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Volume IV, Number 140
Cuts Her from Ear to Ear
and Kicks Prostrate Body
Crazed because his wife would not return to him, his mania heightened
through the ravages of consumption, M. Fisher, a carpenter employed at tho
Old Dominion sawmill, slashed his wife from ear to ear across the hack of
the neck last night, and leaving her for dead, jumped into a well, in an at
tempt to end his- own life.
At tho Old Dominion hospital Mrs. Fisher is in a critical condition, weak
from loss of blood, but with hotter than a fighting chanco for recovery. Fish
, er, who was rescued from tho well just in time to save his life, is a prison
er in the county Jail, badly bruised about tho head and body as tho result of
his attempt at self destruction.
Tho gory affair occurred near the homo of Barney Rice, near the Moun
tain Viow hotel, at 8 o'clock last night.
About a month ago whilo the Fishers were living in a house belonging
to Barney Rico, near tho Mountain Viow, Mrs. Fisher became seriously ill.
At the solicitation of her husband, she took a room on Cottonwood street
near Broad, where sho could receive the assistance of friends in caring for
their child, a four-year-old daughter.
Yesterday afternoon, having sufficiently recovered to leavo her room, Mrs.
Fisher went to her home in North Globo. Her husband mot her at tho
houso and an altercation ensued.
At about 6 o'clock, Fisher went to his wife's room, and induced, her to
return with him to their homo, where Mrs. Fisher wished to securo articles of
wearing apparel. What happened in tho house, no one knows. As they
wore leaving, however, and proceeding toward the home of Barney Rice, the
husband attempted to end both their lives.
With tho words "Hero's where wo both die," he drew a razor and made
a vicious lunge at his wifo. Tho keen odge-took effect just at tho, base of
tho brain. It opened a gash from ear to ear and to the bono in depth, sev
ering all of tho muscles at the back of the neck. "
A terriblo .struggle ensued. Stunned by tho shock of tho wound, but
mindful of her own peril, Mrs. Fisher grasped tho blado of the razor. Al
though its keen edge cut her hands to ribbons sho clung to the weapon and
finally succcedod "in breaking tho blade. Overcomo by loss of blood, sho
collapsed and as she foil, the brutal husband kicked her.
With tho prostrate form lying beforo him, with tho life blood of the
woman ho had sworn to protect staining his own hands, while she lay ap
parently dead at his icet, a realization of tho crimo which ho had committed
camo over the husband and with that realization camo an appreciation of
her place in his lifo and of the lovo which ho had onco borne for her. With
out her, his own life was nothing, and suicide was his next thought.
Ho clutched tho handle of the razor with which he had so brutally at
tacked his wife, but that weapon had lost its murderous power. In a des
perate attempt to destroy himsolf, he leaped headlong into a nearby well.
Tho bloody affray had by that timo attracted tho attention of tho neigh
hors and they rushed to tno sccrie of the murderous assault to investigate the
terrible affair. They arrived Just in timo to see tho half-demented husband
leap into tho well. Fortunately the fall had not rendered him insensiblo and
he was rescued after a struggle.
"Take me to Jail," ho moanod es he was lifted from the well. Without
resistance, almost eagerly in fact, he accompanied Jack Maryin, a neighbor,
to tho county Jail" and gavo hlmAlf up.
The Old Dominion ambulance wss called at onco and the woman rushed
to the company hospital. Tho medical staff of that institution gave her sur
gical aid at onco and staunched tho flow of blood.. It was found that tho
wound, although horrible in its appearance, was not necessarily fatal. The
sovered muscle and tissue was stitched together. Later tho woman regained
consciousness and told of a part of the terrible experience.
"Where is sho? Is she dead? Has she a chanco to recover?" cried tho
anguished, half-crazed husband through the bars at the county Jail, when in
terviewed by the Silver Belt later in the evening.
"Please tell me she is not dead and that she will recover," he almost
shrieked as his nails clutched the palms of the hands until the flesh was al
most bleeding. "I was wrong Why did I do it?"
"Yes, I tried tokill her. Sho left me. She would not return to me. I
was sick with consumption. When sho told me sho would never live with me
again, I must have lost my mind. Are you suro she will live?"
Even though assured that his wife would recover, Fisher would hardly
bellevo that he had not murdered his wife.
