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Dovotod to tho Boat Interests of Lincoln County and the Development of Its Resources.
i Ol'k SS I OA A I t 'A n I)S.
this parpa vr'ii'rrJZTX
vrnl.init Hurruii i in .'
a n wcnTi c CD " oM,,',.,"h9 wl,h 10 mn
fill I til I IcLnO hi. pjpr.Of obtain Mlimttot
on .drtiMng ip.c. when In Cnicio, will Imd it on til M
4SiL0RD &TF3íIJlS.
J Olí y .. COCKRLLL,
AriHisxKY at Law,
Lincoln X.
Practices! 1n:fir! nil Cou rtsyif ihr Ter
ritory, muí U. 6. Kitui! (MUi tn.
Coi .n8ki.ok at Law.
Lincoln Kew Mexico
Wm. ii.
ClliltllTS, it .K'hNOll,
Alhicjurque and ; Socorro. N. 3Í.
I5" Will urnrtlce in Lincoln Omnlv.
C II I I.IIKHH A llllllUIM'flll'.
J. 1.. .Iai'KSiin, Sncnrm
Notar v Puolic.
lincolii County Leader.
Saturday, Angusl 13. 1SS7.
Knfpnil nt. the Post Oflirc at Whit
Oaks. N M.. UHM'cnnd chiHHnmtUT.
Tin: Cuioaoo "Wkiki.y NKws.and
Lincoln Uo. Lkaiilj:, 1 year $2. 75.
John Y.SHéwitt.
A '!"!' ) 1 í N KY-AT-?. A W
. . . LINO
iUiiP Contractor.
norato in Lincoln
iin'. wro ( 'onntii's.
: ii'ir- In- lfi'l :it tl.li ,fnic.
. , 1-1: . It AN ! I.l.i: .'..'( I IT A II I 'SI IN
i c UICHaudson,
jit.r.evs nt Law,
" : pm. !!! in II th" courts or' tho Terrlior
;,r;'! e Brothers' Hotel.
All work guaranteed charges
Ileal Estate and Mining Agent,
Whitk Oaks,
X. M.
Cluirltyln lustres. MuihTiK. jon In Cluiriíi-s
Physician and Surgeon,
Of the l'iit roñare of the CiiizcriH of
Wlliti' OillilS illlrt "''ill il V.
I'r'iiniit A" . n.liiiicM'. l'nnctiial Collwtion
A V 1
TVolnry I'iiIm
Whit. OitltH, N'v Mi-iii'i)
JElcl. It. Uoniicll.
dill SUpply tit
ü uiiúiug-mat r i ml
Ai.vav mi hand. Call ai -
1 iii'j'it.I
a visit to the sunruns.
Last Sabbath morning, in com
pany with II. C. Ilcrrtnirtoi) and
wife wi! rolled out ft Wliito Oaks,
and in tft'w hours and a halt' were
in Nogal, one of the surhurban
villas of the commercial mart.
White Oaks. As soon as we ar
rived, the hospitalities of Nat.
Moore and wite were offered us
and as cordially accepted as prof
it red us.
It is only a little over two
months since our last visit to Nv
gal, and the evidence ot improve
ment asserted itself on every band,
as the following partial list of new
buildings ,ill evidence :
First, we will tonne the Nogal
. ..... . .., i
.Mlirii-ft OTIICI.-, I ' 11 ! 1 1 I1V.J. i. M11I1I
'i-r i printing oiiice utid resideiKH..
i. is ot ailoiie, ii.u(, aUioiiuníí
which is another adobe, 1x5(, de
signed for an assay otiiee. The
Nugget otlice is large, and well
tilled with newspaper and jobbing
material, and In it's center looms
tip a J'routy power press, which
would Indicate that the proprietor
really doi-s expect nuggets to ily
from Dry (iiilcn and tributary min
ing points to compensate for Ids
outlay. Migh is a rustler, one who
will be sio'c to either make a spoon
or spoil a horn.
Nogal is an embryo city. Á
boom lias struck it, but whetbe
or not it will abide is a question
Wo can readily see upon what the
people build their houses, but
the foundation upon which they
base their "great expectations,'
we cannot, tor the life of us, seo
ulule waiting, tlie citizens will
have ample time and opportunity
to study Nature, as the grass and
the cactus grows. Of course it is
it's growth, White Oaks would
feel an impetus from drafts made
upon it as the commercial ctr.pori
urn ot the county.
J)liY (il l.CH.
Jlere s where our trouble com
menced, as the. sequel will show.
