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Devoted to the Best Interests of Lincoln Ccmnty and tlio - Development of Its Resources.
mm nun
I Lincoln Count t Lpí
D. J. M. A. JEWETT, 1
I'. S. Mineral Deputy Surveyor,
New Mcxieonnd Arizona. I'.
S. Deputy Surveyor,
Safnrday, .Tune 2tt, 1SS4.
A man who ha Wen in public j
lito as lung as lias Gen. John A.!
, f iiirim iní.iílíi.ifiitiir í.í-I'l-it:.
, ., . cale himself from
nicnt, ami auour wne.ni me opposi
tion could make no tihl'avorabh
criticism, would hardly be worth
the notice of a National Conven
yrTm. Ceifírsv. Editor Ai rrcpiltct. I
- - - I ti!n or worthy the support of his
F.ntrri'il ai the Pout Oilier at White partv.
Onk, N. M., ns srconil ría matter. I 'n,., :.. ... ,,,.,, ,,;. l,n
Office: White Oaks Avenue. wells for stock water. ; n.jopt of tins article which has
it 1111 i
There are thousand cf acres of , uoon """"
This and That I
Mr. ,lno. A. Walters rushes into :
print in this week's I'm to vindi-:
some charge :
which he imagines the Lkaplt; in
tenilcd to make against him last
week, relative to the dump of the
Solitaire. The local item referred
to had no reference, whatever, toj
Mr. Walters, nor did tiie writer of i
it, even think oi the existence of
such an individual, at t lie time
Richest Mine in the Worlrl OUR NEW YORK LETTER
The diihlm '.ill eellis n be ' Frnm lit :;ul;iv i ri-f 1 r 1 1: 1 1 1
terribly thin -skinned, or as onr j New Yecu. .Inn.' t tih. iv-1.
friend, " 1 iek." would say, "I'ed- I .,ik e saw this city excited 1
I leaded." where anything i said !M,-t to the verge ot m ..'noeraey bv
tending to show up our town and j the r- t'.-ai of Yamicrbilf t knock
camp in a favorable light. There i off .me cent from his charge of six
has been scarcely an issue of that rents for a ride on the Fourth
sheet, for the past six months, j v, .,. sivcl railroad. The agita
which has not contained a reference I tors cared little about the over
to dull times, or something to indi-' charge: but thev were in terrible
cate that the concern was dispeptic earnest in deiiuiK-i.i'ion of what
JAMES. S. REDMAN I ti. flni n-,..,.,;,.,, ia,t. : ti,., T,,,. persistent! v since the war, and in , . ,. . .. generally.
, n n . . , ue emisi i ueu iijiu,i lci.cciioii upon
OontrartOr & Builder ritry inaccessible to stock because ! M there trnrt, n,"n ".he -superintendent "
UOntraOtOr CZ millUei , , i(fthch. (Hstam.0 Jrom watc, A other we remember to have heard, ' . t t
White Oaks, N. M.
fW Onlerf mny be !?fl lit IU1 oflicu.
the available lands within a reason-
and it is that Logan was a rebel or
'or the proprietors tired of things thev regarded as an imposition bv
generally. 1 a company which ha 1 obtained a
Such publications are not calen ; valuable citv franchise for nolhimr
iiiv tit yii lilt i i . i j i -11 a i
Ilomestuke, we are vet unable to cd h "í' .r '' C,U" th vtm- rt,us'1 to a'"l" ('J ;hfi
of the
! . 1 'a 1 1 It . ? i c i i Á
able distance iroin streams or other 1,1 vmpamy wun reoen.on m
! discover.
imence oí peopir m uieeamp. or j wiiat all t lie ot tier lines had grant
,. . . , ! ant in nulucing strangers to come ed - a rrducüon fivin war rates.
i t i 1 . I I I I IP Wi '!! llMim .t ir iim., , -. ..
water sources are nlrrndv covered i ami ,lliu 1K' fi"'-"i.ige(i ami assist- . i Here anil join us in me develop- Just now there is somet ,
u ill n j' mu ' imvi un. ihio ni;- I iiivni vi vill iiniiv
w. t. TiiouNTox . with herds which, with the natural
Santa fk, Nf.w Mkxico.
