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Fridav. March 18, 1910.
( Continued Prom Pago One.)
noon. Secretary Itohrabacher entertain
ed the visitors with good natureJ repar
tee anil kejit thorn together until train
tune and the visitors, accompanied by
n good sized local delegation, boarded
the train in good spirits.
Miami Inspected
At Miami the visitors wore shown
tlm nlnnt n( tlio Miami Conner coin
pnn which, when completed, will bo ,
onoof tho big concentrators of tho dis-
trict Miami was also inspected by tho
visitors, Seymour Swarts, manager ot
the (front Western Smelting & Itefining
company, purchasing two lo,ts in tho
business district.
Owing to the fact that tho special
was delayed in leaving for Miami, the
proposed "inspection of the Old Dominion
workings was eliminated from tho pro
gram, owing to lack of timc. On tlio
leturn to Globe, luncheon was served
to loth the ladies and gentlemen of tho
At tlio Saguaro club, tho gentlemen
weio entertained for ono hour at lunch
eon. While no addresses were given,
many of tho excursionists as well as
members of the Olobo chamber of com
merce, cntertaiuod with stories and im
promptu talks, which added much to tho
enjoyment of tho affair.
In tho meantime, tho ladies of tho
party were entertained at tho Domin
ion hotel, where n tasty luncheon was
After tho luncheon, the visitors spent
an hour in enjoying themselves as thoy
saw fit. Many of tho business men of
tho party visited local merchants and
business men and renewed old acquaint
ances or established new business
friendships. Otncrg spent their time at
the hotel, conversing with tho peoplo
of this city who wore nssombled thcro
nud enjoying an open air concert given
by tho Globe City band.
"Four o'clock, tho scheduled time for
dopaiture, came all too soon. Tho visi
tors would have enjoyed a much longer
visit if tlio itinerary would havo per
mitted a stay of longer duration. It
was tho intention of quite n number of
tho visitors to remain hero until morn
ing and join tho excursion at Howie,
but as it was found that tlio railroad
schedule would not permit of tlio con
summation of tjiis plan, it was aban
doned. Big Crowd Speeds Parting
Tho station grounds were crowded
with peoplo of this city when tho
special train took its departure Many
rousing cheers were given by both tho
visitors and tho local hosts. Tho best
of feeling prcvniledyhnd it was not un
til tho special had 'passed out of sight
that tlio crowd dispersed.
When it was all over, a great sigh
seemed to sweep over tlio city. Not a
sigli of resignation, but n sigh of satis
faction, for tlio peoplo of Globo realized
tnat the Los Angeles delegation had
been met and ontertnlncd'in a way that
wouldl have, a lasting .effect -upon the
business relations between Los Ango
lcs and tho Globo district.
Secretary Frank Wiggins of the Los
Angeles chamber of commerce and inci
dentally ono of tho big'gest boosters for
southern California in existence, was
more than pleased with what ho saw
here. "Globe is a remarkablo city," ho
How the Ladies of Los ,
Angeles Spent the Day
Judging from tho expressions of pleas
ure of the visiting ladies from Los An
geles, their stay in this city yesterday
was ono of delight from tho first to tho
last moment.
A conimitteo of Indies, received tlio
fair visitors upon their arrival in Globe
and after greetings' had been exchanged
nnd a 'cordial welcome extended, they
were escorted to the waiting automo
biles in which they wore taken to tho
chamber of commerce rooms and from
thero in tho pnrado along Hroad street.
After tho parado tho ladies attended
tho general meeting of tho chamber of
commerce and afterwards made tlio trip
to Miami with tho .gentlemen. lie
turning to" this city at 2 o'clock the
Indies wero Escorted to tlio Dominion
hotel where they wero entertained at
Tables wero arranged in T shape and
at the intersection a mound of richly
colored, specimens of oro liad been
formed. This was surmounted by a
mass of white and lavender blossoms,
of varieties growing wild upon tlio hills,
and tho summit was formed of violets.
Tho favors weio unique, being littlo
trays mado of tlio copper matto in tlio
form of lienits, and filled with dainty
confections. A souvenir spoon of Globo
made of refined copper was also present
ed to each guest.
Tlio luncheon was quito elaborate,
including tho full number of courses,
and it was remarkablo for tho entiro
absence of formality and tho spirit of
evident friendship existing between tlio
ladies of tho sister commonwealths.
