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Tuesday, April 12 1910.
Copyrighted 1909 hy Mitchell Kcnnerley
"Then why did ho send you hero to
day Instead of coming himself?"
"Unaccountable. Perhaps ho flunked
nt tho last moment Ho may bavo
. S
thought you would not accept his fa
vors If offered directly, so ho usked
me to come. Mol Isn't that rich?"
"In Just what way?" And so quiet
ly did she ask It that Nicholas should
hare had warning.
"Why, he doesn't know how long 1
have waited for Just such a chanco.
But you know, Adelc, and now"
He had risen nnd was approaching
tho countess with outstretched arms.
All that was needed to complete tho
happy reunion was for her to throw
herself Into them. However, that was
not precisely what, happened.
"Nicholas," said tho countess reprov
ingly, "sit down."
"But If you will only Just listen
"Pleaso sit dowu, Nicholas."
Nicholas sat.
"You used to tell me, Adelc, that
you loved"
"Did 1? It's no wonder, for you
were forever mooulug around asking
ine If I did."
"I can lmagluo no reason why you
should refuse to hear me say that 1
lovo you and"
"Well, thero is a reason. If there
wasn't I should Invent one."
"1 regret very deeply," ho began,
with great humility, "that anything I
have Just said"
"Now, that's better," said the Count
ess Vccchl, relentlug cheerfully. "When
you start regretting very deeply you
don't in the least mean It, but you're
on tho right track. Now forgive me
.for briugiug you up so sharply and let
us flnlsh our business. Ought I to ac
cept all this money for those shares?"
"Wouldn't It seem rather strange
for you to demand less than is of
fered?" "You're right. Well, I accept, then.
And I do want to buy back our home
here. But I feel 1 ought to deal direct
ly with Mr. Devlno himself In that
matter. You will see that ho comes,
will you?"
Mr. Walloway", assuming an air of
stately gloom, stalked away from
Hewlngtou Acres. By tho time dinucr
was over ho had qulto recovered his
usual polso nnd felt equal to tho task
of calling up Mr. Devine.
"W01I?" queried tho Cherub eagerly.
"How did you couio ou with the
"Excellent!" said Mr. Walloway,
thinking only of tho business he had
been asked to transact. "It's nil set
tled. She accepts."
"What's that, Nick? Accepts who?"
"Why, the check. She will buy back
the property too."
"Oh! Is that all?" An nnmlstalxabl?
sigh of satisfaction camo over the
"Sho wants to seo you about It,
though. Says she must deal direct.
Wants to know If you can come to
morrow." "Why, sure I cau. But say, Nick,
aro you certain there's nothing else
no congratulations coming from me?"
"Why er you might cougratulate
the countess ou making a good bargain
If you wish."
TliU was lndellutc. but convincing.
"Poor old Nick!" said tho Cherub as
he huug up tho receiver. "He's had
his tryout, though. Tomorrow It'll bo
up to me."
Cherub Devluc, linvlng resolutely
t lashed invuy all the entangling mesh
of business cures, wont smilingly out
lo Hewlngtou Acres and Into thepres
onco of tho Counters VerchI
Allen's Foot-race, tho antiseptic ponder. It cures
palntul, emiutli)2, mnoiia fctt, and Instantly tnkes
the Mini; out ot corns ami bunions. It's the greatest
comfort dlscomy of tho age. Allen's Foot-lSao
makes tight or new shoes I'd. I easy. It Is a certain
cure for sweating, callous, swollen, tired, nchlnjr feet.
Always uo ltto Urcak In New shoes. Try It tintat.
told emynhcro lly mad for S5 cts. in stamp.
Jbn't aectft ami tubttitutr For FllEK trial pat'U
age, aUdtcss Allen S. Olmsted, Le Iioy, S. .
"Well, countess, wo smashed 'em,
didn't we? And you had a hand In
It, after all. Nick told you, eh?"
