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Daily, by mail, ono year $".50
Daily, by enrrior, ono month 73
Weekly, ono year 2.50
Weekly, six months 1.25
Entered at the postoffico in Globe, Ariz., as second-class mail.
The Silver Belt has a larger paid circula
tion than any daily newspaper in the world
published in a city with 12,000 or less population.
Sunday, February 20, 1910.
proper support from the citizens of Globe the
chamber of commerce here will soon occupy the
same relative position of importance as similar
organizations do in other cities.
Love thyself, and many will hate thee.
Author unknown.
That the business men in this city may better
understand several of the more important pur
poses of the Globe cliamber of commerce as di
rected by its uow secretary, something of the
success achieved by Mr. Rohrabacker in- other
cities is interesting just as this time.
In Spokane, Portland and Lewiston, the
chambers of commerce, or commercial clubs as
they are sometimes known, were made to serve
the purpose of a board of arbitration in all mat
ters concerning the public's welfare. A "public
affairs" committee was appointed to investigate
all labor troubles arising within the circles of
each organization's influence, this committee of
fering its good offices to both parties in effecting
a settlement of their disputes.
All matters concerning public contributions
wore referred by eveiy merchant to the "public
affairs" committee. This had a salutary effect;
it necessitated the promoters of every public en
tertainment, amusement, plulnntropic, charita
ble or other enterprise to receive the indorse
ment of this committee before they could expect
any support from the citizens. If the matter
was worthy, this committee would recommend
to the secretary of the chamber of commerce,
that he make such donation from the funds at
his command as was thought necessary to insure
success. On theeontrary, if any proposition
submitted wfts found unworthy after careful
consideration, it was usually noted that the pub
lic was certain to give a scant notice to the re
jected enterprise.
Tims it can be readily seen, that, if the mer
chants would make an annual contribution to the
chamber of commerce and make the amount
equal to their full yearly appropriation for such
matters as referred to above, they would be re
lieved, not only of the bothers consequent upon
the thousand and one calls made upon them dur
ing the year, but they would have united in one
mighty and successful effort in ridding the com
munity of many unworthy objects of charity. It
would also put an immediate check to the launch
ing .of many "fly-by-the-night" schemes by
which the merchants are drained nearly every
'As was stated in the Silver Belt yesterday
morning, Mr. Rohrabacker has already secured
pledges for over $2,000, and ho states that most
of this amount was forthcoming, more from the
fact that his plan as carried out in other cities
and which he is confident will be successful here,
met with the approval of all those who had sub
scribed to the chamber of commerce fund and
that other contributions have been' promised for
the same reason.
Certainly, no bettor plan than this could be
evolved, and it is thought that every merchant
in Globe will join heartily with Mr. Rohrabacker
in making it successful, by subscribing liberally
to the chamber of commerce for this purpose
Another matter which is to bo taken up by the
Globe chamber of commerce and one which has
worked out most successfully in other cities, is
that of establishing a "press bureau," the pur
pose of which is to get into as many of the
metropolitan dailies as possible, all of the news
that looks to the encouragement of investors; to
exploit trade conditions, not in a manner that
will bring in the unemployed as is often the re
sult from certain kinds of fantastic advertising,
but more to picture the advantages that actual
ly exist in many undeveloped and remunerative
A press bureau can also have (he effect of pro
hibiting a vast amount of news in getting out
that is detrimental to the best interests of the
district and which in many instances is an ex
aggeration of the true conditions. To conserve
the best interests of the community to the people
and to stifle anything that may have a harmful
result- upon local investments or those from
abroad is another object of a press bureau.
As has been said, such plans as those proposed
by Mr. Rohrabacker have been successful else
where and it is only to be supposed that, .with
The difference in the cost of living in Detroit
and just across the river in "Windsor, Canada,
furnishes a striking definition of the real mean
ing of the excessive tariff rates. The "investi
gators" in "Washington who are having such a
hard tussel to fix the blame for high prices
might with profit take a day off and run .up to
Detroit and "Windsor and look the ground over.
Prices of foodstuffs, wearing apparel and
rents average from 20 to 25 per cent more in De
troit than in "Windsor. And between the two
cities there are but 2,561 feet of water and the
Payne-Aldrich-Smoot tariff law !
The Detroit man is "protected," and the
Windsor man-isn't.
