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lesorted past in gelling potty pn it-office
or a surveyorsliip oiil bf (Tlfl way por.
" Tlio worst fcnlure Initio case is the
fact that the pHiiijH of office leeken who
were foiled in Baltimore in Iheir efforts to
effect h nomination tint promi icd mosl sure
ly to py them (eh gong) best, are ihe
parties who are thus hunting down den,
Pierce. To su.h a pasi hus tin"; game COM!
ihst the WhiffS of the lire-is now i- this city
Seem to know just :is well Hny l mocrnt
just what offices OACll set of (he backers ol
each gentleman being pressed nre after.
The result will be, that this disreputnble
practice will brinsr, the Democratic party
into disrepute, unless our own presses put iv
stop to it by speaking out in its condemna
tion. So far, if I nm pot greatly mistake
no Virginian has permitted his name to he
thus urged upon Gen. Pierce, though we
have a rumor to day Irom Richmond in the
mouths of hundreds of Whigs as well as
Domocrats, saying that many members of
the Legislature have signed such a paper
to be presented to Gen. Pierce. If so, in-
' etoad of effecting its purpose, it will merely
serve as a sort of an advertisement of the
, Tact that tbere is nothing in the public his
tory of the candidate of itself entitling his
claims to consideration in seeking out prop
or persons to be placed at the head of the
different Executive Department of the Gov
ernment. I have not yet heard the name
of the person so recommended from Rich
mond, being too much disgusted with as
much as I heard of it accidentally to remain
to hear the balance of the story."
I UU t, . ill". I 'J I ... ' J 11 11 1. , HI itllU.-l'lll LH.lUr'
Pierce's talked of visit to the Old Dominion,
thinks it would be madness for him to think
of such a thing the office seekers' would
well nigh devour him. Hear that print :
"Besides this, he .(General Pierce J
mustcipecl to bo pursued from New Hamp
shire to Virginia by a pack of office seekers
more hungry than the grave, fierce as the
furies, terrible as hell ! They will howl on
bim like the famlsl)lJg wolves of the Cana
dian snows after a wounded elk. He will
get no rest by day or sleep by night Each
town n,ntl village will reinforce the pack
every city will take up the horrid cry, and
before he reaches Richmond the train con
veying them will reach twenty miles at IhtJ
leastcalculation. Their yelling will deafen
heaven raise the dead split huge rocks
wide open, nnd convert our quiet city into'
ft i-nnaemonium. Hy the most modest nnd
oautious calculation, there are now in the
State of Virginia 800,000 hungry patriots.
We would not be far beyond the mark to
iay, there arc fifty office seekers h'ere for
every place in the gift of the Federal Gov
ernment. Already the mail-bags burst open
witn tne letters ot solicitation. Every mem
ber of the Legislature of Virginia,, every
man who has managed to poke hs head up
from the level sea of privacy, is besieged
and tormented, cither to use his own influ
ence, or to write letters to somebody else to
get their help to get everybody they ever
-saw an omce omyrin outre: is Mr. fierce
rash enough lo,cntcr this menagerie J"
y?' asga . srs-i
Flora the New Orleans Correspondent oMhe
Memphis Eagle 4 Enquirer. .
Nuw Oblsans, Jan. 24, 1853.
A few months since when the names of
the offictis of the Lone Star order witi pub
lished to thu world, nnd the representation
of the Star headed blithe advertisements for
the different meetings; tHf ""minuuitvir
, at least A portion thereof, were on the look
out to see some grand and sudden move
ment on the Island of Cuba. Even the
.leaders themselves became excited und
' wi'cbful, their spies in this country were
f , I tl.e qui vive as to the au'i or supyr-lor-
rpi,frfii iiiu i-mcm ui uie enemy, which uniicr
the garb of secrecy was like the lion watch
ing Us prey, to make the certain leap The
great hunter, Girard, who destroyed so ma
ny Inns that he became an object of vene
ration to the natives, remarked of the king
beast, that if after watching he makes two
.or three unsuccessful leaps, lie abandons his
prey. The first disciples of the Lone Star
movement have made une leap under Lopez,
me reiuu was, a nnal leap by many into
j eternity. To make certain the plans of the
' Lone tar Association, a beacon light was
hoisted in this city, to be as "a pillar of
cioua oy aay, ana a pillar ot lire by night.'
This quotation is appropriate as the "ilea
f on of Cuba" made its appearance on Sun
day. By a strange und inconsistent mode
1 of ratiocination it was thought best by the
euuor mat mis beacon light should be put
out, and all hands "go it blind" and as
" much better" us the circumstance would
permit what the result will be, Providence
who tells nothing, only knows. We have
eeased to view the Association as a thino in
vbeing, and ook for no consequent on the
antecedents. The principal effect produced
by the movement lias been to stir up the
English and French L'overqmcnts. They
t are trying to persuade us into an agreement
mm we never win uo any tiling wrong rein
live to Cuba that is, to take possession of
.. 1 mi ,,
u ur uuy n. ine Mexicans, our nearer
ncighbrs, seem to care nothing about it.
By the by, we notice that a (rood manv
dry goods hae been sold to day for the city,
.-.f (...; 'iii. . :, .
iim leuuguon oi mo can ov
In. V. k . film ,,..,,,..., 1 .1
mis. a lie Mexican uonsui s order nub lis i
mi i, - i. I
ed in this city, seems to have no effect, and
ifl nil v Ami it'll nl
The Cotton market to day is firm, and the
demand good. Sales near 3000 bales at the
prices we quoted on Saturday, 22d.
Sugar Slight advance, l-8c.
ionee steady at a a 9io ; about 750
Ms sold.
We visited the new St. Charles lo-day,on
t its opeuing for the reception of visitors and
ygucsls. . fhceniZ-IUta; it has risen from its
ashes with additional splendor. It is not
'- only new in its -structure, but improved in
its arrangements. Ranhlitv of movement
is one ol tlio leading principles of the age
. The structure of 4 building to facilitate this
is adding a mite to this great idea. Every'
thing ut the St. Charles seems, and really
is perfectly at hand no turning round twice
i wuna it. to-day it has presented the ap
pearance of a large bee-hive for the bene
ntol the king bee in and out they go and
como a perfect swarm. We were unable to
see the bar uxlnres such as glasses, de
canters. kc. Tho iam. to ant a iasi of ih
- new liquors, pr old liquors from the new
bar room, was tod great. The chance
good to have every room filled before night
mono nonor
speaking of a party epeeoh, gays that the
oraipr neia the audience breathless for
nearly two hours ! Thoso who composed
",ijm9i, nave iiaa extraordinary lungs.
The present, cotton prop of Texas
in. is iiiu, Qounis mat ol last year.
