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Holly Springs gazette. (Holly Springs, Misp. [i.e. Miss.]) 1841-18??, September 29, 1843, Image 4

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O ! sing to i!ie one ong of thine,
Or.c song bef re we part,
That I may Lear away with trie
I s music in my heart.
Lsl it !jc a gentle one,
A song rf early j
S:- h a? a fair haircil maiden sirgs
To w in her much loved boy.
O ! sing me the song I heard,
The other day, at noon,
When itcaiue to iac like a warbling b.'rd,
And tea as short and soon.
IVi-JifaHy that song was still,
For I started irom out the tree;
ftjttK Diraitive mien, wnen i.'- uuiwi- v...
tirs with the passing breeze.
Turn not so tearfully away
I cannot lar to j art,
With anything but hope an i joy
In the swelling of toy hetrt.
Lookup tt me with laughing eyes
We shall meet again, ere lot)?;
And then the greeting I shall have,
Will be thy gentle song.
So sing to me that song of joy,
The song ot summer bowers,
Mum. tiring like the soli warm breath
Of a south wind over flowers-.
I i ill kiisthee as thou waiblcst on.
My token as I rarr,
Ani so will ba r a wa y -w i : h me
Thy imtsie in my heart.
From the Loitsvn i.e Jocnvu.
I Mood andga."d upon a brd ofdcr.'h;
And there a youg and lovely creature lay,
Her lip and cheek si ill fair, but pale beneath.
The touch that leaves the bcautilu! but clay;
The spirit': wing upon the fleeting breath,
Impatient, quivering to be away:
And. whiM I s-n.ed, a tear Mood in mv eye
That one so beautiful so soon should die.
And there another weep'ng held that fair
Frail creature cn ln brca.M, as if to sty
The spirits flight by his embrace, lor there
Had been its loved, "its hallowed home! and aye,
The deep gaze of her eve the gaze eyes wear
Cre closed lorever to the thins;- thai they
Have loved told Low. unyielding is the power
Of ea rthlv love, e'en in a dyig hour !
Another, still, there wn: and with a wand
Of be.-uny star-like liht dissolved the shade
That dimmed mv mortal eyes, and lo ! a band
Of angel shapes like thoc the voice erst bade
The prophet look upon, when, in the land
Of visions, heavenly inspiration played.
Around, on wavin.ar pinions hoveling by,
To bear the soul, released from clay, on high !
Oh they were beautiful ! each brow aroun I
There was a radiance lil e the silvery light
Of moonbeams a cloud, and whilst, spell-bounu,
I gazed on faces so divinely bright,
1 heard a symphony of heavenly sound
Like lhat strange music in the stilly night
The muser, star; led, hears, but li.M in vain
To catch the dying mystic note again.
Fhe died. The hymn that trcmbl 1 on ihe str'r.gs
Of harps, was hushed; and they who waited there
The spirit's parting, on their vtvmg wings
Flew back to Heaven, but boi it not so fair
f?o rested in the purity lhat fling-s
A Iiht o er earth! she tound no dwell mcr there:
To him upon whose breast she died she'd given
The En e and worship that she owed to Heaven.
My vision vanished; for 'twas all a el ream
A womfer starting up, in sleep's empire,
Before the soul, rev ealing things we deem
Vain fantasies, brief as a note of lyre,
But vivid as if undying: like a gleam
Of lightning leaping earthward w'th a fire
As bright as if 'twere born to Hash from nigh",
A woiH ct darkness to eternal light.
Centre College.