increase, will in a few years tax
Southern Illinois in recruiting for j ' Vindication appears the follow- w,(,
them to their utmost crazin capa-: tlu' rtljel i"'111.) ed that "we havetne richest mines ; down in ju ice by the establishment
j citv. lint of late quite a number! Miv his enemies should persist , " J he columns of the lint ha ve in the world," and the Ara true to : of the cheap cab company, aro on
!of wflU l.nvn Wn nnlr. mit fl i in this charge, in the face ot the i tUvvayN been open to its friends, ! irs nilin-r mission, came down on I deavorimr to hai ass it and deceive
Tllft" ZrÜS e,:. the prairies, away from the Feset i ft, it is difrieult to see. I SüSÍ it puíli.. We ! t"at Ml lik" 11 of the public by painting their oldest
tcntii-ii piven to the collection of claims ,.anfTCS ilm tic niiiveiPiil result ' ' luit tMC3' know they are accusing ,u.u t tj ,,;,.;,, li,,Wt.v..r t In! 1 brick," and published the most ! and most, dilapidated cabs in imita-
id riMiiiilanees nroinntlv made. ! . e i r. i . i.. .1 .. ' . . . ' I , , ,. :.- , . ...
soiueuoil v
has remark-.men.
lere i.- something oí the
same feeling against the. old hack-
who, having been forced
(iEO. T. I5KALL, Jr.,
New Mkxico
Will practice in all the courts of New
(iEORGE H. 15AR15ER,
Attornev at Law,
s. Mcc. Mcpherson.
Notarv Public,
j has been a plentiful supply of good
I pure water. Heretofore these im
; mens(! prairies have not been util
: i.ud, but the results of these exper
imental wells will induce the sink-
ing of others wherever there is
grass, but no water on the surface.
mm falsely, is clear. nieii often rush into print to vindi- elaborate editorial which has ap-! tion of the new and clean vehicles
The following words uttered bv 1 ,ilt(' ' themselves, when silence ; íieared in its columns since Mr. oi the cab com pun v. Of course the.
John A. Logan, then a member of. i. ' . . ' 1 1 ,u",lf g';i- ; I lelphingstine retired from its man-. indignation is not so nvneral. be
i i! .. j. I indication rucies arc generally . . .... rr, . ... . ,
me ioer nouse oi v ong.ess nom r-Mm in the heat of Mission, a...
Illinois, on the fttli of February j language used that, the writer, in
18!1, will illustrate his attitude to-j his calmer moments, regrets. 'To
ward rebellion before the first shot j -'rr is human, to forgive divine.'"
And th us the business ot stock-1 of the war was tired. In a speech When we put this and that to-
agement. J he editor doubtless, at
once, soaked Ins head, for the
cause very poor men are not as in
terested in the overcharge ot cabs
. 1. 1 . ....... 1 ....,. I fli. f Siittiimtiiii nfiui!i.iinttfn flifiii ' .1 .... I i .1 .
U 1 V 111. W 1 lit: 1 II. I! Ill 11, (.11 K I I II 1 II- ' 'lit I I IV uutlHKll VWll l 'l "l il i. v . I ill II iri.l i.l- irri lilW Ml li l l.ll- t l.i fli.
- tD - 1 i i i ui'm nun mi. iii-
itablc here, will be lanrelv in- 'before the House, Mr. Logan said: i (i,.:tion " vrfi.ri-i.il t.-. , ft,,. ...i.-.ulouble t'.ic
! creased. j " I have always and do vet deny torial. and we entirely !ree with ! the best Pay in'? gold mines, now
" ' .' O I ...
ellbrt must have been trying to , as they were in that of street caivs
his mental puwers. ! but there is much feeling over the.
When the ores from our mines imposition, and it is :.ot uncommon
I show an average ot more than j to find persons leaving a bogus cab
amount realized from
There are very few localities I the right of secession. There is j the editor thnt. men often- t'itnh in-' 1ku,K worked, in the country,
on disi overing (lie fact and refusi
to pay overcharges on the ground
of deception. It the coachman W-
within a reasonable depth, and
Alltl lilMiranff AgfUt. I w,lcrc Srass !s abundant and of the
hr.VikiutnMatlUU.Bu. j bpst 1ualit3'- Aml wlun dloS('
wiiiTF. oaks xkwmkxk.'O j looking for locations are convinced
i that this mode of supplying their
Ss tiVit I stock with water is practicable, we
Patterson & Watson, m'tf louk t,ur ln'!u,,w1s cw
T ranches, and the utilization of the
Counselors at Law, aw orliwft grM9m with wllidl
Milling & Real Estate Pd'okfrSlonrbvoad prairies abound.
