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The Lincoln County leader. [volume] (White Oaks, Lincoln County, N.M.) 1882-189?, July 05, 1884, Image 4

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Lincoln County Leader. L !
Saturday. .lu!v 5, ISS4.
l'rum llic AlliM'jii- ! ii! .1 : i r f iil-
Tbo il;-':i!c!ic t V m WasbinU'li N
11 111 ( A lln.N .Nl'il' K.
I'M. It. HoXXKI., I
m hunim H. Hi'ii'"ii
Satunlur laft and informed us
- I that lie nnd .Ii if. mid Iíock (niui-
it i i i ii . I,..; . . 1 1 . I . I . I. I.ll H . I
I Ulos nal tiug wiroe wens noiwoeti , m-uiiii ion us in: .-am. .. i.-in ,,, , lulI, ,, , f,,,. ,, ,,.,.,, , No uf
s the Tisoii nnd Cnpitnn mountains, of lYiii.Kvlvatiia. lia Wn .;m..M-; fc VIt";.."! imr't- j
... . i i i ... i i r i ...i . ! .1... :. i v n ih'ihihi, i
I.iif k Krnir-tlnirt makm n Mmr,
Hut print'!- Ink i l.lft'-k mill noHfiin.
Will cl a tiuiti piri:ll-ir Itiinf,
Wii put in thin peculiar column.
. t-tr. the l'pjH-r Attics.
I,. 11am: whs in town Wedncdiir
water. 'Die first is twenty -five
feet clec'j', where tliey struck a vein
of water, but not strong enough to
Mexico, moo Wm. (,. Ititeli whose iiVViV.. i"V ,,r .V' iV'jViVi '.' t ti-
term lias exj ired.
Hitch has been in WahiTiyton
J. A. I-aIívl ciimi' tn town Tue
Wiiiitman lias tlie Angora goat;,.
-. - ! with no water vet. These exjieri-
I'm i.i; Tim Siikkhan was in from ,nt.Iltf,, however, demonstrate what
N ogal Monday.
J. T. Sto.m-.mno wa in from the i water can b had nt trilling ex
Ii,.tiit(. Tni".i1:iv i pence on our prairies, and it re-
I ii ii ; wi,iil.i, ii-O'o tint a wilt Im-i I'l'i-n
. - i . . . I i, . , . .i i , i i-til' i, in w li ll i -1 1; ' k , le "til ri'i-'Mnrl . c ii l in
satisfy them, and they propose to; lor the pat month, workinjr hard TI, , .,..., .M Ht , , !,.k n. m. i.r
. . t , . i. . ' I ' I I I .1 'a' . lill llilV . JlHlUIIII'll! V i! ,f 1 l'lllll-l I l Hkfll IllSt
sink it deeper to get the amount! to n-taiti his ho, i upon tint pi.n, p ui Ml,.ln 1IU(1 ,,..,. ,.,., ni 1 mimy Hi- H.-i.t.
..i . ' i .i . . . i i , ilm. I.. 1 i imi k. Sin eln' Oflic'T.
of water desired. 1 lie second is and the ring nt Nmtarehavo l"n . ..
less than twentv feet deep and the! baokinir him with all the power ! A FT M "T"Q u'v.'s'nf f!i 'Z
i water comes in so fast that it can- thev eonld e. nitro!, but the l.rize rA w. I I l I J Xr'i
i '
i nut be lowered without the use of, has slipped IVoin the "o!d ma
j a pump, and the boys are happy, hand and he must retire rom the ! tZ?Xr'
The third well is now thirty feet position he has so inglorioU'dy "r'ii "ZXiu Hu'
r. s. tik imif
I t-f,1t ever for li4tt
j thfin t '.v cr ii i i ico. '1 lie f.t-Mosi .i-ilinir I'ook
Siiniiicl A. I.o.-ch, tin' new ap
Mn. ('. Si.iiaeff.i: ciinic in fioni
lJed ( 'loud Tuesday.
Jlpük Tommnsox paid White
( )iks a visit Sunday.