1 Time of Sewing. Nine times out of t
.. t...,-r. iri.- nir hi- thn l-fvt ,f st,.M..i,.bT i
or later than the middle of October, is better i resident ol the staie of 2 ississippi, but resides
than the late sowing,. When sown early, the I beyond the limits thereol, it is tnereiore order
toou have time to grow deep in the earth, and ! cd by the court., that publication b mr.de for three
the rdanuare ia little or no danger ol bein fro- I months successively, in the Holly Springs Ga
7en out in the winter. May wheal may be sown a newspaper pub.ished in the town o llol-
a little later, but other varieties sown late will I ly Pr!??S Mississippi that unless the said Josi-
not onlv be ant to lreeze out but ten chances to
.ne if the rust docs not destroy it before ripen
2. Frepahatioss or Land. Clay scil, willi a
good coat of vegetable or animal deposit is b. st
' suited to ihe growth of wheal, &. the land should
e broken deep, then sow from a bushel to a
bushel and a halt per acre, in proportion to the
strength of the land, by harrowing or brushing
and rolling, but if the land is tolerable smooth,
the ploughing is all stitllc tent, and in some cases,
H. Preparation of Lnd. Wheat should be
washed before sowing ard all detective grains
seperated, and there are many solutions in w hich
farmers recommend the wheat to be soaked to
prevent smut, and other diseases, but as our ex
perience ha demonstrated nothing to recom
mend. Good seed, good preparations ot land, strong
foil, and caretul putting in at the proper sea
son, will insure a good crop, Nothing else will.
The Pittsburg Morning post a Locofoco
paper, seeing the blcssiug ol the great w h ig
measure scattered over the whole fasc of
. Agricultural, Mechanical, and Manufactur
ing Pennsylvania, thus coolly claims the
credit of it, for the Locofoco party !
"Prosperity has returned to our country.
Thousands of workmen have procured em
ployment inconsequence of the adoption of
a Tariff thai ttas carried by Democratic
Just as we expected ! We hope our op
ponents will not carry oflfall our thunder
that thej will leave us a National Bank at
any rateand, by the by, since this benefi
cent TarifTis a Locofoco measure, it will,
we trust, be let alone at the nest session.
! Robert Knox,
in E
I n
Charles Stewart
j c- i -
j vv, I
Dmcnn Campbell. J
! UPON opening the meters of this bill, am'
' it appearing to the Court that Charlc:
; Stewart one the defendants, is not a rrsiJen
i of tlii Slate, but resides; beyond the limit.
' thereof, so that the ordinary process of law
cannot be served on him : It is ordered that
I Vn eSS l!ie ,s l!;!.tI, n:n(rjl r? be fore the
; Judge of the Circuit Court cn the 1st Mou-
day in September tu x', and plead?, answ ers
t li iuuiQ u nit uivi t c j i u tin, 1 1 u a,i e'
j tions thereof wi:l be taktn fjr cennsstd, and
such order or decree made ss th; Court may
deem quitub!e. And it is oidertd that a
.copy of this order be published in the "Hol
ly Springs Ct-zette," once a wttkfortwo
months successively.
June 3, I 13 9t Cerk, c. c.
John J. Catel', ") .. ... .
J f Cucnit Court, March
'n i -.i r . i ( Term, IS 13
I abithi Gatelv. l
C"1 AMI- the complainant by his solicitor, and it
J appearing to the satisfaction of the conn, by
ilfulavit of Jolm J. Gately, that the defendant Ta
bitha Gatel' is not a resident citizerv ol the state
of Mississippi Lut resides beyond the limits there
of, it is iheiefore ordered by the court, that pub
lication be made for three im-nths successively in
the ILd'j- Springs Ciazette, a newspaper publish
ed in the town ot Holly Springs, Mississippi, that
unlets the said TU iiha Gately, appear, plead an
swer or demur to said complainant's bill, on or
lie fore the hist Monday of September, 113, the
sai i bill will be taken lor confessed as to her, and
set for hearing ex parte.
A copv fioin the riinutes.
may I J, 1 13
JOB! rT OSWALD, M . I . ,
Having located in Icily Springs, offers h.$
professional seviccs to the public, in the trca
merit of all chronic diseases. Having had
ample experience in Hospital, and private
practice, he flatters himself with idea that
his investigations into the condition cf all Dir
ections of long standing, havtenalled him to
determine their true character in a majority
oiXcasts; and also to apply, with a certainty
oe great benefit, if not e t;iire-success, those
remedies, which nature has designed and eci
ence prepared for the melioration and cine
in all diseases, whether of the body or the
lnind .
No quack or secret mr Jicinc will be used
j but all remedial events will be s. lected with
strict reference lo their known viituts, and
prepared and applied with sctupuleus exact
ness to the indications that may present
themselves, in the case ol the afilcttd.
Except under urgent circumstances, bis
practice will be confined to the cfliee, where
he will be happy to prescribe for, and sup
ply medicine to all those w ho may apply.