About, 8 o'clock Monday morning
we took (dianks horses ami pointed
toward Dry Gulch. The first
thing attracting our attention
wan the barbarous wire enclos
ing what was heretofore known
as Cliaso i Jlockraiile s 1'la-
Nezt we note a large adobe
store, built by Messrs. Moore,
Roberts Sl Co. It is .ü4xí)5, with
an S foot cellar full length of the
store. It will be completed and
occupied tiiis week, idled with a
mammoth stock ot groceries.
An adobe residence and board
ing house, buill by W. A. Church,
lie also has nearly completed a
line adobe livery stable.
Mr. Nat. Mowre has a frame res
idence on the north end ot town.
Mr. Gallatin, Mr. Koberts, a broth
it of Capt. D. W. Huberts, Mr.
Walker, Jesus Sandoval, Mr. Leo
nard, L. I). Pickett, two residen
ces whose owner's names we did
not learn, and probably others,
Mr. II. C. TUon has in course of
erection a blacksmhiih and wagon
shop, U2. LI, of adobe.
The linest I'utilie School build-
cers. !A small force of men
ire engaged in washing gold taken
therefrom, but we did not learn
how profitable the yield is.
Our objective point now was the
Helen line works. To reach it
we had to ascend a mountain which
scorned to us higher than that
upon which Satan took Christ to
make a real estate dicker. From
the base to apex, it was a hard
road to travel. Every step we
took, caused apprehensions lest
our knee would knock out teeth,
and reaching our goal, we ferret
ed that a hoist was not provided
for anything but pay dirt. Finally
we got there, but didn't feel a bit
like Eli. Here we were welcomed
by A. N. Anderson, (Charley I
and Mr. Caruthers, the foreman,
the latter of whom yielded jileas
antly to our pumping process.
Where they (and we) were, was a
!ukor hoLt, put in placo to con
vey from the depths ot tho tunnel,
ore destined to wear eagles and
contribute to the wealth of pro
ducers and purchasers. The tun
nel is to bo 750 ieet from it's
mouth to intersection with the
shaft, ot which distance, about
170 feet are penetrated. The shaft
is situate 257 feet from the bottom
of the tunnel. The mouth f the
tuniu l is four feet wide, and runs
clear through on the line of the
ore carrying vein, hence all the
ore extracted is of good paying
character, and the vein widens as
the distance towards the shaft in
criases. Trails were being laid
in the tunnel, which, when com
inexhaustible. Contiguous mines
also promised as rich yields as
Parsons'. We met. Messrs. Hay
oillugb.es, Colorado minvrs ami
mill men, who wero receiving their
machinery for the establishing of
a mill in that section. It is under
stood that Mr. Parsons ami his
Huntington mill will arrive next
Tuesday's stage brought us home,
tired, but well pleased with our
trip. The good people of Nogal
treated us sumptuously, especially,
Nat Mi.ore and Capt. I). W. 1 1 b-
orts and their families. If the
success they meet with could till
the measure of their deserts and
our wishes, they would soon revel
in wealth, as they now do in the
esteem and confidence of those
who know them best.
Ot all the wars which have ever
deluged the world with blood, re
ligious wars havo been the most
sanguinary, the most unrelenting.
In the name of God, His creatures
i i ... i . i - i-i i
nave oeen snoi tiown HK'.i unir
ded countries that might come un
der ttieir power. Such a number
ot wilil fanatics aswe have referred
to could swarm all over Europe in
a guerilla kind fof way ; no naval
force could interfere with them to
I any great extent, and thev could
For seyeral years, Capt. Jack
Crawford has been holding valu
able mining claims in tho San An
dreas and Oscura ranges of moun
tains in New Mexico, and has ex-
lenocd a largo sum ot money in
keeping up the assessment work on
the two groups ot mines, over 40
in number. Tho frequent raids
of the murderous Apache Indians
have so deterred capitalists from
making investments in that region
that many very valuable claims
have lain idle for lack of devclope-
ment capital, but the elective war-
ire waged against the hostile
nordes by General Miles, have ren
dered the country entirely sate,
and minimr interests will receive
healthful impetus in a short time.
-'aptuin Jack has succeeded in in
teresting Kansas City capital in
lis properties, and after the organ
ization tit a staunch company,
work will be pushed on the vari
ous leads.
oleied. will cioim t vtvi ln;l-li!Oi
mi; in the county is under contract, I , . , , ' .
. ' C., Liml t.. Iw. .. ...... .1 ..1 ,.-..!.-
. "Mil "I 11 IW IMdVlll 111. I I l .
