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DovotedFrto the Best Interests of Lincoln County and the Development of Its Resources.
" kssioSM f'A Ks.
this papen wr:,;-
irUCHTICCCC 0"'',', ho w,h ,",m",
AL) I til 1 l5LEl II.ii pjpor.or oMiin e.t.mat-.
on vKtXiiini nn in Ch,c0, will drd .1 on M. tt
..V.V .. COi'Kllhl.l.,
Ari'i'iiMY at Law,
Lincoln X. M
l'riiclii i s' before ill ( rli.nf ilic Ter
ritory, nuil l'. S. I.iimiI Mliees.
((iixnii.mí at Law.
Lincoln Now Mexico
V, It. CIO I.HMIH A 1 ll Tl"'
(.'. I,, ,1.11'ksiis, Socorro
Cliililrrs, & Jackson,
Hj'"'''h! nnl Socarro. N. M.
í j'- Will wriiitiic in Lincoln Coiintv.
NotarT Public.
MlllTK. OAIvH.
N. M.
John Y.sHewitt.
a' iii ik oaks - . lincoln cocnty
Nkw Mkxico.
John MoMurohv,
Mining Gontractor.
Will operate in Lincoln and
Socorrí i ( 'on tit ics.
I !! Ill :i V lie l-ft lit tl.ix ollicc.
1i t V. t V l: 1! I : (i UA ill. 1. 1. .lill.'IIAIlHSOA
i:.u.;:;u ,v. kiciiakdson,
ílitornéva at Law,
u ill n i-.-n-l i -.- ill tit 1 1 in con ill n!' tui TiTi-iiorv
:!;:j'í-.ic iiidlh-Ts' Hold.
All work iruiriii ti-ftl charges
ED. It. 30NNELL,
Ileal Estate ami Milling Agent,
Wiutk O ks - - X. M.
Clmiityln lliKii-i-sii. .imli-riK. iiin In l'luii'iíus
Physician and Suvgf.011,
-Of the I':itron:iiri' nf Inn Citizens of
While OnliH nuil Vic inil .v.
I'l'iinnt V I "ll' I :l nee. rnnetilill Colli'i'llmil'
TVotnrv 1 nlll-f
Wirt- OlUIH. Ni'W Mi'xico
2Ecl. XV. Boniioll.
WIN HOWS, .vrc.
A lull supply of
Always mi hand, fall and see me
1 lMILi"íi"ÍXl!
J. T. REID & Co
I'urr '". Jvtic'KM, Chrnii
rufn, 'rfniiicr;. Soup, 'loiUt
Arti'-F', J'nt'-iit Miili
ciiit, irv., i (v.
Accurately compounded ut all
Lincoln Count í Leader.
Saturday, Aiiíinsf 27, IS'w.
tTm. Calfidr. Editor & r"xcj?rictcx
Kntereil al tin- Post Ollice lit Whit
OaUs. X M.. tiM i i niiil 1 uss unit Icr .
Tin; Ciiicai.o Wiiki.y Xkws.uwI
Lincoln l o. Lkaulk, 1 yeur.V2.75.
Two or three weeks since, we
inserted a lo ai item to the effect
that numberless families wi re cuín
ing hither from Texas, ami that a
large majority of them liciti:.' jn n
niless. we aH"eheii'Uil a i!en-ess-Itt:
et'.'ect tijion the lah r lnalhet ot
Xew .Mexico. The article has
p-iu! the rounds oí' the Territorial
press, occasionally heini; sei.ed
hold ot by editors as a text for
comment to the etlect that the
fact cited was a dejilorabJo one.
The Las Yogas Optic, for want
of am t her subject, republishes
our sijtiib, and several annotations
attached by our exchanges, and
reprobates the seeming current
idea enunciated by the press, that
it is capital, not labor that Xe.v
Mexico ('raves. With this as a
text, the Optic waxes eloquent in
opposition, and in Quixotic stylo
combats the idea, saving that mus
cle., as well as brains and capita!,
are needed liotv.
While it. is true that no bars
are up at any point of our Terri
i.irv which discriminates against
new oiikts, ami that, our bounda
ries ;;ro Ii"t femed like the (inv
crnmont reservation at Kurt Stan
ton, veta latent choice is 1 ft us I
who are hele, as to whom we
would have settle down with us. It
is not that the in w class of immi
gi'atiuii is j.our that we complain.
but. that it has come to a r
market in which to exercise and
prolit by it's eilort. In other
words they have come to a section
u-licvi' if is next to imuossible tori
them to eke out a bare subsistence.
