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Tuesday, March 8, 1910.
MIAMI, eleven miles from Globo, Is now the terminal of the Gila Val
ley, Globe & Northern railway. It has a postofflce, express office,
telegraph offlco and a throc-trip-a-day train service with Globo.
Thrco months ago Miami had ono house; it now has two hundred. Miami
has a population of GOO. Tho population of Miami district is 2,000. In the
Miami district aro tho Miami, Warrior, Inspiraton, Keystone, Livo Oak, Cor
dova, Boston-Miami, Cactus, Gibson, Duquesno, Schulze Group and Colo De
velopment copper mines, with a capitalization of $30,000,000. Miami Is the
distributing point for theso mines. Tho Miami mine now employs COO men,
with a monthly payroll of $75,000. The first month's freight receipts at Mi
ami wero over $40,000. Miami is growing rapidly. All lines of business are
represented. It has a weekly newspaper, Tho Miami Messenger. Many,
business opportunities aro still open. It is predicted that by January 1,
1911, tho population will bo 3,000.
Miami Business Directory
Do you want anything
moved from Globo to
Miami? If so seo mo
about It If you want
water I haul it.
Dry Goods
Dairy Products Deliver
ed Daily
The Miami Saloon
The place to meet your
"We are still soliciting- your patronage. "We do not
aim to slight you. If our solicitors have not called
on you, notify us and one will come at once. Our
business is growing rapidly and our large stock is
growing according!)'. We are taking great pains to
make the prices a leading feature. We invite you to
look through our stock and compare prices.
. Ranch eggs, Safford butter and fresh vegetables
and fruits our specialty. ggg!&&&&to
Ask us about anything- you want to know about
New Night Letter Service
Will Effect Great Sav
ing in Future
Beginning yesterday a new night
message system which materially de
creases tho cost of telegraph messages,
for those who use tlio wires extensive
ly, was put iu nctivo operation by tho
Western Union Telegraph company.
Tho new system is known as night
letter service and on messages of fifty
words or over cuts the telegraph tolls
down to 20 per cent of the regular day
Brioly, the night letter servieo is
this: Between Globe and every other
telegraph station iu tho United States,
here is a fixed day rate for ten words
or less. Under the new system, a
fifty word message will bo sent at night
for tho samo charge as a regular ten
word day mes'age. Up to fifty woijds,
the charge is tho same. Over fifty
words, however, tho additional words
are charged for on tho basis of one-fifth
of the day word rate.
tFor example, suppose a message is
to bo sent from Globo to Los Angolcs.
The day rate is 50 cents for ten words
or Cc per word. By tho night let
ter service, fifty words may be sent
for JO cents and additional words will
bo sent for one cent each.
Theso messages may bo filed at any
tuno during tho dny or night, up to
2 a. in. They will not be sent, how
ever, until night. As tho night rates
aro only 10 per cent lower than tho
day rate, however, the new night let
ter servico will effect a big saving on
long messages.
In establishing tho new service, it
is generally understood that tho Wes
tern Union is going after business which
is now transacted by mail and telephone
instead of by telegraph. Tho business
man nho wishes to order goods from
the east, the coast, or .elsewhere, mails
his order unless tho goods aro needed
in a hurry, as telegraph tolls on a
lengthy order aro expensive, under tho
new system, however, he can place an
oider by telegraph at one fifth of tho
ti rmer cost and as much time will bo
saved in tins way, a largo night letter
service will soon develop. Tho samo
condition may be said to hold good with
T. H. Arnold & Co.
Engineers and Contractors
Cobb Brothers
Staplo and Fancy
In Miami. Wo open to
please yo
ordinary business and personal mes
sages. ., 1".'. . tho nw system, however,
COdo" is li.-11-rnil Tim ,!. ... i '
breviato at will, but code words and
foreign words aro barred. A fifty
word message will convey muchinfor
mation, however, and as the ro ult,
thero will be littlo necessity for codc-
k m uiBn messages in the future:
McElroy for good work.