By not being "protected," the "Windsor man
pays $15 for a suit of clothes that the Detroit
man will find it difficult to duplicate in quality
for $25. What the Windsor man is escaping in
this instance is the Payne-Aldrich-Smoot tariff
tax of 41 cents a pound on good all-wool clothes,
and the additional tax of GO per cent of the value
of the goods.
While reading the following comparative
prices, Mr. Reader, keep in mind that Detroit
and Windsor are practically one city, that all in
the world that separates them save the "upward
revision" tariff wall is a half mile of water
'ind ferry boats cross the water every few min
utes, j
Price in Price in
Windsor Detriot
Hats of 'same manufacture $3.00 $5.00
Tobacco, same brand,-lb :. 1.00 2.50
Butter, best, per lb 28 .30
Beef, cheapest cut 0G .10
Cheese, per lb. .11 .10
Bacon, breakfast 19 .21
A deed to a little home in Globe is worth more
than a bushel of rent receipts; and with a little
foresight the deed is just about as easy to ob
tain. And in view of what is pending, in view
of how destiny is turning out greatness for
Globe, it is clear that there will never be a time
in history when building sites can be bought as
cheaply as they can todav. Get a site for vour
home right away. Go in debt for it, if need be,
and go in debt again for your home when your
site is. paid for. But get a home site and get it
quickly. In a very brief space of time you will
realize the real value of this suggestion.
Huron, S. D., has decided to adopt the com-,
mission plan of government.
A "Champ Clark for President" club has
been organized in Enid, Okla.
Women are expected to play an important
part in the next elections in South Dakota.
Governor Gillett of California has definitely
announced that he will not be a candidate for
The indications are that Senator Du Pont of
Delaware will have no trouble in securing a re
election when his term expires a year hence.
As an aid in the fight for statewide prohibi
tion, Minnesota prohibitionists will fast and
pray all day, July 31, this being the eve of the
fall campaign.
West Virginia lays claim to being the mother
of representatives. The records show that more
than a score of men born in West Virginia have
served in congress from other states.
It is somewhat unusual for two United States
senators to be residents of the same place. Such
is the case, however, with regards to Senators
McCumber and Purcel lof North Dakota, who
reside within a stone's throw of one another in
the city of Wahpeton.
Senator Aldrich of Rhode Island has evident
ly reconsidered his determination to retire at
the end of his present term. Recently he has in
dicated to friends that he will probably ask for
re-election. He has been a member of the upper
house for nearly thirty years.
Senator Hale of Maine, the ranking member
of the senate, may encounter some difficult' in
securing re-election. The "progressive" idea
is said to be making progress in the Pine Tree
state, and a large element is demanding a sen
ator with less reactionary tendencies than Sen
ator Hale.
Dr. John Aimer Mead, the present lieutenant
governor of Vermont, will be a candidate for
the gubernatorial nomination this year. Dr.
Mead is a prominent financier of Rutland. He
has served in both branches of the legislature
and has been lieutenant governor since 100S.
Five candidates are contesting for the repub
lican gubernatorial nomination in AViscoifsin.
They are Governor James 0. Davidson, Captain
Mitchell Lewis, a wealthy manufacturer of Ra
cine;. John Strange, a paper manufacturer of
Neenah; Thomas Morris of La Crosse, a mem
ber of the state senate, and Francis E. McGov
ern, former district attorney of Milwaukee.
William II. Murray, who was president of the
constitutional convention and speaker of the
first house of representatives of Oklahoma, has
made formal announcement of his candidacv for
Delegate Cameron has at least succeeded in
establishing two postofiices in Arizona and
sending out his full share of vegetable seeds.
Thanks, Ralphy, old boy, for that package of
posey promoters.' We will give the department
full details of the results.
A Minnesota minister has figured it out that
the high cost of living is the price we pay for
civilization. This being a fact the jungles offer
the only solution. When Teddy returns we will
take the matter up with him, unless, perchance,
the divine has made a scoop.
Globe may have been a little selfish in turning
down that proposed aviation meet; but then in
a mining locality the tendency is to fasten atten
tion to the things under the earth rather than
above it.
"Frost nips nose of gentle spring," runs a
headline in the El Paso Herald. Gentle spring
may in time learn to keep her nose out of other
people's business in other words be a'littlo less
From messenger boy to general manager of
the biggest telegraph system in the world is the
text of one of the big news stories of the past
week. With our knowledge of the modqrn mes
senger boy the High tseems inci-cdiblc.
Denver hotel men have permitted a traveling
evangelist to place Bibles in each guest chamber.