Persons at a distance, not in a condition to
visit him, can be successfully prescribed for,
and supplied with suitable medicines, by
sending a correct, and if possible, a writen
description of the most prominent symptoms
of their ejections.
Calls are earnestly solicited from those
who regard themselves as hopelessly afflict
ed with Rheumatism, Scronula, Liver Com
pbint, Consumption, Dyspepsia, Piles,
Gravef old Ulcers. Habitual Costiveness,
Chronic Diarrhea, occ, &c., ccc; or all, or
any of that train of distressing maladies, to
which the females our country are subject.
OFFICE Over the Northern Bink,
where the public generally and Physici ins
particularly are invited to call.
Hjlly Springs, July 2 IS 13.
Treacey Daniel
Josiab Daniel.
) Circ
rcnil Court, Mrrch
erm, 18-13.
j "MAMEthe complainant by her solicitor, nnd
appearing to the satisfaction of the court,
upon ai.iuavu nieo, mai me oeienae.iu is noi a
u" u iwi, ."c .u.ot u. ..jUi
cc nplainani's bill, on or before the first Monday
cP September, It? 13, the said bill will be taken for
confessed as to him, and set for hearing ex pane.
A copy from the minutes.
Test, A. T. CA11UTIIERS,
may 10, IS 13 Clark.
The State cf Mississippi, Lafayette county
Circuit Court
Jaes A. Stubblelield, May Term 1813
vs. Bill in Chancery
D. J. Simmons. j
tornevs. and it apnearin? to the s itisfaction j
W c
of the court lhat the defendant D. J. Sim
mons i3 not an inhabitant of this state, but
resides beyond the limits thereof, so that the
ordinary process of this coutt cannot be serv
ed upon him; therefore it is ordeted by the
court, that unless the said defendant appea
before the judge of the next circuit court to
be holden for the county of Lafayette, at the
court house in the Town of Oxford on the
3d Monday of November 1313 and plead
answer, or demur to the bill of complaint, the
several allegations thereof, will be taken for
confessed and such order and decree made
therein as the court shall deem equitable
and just And it is further ordered by the
court that a copy of this order be inserted in
the Holly Springs Gazette a newspaper pub
lished in the town of Holly Springs Miss
issippi, once a week, for two months succes
ively. A true copy from the minutes.
C. "M. PHIPPS, Clerk.
Belcher & Johnson, Sol.
July 7. 2m. '
OFFICE One formerlyi occupied by
LecAS k Lane, ftUi
le Slate cf Miisissppi, Piobale Court, Ju
Marshall Ccxnly: ly term, IS 13.
John Vor?u,. Aehu'r Sc., irpilISi:
irpilIS Jar the
J. said John
?.Iorgan, a.hnin
Ar n T ?'-.i?r.n et r.l.
.-trator of -.he esta'te of Benjamin Moreau, dee't.,
l!eI his peiilie
aid e-late. am
u'Ce'stirig nai uis:i iiiiiiKin ii
tno-e interested, cannot be
aadr, in kind, and praying an order lose!! two
i ?r,,fv viz. Jtniv eiul ifa; riot, in otV.erto make
Uch d:t ribe.ih
n :
therefore ordered by the
ouit, that said defet
iants personally appear be-
jre the Jtidi-" of" our said court, at a I'roonte
court to be held for MersLcll county, at the couil
house in she town cf Holiy bpnngs, on the iouiui
j Uy cr l Jn't h $a nd u arr earir:? to thl
gfisfattien of the court, that the defendants Est)
er.en.ocr ncsi, io snow cause, u i-m
' j:-tnin Morgan, lit. r wood Morgan, Mary Elizabeth
.Morgan, end rSrcneer Morgan, are not inhrb.'t-
! :.nls of this H:u'c, tut reside terond the limits
thereof, It is therefore ftuther oidered by tie
court, that a copy of this order be published in
he "Ifcli'' Spr"r gs CJazctte," a newspaper pub
limbed in the town of Holly Springs, ot.cea wetk
for six weeks successively, and that citation is
sue to summon the other deienctams.