A. V. L.ci:v returned lrnn lis
fgas "Wednesday, with freiyht.
the Li:adi-;u has Kiid, that stock i pomtee, is t rom 'ottville. Sehuyl-' i,(.m.,.n ih.- uiolcrii;tid. ..ii!r 1mihic
kill countv. I Vnn., where he is hi-! 'V 11 --'i .;. --.iv-
' 1( I'll ll V 111 M I lllll (?)-- 1 1 Í . . II. V Cl-ll Is
miliarlv known as "Sam" I.oseh. ! hIhik- niuiiiii-i.i d tn relied nil hills ilnc
Ihi- I .-1 1 - .'inn. Mini will iuv i.ll tin- inih hi
then el. ', . II. i-iil will con
(juires only a little pluck and work 1 He has in the last ten yearn risen ,.:
to convert them into valuable ins- to be a power m that lo!iVtlni , mai.- ih. imsnic- a tin-oh! taml.
; 1 , ii-iii i . U . 1!. a ij.ii.
tures. I county, ana while he lias accepted A. Haviu-ikt.
. I .. .chli.iw I mm l,w ,.vt,-lw. 1,,, ! While aks-. Mn.v.'í. 32 I 4
Down in this country when one; always been its most active worker.
man bets with another on the hap
pening of a certain event, he is
called a gambler. In the Eat lie allowed to go to a stale or national
He is a man with a mind of hisi
own, and no deletrale has ever been j
Da. Zimmi:i;man and Ilarrv Raw- would be rated as a high-toned ' convention from that county unless'
lorse as near perfection.
litis h it for the .1 carillas Moiidav. business man. Members of Stock,
Produce and other Exchanges are
Oi k collections on the 1st con
sisted mostly in bills of our creditors.
the jmr e.ert Hence of the business
'ni: a i.i. iTi;rosi.'.
1 1
w nun
- -
The services of the saddle and
"Sam" I.och said he was all right.
While I.oseh has never attempted
to be a dictator or "boss," he has
community. Their sensibilities always been consulted as the lead-
would be terribly shocked if the ; na; spirit of the republican narlv ! i, r sTU Mnv twiv í-m?
Ai.M'isi even body was ,;outM i term gambler ;vereapilied tothem. ' in the Mollie Maipiire end of! L( ).S are offered to a limited n in-
last Tuesday. It was the first of b'.it in the West we never call Schuylkill county, lie will make j ber of m.w.t.s this season at my
the month. thorn anything else. It is frange ! an excellent secretary, andean be K?'KWA,J'.. ,,.VNf"- ,,u,u'l
, . . i, i , , . . . , . south-west ot White i.aks, and i
whatadiflerence there is m the t depended ii.on as being his own- , , , c ,, ,
dialect of the people of the same I master. The writer knov,-' where-j Do.N t'AKI.OS is hands high
Chaki.ky HrKoRp and Mr. C'ritch
tiehl are in town from beyond the
Mai Pais no water yet.
Is;. Dejmivsiiirk arrived from
Indiana Monday. He will work
the Baby Mine on the Honito.
Tin-: ltockford mine in Xogal was
sold last Saturday at Sheriff's sale
for 4, (00; The Clipper for $00.
Plans are already submitted to
nationality only a few miles apart.
Major CaflYcy, editor of the
of he .speaks.
land weighs 1 ,000 pounds, lie isa
I blood bav, black heavy mane and
Pat. F. (ianvlt of this county is i tail. Seven years old. Compactly
Lkadkk at White Oaks, called at ! eajifaín of the state rangers, accom- built. Very kind and gentle, yet
our ollice on Tuesday-, (24th ult.)
and spent a few days in visiting
friends in Wyandotte and Karsas
City. It New Mexico has the same
effect upon all who go there, a
large population should emigrate
V. S. I, and Office, I.
I.HH Ci'iiee?, N . M., ,1 une :íi:t!i, IS.-íl. i
Notice in hereby L-iven t!i:il I ho fulhminir
niuiH-il n-ttler linve lileil iiotu-i 'nl Iheir iMIen
. , , . tlUII i J Ililllil llll.ll jll,J,,l ill J',,: I iii-i,
our builders for several line resi-1 1 that country of grand mountains , r.-peeovt iiumuí i,i iia-o on- i-i riei-ic oi
I . .. " . . l,lneilll eninity. N. .M., ill Hit tievil efl.ine.iiii.
de'ice ami busines hcuises m this1'1'1'! great distances. WymiHvttc iiisiniHiiiiiiiyiuiJii.'i-ruory.imtiieiiiuiiayiif
.iiiiiui i.j,., i. ,
(r(tZelt 1'atukk 11 . IIiiiink, mi pre -"inpi m ilel ir-
utiirv siiiii.-iner.t un. 7T".. for the : m tv l-l.