Evidently she had been standing
there In tho window recess in the
library waiting for him. Whether by
accident ordeslgn.lt proved to be a very
effective pose, for the slender grace
fulness of her dark robed tlgure came
out in strong relief ugalnst the dull
green -window hangings, and the mel
low afternoon light showed tho hint
of color In the long oval of her cheek.
"Yes, Nicholas has told me, Mr. De
vino told mo all ubout everything. In
fact, he made quite a full confession."
Decidedly this was uot a cordial
opening Her tone was cool, almost
cynical. Something was wrong.
"1 hope Nick didn't overdo the thing,
count es Did he?"'
"I'm sure I don't know, Mr. Devine.
Tli at all depends upon how much you
Intended him to say "
"Well, he told you about bow bandy
those shares mine lu?"
"And the price ho got for them nnd
how I wanted you to buy -back tho
"All of tboso things Nicholas ex
plained fully."
"And It's ull right, isn't it? Any
hitch over details?"
The countess walked to a tabic and
picked up a long document envelope.
"1 merely wish to understand clearly
your proposals," she was saying. "You
Bent Mr. Walloway here to offer me
this check and an opportunity to buy
back Hewiugton Acres for the price
you paid. Is that correct?"
"That's O. K... countess."
"Also you confided to Mr. Walloway
that you were that you entertained
certain sentiments of regard for me
You called It love, I believe."
"Eh?" ejaculated tho astonished
Cherub. "Say, Nick didn't give me
away like that, did ho? Honest, be
wasn't chump enough to let on that I
"To be made the topic of such nn In
timate disclosure and by a person
whom I have known for such a short
time under such peculiar conditions,
you cau fancy perhaps that I'd rather
not dwell on It."
"Great Scott, ycsl" groaned the
Cherub, beginning to wipe his fore
head. "But give mo a show here,
countess. I'm trying to think how 1
camo to do tho sieve act. Oh, 1 must
havo done It, all right, but how"
"I'm afraid I can't share your inter
est In that problem. lAt us not go into
It any deeper. If you. pleaso. You told
Mr. Walloway, and then"
"Ah, 1 remember. He wished me
luck. Wasn't that nice of him when"
"When what?" spurred on the
"Why, when when ho was in the
same boat."
"So Mr. Walloway exchanged confl
deuces, did he? Delightful!"
"No, no! Nick didn't say n word. I
found It out by accident. Saw your
picture iu his locket, you know, and
I'd heard about how bo and you used
"Heally! I'm glad that there was
some reserve In that discussion. Was
it held ou a street corner or in a hotel
lobby or"
"Traiul" groaned the Cherub.
"Ah!" said tho countess. "Tho other
passengers must havo been entertain
ed. Did any of them offer advice?"
Tho Cherub sank into a chair.
"That's right." ho observed. "Keep
Itjsp. I deservo it."
"Iteniorsc," commented the countess,
"Is always touching, but It arrives so
late iu tho day. 1 urn curious on only
one point. Having made your confes
sion to Mr. Walloway and having
learned of his well, his attitude to
ward me what prompted you to send
him here?"
"Why, 1 thought Nick ought to have
his chauce."
"You you thought" Tho Countess
Veccbl appeared to grasp his meaulng
but slowly. Her brown eyes no lougor
resembled nny kind of fireworks. They
regarded him with wide wonder.
"You see," continued ,tho Cherub
earnestly, "he's so much ucarer your
kind of u chap in your class and ull
that and 1 didn't know how you two
stood, you know. Why, It didn't look
Just right for mo to butt In before
well, boforo you and Nick had a show
to make it up It you wanted to. That's
all. It was only right."
Tho sllcnco which had followed his
explanation lasted for several mo
ments, and when tho Countess Vccchl
again spoke the clear cut sharpness of
her louo was somewhat softened.
"1 understand. I bellevo I have been
told by some one that you had a code
of honor that was all your own. Well,
have you heard what uso Mr. Wallo
way made of his opportunity?"
"1 had him call mo up last night. 1
couldn't ask him right out, you know,
"Moro delicacy!'' murmured the
"Oh, that's nothing for mol But 1
mado him say enough so 1 could guess
hnw ho came out. You told Idm he
wouldn't do, didn't you?"
