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Pago Six
Tuesday, Ma;- 10, 1910.
Thousands Attended
NEVER before in the history of Globe has such a tremendous sale of serviceable merchandise been inaugurated. Never before have the people of Globe and vicinity had such an opportunity
to stock their shelves and outfit their homes as will be offered them tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock when the doors of the big Sam Kee store will be thrown open to them. Never before
have they had such an opportunity to purchase groceries and wearing apparel at such ridiculously low prices as those quoted below. Never befoore has such an extensive and varied stock
of merchandising, dispensed of by a large and efficient corps of salesmen and saleswomen as will be in evidence tomorrow at this the "greatest of sales." Such opportunities come but
once in a lifetime. This is YOUR chance. This stock has been appraised by men who are experts in the business and their prices have reached bedrock. They simply figured to get the actual cost
for these goods and have thereby given the sales manager a rare opportunity to quote to the purchasing public prices never before heard of. Remember this sale commenced yesterday at 9 o'clock
and nothing will be held in reserve. You can buy in wholesale lots if you desire or you can buy a nickel's worth if that will please you better. They all must be sold. Don't delay coming now
with the idea that the goods will be cut some more, for they won't. They have reached bedrock at the first marking. To mark them lower would be to give them away. Bring your basket (a good
big one) and don't bother about much money.
Particular attention is called to these,
prices. You will note that the. former
selling prico is given in most instances,
also the lemaiknbly low prico at which
tlioy aro selling now.
Schillings, Hen Hur, Quail and Alta
brands (Mocha and Java), brands
that sold regularly for 40c a pound,
now 3 pounds for AA
for a. . . . $ 1 .UU
A special line of Sam Keo's best import
ed teas now selling per lb. !!
from 20e to ......., OUG
Green Teas' in Gunpowder, Uncolbrcd
Japan and llaskot Fire, that logul
larly sold fio 40c to "fie. fifin
now 25jj to ..,..., .. DUG
Mack Tens Change Pokin, Ooolong,
Coylou, India, .English Bieakfnst mid
Bleuds aro now selling at AfA
fiom 25c to ...,..,.'. DUG
Xew shipment of the popular "Swan
down" brand just u rived that has
beou marked for tho flyl 9K
100 lbs. at J)Hf&w
Granulated, in sack lots, CJ7 fifi
per 100 lbs $1 VU
l)r,own sugar, 4 pounds 9En
for , COU
Loaf sugar, 7.c per pound "1 En
or 2 pounds for ...... , .1 wG
Powdered sugar, 1 fir
tliQ pound . . I Uw
SOD.. CRACKERS At tho extremely
cheap price of 12 pack? fl"j fifi
ages for , P I aUU
i . .. . .444444444'4
4 There aro a lotvof "tricks in tho
trade" of making shoes. These
4" "tricks" v,oto not invented in tho 4
$ interests of the wcaror of shoos 4-
but of tho makers of tlieni. Wo 41
4 do not handle tho goods of makers 4"
who look to "tiicks" for their 4
4 profits. 4
: $
(Per Package)
Force 10c, Shredded Wheat 15c, Cream
of. Wheat 2 for Hoc, My Friend Oats
15c, Corn Meal, 10-lb. sack for 10c,
Cereal, 10-lb. sack for 35c, and num
erous others as low as "1 fin
package . B U w
Imported Chineso Rico of tho finest
quality, formerly sold for "8 fin
15c a pound, now ,l"w
S. & W. Pearl Sago, Continental Corn
Starch, Grapo Nuts, Pearl Tapioca,
and numeious others will bo S fi
offered at pur packago .'Uw
An elegant line of new California Hops
that hio well wortli tho 9fn
money, 2 packages for ffsJ I
A laigo supply of Mother's Pearl Hom
iny, at, per 10f
package . . . IWU
All tho standard biands of Macaioiu
and Vermicelli will be told on bulk
at 9c per pound and in 1 fif
packages at . I UU
4- 4 4- 4 4 4 4" 4 4
4 No grocer, hero or elsewheie, 41
-w ill sell you tho same things at a 4"
4- lower piice than e charge; while 4
4- many gioceis, hero and elsowhore, 4
4 will sell you things, masquerading 4
4- as "just as good" at cheaper 4
4' prices. 4
4 4- 4" 4 4 4 4 4' 4 41 4" 4 4 41 4 4 4
Administrator Estate Sam Kee
Pearlino and Gold Dust1 that formerly
sold for 25c, will bo 9 fin
offered nt . G.UG.