- I k w f - s c 1-1 w. i. ii v,- 1-4 ii e i S.ii). M. T i l
The following act whs passed bv ! wio.s : ,i. ii. sti,. . i. m :m,u.t.
"1 " l . . M. M or anil jllein c iueoil. ull ol Uoswi il.
pauving the round-up parlies on ! ' ' , ' i n
' ,, " .. . , i i in; gaits under the saddle, inov-
the ( anadian, m lexas. ing verv gracefullv and easy. In
harness he works single or double,
pulling like an ox, when necessary,
or trotting to a buggy, a mile in
f.-.ur minutes when required.
nr. is a I KK! i t t House !
Terms:- $10 for tho season, cash
in advance. Apply to
.1. E. Si.nm. White Oaks. P. O.
tSien ssi I!S TO ZiMMI.RMAN A' l'o.M.
.jJ í'Oí'orN'ít iiikI 1 ro iln.-.
- -
White Oaks Avenue, opposite Post Office. White Oaks. N. M.
Laa Tienda Popular.
Efectos JTuevos.
Sm:i;ii i- Pol-: appointed two new
i entities here on Monday l liarles u;,,ii,.n. Am- u,,ir,ii l-,,i. l.inwiiu cuimiiv n. m.
I I .- .11 iiiiiiuiui iHiir-mwiiiki'; f, ,,,,,, h i, ,,l i,,t il,
Bull and (ico. L. Ulrick. Jetf will i .... iw.rinittinir ii minor to nliiv liil- i c-liu-iitm-y ntutVininl N'o.'l Vúl. inr t In- w n f.
. 11 P-' milling, a iiuiioi to i mu l.)illwH h, nr 1-1 n-w 1-4 S,r.ll, T. H ?..
be assistant. liards, dice or other games "pon H- JS-r.i': .hiif"!?!:
SnvMivr doux. W. Pok came in I lils Fes. is liable to a fine ot j Lincr.h,.,;Ua,y. s. m. )
from Xogal Saturday night, after to mK
the large mining said made by him
on that day.
Qi'itk a large party of Indies and
gentlemen assembled at the burn
ing brick kiln, south of town, on
Monday evening.
Tim: Hannibal is showing a large
body of free gold ore, and growing
better every day that work pro-
gresses and depth is gained.
Tin: scream ot the O real Amer
an Eagle can be heard on our
streets at all hours of the day
Mr. Levin Stei
of that species.
En. Com REV
kins li'-ivo caught on in the .licari
.Vi'TI' T ok ; I!I1 Ml l lo.N IT.0"F.
t . S. I.A.-.i) I1; i I, 1' i
can Eagle can be heard on ouri u,.LTi 'a iVr.tfS,,,
ninneil si-It li-i- lui.i lllnl iiiiW- ni hiIimiii-üi
i o inakp tl ii ii I iirtKif mi ihclr p siu-.-l !v:' i-Ihí'.i"
Mr. Levin Stewart has a pet bird J,", r!;;:"",: Z. k'.'-w Z-llJ
t tu1 J nil imy or .iiiiusi , ,. n .i i" "
j Lkami:h T.wi.ou. on pvp í'WtPn (ívchr:t-
l tory fttnit-mntit no. l-ii., ir lüe 11 'i v.
En. Com rev and Tommy IIaw- ''í IV.K lu.l-
I lirnvi' 1.ÍS l-,tiitimiitll.- rt-: 1 : -1 : - - - llli.iil, llll'l
riillivntioii of, mmiI himl, vl.: . . Il- li..l.
, i, i l,,,,., W. TurniT. T. halm, v; una J . 11. Iiui-.s, nil
lias. Last weeks work demon- oT S(.VI, 1ivi.rs M. !
Jons h. Mi l ii:, ui'iri-ior.
I. ! i-Ii-it. o. nt F.üi. ( i-m -.-.
G. D. 8: H. D. BOWMAN,
Land and Oenenl AciiiS.
l'rn:i.it i'"' ntli.n to l.t -ii-.i l-cfi-i-o Un- T'.
S. I.liml Oil!, !-. rvrslHill'irnri'M.hril, ll. Of
lil i-. Mm'.!' :'.l'l:li. II, ti l l'liil,li'4', I. as ( 'i ili i-ri,
.N . M . ,,1 1
" nogal stoee.