) Given und
S. of said con it.
) Jnly, ltr.l '
) Given under my hand'and ti e seal
at c trice, ihe -o.h dav tf
August!, 51 Gv
pursuance of the provisions cf a Deed cf
trust, executed by George Markham lo me
for the purposes therein'mentiorsed, and of record
in the ofice of tlse Probate Court of Marshall
County, Mississippi, I shall proceedto sell for
cash, on the premises,
On the l&ifidatof December, 18-13,
the jN'ortn West quar:er of Section '28, Town 1,
flange I, West of the liasis meridian of the
Chickasaw cession ; or so much of the same as
will be surucient lor the purposes and according
to the provisions of said deed. The title is be
lieved :o be indisputable, but selling as trustee, I
hall only convey such tule as is ves ed in meoy
June IJ, 1R13 Gai. 1'ntttcc,
The undersigned, at the July term, 1S13,
of the Probate Court of Marshall county,
Mississippi, having oeen appointed commis
sioners to receive and examine all claims of
the several creditois of the state of William
G. Irvine, deceased, reported insolvent bv
his Administrator, will meet at the oiiice of
s Clerk of the Piobate Court in Holly
Springs, on the third Saturdays of October,
January, April and June next, to receive
proof of claims against said Estate.
July 2Sth, 1813. Commissioners.
THE undersigned, at the August Term, IS 13
of the Probate Court of Mrashall county, Mlssi.--sinpi,
having been appointed Commissioners to
receive arm ejaio:ne all claimes of the several
Creditors of the estate of Thorn. is Sutton' Dea
'eased, repotted Insolvent by his Administrator
will meet at the Otfice of the'CIerh olthe Peb..te
Court in Holly tfpiiag, on the- third So tn relays
of November and February next, to reseiva
proof of claims against said Htale.
WILLIAM CI1ISM, i sicners.
August Jist lsii3
rY HE si bseribers have just received ilOOO yards
X of Cdicoes, from Hi to 1'5 cents per "yard.
Also, 3000 yards Brown and Bleached Domestics,
from 8 to 'JO cents per yard, besides many o.her
goods, which will be sold ton- for c,7.-k.
" June 0, 1613-43-tf II. HOLMES & CO.
Flllow Citizens :
By a law passed at the recent called
session of the Legislature, i: is provided that
you shall elect the Clerk of the District
Chancery Court at Holly Springs. By the
solicitation of numerous fiiends, 1 have been
induced to become a candidate for lhat office;
and cf course, 1 shell fee l gratified and hon
ored for the suffrages of a sufficient number
to secure my election.
The shoitness of the period intervening!
before the election, wih render it impractica
ble for me to call upon each voter, and coin
pels me to address you in this, the only way
in my power.
The proper performance of the duties of
the office 1 ask is highly important to the
people of the District, by reason of the im
portant character of the litigation carried on
in the Chancery Court, involving, 33 it does
titles to lands, and personal property, to an
extent probably equalling that of all the suits
prosecuted in the Circuit Courts of tha Dis
rict. Of my ability to discharge those da
ties, it becomes not me to speak. I have re
sided in the county of Marshall since the year
lcjoJ, and for the last three years have been
S? tlje office of the Clerk of the Cir
cuit Court cf that Countv: end have thus
had an opportunity of acquiring a knowl
edge of the duties of a Clerk, w hich ought
io enable me to discharge, in a satisfactory
manner, the duties of the Clerk of thj Dis
trict Chancery Court. My acquaintance in
the District is unfortunately rather limited;
and I must refer those of you whom I have
not the pleasure of knowing personally, to
the citizens of my County generally, and to
hose more 'particularly who have had busi
ness to transact in the Clerk's office of the
Circuit Court of Marshall County, for infor
mation in regard to my character, and quali
fications for the office I am seeking at your
Holly Springs, Sept 8, 1843.
Bolauic Thouisonian Medicines.
I have this day received, direct from Ba
timore, theses and cheapest lot of BOTAN
IC MEDICINES, ever cfl'ered in the
Orders and Prescriptions carefully put up,
and thankfully received Terms cash, on
all occasions." , J. J. GATELY.