"It don't matter what becomes of me," ho sobbed as he staggered back
to his bunk. "It wasn't drink I was crazy. Why did I try to kill her?"
With sobs shaking his frame, Fisher was helped into his bunk by a fel
low prisoner. The realization of tho awful crimo which he had committed was
upon him. " '
Tho Fishers were married Ave years ago. Both had suffered from ill
health. Fisher was insanely jealous. Those who know" tho family say he
treated his wife cruelly and that it was tho combination of all these things
which led up to tho gory assault which camo so near costing two" lives.
Fisher will' bo detained in jail pending tho outcome of his wife's in
juries. What action will eventually lo taken by tho authorities remains to
OCEAN PARK, Cal, March 21 1.
A West and Miss Martha Hunt, his
siistcr-in-law, both of Snow flake, Aru ,
were rescued from certain death in tho
vuives today by Hare White, a lifo
guard, and .1 S Wilson of Los An
geles. Tho man and woman wore 111
bathing when they weie caught by tho
ill ended riptide and carried eaward
Both West and Miss Hunt were
splashing 111 tho surf only a short dis
tance lrom shore when a hcav comber
swept them off thoir feet IJoth strug
gled desperately to regain their foot
hold, but were unsuccessful and had
lb gien up when White and
hastened to tliciraul.
House Committee Passes In
vestigation Order
WASHINGTON, D. f , March 24 A
resolution declaiing 111 substance that a
lohbv exists in behalf of the ship sub
sidy bill, and asking the appointment
of a committee, of investigation, was
todn adopted by the house committee
on judicial Ex Governoi Ileiruk of
Ohio, John lln3 Hammond and R P.
Schwenn of tho Pacific Mail, aro
named in the resolution as mcnibeis of
the Merchant Muine league, organized
to secu'ie the passage of the subsidy
hi 1.
......j.. ......4..4.4.
21. Tho introduction of the hip-
f popotamus, camel, eland, spmgbok,
fr trekbok, dikdik, coodoo, giraffe,
and other African animals into
America, was a suggestion of the
4- meat problem by speakers in the -fr
4" houso Loininitteo on agriculture to- 4
fr Ex-Boers, agricultural experts -fr
fr ami many familial with African
fauna, declared that all tho ani- $
fr mals named really mado excellent $
fr steaks and roasts and should be $
fr imported and raisec, in Amciica
5- under the terms of tho Broussurd
fr bill now pending.
R. S. Lovett, Head Whole
llarriman System, Will
Reach Here Todav
Accompanied by Randolph,
Kruttschnitt, Stubbs
and Others
Headed by R. S. Lovott, churnnn
of the lio ud of directors of the Hai
iiman interest, and the successor of
E. It llariunan, 0110 of the most powci
iul delegilions of lailroad officials
oer in this put of the country will
sit this city todav.
TI10 delegation m.11 anno here eailv
tins Lirenoon on a special train made
i.'p ot si pin ate cars, -according to
advices received heie lust night. Sup
eiiintendent (J. t. Mnll.ud of tho Globe
division of the Anona Eastern, left
J01 Bovviq at (i o'clock jesterday af
ternoon with a special engine, which
will haul the train into this cit. It
was thought last night tha'f the paitv
would anno hero a about 7 o'clock
tins morning, although the exact tnuo is
not definitely known. '
Aside fioni Mr. Lovett, the ' rout
w ill be undo up of ""Julius Kruttschnitt,
dnectoi of maintenance and opeiation
of Hie Ilnrrinian line,-., at the head of
tho Southern Pacific lines in Anon 1; J.
C. Stubbs, vice president and trafhc
d'lectoi ot the Southern Pacific; It. S.
Stubbs, assistant geneial freight and
passcngei agent of the Randolph svs
tern; W. II. Wlialen, superintendent of
the El Paso division of the Espee, and
other well known men.
This is Mi. Lovett 's fiist 1s1t through
tho southwest, since lie sifeceeded E. II.
Ilarmnan as the head of the great
IPirrimau sstein. In company with
Mr. Kruttschnitt and other well known
lailroad olhculs, ho is touring the ejitiro
llarriman sstem, unking one of the
most general inspect on trips eer,at
tempted In the head of an transpor
tation ssteiu at one time.