Tho shoulders of the Countess Vccchl
lifted a trifle at this.
Life out of doors and out of the games which they play and
the enjoyment which they receiva and theefforts which they make,
comes the greater part of that healthful development which is so
essential to their happiness when grown. When a laxative is
needed, tho remedy which is given to them to cleanse and sweeten
and strengthen the internal organs on which it acts, should bo such
as physicians would sanction, because its component parts aro
known to ba wholesome and tho remedy itself free from every
objectionable quality. Tha ono remedy which physicians and parents,
well informed, approve and recommend and which tho little ones
enjoy, because of its pleasant flavor, its gentle action and its bene
ficial effects, is Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna and for the
samo reason it is the only laxative which should ba used by tha
fathers and mothers.
If you would havo thsm grow to manhood and womanhood,
strong, healthy and happy, da not give them medicines when
medicines aro not neetied, and when nature requires assistance in
tha way of a laxative, give tham only tha simple, pleasant and
gentle Syrup of Fis and Eiixir of Senna. As you value the
healtn of the little onss, do not accept any of the substitutes which
unscrupulous dealers somotimas offer to increase their profits.
Please to remember, tho full name of tha Company California Fig
Syrup Co. is printed on tha front of every paekatre. To get its
benelicial iffects it
Buy a bottle today
5 necessary to purchase tho genuine
to have in tha house when needed,
up in ono size only.
Regular price 50c
a bottle and for sale
by all leading drug
ms'SHF' ?-
-kjunir &? ,jii,iapj7' . ftvMBvy ?. i . n
& " iK,... .$inmb0r &
Ik -t,'. tuii
"I tried to be entirely frank with
Mr. Walloway. as I urn uow trying to
be frank with you. Mr. Devine. I wish
to nsk you if my acceptance of this
check Is n purely business transac
tion." "Why, sure!"
"You would have paid as much to
any ono else?"
"Been clad to."
"And about ypur offer of Hewlngton
"Straight business."
"Then I accept both proposals." She
paused, then spoke softly, "Good aft
ernoon. Mr. Devine."
As bo had found her, so she stood
when he turned to leave tho library.
About her erect figure there was al
most the suggestion of a highly strung
bow, which be took to mean that she
was Immensely displeased with him.
What n mess ho bad mado of every
thing, to bo sure!
Absorbed In these uncomfortable
reflections, the. Cherub narrowly es
caped a collision witb tho solemnly
alert Epplngs, who bad stalked for
ward to open the door.
Tho Cherub hesitated. Was It his
characteristic reluctance to acknowl
edge defeat or u sense of not having
lived up to bis own code? He might
at least have told her. ho was sorry.
"Walt a minute. Epplngs. Guess I've
forgotten something."
A few resoluto strides took him
back Into the room where be had left
bcr. Perhaps she bad uot gone. No;
thero she was, but Why, what was
up now? It was quite obvious that
the Countess Yecchl bad burled ber
face in the window draperies and was
leaning against the wail of the room.
Moreover, from the convulsive rise
and fall of ber shoulders It looked as
If she were sobbing.
"Ohl" As she wheeled quickly to
ward him, saw who It was, realized
that he was standing there looking at
her, she dabbed furtively at her brim
ming eyes with a wholly Inadequate
handkerchief. r "I I thought," she
went on, "that you bad had"
"Yes, but I camo back. You're not
crying, nre you?"
"Crying! Certainly notl"
"Well, if I was, I'm not now. 1
shall uot again ever."
"That's right. You see, countess,
I'm going to feel bad enough about
this fluke of mine to do for both of
us. That's what I came back to say.
I don't know Just bow to put It, but If
there's anything 1 can do to make you
forget that there's such a pcrsou as
Cherub Devine I'll do It, even If it
comes to Jumping off the dock."
"There there Isn't anything."
"Well, maybe It'll be some satisfac
tion to you to know that 1 feel like
well, like flve-elgbtbs off and nothing
bid. Honest, I never meant to tell
Nick. I was Just going to" The
Cherub faltered.
