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OpeilS Wednesday Night Charles King and Banch Douglas
-March 23rd and Company in
Prices: 25c, 50c and 75c, Boxes $1.00 "THE SQUAW MAN"
:Seats on sale at Maxson's Candy Store at 10 a. m. Tuesday:
Tuesday, March 22, 1910.
By Edna
Mrs. C'lmrlcM T. Sturgeon entertained
a few friends yesterday nt an informal
iiinclieon, her guests being tlio members
of the Saturday Kvoning "Whist club
and several ladies from distant cities
who nro visiting hero nt present. Tho
luncheon was given in honor of the vis
iting ladies and of Mjss Sparks, who is
soon to beconin a bride.
The, floral decorations wore of pink
and white, sweet peas and the same
dainty colors predominated in the place
cards and othpr appointments.
Covers wero laid for nino, tho guests
being Mrs. Ralph AW Smith of Denver,
Mrs. Georgo II. Kelly of Douglas, Miss
Lvdia Sparks, Mrs. Kdwnrd M. Hurd,
M"ts. R. D. Kennedy, Mrs. M. K. Mc
Carthy, Mrs. Frederick S. Nnvo and
Mrs. Charles I4. Rawlins.
Tho Tythian Sisters held a very on
joyablo and well attended meeting last
evening nt Odd Follows' hall. Four ap
plications for membership were favor
ably reported and balloted upon. After
Winner of Declamation Con
test Disqualified New
Award Ordered
Miss Winnie Uolcher of this city may
reccivo first prizo in tho recent declam
atory contest nt Tempo, owing to the
fnct that a protest was filed against
Miss Elan Armstrong, who was awarded
first prize, and she has been declared
out of tho contest. '
Miss Armstrong, who represented
Tempo in tho contest, was declared out
of the contest owing to tho fnct that
ono of tho rules, providing that "No
contestant shall bo coached for this
contest orfor tho piece to be given, by
any ono other than a teacher in tho
school represented," was shown to bitvo
been violated.
As-tho result, 'a new award is to bo
mado by tho judges and as Miss Uolcher
received second plnco in tho contest,
she will bo awarded first prizo, a hand
somo gold medal, in all probability.
Second prizo will probably go to
either Phoenix, U'tsbeo or Jerome, Mesa
having withdrawn. It is expected that
a decision will bo nindo public within
the, flext few days.
Greeted by Large Crowds
of the Curious All
Along Route
LUZOK, Upper Egypt, March 21.
Roosevelt and family arrived hero on
the regular express train from Shellal
this afternoon.
During tho day ho received August
Krug, manager in Egypt for the North
German Lloyd steamship company, with
whom ho discussed arrangements for
his pnssago from Alexandria to Naples.
When the" former president's party
arrived at tho station at Assouan to
day, tho platform was crowded with
tourists and Egyptian officers.
Tho throng greeted tho Itoosovelts
cordially and in turn was addressed
briefly by Colonel Roosevelt.
A special car had been provided
for Roosevelt and family and thoy
dined by themselves during tho trip.
The journey was without special inci
dent. x
Princo and Princess Eitel Frederick
of Ilohenzollern aro expected hero to
night over tho river route:
"And to mako matters worse," com
plained the employee who had just been
blown up by a premature explosion in a
quarry, "when I claimed damages the
foreman called 1110 11 blasted fool."
"' Llppineott's.
Imitation Vanilla
is Poisonous !
If not only impairs the fla
vor of your desserts, but it
harms your digestion as well.
Burnett's Vanilla is not
only absolutely pure and
healthful, but it gives a rare,
rich, delicious flavor that is
decidedly different from any
other extract. It costs no
more than the ordinary vanilla.
Insist upon your grocer send
ing you
Burnett's Vanilla
: Circles
Surerus Hasse
tho business session tho regular month
ly social was enjoyed.
Refreshments wero served and the
evening was spent informallv.
star Meeting
Vv'hito Mountain Chnpter No. 9, of
'the Order of tho Kastern Star will hold
a regular business meeting this even
ing at tho Odd Fellows' hall. The new
officers aro now becoming very profi
cient in .tho duties of their respective
stations, making the work quito inter
esting. A'isiting members are cordially in
vited to attend all meetings.