Cjinmon Senso Jfccrssiuy in the work of j
In these ilnyi of "progita?1 "iininnvb-l
me n i," hudiinpttlietit ol "Hil Pogyistn, '
it has become widely the fashion to
speal uneeringly ol tlint excellent fttfil
venerable old gentleman "Common
Now, wo pride ottfstlvfs tin nr.illier
close- intimacy with this-distinguished
individual, lie did us many a kind
turn in our ydunger ilnys, when we
were "llirowli upon the world." as peh
ny nliuors'sity, to sink or sftim ill the
gurg'ti VttStO til life. l'ollv,nn imp tnftt
has Scarcely ceased lo trouble us to Hus
day, win always dragging us under by
I ho heels, wliilit liimiili'ti M'n-t bless
his old noull was ol'terter ready to give
us a helping hand, than we wero to re
In latter year, although we ny it,
who perhaps should not, ihe benevo
lent did gentlemun has novel' been far
from the elbow of our consignee, and
his mouth has pretty generally been at
the Var, of our understanding. In this.
way, be has eitved ris the nioial pain of
many a pitfall wich Folly everh(iweth
unmrnsn aptitude at jiiepaiing in our
The . champion of Common Seni,
therefore in this epoch ol ilixrciiutc. Wei
rigliiliilly nil (I courageously procjainl
ourselves to It, rtlngihg Durglnvcfi'u ih
very face of his slanderers; and tint so
much because. he requires a defence of
hi i oharaeltf M for Inn good of those
who discard him, and for our own (satis
faction. .He is termed an old Fogy but only.
bv ihfise who' have no notion of his
true character; that fellow whom Ihe
youths ol our generation Upnpld, and
worship, an 1 bow down bf lore, crying.
"Great art tbon UQ;ijnmnio11 Sense! the
parent find king ol Progress! is hut' a
thing ol straw compared with our men
lor. That hot btained fopling talks
wildly ol Reform, and throws up bis cap
in Ihe madness ot lanatacism to cheer
on his followers in Ihe siege of the gooi
old town ol ionservatunv J"' u go
ing to take the city, and'snckt With
fii'e and sivnrd, ami put to 'death the
Mayor, Ihe fat Aldermen, thc'Oommon
Council, and uommon sense, lie nas
promiseil to deliver -over to the mercy
ol bis blackguard the teachers ol old
religion, old morality,, ami old Fogy
principles'' generally, yea, and the
youths and the virgins, and' tiN dwell
therein, and plunder is to be , unre
strained v -' -t'
But.il is not fur this boastful imposter
to enter the gates or scale tho walls,
or foree a breach into the ennverative
strong hold. Cut off a straggler from
the suburbs, here he may pick a senti
nel or two from ihe walls with bis
new fungled idiooiuig irons; lie-may
even firo a bouse or two with the but
pilch uf radicalism, dropped from I lie
Wnr-bnIJnon of lunatic zeal; but be
will in ihe end accomplish only, his
own elevation to the platform of con
tempt, to the pillory of piibllc ecoril
However, Jim It Mow lias Ills uses.
The dbturbanoe ho creates has the ef
fect of opening the eyes of the inuyor,
the alderman, and ihe council whose
lives are threatened; to look about
them, and appoint Home, good engineer
to see what weak places in Ihe old
walls ought to be repaired, what tow
ers of absurdity should be, torn d'uwn,
nnd what battlements ol improvement
hoi.ld be built up.
Thus thai Indispensable od gentle
man, uoinmpii Sense, soundly abused
by the besieging mob, is called into
aclive service; for lie U tuc person
chosen nl length, how long soever h
may have been suffered to lie idle. At
Ihe present time, he is doing consider
able but not so much as ho-would b
tlad to do. The aldermen are afraid
he will lake away their fat turkey; their
goodly bullocks, their wine ai)d olives
and I heir baked beans.
The mayor suspects his philanthropy
ol being too warm, to sutler huu to be
hold with the cool eye of indifference.
the spoils accumulated in his office,
The council are on nettles lest he
should impeach their wisdom.4 Lot
them "look to it "
Common SeQseV-then is not- a stupid
conservative, but, on Ihe contrary. -he
Is your true radical. We advocate, bis
elevation above the wise men, and Ihe
valient men, above the princes and the
presidents. Common Sense, in brief,
and in plum prose, is not necessarily
common-place; it is not the sense id our
grandmother and greaj-granumoth
ers, but it is the Standard by which old
abuses, ami even Ihe newest and moat
startling principles ol truth may be
tried. Common Sense is' not ruouaiiT
but the guuge id thought Let Us pray
uenven to grant us a share ol. .be ta
cred gilt. . .
Planters' Bank Bonds Important Docis-
, ion.
The Natchez Courier furnishes ihn
following suinmnry of a recent decision
of the High Court of Errors and Ap
peals pf (his Stale, in relation to lite
Blanteri'.Bajik Bonds:', , :
An act was passed by the Legisla
mre, juarcn 4, imim, appropriating to
the payment of the coupons for interest
on Ihe llo'nds issued by the Slate on
account ol the Planters' Dank aecor
ding to their priority, the sinking fund
ihen it) the State Treasury, and which
might thereafter come, into the Treaiu
A, mandamus was. nnnlied for some
two years ago, before the Circuit Court
ol Warren county, to compel the State
Treasury to pay such a couoon for in
terest. The Court refused thnanhiiea
lion, and on appeal to the High Court
ihe inner body decided that the Treas
ury was hot authorised lo pay the coup
on without the Auditor's warrant.
A oecoud mandamus was, in the
the meantime, applied jor. before ihe
lircuit court of Hinds county to com
pci uio Auuiior lo issue his warrant
to ihe 1 rensuier for the amount of the
c upon, which Jippbcaiion was grnn,t
ed. The Auditor appealed In the IIi:h
C.lnrt, and this tribunal now decides
that the Auditor shall issus his warrant
for the coupons of interest thai are at
tached to Ihe Ho 11(1, nml falling due
March 1, 1848 or that all coupons of
that dale, outstanding nod unpaid, shall
have privilege' of payment over those
due September 1, 1841.
The judgement of the High Court is,
we understand, final, and the Auditor
is obliged on presentation ol'.a certified
copy of it and the bonds, to issue his
warrants for the Coupons of interest dne
March 1. l84l. These coupons amount
to $15,001). 'The Stale is. now using
Ibis pinking fund to pay itsgovermenlal
expenses. The principle nf this decis
ion, we should suppose, will compel the
payment of the September, 4811, coup
ons, niter those nl Alarcn nre paid.
The decision has its great interest in
the fact, that it settles, by Boleinu decis
ion ol our highest court, the legality
and constitutionality nl ihe bonds. Had
ihey not been constitutionally issued
ami legally binding on Ine Slate, ihe
High Court Would have dismissed the
The first half million of ihese bondJ
have no coupons attached. The decis
ion, therefore, only applies to Jho inter
e.st on the last issued million nnd a half.