There is no use in mincing words
on this subject. It is upon us, I
and has probably come to stay,
and sooner or later the question
will have to be heroically met, not
alone for the interest of th "o men
now with us, but in that of such
as are to lollow.
The immigrants o! Texas arc v.n
acipiamted with the labor ot this
Territory, it beinir entirely dissim
ilar from that which employed'
them m the Lone Star State. l ew, j
it any who come hith.'i, over saw,
a mine, and liio.e who know anv-j
tiling about ii'inii arc aware oi
the fact t;:ai. it does üui pay b em
plov eiiorant laooi'ei's inn.ine-.. no.
mutter Low eheaph thev can be ,
secured. The Texas men wiiiji
whom we have couvi-r.-cd, admit j
that lhcy k.iow nothing of milling',
and vi ry litio ot larming all
they know i hor-es and cat'lc
Hence we say, they has e eolne lo a ;
poor market in which to sell their j
labor, and he is not their true !
trieiid who encourages them toj
Come hither instead of going toj
Idaho, Montana, or other open j
fields, whero the Texan would feel;
Ut home, and could give pointers
to those who had proceeded him '
in the labor imposed upon him. j
Cut the average Texan immigrant;
coining hither, might as well have,
been dropped into a jewelcry store,
and bo cvpectc.l to earn a liveü
hood in the work incident to the
surroundings, as to be brown into
ll I, r!,,ll i
We don't feel like dismissing
this subject without adding that
there is too much sycophantic fawn
ing at tin) feet of laborini' men,
too much mnwkish, sickly senti
inentalism on the subject of poor
men, too much preaching of the
gospel of discontent into the ears )
and senses ot those who seem in
have inherited poverty. The poor
man is entitled to no special mark
of respect because he is poor, than
than is the rich man because ho is
rich. There is a dignity connect
ed with honest labor which should
resent this ollieious, siuiercilnuis
p.'ating or the down troiiiieii poor
wh'cl. should rise up and rebuke
the it termeddlers. We yield sec
ond place to none in our sympathy
with the oppressed poor
We are o irselt poor. Cut it muy
be our own fault it certainly is
not to our credit, and certain it is,
we are not pioiel of it. Cut we
want no omito waste time in sym
pathising with us. The wo. Id is
as wide for us as for the balance of
(iod's creatures.
The man who oecniiies time in
speaking or writing about the poor
ma 'i, and making the subject his
hobby, is usually lishing for votes
orf.iioi some kind, and would
steal as readily from a poor as a
rich man did opportunity oiler.
This the intelligent workman well
know.', and he should inform such
as volunteer advice before drafts
are made upon liim, that such ac
tion upon their part, is nut only
uncalled lor, but is insulting.
It was not designed by the Crea
tor, that all men should be rich,
imr all poor. From the founda
tion of the woii. 1 there were rich
and poor. Solomon in his day,
represented the wealthy. He put
on more airs than does day (build.
roioiii :iiu! .'ihoiit. him were Ooor
, ii.i ,i- li man on the verge, of eternity, from
.on! t,i....l- lie! S. , olnoli " ill !l 1 ; '
nisgioi y coil not, iuu le. io.a
i:;g down to the Christian era,
Sllgli V i. Ilonloy.
Tim Whi'-ml the WInTcfon:.
Aug. 22. 'S7.
Ki Lk aih u :
I am under many obligations to
y ou and your paper, for the manly
stand you take? in behalf of my
father, Allen Henley, and against
the Kev. Mr. High. '
Why Mr. Sligh should bo an
enemy to us, is a ijuestion you can
answer after I give you a state
ment of some of the facts in the
Jn the first place, my fa'her
bought out Wilson McYeigh for
another party. That party failed
to take the stock, which left, him
in possession of a business that
he, at his extreme age, didn't
want, especially the saloon and
stock which stock consisted of
ten barrels ot old crow whisky.
In order to save himself iinanci
ally, In? was forced to take out a
license to retail same. In order
to sell whisky, I thought it in ces
sary to keep beer and wine, or in
other words, an assortment of
goods in t'iat line, which any busi
ness man will understand.
Some time after Mr. Siigh com
menced to build the Xugget ( Miiee,.
Í was over there, and in course of
conversation, the whisky ijuestion
was brought up, in which I told
him that 1 o.d not like saloon bus
mess, and that my father would
sell out as soon as he could, to
which Mr. Siigh replied that he
would help me all that he could in
the matter. Xow, to all fair mind
ed men, I will ask the (question,
how has he complied with his
promise? liead the lirst issue of
the Xugget and you will find that
he has assailed the character of a
A ijl I i'c liliosincraciig.