Tomorrow evening tho Epworth
League, will givo 0110 of the regular
social evenings which have proved such
delightful affairs in the past. The sociai
committees havo been busy preparing
somo novel -features of entertainment
which will make this 0110 of tho most
onjovablo evenings of tho sories. Tho
social will be given at tho reading room
and ) cordial invitation is oxtended to
Suburbanites Will Come in
With Strong Lineup to
Open Season
Baseball fans of this city will havo a
chance to see two of the teams of the
new baseball league in action next Sun
day, when Globo and Copper Hill meet
at School Hill park, if a tacit agree
ment mado yesterday is carried out.
Copper Hill lias been picking up what
appears to be a strong aggregation and
from nil reports, will come hero with
the intention of lashing the Globe boys
to tho scoreboard and making them yell
for assistance. With Wisebacker on tho
mound and Doran. bohuid the bat, C'rrfss
white on first," Dent on second, Reppert
at short, Ilaker on tho three-mile post,
and Pruitt, Krnmbeck and Thomas in
the cuter garden, tho Copper Hill boy
aro confident of capturing Globe's goat
in tho first act and carrying it homo as
a souvenir of tho glad occasion.
Not so with the Globules, however
They have been warming up for nearly
three weeks and aro looking like a real
live aggregation of National leaguers.
In praetico they aro both "fast and
nccurato and unless thoy develop a
large-sized case of stage fright on their
initial appearance, they will givo Cop
per Hill a run for tho extended verdant
that will mako a Wright aeroplane
flight look liko a snail with corns run
ning backwards.
Tho local lineup has not been select
ed as yet, but several strenuous practice
workouts will be held this week and a
strong team picked boforo Sunday.
Xcw Machine Installed
Iris Theater
Tho new bill presented by Quinii
Iiiuthers at tho Iris last night was one
of varied featmes. The pictures were
good selections and were shown in tho
best possiblo manner by tho new ma
chine, which was installed only a few
days ago.
"Tho Soul of Venice," is a beautiful
lovo story, and the effect is heightened
by tho romantic setting. Jt occurs iii
Venice and moonlight and gondolas
play their part in it.
"Industries of Southern California"
gnvo very good illustrations of tho alli
gator and ostrich and nigeon garms and
otlier unusual industries.
Comedy is introduced by a picture
entitled "Beautiful Snow," while a
"Sardine Sandwich" gives an illus
trated explanation of tho preparation
of these littlo fishes from the timo they
aro taken from tho water until ready
for the sandwich.
.OfranJji lJinin'er'slinBs a new illustrated
song, 'entitled "Gee, There's to a Gill
Liko You."
Missim? Spouse Loeated at
Mrs. B. T. Tsherwood and her daugh
ter, Mrs. II. ('. Taylor, who arrived a
few days ago from Otsego, Mich., were
very niiuh disappointed when Mr. Isher
wood did not meet them at tho station,
J but upon leaching tho hotel where he
had been staying, they learned that ho
I had gono to one of tho nearby mining
I camps.
I Tho letters they had sent to tell him
' of the exact date of their arrival had
' not reached here until after his de
parture, and consequently ho was not
I aware of their presence in tho city.
1 Yesterday, however, Mis. Isherwood
I learned to which camp her husband had
gono and she expects to bo ablo to get
into communication with him within a
day or two and make arrangements to
10111 It 1111.
They formeily resided at Clifton,
L. N. MARX, Prop.
Across the street from
Brown's Store
Manufacturers and Distributors
of all kinds of
Ice Creams
& Sherbets
The only place in town where you
can get pure ice cream delivered
to your home on a moment's
Pints, 35c Quarts, 70c
Gallon, $2.00
Special rates on large quantities.
