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The Lincoln County leader. [volume] (White Oaks, Lincoln County, N.M.) 1882-189?, October 22, 1887, Image 3

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J Totilu.l mil lá iv iroi'ir.; ni
i' llTÜl't'S. ,
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i li!. ir
' ! I ! Y,
( 'til. V
9 M
WlliU' Ollks i: l t VI1 of "built
r.UO ).-np!' ,'llnl is MtlUtl'il III till'
vi'Hlfiii !rti't ' Lincoln Coiifiiv.
,'-V Ml'XR'O, Si llllkíM ÍV lili! Illllll
rui ir'Hii Cnriluigu. tin í-i-tni'ni-ul"
i- Süii IV'iru ch1 ii.i i '
,, il- A. T. v s. F. II. ic.
mi. i' Irma Sni'cirro, y t!;- i n
il;ii-, 1.").". miles lr-in Ki !'n-'.. i
nuil l." trcni) I.incoui, 1 1 - -
Wliit.- U:i1s íh tlio iüj;(-. V-.-.
ill till- county, illlil tin- S'Mt o.
j ni ) -i t:it t Mi''iv trHilc. It. i1 ''.i!'
I t.itu.iU.l u i va: icy. '"'í' -;
t-puis of tin- Cumo fimf.'". mi '
cvalioii "i T" i--t;t ;-.l'ovc - .-.
l,.c!. It :i r IWo rcliffioll- 'i.'. II!
i.'uioiis, Mctliodit muí .iir. íi
li,,n:ilit, ii liii-p- and prospi i-.u-j.u'iilic
k-1ioo1. two weekly iicwi ii
jicrs. live l'To-iic'.'oiir nicrcantili- es-uioü-lim.-iit.--.
two hotels, two tiil
lianl nils, two bhicksiiiitli üliojis.
(une; also a wairon slioy,) one twen
ty tamil fíolil mill i" operation, ul
ho a 1 luiitiiiírtoii iít'iitritufrsil mili,
sim! a 10 stump M mili.
The icn-at iomestako (íoli! Mines
are oiíl inileN. W. of the adit ru of
the town, am! armind thr-m aro a
duzen rich mines, less ilevulupml.
Almost a ijoinint,' the town, on the
M. are' ine.xhaustihle mines ot
coa!, vnrviiifX" If""1 bituminous to
Hemi-anthrucite. From four to
seven miles N. W. of the town, in
the Lone Mountain region, lire ex
tensive hoilics of magnetic iron
ores, of excellent, ijuality ai.il hij;li
gnule. Twenty miles south ami
south west lie tiie silver leiiil mines
of the Bonito mining ihstrict, the
rich pihl mines ot the Nogal min
ing district, anil tlie copjier (silver
hearing) ores of the " west m1o
The town is iihuuilantly supplied
with water; wood is ihumiant in
the tfiot-hills, ami timber i ti the
liiountaiii ranges.
White Oaks has a daily mail to
Carthago, on the ruilway, and to
t. Stanton, nines umu. n is
tlie present objective point of the
Chicago, St. Louis it LI I'asoU. K.
now building from LI l'aso. Tux.-w,
and i dcitiinid to he an important
point UM 'ii thut railway when it is
;-om.iei.-l to Kansas City, as the
jieevss-.i-y link in thu- shortest ios;-i-.o
lim "hi'tv. --en Chicago ahd the
Ct- ' : .NicX.-ro.
Tic: Cr.inty of Lincoln, in the
outli-eas;eni co;-ncr of Svt ;.!exi
. i:'. lSi miles in i-Ntivin hiig;:i,
1 i :
i;i : ?:wci::e h.j...i.i.
; -i i ! i ; 1 1 in t
iai'nr!aiit ntv of ega,
more lliaii loiir limi s the pi.
tio ii1 OUT cn'M , ; I - the
'if i ' . . v : i.i:i
v. :
hite Oaks, n. M.
. i .
i " ' ;
i n' ;
'i lei
' 4 í "It,-'
1 A
If M'
;c '
among us.