I 'evclopement has proved bc)ond
iiihI m ctMNM' ni erection, it w ii
be -4x7n in the clear, font walls
of adobe, and linished inside with
v.nicatro ceiiniL' , par'!.' p in i
I be eeii'er will he of iohling door.-,
'1 ho School Poard have tilli U a
block, ;:ii i wo
,...!. , ,1. I ,
J. T. REID & Co
I'hi'c Jh'Htj, Mcdii't'tn .v, ('In u
cult. ' rfmitt 'V. Simii, '!''( t
Patent .1.',
i ('., iff.
Accurately compounded at 11
K i
i ncln-e it, j
' lug trees, thus i
' : 'di e. This '
-e i 'insiveiy
ki,.. x ;;;i!i er
I'. c ni.i'o
ii;:'ri ol sl.aiue
a pi Tadvcnluru that "there's mil
lions in p," and the purpose is to
phi e a mil' mi the works in the
near future
ilia' Noga! is a rich mining cen
ter, admits of no tlonbt. Of
course, more de vclopcincnt work
out: on the Helen line
ha- i.
' i "ii taken troiii
,'ioii-. II it.
ov. lied ii
bly, the Philadelphia,"
C. Ii. Sigel, ttho has
, ..... i . I. . 1 I' 1 :
and rt-ietthat White Oaks should I .-e, ... me ueMveais oi nis
iag so far in the rear ol Nogal in
this important particular.
The M. E. Church, South, have
under contract, a house of wor
ship. The money is all pledged,
and they expect to occupy it by
the 1st of Hoc.
Two butcher shops one by Mr.
Porter, near the Post olttee, the
other by Leonard S Turpin, near
Moore. Pobcrts it Co's store. A
hotel by 1!. F. Prown, is going up
jut in froi.t of M., II cV Co.'s.
life in N .igal. lost an eye there in
t ie pio-ecutioii tit honest labor.and
we hope to hear of his pocketing
a flatlenng royalty as the product
ot his faitidul, pcr.se.vt ring work.
On leaving tor our trip, it was
our aim and design to visit the
Parson mine, but the privilege was
dt ned us. Transportation was
impossiolo to secure. Wo luarned,
however, that the ore being taken
out still proved rich, and stcnitd
El Paso, Aug. lb Last Wed
nesday tho body of a white man in
the old dry river bed at San Eliza
rio. twenty inilei below El Pasi I
It turned out to bo tho body of a
man who called himself A. T.
Loomis, and who had been stop
ping with an American family at
San Elizario. lie was sick and
feeble, and it is supposed that he
Was oveicome by the heat while
out. walking Monday and Tuesday,
and tlied from the elfects of it.
He had stated that ho was a mem
ber oí the Pennsylvania legislature
about lStlO, and claimed that he
had wealthy relatives in that State.
Ho said he had been sent out here
by a Philadelphia mining com
pany. It has been suggested that the
man above alluded to, was A. H.
Loomis, late of Peñasco, who left
there for Mexico recently. Jle
was a member of the Pennsylva
nia legislature in 1 :stt 1 .
and parched soil made moist in
receiving blood of men and women
who never harmed their fallows -men
and women who came into
the world without the asking, and
wero sent out without volition on
their part.
Centurios agone, the Roman
i -atiioiie onurcii made it s .eat in
liome, and tho Popo assumed not
only spiritual but temporal power.
Finally, as intelligence gained in
power, the Pope was riven to un
derstand that while his authority
should be respected as the head of
the Church, ho was but as other
men when he stepped beyond the
palo. The Pope gritted his teeth,
but was powerless to enforce his
plans. Of late, he has shown
that in the long inter. m, he has
not been napping, but. in one ot his
late bulls, exhibits stubborness if
not tren 5th in his boms, averr
ing, as he does, that temporal as
well as spiritual power is a bou
to be accorded him, not only in
Italy, but the world.
Intelligent readers ot foreign
news must have been impressed
with the fact that poor little Turkey
looms up as an important factor in
a prospective war. For years, the
Sultan has been called the " Sick
Man," as though he were helpless,
and in a war ot Nations, would
not only be driven to the wall, but
ground to powder with but little
Maxwell, the St. Louis murder
er, has been reading "Allan (uar
termain" in jail and had about
made u; his mind to die, when a
reprieve was granted to enable the
United States Supreme Court to
pass on his ease. As gravo con
stitutional questions are said to be
involved, the dapper little chloro
former will doubtless have timo to
read all of Mr. Haggard's and sev
eral of Mr. Howell's, in tho bar
gain, before he is finally suspended.
When AlcGarrigle landed in
Canaila ho said he was a poor man,
and would havo to go to work to
make a living. Put that was be
foro his trunk containing his boo
dle híd arr ved.
Gkn. Donii'IIan, during the war
a leading rebel, and before and
since tho war, a leading lawyer in
tho Puke State, died the other
Subscribe for tho Li.api.i;.
generally keep out oN the 'way of
large and well appointed armies.