Holly Springs, July 0, 1813 3m.
r i.f o n n e
(a ii (J U U J hSi
THE Subscribers w lsh to inform the cit
zens of Holly Springs and Marshall county
that they have just received, from the North,
uood ns-:oitmer.t ' of FANCY anu i i A
PLE DRY GOODS, consisting in pa
V, CC l
1 d
Mouslain de Luirus
Ca!ico s,
Lint ii5,
1" .
Super Wool Dyed
Green ditto,
Super Wool Dyed
Super Fancy ditto,
Printed Lawns and
Domt sties,
Hat, SLcrs
And a great many ether articles, too numer
ous to mention, which they cller for sale
ntfeh below former prices. -
Those wishing to purchase wi 1 find it to
their inteu st to give them a eall before pur-
chasing elsewhere; for great bargains will
be sold for CASH.
may 12, 1S43 39
8 10,00 0 WORTH OF GOODS
The subscriber now tlT rs his stock of
goods at cost, for cash. His stceWmbraa
ces nearly every article usually kept m -1
retail Stort and as 1 am determined to sen
them I invite the Citizens cf Holly Springs
and its vicinity, to call and examine for
themselves, as they will s.tvc their dimes by
doing so. J. r,l. SLEDGE.
"ALSO a fine Carriage and a superior
pair of horses for sale, at a price to coi res
pond with the times. J. M- S.
IT. Ci. I'EGKA?,
June SO, 18-13 -IS tf
Es:rn3's--3I;sas!2nIS Coisisfy.
TAKEN up by Alfred Fieeman, one dark
brown Mule, 1) or 10 years old, a smnll spot on
the night hip. and some white hairs on the left
side, also, some white on the neck, thought to be
collar marks. Appraised to $3! J.
BY liumphree ICetb-e, V2 miles east of Hol
ly Springs, on Tippah, cue Sorrel hor-e, mark
ed wiih white spots on the right shoulder, Mar
in the lorehecd, some saddle spots, about 7 years
old. Appraised to tuJ.
BY A. A. ilngard, two Steers, on a red hidd,
mar keel wi' h a crop and under bit in the right,
and. swallow fork in the left ear. The other a
red steer, crop oil ihe right ear, supposed to be
1 vcars old each. Apprr.i-ed tor-Ti.
Sen:. 8, IS 13.
JOIST o. rriso?2 1 ti o;v,
A TTCXXZJ Y &. CO r'Sr:i,L OH A T L A li
Holly Springs, Miss.
Jan. 27, IS 13. ly
District Chancery Court of the Slate oj
Mississippi at Holly Springs.
John J. Craig tt al.
49 rs 1
7 tr'i, o V-July Term, 1 S 13.
James Walker cb
Adlii O. Harris. J
UPON opening ihe matters of this bill, it ap
pearing to the satisfaction of the court, that
Ihe defendants are not in habitants of this State,
but reside beyond the limits (hereof, so that the
rdinary process of this court cannot be served
on them : Therefore it is ordered, that unless the
said defendants shall appt-ai before tiie Vice
Chancellor ?t the court : oom in the Iowa of Hol
ly Spring-, on the firt M nd ty of January next
and piead, answer, or demur lo the bill of cornt
r hi int. the several alleattHions thereof will he la-
Ken lor coa'e
made therein r
- !, and sue
r and decree
s tt.
V.or shall deem
eoiiiteble and j-:-t
and it is father ordered, 'dial
r he inser ed in the 'Hollv
a ceip; oi this ore'ev
Spring- GezeU.-," n nWMo
I own of Holiy r ri!,T, M
published ia the
M i. once a week
or two months succc-s-iveiV.
A Copv. Test, JAMES C. ALDER
July X!st, ll3.000:u
Marinda Clay
William C'ay.
CircuiT Court, March
Term, 1813.
CAME the complainant by her solicitor, and it
appearing to the satisfaction of the. Court, by
affidavit filed, that the defendant, William Ciay,
is not a resident citizen of the state of Mississippi,
but resides beyond the limits thereof' it is there
fore ordered by the court, that r.ublica ion be
made for three months successively, in the Holly
Springs Gazette, a newspaper published in the
town of Holly Springs, Miss, lhat unless the said
William Clay appear, plead, answer or demur
to complainant's bill, on or before he first Mon
day of September lSl3.the sa id bill will betaken
for confessed as to him and set f..r he:.ri;g ex
part e A copv from thmmmes
Test. T C A Rl' TIIER3.