Important from Msxlco.
Resignation nf President Arista!
I5y the arrival of Ihe Empire City at
New Orleans, on the 'J4th January, we
have Inter addce.s f.ioin Mexico. Dates
from the. Capital were to the 8lh Jan,,
nnd from Vera Cruz to the 12th . 'I he
reverses of Ceii"Min.oii, before Guadal-
jarra; the revolution in Vera Cruz; and
the schemes obltie Anti-Liberal party
in Qongr'ess, and especially in the Sen
a" had all combined to cause the re
signation of President AnrsTA, which
event took place on the 5th January
At 7 o'clock on the morning of the Oth,
he left for his hacienda Anacamilpa,
twenty leauges Irom lhacity, escorted
by fifty inoUitte'd policemen and a de
tachment ol the 5th Kegjiiient, nnd ac-
compahied by two of his aid-de camps,
Mejia and Hen era.
The President ol the Supreme Court,
Senor Juan Is. Cevai.i.os, was by the
CnnstitUtinh, at once invested with the
ollicn laid down by Arista, nnd by a
ubsequent vote ol Congress be was
ormailv elected to the cilice of Presi-
lent ad interim of Mexico.
President Cevallos was at one time
Governor of Miehoacnn, Ihe nll'airs ol
which he re organized in a short time.
As President ol the Supreme' Court he
lias displayed great integrity anil has
defended the, Constitution with energy
and courage, and protested against the
aw ol :;i.-,i Septuuilier last restraining
the liberty ol the press, He had lorm-
ed his Cabinet; but the Mexican papers
slate that the new government will b
more ephemeral ihan that of Arista,
and that tb people will' not be sails
islied until a new oeo'ion is prdered,
i'lie Trait d'Union says that the de
parture ol Arista causeu hut lillii) st u-
satiun in the city; it had, nowuyer, cre
ated much excitement at I'uebla.
The revolutionists are carrying every-
ihtnk before l licm in .several provinces.
i Vera Cruz, the insurgents appoin
ted Jose Arrillga as Governor, and M.
Manuel Camba C'oiniiiaiidei-iu -chief r)t
ic Stale.
The attack made by Gen. Minon on
Guadalajara, though very spirited, was
without other results than the ellusion
iin both sides of a great deal 61 blood.
Kilty pieces of artillery played from
each army during Ihe space of two
hours. This was followed by a sortie
from the city by Ulancarle, One ol
the columns of'Aliiu n sent to arrentitu
progress, was compleily ilefealed, with
a loss ol three bundled killed and wnun
ded. A second sortie from the city, fol
lowing half of Minim's troops, to San
Pedro, and attacking the other, ball al
llosplolo, defeated both corps entirely.
1 he survivors dispersed.
1 he other news from Mexico is un
for Circuit Judge.
UfE are suthorised to iniuounee PlllNF.AS T
Y 8CBUGQ8, lof iKdiy SuriniiSV Marshall
counly, a ( iiniti'l.ito lur Cireuil .1 Umtt fur the
Stve mil Judicial Dtiiel Mi;ipiu, at the
nest November election. 4': - jauJ7-23 9m
For -Probate Judge. ,
r i. ,,. -.,!,, i. in announce II. S. STITH
vv us a eaudulntc for tho office of Probate
Judge, at the next November election.
lebj '.'I Jm
For District Attorney.
WI E 'us authorised lou6nN. W. Wlh-
11 I.I AM v Bsa , as a ciiudidale lurUistiiel At
torney, ul Hie Ilh J udieial Disiiict. Election
next November. Ucc. 3(1, IBO.
UK aW. AU'l'HOItlSI'.D TO Announce ihe nniiie
of JOSHUA W 111 IMOKK.uf Holly Sprlni',
sndidiiiis lur im oftli uf I ii in i l Altoruay lur lln
St vcnih Judirj .1 lliiirict of Muii'iimii. al ih lost
Nov.uibui- KiseUop, Jttiiunry S7,
For Sheriff. "
l If E arc autliorizt.il to nine, u nee Ihe name of
VV BENJAMIN I,. MII.AM a a candidate foi
he oniee of Shcnlf of Maishall county, t the
next November election.
, February 3d. 24 9m-
llTE are authorized lo announce the name of
W HEN MOSS, us a candidate, lor tlieotime ol
Assessor of Marsliull counly. Eler.tiou next No
vember, Peo 17th, ISia
r IHV.Ml.l. I'. HOOK. i.iiiliJme for Ami.
or of Mitralis'il l.'ouniy, ut ilm unit NovsmberElec -
lion. 1II5J. 4iu
Holly Springs, Mississippi. '
The Spring Session of Ibis Institution will com
ineiiee on Monday, belli noi y 7, proximo,
Primnry departiueut (Ifi.OU,
Juuior " 20,00
Senior " SS.UO
French, Spanish, Or mum fextia) rnch 1 6, (Ml
Instruction in Elocution will hu given without
additional charge '
J. L. IIOOLE, A. M Priucipabi.
, Jn. 5l,l83,
Franklin Female College. i
Tie Spring Session will opeii on Hie first
Mohday in Fcbriciiy iwl contimft 21 tfajlrt.
Tlmse wlin Ifliic tn lend tltfl? 'Inuhlets or
wards, would ilh well to 6o punnlM at Hie lime'
will he pnid tn preparing liimti r pollre
Two of He ToftfwtS Will ileviilo'tln ir entoe at
tenliou to f-c 1'repnrslory Slid Priimuy Depart
ments of the institution., ' ' ' ' ;
those having eliarse of the t)Vgp : nave'beei
inaiic'.d to hialte tpcclal ttFrQniicfnini&'t$ thew de
paflmehtk owln lb the irrcal deficiency (teneril-
ly T'lund In tlinsc who ftnve i;or.r otrr the BtSnlsh
tiity studies in other schools. I'
, - rv tw. i ioj.
, 1). II. .10
XrHr. 0. Williams' Pulmpnio Balram
of Wild Cherry nml Wood Nnptlm, Is raptdlyad
vnncing in'tlie estimation of the public, livery
nfcrson Who lias Riven it a fnit trisl, speaks of it
in terms of oenhhendltiorti In esses of coiirIis
CClds'-anfl every disease in wliirli llic hrenst nnd
lungs areihvolved, It acta liKeaohntiti, prpdtujng
I ho most snlntsry efferts iir'a vety sliott space g(
time. As this is the season of lie. yar when the
pysU-m is very Ualoo Intake cold, nii(l whm coughs
become very I rouhtesome and dangerous, we know
of no medicine that will so speedily rot love as this
iflvaldablS pn-pnrnlien. It is reiinrknhly plea
Sant nnd produces art injurious effects. V
It affords thclfivenlor of thi iuvainhle roedi
cine unfeigned pleasure li stale I hat it Is rspidly
sdvancina in nuhii isvrx, ii l kflmfted somo of
the mist wonderful rures tut recofd, eflor oveVy
hone had fled, and every known remedy been ex
haosted. . ...