Mrs. Isherwood having been called east
moie than a year ago on account of tho
serious illness of her mother. Sho re
mained to care for tho invalid, who
passed away a few weeks ago. In tho
meantime, Mr. Isherwood came to this
city and secured employment, and they
will now resido here or in this vicin
Terribly Seared in Flaming
Paint "Whilo Saving- His
. Home from Fire
In Terrible Agony Makes
"Way to Business Dis
trict Unaided
In an effort to save Tiis home from
destruction, by carrying out a can of
blazing roofing paint, Louis Berndt, one
of the proprietors of the Globe Bakery,
was .so terribly burned at noon yester
day that he may not recover.
Late last night it was reported that
Mr. Berndt, who is receiving medical
attention at-Tho county hospital, was
resting easily and that the chances for
his ultimate recovery were good. The
extent of tho bums is such, however,
that the seriousness of his condition
will probably not bo known for sev
eral days.
According to tho incoherent story
told by Mr. Berndt after the accident,
the ignition of a can of roofing paint
which lie was heating on the kitchen
stove was the cause of the accident.
When tho paint, composed largely of
tar and creosote, caught fire, the blaze
threatened to communicate to the wood
work of the kitchen. To save the
house from destruction, Berndt picked
up tlie caldron of flame and attempted
to carry ft outside tho house.
Just as ho reached the outside door
ho stumbled and fell directly into the
blazing mass of tar and creosote.
How ho managed to escapo alive, how
lie managed to extinguish tho flames
from his clothing, Mr. Berndt himself
does not know. He was partially delir
ious when he was given medical asl-fti
ance by Doctors L. E. AVightinan and
J. I. Wales, after coming to the busi
ness district tinnidcJ.
An examination of his injuries show
ed that ho had been badly burned
about the face, hands, arms and feet.
Quite an extensive portion of the sur
faco of his body was sealed by tho
flames, it bcing-tho extent of the bums,
rather than their depth, which makes
his recovery doubtful.
As a partner with W. E. Koch, Mr.
Berndt has conducted tho Globo bakery
for a number of years. The two part
ners lived at ""34G North First street,
Mr. Berndt being alone at the house
when tho accident occurred.
Interesting Ceremony Takes
Place at Mission
An interesting wedding occurred Sun
day morning at tho Littlo Mission
church on 1'ascoo hill, when Georgo
Kenton, an educated Apache, took for
his bride the pretty Nai-yone-kei.
The wedding took place alter tlie leg
ular morning service, the simple cere
mony boing performed by Rev. E. Reck
nagel. Tho bride's sister, Ni-ha, and
tho Misses Hildah and Irmgard Harders
acted as witnesses.
Tho bride, whoso euphonious name
means in the harsher phraseology of the
English tonguo that she has a pretty
face, is a daughter of tho famous Chief
After tho ceremony it is. not cus
tomary for the bride and groom to
leavo tho church together and in this
instnnco there was no departure from
tho established conventions. Tho
bride, accompanied by her sister, re
turned to her home, whilo tho groom
rodo away by himself to join some
companions at Copper Hill. Later in
tho day he might possibly returned to
join his bride.
L. Levy spent Sunday at Bowie on
a business trip.
Marcus Lantin spent Sunday at In
dian Hot Springs.
Mrs. T. B. Wood returned last night
from Lordsburg where sho has been
visiting relatives.
Miss Vera Holladay left Sunday
morning for a two weeks' stay at In
dian Hot Springs.
Rev. C Gunther of the Rico Indian
mission spent yesterday in this city, re
turning homo lost evening.
Rev. .1. F. Harders, pastor of the
Lutheran Indian mission of this city,
spent Saturday and Sunday at El I'aso
on a business trip.
Mrs. W. II. Hughes returned last ev
ening from Chicago, where she has been
during the past few weeks having her
baby's eyes treated.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hathcrly of
Thatcher, returned to their home Sun
day morning afteY a few days' visit
with friends in this city.
E. L. Taylor, teller of the Gila Val
ley bank, returned Sunday evening
from Safford where he had spent two
days as the guest of K. V. Sloan.
Mrs. Lucy Winsor, who has been tho
guest of her sister, Mrs. Charles Alex
ander, during tho past week, retumel
Sunday morning to lier home near Fort
C. M. Clark and son left a few days
ago for Paradise in Cochiso county,
where Mr Clark had charge of some
extensive development work on nun
ing property.