May 19, IS 13
"TTTILL be in Holly Springs during the frr-:
VV week of eveiy monih, w hen he would be
pleased to serve all who may choose to give him
their patronage. He is prepared to set any num
ber of teeth, Irom one to a full set, and will make
gold palates end warrant thern to remedy a de
fective pronunciation without any pain. As his
location in North Mississippi is permanent, he
will of course attend to his old practice free ol
charge. All operations warranted, and charges
low as the use of good material v. ill allow- lie
cannot operate for the prices uss;-.!ly charged by I
transient Dentists, who often use tin ir Lua f :"i
nil in me teetti, ace set teeth ot ivory or com
mon bone in Ihe worst possible viv.tij uer.
Befer to the Physicians of Holly 6'p.inrs
Hernando. Oxford, Biplev and Salem.
April 7,1613 34 10;"n -
The Boarding at this Institute has been
reduced from 810,00 to 88,00 pei month
July 2?, 1813. Principal,
Hollv Fwiass Select SeiicoL
TOG next session of this Institat ton will com
rnence, Deo rvlculc. cn the iirt Monday in
ux'iJst, on che following terras, hr.lf pay:
ihp ! T'. fi f fi.iC' ilia
sion. 'it;;
ion wilJ bi chnrs-ed from the time
it of
entrance uuii: tne clje ct iii?j-esn
oeduc -
lion will be jnjde ecent fr .
TCM22SI, per J7Io:jSI;.
Ancient and Medein Larcnages, and vhe
hisher branches ofEnylish Studies, : $1 CO
English Grammar, Geograph v, Arithme
tic, llisfoty, &c., :-::::..: 3 GO
Reading, Writing, Spelling, Little Arith
metic, &e , 2 CO
A ses.sior.al fee of 50 cents per pupil to meet
the expenses !or servant's hire, lue, ele.
j I he principal will be aided by an able and
ticiei:t Teacher in the primary depart meat.
Jn the government ol e.is school lie reserves t; e
right inall cases to administer corporeal punish
ment whenever ihe pupil deserves ir, and will
not permit any one to be connected with his insti
tution who is knoxwn to b? t rofa ne. onarre hoiii.r
or vulgar, or has been exnelled for niisecndnrt f
from any respect: b!e institution in our cotmiiv. I
? - i ne piopncu-.r in tenets, as soon as praeti-l ML.Mpijis m !f
cable, lo obtain a valuable I.ntrtAuv fcriLc nst Arrircs 3Ion-?-tv V
ol his pupils, which shall consist chietfv of the -M.dPr".' lu!r t!
standard works cn Ilisioiv, Philoophv." Litera- r , r rV '-vs' at ; :
lure, and Poeirv. " C 1 lit IS II J I'lpaiis Samod;:s:t
i ne proprietor intends, as sc-on as praefi
Hoily Springs, June CO, iSlS-lG-lt
ESTRAYS- .Marshall Coixtv.
IV. ken up by William Urscry, livinj 1
miles west of Taim loos i, e itc sorr 1 horse,
white fart-, with white on his side, both bind'
feet white to the knees, glass eve, bisr shoul
der, 10 or 11 year's old, lo or 10 Lands high.
Apprais; d to
OLSO One scrrel horse, star in his fore
head, left hind foot white, S err 9 years old,
1-1 or lo hin ts hih. Appraised to A 30.
a. falconer,
July 2S, IS 13 Gt
TAKP.X up l:y Neverson Fow'er,
North-west of Nonh Ml. Pleasan
cidei spec!: led mare mule, ofordi
one milk end
j ys.
Oid,uncier teeth "oee it t is h?, If in.-h f'n ! ':.-.- f-.rw.-i n'
than the upper, await on the right breast, ap
praised to
BY C. 1). Benton, living in North Mt. Pleas
ant, one sorrej horse nii:c about 3 years old last
spring. Appraised to 30.
BY Lemuel Foiier. -i miles Nort-west ol IIol
lp Springs on the 'Memphis road, otic sorrel
in re mule, marks cf geer on ihe shoulders, 5
years old, small si
s ppraisec
i to !-::
August, 25th 1S13.