This House has been rehired and refurnwhed in com
fortable style.
Tiss siisi will tie tat tie market alit-
West end of While Oaks Avenue,
,1. 1. WAVNK.
Ktrated the fact that they have h! . J',,u
good property. NOTICE Foli I'l' PLICATION, j
I lmiit OflifC nt Llf I llK-cs, X M .. .lulu: Hi ll.
. RI.AI'K.
V WW. A' 41 1. U Lr
ÚÁ l if EJ il i
Cm.. .Ikwf.tt resided at the or- Wk learned from Sheriff Poe j J;N?;,ti,.,. ,h .,r,.i,v plv,-n t
lili- full-,
muiicl scttli-f ui'o ill-'' "'-.o .'' ' n: - iui; i.io.i:
ease ot irustees ot hue Uakss vs. ,i... .;i.t ri, rk .,! i iupi 'ii .-iin.i. m tin-
Tonilinson tt. ah, in favor of Uicm c,;;Vrm
. 1 . ,.(V, I "ItllrllH'llt no. liU, In i-1 lit' s 1-1. o . '. "'i'
I Mill 1 1 Uil.?.
fin nt the Livingstone Street ( un-1 that J uuire Jjristol liau ileeitleil tlie ,,. ,.,.... i,. i in .-tiiifu-t of '
. : i 'i ...... 1. 1..... w- 1 1 .........i T.....t... ,.t Vl.;o.. (Vil-i, U'lui..,. uikI tlnii su. 1, ,r,.- -.MIL-. ';' -''-
j;i eyjii loiiiii v iiui iju Kim ouiiuaj ano
evening. This is now one of the
nmst popular churches in town.
Tin; boys al work on the Hita
shaft have reached solid formation
and iirv taking out very rich ore, j
showing free visible gold. All we.
iwii.il !j iliivi'lfmiiw.nt iitiil mills, tn :
i ' i x i ii- i., i l,,: ...
send out bullion in large quantities. " "" u" ,l. '"' plenty ol good water and tinker;
'family n'o the ( lark building, ; 4 potatoes: f, acres ineorn;
"''roiAX came in on tnoi W,ere tlicv will resine until j ; ,M,,i houses; 7 hoirs; a few ehiek
-Okangks Ici: ---Lkmoxs
10 Itis Ice for '.) cts.
ilii.-s. in linn.- In. i-o.n in iM.i - n -l.linoc , .-.fy ;?4 f lhU& SS
upon. ,1 tM,...i i.r. .......l. Iiin.l. v i.: : - ( 5 & fcp
Kiiiio Sillnjr. l'iilriiin-ii.. r-. - i i ; I . - .1..-,.. ft
- i ' r
Oon:r mid Miiriitim luí Ti'r. .ill ( I l.im .il'i ( n. , !
I t S .InliV ft . lit I'll . l!,-ul! tfi-. I
1(10 acres I o acres in cultivation. '
White Oaks. New Mexieo.
14 Volumes for OS.TS.
In one quarto vol., cloth. Eaohwork
(1.) MacnuUy'ii Eiy. (8) (S ) Curlylo'i
Ur.Br.jiB. Oi ii.) Charlt-sworth'B Lifn of How 5
iKUci Hill. (I. C hni-l-.s Mu Kftlcy'R Vuwn .
GooIoby- () Tbomu liugiiea' Alinda the ft
ttr. nt. (i.) Ouraoirs Cal.-ia.ai,n 1 Mini. r
(7.) Kuskin fcthiosof tlie Dual. .) Dc iaui-.
theues' Untion. (2 volnniit.) ('.' ) Hu.i.ui'b
i-ronde Agrestes, or HeiclmKB in " Modern
l'ainters." (in.) Kmneror Mm nils Aiii-uliim'
'I hoiiKhm. (11.) Cliarlon Kinysley ' licrniitB. I
(IJ.) Tonujon'BlclylHOf lUci Jviiigu. (13. Lu- '
maninb i joun oí ato
In 11, 14 Tultinieu. bound in ouc lari;i.- quarto of
070 bailiff OQUivnleBtto 3iiD0ortlurT paiofl.
I'lticii, - a-.t.-ir,.