C. D. Reppy, right of way agent for
the Arizona Eastern railroad company,
spent yesterday at Safford on official
business. Mrs. Reppy nccompanied
him and spent the day visiting trtcniU
Mrs. A. L. DcAIston arrived Sun
day evening from Douglas enrouto to
Miami, where she will investigate con
ditions, and if she finds them favorable,
expects to stait a homo baking and
cooking business.
Mrs. .1. M. Hawcs and Vou'ng son
returned Sunday evening from Central,
where they had been visiting at the
honle of Mrs. llawes' mother, who is
very ill. Sho was much improved, how
ever, when Mrs. llawes left.
Miss Lizzie E. Damron returned Sun
day morning to her homo in Thatcher
after .visiting her" sister, Mrs. II. C.
mute ot tins city. .Mrs. White accom
panied her and will spend a few weeks
visiting at tho homo of her parents.
Mrs. II. C. Holdsworth, who has spent
the past tw months at Washington,
is now in New York enjoying tho won
ders of the metropolis and expects soon
to leave for Denver. Mrs. Holdsworth
is with her sister and brother-in-law,
whoso guest sho has been.
Miss Lillie Rosemary, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. A. Harper, at
Miami, returned Sunday morning to her
homo at I'ima. Sho was accompanied
by her niece, little Miss Ethel Harper,
who will visit at her grandmother's
homo for a few wepks.
Mrs. .T. B. Newman and children, ac
companied by a nurse and housemaid,
left Sunday morning for Venice, Col.,
Mr. Newman expects to join his family
there shortly and they will make Cal
ifornia their permanent home, although
Mr. Newman will make frequent tups
to Globe on account of his largo busi
ness interests in this district.
Mound City Paints are bettor. Wliil
ley Lumber Co.
Oct u tent. Rag houses that aro
flood. Made to order. Globe Tent &
Awning Co.
GOLDFIELD, Nov., March 21. The
First National bank of Ryolite suspend
ed business this morning pending
liquidation. Deposits amount to $S0,
000 and assets total $9,000 in cash and
$122,000 in convertible securities.
mummy miut!Hm:iii!u;
i V8m msmmmmmmmmmmmwm mmmJrmi
Instantly Relieves and Cures
Catarrhal Sore TSaroa-J
Do not neglect Catarrhal sore throat. It will never
Bet better of itself. Unless treated In t ine it be
comes chronic, leads to loss ot voice, foul breatn
and serious comnlications.
p 3
ICondon's (in sanitary tubes) gives qi irk re
lief. Snuff a bit of tliis aromatic, soothing,
healing Jelly well into
lane n small portion
tlie throat ns I0112 as
throat well with the Jolly fou
instant relief. Get a 2.c orotic
jour drugg st or send penny
for free sample.
.. Iff
) I Kondon M!g. Co., Minneapolis, r.tlnjs.
iiEiiiii!tiiii::iifiEiiij:fjriit!ijfijriffff;ifiriifr:ii(fiiiii:ffii;;iTrt:ffiM;i:Eit;;iiiai:?iffii2:i iTnVtrv j i ; c i aVts fis 3
A Lady of Pizarro Tells Story of
Awful Suffering That Cardui -Finally
Pizarro, Va. "I suffered for several
years," writes Mrs. Dorma A. Smith,
''with that awful backache and the bear
ing down sensations, so fully described
in your book.
"I tried doctors and otlier medicines
and found little relief, until I was induced
1o try Wine of Cardui. when 1 found in
stant relief and today I can heartily
recommend Cardui to all suffering women
and think there is no otlier as good."
In some instances, Cardui gives instant
relief; in others, it may take a little time.
But in all cases of female trouble Cardui
can be depended on to be of benefit, as
it is a specific remedy for women and
acts in a curative way on the womanly
As a general tonic for women, to build
up your strength, improve your appe
tite, biing back rosy cheeks and make
you look and feel young and happy,
nothing you can find will do so much for
you as Cardui.
Your druggist has it.