All tho best brands of laundry soaps,
C bais )C
for COG
Toilet Soaps that regularly sold for
20 a cake, C.
now wC
A SPECIAL A highly pqrfumed toilet
soap "Savon Lilas"' mado by A.
Mignon & Co., of Paris, that was a
big soller at 20c a cake, will En
bo offered at per eako VW
different brands havo been marked
at -wholesaler's prices, somo 4 fin
as low as per can .... I U W
Xowmark's and Durkeo's, regular 1G
oz. bottles, bold regularly ! 4 4C
for $1.75, now 3 "6-
Schilling and Acme Extracts, 2-oz, bot
tles, sold regularly for 9fin
23c now ..... .. "WW
Thero is a largp assortment of this line,
among which may be found Long's
best grades and tho S & W. 9En
brands, priced as low as CwW
Angelus and Compass Preserves ..will bo
sold for 25c 1 E n
and - ... w W
Tea Garden, Picserves,
3 for
Grinm's,. Blue Label and Snidcr's in
two sizes, that sold before at 25c
and 33c, priced now at ICa
2oc and I
Fancy Pepper Sauce, two size bottles,
iormer prico 20c nnu 10c,
now 15c and
Englo Chili Powders that
told for 33c, now ..
Flench Mustards, j.ormer prico
25c, now .. '
Snider 's and Durkeo's Dressings that
sold regularly for 40c, 9Kn
now WW
Tho genuine Heinz Horso Radish, form
er price 40c, 9Etf
now W
Cioss & Blackwell's Currie Powder, soils
anywhere for 33c, at this 9 fir
.salo for 6WU
Lea & Pcrnn's Worcestshire Sauce,
gallon can for hotel and restaurant
use that regularly sold for $1.25, now
83c; largo and small bottles for fam
ily uso that legularly sold for $1.25
and 05c, now S5c " jfin
Tho ever-popular Van Camp ' Pork and
Beans that sells everywhere for tho
small can at 15c, "I fin
now !Ul
Cudaliy Ltiact of Beef, sold in ecry
store in tho country at '9En
COc, now ! wOw
Armour Packing Company's canned
meats, anything you may desire, now
offeied at 25c, 15e 1 fitf
Richardson & Robbins Boned Chicken,
former prico 35c, 9En
Bottle Pickles in tho. largo and small
sizes that sold regularly for 50e and
35c will bo offered at 9fin
35c and
XJon Ton Seeded Raisins, a fino quality,
sold for 25c a package 9 En
now 2 packages for bww
Griffin's Soedless Raisins, extra grade,
sold for 25c a package, 9Kn
now 2 packag.es for .... faww
Tropico Currants, a very fine quality
for table or pastiy use, sold regulaily
for 25c, now offered at 9En
2 for COw
The "Veribest" Mince Meat, sold
now at the ridiculously low 4 fin
prico of per packago. lUw
Baker's Chocolate, the kind that you
'have beon paying 50c for will be
offered during this sale 9En
for ... v3u
The best grades of Cocoanut they
, range in price from 9 En
2 for 25c to 3 for , C3w
COTTOLENE ,We will soil you any
quantity that you may desire C
at per pound I w1 W
Swcot Potatoes, Succotash, French Peas,
String Beans, Corn, and in fact eveiy
thing in the canned vegetable lino
at the low piicq of 1 En
per can - Ivw
Asparagus highest grade large 3 for
$1.00, small Eiln
3 ior 3?
