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Thursday, March 3, 1910.
Majestic Theatre
High Class Moving Pictures and Illustrated Songs
RALPH MARTIN', Musical Director.
2 Shows Every Night 2
7:30 and 8:30
Admission 15 and 25 cents
Programme changes Monday, Wednesday and
QUINN BROS. - Managers
Silver Belt
Nearly $300 Raised in Lit
tle Tinie by Shute from
Business Men
Would Provide for Spend
ing -Millions of Standard
Suburbanites Had Forgot
ten Mectintr. Called to
Davis of Arkansas Made Ad
mission and Then Asked
to Change Record
Oil Magnate
Hear Ilim
linn on
AT 111
CM 0
Plenty of Material Avail
able for First-class
So enthusiastic nro tlio business men
of this city over the project of form
ing a four team baseball league here
this summer that nearly $300 has al
ready been subscribed toIanager Wal
ter Shute of tho Olobo team. 1'or tho
past two days Mr. Shuto has boon busi
ly engaged in boosting along tho sea
son's baseball program by soliciting
subscriptions. Ho went at tho task
with tho firm intention of securing thir
ty $10 subscriptions and ho has very
nearly succeeded.
Out of somo two dozen business and
professional men who have been ap
proached by Mr. Shute, only two lmvo
refused to subscribe for tho baseball
fund. As the result, tho question of
financing the Globe team has been prac
tically hettled and tho necessary outfit
of suits, balls, bats and tho like will
bo ordered within u short time. At tho
same time, the central school grounds
will bo put in shapo and by tho timo
for tho formal opening of tho season,
all arrangomonts will have been made
for the summer's sport.
The first practii'o gnnio will bo hold
Sunday, botween tho Globo team and
tho Copper Hill nine. It is possible that
Copper Hill may not bo ablo to send in
u lull team, but at least a part of that
organization will bo hero and a lively
practico skirmish is expectod.
Tho local team wilt lino up about
as follows: Oossago, pitch; liurck,
catch; (leno Shute, first; Miles, second;
Uignndo, short; Sirvcr, third; Pinyan,
Grinin and Kagsdalo outfield. This line
up is naturally only temporary and the
regular lineup will not bo decided upon
until tho practico season is over.
As a regulnr pitcher, it is probablo
that Jcsso Buckles, who last year work
ed with tho Portland team of tho coast
leaguo, will be secured. Negotiations
are now under way to sccuro lluckles
and it is practically assured that ho
will accept a position on tho new Globo i
nine. J
The local boys nro taking to practice
liko tho proverbial duck to aqua pura
and it, is expected thnt Tuesday after
noon's practical will bo more than dup
licated tomorrow afternoon, whon there
will bo another regular turnout. There
nro apparently more players in Globo
than positions on tho local team and ns
tho result, a team strong enough to
dish up a first class article of ball
should be picked within tho next few
weeks. Safford always has u good team
and, as -at both Miami and Copper Hill,
a sufficient number of good players to
make up strong aggregations, Globo
should havo bettor baseball this season
than ever before.
McElroy for best painting materials.
Tabl'ts. Druggists refund money if it
fails to cure. E. W GROVE'S signa
ture is on each box. 25c.
Social : Circles
-By Edna Syrerus Hasse
too women's wcunesuny ciuo met
yesterday afternoon at tho homo of
Mrs. J. II. Morohead, corner of Oak
and Dovereaux streets. Tho meeting
was a very well attended and pleasant
Tho products of Egypt wero given in
response to roll call after which several
interesting papers wore read. Mrs. A.
P. Maisch read an excellent paper on
"Tho Enchanted Philae," which was
held over from tho last meoting. Mrs.
J. "W. Bandhauer read a paper on tho
"Pyramids," handling tho subject in
a very pleasing manner.
"Old Cairo" was tho subject of a
paper read by Mrs. Percy Jones. Tho
'I used cheap vanilla for
twenty years. Not
long ago a friend got
mc to try Burnett's
Vanilla. I did so. I
have used it ever since.