Soventy pages of illustrated informa
tion about Globo and tho great Globe
district, handsomely bound and a boost
for homo. Send somo to your frionds
who don't realizo tho greatness of
Globe. Get them for 25 cents each at
tho Silver Belt office.
Interesting Demonstration
of the Culinary Art at
Iris Theater
With an interested gathering of iep
resentative matrons of this city-watching
and listening with undivided atten
tion, Miss Anna Virginia Miller opened
a series of lectures iu tho subject of
scientific cooking with gas, at tho Iris
theater yesterday afternoon.
At tho occasion of her opening lec
ture, Miss Miller did not attempt to
go into tho details of cooking. This
part of her treatiso on domestic sci
ence will follow in later lectures. Yes
terday afternoon's talk was taken up
with an explanation of the gas stove,
its uses and abuses, and the goneral pre
liminary phases of the culinary art.
This lecture proved very interest
ing and will be followed by practical
demonstrations, beginning today. This
afternoon, Miss Miller will preparo var
ious dishes, including Jjroiled beef
steak, macaroni and hum au gratia and
baking powder biscuits. Everything
cooked will bo served and those wlio
attend the demonstration will have tho
opportunity of testing Miss Miller's
ability as a master of the culinary art.
Theso lectures, which are given un
der tho auspices of tho Globo Light
& Power company, ar0 absolutely fiee
and an invitation is extended to every
woman in Globe to attend and seo
for herself the advantages of scientific
cooking with gas.
McElroy for best painting materials.
Aro you frequently hoarse! Do von
I havo that annoying tickling in your
l throat? Does your cough annoy you at
I nighty and do you raise mucus in tho
j morning? Bo you want rcliof? If so,
take Ciiamberlain's Cough Remedy and
you will bo pleased. Sold by all drug
j g's.
MRS. W. D. FRENCH, Corresponden
Ankle Broken When Horse
Is Frightened and Over
turns Buggy
As tho result of a runaway accident
in tho Thatcher boulevard, Saturday
evening, Miss Fay Claridge of Thatchor
sustained a broken anulo ana .Miss lie
becka Claridgo had a narrow escapo
from serious injury.
Tho two young women wero driving
a well broken horse, thought to bo au
Bolutoly safe, and had proceeded but a
short distance along tho boulevard to
ward Safford when they were forced
to turn out to allow another vehicle to
pass. While thoy wero partly out of
tho road, tho animal took fright at tho
burned and blackened grass which skirt
ed the boulovard.
Before Miss Fay Claridge could get
the animal under control, it turned
sharply, cramping the wheels and over
turning tho buggy.
Tlio fracture sustained by Miss Clar
idge is of a serious nature, which will
probably incapacitato her for several
weeks. Miss Rebccka Claridge, her
niece, escaped with scarcely a scratch.
Harry Leo returned Sunday evening
from Pima, where ho is interested in a
plan to furnish mountain water to the
town of Pima. A company, of which
Mr. Leo is presidont, has been formed
and proposes to build a Reservoir about
Inmates Have Narrow Es
cape Origin of Fire
Special to the Silver Belt.
SAFFORD, March 7. Four naked
walls and a heap of smouldering ruins
mark the sito of what was tho Com
mercial hotel of this city, one of tho
first brick buildings erected here. Fire
of unknown origin destroyed the struc
ture shortly after midnight Sunday
morning. Tho building is a total loss,
and with tho exception of a few ar
ticles, tho hotel furnishings were also
Tho firo was discovered a few min
utes after midnight and before a volun
teer firo department could be called to
gether, tho building was wrapped in
ilames. Every effort possiblo was ex
erted in an attempt to qiioneh the
flames, but without avail. It was only
by tearing down sheds adjoining the
hotel that tho business district was
saved from tho conflagration. Had
thero not been almost a total absenco
of wind, the entire business district
of Safford would now bo a heap of
As far as can bo learned, the fi;i
started in tho basement of the building.
