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Bailv. bv mail, ono year $7.50
Daily, by mail, six months. . . n. . . . . 4.00
Daily, by carrier, six montns .uu
Daily, iy carrier, ono month 75
Weekly, ono year 2.50
Weekly, six months 1.25
Entered nt tho postof fice in Globe, Ariz., as socond-class mail.
- i. n i i .
Tho Silver Belt has a larerer uaid circula
tion than any daily newspaper in the world
published m a city witn lu.uuu or iesa population.
Wednesday, March 9, 1910.
One secret act of self-denial, one sacrifice
of inclination to duly, is worth all the mere
good thoughts, warm feelings and passionate
prayers in which idle people indulge them
selves. Cardinal Newman.
If wo only hnd hogs rooting for us !
Don't mistake the green goods man for a sign
of early spring.
It would never do to let the barber know that
you were in a hurry.
It do seem that both Pinchot and Ballinger
are in line for admission to the Ananias club.
Mr. Taft undertook to show his teeth, but we
haven't noticed that it has improved his smile,
A Tucson scribe writes of "the kifes that won't
come off." That must be the one-that the other
fellow got.
We might stand without a murmur if March
had fl whole year of such days as we have been
enjoying recently.
"El Paso's sky line keeps a.-climbmg," ex
claims the Times. Sure, if measured from a
hole in the ground.
J. P. Morgan has a red-headed female librari
an. And it is a notorious fact that the old boy
is partial to white horses.
An exchange warbles of tho glories of the
peekaboo season. And arc dr.opped stitch hose
to be worn again this summer?
Paradoxical as it may seem, the water wagon
has the happy faculty of kicking up a lot of
dust every now and occasionally.
Beatrice Fairbanks is writing a good deal
these days about "gossiping and borrowing."
An old story in almost every neighborhood.
Durango has raised one-half of a proposed
honus of $100,000 for the Globe road. Globe
will get this lino purely on her good behavior.
They might accomplish the same purpose if
they would pass a law prohibiting an Indian
from coming within twenty-five miles of a saloon.
Globe school district will be called upon to
elect a trustee this year. "What is the matter
with our old college chum, Andy Jackson Ilam-mons.
They are writing about the "stage drink" in
the east. If it is in the same class with stage
money and the stage fowl it is 'no, thank you"
with us.
"With Mr. Taft's assurance that he didn't
mean it, Wall street seems to be doing business
at the same old stand with the same reckless
"Pockets will be very ornamental," says a
spring fashitin writer. In these days of high
living prices we had concluded that they Avere
merely ornamental.
A Texas paper insists that Mr. Peary must
show his proofs. Arid wouldn't this Lone Star
paper permit Mr. Peary to profit by the doleful
experience of Dr. Cook?
'According to government engineers, San
Juan county, New Mexico, has 24,000,000,000
tons of coal deposits. The Globe-Durango line
will tap this wonderful deposit.
If it is true that there be 2,000,000,000 mi
crobes in the average dish of ice cream, as sci
entists assert, why not fatten the critters and
quit worrying about the price of beef steak?
In The Halls of Congress
Special Washincton Correspondence
One hundred and forty dollars for street car
tickets; $237.66 for horseshoeing, $429.55 for
soap and brushes !
These are a few of the expenditures of the
state department in 1909. The horseshoeing item
refers to the shoeing of four horses, except dur
ing a period of about three months, when the
number was six.
The expenditures referred to were brought
to light as a result of a meeting of the house
committee on expenditures in the state depart
ment. The meeting was the first that has been
held since the republican party has been in
The committee was one of several commit
tees on expenditures in the various departments
of tho government that had never held a meet
ing. Yet there are no more important committees
appointed by the speaker than the committee on
expenditures of the state, treasury, war, navy,
postoffice, interior and agriculture departments
that is, if these committees do their duty. Un
der the rules they are charged with the exam
ination of the accounts and expenditures oi the
several departments and the manner of keeping
the same; the economy, justness and correct
ness of such expenditures; their conformity
with appropriation laws; the security of the
government against unjust and extravagant de
mands; retrenchment, the enforcement of the
payment of monevs duo to the United States;
the economy and accountability of the public
officers and the abolishment of useless offices.
Secretaries and janitors have been appointed
for these coriimittees, and luxuriously appointed
rooms are provided. With one or two excep
tions, however, these committees have held no
meetings since the republican party has been in
The investigation of the expenditures in the
state department followed three years of the
most skjllful and ingenius maneuvering on the
part of Representative Courtney W. Hamlin of
Missouri, the ranking democratic member of the
committee. It so happened that three of the
five members present were democrats Hamlin
of Missouri, William B. Craig of Alabama and
Martin Dies of Texas. Finding themselves un
expectedly in the majority, the three democrats
proceeded to get busy.