Mrs. C. T. Sturgeon presided as toast
niiistress and her opening remarks wero
ery appropriate. Sho then called upon
Mrs. Frederick H. Nave who deliveied
a brief address of welcome. Mrs. Nave's
remaiks wero so witty and 'well chosen
that if any restraint had previously
existed it immediately vanished,
Mrs. Franklin F. Towlo thon pro
posed a toabt "To Our Guests." Al
though brief, it carried with it a cordial
welcome that served to strengthen tlio
bond of good fellowship.
Mrs. A. F. Muiseh, when summoned
by the tostmastrpss, responded with a
beautiful tiibuto to friendship.
Mrs. V. Wiggins, ono of tho visiting
ladies, gave a toast to Arizona in which
she dwelt upon tho impressions received
during the trip, blio declared that the
ladies wero delighted with everything,
that the glorious atmosphere had given
them all a feeling of oxhilirntiou which
was made oven greater by the warmth
ni.d hospitality with which thoy had
boon entertained. They had all wished
tn tome but the actual pleasures of tho
said to tlio Silver Belt after the. city
and tlio district had been inspected.
"It is inado up of men of tlio sort who
niako any city progressive and just
this class of people will mako Globe
oiio of tlio really important cities ot
Iho territory within the next few years.
"Throughout tjhc city I can see am
ple ovidences of recent growth and from
the resources of tho district as I have
found them today, this growth will eon-
timio in the future Globe is so fi
ml f tho expectations of tlio pe
P1 who have visited it today that 1 a
Miro it has made an cxcollent impres
sion on every member of tho party, as
it has upon myself personally.
"Tho hospitality which lias been dis
played hero today is far beyond our ex
pectations and I am sorry that our vis
it could not have been prolonged. Those
who have inado the trip to this city
liavo been well repaid and 1 am sure
that thero is not a member of the party
who" has not benefitted bv tho trip to
Itinerary from Hero
Owing to tlio fact that Wednesday M
delay prevented llisbeo and Douglas bo
ing visited, tho itinerary for the re
mainder of tho trip has been altered, in
order that these two cities may not bo
slighted. Saffdrd and Willcox wero vis
ited yesterday afternoon' and last night
and today Douglas, llisbeo and Hcnsou
will bo visited. Tlio special will arrive
at Phoenix tomonow morning at 9
o'clock and after a stay of twelvo hours
in this city, tho trip will bo carried out
according to the original schedule.
Yesterday's visit of tho Los Ange
les delcgaton has been a big advertise
ment for Globo and the Globo district.
That Globo was visited at all and that
tho originally ehcdulod visit of four
hours was extended to six is duo to
tho chamber of commerco of this city.
Socrotnry IJohrabacher is receiving
well deserved praiso for the excellent
work which ho carried out to secure tho
visit of the Los Angeles delegation and
in engineering tho entertainment of
tlio city's guests in a way that carried
tlio entiro program through with scarce
ly a hitch. Mr. Ilohrabacher 's work is
appreciated bv tho peoplo of this city.
That it was appreciated by the visitors
was--manifest by the rousing cheers
given for his benefit at tho closo of the
entertainment, yesterday afternoon.
The entiro membership of tho cham-
j ber of commerce.-which assisted in tJift
worn ut arranging .mo entertainment
and tlio business men of Globe, both
members and non members of the cham
ber who gave financial aid to tho en
tertainment, niorit and are receiving
from tho people of this city a voto ot
thanks. To the automobile owners, tho
ladies of the ontortninment committee
and last, but not least, tho members of
tho Globe Ciy band, credit is also due.
Globo saw an opportunity to cement
business relations between this district
and Los Angeles, by entertaining tho
business men of tlio Angel city. That
Globo carried. outvher part, of tho work
to tho best of her ability cannot be
gainsaid, neither can it bo said that one
pennyof tho money expended for this
entertainment will bo lost. It -was ono
grand joyous day for Globe, a day that
will long bo remembered, both by the
peoplo of Globo and by those residents
of Los Angeles who were fortunate
enough to be present. -'
trip had proven far greater than the
anticipations. She also spoko of the
pleasuro of their visit to .Miami and, in
concluding, called upon Mrs. William
Moad who read tho following beautiful
quotation by Dr. Lindley of Los Ange
les: To Arizona, Our Sister Stato
"California and Arizona aro bound
together by ribbons of steel, rivers of
water, intimate community of interests
and indissoluble ties of friendship. With
similar systems of irrigation, with united
minng nterests of tho greatest wealth,
both populated by peoplo who love the
soughing of the mountain pine and the
fascinating 'tang of the air of the mys
terious desert, shoulder to shoulder we
faco the woild together. We love tho
people of Arizona. Thero is nothing
mean, narrow or little about them. The
Colorado river does not separate us, it
simply cements us together. God bless
our sweet sister Arizona, she was first
kissed by tho sun, but now loved "by us
Mrs. M. Hutchinson then gave a toast
"To tho Ladies" into which she intro
duced somo clever paraphrasing. Her
words were a warm tribute to the ladies
of Arizona and especially of Globe.