On the annal of the special train
in this cit, the local .mls mil shops
will be inspected, after winch tho visi
toig will pioceed to Miami and inspect
the recently lompleted extension of the
Arizona Eastern line. It is hardly like
lv tint the visit will be of anv gieat
length, as so many thous ind miles of
ti.uk are being covered b Mi. Lovott
and Ins part that no extensive stops
aie being m ide
The paity will come hero dnect fiom
El Paso and will proceed through the
terntoiy, Liter inspect . the Meuean
Hies and in all piob ibilitv, head direct
ly foi the coast.
D VYTON , El 1 , Mnich 21 Senalor
Daniel lias had a satisf.actor day. Dr.
(liowing sis that he now ieels the
senatoi has a chance for recovei.
SVN ERANCISCO, Cal., Maich 24.
Galen ( larke, discoveiei of tho Man
posa Big Trees, and for twent cars
guardian of the Yoseinite, died tonight,
aged UO.
Collapses "When Asked If He
Ever Received Money
for His Vote
Other Accused Grafters of
Pittshurg Give Bond
and Will Kplit
PITTSBURG, Pa.. Starch 24. The
confessions of si men who appeared be
faro Judge Eiaser today caused sensa
tions. The climax camo when George
B. Anderson, a former select council
man, fainted as the court asked him if
ho had eei leceived money for his
Bofoie the judge could fin sli his
question, Anderson had fallen back
waul, striking his head on the floor of
the courtroom. Attendants and atjor
inns rushed to his aid and when lie was
revived he answered the judge's qu'es
Robert K. Cochrane, formerly a mem
her ot the eounojl, admitted receiving
$000 to vote for the b ink depository
ordinance and $500 for tly? ordinance
vacantmg South Seventh street. Judge
Eiaser wanted to know how it tame
that he received so much more than the
other (ouncilnien tor voting on thes)
Cochrane was unable to m ike a sat
isfactory epl ination. lie insisted that
ho had distributed none of the mono.
Judge Eraser reminded Cochrane that
tins was a serious niattei and that he
would have to take the case under
consideration. No "suspension of sen
fence was gianted and Cochrane left
tllO (OlUtlOOIlL
William Biand, foimer president of
the coilnnon council, whose statement to
the district attorney was so nnsatis
factoi, Ind Ins libeit nit short, lie
was sent to the pemtentiaiy to begin
serving tho eighteen months sentence
for hi her, on wliuh he was com lit
ed some months ago
District Attorney Bhkely insists tint
Biand did not tell the whole turth and
was shielding someone, else. The dis
tnct nttoine had the mines ot tho per
sons Brand is charged w th shielding,
but Brand would not give up the de
sired information. The confessions of
Wlaswn .ind Klein cover tins point,
Former Councilman John Tnlor,
who w is "implicated in the graft HMnd.il
liv Ei. W. II. Weber, brought suit
ngunst Weber todn for $25,000 dun
iiges T'lyloi Ins mule a public denial
and s iv s "Weber's statement is untrue
Indicted couiH'iliuen today began to
eoinn forward and give bonds 111 court
for their appc.ir.iiue, sgnitiig tl at
tliov would put up a fight for their fieo
Says People Are Tired
Inactivity and Make
shift Business
CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 21 The
administration was shaipl airaigned
tonight beforo the Tippecanoe club by
E Gove nor Herrick, who charged
gross extiav.aganco and asserted th.it
the Iiil'Ii tariff was necessitated bv 1111
businesslike methods of government
Herrick was preceded bv James R. Gar
field, f minor seeietan of the intenoi
Gaifield, in his speech, ded.iied
that unless the republican partv con
tinned to be progiessive, the people, 1111
satisfied with inaction 01 makeshift leg
islation, would certainly express then
displeasuio decisively at the polls They
must provide adequate regulation of
corporations, safeguard public inter
ests, make more show ot enforcement
of tho law against lllcgil and unfair
bus'iics combinations and fully protect
corporations that obey tho law.
"The Americans of today are de
minding a party that will strive first
for the public good," he said.
"We are ag mi preparing for a gen
eial election. Parties and men re
sponsible for tho conduct' of national
and staoto affairs will be called to give
an account of their stewardship, and
they will bo judged b what the have
dyne for 01 against tho public welfare.