"1 wouldn't change
back to ordinary vanilla
if L was supplied with
it free of charge."
Always insist on
It U tho purest, raoit delicious
extract poMiblo to be made
Friendly Rivalry Between
Premier Philanthrop
ists Is Shown .
XKW YORK, March 2. Star Mur
phy, one of tho incorporators named
by tho Senator Gallingcr bill to estab
lish tho Rockefeller foundation, said to
day ho did not know what endowment
tho foundation would have.
"The bill introduced in Washing
ton," said Murphy, "was intended to
broaden tho fceopo tof Rockefeller's
(philanthropies and is almost identi
cal with tho act of congress of 190;!, un
dor which tho Rockefeller educational
fund was authorized.
"Tho new bill makes it possible for
Rockefeller to go into any form of
philanthropy in tho world, whereas in
tho first tho endowmont is specifically
Estimates of Rockefeller's past ben
enactions and present fortune vary
greatly. It ihconceded.that ho has bu'o
one leader Carnegie but the opinion
is that Rockefeller has given away
something approaching $131,000,000,
against $1C2,000,000 by Carnegie.
Tho leading Rockefeller gifts have
Go'neral Education Board. ..$.")3,000,000
University of Chicago 25,000,000
Rush Medical college 0,000,000
Institute for Medical Research 4,300,000
Churches (known) . . : 3,100,000
The rivalry of Rockefeller and Caruo
gio in getting rid of liches hns been
of tho most friendly nature. When Car
negio gavo $G,000,000 to Pittsburg char
ities Rockef oiler telegraphed him:
"You havo my best wishes in all
your grand efforts to help your fellow
men. I hopo and tidst our prosperous
men, tho country over, will bo stimu
lated to emulate yon noble example. T
believe untold good will result there
from. ' '
Carnegie replied as follows:
".Many thanks, fellow worker in the
task of distributing surplus wealth for
the good of others. Clasp hands. Your
congratulations aro highly valued."
How much Rockefeller has left is
even harder to guess.
In 1907, Frederick Gates, one of the
Rockefeller fleents of charity, said;
"Rockefeller himself has authorized
tho statement thnt his fortune cannot
exceed $200,000,000. In his most pros
perous year his income was not above
$20,000,000. His holdings in tho Stand
ard Oil aro not above 20 per cent of
tho total issue outstanding."
On tho other hand, tho lato H. V
Rogers is quoted as having said in
"I know for a fac( that Rockefel
ler's annual incomo exceeds $00,000,
000." Sond somo of tho Special Mining
Editions Tf tho Silver Belt to your
friends abroad. A fow left at tho low
price of 25 cents each.
The Adams' Confcctloneiy aro selling
all their candies at 10c to 25c per lb.
reductions. Buy now.
paper dealt in an interesting, manner
with tho quaint side of this historic
old city. Mrs. Jones just lecently be
came a member of tho club.
Mrs. .1. C. Bruner read an interesting
and comprehensive paper on "Science
and Practical Arts" and tho progress
of both in ancient and modern times.
Considerable time was devoted to dis
cussing tho work for next year and
plans for future meetings.
Miss Millie Hutter favored the club
with a beautiful piano solo and grac
iously responded to an encore.
The next meeting will bo with Mrs.
D. R. Williams-on, 237 North East street.
At this meeting a new and somewhat
novel method of handling current events
will bo instituted. There will bo a
number of changes in the club work in
tho near futuro as several amendments
to the constitution and by-laws have re
cently been passed.
The Ladies' Aid society of tho Pres
byterian church will meet at half past
two o'clock this afternoon at tho homo
of Mrs. X. M. Allrcd, coiner of First
and Maplo streets.
At this meeting final arrangements
will bo made for tho Easter salo to bo
held March 12 and all members nro
requested to bo present.
Tho Ladies Guild of St. John's Epis
copal church will meet at 3 o'clock
this afternoon at tho homo of Mrs.
William Hoar. A full attendance of the
members is desired.