Secretary of State Knox, and Assistant Sec
retaries Huntington Wilson and Wilbur J. Carr
were sent for to go over the expenditures of the
state department for 1909, aggregating $428,
557.68, The three state department officials
were practically useless as witnesses, however,
for they frankly admitted they were not suili
ciently familiar with many of the items to ex
plain them. However, they promised to look
into the various matters called to their atten
Asked whether he thought $237.66 was not a
somewhat large amount to expend for the shoe
ing of four horses in a year, Mr. Carr admitted
that it seemed excessive. It developed that al
though the state department has but two vehi
cles and four horses, it cost $2,824.49 to main
tain the stables last year. Mr. Knox added that
the horses are little used, as he generally rides
in an automobile.
When considered in connection with the re
cent statement of Senator Aldrich that he could
run the government for $300,000,000 under the
present annual cost, the failure of the commit
tees on expenditures to pay any attention what
soever to the expenditures of the several de
partment has made improper use of its appro
priation. His position is that it is the duty of
the committee of which he is a member to inves
tigate the accounts and see that everything is
correct, and to require economy in the expenditures.
The Ladies Home Journal should call for an
other revised installment of those papers cap
tioned "How a couple can live on $25 per
month." Pork, for instance, has pied all the
old forms. Maybe some of the dear sweet con
tributors would advise keeping the baby on the
breast until he had attained the age of fifteen
An admiring newspaper expresses the wish
that Henry Watterson may live to celebrate his
two hundredth anniversary. As great men ap
proach the windowless palace of rest the world
begins to plant its flower seeds. Henry Watter
son 's walk through life has not been over a
rose-strewn path.
Two men were arrested in Colorado the other
day for killing a duck without a hunter's li
cense. Texas- should take a tip from the inci
dent and exact a license from some of the resi
dents of that commonwealth who semi-occa-
sionally go gunning.
Those southern California beach boosters
should keep their business eye on the Arizona
thermometer. It has been hovering around that
point where the "sad sea waves" are almost
audible during the past few days.
We plead with Thee, O God, for our brothers
who are pressed by the cares and beset by the
temptations of business life. We acknowledge
before Thee our common guilt for the hard
ness and deceitfulnes of our commercial life,
which leads so many into temptation and causes
even the righteous to slip and fall. So long as
it must be that man is set against man in a
struggle for wealth, help them to make their
contest in sonie measure a test of excellence, by
which even the defeated may be spurred to bet
ter work. If any man is pitted against those
who have forgotten fairness and honesty, help
him to put his trust resolutely in the profitable
ness of sincerity and uprightness and, if need
be, to accept loss rather than follow the others
on crooked paths. Establish in unshaken fidel
ity all who hold in trust the wealth of our na
tion. The property and welfare' of our nation
controlled by our business men. Help them to
realize that they have high public functions and
let them not betray the interest of all for their
own enrichment. Grant them far-sighted patri
otism to subordinate their work to the public
weal and a steadfast determination to trans
form the disorder of the present into the nobler
and freer harmony of the future. Let the spirit
of Christ, which goes out from Thee and which
is ceaselessly pleading within us, prevail to
bring our business life under Christ's law of
service, that all who guide the processes ot iac-
tory and trade may feel that high consciousness
of a divine calling which blesses only those who
are the free servants of God and the people,
and who are consciously devoting their strength
to the common good.
Professor J. P. Norton of Yale University, ex
pert in trade statistics, has just given out some
figures relative to the increased cost of living
which ho declares knocks the props from be
neath the assertion that the ever-advancing
prices are due to the "increased proportionate
output of gold."
He shows that prices in this country, under
protection, have advanced 50 per cent more than
m England, under tree trade, in all countries
under tlie gold standard, the output must oper
ate uniformly. Therefore, Protessor Norton
concludes, there must be some special cause at
work in this country. He suspects it is the
Payne-Aldrich tariff law!
Some girls would be successful in obtaining a
husband if they would remove the Hatpin before
setting their caps.
Never wash flannels in water in which cotton
clothing has been washed, as there is lint al
ways left in the water that "fulls" the flannel
-Books, music and good lights may n6t in
crease the. corn crop, but they wonderfully in
crease the heart crop ; and that is worth a good
deal more when it comes to keeping the boys and
girls on the farm.
If your oven does not bake, don't get mad
about it and think that the stove is a nuisance.
Just clean out the top and bottom of the stove,
You will be surprised at the amount of soot you
will get and how much better the stove will bake
A week filled up with selfishness and a Sab
bath stuffed full of religious exercises will make
a good Pharisee but a poor Christian. There
are many persons who think Sunday is a sponge
with which to wipe "out the sins of the week.
It is natural for children to like candy; and
good candy is wholesome for them, taken at the
proper time which is not between meals. A
good plan is to serve it for dessert several times
a week ; a few pieces are enough for each child.
Used in this way it is not extravagant, as it
saves the making of other desserts.
There are too many people who are like a new
teakettle. You can pile fire under it, and polish
it all you please, but it won't sing; all it will do
is to grunt a little, and if you take the lid off, it
will scald the hand. Isn't that a picture ot
grumpy, surly people who don't appreciate kind
ness? Give me the old iron kettle that can sing,
and the old jolly people who can sing, also.
While we have had no direct wire from the
iungles we are inclined to believe that a gentle
man named Roosevelt has killed the March lion.
The lamb seems to be living right here in Globe.