"There is a wide difference between
Fill FIT
the present day 'standpatters' and the
"The republican party has already
recognized tho new order of things and
has taken tho first steps in tho pro
gressive movement. The great major
ity of our people believe in tins new
order of things and demand that the
lepublican party continue to be the
progressive partv. '
Alaska Officials Tell What
They T.hink of Each Oth
er in Lower House
WASHINGTON, D. C, March 24.
Theie was a hot clash again today be
tween former Governor W. B. Hoggatt
of Alaska and Delegate Wlckersham
from that territory in the mectirg of
the house committee on tcnitories en
gaged in the consideration of the Alas
gan government bill.
The former favors President Taft's
plan of a government by commission
and the litter wants a territorial form
of government. Eor some time 'there
has been a dispute between the two.
Today they pointedly interrogated
each othei on their respective positions,
Delegate Wickcrsham asked Mr. Hog
gatt it the latter 's opposition to him
had not begun about the time Wicker
sham, then on the Al iskan bench, had
decided the Cobb miuing case at Fair
banks. "Yes,'' replied Hoggatt, "because
then I was convinced ou were not a
proper person to be on the bench."
Mr. Wiokcrslium accused tho former
governor of making puClic a letter
which he had written to him 111 a con
fidential capacity. Hoggatt admitted
tho charge, whereupon Delegate Wicker
sham declared that at the tune he wrote
the letter, he thought "Governor
Haggntt was a gentleman "
PHOENIX, Ariz, March 24.
Articles of incoiporatioii of the
Inter Mountain, St. George &
Gland ('niion railway have been
filed with the territorial auditor.
under the Ari011.1 laws, the cap
ital is placed at $24,000,000.
Directors M. T. Burgess, J. R.
Walter, A. E. Rykert, J. II. Wood
fr mansee, Charles Read, A. Hanaucr,
Jr.. and E. E. Kimball.
It is proposed to construct a
main line trom Thermo on tiic Salt
Lake load, to a connection with
tho Santa Ee at Kingman, a
branch from Kanarra, on the pro
posed mam line, to the scenic
crater of the Grand Cain on. and
from another point on the pro
posed main line to a point near
Moapa. The total mileage is np
proximately 400 miles.
Unionists in Philadelphia
Would Drown Troubles
in Politics
PI1ILVDELPHIA, March 21 Tutor
est in the labor situation hero centered
today in the Convention held bv mem
hers of labor un'ons to form a new
political party About five handled
delegates attended and reporters weie
At the close of tho convention it
was announced tint .1 committee of
eleven, headed by John J. Murphy, pros
ident ot the Central Labor union, Ind
been cIiohmi to arrange the details of
oigiiuing the new party.
A rnntrllintm nf nnn d.av'tf 1)TV to
fin a pro tho new orgamz.uton will, be
nsKcu irnin every ineiiiuer. rson un
ionists will be permitted to enroll.
There is no chnngo in the street car
situation, both the company arfl tho
striking cirinen holding to thou "stand
lint" polic.
Peasants Rush to Prayer
in Wild, Superstitious Fear
CATANIA, Sicily, March 21. Mount
Etna is again rn a state of violent ac
tivity. Her violence is rapidly increas
ing and tonight the gravest fears are
felt as to the results.
Erom Catania the Associated Press
coircspondence motored toward the
mountain. Beyon tho village of Mas
cahcia, twelve miles in a direct line
from the crater, a thick curtain of
smoke was encountered which entirely
concealed Etna.
At Nicolosi, ten miles from tho cra
ter, tho entire population had gathered
in the square to watch tho volcano. A
deep roaring was heard and detonations,
resembling artillery followed one an
other in quick succession, while the
earth shook.
One of the guides cried:
"An earthquake," and cou'ld hardly
be induced to continue. The- hot cin
ders covered the ground like a thick
A peasant was encountered coming
down. Ho said:
"Tho fire is rushing down, lnirnmg
ever thing. The lava is like a led hot
Proceeding a little1 further, four Col
ossal columns of black smoke could ba
observed. Occasionally they were cut
with flashes of fire, presenting an awe
inspiring spectacle. The wind opened
the clouds for -a moment and a wide
strip of fire could be seen 111 the dis
tance advancing with monstrous con
tortions. It fell like a torrent from
Mount Capnols, spreading out in the
valley below. i
The lava flow had already readied
Sims Faction Fail, to Pre
vent Selection of
Fitzgerald -
WASHINGTON, 1). C, March 24.