The fact that a quantity of whiskey
was stored in this part of tho building
made firo fighting difficult. Wiley B.
Jones, whilo attempting to carry out a
part of tho contents of tho building,
was blown completely through a door
way when a whiskey barrel let go. He
was scratched and bruised but not ser
iously injured.
Tho occupants of the hotel were all
aioused in time to mako their escapo
Philano, Last of Wild Men,
Now Mourning Lost Friends
But One of Trio Who' Coined
.Fame and Fortune for
Barnum Is Left
WAIiTHAM, Mass., March 7. In a
house iu Waltham, a quaint little man.
sits, waiting in silence day after day.
Ho is Philano, last of tho Wild Men
of Borneo, and tho last of a trio whoso
fame encircles tlio globo and whoso
strength astonished children who aro
grandfather today. Four years ago
Philano 's partner, Waino, died. Ho was
SO years old. On Tuesday last the man
ager of tho pair, and thoir friend, Han
ford A. Warner, died. He was S'l years
Alone, i)0 years old, tho last of tho
Wild Men now waits for the next
"show," when thero will be no encores,
no photographs, no crowds o f littlo chil
dren to sniilo down upon and no eager
hands to clasp and no return engage
ment. Tho call will bo for the "big show,"
tho big tout among tho stars, where
freaks and clowns and bareback riders
faco the eternal ringmaster with stilled
two miles from Pima for tho storage of
tho water, which will be brought from
the mountains in largo mains. From
there it will be carried to the town in
smaller pipes. When completed, the
reservoir will cover about ninety acres
and will be fifteen feet or more in
depth. The work has been laid out and
construction will begin at once.
SAFFORD, March 7. Wilbur Ijams
returned Saturday afternoon from a
trip into Mexico.
Charles Waffio of T i non, left for
Globe Saturday afternoon.
C. S. Conway, brother of Mrs. F. W.
Hayes, returned from Indiana last ev
ening. Mrs. Hayes intended accom
panying him but her little son Frank
was taken ill.
Tho members of the Epworth league
went on a picnic to the Riggs ranch last
Saturday and reported having had a
I jolly time.
j Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Clayton motored
to tho Hot Springs Sunday.
A party consisting or Mr. and Mrs.
Win. Rutland, Mrs. Jennings, Messrs.
Houck, Smith and Jennings went by
automobile to the Springs yesterday to
The afternoon attraction at the Hot
Springs was a ball game between Eden
and Thomas, ending in a score of G
to 14 in favor of Thomas.
C. ' P. Pearson is absent from his
post at tho depot owing to llness. M.
C. McConneJI is acting agent in Mr.
Pearson's absence.
The little child of Donald Simpson
is ill.
Mrs. Jack Saunders came to Safford
this morning from Thomas for medical
The baby of I'-r. and Mrs. J. R.
Welker is ill.
Saturday afternoon LeRoy Nichols,
tlio little son of Mr. and Staunton
Nichols, died at his home in Artcsia of
diphtheria. Another child in tho fam
ily with the same disease is recovering.
Sunday morning at her home in
Thatcher Mrs. Emily Webster passed
away after a lingering illness. Mrs.
Webster was the mother of a large
family, among them being Frank, Os
car, Reeso and Jud Webster and Mrs.
Peter Lofgreen, who was injured in the
runaway at Central somo months ago.
She will be buried this afternoon.
and witli tho exception of Mr. Jones,
no ono was injured. Ono occupant, who
was under tho influence of liquor, was
aroused only after tho proprietor had
fired a rovolver over his head.
Tho Commercial hotel was owned,
through a guardian, by Hcrnian Sydow,
the fitteen-year-old son of Kmil Sydow,
who originally owned tho building. Tho
boy is attending school in New Mexico,
and was not here at tho time of the
firo. The structure has been held un
der lease from W. T. Johnson for sev
eral years.
The building was insured for $l,o00
with $1,000 additional insurance carried
by Mr. Johnson on the furniture and
equipment of the hotel.