For full descriptions of its mrriWi virtues, flic
See Pamphlets, to be had of Ilio Aecnlji. Ahu
See SjlveithTcmcrit in another column, ;' f,
For Sale hy all the Druggists of Holly .Springs
1 "1 DlflFST.'' Such islhellile mraninr;
thd word '"PK'.fA," Of of the t.iotireek word
from which it it derived. -This is the significant
and appropriate title of iho true digestive fluid
or Gastric Juice, prepared hy Or. T. S. lldughto
Philadelphia, rruni the fourth Stomach nf Hit Ox,
for the Ollfs i of Indigestion and Dyspepsia. It
Nature's own remedy for an unhealthy Stomach
No art of man can equal its curalive powers. It
rendi-rs fiOOD RATI NO pcrft ctly consistent with
HEALTH fgOl the flsjttfO of the Os, io another
part of this paper.
L i MR WTT.RflW thn Artist
... . .... i - 1
nine makini' .1 nr iff ssinnal tnllT
'''iuy ihtougli the Southern states, will
stop a short time In llnlly Springs, and liny 1
fon ml nl his rooms over. E. Carey'l store, wher
he will be happy tn receive rallVAnd make por
IraHs m his peculiar shirt. l.niln.S and dentl
men arc respectfully invited to call and reespeci
mens of portrniture. f-"
"Secure the shadow ere the substance fade,
Of Children you love, and Parents you revere
THE Snrinc Session of the Bi male IliMitnte w ill
I onen mi Monday, February Jth, Slid cont ill
twenty ono week It is liiphly impnrtant I l.nt
sit who aie intending tn enter should be present
at the commencement of the Session.
0. w sff.r.
Ilollv Sorimrs. Jan. Slth lM. .23 2m
Administrtilor's Sale
pt.Vtsi'AN'r toadScree rUJiJLrjohaje f'ourl
X of Marshall counly, Stale nf Mississippi
made : at Ihe January . rui. A. 0. 1853, thereol
the undersigned, Administrator of the Estate
W. Ilium It. rale, deceased, will, na S.iturd
the 19th day of March next, soil at public afict'oh
lo the Inchest biddi r, um the piennsis, betw
the hours proscribed by law, oh n rruht of ono
year from the u'ny rd' sale for one half the purchase
m uiey, and on a credit till Hie Sloth day of lie
ccmbcr. 18-M, fnf I In- oiler half thereof, all th
following described tract ,"! land lying in said
county, to-witi The east half of Iho. WS!1 half
of fcrtion No. (in) fifteen, TowtfhrnNo. (2) two,
of Ranse No. (4) four, west of IBB basis meridisrl
of the Chickasaw cession. Said land i i It Said
subject to the lien presctibed by statute, and the
purchaser or purchasers thereof jvill be requiredl
io live bond or bunds fnr the purchase mnney, with
annroved scenritv, payable as aim-n. limited
Aifm'r, ic.
Jan 2T, 'M-23-3W
Traveling Trunk, Carpet Bag and Sad
dlery Manufactory.
No. 41 Sout h FOURTH alrcet, east side, near
Chestnnt slreet, PbiUolphia,
The subscriber respectfully informs his friends
and euslomers, thut in consequence ofii.c
rebuilding of Nu 311 soutli Fonrlh slreet, he will
remove to the larger premises, ,(No. 4 1) opposite
pfrer He first of February, win re he will be
happy to exhibit lo Ibcm a large stuck nf Sole
Leather, Steel Band, and oiler styles of fmn
Frame Trunks, at reduced prices. Ladii s' Trunks
nnd Bonnet Boief, Brass RiffllefJ Trunks, Bote
Leather, Bellows Top and plifis Valisses, Leath
er, Velvet, nnil Tapestry Cnriel liars, a large
variety Of finest qualities. AlSol Dridbs, Saddle
Unss, A-c, Ac. nllnl which he on"' rent low prices
lot cash, or on tlie usual credit. The attention
of Dealer;: nnd Travellers- isiiolicited.
Jan. 27 1852 V3-4w.
bn. 0. I. JfouQ&ERTY, '.
fllAKES ibis opportunity of thanking his friends
X for the psttonage they lime been Olehaed to
exleml'so lilurahy lo the firm of WILLIS &
DOUOHERTY, nml cht-'.rfulif recommends to
Iheir kind Hottsulersllnft, Mr.'.lorin L. Logsn. IK
is a clever and aocommodauns pentletnan, who
will noi tail in Ins ell uls to please. My friend,
Dr. Willis, is Inn well known ns n gentleman
and experienced Druggist, to render necessary any
coniiiienl from me. 0. Lj. ttOrUIIERl V.
Jsni4,'63 ai-tr
THE pnnarsigned, hsving associated themsleves
I in the Drug business nt t: old stand nf K. A
TALBOT, vviiii Ul be pleased to SCO Hie fornifr
patrons of the bouse and as many others ns w
favur them with a call. '
JanU.'B.l-ai.tf I
I HAVE sold tnv entirn interest in staging to L
SIMS, BltOTIIKR, ft CO. All persons in
debted to nr having claims ngninst the trinii of L.
Sinn ft Urn's, or L. Sims, Bio's ft CO. will call
on said firms, who alone are nuthorir.eil to settle
the same.' . JAMES SIMS.
Holly Springs, .Inn I I, 'M M-tf
0 7" Memphis Eagle- ft Ennulrer copy.
A ,M. Ci-Avtos, J. W. (',. Watson, IIisavCntrT
Attornoys at Law, '
i HOLLV si'HiNOS, i
IJ.L ntlend the court of North Mississippi,
and give speclsl attention th business from
the 3rd br Northern Jhslrict pf lhe Stale, in the
High Court. l Errnrsnnd Appeals, atjnekson.
December 6lh, IH.rH lS-Hin
tidily Springs, Miss,
bfflee-np itsirs ovsr Ltfud's Music snd Hook
Store. , ' ' "isnH.'SS-lt-tf
1l:r Infnljiblc Cnnch pfifdjl
' Dr. 0. Wiiliams'
oilipomiil I'liiiiioiiic ICil lsillll ol
t III Cherry nilil tVoml INnpllm,
I'llH OllF.ATKST l'KMi;nrnvi?a INVRKTKII Fun
life cute rtf flelVIW, Tnldr, Pni lirtiou.a,
Ajthmi. Utonvllltis, fnlliicuza, spit
. tiag of Ij'.ood) ani' nil olhct Iuni,
nffeclious tending to Con
sumption ,
ri) rQHiHc&l pr, parsliOn Ims SVpf bei npresrnlcd
IN tn.tho no'ilio, ifndef sijcH fovorahle mftflfner
ns.lhis medicine, it has been received wilh the
I'd marird approbation oy IhousHhriS, and it
Celchrily ns n r.ire dy for all diseases of tlio Luiif
nniV hecomjtig'aofosioiis. Lhnguoge cann"l
serine Hie priliipiiicss nnu i ni nry in us nrimn:
ndeed its sslotary effects nre Tnm.v wnsiisin i..