Hoyt-Ward Cyclopedia of
ii mr o"'- ijrrni' i wbirwat'iitt ofi'ie -.tn'ary." i 20,000 Quotations, Prose and Poetiy;
Ju'iti h'tiiiiji iAvt, Pii'i'tti' pii'i. I 50.000 Lines of Concordance.
d'. 'i ... """""""t "" un'icr: '-'-"V- JMn Tho only Cyclopedia of Quotations in
1110 xinguaii üiinguao
,'j Dm- StamUrd I.lljrnry limit for 13 lent
n .111. 1 ,-i-nti urn al..iit tho Mi nf this ntire
(j atlvei'tineinont. Thü typo in
j nearly all tlio books aro Small
J l'ica, the si.ie used in tins sen-
i . fence. J-'ch hook is printed
( j on Alii' lniil iap"r, ami in lintuul in a ilurall.
li.iii'lrt.ini.i i.aiíTC .verlMl!a ta--' name iirintud
() on tlie ba-'k aiidiililo.
ii íli-riiwnyí of lilioratnre, y J'uvuk.
(j Auiri'tcuii IJatiittrlHtM, By JIawkh.
-j jUiiittM, unl liry of it- Miipc ltinu
l .'Ian, Uy the irunt Eubauu uuvulUt Xa
ÍS tnsuvv.
lni lottr limn p. I'y I. l. ílíwat
J'iic fcl uvrj arc r umu hí nu- f cent buuka .
H '.Vlili tho Piii'M. OvCa.iih KAimm.
Ktinre Siimliiv inornnw. with Mrs. iw.. l.nil.liniT w i'iiinil,i-il i . 1 11 1 1 ii f; Fi A í "i. 1.- ti .1
: ' ' I IIkk.a,. lhNKy Ci.av lIAI!1!,-nV.llsell torr-VleasnonncatHe. w uwa-j .' Ü
ter resiiL- in lute Oaks. Alter , i i 1 .,,,,.!, I t,. 1 k it), i; ,,L ,,r 1 jase v, i.l i.;, i:ac:.. i... . - , a n
fmryears of pmlitaWc business 1 S' V r'nl T i n V I i r HI oi C CoV-'. 0
l, Mr. W.ilteinan lias deter- uld er wdl speml L nee 1 .u . lu u -ll r.pts directly pon the lf ; c,:::,5 1 1
. ,. , . tic Fourth o.i the r.ointi). Stewart iV Smtheiland. I .a ,.ti(e, t-.cii:r.yuscac!,ÍT'deO'oLtiri. (
- - I i' ; ; Uii, A. iM., Of till Hit I
J, J-su'f viii'a Hilt ( ''ininWrt'.
U '1 I: PAerv í i'iL i.f iriv. l), iiy Iswa
ToM ( 'ol'I.I.AN Ii
T,,t i,..,.. l.iln wlrH.'ii ! kl 1 . i vi-1 1 1 ii
Another orwot
1 m a -r--n ttta t-i ,T
j that we have the richest mines in ; J AJt L VV Uli lVi.
n Kniinriil !
wants to tie to.
v... ', , r1"!1 l'lendidly
1 1 . 1 1 1 1
L'ooi uncu t here will be no excuse . , , .
h . . the world,
for so liianv stove upes jn'otruuiiiff j
throujili roofs. Messis. Littell, F. O. Ei.ood and .1. E. Culver
llanninii & Lane have produced aj are rusticating on their ranch dur-
kiln, as a trial, and find that lirst I ing this week's vacation of sel 1.
c lass brick can be made here, and ,a Au.VN,
they propose to continue their , ( Alljl,juei.4U(i wtTe eam.
inaninaciui e so ioiij; us me ui ni:ni Tuesday f
(leiuaiiu is niü.iiiaiueu.
cxunnning our luiiiet-.
Ai, O.ANNr. is the artist who has
beautified the front of Mr. White
man's new store building.
(inv. Shki.K'i.n has appointed,
under the law of the hint Legisla
ture, the following Superintendents
of School.-.: Martin Lolmian for Do- Cm.a.miiy Jim caught ft pair of
na Ana County; O. S. u;ren, young wolves on ednesUay, they
Orant; Joseph Qinlan, Mora; (ieo.
l''0rt:tnt ornn, and pmr.yiit.ng tlu
( ricrous ailtnaats iKiy arise from ita
"cruncd or Pir; ?--cticTi, tuch
Dyrpepsi (fJioice, L'ilioHsricr
mail s.,.tisi m m i CoiVeiiP;5lfilaria. SicL-lic-acladic,
lüvlaoritrs the I.Ivit, liif !.!.! I'.ip 15
cciitly ili.-ivivrri j fiotu n rout t xtrai t, si n
,t)-iiluti. -pc i:ifii. lor Tupi 'oi in.
