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Sunday, May 15, 1910.
Page Seven
Indications Point to North
ern Trend of Great
Ore Deposits
The Live Oak Dovclopmont company
is now devoting most of its attention
to prospecting its property with churn
drills in advance of the underground
work. To hasten tho prospecting, a
second churn drill has just been secu'red
and set at work. Drill holo No. 2, lo
cated about 700 feet west of tho verti
cal shaft, has just passed into chalco
cite at a depth of 230 feet. -As was
published some time ago, tho first churn
drill holo put down on the proporty
passed through 175 feet of chalcocito
ore of commercial grade as high or high?
er than tho avcrago estimated by tho
management. Tho third churn drill lo
cation, whero the second drill has just
been set at work, is 300 feet west of
tho second holo, or about 1,000 feet
west of tho vertical shaft, whoro chal
cocito oro was first encountered.
From all indications, tho greater part
of the oro zone lies to tho north and
west of tho present underground work
ings, and so far as can bo determined at
the present time, tho ore body has a
vertical extent of between 150 and 200
While tho churn drilling is proving
greater extent of tho oro west of the
shaft, the underground work is steadily
extending tho Underground boundaries
of the proven ore body to the eastward.
Drift No. 208 is being constantly driven
east on the 200-foot level, whero rapid
advances aro bcing'mado with tho aid
of machino drills. This drift is now
69 foot long and from its starting point
has passed through sulphido oro of good
commercial grado. A noteworthy fea
ture of tho development in this part of
tho mine is that, as tho work advances
eastward, the vertical extent of the oro
is apparently increasing. Tho east lino
of, the Live Oak' property is about 900
feet from the present faco of drift No.
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May Use Diamond Drills to
Prospect Downward from
Winze Bottom
Exploratory work is being steadily
prosecuted at tho property of the Su
perior & Globe Copper company, lo
cated about fivo miles northeast of
Globe. From tho bottom of tho eighty
foot winze, sunk from one of the drifts
on tho C50-foot level, crosscutting has
been done to explore both the foot-wall
and hanging wall of tho fault. Tho
foot-wall was reached with about ten
feet of crosscutting and with about
eight feet of driving the hanging-wall
was encountered. Tho cross-cutting
was attended with somo difficulty due
to the amount of water prevailing at
that depth. So far as explored, the
fault contains only vein matter, carry
ing a high percentage of iron, but no
Tho crosscut driven north from the
working shnft on the G30-foot level is
now being extended. A fowiweeks ago.
the driving df this crosscut was dis
continued temporarily at a distance of
350 feet from tho shaft. The crosscut!
has now been driven about fifty feet
further, thus making its total length
approximately 400 feet. 'As has been
the caso previously, tho formation in
the face is diabase containing little
Tho management is still contemplat
ing the use of diamond drills in pros
pecting downward fromHhe bottom of
tho eighty-foot winzo mentioned above
and in exploring the ground horizon
tally in advance of the north crosscut
on the 650-foot level. Arrangements
for this drill work have 'not yet- been
perfected, however, but doubtless will
be mado soon.
Completion of "Railroad Is
Impatiently Awaited by
HOME, May 14. Just how rotten de
partmental administration is in Italy
is shown by tho investigations of a
Royal commission into the state of tho
national libraries. Beginning with the
shelves reserved for priceless treasures
in tho Victorio Emanuels library hefej
tho. commissioners found extensive
thefts had occurred and other works of
immense value had been recklessly mut
ilated. ' Catalogues wcro in chaos, tho treasur
er's books in confusion and the, princi
pal ledgers wero missing. So a rigid
muck-raking movement set in and fur
ther waste was soon discovered. Prec
ious sets of reference works aro gone,
nobody knows whero.
The building of an addition to a
boiler-houso just completed' at tho Su
perior & Boston mino marks tho end of
all tho construction work on the com
pany's plant, which is one of tho most
modern and efficient mining equipments
in Globe district.