With the destruction of the Commer
cial hotel a building that sheltered one
of Safford 's greatest tragedies, is no
Emil Sydow, wwho built the hotel,
had a charming and beautiful wife at
the tinio lie embarked on his career as
a hotel manager in this city. The 'u
pie was apparently happy and made
many friends in this part of the coun-
One day a young man of good address
came to tho hotel and took up quar
ters. He became infatuated with tho
charming wife of the proprietor and
his attentions were reciprocated. An
elopement followed. A few months
later, the unfortunate husband com
mitted suicide in tho hotel.
This is tho second hotel to bo de
stroyed in the valley in recent years.
Another hotel located near this city was
destroyed by fire five years ago. This
conflagration was more serious, how
ever, as one lodger lost his life.
As the owner of tho Commercial ho
tel cannot dispose of his property for
several years, it is hardly probable that
the building will bo jeplaeed, at least
not at the present time.
laughter and bated breath, shorn of
gaud and tinsel and tawdry array.
Tho little man is now gentle, kindly
and docilo always.
The last link of tho lifo of the can
vas tent parted when Hanford A. War
ner died.
"Poor littlo Waino. lie's nmst dune
for now," said Mr. Warner, tho year
before Waino died. "We've been Hov
eling the same road pretty fast. Waino
and I and Philano, too, though ho
don't show' it as much andlho end of
it is only tho cemetery yonder."
Tho union of tho fortunes of the
freaks and their manager belonged to a
tinio when there were few railroads, no
ocean liners and few public museums.
It was a time of homespun and fine
linen; of confused views of tho wholo
world from tho little red sohoolliouse;
of P. T. Durmiin and his monstrous can
vas, and moro monstrous fakes.
Into a Now England port sailed Cap
tain Hammond, with the silks and spices
of the Orient, full of tales of adventure
among strange people and terrific hur
ricanes and the perils of the deep.
Witli liim ns unssencrors worn tlm Wild
Men of Borneo, littlo men who were
unintelligible except to each other, and
then only through half articulate cries
and gesticulation. Men of marvelous
weight, Waino a marvel of muscular
construction. Doctor Warner, backer of
Captain Hammond on his voyage, could
hardly believe his eyes when ho saw tho
pigmy lift a burly sailor with ease.
Doctor Warner placed the pair in tho
care of a Mr. Harvey, now long dead,
and they made tho tour of tho museums
and the side shows of tlio circuses. Tho
little Waino, lifting men of 300 pounds
with ease, startled tho country.
Then Dr. Warner thought of his rela
tive, Hanford A. Warner, then living in
Cambridge. That was iu about 18G0.
Thus began tho union of fortunes be
tween the freaks and their manager, Mr.
Warner, which lasted until death.
The trio visited every capital of Eu
rope, and, with Barnum and other trav
eling circuses, every part of the United
About a dozen years ago Mr. Warner
was stricken blind. An injury inflicted
when a child overwhelmed him in his
declining years.
His son, Ernest H. Warner, took up
the work of showing tho Wild Man of
Borneo, who had becomo by now loved
inmates of tho Warner family. He trav
eled all over Europe with them, annu
ally returning to tho Warner home in
Then came tho beginning of the end
with Waino. Ho was stricken blind.
It seemed to unite him closer to his old
manager, while Philano in his dumb
way strove to show sympathy to his
It was decided about 100.1 to with
draw tho Wild Men from exhibition and
to take care of them in their declining
years in tlio Wrarner homo at Waltham.
Mr. Warner's son entered the canoe
business and tho Wild Men and their
old manager wero left to pass their de
clining years together.
In this quietA and comfort of after
years Waino passed away. So, too their
veteran manager. And Philano? He
sits and thinks and wonders, perhaps, a
littlo why tho call is so long delayed.
McElroy for wall paper.
Common brick. Globe Brick & Con.
struction Co.