Christ and all his Apostles were
poor, but it never occurred to
them, wise as thev were, to form
an alliance, run a laboring man's
ticket, or assume importance, e
noiigh as political factors, to hold
themselves as a ' balance wf pow
er." Howev er much hardship may be
associated with poierty, there is
no disgrace attaching, and after
"life's fitful tovi r is over," the
poor will deep as traicjui! as the
rich, and it is more than possible
that the deatli bed of the former,
if not so .-ntt, may be easier thai,
that of the kilter. Worms will
make ni k work ot both, but "the
worm t hat ne or diet h. and the
I' :e th.it is never tjui-nclu d," will
base l.-s tenor f,,r the soul of the
hoiie-.! inn. r than the selfish I'u ii -
a. i th.
Tul-: New Mexican .-ay- that it's
bright lm'.e de ;i I'.iids cuisohit: n
in I he fact lh.it Oen. I'hil. Sheri
dan. Oeii. Thomas L. .lames, (en.
N '. Caul's, '.,..:. i'eiley Poole
and Cc.';j 1 1 1 : 1 1 1'. Shillaber, author
ot the Vi i's. l'a'-line-t.iu in t ii-1 -s,
nil J.-.MH life !'- ii -w-Imvs or 'prin
ter' devils." Then why didn't
the " bl ight little" editor of the
Xew .V i xi.-an inform it's "bright
Utile iUvl" ihat C"ii. Franklin,
lloia.'e Oi-ei, Thlil'loW Wi i d,
Si liiivlri' ( ol fax, Simon Cameron,
ovC S. Senator Sargent i who
died at his Imme in California the
other day, Senator llawh y, and
u host of others of the great men
of this great Nation, took their
first -tep on the 1; d hr ot am-,
with the inky roller in tin ir hand-.
Subscl ibe lor the Ll i
uid di ease, and one whose
character stands untarnished, so
cially, religiously, or in any o.ther
way (except the acensa ion Shigh
brought against him.)
Xow to the readers ot your pa
per I will say, that this is not all,
but I think should be enough to
satisij honest minds who i- right.
I must, sav that 1 am sorry that
such a state of affairs exi.-t, but
what must Ido. iiu cannot ex
pect me, as father's agent, to stand
xv i tii fwhled hands, and let Mr.
Sligh assail his character. If I
did, I would tool mean to myself,
and am certain others would think
the same. I desire to say that I
hope this w ill be the end of this
unpleasant matter, and sincerely
hope that I will not be compelled
to vindicate the character of a
while haired father again. With
many good wi-hes for all our eoun
tv papers, mining, stock raising,
and in fact, all legitimate interests
of our county, I remain,
Vour's trul v,
TnoxiAs V. IIkni.ly.
Professor Huxley says that the
li ing body is a synthesis of innu
merable physiological elements,
each i f which may bo nearly des
cribed as a lluid possessed oi a vis
essentialis and a solidescibilitas ;
or in liudern phrase, as pyp.to
plasm susceptible of structural
inetoinorphosis and fractional met
abolism. Well, we never liad the
slightest doubt about, our corpo
rosiiy being just that very same
identical kind of .synthesis, met
abolism and all, but what has al
ways bothered us is to know what
kind of stalling Xature in it's
happy mood, put nto the big calf
who essavs the role ut editor
across the ay.
Aug. 52-1 , lsS7.
I'kM! Ma.IOI!
F. identlv there is somethiiiir in
the atmosphere, at this season ot
the year, that increases the pro
pensity ot mankind to be thought
ful or frisky to an extiaordimiry
The whole town ftartod out sonic
nights since, and the boys " niiule
Koine howl" to a certainty. An
dy Robertson was on his dignity,
with eight dollars worth of pa
tience anda thumb like a nubbin,
and tried to calm the stormy ele
ments, but he was down to four bit
patience when daylight came in
next morning.
(eonxe Curry was sort of chief
pirate for a while, but aftjr he hud
stabled a customer's horse in Wha
loi i's store room, put the saddle
blankets in the safe and tied a knot
in the cinch to keep the saddle
from stray ing off in the night, he
went to bed. George .loncs, With
a face as straight as a spirit level
tried to get up a bet with Chai ley
Cell, that he couldn't put on his
socks in the dark with one hand
and managed to work about seven
ancient eggs into ('barley's pocket.
Con lOllis tripped ever a straw,
ran against Charley and broke all
the eggs in his pocket. Charley,
to get even, found Doc. Tomlinson
in a high fever on a couch, and by
gently smoothing his manly brow,
managed to work several eggs in
to Doc's hair, winding up by plant
ing a complete egg on his fore
head. Doc. began to look for a
gun, and the constablw went down
the river to arrest a triend ot his.