The county has an eilicicut. Pub
lic Seh'inl system, nujiagcil by a
(!ounty Siiptiintcndeiit, ami the
Directors of t wonty-two school dis
tricts. T'jiwards ot twenty cliici
cient schools were in operation in
1SS7, and the number will be
greater in IS.ss. I'n'hlic scntimeiit
favors a liberal expenditure el'
public money tor educational pur
poses, ai.d private liberality can
be relied upon to make good any
deficiencies. Tin-re are no " land
grants'' in Lincoln County , no
horrid octopus stretching out it's
tentacles to crash our people ; no
Chinese dragon to weaken honest
labor. hir every citi.cn is Tree,
and a lover of freedom, '.ere
there is no alliance between reli
gion, politics, and manliness .Man
is privileged to worship )i 1 ni
what form he jileases, or wit!, ut
form, to vote what, ticket he ; h.
es. or iiistnmemse. nimscir. :c
Burns' theory is our only ton- !;
' HiinU is 1ml Itir fiiiiacn's stump,
A n'iu'.'n n mini fur a' ilinl."
The iopniati'on of Lincoln Coun
ty is mainly American White
Oaks is distinctively an American
town. We have room, and to
spare, for many thousands yet, of
tanners, merchants, artizans, man
ui'actni'crs, miners, prospectors. and
-lad :es.
','1,1 K I N .
't k mím:í.. n
1 "i.",-.'.i !'K',; A w.:.
MINI-:- ai.) MI XINt .,
in fact, EVKRYTIIIXtt
of interest, good or had, will be di.-eussed or cussed in these columns.
- Enginoor
t er Tj
Ml' I
2 -t.. ;;,( üip,-le III!!'--. it j
i, l:..m n rill to i,. hi J i. bv j
l.i lceo-:.l-l i I"'! urn s ''..
which r.. cei es -.. itc a tm- -oi:: :
iiimerous t -í t nit . rit a:'s;:;g ::i t'u
eust side of the Crw.i K.Ut
Tii western part ( thu Ci.ui.ty
ii diviJed by mountains h-eally
known as the Uuilinas. Jicunlhis;
::uri;'.os, Sierra Fdancos, :c, all
portions of the Great Mountain
Range dividing Eastern Nww Mex
ic-o. The peaks of these nnjr;.
vary from (Jallinus and .lack's
J'wak, about'S,U00 feet, to Carizo,
Í),2H0, Nogal, 10,000, and Sierra
Jilaneo, 12,000.
The population of the County
was 5,U'0 in 1SS5, now about!,n0
The towiif, other than White Oaks,
are Lincoln, San Patricio, J'ichaco,
AVeed, Dowlin'a Miil, Galena, K.s
well, Seven llivcrs, Three Kiver.-,
and Lookout.
Two thirds of the County con
sists ot line grazing lands, mainly
well watered, and stocked with
:500,000 head of cattle, an increase
of J.dOO ver ci n. in 5 years. The
Angora goat has made his appear
anco in tlie mountains ot Lincoln
County, and he is hero to ftay. He
run. res where nothing else. will. and
.i.. j:...i.i., i.:.
cxc-eeiiingiy prouuiuu- i- ms
There are but tew sheep
i:z45ttt2S cents'
o Ilia Editor of
Ihii Ppp-r and W .
. 3
ei .!;henry n.copp
tí ÍLanil fit Mining Attorney V,
"I 0.1tl'ui',M"t;lLl0'1 Vr.mlüKUO
f. ? ','.( OCiC f I nufeUkr. lx:a, ii-iui J.nvh
y' ' ( ii., ii, tu i,nv Lililrie. Iilii-.tni:s.s uiul lial.s
"y rv. rv tmii for UiilicR', Ocmf, C ht'.ln u.i'
R, V!M mi. I Iiuai.ts' wu.'.r and r;.i:-. u..vi.:iii
V, I ohm. In lln.' I.. 1. 1 icil Stun-. 'iKipIi-lo
CM v" t.iu.i.'.. ki. f. I-'. IxUkAi jV. y .
CU! Ciit'ili Ave. tf! b t'l.. N. V. Cu.