McElroy for glass.
Sco tho new offices for rent on 2nd
floor now Amsler building.
Given Ovation After Ad
dress to Crowd lie ITad
Gathered Together
R. C. Rohrabacker, secretary of tho
chamber of commerce of "that slcejily
old town of Globe," visited Miami
last night to address tho business
men's association of that place.
Ho had expected to be met by a re
ception committee. Ho had been in
vited to attend tho meeting, and more
than that, an elaborate inception had
been prepared so tho Miami corres
pondence said.
What became of the reception, the re
ception committee and the joyous fes
tivities which wero to mark tho occa
sion, Mr. Rohrabacker does not know.
He had not even located the committee
when it canio time to return to Globe.
It is presumed, however, .that Miami is
so far ahead of "that sleenlv old town
of Globe," that the reception was held
several days ago.
But in spite of the lack of attention
which was shown bv the business men
of Miami, who. after sending Mr.
Rohrabacker a letter of invitation, af
ter wnitinir upon him personally with
an invitation and informing him per
sonally of the reception which was to
be given him, waited to be hunted un
by Mr. Rohrabacker belore they even
remembered that there was to bo a
meeting, Mr. Rohrabacker gavo them
an address straight from tho shoulder
Tt is a safe bet that when he closed
his remarks, the Miamians who were
in attendance were a few depress more
wide awake than when ho arrived :yd
stalled on his long and unsuccessful
search for that reception committee.
Secretary Rohrabacker arrived it
Miami at fi o'clock schedule time. Ho
had not expected anv led fire or brass
bands and was not particulailv sur
prised when there was no one on hand
to welcomo him. When he found that
Mr. Roddan. chairman nf the reception
committee, had Toft for Los Aneeles
and that not a single 'e"resontitIv
business man in town was to bo found
anvwhere. ho bepan to sit up and take
notice of how slow things wero in the
new burg. ,
Finally he not a 'onng Globe engi
neer and entortriined himself- and thg
engineer for an hour. Still (hore was
no trace of the reception committee.
Just as he was preparing to leave for
Globe, a vo'ing man whom he did not
know took it upon himself to save the
town from tho somnolence which was
encirclinrr it. and cnouch Minmians
wero enticed together to. orm a. meet
ing. There must have been at jeast a
dozen at the start.
When the meetinp was called to or
der by II. D. Green, who officiated in
the place of J. Roddan. tho absent
acting chairman, a question arose ns
to whether the association should bo
organized before Mr.-Rohrabackpr's ad
dress, or whether tho talk should come
"Perhaps Mr. Rohrabacker. who
comes from that sleepy old town of
Globe can give us" some pointers," said
a voice from the rear of the hall.
"Let's hear him first."
And Miami heard Mr Rohrabacker
first. They heard him all tho wv
through and when he had finished, the
crowd which had slowly gathered un
til there were over a hundred present,
iravo him an ovation such as had never
been given a public speaker inmi.
Secretary Rohrabacker pointed out
several things t otho Miamians. He
showed them the possibilities of a busi
ness men's organization, its benefits to
tho town, to the business men, to the
individual and the place it would take
in the government of the town, prac
tically taking the place of the munici
pal government of an incorporated city.
Ho pointed out too the error of put
ting nt the head of such an organiza
tion the resident with the most money
and of organizing in such a way that
the more money a man could nlfoid
to pay, the inoic votes he would bo al
lowed and the more power he would
wield in the government of the body.
Ho pointed out the benefits of better
transportation and what would be
gained if motor car service between
Globe and Miami, such as the Globe
chamber of commerce is now woiking
for, was secured. Incidentally he put
in a good word for a Gila county high
When he had finished speaking,
Chairman Gieen, on his own behalf and
without calling for a vote, adopted the
by-laws. What they contained, no one
seemed to know", for thev wero not read
at tho meeting.