By namilton Thornton, Cl miles Noith of La
mar, one brown hoi so, i. bo a i 0 years old, year
marks, black mane and tail, a blemish it; th Jel;
eye, 13 hands high. Appraised to C.
By John A. Davi-, 7 miles North of nollv
Sp rings one b3y horse, left eve out, both hind feti
white, collar inaiks on his shoulder, o feet high,
about 10 years old. Appraised to t-'-h'O. '
T. A. FALCONEii, Hanger.
August -1, IS'ilh oi 3,v
Taken up bv Wm Canninghan, seven miles
south-east of Vaterfoi d, one bav mare and ve.ir
lh:g colt. The rnare has bkick'Jegs and a stilal!
star in her face, about 0 vears old. A-. n.icd
to .oO.
TAKEN up by Samuel O. Hoker, living
-1 . i - . i i ...
o nines noun-vet si Ol .Noun all. Ficisant
one yellow sorrel horse, all cf his feet white
bald face, shod all round, some saddle spots
upwards cf 15 hands high, 0 or 10 years old
Apptaised to Bio.
By Henry Allen, living 1 miles North
west of Holly Springs, one Lay horse foney, '
o or 0 years old, 13 1-2 hands high, shod all
round, some saddle; spots, mane and tail bob
bed offi Appraised lo $-22 50.
T. A. FALCOFER, Ranger,
July 7, IS 13.
TAKEN up by Hiram McCurry, 0 miles west
of Chulahoma, on the Hernando road, one ehes
nul sorrel horse, flax mane and tail, wound on
the right jaw, star in the forehead, -1 e r 5 years
old this sriinvr. Appraised to $10.
i'iiO. A. FALCONEII Banker.
June 0, 1 13.
Ihlly Springs Female Institute.
THE next Session cfthis Institute will open
on Monday, the 1-lth'Auffust next
Rev. C. A. Foster, Rector and Princi
pal Lecturer on Chemistry, Natural Phi
losophy, Evidences of Christianity.
. Governess Eng
lish Grammar, Parsing, Intellectual and
Moral Philosophy &c.
Miss Clarissa Moulton, Ancient and
Modern History, Geography &c.
Miss Gay, Mathematics, Arithmetic ccc.
, Miss Dillox, French, Chirogiaphy,
Pestalozzian Department.
MissMary LCoxynctox, Piano, Harp,
Mr. Thos. Morse, Vocai xMusic, Piano.
Mis C. W. Edmondson, Matron.
Mr. C. W. Ee 2IOXSON", Steward.
During the last session there were 93 pu
pils connected wifli this. Institute.
Anothe r female Teacher in the Literary
Depaitment is expected.
I have been fortunate in obtainin"- the
aid of Mr. & Mrs. Edmundsen in the
Boarding Department Amiable & affable
in manners as well as of tried piety, they
will meet public expectation in its most
punctilious lequirements.
My expe ndiiures have been and areneavv.
Itheielore request promptness iiuiquidatinj
arrears and in advancincr nnprnini t ih
: r.L . ..
ept uurg oi me nexi session. i ne inteicsts
ofthe School, upen which the town must, to
a great extent, look for support, demand
these rigid exactions.
July 7 tf Rector $ Principal.
,TT. Hclly Springs, Miss.
Will practice in the Circuit Courts of the 8ih
Judicial District, the District Chancery Court
t Holly Springs, the Federal Court at Pontotoc,
and ihe High Court of Errors and Appeals at
District Chancer
-liis; ;., Jj
1 i - i-J Ai-L
b!e in
t s. f
Marv W. S'.-, . i
y rearing tone s.so"
the defendant Marv.'":
habitant of this s-le . : ';;
its thereof" so tV "' '
court cannot b ..-1. '"
i., i .i . . . ' t" l- : tt
i Kj.ii t:.;es t:-e x; j i
be! ere the Vh-e Chr 1";
the town oi Hollv Spile
January next. .-.V.d . i', ' '
eomplaii!;;ntstin. v '.
will be taken lor ce;!.
order and decree m: t.. tt '
cellor shall deem t-.iu' V '.' '
lurrhcr ordeud. t! ti c.(".
serted in th -!li.v ; -'
pajer pul-'ished lui; ;
Mississippi, o-.-ce a u.k p."
sively. A i,
i CM. J.