Mrs. F. L. Toombs aroso wilh a toast
"To Our Country and Our Flag," nnd
just as tlio glasses of delicious fruit
punch wore being raised in response
tlio band just outsido began playing
" Vankeo Doodle." Tho ' coinculcin i
was quito remarkable and greatly en
hanced tho effect of her natliotic words.
Sou-ral other toasts were on the list,
among them "To St. Patrick's Day,"
by Mrs. M. L McCarthy, but tlio tune
had passed all too uuichh and thev
( had to bo omitted.
xieioro leaving tlio table, etch visi
tor was presented with a bunch of vio
lets for sweet rcmeinbiaiice.
Tho Los Anuclcs visitors wore: Mis.
P. Wiggins, Mrs. M. Ilutchiiison, Mis.
Win. Mead, Mrs. F. A. Brown, Mrs.
Waldo M. York, Mrs. J. Mai tin, Mrs.
Howard Fro4, Mrs. B. F. Ilulso ami
Miss Jameson.
Tlio following Globe ladies wero pies
ent: Mis. C. T. Sturgeon, Mrs. F. 1'.
Towlo, Mrs. F. L. Wales, Mrs. V. ",
Nave, Mrs. V. L. Toombs, Mrs. M. K.
McCarthy, Mrs. A. F. Maisch, Mrs. A.
Hansen, Mis. Goo. J. Stoiieman, Mrs.
Chas. L. Rawlins, Mrs. S. F. Snllcnbor
gor, Mrs. R. D. Kennedy, Mrs. A. T.
Hamnions, Mis. I). R. Williamson, Mrs.
W. D. Fisk, Mrs. J. S. Cook, Mrs. J. W.
Bandhauer, Mrs. J. H. Morehead, Mis.
.7. J. Kcogan, Mrs. P. P. Oreer, Mrs. P.
C Little, Mis. R ('. Rohrabacher, Mrs.
J. S. Miles and Mis. M. L. Naqum.
"Baseball Gun," Intended to Take Place
Of Human Pitcher, With Its Inventor.
- wwiimjii . i .m. i. .n mini- i- - m i ii i ! .. Mwiiii.n1nMirarwuw,wn . w nqa.y iifm.
vr y ( y ' -v ' , f ci
yy , yC -" -" V s .
, L., ; . rr -i';-
'3j copyriohtTby BSfTvrTS " - "-KT- .
This Is the first picture made of the now "baseball gun nnd its inventor, P. II. Lake, a warrant officer In tno
United States navy. The photograph was taken nt Annapolis while Mr. Lake was demonstrating the use of bis
Invention. It Is Intended to take the place of the baseball pitcher. With lt.tba ball Is propelled by compressed air
at a speed equal to that of the speediest of pitchers. By means of a strap of variable length fixed at tho breech
end tho degree of the curve, which may bo as much ns eight feet, Is accurately determined. The gun is mounted
on a swivel nnd can be pointed at any angle, vertical or horizontal.
Marked with little in the way of an observance oth
er than by the "Wearing of the Green," St. Pat
rick's day was quietly observed in this city yester
day. The sons of Old Erin -were out in force, proud of
the shamrock or the green ribbon which the.y wore.
Of course some of the more fastidiously inclined ap
peared with green ties or even green sox, but the
majority were content with a simple emblem of the
Emerald Isle.
Harry Earlc, who drove in the chamber of com
merce parade, made up to represent St. Patrick,
made a big hit with those who wore the green. The
show windows about town carried out the St. Pat
rick's day colors generally in decorations.
At Dreamland last night, the annual St. Patrick's
dav ball by the Knights of Columbus marked the
only celebration of the occasion. This affair was at
tended by a crowd that taxed the floor of the auditor
ium almost to its capacity and was one of the most
successful social affairs of the season.
By Edna
The ball given at Dreamland last
ovening by tho Knights of Columbus
was a brilliant success, gieator than had
been piodicted by the most sanguine.
Tlio attendance was tho largest sinco
tlio Elks' ball, and mnny exquisito
gowns were in evidence.
The decorations wero very attractive
and gave to Dreamland a very festive
appearance. Pings formed the chief
decorations, tho Stars and Stripes al
ternating with Erin's emorald banner
with its golden harp. Green bunting
was also very effectively used. Tlio
orchestra was stationed in the center
of the room, where a pretty booth had
been constructed for that purpose. Here
too tho'llags and bunting weio lavishly
The music was excellent, being fur
nished by Vincent's orchestra.