The sinking of tho iMcGaw shaft has
reached a point 118 feet below the sixth
level. At a depth of 112 feet below
the sixth, station sets havo been put
in, preparatory to cutting a station and
establishing tho seventh level at a'later
date. Meanwhile, tho sinking of tho
McGaw will bo continued indefinitely.
At the Gardner shaft, on tho end of
the property opposite tho McGaw, great
er vertical extent of the ore body is
being proven by work in the two winzes
put down from the 400-foot level. Tho
west winze from the fourth level drift
has been suVik continuously through ore
for seventy-fivo feet. At this winze,
a small hoist is in operation. Tho bot
tom of the cast winzo is forty-six feet
below the level, and hero also an ex
cellent grade of oro has been developed.
Tho average copper content of the
material takon from both winzes is
eight per cent. Tho distance between
the two winzes is 125. feet and the
drifting has shown that tho ore between
them is continuous. The high, iron con
tent of the ore makes it a better flux
ing material than that now being mined
in the stopes on tho Great Eastern vein
in the northern part of the property.
About ninety tons of ore from the
Great Eastern holo is being shipped ev
ery day to the Old Dominion smelter
and the smelter returns show an average-
of nino per cent copper. Some
ore for Shipment is also being obtained
from the tunnel being driven on the
Black Oxide vein directly over the
fourth level drift of the Gardner work
ings,, where leasers are now at work ex
tracting ore carrying seven per cent
As the rails of the Arizona Eastern
railway have been laid to within 1500
feet of the McGaw shaft, tho Superior
& Boston mine will soon have greatly
increased transportatipn facilities,
which will, of course, prove a valuable
asset. Tho grading for this railroad has
been completed as far as the Arizona
Commercial property, west of the Su
perior & Boston mine. V
BELGRADE, May 14. Milcndo
fr IgnalitC'i and Todor Nesh'tsh were
suitois for the hand of Saisn, one
of tha prettiest maidens cf the
fr villago of Zaboya, in Servia. She
f was uniblc to make up her mind,
fr and iftcr wniting for fivo months
the two lovers told her l.i: sirs
must aocide or see them fight n
fr due:.
fr She begged them not to fight,
4 and at last said she would marry
tho one who proved himself to be
fr the better swimmer.
4" The contest took place in the
4 cold waters of the Morava, a largo
fr crowd witnessing the event. For
two hours the two men swam to-
gether. Then Milendo sank and
h was drowned. Todor, who was
nearly exhausted, was taken from
tho water more dead than alive,
and is still in the hospital.
He declares now thnt he will not
Kmarry Satsia under any circum- 4
Many Small Matters Have
Attention of District
Court Yesterday
Assays Show High Grade
Copper Carbonate in
Form of Stringers
Great Body of Two Per Cent
Ore Known to Occur on '
Miami Property
At' tho property of tho New Keystone
Copper company, consisting of about
twenty-one claims, somo of which are
fractional, located in the Miami mining
district, between the Inspiration and
the Live Oak groups, a forco of abou't
sixty men is continuing development
work by drifting and raising under
ground and by churn drill work at the
Although the management of the com
pany declines to give out any informa
tion concerning tho mine or permit any
one to go underground, a conservative
estimate of tho ore body so far devel
oped may bo placed at 2,130,000 tons.
The management estimates that this
ore will averago two per cent or, bet
ter in copper.
Tho churn drill work which has been
in progress north and west of tho ver
tical shaft for tho past year, indicates
that tho averago thickness of tho-iore
body is from 70 to 100 feet. As tho
oro lies well above the level of tho
gulches, extraction by means of adits
should provean inexpensive method of
mining. From all general indications,
there is reason to believe' that the con
tinuance of tho churn drilling and drift
ing will develop greater quantities of
oro north and west of the present scene
of operations. "
Antonio Braud, charged with having
committed an assault with a deadly
weapon upon Charles Saenz at Miami
several months ago, was on trial yester
day in the district court.