Shorty Cailey was trying to con
vince Lengthy Turner that it was
possible to bore a hole in the air
and plug it up 'tore the wind gut
back, and John Whalan was pon
dering on the moral possibility ot
a man scratching himself between
the shoulder-blades with his left
thumb and whistling a hymn at
the same time.
Ed. Cesselien made a speech
and, during his remarks, he de
clared it was not possible for a
man to smile while drinking out
of a jug.
Then they began telling lies and
Sylvester Woodland started his
reel with one about u. man up Dry
Gulch who pulls his suspenders
up so tight behind that he tips up.
" Jim" was shut up by a kid who
wanted to know if anybody up
Dry Gulch had more than one sus
pender, and 'lowed " Jim's" man
would have to tip slantin'.
Then they got to asking cadi
other hard questions, but Mickey
Cruiiin shut 'em all up by asking,
" which ot you fellows owes the
most money f"
Jack Thornton and Will Ellis
were discussing the probability of
another war between France and
Germany, and Jones Taliaferro
wanted to know if the Cavarían
lying had tiled his bond.
Alex. Skene, who sticks to his
last, was reading an urticle from
the Shoe and Leather Ilepoiter, to
barber George White, on the rcl.
ative values ot alligator-skin and
horse-hide for tho manufacture ot
ot kid gloves. White was rather
sleepv and didn't say a word ex
cept now and then to turn over on
the bench and say, " next."
Hilly Koseiithal started up town
nut he heard the noise and thought
the M"scaHeros were out again, so
he retreated and went to bed.
If we have a tew more such pic
nics, we'll have a regulation sized
boom that will shako the corner
stono of Xcw Mexico.
TutksDAY Friday.
I". 5. Send orne of your
boys over to nave iome fun,
poor fellows, they need it bmlly.
Ftirt Stanton, X. M.
Aug. 24, lW.
Masters George and John líog
ers, sons ot Capt. lingers, leave
next week for Las Yogas, where
they will attend school.
Col. morrow and Capt. lingers,
while buggy riding, Sunday, stopp
ed at Torres' grocery to purchase
some cigars, when their team,
which had been hitched to the
fence, became frightened and ran
away, completely' demolishing the
F. 1'. Terrell failed to remove
his revolver within fifteen minutes
after reaching Lincoln, and was
fined fifty dol ars therefor.
Messrs. Hughes and Ceidcu.an,
of Parsons City, 'paid 113 a visit
Saturday last. They report things
on the move in that elevated
burgh ; houses going up a largo
hotel nearly completed tho Kav
and Hughes mill ready for work,
and gold cropping out everywhere.
The Lincoln Case-ball club ctme
to town last Sunday to give ours,
ot tho Infantry, an opportunity
ot getting even for their defeat
of tho week previous. Accounts
were more than squared at the
end of the first innings. Score at
the close of eighth inning : 62 to
21 in favor of the infantry.
The gaiiK! to be played at Lin
coln, sometime during court, be
tween a nine composing the beet
material ot the White Oaks, Lin
coln and lioswell clubs, and a
picked nine from this post, prom
ises to be one ot unusual interest,
and we gently hint to our friends
not to bank too heavy on the citizens.
Hamburg, Aug. 5, '87.
Dkau Ma.iok:
Again I am in Hamburg to re
turn home.
On the 7th day of August, I
will sail from here on the Steam
ship " Weiland".to Xow York.
I find that everywhere is good,
but home best..
Hoping to see you soon again,
and well, and prospering, I remain
Your's truly.
lüiwAüi Ukbkick.
The " palsy" speech of General
Lucius Frtirchild is a frequent topic
ut stupid Democratic wits. The
speech wus not in vain. It "pal
sied" the rebel flag order, which it
caused to be countermanded.
Ik a man takes the ( i lobe (Dem
ocrat) and World, he has the Ea'-th.
Yet, there are some who are not
satisfied with such possessions, but
reach up tor the Sun.
Celva Lockwood wants Mrs.
Cleveland to run for President in
ISMS. Mrs. Cleveland will doubt
less prefer to run as tho Presi
dent's wife.
The only object of the Anti
poverty bociety appears to be to
abolish Henry George's poverty.
m m
McGlynn says he 9 still a priest.
He may lea priest, but ho cer
tainly is not still.
WAo.NEithas closod his restau
rant and is about to open a meat
market in Ebner's old stand.
II C. Fkuoosox is in town.

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