Tho piograms were very artistic,
bearing an embossed design of tho two
lings and a globe surrounded by a cold
rope. There were eighteen numbers and
: Circles
Surerus Hasse
soveral extras and almost every mini
ber was given two encores.
During tho intermission refreshments
wero served.
The emblems of St. Patrick's day
wero everywhere in evidence, oxeryone
having a touch of the emerald some
where about their apparel.
It was an evening of pleasure to all
in attendance and will be numbered bv
them among the really enjoyable affairs
ot tne entiro season.
The Ladies' Guild of St. John's
Episcopal church held a very enjoyable
meeting yesterday afternoon at the
homo of Mrs. James Wiley.
Thrco new members wero received
into tho Guild, Mrs. E. Miller, Mrs. A.
A. Colin and Miss Dorothy Fulton. Mrs.
Colin was a member of St. John's Guild
when sho resided here a few years ago,
so is really not quite a new member but
a former one returned.
A dainty luncheon was served, after
which the Guild adjourned to meet nt
tho homo of Mrs. Karl K. Gibbs the
next time.
Corner Stone of New Build
ing to Be Laid Sunday
With Ceremonies
Under the direction of Mulford Win
sor, 'district deputy grand exalted ruler
of tho Elks, tho cornerstone of the
new home of the Globo lodge of Elks
will be formally laid Sunday afternoon,
.Mr. Winsor arrived from Yuma last
night, on his official visit to the local
lodge. He will remain in this city un
til Monday morning and during his stay
here will be present at tonight's meet
ing of the Elks, as well as taking
charge of the cornerstone ceremonies.
Tho services surrounding tlio laying
of the cornerstone will be commenced
Announcements of candidates for
city ofiiccswill be made under this
heading and cpi .ed until tho dav of tho
respective party conventions for the
sum of $10, payment to be made strict
ly in advance. Tlio column is open to
candidates from all parties.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didato for the nomination of city mar
shal, subject to the action of the dem
ocratic voters nt tho forthcoming
primaries. WM. LOWTHIAN.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for tho office of city marshal, subject
to tho action of tho democratic voters
at the fortjeoming primary election.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for city marshal subject to the
action of tho democratic voters at tho
primaries to be held April 23.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for tho office of clerk of the city
of Globe, subject to the action of
tho democratic voters at tho forthcom
ing primaries. ,
J. n. WELCH.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for tho offico of clerk of the city
of Globo subject to the action of the
democratic voters at the primary elec
tion to bo held April 23.
Tho undersigned wishes to announce
himself a candidato for the office of
street supervisor of the city of Globe,
subject to the action of the democratic
voters at tho primaries to bo held
I hereby announco myself a candi
dato for the office of street supervisor
of tho city of Globe, subject to tho ac
tion of tho democratic voters at the pri
mary election to bo held April 23.
at 2 o'clock Pjinday afternoon, and will
bo open to the public.
The services of the Globe city band
have been secured for the occasion. A
street parade, in which automobiles will
carry tho fair friends and relatives of
tho local Elks will be the first feature
of the celebration. At the site of the
now building, a ritualistic ceremony will
be carried out, the main oration being
made by Frank Stewart, of Phoenix.
Music, both vocal and by the Globe
band, will also be furnished.
The cornerstone, which has already
been preperade, will contain a brief Iiis
tory of tho lodge, tho coustiution and
bylaws of the order and the member
ship list of the local lodge, as well
as copies of the daily papers and pos
sibly other documents.
A platform from which the exercises
will be hold, will be eonstuicted tomor
row at the site of the new building.
The program has been carefully pre
pared throughout and it should be car
ried out without a hitch.
A largo class of candidates is to be
initiated into the lodge at tonight's
session and with Mr. Winsor present,
this meeting promises to bo oiie of
Dr. Schell of Tucson, Arizona's load
ing optician, will be hero next month
on his regular spring visit, with a com
plete assortment of spectacles and eye
glasses. Wait for him and have your
eyes examined freo by an expert. Watcli
this paper for announcement of arrival.
The books of the former proprietors
having been closed, and to avoid the
further expense of tho employment of
a bookkeeper, we kindly request all
parties indebted to us to call at the
former offico and settle their accounts.
McElrny for glass.
Send somo of tho Speciql Mining
Editions or tne aiiver Aseic to your
friends abroad. A few left at tho low
price of 2o cents each.
McEIroy for wall paper.
Page Five
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