I 1
Inni-lul tllti'llllntl lllllll to I'XIimlllHtloll of : i.
inlnirv? till"" nii'l jirnH'i"t.v imil Betin(r lie I
Blfi'iiib ihorelor. 1 onTniets tnki-n anil le-Ki'dii- I
itw-nt work ilune. Corrusiiiii(lrnee milli iteil. I
where water cannot be procured j no warrant for it. in the Constitu- to pt-int to ' vimliente ' tltennvl ee which the facts demonxtrate. we i conies obstreperous the knowi
tion. It is wrong, it is unlawful, , irun nilnwe trouhlhniv time tm,,k we are justitied in saying cusiomer takes Jus number, and
unconstitutional, and should be'wMvrW." that "we have the richest mines j demands that he go to the Mayor's
called by the right name revolu-' When any man is in such a hurry i in tllCJ WOI'M-'' A'"1 U dut's it j marshal with him. That settles
tion Ño god, sir, can result ' t vindicate himself, as to 'submit ' ",lm' a ,lvtsh'e' cn ,,,e l"11'1 ot news-1 ihe hackman, for he knows that his
from it, but much mischief may. ! hs defence before' an v chartres i raiU!,'s- to pronu.fe the interests of customer ,s not to be trilled with.
er.-tanils his nriits
i moil uiiiii ouioi ii. i iiiiu oecn
taught to believe that the preserva-'
of this glorious Union, with its
broad llasr wavintr over ns as the
i-, . , .. ii. "
iin irrix. i ini iiiitit i nm iiuTi'iin. 1 ii . , i
,M'.n Aiuiui, r,' ....i. .. vv. ..von u. : shield lor our jirotectioii on Hum Mr. Walters in hi
- - ; non oi property on me santa ro ,im
management of
Will IT. HANS.
........ . . íi.i i .
fin sea. is paramount to an me 1 1 ,,n,, ,.,.,: 1 1
ii i,. --i i i, 1 I "on... in oueTin.Mi inn; IH'MIUUI
' V ; y ÁÚtiS and P'f-nns that ever rpgret t() ,oarn n!, . ,mt straight.
i. s. mmu, mm surveyor. ! Z ZuZTZ I !lilv; :tTl V.7 IZ i
me ousmtss oi me load, uemon- would to-day , if 1 had the nower. t, ,i,,n ..x-,,
, . .1 . ..i i . . ... . ' 1 n i- l 'i . ii i ' un i ncr- i ii i lie eai n 1 1
strates tiie error in the xelection ot Link mv own n-irtv nmi i. vfipi-nflii.p u . .
. , . , , sinic in) own .ut and eei otiici c;iis ut(.ntl(,n ,,, solu0 o' tR.
inr.oi.Lu ... u.iiL gieui morougn- oue wth a1 tllt.j,. j.latforillS into
fare. Had the management adop- j the V(.tl.x l)f ruill wtilout u.avi:ig
ted the more direct and practicable ! a 8iffi, Kheddinr a tear to save
the revo
lt is no remedy for auv grievance. il,oVe bo,. ,,v,.i,,.,l .,.,;. t i tll( people from whom they receive , and mat ne uin
. . . ' , .. v.. v.. iiiin, : . . , . .. . , . i
" ; ue i.l feudally sen-accused oi i ..
much easier redressed inside the j something which the public ,! way to attempt topn.ve the reverse
i ... i.- i i . . ot what their managers know is
iiul louiiii out. v e nope mis is
not the case in the undent re.h-, lice
!. ,,,. , ... , orable to the camiiaud comma. lit v.
tor we are sure we know nothing! 1 . ,
,i, . ,,, , ii . , ... ' '1 his eaniit can show the veins of
Which WO ' cct i KCl'fi i mum I
' I
The hackmen, therefore, like the
bunco iceiTrs.pl v their arts chiefly
and not only truth, but lav-i on strangers.
Some idea of the popularity of
the free baths of New York, may
a.;d -
Notarv Public.
Attornev at law.
Whito Oiik, ana Gcceiio, K- M..
Post-oftlcc ttililn ss, Socorro, X M.
Real Estate and Wiiini Agent,
White Oaks, - - N. M.
W. 0. M( DON ALL),
rS'olíii'y, I ulIio
While OiiW. .New Meaien.
John Y. Hewitt.
Niw Mkxico.
route from Las Vegas through
the Union, or even stoi
Tl..vl.niT .. i i
v nire uaKs to i-a i aso, me etior- ulion wilcro t s-
mous damages now being suffered i Tv , ,. , .,
... , . . i Disloyalty in a man who could
would have been avoided and the ; v,. , .
, . . , , ; pubhclv exjiress such sentiments ot
outlay for repairs been saved to , i- , , ,
. , , I devotion to the I nion would be an
II1V1.IIIIIK1II.. ILIOI. I III: llilU II .. . 11- .1 I ... .