N. B. Write to: Ladies' Advisory Dcpt.. Chaltl
noosa Medicine Co , Chattanooga. Tcna.. for Special
Instructions, and W-pace book l,Home Treatment
lor women, sent in plain wrapper, en request
A Skin of Beauty 13 a cy Forever.
kR. T. Follx Gouraud'o Oriental
' Cream or Magical Bsautlflor.
8 i.j
Removes Tnn, rimplei,
trecUei, Mutli l'jtchc.
Hub, and skin D!r4ca,
ana every Diemuu
on beauty, and lie
Ilea detection. It
Imetood too tts?
of 63 years, and
Is so harmless we
tastclt tote sure It
Is prepcrly made.
Accept no counter
feit of situllir
name. Dr. L. A.
Sayro said to a
Ivfy cf the baut
ton (a p.llent)t
"As you ladies
vrlll cse them.
I recommend
'Cnurnml'a Cremn as the least careful of all tl.c
skin preparations." For sale by aU drualsts and Fancy
Ooods Dealers In the United Stales Canada and Europe.
FERD.T. HOPKINS, Prr-p., 37 Great Jones Streri, Newtek.
and Training School for Nurses
For Surgical, Maternity and General
Medical Cases. A limited number
of pupil nurses taken for training.
Directory for Graduate Nurses in
123 S. Stono Ave. Tucson, Arizona.
Suite 210, Fleming Bldg.
Phoenix, Ariz.
Makes a Specialty of all business
before the local Land Oflicc, Gen
eral Land Ollice and Department
of the Interior.
Contests conducted. Pints made,
Rights of Way, Repayments,
Townsites, and i'orest Reserve
If you aro thinking of pat
enting your mines, let mo explain
my method much cheaper, and
von get the result.
Have for sale GOVERNMENT
LAND SCRIP that acquires
title in one day without resi
dence, cultivation or improve
ments. Eight years an official of the
Land Department.
hour this morning it was reported that
n small frame building, occupied by
Mrs. Hayden as a residence and small
fancy store, was Inirned to the ground.
All the contents of the building, uut in
the absence of fire fighting equipment
nothing could be done to save the build
ing. Stores standing near by were
threatened for a time, but hard work
by almost, the entire population of Cop
per Hill prevented the Jinnies from
Ciivcs Himself Up and Has
Plea of Accident
MERCED, Utah., March 21. Edward
lieril, a miner, today shot and killed
Mrs. Adelaide Sengs at her home, two
miles from Pleasant Valley station,
when the woman refused to accept him
hs her sweetheart. Uenl surrendered
shortly after, declaring his shotgun was
discharged accidentally.
the nasal passages.
intcrnam, IciMiit; In
nossib e. 111b t iu
II find almost
tube ludai of
pobtai to us
If i
AIMj 2l
f'.fl&lrf lobe
19!. 5W " -bus
HI f L.7.. J.U1 3T 3
M . -fE-
2.1-t East Sycamore; terms reasona
ble; best references.
Let Your Eyes
Be Thy Witness
Let Your Mind Tell You
that I am saving you two
thirds of the money on
your Eye Glasses and
Spectacles. I guarantee a
fit and I guarantee my
goods, or money refunded.
Prices in Silver Spectacles
25c to $1.00
Prices in Gold Spectacles
$2.00 to $4.00
Call or address
631 S. Broad St.
f r
BEN JONES, Manager.
Seo us about a nice corner, two lots for $323, and a three-room house
for $330; and if you want 10 acres good agricultural land with water
for $2,000. Only five miles from Globe. Also a gold property in the
Office 177 No. Broad.
Rabbits, Chickens, Toys, Novelties and
Sydnor & Sterns, Props.
The Finest of Wines
Liquors and Oigars
We handle only the
Best Quality Goods
474 North Broad Street
The lady or gentleman who lias
any kind of a garment that is
"mussed" or soiled, will derive
much satisfaction by letting us send
for it and "making it look like new
again." TlTis sounds like an empty
boast, but you'll find it is not if you
givo us a single trial. AVe are ex
perts at this business and if the gar
ment be too soiled to clean, we dye
it anj' shade at a reasonable price.
If it's in the fabric we'll restore it.
K.K.O0.& Dye Works
Walter & Griffith
The Tailors
385 N. BROAD
- f

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