With scarcely the semblance of a strug
gle, the democratic members 6f the
house tonight named the following four
minority members of the new commit
tee on rules.
Champ Clark of Missouri, I2" votes
Oscar Underwood of Alabama, 102.
Lincoln Dixon of Indiana, 90.
John J. Fitzgerald of New York, OS.
The expected fight on Eitgerald for
his attitude on tho rules question at
the beginning of he present cougiess,
when lie with twenty-three other dem
ocrats, left tho leadership of Clark
and voted with tho republicans, mater
l.ilizcd early 111 the meeting, but tailed
of any definite result. The faction
strength against him musteied fi!)
hms of Tennessee headed the faction
opposed to the selection of Eitzgerald,
and introduced a resolutun to instruct
the democratic members to support a
resolution to provide for the election b
ho houso of .1 committee to select all
of the standing committees. This dio
not come to n vote.
hims, displeased with tho action, de
claud Ins intention to force tho pary
to show how it stands Clark and En
derwood expressed satisfaction at the
caucus sold tions The (hone was made
b written billot
Last Year's Output Showed
$41,000,000 Increase
WASHINGTON, D C, March 21-"
Automobiles entering the world's mar
Imtu ii (lie inr 1!)00 li.ad .1 value in
' ... f 4-Tfl nm) HUD .... nnnmorrt.l 11 itl.
Ui:i'S 1)1 JUUUjUUU, .13 Vt.lllf.l.V.l ......
an aggregate value of $0,000,000 for
the veai 1902, striking evidence, ac
S w&
the vineyards above San Leo and Rin
a7o, seven miles from the Cratei, and
had buried many peasant houses. It
camo in several streams and united hi
0110 great mass about twenty feet high
and 1,500 feet wide.
Its velocity was estimated at three
to four feet a minute. This mighty
wall of red hot lava tonight was not
more than fivo miles from Bclpaso and
The meteorological station in the
mountain sido had been destroed and
the village of Borrello is in serious dan
ger. The populace is terror stricken and
arc fleeing.' Eifty earth shocks, con
tinuous vibiation and trembling for
many miles. ,
Everywhere the villagers are carry
ing images in procession and are im
ploring for mercy. Twelve new cra
ters have been opened up.
Help for people in the devastated d!s
tnct is being organized here and a
large number of doctors and engineers
have been sent.
The prefect, after a visit to the
scene, said: "The spectacle of desola
tion is comparable only with the des
rucfclon in the wake of-the eruption
Prof. Rieco, director of the Etna ob-
Piof. Ricco, direcor of tho Etna ob
forvatory, said: "The eruption is very
grave. The lava has covered five miles
in sixteen hours. If my calculations
are correct the eruption will not be
Crowds of tourists, Americans being
conspicuous, are flocking to view the
Will Accept Position With
Transcontinental Scrip
Bureau at 'Frisco
M. O. Bieknell, chairman of the ter
ritorial railway commission, has tender
ed his resignation trom that position to
accept the chairmanship of the Trans
continental Scrip bureau at San Eran
cisco, according to advices received by
Attorney George Stoncman of this cit,
Mr. Bicknell's resignation will take
effect on April 1. Mr. Stonemau, wljo
is a member of the railway commission,
was notified of Mr. Bicknell's resigna
tion 111 a communication requesting him
to be present at a meeting next Thurs
day, at which the matter will bo acted
As to who will succeed Mr. Bieknell,
no one seems to know. It is probable,
however, that Ins successor will bo
named at tho coming meeting of the
commission. Tho question of selecting
a chairman is also . "decided Georgo
J. Stonemau is the only renaming mem
ber of the original commission, but
as ho has been the legal adviser of tho
board, it is doubtful as to whether ho
will accept the position
Mi. Bieknell is recognized as one of
the best railroad tariff men 111 tho
southwest and to secure a man to take
his place on the commission will proba
bl provo to be something of a difficult
cording to tho bureau of statistics of
tho department of commerce and labor,
that tho automobile is an important
and rapidly increasing factor in inter
national commerce.
Tho valuo of automobiles exported
in 1908 from Erance, the United States,
tho United Kingdom, It ily and Ger
many the five leading (countries in
their manufacture and sale was more
than $15,000,000, a growth of 400 per
cent since 1002.
Erance leads tho world as an expor
ter of motor ears, with the United
btates second.

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