"You were going to do what?" sug
gested the countess.
Crowds Attend Gigantic Sale
Throngs of -anxious buyers packed the store on the opening day of this GREAT CLOS
ING OUT SALE at the NEW RACKET STORE, the never-before-heard-of prices mak
ing it possible for all to stock up in serviceable merchandise. Don't fail to come today.
Added bargains will be placed on the counters. These goods will not last long. Excep
tional bargains in Men's, Ladies' and Children's wearing apparel are being offered to the
public at almost cost prices.
There should bo a cleanup in this department tho
first day's selling if high qualities and low prices havo
any pulling powers. There aro shoes here of the best
make, for men, ladies and children.
Shoes that sold for $4.50; flJQ Cfl
In this closing out sale $3a9U
Shoes that sold at $3.50; CO E
Iu this closing out sale hiOw
Shoes that sold for $2.85; QP 9K
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Remember that our original selling prices were fully
20 per cent los's than other stores. The bargains wo are
oering in this selling out sale arc something wonderful.
Wo havo ono of tho best selected stocks of men's
separate pants in the City. You will say so when you
seo them and you'll bo quick to buy.
Men's trousers that were big bargains A "9f"
at $0.50; in this salo I 9
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at the price, closing out sale I U W
A great variety of houso dresses, In neat figured,
striped and plaid designs, warranted fast colors and
subject to sun and tub usage. You won't find any moro
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tho salo with a good stock of these, but they will go
Dresses that sold at $2.50; fl 4 fiC
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Suits, real nobby and mado of the best flJC 7K
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in this retiring sale 4""3
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while they last 4.aUU
In considering these prices, remember that our orig
inal prices, which are quoted, aro from 20 to 25 per
cent lower than nny store in Globe. It is important
that you remember this.
The finest lino of wash dresses for little girls ever
brought to Globe. Wo aro telling you the truth when
we say that you couldn't buy the materials for the
prices at which theso finished dress-es aro to be sold
out. They aro ncaily and attractively made, fast col
ors and mado for real service, lio hero Monday early
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idly. We also havo a complete line of children's fur
n i shings at prices that will make attractive Inn nig.
"Why. to spring it on you. Oh, I
can guess what you would say to It,
but but See here, countess, 1 could
not help it You're the best 1 ever
knew. Just seeing you these few days
made things seem worth while. Why.
I didn't kuow what 1 was living for
before. And then before J knew how
far I'd gone 1 was seeing nothing but
you. I wish I could tell you all about
that countess."
"No. no; you mustn't!" Again she
turned to the draperies, hiding ber
flushed face In ber bands.
"Maybe If you hadn't read so many
of those newspaper yarns ubout me"
"It isn't that; truly it is not," camo
in muffled tones from the countess..
"Of course 1 can 6eo where I don't
measure up with tho kind of men
you've known, nnd I tried to keep that
in mind all tho time, but well, I
couldn't do It. that's all. You see. I
haven't had much use for women. I
thought they were all alike. But you
you're different, countess. 1 wish J
was different too. 1 wish 1 was more
liko Nick. If I was perhaps I could,
make you see how much 1 need vou
how Oh. say, countess, couldn't you
Just let me say"
"No, no; don't say it, pleasel" This
camo faintly, for her face was still
(To Be Continued)
McElroy for framing pictures.
City Clerk's Notice of Filed Nomination
Papers and Time and Place
of Primary.