July vhs, lNi;; .Jm
OF'I lifi'x m ,
Arrives Surdays. Wio' '
nnI lyfiJavs, ;"""
Departs Miikhve ,
and Friday, a T
h.(d:A(;-; ?,t
-.siJiiJ.i v..
:u I Vie
De parts Tu
Tht;:, ! c
n r i ! i s.o.j.t
vs. et ; " '
'- '"tit !..".
Arnrrs W. diH-d;
Itt itfir!; ; II,- .1
... y ..... ..
i u .
VS, nt : ;
t arrives
- ' - r
uepatts ant:' do vs.
4 . '1 I rr.-!i;i. r
Arnrrs TiasJay?i !;.
Dejm rs JruvJ-i y a
Arnrrs Tbilisi.1:; vs. :.t
Di-iris thn sd.. ysTat :'
oak itiik.:; o! .
rins i; at tin: a ys,
parts Sam!
The Office opens 6 o"c'
closes at t? I. M. J
to have their i trees
Office iy half afu r ;
o e
! M
sure their dejvufure by th
IIcLf.Y Sr."!
i .-tit in-
i.es e..'i i!
ce: e pro'ti; ' r.vd --i i r
FO ' Oi;-f HA. (iiM-r "
.er of th
! 1:- s,-;
Siu V-J
Alio r u e v a !
j it
hollv !:;
Office on the souji
q'lare, the same'as o -et
l ii;on.
'I I.
M !
t v-y,--
i-- -J We' t
i A . It t Hi
A T I. A ;r
liol.I.V rr:
OFFICE-P.-wlp, i:uu-. if
Feb. i - j j ; i"
t s,
tu -
Root's Carusliors t Kriel
HAVING again asvcc.ate t t! ;
Practice of Medk ine re- j vv'l:' y tc:
Professional services to tho ci:ie:: ...j
.spnngs ana its yicn.it v. f.;. , , , , e
en cenlie steet. S. e ). CAUF 1 HLi
Jan rJO-if W. S. ULli.
J.L nounc
OS. Mullslll:
ti:ai he will tive rriva-e ii.
j the following las, i mi, Vii-lii;. I'
lorielte. lolel.eelia
and Trombone.
Session ten wee!
instant. Three lese
Coi "riip5.au,
, lo comii.e:.
..s one v.t-t-.
e ; r.
Price of Tuition, per session.
None will he taken fr a U-s u r
sessi, n, and it is e.j ceted that :r " .
will pay half in advance, inall o.m.'
Inquire at the Mcrshedl Inn wheo
can alwas. be found cxee:i w hen ; r
I S. Pt-i.,. r..r:. i...l - . 1
best manner.
Sept. Kh, 113. 3 tf.
The Club will meet accoiding tj a ;
rncnt, on Monday evening, the l" a a-'
at the Club room over the Noitheiu b-':
i punctual attendance cf all the ir u:-
By oidcr of the President
Sept. 15, 18 13.
TUST- rrrcived a ir.-.!l ' of ilrst T''e
! ! and vi".Ti.-. i,rr. r;m.v i-'.-ir wile L' '
I i f i ; ' I l !- ii. e
T ANAw A V ir.i'.i i;.f .si.eeitut;
JLi i rcnton, en me o:ii t i ia-" ' ,
Man, W I Lb ON, Lb-out 00yiai
about 5 feci S or 10 inches htgh. 1 , x,
him a bay horse inn le, in goea ,),;'.:"
give ihe above reward lor the H-y cr-;- r, ; ;
iaken out of the state of 'I efccesste or t- ..
Boy, delivered lo me, or " l v-
state, and 65 lor the mule, A rcf r, Mr -reijsespaid.
He luiintiiv ttlcre-
peijses paid
U. Wood
L. J. W1LK1
Sept. 7 1F.13 -3t. s
2The Scn.mervil.'e Bcpe.i.cr -Springs
Gazette, will j lease k
and lei ward account to thi- ei..--
Au-usi ift if 13.

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