognized superior. .
It originated Visiblo Writing it first introduced Built-iu-Talwilators and
Modern Bookkeeping Appliances. In all of theso important improvements,
other standard makes havo gradually fallen into line. Tho business public,
howovcr,'prcicrs tho machino that has led tho way, because it stands to reason-,
that it is always far ahead of tho "Trajlers." Let us show you tho points of
'difference between tho Underwood and its imitators and you will understand
why it is
"The Machine You Will Eventually Buy"
J"" ,

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