It has been known to cure ijie most helpless ca
ll after'thr host mudicat skill, and'-nll known
fiedicl hnd Failed. 1
rcsliinonv I l.o me:t mjivinrin is constantly.
Ming rseCivi d, rCTIifying to the superior exrelt-
i in' nl it. ii. vviniauis i .niiip'uoi'i -iiimouie.
rtkl8oqi of Wild Cherry and Wood Nnptsa. It is
nling very popular wherever it lias been tn
need, bI8 nas secured rl&tehyioble repniation
indeed it han been emphS'ienllf pronounced ihe
reali st rOhVctly for nil diseas'-s-of the 0HK8T ans
I 'NUS; thai has evtr Ueen presented to tlie pub
lit. t it ' : r
The following comrnlinicatiorl is from Dr. Jnmrs
M. ('jinnef, nn Ctninenl Sureuin Dentist, who
is well known llifoilgnoiil North Alnbamn.
Co'ukViiAtio, AU., Sepll 4,1880.
Dr.f . Will'nuis Dear Sir: I believe it bi
omes my duty to'spe4k ofihe medical virtues of
your "fuirnpnio unisainnl Willi Cherry or w nml
Napthit." In tliu eiiriy part nf l.-it week, I was
intioleu with n ;vett)air cold. -anil eoneli, nnd
having many professional effagemels tositend
In, I neglebteil paying my cjso p'OperancT timely
sttentfoiii until my cough no bad I could scarcely
Speak; altCndod with a great ditllcully of brentli-
nig; ar il all my menus timu'ilil my ease a very nail
one. I seat fnr s-bortle nf your "Pulmonic Bat
bam," nnd Commenced taking it ns directed,-' hi
nhoiit half an houfl felt 'greatly relieved nnd was
nearly clear of the Cough and rfiy breathing entire
ly relieved, and was enabled lo alteud lo my pro
I'esiiohalbflslttesssifl the following rJsyi when I
found myself enlifelyijteliovid frmn all ihe dis
tressing symptoms, , -
I m isl, thi rerore, iinliesitaflncly declare that
your I'lilbmnic Balsam I nd the most happy efiVet
lie liiy case, and proved ItSqtf superior to liny
tnedy I evi r i sed before; auTfroin my experience
deelnre it to Ii I the Most prompt nnd effecttttll
remedy for affections n( the chest and lungs, ever
presented to tin 'public. 11 produced m my case'
free expeStOiation and a gentle perspiration, re
lieved the great difficulty of breathing nnd cough'
ingslleyeifsll 'the 'soreness, and burn leg in ni
nr.iast, in a remarkably short space of tune, acting
like a Charm. I S .
Yours with high esteem,
.;. J. M. cdNNF.lti
Ilurilsville, Ala,, August 1, 1S50,
Ur, 01 Williams Dear Sir: Your Pulmonic
llnlsam of Wild td.erry and 'Wood Nnpthn, is in
greal dementi w ith us, and givcj every sstisfac
lion. It. is Hie lending lemedy for diseases of the
Luhgl be, and IS superceding sll other medi
cine. " Most trill v yours,
J.F. DKMOVILLEi Druggist. '
Alliens, Ala., March, 20, ISSO,
Dr. C, Willan-.s near Sir bnr llalsam is In
great demand nl Hie. present, ami we bopo we
no you justice in selling it. ' ,
Florenec, Ala.. DerMj IJT., 1819.
DisrSIn 1 lako the present 'oppiiiltnijiy of
bearing lestlrAony tn the medionl rnlitu s ofyoul
Pulmonic Medicine. The Rev 11 It Bsrkl 1 hail a
cough for aliotit three or four week;!, t net oujy
was difire.sslai:to hlihSelf, but such writ' tlie so-
vi riii ofthenoroxysmslhal allaroSnd sympathixeH
with hirtli J advised him In Iry your C'oiupnnna
Syrup of Wild Cherry and Wood NapthSl He did
so, and took one bottle, and it slipped th'e couth
almost Irameinateiyi and has not since returned
iTrlt hnsrrc hriTt-iluy T.yrrip 'itii nf it ilnte.
1 have Used.moSy roiieh niedifinl-S and havi"
irb'd and seen used, all tin hnlanllis nnd nostrum
of the present day, and I veri'y be leve yoiKs ill-
penol to them all. I rema n vnurB,
T. J. KILPATRICK Brlncinal
of the Florence Male Aceeinv
Buszard R.iosl, Aln'., Fepbn.h. t IvISfiO.
Dr. ('has wjlllnms; 1 um g'fatilll to say In you
Hint I have used tn two eases, yhrr I'lilinnnir
Halsaiij or Wild'CllCrry and Wood" NapUui, and
found itn sSfe nnd efltciCtlt j.mcdv fnr Couehs
tlnd Cnlil. I have used it myself and (Tninil it tn
he a very excellent remedy du any (teraugemcnt
oftbe bowli dhtrfar, fte
.wjfs wir.r.tAMs,
Tax C&lreetorof Franklin Count.
ID" Be SOW In rtsk forDr. C. Williams' Pulmn.
nio BalSoin of Wild Cherry snd Wind Nnplhn, nml
led nu other be pnlmed upon yon, ns your life may
depend upon your caution in this patticulat,
Caution. None gejiuine, unlasa there is a Bnc
steel engraving on tho outside with the rAc sinit.i
signature of iihas. Williams M. D.i engraved
t hernia also his name nnd ihe namv oT the medi
cine are blow n in Ihe glass thus,
'Dm. 0. Willi v.'.ei' CoNFOUnin PutMOslie Palsoai-'
This highly valuable Soulhem Medicine is for
sale in Holly Kprims, by W T Ltmg ft Co., Tnl
hot A Oarl rell, nml Willis ft Dougherty whole
sale and retail Druggists ) also, by Dr'jas II Ellis,
Ripley J Ayres ft Whitlow, Salem: IJ.irsey ft Wil
liamsnn, nnd II A Collins, New Albany J T M
Smith, Hernando) R A Murdoch, Okalonai n
Lawrence It Co,, Norlh MtPltasS ,l. and sold by
all Druggists ill every town in the Southern and
Western Stales.