OYSTERS Several brands to select
from; tho largo cans at 20c f En
tho small cans at I WW
CAVIAR Tho finest imported brands,
marked as low as 9E
tho ban t COG'
SALMON Many liigk-class brands,
largo 3 for 40c, 1 fin
small I Uw
SimiMPS AH standard biands, largo
,cans 25c, 1 En
small ! IOC
brand of. Lobster, 2 9K
cans for . Cvl
MACKEREL and CRAB Some of tho
best brands, marked for 9Kn
this salo at faww
DEVILED LOBSTER, imported, while
thev last at 2 cans 5C
for COC
Apricots, Prunes, Apples, Peaches and
many others at 15c per pound, or
Lr:a $1.00
Pink Beans, JCavy Beans and Butter
Beans, 10 pounds g fifi
Split Peas and Black Eyed Peas,
Jor1::::3: skoo
Lentils, either in bulk or by tho
!oor''at.!?rnai.... $1.00
Schilling's Best, Golden Gate and Ben
Hur in tho 10-pound CJ9 9E
can at . . .$Si&0
Five-pound cans at $1.75, 2A-pound can
S)0c, and the pound I fin
can nt vUG
Column's Mustaid has been specially
priced at the fin
pound tUt
Folgor's, Schilling s Golden Gate and
Alta Spices have been gieatly re
duced and will sell at 1-lb. can 75c,
former price $1.25; i-lb. can 40c,
former prico 03c; and tho lb. can
that formerly sold for 1 En
20e will be offered for . I Ww
India Relish, high grade, old 9fi
prieo 35c, offered at k. UG
Ciown Ghorkins in two size bottles,
previously sold for 50c and. . 35c,
will go in this big salo at 9fin
35c and UC
Hill's Olive Oil tho very best sold
regularly for GOc, Efin
now OUC
Hill's Olives ubsolutely best in the
market two sizo bottles, regularly
bold for 05c and 35c, 0(f
nqw 40c and .,.. fiUw
Maltese Cross cano syrup, in 5 gallon
kegs, formerly sold for fljj "7EJ
$G.50, now marked at.... lv
Long's Saratoga Drips havo been mark
ed down to gallons $1, one- Ofin
half gallons 50c, quarts OUl
Long's Cano and Maple Syrup for tho
gallon $1.50, one-half gallon 9fin
75c, rind by the quart wUU
HILL'S CATSUP This genuine article
will bo sold in one gallon cans :ft tho
cxtromely low prico Efin
MACKEREL We hayo a barrel of tho
finest Salt Mackerel over brought to
Globo that we aro offering 9K
at 3 for C3H
SNAPS We havo quite a stock of
these snaps that wo are going' 9El
to offer at per keg CUw
There is every imaginable brand of
smoking tobaccos in this stock that
formerly sold for 10c a packago $hat
we are going to offer for 5c and all
brands that sold for 5c (wc aro g? n
going to sell for 2 for 5JU
In the plug chewing tobaccos wo are
well stocked and are going to offer
them to you when taken in 25c
cuts at per I En
pound 3w
CIGARS Just an enormous stock of
Foreign and Domestic Cigars that wo
have marked so low that wo want
you to como to the store to seo about
will find a display of Foreign and
Domostic wines and liquors (espe
cially Champagnes) that will surpriso
you. They havo Ifeen marked way
down and we want you to come and
look them over. You will find what
you want here and the price will meet
with your approval.
Hotel Pans that we were formerly get
ting $5.00 for we are go- fifi
ing to offer for Jw'.UU
Lunch Buckets, tho kind that you
miners want, tho kind that was sold
for $1.00, aro now 7Ktf
marked at I w W
Saddlo Lunch Buckets (tin), the right
kind, former prico OCa
00c, now . 'W w ,
Granite Iron Pots that sold readily for
So:111 $1.00
Bread Pans of every description,
worth $1.00, SK(T
Stew Pans and Kettles of all descrip
tion, sizes, and values have been
marked at absolutely wholesalers'
There are a few Wash Boards loft in
this stock that formerly sold for 60c
that wo aro going to Hell 9E
while they last for wOw
SHOT GUN SHELLS Sizes 10, 12 and
1G, regularly sold for 00c "7 fin
per box, now I Uw
CARTRIDGES All sizes and kinds in
general use will bo sold at this sale
for cost.
MEN'S SHIRTS Tho popular Sunset
brand in golf and negligee, priced
from $2'.5u 9En
down to fawv
SOCKS Thero is no, end to the show
ing of men's hose. We have them in
all shades and you will find them
marked as low as 4 9En
pairifor bWw
A sock that sold for 20c 9E
now 2 for Cvw
Men's all-wool socks formerly 9fif
piiced at 35c, now ...: . CUC
Fancy dress socks that were cheaply
priced before at 33c we aro 9E
now offering for C3C
Very fino silk hose that wero Efi
selling at 75c, now vUw
UNDERWEAR Guaranteed Oregon
wool garments that formerly sold
f,0orw$1? $1.25
VICUNA Natural wool that Qff
sold for $1.23 now .. OUG
VICUNA Natural wool that gCft
sold for $1.00, now OOC
Finest Jersey Ribbed that sold for
G5c a garment Aft
now . fUC
Summer Balbriggaus that sold 9En
for 50c, now COC
key Red, etc., 4 25 C
Fino Hemstitched 1 fi n
Cambric at ..;. v. ... .. .... I WW
Finest White Initial Silk as Ag
low as OO C
COLLARS Wo have a large supply of
water-proof collars in all sizes, En
that sold for 15c, now 3C
TIES A big assortment of up-to-dato
ties that we should get 50c, GOc and
75c for, we aic going to let 9En
them go at w3U
SUSPENDERS In largo variety they
sold for 50c, GOc and 75c. Your pick
of this elegant line 9,1 fl
BELTS Heie is whero you can get a
bargain. Handcarvcd belts that sold
no;.75.!: 50c
HAT BANDS These bands just camo
in and they were-to bo sold for 75c,
but wo will mark Efin
them at .. . . wUU
MONEY BELTS Tho genuine Old Cal
ifornia Waist Belt, something that
j ou should have. They CEn
were $1.25, now U3l
GLOVES Gauntlet and Buckskin
Gloves that were sold at $1.75 and
$2.00, now they C-l 9E
We have a large assortment of service
able gloves that wero formerlv sold
for $1.00, $1.23 and 7En
$1.50, now Iwu
OVERALLS Lovi-Strauss at $1.00 and
the Boss at the low Qfin
pi ice of ... JJUS
HATS The famous Leo Brank $3.50
hats we aie offering to (59 fifi
vou now for 4&UU
BUNTING Several bolts of red, white
aud bint bunting at, the En
yard O
NOTIONS Here you will find many
useful ai tides. They are mostly odds
and ends, but have been marked so
low that you can take home a big
bundle at a verv small cost.