The whole civilized world may.
well stand aghast at the contem
plation ot such a condition as w
have ketched. It is no idle dream :
the tactorsraro nil j in, existence to
day for bringing intry the great
field of human affairs just such a
Irania as we have here hinted at.
The Turks w ill die game, when
die they must ; they will invoko
the help'of every fpowcr at their
command.to hel.them in their fi
nal struggle. Put they wili bo
beaten and driven across tho Pos
phorus into Armenia They may
make Erzroum their capital tor "a
time, but they are likely to dwin
dle, somewhat, as our American
Indians have dwindled, for tho
reason that they have a good d0ill
more barbarism than civilization
in their .general character. En
gland has heretofore sternly mid
firmly antagonized tho old tradi
tional policy of Pussia with regard
i to mo tuvision of tho Sick Man's
I estate. Austria is on tho u)n
and watching with an eagle eye,'
every move that Ifniutn i.
""" nuil' II1UKO
in tho way of carrying ont her
long cherished policy with regard
to tho final disposition of tho sev
eral parts of tho Turkish empiro
when the time of it's collapse shall
come. Germany and Franco are
bonked for 11 terrific contest, which
it is commonly believed cannot bo
long delayed; tho relations ot
these two powers aro reported to
be badly strained at the present
tune. Hoth nations are well pre-P.i'-fd
for the fray, tiiougl, it
given out that Franco is not quito
ready yet to begin.
Maxwki.l, tho St. Louis trunk
murderer, will not be hung this
month, tho U. S. Supreme Court
hav ing granted a writ of error in
his case. It is thought that this
1 1 n .-.. 1 1 1 . f ... 1 . , . . .
"a" out nttie causo
him to sweat in prison during tho
balance of the summer, and then
with a short shrift, he sent where
it is too hot to sweat.
Tho Mugwumps are like a man
disappointed iu tho merits of his
best girl. He wants to "shako"
her, but is afraid of the scandal
and ot a breach of promise suit.
The mugwumps declaro their dis
appointment and dissatisfaction in
regard to Cleveland, but they don't
know how to cut 'loose from him.
They don't know whether it would
bo best to do so or not if they did
know how.
effort. Such as so conclude, base
without premises.
It was stretching credulity much
to insist that the Pope was immac
ulate. In the presence ot the
fact that those who had worn the
sacred ermine had lathered infa
mous progeny, and worn hands be
smeared with innocent blood, that
behind visible iniquity stood in
visible piety and rightousness, was
a severe test of severe credulity.
The Pope, as was, or is, or as is
to be, is restless. The old codger
now on what ho calls or estimates
his throne, again asserts his au
thority, and Italy seems to be
weakening. He wants to bo re
cognized as a temporal as well as a
spiritual power, to make every
body kiss his too at his bidding.
There aro thso who consider that
Turkey is incapable of confronting
any warlike power in a content for
supremacy. Put such as so con
clude, count without their host.
Under it's bunner and Turkey is
now unfurling it numbers will
paralyze all other powers. As
Koine is the head ot tho Poman
Catholic power, so Turkey is the
bend of tho Mahometan world.
We need hardly say that under
these conditions Turkey would
havo tho full sympathy of the
whole Mahometan world that is,
she would have a population ot
12-, "00, 0( 10 people on her side,
it is claimed by some authorities
that iu a contest such as would
menace, her in tho settlement ot
the Eastern question that sho could
bring 15,000,000 men to her sup
port ; they of course would not be
well armed and well trained sol
diers, but they would bo an in
tensely fanatical liwrde inarching
under tho holy war banner. Their
missionwould be to kill all Christcm
dogs, male and teníale. In a word, l'1'"'"-' '"'iving to New Mexico, put
to destroy with fire and sword, t,K'ir 1,t,i"íí nnfil after they
and like Sherman on his march to I tll(! ",'l""',u"i,-v Vutinñ for
the sea, they would appropri do tli"'1' "M 'V'oll1- wliisky.
all needful supplies from die. una-1 Si imcaim-. b.r thu Lkai.kk.
Jefferson said: "I would rather
live in a country with newspapers
and no government, than in a coun
try with a government and no
newspapers." This kindly criti
cism was probably the result of
some newspaper saying that Jeff
erson left the largest squash ol the
season at the ollice, and that his
daughter was the linest waltznr at
the Branch, and that he was such
an honest politician that ho ought
to be tho candidato of all tho par
tics. Puck.
ThXAsgavo prohibition tho black
est eye it ever received last week.
Thousands of Texicans contem-

our wish to see Nogal irrow, us in

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