There is an old saying to the effect that there
are only two classes who run to fires firemen
and fools, which suggests the idea that there is
only one class who break into politics and they
are not firemen.
Politics is naturally bad, but the people in it
are unnaturally Worse.
A heap of nonsense m this world comes irom
people trying so hard to show its sense.
People can't save money now staying home,
because they can spend it over the telephone.
No matter how much money a man could win
by saving it, he'd rather lose by gambling with
A woman loves a man because she thinks she
does; a man loves a woman because she knows
he does.
Orison Swett Marden in Successs Magazine:
Cheerfulness will attract more customers, sell
more goods, do more business with less wear
and tear than almost any other quality. Op
timism is the greatest business-getter, biggest
trader, the greatest achiever in the world. Pes
simism has never done anything but tear down
and destroy what optimism has built up.
In the business office, as in society, anywhere,
the favorite is always the cheerful person. Good
natured, cheerful people do not Avaste their vital
energy as rapidly as the grumbler or the too
sober, too sad people. They work with much
less friction.
Good cheer is a great lubricant; it oils all of
life's machinery. Shakespeare says:
"A merry heart goes all the day,
Your sad tires in a mile a"
MMinvn !c" n- rflinv lifo linliif tvliioli Pfni rrivo
such a prolific return in happiness and satisfac
tion as that of being cheerful under all circum
stances. If the resolution to cultivate cheerful
ness is strongly made at the very outset, it will
not be difficult to form the cheerful habit, and
it will be the best protection against suffering
and disappointment.
Cheerfulness is also a great producer. It adds
wonderfully to one's active ability, and in
creases mental and physical power. It makes
hosts of friends, and helps us to be interesting
and agreeable.
Brains may come in handy if your money
gives out.
And many a cheerful dentist looks down in
the month.
Don't be an eavesdropper. Brace up and butt
in like a man.
An undertaker by any other name would lay
us out, just the same.
The man who digs the hardest doesn't always
get out the most dirt.
The secret a woman can't find out may be
come her secret sorrow.
Let your mind work overtime, if it will, but
give your tongue frequent vacations.
There is much low grafting that cannot be
stopped until the man higher up is behind the
It's a man's inability to understand woman
that places hiin at a disadvantage in the matri
monial game.
If Senator Aldrich would make himself solid
with the masses let him invent a dollar with
eight quarters in it.
Why is it that an otherwise sensible man is
seized with a desire to say idiotic things when
alone with a pretty woman?
Many a man has kicked himself out of a good
Tw'o-thirds of all a man's troubles wear petti
It is easy to see the silver lining of other
people's clouds.
Theremometers make more liars than the big
fish that get away.
Politics may be a game for men, but the orig
inal boss was a woman.
Men may come and men may go, but women's
tongues go on forever.
Why is it one can find a pin almost anywhere
except in a pin cushion?
He is a wise poet who annexes himself to a
girl with a millionaire father.
We wouldn't know that some people had ever
lived but for their obituaries in the papers.
At the age of 18 a girl is afraid of two things
being an old maid and not going to heaven.
Any woman can make an impression on a
mail who has either a soft heart or a soft head.
When a youth begins to sow wild oats it is
time for father to start the thrashing machine.
When a baby talks without saying anything it
attracts a lot more attention than a man who is
doing likewise.
"Should a man use perfumery?"
"Well, a trace of gasoline is permissible nowadays."
Wife Sebastian, I just heard you sigh again.
Now, you must understand that, once and for
all, I forbid you to sigh.
Why has Miss Susan's battery ceased firing?
Staff Officeress Misunderstanding of orders.
The quartennistress sent up the wrong powder
"Er may I call you Miriam, Miss Mon
tague?" "Yes, if you like, Mr. Tompkins, but my first
name is Florence."
"What was that terrible noise going on in
Popkin's apartment last night?' asked Wickley
of the janitor.
"They were celebrating their wooden wed
ding," smiled the janitor. "Mrs Popkin was
hitting Popkin on the head with a rolling pin."
"Knocking wood for luck, eh ?" grinned Wick
ley as he passed on,- while the janitor chuckled.
on the man with exquisitely clean
linen. Ho smiles on himself too
with the consciousness of abso
luto cleanliness. Send your
things to this laundry and you'll
know tho feeling. Once you ex
perience our way of laundering,
nothing less good will ever satisfy
you again.
Arizona Steam Laundry
J. E.
Building Contractors
Building estimates
promptly furnished
Work guaranteed
BOX 491
Office: Corner Oak and Hill
We serve only the
Best Wines
Liquors and
Make this your
When you
Drink the
We serve it
TheWhite House
Bankers' Garden
The Finest Resort in Globe
Popular with all classes winter
and summer. Refreshments of
all kinds. Choice cigars, wines
and liquors.
Cool dining room in connee
tlon. Regular meals and coU
lunches at all tours. Order for
prorate 'dinners in advance.
In the Most Reliable Fire Insurance
Office: Home Printing Co. Building.
Phono 1501. Over Naquin's
Arizona's Leading
Send broken glasses to be -epaired ot
duplicated. Next visit to Globe is

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