11 is pit noiuit lo l.iki: nnd is not ilisiip-s-in
lo Hi'- pnlii'iit, luu is pi culiiirly sii k
rnini; mul is 1 1 1 j f in to llie Tupo Worm,
wliirli loosoiis ils' liolil of ils vii'lini mill
pnsM's uwav in ii imturiil nuil easy iniiii -i fcinf'ii:.'i!iei the vsiftn. i'urit'.m l!
é.. i :.. v ii - -
IIIlAUVMni ill W l fill H"-v I. !
Fancy Work, ami i vcry branch ! j
amateur Arl I;luti;u!l j
Coukerv ov Miihic hliouM onl 15
'ilio funve uro o:f ot our 21 o ut books.
Send lot i-criptivo Circular.
r.v joaopin MnxKK.
v5 coiitH f -r thi bo'kMa Bjraplii ot
tli í'-io ii.i.i- hv thttw-.iit c A ai unc a n
N. Y Herald i "Uyltintf na iuo hat book
of quotatinnfi in oxistisuc.'
Wend oil Phillips a Uin alnn to tha
OUvr Wendoll HoIiiidiii "It lioinearmjr
oprn Hctiouarif s. It is it niuftsivu ai:.l ti-miuif
HuHton Pn&tt " I::(Hiqiit5aMn sm 'V(irrrntvr fr
W'vbHLor. itiáthoonlyetuii.ur'ibuokoftiu tticn. '
tondon K turuajr Um1wi "A thirfjuLUlv
good piece of work."
V. M. Senator F.ilmnnli i " H I tliA hci
xrork of tbo kiud with which J ftai ocqiu iiiuhI."
Ki-Snenkor Kandulli "I c nnidtr it thn
best bouk uf quoluitonn 1 Uavo bccu."
Hoyul ttvo, over Ouupag ;a. i'ricv. cloth, $5; nbcop,
A New Work of litat Importance,
Schaff-Herzcg Encyclopedia
of Religious Knowledge.
By Phiiip Schaff, D.D., LI-.D.,
Aiaisted by 438 ct tho Ablest fccho.ait ta
ih Wond.
Complete in S snpi-rroyid 8vo vo'.n., dnttblo aolumn.
Morcan Oix, 3.T.D, Trinity riuirch, N. V.:
" UuBiirpasAed by nnytbin pulul)nbtd.'
K. S.Storri. 1.1: A wiirkofiuiu.c::e value."
Ileiirjr Ward Uueolien luvaltmblo for
pcope of uhjn,-tH, for rJf'hnem of knuwlvclUt and
forííonoral reliability nfjii'ljrnimit."
CUhop Nimpnoiii ' it in l vt vnlublnork.
Kvory subject that ioIuth to r liricn. thnolngy,
Hi LiblH, íh trcat4 io this v i by n ttru i;nutd
whUr. It 1 m complete library on tbi fut.Jfc ,
trou''!it rlowu to Itioi. Sij uthircvolouiidift'f Aii Lku
! A rlace."
vnce, per sel. cloth, f ,H w; nhep, 12.v
Knight's History of England.
Tliifl prrat work.rloth. for $3.7.1 until rorotly
fobl lor Coiiipluti), with all iuux.':a. In two
it Tolfl.
iVoah Portttr, Pr'. nf Viln rrtlle?e, nar:
' Knij-ht'sw tliH biidt butory oi j.iiglaul tor tiia
íkhiiiiii oiniiiiitrii i i ji iin in (tin (T
Kpurcon'a Lifa Work.'
Tne Treasury of David.
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FUNIC & VAONALLS, Publishers, 10 and 12 Dry St.. New York.
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Stock & Agricultura! Journal
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Las Mejores Marcas de
Tenemos v orgullo de ofrecer a nuestros marchantes, quo on
nuestro Comercio encontrarán
Mejores Efectos y linen Tratamiento
Se les Invita a Examinar Nuestro Surtido
Wm. U. C'.ii i,in;i;s. MAiivi-.v It. I-'kikichson
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void worm rutin'. Snin-s urantiv.l ! "L g T"'
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