Mr. Rohrabacker excused himself at
this juncture. What happened after
wards remains to develop in later re
ports. What became of the reception com
mittee and the reception which was to
have been tendered to Mr. Rohraback
er is still shrouded in mystery. This
may also be explained in later reports.
But tho fact remains that it was tho
general consensus of opinion, when Mr.
Rohrabacker 's remarks had sunk in,
that "that sleepy old town of Globo,"
as it had been characterized by somo
Miamians, was possibly not quito as
snugly esconccd in tho arms of Mor
pheus as it had been depicted by the
"Mayor of Miami."
Seo tho new offices for rent on 2nd
floor new Amstcr building.
Talkative Statesman Also
Charged by Colleague
With Verbosity
WASHINGTON, D. C, March 2.
Senator Jefferson Davis of Arkansas
failed today to, have stricken from the
records of tho house committee on pub
lic lands his statement made beforo the
committco several days ago when he
appeared to advocate a bill introduced
by Representative Qldfield of Arkan
sas, quieting title to about 100,000 acres
of swamp lands in the eastern part of
Arkansas, known as "sunk lands."
Davis' statement indicated that he
was to receive a fee for his services as
attorney for the St. Francis levee
board, in litigation over the lands.
Tho lands in disputo are claimed in
part by tho United States, the St. Fran
cis levee board and privato individuals.
It had been admitted by Davis that
ho was attorney for the St. Francis
leveo board of the state of Arkansas,
which claimed title to the lauds under
state grants, and for which he brought
suit against a number of persons who
cut timber.
On his first appearance before the
committee the record showed that Davis
made the following statement:
'"Wo could not piovc our title. I
confess there is just that much selfish
ness in it, to me, because there is a
good fee if I recover tho prieo of the
timber. I don't caro where it goes, to
flio stato of Arkansas or to the S.
Francis levee board, but I would rather
it should go to the St. Francis, because
that's my fight."
In correcting his testimony Davis
struck out the words "Because there's
a good fee if I recover the price of the
timber," and substituted for it the fol
lowing: "Becuso I'm attorney for the
St. Francis levee board for recovery of
tho timber."
Davis said he had not used the words
attributed to him, but several of the
members of tho committee disagreed.
The committee held an executive ses
sion and finally voted unanimously not
to allow Davis to mako the change de
sired. Clark of Arkansas also appeared be
fore the committee today and declared
that Davis misrepresented him before
tho committco at 'a previous hear'n?
when he stated Clark was in favor of
tho bill. Clark declared ho was op
posed to the bill.
During Davis' appearanco before the
committee Representtlvc Robinson of
Arkansas, inquired: "Is tins a contin
gent feet"
"I have an absolute as well as a
contingent fee," replied the senator.
Senator Davis gave gave out a state
ment tonight in which he denounced
as "Absolutely false and without foun
dation" the report that he was to get
a fee on event of the passage of the
He declared the bill was just intend
eT to merely quiet title to certain lands
bought by friends ot lus m 1-orcst City
from the St. Francis board.
The statement cqncludes with the
declaration that "This is a sensational
story gotten up by jealous political en
Among the veils of chiffon and chif
fon cloth are seen a variety of sombre
effects. The newest idea is to have the
lightest portion in, the middle, or more
correctly speaking, perhaps, just at the
point directly covering the face. The
veil becomes darker all around as It
approaches the deep hem, which is, of
course, hemstitched. Tho two-toned
chiffon veils, which are also new, show
many pretty combinations.
Scientists are now agreed that tho
eczema germs arc lodged not in tho out
er skin or epidermis, but in the inner
skin. Hence, a penetrating liquid is re
quired, not an outward salvo that clogs
tho pores.
We recommend to all eczema patients
the standard prescription Oil of Win
tergreen as compounded in liquid form
known as D. D. D. Prescription. A
tiial bottle of this D. D. D. Prescrip
tion, at only 25 cents, will instantly re
lieve tho itch. AVo have sold and recom
mended this remedy for years, and
know of wonderful cures from its use.
Wo recommend it to our patrons.
Palace Drug Company.