.,, ' . . lncensistancv, to believe the exis-; int a condition to do fair work for
few villages along the presentí. ,. , , , . . I ,, ,. , ,
T, , i . . ! fence ot winch would reijuire the ! a mill of a verv crude kind, but
iiniLi: neiui.i iieii utiiu ui eu ul il i- ...
causes of this condition more re
mote than the suspension of com
munication with the outer world.
The mo.-t incalculable injury has
been irriieted upon (his camp by
the cranks who have controlled
the machinery erected here. One
t the mills Ikis been finally brought
the confidence of the camp it for-1 0ditor get a land ollice under tl
lit 1-
gion of immense
mineral deposits, and the greatest
very early in the action, and lrmxt MilministrMtb.n.
the feeling of!
iiioul- i.iiii viiW'iniy tii'ool
ed bv it, but instead, the road n .
i i i k.... i .i. ; I" perfect keeping of these
,vi.ie.i na. e uuoi iiiouuL inn. .i ii-- 1 ,
i . i , c : meiiis we mid me suosei ueni ae- "" u.jiu
coal tields. of rich i . 1 . i ,. . ... , .,
t ton of .lolm A. Logan. Karl v m i oís"' i'sr oi u, and ol
i ii:..i- l i.., i1
. i . . '.ii i".' eo ii ii . n ii on. i leiv
uf.-vf.L i.iAii-imr nnrn 'iipiciiú in t I . rt
t ..ti. ru, i .i I after his speech was delivered, he I other two mili were redestined O
territory, lhousiinds upon thou- . . . . 1 . . ' ,. ., , , ' ..
ii, . , .i .. . i. .i
gold hearing rocK, the rare spcci- oc garnered rom me suggestive
mens, and the returns from mill fact that although they were used
inns of ore, to prove beyond any by nearly two millions and a halt
(piestioii to any fair mind that, "we , of persons in 17, this number
have the richest mines in the was increased by a million in Jms.5.
world." 1 Men and women, boys and girls,
- b whom such luxuries are' denied
Wi, are in receipt of x. 1. Vo!.j.u h,,,,,,, Want of proper faciiities
1, of the n.nndt, tiicmi, a new : (.,..lI111K!j iUi inppointed
paper published at Rennett, N-,b., ! hab'tritions which thev occupy, are
andedidd by our old and highly j nil,dlv .oming to appreciate the
esteemed friend, Jl. .M. Worh-y. ! sanitary advantages, as well as the
It is needless to say to those c-1 physical com!.., t'in.p.arted bv fre
ipiainted with the editor thai the qm.nt b..thipK tm.n., ,l0 i')(.att,i
.VcWis Republican in politics, I lmili ;ll,d there is n.rmorc popular
and is supporting limine and Logan, j !nsti,uti()I1 tll0 nu.tl.uHliis thun
. - "- i 1 1 1 iiii iiiit until iiMiou ho t-i't.'
v J " tv. muí u d'Micv .?, i iiv ? i n-
teni is worthy of
in all large ei'.ies.
t XT V
sands of dollars would have been
saved each year in repairs, and
thousands been made by the in
creased local traffic of the road,
and the road would have been
shortened by at least fifty miles in
reaching its objective point.
;"C!:c.-al adoption
Free water and
lil they want oi it. is one of tho
. ... 1 .. : . . . , . i .
weeks I with it has only been partial. The now supporting .1 . II. ( iardner ec , 1 '"' m ms"' a" luu ,H H"
-i,- i . , ,1 i ,i i i si", en u ion t ei ou di d popiiiaiioi i.
We don t. mean 1 hid, lli.il , ' '1
I connected Tu i: Albu.pierijue ..
1 , ... i . i i .11.1 1.. .1 . mi
! hueklc'l on his sword and went ; lauuies ironi me srait. 1 here was
j out to do battle in defence ot the never a possibility that either
I ii ion he so fitly defended in the
halls of Congress. How well and
would Lie of any service, and the
fact was patent from the outset, to
ki h i'.-In Hen. II- Ellis' Hole! liiiikliD.tt
We may reasonably expect a re-j
cúrrente of these wash-outs, with
greater or less destructive results.
('LEMKXTS, i PÍU'h year. And would it not In-
wise policy to even now change
the course of the road so as to
avoid them i Should a road by
.N. M
loyally he stood by his colors d ur-! any one having any real knowledge
ing that destructive war. the conn-j of the business. The erection of
try does not need to be told. Many these " mills," so-called. prevented
a Confederate commander can also! the erection of real mills bv mill
testify as to the ability and un-i men, ami their presence has kept
flinching courage with which he
asserted these sentiments on tho
field of battle, where they finally
i constructed over the route we hac
other and competent men from
coming here with really suitable
machinery. Their presence has
prevailed and were accepted and j given rise to misconceptions in re
proclaimed by a unitud Nation. . gard to the character and quality
With such expression of h.vkltv : '11' "YfS which have done us
i . . i ,
If. is the baptism of cleanliness,
that leadeth to goo.'iliiiess.