TABLE OIL CLOTH In fancy, green
and black that have been selling at
COc, 50c and 40c a yard. Wo aie go
ing to sell it at 40c, 25c 9fin
and CUG
ment contains many very serviceable
aitieles that have been maiked so
low that you would haidly believe
them if no should quote the prices.
Come in and look them over.
HOSE A very substantial line of
ladies' hose that wero formerly
marked at 40 and 50c, 9En
now . , kwU
MISSES' HOSE Lots of them for
merly priced at 35c, 40c 9En
and 50c, now . kwC
merit and priced so low that they
will go fast. Take your 1 fin
choice for I UG
LADIES' VESTS Elastic Bibbed Silk
that sold for 75c, Efin
now , .1. OUC
LADIES' VESTS Swiss Vests that
sold for 50c, 9En
now .. , Cww
LADIES' VESTS Kgyptian Vests that
were sold for 35c, 9 fin
now faUw
LADIES' WRAPPERS Just a few of
. these left, while they Efin
CRASH SKIRTSThere aro a few
crash skirts left in this stock that
were well worth $1.25, -ho aro CEn
marking them at . . Dwv
LADIES' WAISTS Here is a chance
for you to pick up a bargain for
these have been marked at 9En
GOc and as low as bww
BATH TOWELS We liave some dou
Clo Turkish towelb that were sold
for GOc and 40c that aro now 9En
marked at 35c and bww
COMFORTERS Quite a large assort
ment that sold for C"f 'Efi
$3.00, now 9liwU
BLANKETS that wero sold for $1.00
are now marked as low lCA
as OO C
SHEETS that wero -nell worth $1.00
arc now marked Tfl
at 70C
Among tho mass of things pre- 4
4" pared and "put up" for the table, 4
4 thero are some that need no intro-
4 duction, no explanation, no urging 4
4 upon tho attention of people nho 4"
4 didn't first learn to discriminate 4
4 yesterday. 4
.j. . 4i4 444,444444
Men's Buckingham & Hecht working
shoes have been cut so low that they
should go rapidly. C9 fifi
Sale price ..... IwUU
Men's Santa Rosa Tan, a very dressy
street shoe, formerly sold for $3.50,
now selling CO fifi
for ., 3O.UU
Wo have a few pair of Men's Craw
fords that were sold for $3.50, wo
are going to let C 9 fifi
go for 3C.UU
There -are quito a number of pairs of
odds and cuds Men's Shoes that bo
fore sold at from $2.50 to $5.00 that
'we are going to mark for this sale
at $3.00 and as 0 4 Cjfi
BOYS' SHOES in such quantities and
at such prices that you cannot fail to
find what you want. All the popular
makes such as Santa Rosa, Amber
Boy, Cahn-Xiehelsburg, etc... and have
been priced from $3.50 for the best
rilmv $1.50
LADIES' SHOES in the popular Calin
Xichelslmrg make have been marked
at $4.00 for the best grades and as
17 $1.50
Such well known makes as the Olga,
Amateur, Maude Amber, Lygia, Al
luring, Lenox, Vacation, Gorgeous,
Coquetto and DuBarry at $2.00 for
tho best and as 7En
low as IwC
SLIPPERS House slippers in big as
sortment, at prices starting from
$1.50 and running as Efil
low as OUu

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