A Skin of Beauty Is a Joy Forever.
R. T. Felix Gouraud's Oriental
Croam or Magical Boautlfler.
Removes Tan, Tlmples,
irccklcs, Jloth lVchef,
Risb, and skin Diseacp,
ana every DiemuD
onbeuity. and tie
flea detection. It
has stood the test
of C2 years and
la so harmless we
taste It toheeurelt
Is properly made.
Accept nocounttr
felt of similar
name Pr I A
Sivre said to a
lady of the haul
ton (j pttlent)!
"As you ladles
will use them.
I recuramend
'(inuiiiuirx Crrnm'M the least harmful or all tie
skin preparations." Fcr si'e If til druorMs and J anc
Uoods Uealcro In the United btalc, Canada and Europe
FERD.T. HOPKINS, Prep.. 37 Great Jones Slml, New fait
51 ? MzA
OTW ffw
Thursday, March 3
Friday, March 4 -Saturday,
March 5
Sec us about a nice corner, two .lots for $325, and a tlirce-room house
for $330; and if you want 10'acrcs good agricultural land with water
for $2,000. Only five miles from Globe. Also a gold property in the
Office 177 No. Broad.
Why are Wagons Painted?
A cheap wagon is painted to hide defects in the wood and make
it look attractive to the purchaser.
Even the paint is of poor quality anu wears off quickly, leaving
the wood exposed to the weather. '
A Studebaker is painted to preserve the wood and protect it
from the elements.
Even when the boxing is forced into the hub, it is covered with
pure lead in order to keep moisture out of the hub.
You cannot see that, but it's there just the same.
The paint used on a
is chosen for its wear and weather resisting qualities.
It may not look much different from the "cheap" wagon when
new, but
Ask us for the book, 'The Farmer's Friend," which shows
just how the Studebaker is made.
Pale-Faced Women
You ladies, who have pale faces, sallow complexions,
dark circles under eyes, drawn features and tired, worn
out expressions, you need a tonic.
The tonic you need is Cardui, the woman's tonic.
It is the best tonic for women, because its ingredients
are specifically adapted for women's needs. They act on
the womanly organs and help to give needed strength and
vitality to the worn-out womanly frame.
Cardui is a vegetable medicine. It contains no min
erals, no iron, no potassium, no lime, no glycerin, no dan
gerous, or habit-forming drugs of any kind.
It is perfectly harmless and safe, for young and old to use.
Take C
The Woman's Tonic
"After my doctor had done all he said he could for me,"
writes Mrs. Wm. Hilliard, of Mountainburg, Ark., "I took Car
dui, on the advice of a friend, and it helped me so much.
"Before taking Cardui, I had suffered from female
troubles for five years, but since taking it, I am in good health.
"I think there is some of the best advice in your book
that I ever saw." Your druggist sells Cardui. Try it.
Write to
to: Ladies' Advisory Dcpt . Cliattanoogi Medicine Co , Chattanooea, Tenn..
Instructions, and 64-pasc book, "Home Treatment for Women,' sent free
lor Special
"The Gladiator"
- - "Othello"
- - - "Faust"
nA&ijk kl'rv mJtiM'ffWm J6ariJMiW3wBEMB
and get some
Some Stationery
that will
Lend. Dignity
to your
that will give you
a prepossessing
introduction to
your correspondent.
A. business
Should no more
think of sending
out a poorly
dressed letter than
of sending a shabby
to meet the trade
in his line.
Think it over
Mrst appearances
make lasting
A word to the
wise is
and a good
business man
doesn't need
a second
The best cosT:s
no more than
the mediocre
What the Silver Belt
Print Shop puts
into its work
in the way of
better service it
saves in
buying paper
stocks in car
lots. I
You, Mr.
Business Man
Know what car
lots save in
freight. '
There's a moral
Keep your money
at home.
You don't want
the printer
sending to the1
mail order
Let's Co-operate.
Telephone 231
and we will
send a man.
U KiUrnr Rot
Print Shop

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