If Denver conditions warrant the action it is
fair to presume that the pawnshops of the city
will soon be filled witn the holy writ.
The barbers of North Dakota in state conven
tion assembled have formulated a' schedule of
prices for the coining year. What's the use;
that will only add to the safety of the people.
The representative who introduces a bill in
congress providing for an appropriation to ac
quire a site and erect a public building just at
this stage of the game is a full fledged hypocrite.
Statehood and Christmas both may bo coming;
but Christmas seems to have statehood bested at
this particular moment a dozen city blocks.
"Are the races good for EI Paso?" plaintive
ly asks the Herald. That depends largely on the
city's complaint.
like a pipe.
"The music of the miner's pick is sounding in
the Organ district," runs a mining item. Reads
the democratic nomination for governor. In his
statement to the people of Oklahoma he gives an
account of his career to date and tells of his
heroic struggle " to rise from orphanage, pov
erty and ignorance."
Ex-Governor John D. Long of Massachusetts
may be chosen to fill the vacancy in the four
teenth congressional district of Massachusetts
occasioned by the death of Representative Will
iam C. Lovering. Ex-Governor Long is in his
seventy-second year and has had an exceptional
ly large share of the honors of public life. He
was for three terms governor of Massachusetts ;
served his district three terms in congress, and
was secretary of the navy from the beginning of
McKinley's first administration until that of
Roosevelt was well under way.
When a man is engaged to a girl, her whole
family act as if it was to them.
A man inherits his religion and politics ; ho in
vents his theories about raising children.
It seems as if among married couples when
one of them doesn't happen to be a tyrant the
other always is.
When you borrow a book and lend it to some
body else, it makes your conscience easy that it
wasn't your fault it never got back to its owner
The first thing a young woman wants when
she goes to housekeeping is an account book, so
as to write original recipes in it out of the cook
Nell Isn't she a peculiar girl? She wouldn't
look at him when he was rich; but now, after
he's lost all his money, she accepts him.
Belle Well, you know- how crazy every wo
man is to get anything that's reduced.
"Civilization," remarked the cannibal king,
"promotes some strange ideas."
"To whom do you specially refer?" inquired
the missionary.
"Among you the ultimate consumer is re
garded with sympathy. Hero he is considered
very lucky."
Baron Munchausen had just heard of Dr.
Cook's performance. "Ah," he sighed, as he
rolled over in his grave, "faking has improved
wonderfully since my time on earth."
"How do you suppose she ever landed that
stunning husband?"
" AVhy er he's a collector of antiques."
I loteniMuro) I
Arizona Eastern Railroad Co.
Account Meeting Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.
Sale Dates ....
Return Limit
February 20th, 21st and 22nd
February 25th
Account Convention Churches of Arizona.
Sale Dates March 2nd, 3rd, 4th and oth
Return Limit March 7th
For both of these occasions the rate will be
One and One-Third Fare
for-the Round Trip
Provided 50 or more arc in attendance via all lines.
For further information,
Call on
G. A. MAUK, Agent,
Globe, Arizona
Or address
R. S. STUBBS, G. P. A.,
Tucson, Arizona
'uW4 'J ''l Y-j' in
V it' i t u A ''"M
cuffs, shirts, etc., done up at this
laundry, so far as cleanliness and
finish are coi cerncd they are all
alike simply perfect. You don't
have to fjo through your stock
to find something fit to wear
when we do the laundcrii g. The
first shirt or collar you touch will
bo above criticism. Wouldn't
that kind of laundering suit you!
Arizona Steam Laundry
, J.E.
Building Contractors
Building estimates
promptly furnished
Work guaranteed
Corner Oak and Hill
Bankers' Garden
The Finest Resort in Globe
Popular Willi all classei winter
and lummer. Refreshments of
all Hnds,. Choice cigar?, winu
and liquors.
Cool dining room in connec
tion. Regular meali and cold
lunches at all hours. Order for
provate dinners in advance.
.We serve only the
Best Wines
Liquors and
Make this your
When you
Drink the
We serve it
TheWhite House
Crowley & McAuliffe
Our motto: "It it isn't ngLt we
make it right. '
P. O. Box 1212 Phone 2874
Ih lie iiott Reliable Tire Inavaae
Local Representative
Oflee: Home Printing Co. Buliilaa
Arizona's Leading
Send broken glasses to bo -cpaircd ot
duplicated. Next visit to Globe in

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