Mr. John W. McKay's purchase
of the lines, right- and franchises
i of the liankrrs and Merchants Tel
.(fin consolidarle n with iimso ot the
! Postal Telegraph Company, indi-
I'luirio in hiilrinu. MiHlt'iHllou In Ctini'iri'H
A. Ii. LANK,
riisii;ui ami Surjjfoon,
named it would certainly n..n be- before the opening of hostilities, ! inealculable injury. The ,
come the main and favorite line tl lowed by a military reeorrt so
for traflic and travel. conspicuously to his credit,
- - (íen'l Logan need have no fears as
Tom. Williams came in fromlt,, lhe (.tr(.,.t (f KlK.l, slanderous
AVliil.. OuhH uml V icliuly.
,mii A' rmlHiirr. rniii'liml ColliTliiin.
ff tii I'atronnfrc of ihn Citims oi - , ,j8 ranch in the Capitán mountains
on Thursday evening and reports
everything lovely, but work, he
says, is very hard, yet Tom is not
i afraid of it.
charges against him.
of these abortive mills is a contin
uing injury to the camp every day
they stand here incompetent and
worthless. And in view of the
very able paper has left the party
or ceased to advocate the (-lection
ot Ijlainc wild Logan, but that
Messrs. (lardner A: Co., are now
Piiblishini' it. and we iiuloi. from I
,i . . . i , I egraph Company, and their practi-
1 he patronage it gets and deserves : ' ' 1
I S - '... .. ..I-!,.'.. . -.i.l f.i
that the paper supports the pub
i . .. Cates that, an efiicicnt opposition
In the .lulv ManhttUuu Frank'. 'lils ,K'L" igaiiiz.d, and
, i ' i . , . i, I that it has come to star. lhe
lucent, dr., whoso travf Is in I'ur- . ,.
Imanv experiments m the wav of
mail and Siam .. lake hioi an aulh-1 0ll)(;sitil)11 telegraph lines which
orify on tho subjrei, will have a 1 have been organized and como t
paper on " Whi'to',' 'Elephants,' grief within ten year-, have failc.l
! maintaining that a wkiite (dephtuit 1 '"''''"' tllfv h!l" 11 l""vl.v specula-
'i . tii-.i mf.'.iir V ii.li Iin. ir 1. 1 i ii ii i i ,i
" " ' "'I ""
tors could make an ininiidiato
profit by selling out they have
done so, rcj ardle.-s ol the fact that,
their continuance in business would
7 .
has never heen allowed lo leave
Tin: Ojt!
Hotary Public,
iT" Proef fif L.ibor I'lankn to lir h.'iH
NEW MCXICO, i fr.-t.li TrDiii Hit' nim liini.-. al lUi ella r
j in giving the owner notice to re-
Wr, have received, with the : model the same and adapt them to
compliments of Max Frost, the liv-! the treatment of our abundant ores.
Laws of the Stock (J rowers Asso- or to remove them, and all traces
ciatioii of New Mexico, fm-which ! of them, from the limits i.f the
he will pbt..e accept thank-. j county forthwith.
, ot ,the L'nth savs
" Major Wm. CaflVey. editor and lmVe brought far greater returns in
proprietor of the Lincoln Count v the end. Put Mr. Mae Kay has so
facts the camp would be justified i White Oaks culled upon ; iri al a fortune already, thi.t he is
us this afternoon in compan v w.i h !
1 : I le na-never been a mere gambler
A. I.avouset, same place. ! in tho f..ek market, and it is not.
likely thai he w ill no v care to be
gin a new career when stock-mar-
i. are under oldigation to
voiihy lichgate in ('ongrcs
I 1 1 i , ! 1 1 ib cu ii ii id -.
' 'ki t dice-throwing is becoming di
! graceful and ili ihln-ih, Atoi-i.

VI,..f tlw.,-.-. :.. ...i.:..i i i
i ' I,;, c .., f,.;,ric ;l",,L' " "n conuuns Mr. v aners f ..,
I r..:,... .- i' it I 1 Y I
I liobl that n o-i-(.vfinees fiin be ' i.., : ...o.. . i,. i ,. : t Heir su pport,, to go out c uieir ano aiiows v.iierc lo entorce tlicm
FINITO, Linro'.n Couniy

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