January nib, I3."m i
inoQf my Gin nnd mill I'lopellers is notv
''in use nt. the Kami of W. Oooiiman Esq.,
in Marsliall Count)'. It saves at least one
half the horse power now used for driving
a gin, nnd is cheap nml substantial, nnd just
audi n machine as every planter must de
sire Propellers can be bad nt the Wesletn
Foundry in Memphis.
1 refer nil inquirer to Mr. Oooiiman, IIol-
ly Bpnpgs. Us II. FULTZ,
January 27. 1C53, Jw.
WM. P. FTJGO, Proprieto'f.
rTlIE I'N-ION MOUSE, kept by W. P. Fegr, latV
.L Proprietor of the Marsliall House, is now open
lor ine year 1 833, and is undireom1; genersl re
pair. Tho rooms nru lnree' Snd well suited lo tin
coiniofl or guests, riicscrvnnls nre expericncwl
nun irusiwor1 hy, anil will lie uiade lo render cv
service unit n, cniuinndntion In board' rs nnd trav
elers. Ihe bur room, lending into Hie diniil,
apnrtincnt, will alwSls bo kent in neatness ami
order,, nml nfl'uid a general retreat for, recreation (o
gentleman. . .
Tht I'arlnr is enmnindious and eiCSsnttv furnish
ed. and will nfl'iid every Incilitv for Hie lively en
tertainraapl nml sgoOmodatjon of Indies generally
nnu yearly,
inontiiiy, weekly and transient board -
I1ISTARLK willnl all limes lie supplied wilh
ine very nest the market allords.
The proprietor, after having cxni rienced a Inn..'
sli'wardslup in Hotels, Hire ws hinise'f upon Ihe
Community Snd traveling public, nnd very res
pectfully solicits a continuance of bia former pat
ronage, and will exercise every energy to give gtil
'Tat satisfaction and cnnifurt In all who nre so kind
ns to luvor him with thri; custom.
Attached to this House is a very large and
Superior Liviry Stable,
kept by Dr. J. ('. Holland, in which .travelers
horses an d vehicles nan be talon core of in the
best manner. Any mode of travel can he obtained
Irom the Doctor. x
Holly e'pnnaa, jin. 21st, JfSS. 22 ly
i'ny up! hf . np!l Tny up
A LL persons iink-bted lo the subscribers wsll
il save cns,ts ny paying Petore lhry Islol ue
crmber. Those whom we sue tlfta jnoiith must
excuse us fnr not waiting until thaf lime, as we
IIIPtnitiBV '.'Ol.'l'ON, D, D. ReclrJr, srul fin
ut cf l.reuu
'I-, Uln turn
K, A II , A
id 'iialorv
linmchy in Mathem
. SOHMELs, Inslrusti
Aided by a: m1?iy As
npEeenf-l S.
1. Hi is nslitutinn will eomn
lit. of Feb- Tie srrangemi n'sii
numbei und slUoienev ol iho Du
and lo raise the Institution to
'radc os a BohooJ at sound and
liOn, and energetic and f mi pai
both in the d1 parlmenl nf Hunt
icls. nrnmisi lol ll;e ROSUinn w
Vnnee, in sevi ra! hopurliitl
iriLalurs, upi
lone t . r, 'nseiiii ii'
M oh i inaest an ! en,tin
sis of lh lbs I ind in,: ,i
lent.--, in all fiiat eonsll Ui
if to
the Intel
f Ihe St it -
ducotiofl and
rein, ectn iciiinn iv inai.iiei
1 tond of chnraeter
in n I it'll i linsiiau mhiiiii.ui nop
Hint the etl
stun ' yi ar will give i
uienUa 1 1 inslruclion
Hi In llu ilflierr.i
of I
no! to, the parents and gust
ards in tbc imnroveineni o
linns, the amplss r.
pils, an I, in t
3 tiestseiiss, the- usefulness
Instilution. .
The Course nf Studies etmract'!i Hie rcxt-hiwikf
of the Freslnnah nnd Sopliomore years of tin
University of. Oxford find of Hit Otper bollthern
Colleges, ln-ndlitmn lo nil inset and thorougl
pirtitinn for tlie Freshmjin class in bnglishi
nreek, Mall" mVicrfft.nl l-.lo' uMoii. aui
qunte provision is alsonisds for llioso students
who are prcparniu' lor iiii;,iiiats. I in' iteview
and' F.xa'itnnniinti ; nf the elarses, ato Weekly and
Monthly, Anting the year. ...
The Assistant Bettor, Vt'i.sit, who brio
Willi Inm- Iho highest qtia'iTlcatiuns of Schnlnr
ship and expi(fience as a pr ".'in .1 and able crton a
tor and a tirm nun tllce nl .l;s inlin, ir.au. w ill nil
miaister Hie Study Hall, in connexion with the in
struction bf bis Classes m Mathematics nieltln
Classics, leaving to the Rectm, more leisure for
i" ri'-rai siinurvtsion,' nn.i ine insiriioi'on m lae
liiglu'r cinssLS in trie Classics, nisnry anil fri i-
lory. Especial ailenlion w iil be given during theil
ensuing MessiOn, fo Blocutton nnd ONlOry, and
v il tin nt. additional charge tn the sludent.
V. X V E tf 8E.S i
Tuition, per Annual Session, 10, SGO and ff,n
Hoard, Fuel, Lipids, M nsl.mg . ,
0iid.Mcnding per Annual Session, m 5150
Fronch, Qermnli, or other Mod
ern Language, per Half Sdjsidn, 512
Payment fol Tuition of Oay.Cuplls, early in
eh Half Sis, inn. .
payment for Hoard and Tuilioh,i rcmi annually
ni advance oi by Note'.
No tnrnneefee is charged. Boarders .irerr.-
quireil to furnish sheets foi narrow or unfile bid ;,
pillow cases and, towels distincll; marked with the
nnmc, and Humbert d.
Text-books, and clothlilg will lie furnished lf'
funds for Hie purpose? ere deposited with the Hector.-
Parents or guardians desiring further informs
'ion, will address the Koctor ns above.
St. Tim inns' IIJll, Holly .Springs,
Jan.' 21, 1853. 3v.
T THE December termof ihe Pro4
Lute Coiift of. Marshnll Cnuntvt
Mississippi, th'e estate of Freilriioli D,
Andei'siin, decenseili jvaa declared il)-
hllmclent to pny nil im; just debt due
llicrffrom mid insolvent, and Ihe nrdd1
itora of said estato were required Willi"
ill rifilll monthtt ihoreal'ler, In file with
. . i i ,-. . .
mo, im-1 itn mi it at ion mm niiowimce, tne
evidfiieiM irf ilu'ir elnnnn, respectively,
duly prnbAted.
Deoember 3I--I f862 2' 6m
, , . .. , . . . M-
Marshall county, f
Pmb'te CoU'tD cumber Term.