The undersigned, Clerk of tho City of Globe in Gila County, Arizona
Territory, hereby gives notice that tho party names, tho title of each oflico
and the names and address of all persons for whom nomination papers
havo been filed in the City Clerk's office in compliance with Sub-division (3)
of Section 0 of Chapter 24 of the Session Laws of Arizona of 1909, are as
Party Name
Title of Office Candidate's Namo
Democrat Mayor
Democrat Coirncilman 1st Ward
Democrat ....Coluncilman 2nd Ward
Democrat ....Councilman 3rd Ward
Democrat -....Councilman 4th Ward
Democrat Councilman 5th Ward
Democrat Councilman 5th Ward
Democrat ....Councilman 0th Ward
Democrat Clerk
Democrat Clerk
Democrat Clerk
Democrat Marshal
Democrat Marshal
Democrat Marshal
Democrat Marshal
Democrat Sup. of Streets
Coplen, J. D 289 East Bailey
Bandhaucr, Jos. W...4I3 So. Devereaux
Rupkcy, Harry F. ..258 S. Sutherland
Parks, W. II 455 East Cedar
Williams, Wm. Mill 218 Cuprite
Francis, Arthur 521 North Willow
McKcvitt, Owen 050 North Broad
Piper, Henry W. 237 Blake
Alexander, Chas. A.... 170 East Bailey
Houser, Harry C 349 So. Devereaux
Welch, Jas. II 149 South Broad
Anderson, R. M. 107 North Pino
Cochran, Jas. M. .Cor. Fegan and South
Lowthian, W. J. 250 N. Pine
Stecker, Lew 451 North Broad
Blevins. II. F. .'. 113 West Cedar
Notice is further given that a primary will be held in said city on the
23rd day of April, 1910, that the polls will bo open between the hours of 8
o'clock A. M. and 6 o'clock P. M. of said day; and that tho location of the
polling booths shall bo as follows: In tho 1st ward at Ball Ground School
House, Hill Street; in tho 2nd Ward at Chamber of Commerce Building,
South Broad Street; in tho 3rd ward at Firo House, West Cedar Street; in the
4th ward at Nbftsger Hill School House, North Street; in tho 5th ward at
Banker's Garden, North Broad Street; and in the 0th ward at Maurel's Hotel,
North Broad Street.
Dated the 29th day of March, A. D., 1910.
City Clerk of tho City of Olobe.
First publication March 29, 1910.
There is a Reason Why
The Occidental Life Insurance
Company Has Met With the
Phenomenal Success It Has.
What the Governor of
Arizona said to the
Governor of New
"My acquaintance with the of
ficers of the Occidental Life In
surance Company, ana such in
formation as I have been able to
get from an examination into its
affairs, havo satisfied me that it is
a most worthy institution, and
deserves the support and patron
age of tho citizens of Arizona
and Now Mexico. I particularly
like tho policy of the company in
placing its loans and making its
investments in the section of the
country where it does business.
My faith in the company is evi
denced by tho fact that I am a
policj holder for a substantial
What the Governor of
New Mexico said to
the Governor of
"I consider myself fortunate in
being a stockholder in the Occi
dental Life Insurance Company,
for I have had some experience
as to tho value of the stock In a
well-managed life insurance com
pany. "The real future of tho com
pany is in all probability in the
hands of tho executive commit
tee, and I am pleased to say they
could not, In my opinion, have
selected better men to manage the
company. I know them all, and
they are careful, honest and
shrewd men.
"It seems to me that it is im
portant to the welfare of our ter
ritory that the large sums of
money which arc annually paid in
premiums on life insuranco pol
icies, and sent cast, should be
kept at home, and invested in
Arizona and New Mexico. The
successful work already done hy
tho Occidental Life Insurance
Company in securing such largo
business during the first years of
its existence, makes me helieve it
will accomplish this enx"
DIRECTORATE is sufficient to guarantee that tho business of the Com
pany is being honestly and ably conducted, and tho policy of the Com
pany of investing All its money in the Territories should appeal to
every local citizen of Arizona.
Tho Occidental Life Insuranco Company is an ola line legal rcservo
company that is as strong, sound and rcllablo as any company doing
business in our territories. Then why should you not give it your sup
port? Thousands of dollars have hecn loaned to our people, and kept
in the west sinco the organization of tho Occidental; the agent of a for
eign company solicits your business to send YOUR MONEY out of the
country. He is employed hy a foreign company, and his interest In our
territories is correspondingly increased or decreased by tho amount of
his production for his foreign employers.
KEEP AT HOME tho vast spms that have annually been sent out of
the country for llfo insurance for the development of tha new states
soon to be, Arizona and New Mexico.

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