The trial of this- case occupied the
greater part of the day and as tlio
testimony of tho defense had not all
been taken at 5:30 yesterday after
noon, an adjournment was taken until
tomorrow morning, when the trial will
bo resumed.
According to testimony introduced
yesterday, Braud was occuping a tent
with Saenz' sister, when Saenz entered
the place. Braud, it is claimed, asked
who was coming in and receiving no
reply, fired at tho intruder, seriously in
juring him.
The defense, represented by AttDr-l
ncys Johnson and Flannigan, introduced
evidence yesterday to show that Saenz
had made threats to kill Braud, self de
fense being tho motive for tho crime,
according to the testimony introduced
on behalf of tho defendant.
John II. Davis, who pleaded guilty on
two counts of simple assault, was as
sessed $200 on each count, in court yes
terday morning. Davis has not as yet
paid his fine, but it is probable that
ho will do so within a short time.
Tom Hansen, who was found guilty
of simplo assault, as the result of his
participation in a tulapai fight in the
Spring Creek district several months
ago, was sent to jail for three months.
Ivory Fraser, who was to have been
placed on trial yesterday decided to
entor a plea of guilty to a charge of
simple assault, rather than stand trial
on a charge of assault with intent to
commit murder. He received throe
months in jail, sentence to date from
March 20.
In one of the indictments against J.
C. Phillipson, upon which a change of
venue was not granted, a motion of
Counsel F. S. Nave for dismissal was
denied 'yesterday. This case will prob
ably bo tried within the next few days.
P. E. Pullen-, in whoso case the jury
disagreed, will be retried early next
At the Williams bhaft of the National
Mining Exploration company, whose
property is located about four miles
cast of Globe, the crosscut being driven
southeast from tho shaft on tho 6G0
foot level measures 85 feet and at that
length is in quartzitc such as forms the
hanging-wall of the Black Hawk lode
on the Arizona Commercial property ad
joining. The chances, therefore, for
striking a vein in the near future seem
very favorable.
Another development now under way
at tho Williams shaft is the driving of
drifts east and west on tho stringer of
high grado ore which was encountered
at a distance of 50 feet from tho shaft
a few weeks ago. Assays made' of this
ore at tho time of tho strike showed a
copper content ranging from thirty-two
to thirty-nine per cent. This ore oc
curs in the form of copper carbonate.
So far as the drifting has been contin
ued, the filling of tho stringer has prov
en of about the same grade as was first
encountered. It is not improbable that
a small test shipment of this ore will
bo made to the smelter..
Superintendent II. W. Woodward is
employing about twenty-five men in de
velopment work. With this force, rapid
progress is being made in the cross
cut from week toj week.
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Dr. Curtin Does Not Credit
Fish Theory
WASHINGTON, D. C, May 14. In a
paper presented to the American
Climatological association, Dr. B. G.
Curtin of Philadelphia took issuo with
thoso who have contended recently that
cancer was caused by eating fish, par
ticularly trout.
Ho argued that statistics showed that
cancer was more -common in Centers of
population, where not one person in fifty
ate trout. Among other conclusions he
drew in his paper wero that cancer was
increasing, that it seemed to be heredi
tary; that it was more common in tem
perate regions; blacks and dark-skinned
peoples seemed somewhat immune, and
that it was more common among the
better fed.
In connection with tho last point,
Dr. Curtin said that during the hard
times, when the poor had to live on a
bcant amount of food, cancer among
them decreased.
Altered Schist, Similar to
Live Oak, Thought to
Run 6,000 Feet
In G. Ij. Walkers' recently issued
weekly letter, regarding the copper sit
uation throu'ghout'the country, it would
appear as if ho intends conveying the
idea that all large deposits of low
grado porphyry copper ores have been
discovered and aro now under process
of development. While this, to a cer
tain extent, is probably correct, there
still remains ono in the Icstern part
of the Miami district, about midway be
tween the Miamiand Cactus grounds,
that promises to develop into a larger
proposition than anything in the dis
trict. Tho Needles group of twenty
seven claims takes in all the altered
schist area, as shown on the Globe
Folio of. the United States Geologic At-
las, in tho immediate vicinity of, and
.surrounding tho Needle Mountain.