HE REPORT iifttho C ink as Oom-
mlsslntier cut tfi' rehnrl uf insolv
ency nl tlie estate of llctily J. C. Davis,
deceased, having lieeii inspected by ill"
Court, it ordered tn be filed, and thn
publication Whc relis snccensively be.
made in l!l() "Ilully Kptinos Gazette," n
newspaper of this Stale, warning nil
creditors and. 'others interested in
ihe rstale, tn appear in thi Court
on the fourth Monday of February nex t,
tn show cause, if any there be, why said
report should not be ti Unwed,
January 7th, IC5o 20Uv
ETTBRS of administration, de bonis
non, with tlie will annexed, on the
estate of Nancy Young, deceased, were
irrrintrtl lo the linuerNiglied, on the 27ili
if Denember,1852, bj the Probate Courl
if Marshall counly, Mississippi: Su lei
ill claims against the decedent be pre
senled lii me ivitniii the lime liiliileil 111
law, else lliev will be barred.
Jnnuary 3d, 1853 20-6
A ettrrs testainenimv ul Hie last will
H- nn, I lesliiuienl ul' loiiel Al Ynunir.
deceased. were granted to the undltl'slgrt,
'd, on the 27 1 Ii oI'December 18S2, by
i lie Probate OnuVt of Marshall cnuniy,
Misfissippi: So let all claim ng linsi
the deuedentbe presented to nic lyilH
wirtitn the time limited by Ihw, else
they will be hatred,
January. 3d. 1853. .. '. 20- 0
"a M IN IS TR A 10 RrS NOT! Civ : .
g'.EI'TKKSOF Ailjtiinistrelioii nn lb''
J Estate of Beiijainln F, MoKle, de
aliased, were grantvil to ihe uuderign
ed mi the. 27ih nf Detfembrr mi'
the Probate Court of Mni'-lmli (;iinty.
Mississippi : So let all claim llgaihsl
the 'decedent be pessened io me with
Ib'ihti time limited, by law, else lliey
will be hnrred ."
IfEN.r. N. A-I.KXANDBR, Adm'r.
Jnnunry 3d 1851 qqGw.
Twenty vrr cent al Mas tell than ever hare
been sold in the fjniled Stales.
CM OOLD lever watches
dSSi: jcvelleo, isk.'irrni rose only 0 fi
kT-J I'snnllysobl for MfVi
'.Vi' ksral cose, jewelled, -..-"!(
SILVER LBVEIt WATCHES, full JsvrtHsd, " 11
funnily sold fur ?19.
SILVKH LEP1NE WATCHES, icwelled, " 10
SILVER TKA SPOONS, per ti.ilf ilojir n, 6
gold pens, Stiver Holders, - - - - 1
Persons wishing n wnieh or wStOheS, or Jewel
ry, can have them sent by mail, withperlec S(tlS
ty, to any purl cf the tSnteil Stales el West In
ilics, hy first tending ihe 'amount of mnney, Alt
siileles warranted ss Kptest'it'ed above, Orrlett
fmm the cnnnlry rcspeotfllll Solicited.
Please SddtSSS nosttiSlthj '
. . LEWIS LA DOM 118, 103 Chesnut 8tfeet,
East Wing cf'tlic Frniiklin House;
1 IfT California Ooldhoui!h1.t raan"fac,nrtil'in
jnJswBlry. . AprU.a, TlWM :ij if. '
A GREAT wriety rjt Preeervcs, Jellies
.and Pi Fruits fail he found st
roa Tin: ire at os - i
foinlis, foltWi Hoarsness, Spitting
of Hloo'sJ, Mlit Sweats, AMlima,
Liver (oniiilainln, anil
C n.'Tfn-, ."'r.r nicd, r inc is pi't up In a Jarre
bottle and yen mttsLhlld the came of JiyMm ft Co., i
Prrmrietoisj N. D J il .;(., N. ., olT.llic splen- '
dit tsrsppeg around .heboule, to '.vlju. s'.l otd'-is
n. est boifdrcsscd. ...
DJl. LARZr.tTE'3
NO CORDIAL, or Procreatitg F
crlbed as in cnectual r ''! i
-c'-r of '
irrrg- -
Dtbility, Impotene) or Barrtnjtess, and
iilanlii s nf nature. , It is all tl
. and t
I viz: 'Nntnre's t.ir
t Ittsiirat,
rotthnse in the Inarrli
It is a certain cure f.,r
al debility, gleet, tveal
stale wit
.eniiuiil ell
' i
t, ju-eaknSns or tlii-fe-,
b ileoulleo, or
illi'inc it ii .tiniq
nervous n(U
eerintti remedy M itn
Kcsiioh, 1 as of ta ilact
ar em
i utlf, hmalo weakness
ilcbililv, A i
r W'.ir- '
ra tiled t.1) p'ea' e !! list r in an rif tl,
p'nints and is nf priceless value toth ise without ,
iiffsprrYlg. -Also, a gcvcieigu rcn.n'.y 'ei all A'iJ
ney D tefisls.
Oat-Tin.v. Thin Cfflchraltd mt.Jiein? (siinotlit, .
genuine utile' s theur S'iiic tgKHtWt Of .ludion. '
tV'i'n , and Comatnck Br.ilhcr, the thIv Amcri-
can st'euls,' is nn the.wrapp -r of eaojl Lor.'.e. i
Bemcmhirthis, niUiete'is.s worlhli lis cnun'lerfeU '
df tin-, 'ijsfebrateil in ilicinf, Only office t:9,
John Street, xYcW York-.
Address all orders tn On , slock ft BruJIiSr, N'o.
9, John a'.icet, New York.
Jl DsON ft CO.', lol, n st. N. Y.
Only Agents in AjpcricsijJfEsti blisbed in 1 831. J1
Pit. 0, C. LE'S . 4
Galharmm Vain IZxtetiGtiia en I S.'.-ic .(".n 'n r-
fl'l' ti r. .
This Piss'.' r, L-iriii II e n.'
siteiigllcning ssHptVitc iiiei sligbily stliitilis
phrth s, aff.ir.w.n pit itsshl and cfftcllinl ci.i
CSSel el p.iin in tin: s.ile nnd b" ar.l ; WCal
oppressiutl of tliefl.i .t; p-.inor weakn
hack or loins i nnd Dvjii imissnil tlvereor
' Th-. fin'.v ccrVin telliedy Tot biffiinSfr,
"f tin
d for
pr..veiii;iig and? sWpp'li ; '111 0 f.'i'bi? OUI of. iho
I. air. Asa toilet ardelc, for beilAtifylng ami
liep'lng be Heir soft, glowy and in.u liocitliy coi.-
lion, it is ituei.iiaiiou.