Send some of the Special Mining
Editions of tho Silver Belt to your
friends abroad. A few left at the low
price of 25 cents each.
Out-of-Order Kidneys Act
Fine and Backache Sim
ply Vanishes
Out-of-order kidneys act fino and
backache or bladder misery is relieved
after a few doses of Pape's Diuretic.
Pains in the back, sides or loins,
rheumatic twinges, debilitating head
ache, nervousness, dizziness, sleepless
ness, inflamed or swollen eyelids, worn
out feeling and many other symptoms
of clogged, inactive kidneys simply
Frequent, painful and uncontrollable
urination duo to a weak or irritable
bladder is promptly overcome.
The moment you suspect any kidney,
bladder or urinary disorder, or feel
rheumatism coming, begin taking this
harmless remedy, with the knowledge
that thero is no other medicine, at any
price, made anywhere elso in tho world,
which will ettect so thorough and
prompt a cure, as a fifty-cent treatment
ot rape's Diuretic, which any druggtst
can Bupply.
This unusual preparation goes direct
to the out-of-order kidneys, bladder and
urinary system, cleaning, healing and
strengthening theso organs and glands,
and completes tho euro boforo you
realizo it.
A few days' treatment with Pape's
Diuretic means clean, active, healthy
kidneys, bladder and urinary organs
and you feel fine.
Your physician, pharmacist, banker or
any mercantile agency will tell you that
Papo, Thompson & Papo, of Cincinnati,
is a largo and responsiblo medicine con
cern, thoroughly worthy of your confi
dence. Accept only Pape's Diuretic fifty
cent treatment from any drug store
anywhero in the world.
lady Learned About Cardui, The
Woman's Tonic and is Now
Enthusiastic in its Praise.
Mount Pleasant, Tenn. "Cardui is all
you claim for it, and more," writes Mrs.
M. E. Rail, of this place.
"I was a great sufferer for 2 years and
was very weak, but I learned about Car
dui, and decided to try it. Now I am in
perfect health.
"My daughter, when changing into
womanhood, got in very bad health. I
gave her Cardili and now she enjoys
good health.
"Cardui is worth its weight in gold. 1
recommend it for young and old."
Being composed exclusively of harm
less vegetable ingredients, with a mild
and gentle medicinal action, Cardui is
the best medicine for weak, sick girls
and women.
It has no harsh, powerful, near-poisonous
action, like some of the strong
minerals and drugs, but helps nature to
perforin a cure in a natural easy way.
Try Cardui.
N. B. Write to: Ladles' Advisory Dcpt.. Cliatts
noosa Medicine Co . Chattanooga. Tcnn., for Special
Instructions. anrtC-l-pace book. "HomcTrcatracnl
lor Women, sent in plain wrapper, oa request
Liberal Free Sample
Especially valuable in aural affections of children
mild, pure, and sanitary Specially recommended by
physicians for children with cold In the head, which so
often brings on chronic nasal catarrh Contains no harm
ful drugs. Sold only In sanitary, convenient tubes and
rpfnmrrlpnrlnrl liv rwnr k fWVk Art.lt. I o .l i i.
It yours hasn t Kondon s,
Fujii"" v iwcipi u. yule,
Kondon Mia. Company, Mlnncnnolls. Minn.
Palace Livery
and Feed Stables
Single and Double Teams
A specialty made of saddle horses
and vehicles for mountain trips. Com
petent drivers.
Livery Phone 428 Feed Phone 372
W. D. Reading J. F. Crampton E. W. Weinmann
We have pleased you in other markets and can please
you in our own.
We handle everything in our line.
668 North Broad St. Phone 71
The Globe Commercial Co.
We Want Your Trade
Tns quality of goodi carried by as cut always bt defended on. We eny
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Page Three
Catarrhal Deafness
Avoided and Cured
Prove this to yourself by writing us to
day for a free sample, postpaid, of this
permanent, safe and speedy cure aro
matic, soothing, healing. Or ask your
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ui uuiofuiciy iree sample by
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