itccent assessment work nas pene
trated this altered sdhist, mineralized,
at a depth of thirty-five feet that is
similar to tho schist in the Live Oak
mine. This altered schist area appar
ently extends 3,000 feet in each -direction
and terminates on the southwest
side in the fault that extends from the
Continental mine to the southern base
of Needles mountain. This ground,
taken in connection with the 8,700 feet
in length of the fault on which the
Continental mine is located, gives prom
ise of developing into the largest cop
per mine in, tho county. The fault has
the appearance of being from 50 to over
300 feet wide. In the four adits that
have been driven, no hanging wall has
been 'encountered. A well defined fis
sure vein, filled with gossan, is ex
posed, as far as penetrated, from 25
to 50 feet. Float, undoubtedly from
this fault, gives promise of high grado
ore. So far, the only work on this
group of claims is the annual assessment
work, which has produced highly satis
factory results.
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Annoucement Free Scholarship Award
School Opens Monday
Morning, May 16th
At 9 o'clock, at which time the DAY SCHOOL classes will bo or
ganized. NIGHT SCHOOL classes will be organized Monday even
ing at 7 o'clock. The Night School will be in session three nights
each week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. '
includes instruction in Bonn Pitman Short
hand, Touch Typewriting on modem visible
typewriting machines. In addition to teach
ing real touch typwriting without looking at
the keys, the course covers instruction in
billing, legal forms, tabulation, composition
of business letters, spelling, punctuation,
typographical arrangement and' proof reading-
consists of single and double entry book
keeping, covering various lines of business,
arithmetic, penmanship, spelling and actual
business practice.
A word about the success of our school at
Tucson, Arizona, will not be out of place
here. During the past six months the en
rollment there has averaged eighty students,
and. upon the close of the high school and
grammar schools the latter part of this
month", the attendance promises to be a rec
ord breaker.
Miss Ethel Herndon, of 315 South Devereaux Street, City, wins the
Free Scholarship. The following is a copy of her letter:
, '
"1 r.
Z -
r r nJW
i , v.-iJV v
' .
'' '.
Globe, Ariz., May 11, 19l6.
Arizona Business College,
Globe, Arizona.
There never was a time when well
trained office help was in greater demand
than now. To fill these places one must know
how to take up the duties of a modern busi
ness office with intelligence and ability. Nat
ural ability is of little use unless strengthen
ed by proper training. A business college
can give better results than any school.
It takes little time and money to complete
the business courses. Then one is qualified
for a more successful career.
To be the employer or employe one must
be properly trained to be successful.
Yours truly,
The committee of business men who passed upon the letters submitted, selected the
letters of the following contestants as being worthy of special mention:
The management of the Arizona Business College is highly pleased with the interest
evinced by the contestants and congratulates Miss Herndon. -
School Opens Monday
Morning, May 16th
At 9 o'clock, at which time the DAY SCHOOL classes will be or
ganized. NIGHT SCHOOL classes will be organized Monday even
ing at 7 o'clock. The Night School will bo in session three nights
each week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Globe Office Bldg.
P. O. Box 808
Phone Main 262 Globe, Arizona
The demand for Arizona Business College
graduates to fill positions with the business
men at Tucson has been so insistent that
several advanced students have taken posi
tions before completing the course, and over
thirty of the students are employed at good
salaries, all within a period of six months.
The Globe school is fully equipped with
fifteen of the latest model visible type
writers, complete with tabulators, back
space kejT, paragraph key, speed escape
ments, two color ribbon device, etc., and the
touch system can be learned on machines of
this class much more readily than has hereto
fore been possible on .the old style machines.
The system of shorthand the Bemi Pit
man is acknowledged to be a system easy
to learn and hard to forget and -is used by
the majority of expert shorthand writers of
the world, and adapts itself readilv to the
Spanish language, which is of great advan
tage in some sections of Arizona.

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