Casltoh's Linimi roii thi: Pii.cf, Ar Il i1
nnw Hied in tlie prirl":l(ll hOSplldlS. nWd In 111
private practice by nn immense. number i,.in
dmdtiols snd rsinillcs, rrst win inoai renainiy mr
the cue of the PH.I'.S, nml nl; i e'ensivel ard
effectually as to baffle credulity, uuiis.; wtkte in
elfeels n ro witnessed.
All of the ah rfo.Mi rllelnes arc krpt Brill tnn'ly
on lined for Sale', by Wil-is H Dbtiphcttyi' wholes
sale nhil retail Drtiirgibts 'flolly Springs Miss.
Marob ;i'.th 1869. , .'Hl-'v
Trench, English" and te:raan
.""ROM the house of Gn'inilA C6., Psfis, Sltt-
it lb collection of n'a-n ami Colorct) eiigtJV
inpSi comnrisingsubjectsfrc-niths bcst'inai..crs and
oniinsntsrtists. ,
:,'. idles f f .'urfi by 1'ilin f.SSSlte and Lutes
ie l.andsCapia and llMwin alitdirS pf 1'irogie,
Calame, snd llutieifi Hnni'es ami A 1 lull's ty
Lan lse..r, ikrr.n,: and Vii Im ' . V,. r't nnd
Mar ue i ws by Duttnn, Walk r, llmrni', 1'irt I ;
Views of Ametiiaii Snd Eurtpenn tltirs.
In tins a.is.r.mcnt smeng the inari) iiiay be
foil ml. . ,
Mercy's Dream i Just In Time;
Tlie p iwtr ol MusiC) f.Fiinltv Feillmell - ,.
Mieii- is rrtnlnrjinus; The Windy Dayi
The l.nckv Ti.row: - TlieSinp rvDoy., ,
mrndMnti'a'BurTi Lve v.'m.-a,ieT-I!cCt '
Tho'fuurisiSi fl in sctli Fall of llnhyloni
Tho Happy drenmi Citcssaian Ueauliesi .
Life of n Parisian) The Carnivali .it
The Senses, H in sclli The Anmnona, 'i
We prun e thee nli (Kid; Simple Lnycij
Spanish Rcatillei, ItoSc snd Blenchs)
Children ef Israel tslienLnla Monlisi
captive. Esmarulda, 1 in sett.
Plat-iie of Datkncssi
Desides s Urge (ollection sf - political, hLroc
ous ami ssntimentsi subjects.
St mill's of (Inwcf, fruit, Ate, Folcr'a It';
drawing Crayons. P.iinls. Pens Is, Ptushts, Ac,
tVc. Fnmes nf til descriptions) Venered, Rose
wooili CiHf Pint" and otusmenteii constantl) or
han I.
fit rale st LOLL'S.
I May 38.852,
TUKT RECEIVED. Istgfl assortment of the
abioe popular werk,
1'or sale al
Oct 8, lb').'.
1W"U.'"T3 JHC
HIIE undersigned hsving sold oui bis intirett in
JL tho Produce and Otoeerji business lo J.JI.
FaassU. of Ihe Into firm of Long 4 Kanvll, w.-Ii'it
say to the patrons of aid frin and 1: lh (re w's pent
erally in returning ins il.anss in t(inn tor tl.nf j
very liberal patronage heretbforo Vso ndea him -
that lie would refer im in t" Mr. r. I.r a r-ui'inu -nnce
of their hutintss, as he has en hand n veil
selected slock. The looks and dibts ol the lato
firm having been left in my hnn'ls for PelHtmtni. it
is inipdrtsnt thai Ml th'-se idd- bled to said f.rCi ry
Dote Of otherwise (Hal Ihey Sbpilld tusks in in--diate
payment, ns I nm desirnul n nt tlie buciness
of the old lirni msv bs'clOSedlWilloiil . Inv.
AllgtlSt.olh, lsW.' 60-tf
r. A. WILLI it, II. I).
J.1IIM L. l.o
JOHN L LOOAN JisiMf rUirebsSed ihe eniim
Interest of Dt. (.'. L. bolOHRRTV, in the
Drug Business, the coneetn ill lis rimiUieleil,
in future under Hie name Snfl slvle ef WILLIS
& I. (MIAN.
Mr. Willis. takes tliis mitbrnl of llmnkh-g bin
fticndsnnd tho public for llieli vry lib-rsl pn
Ironaue and influence, and inmts Irml 1 y Ins un
divided Stlontioh lobiisin,M-s, ami hik Inpttlor
kn nvlvih-e of tko UTOC, tj mtjil a QontinllSSr
of tlieif favors. jsnM'S: tl
.in- ii i ' I .I1,,
Be i ng pi in iccu uian tos
f V
itiie tubkcrlbtrs wisliiiig to
etl out cfiVr thrir
X i nine stock consisting cf s la-pe
hu . ( Rii
made Cloth ng, Hoots, Si ces, lints, Bfotnl nnd
ttmu unnd 111111111 Domestics, Enulkh uid Amer
ican Prints, French ami English Miiiiljci, Aiia
pnras, Hosiery, (llioes, &o. at HS,!4kan cost conn
ami 1 iuiiine liiialltv and pncis 1 1 fure iuiot.osltij
elsewhere. J. A. I'ltANCIOLl, & Cr.
West Hide ef the Mlltte.
tthllyPprlncs! Jaft, ilst, 1853 ft-.-rnj.
n issaiu rioS. "
'j HE parlnersliin heretofore esiliilrli.' HW'(fl
1 P. A. WILLIS ami l' l Mil HIIEU TS,
under the baste tnd style of Willis A Dougherty,
ts tins dsy dissolved by mututl eim ni. All per
sons indebUa t-i tlie firm i .11 picas, niaio,' iuJut
ditto psymentto P, A. Willis or John 1,. LoeiA
GAEL a! UiS list Orpot, rontlisideofhi Squire,
M iti M tl c Uig Hat, il you wish UlUy llnu
tnd Caps i w fur Visit, for yoursrliH, n n, and
ntgiots. . Vol! had best cult snon st.T iticso-hst
I cay. Look oul for the Big Hit, itslhst IflllnSJ
I'la"' In stop. H. A. Mll?ItSi
Hnlh sprlnrf. .tnnoffl .isv;. '44 ,-f
THE potii r 1 p hsrttofere ciirl er letwtrn
the iindeisjgneu, is (his d.ly dilsolvtd by mu
1 tin 1 1 h . nt
All Uiuse nidoMed to ihrm Jv note or aero mt,
ire Hiutlttd inuU loUtSiueiitSiiini. diate'v.
ui.-..' 4 i-i 5-0. AR TPFR
.tsn. I4, '.M.":I Sw
cannot gel all tn Stoseroun
Not 14, W-iJ-l'1' LONO( rARRBLt,
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l kilt -4.
J !.,' '
w 1 A. ., JL,
. .1. . 'i ,1,
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