I I II II Ill H IHI IWI iiiiBiim
CO? POT'OS, Ilu..-ati In tnh nmll't billing ÍU.',
Lii nr i ú-lfi, íiimi-, pupeí wvm i i m. Tt ImcK
eon tai in olí tbf cjrlouii, drut)t:kt or luqiiitUIvo want ta
know, lr.ru t-dlllaf.R, I0.OOO eeh, lul'lrvt-r; r,-w nwuih t.
yiwtltiv Hoauty. iiaijptcedn, i i :iDu.(i by Ui i.4
Tice who may nmrrY, vhouul, vhy, mertlrrni al.l, whett
D'ct-v brnnp-bt meto mu. Wl nond- rfu i-m i-ktuh.-
trjetolifa. Hent Rental by Im-. WUITT11.U. ÍU 1. uil,
ito., t" freft Hpyr-l lt. ' iimiltf tl ti i.i. t ;j'.Mt)Iikt ffeq-
in" 9
' . ... .,Hi.i.,n,.n nf nnn of tbfl
. . . ..... ..i,i i J .....iimmIii Ihf V.
D.M. Ft R"V 4 CO.
n m rrnr.Yica s
...... ... -v.. - - ,-.
ii the county, armui 10,000 hoim- rrr rsOO PE0"lF.l'
lUl(l uiK.k, and yurros (An,!ia fOO 0
.hK-kassc,) luso me sano 01 me '(-.(i. U
Heashore, tor mulutinie.
On the IVnnsco, Kuidoso, 1'oni
to, Hundo, Seven liners, lüack
Jiiver, and I'eeoH, then- arethe tin
est of agricultural lands. Fino
larms have been opened on all
those Mri-ams, and 11)1011 them has
ticen produced in exceptional ijual
ity and ipiantity every farm pro.
nets which can he raised at ouch
an elevation. The experience ot
the hite Chas. Fritz deiivn-t rated
that Lincoln County will prod .-. ,
in nhundai.ee, all the Northern
fruits. The agricultural interest i
already important, and growing.
Mines were iirst discovered in
the county in IMitt. Nothing was
done in the way of mining until
lST'.h Because of lack ot capital, j',íV"
' V''if"irii wlIkmiw.
i'i. v ,'; xj'. '' iisi'i.' '''r-
r-' '.' t '"' "'
1 i'-- jíí '!'. '. '..I , "A 'i i ') ÍTmrírM: ''
Xi-'.h'-V.S-'?.,' tl. M. riSRt 00.
iiíi-' Detroit. M:oh.
i'íí-XSyi rt útVTIinbi'Hl liuiililuntu
fr ? ailvuiiisiT t '"
till, bu lin 'Xiiili
unueil or ullK'i wmu.
Vl'HtllMto Hl'l'llil Ollll llOllftr. Ilium HI 11 ni"
fiiriiiiit un In; Kiiiiiin-H, w 1111:1 H'l "i'" wimwi 1
1 . . . 1 ..... , .1 ...1 ,1.,11'IVrf ,11 uil
I iiivi'miii.iu IlUIIUll l IIHMlnilii. -
mid distance trom commun'i-atü.n, ,v,". 1,.,1ivi...-i.'i,r .'( mmu
mining i nil ...try languished un-j r.;.;.;
til l1'. IXi'iW tlie Jiroauci oí .mi- hi'iiu i"-! i'iii.i. touny iniun-i- ni iwuiMii .
sisii 1:1 ui.Ar,
Diisi o.i.l, .w VorU.
gal and White Oaks districts, is an J m;w8im"'Ku ''ai kkti
.iniiortant part of the total --M iu .:..-.ic.,.ii-i,.tii. 11.
s A Si fej.Vl rtrK
9 mve B rk nil a i - a a ff a
. 1
C). Leader, $2:75 pc Year.
Tho CHICAGO AVEEKÍA' N'KWS is now an cigbt-pngo, sixty-
four-cohimn -a.u-r. Itisthe lar.s-.t -'dollivr weekly" in America. Its
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matter cont lining niuc.li to uit. each of the varying tastes of the family
circle. FÓM muí fornmost, it ves ALL THE NICWH, coniileti; ns to
details, v concise in form. Its connection with tlie CHICAGO
DAILY NEWS (meinher of tho Aasoui-iteil I '."Ms), gives it facilities
tor news-yatliering unsurpassed hy any journal in the country. Its
MAKKiiT nicrours aro sjieciully complete and thomtighiy trustworthy.
P.i.-lic.ular iitlcinioii is rivim t iigi iouiiurnl aad hom innltivtii. Every
issue contitinx n;x coMi-i.Kri:!) sTomns, nnd a reguJuT i ustMJhnnt of an
ori -in'al story lv some well-known Eniflish or American iiHt! r, ex
clusively seoim-d for the CHICAGO WEEKLY NEWS Condcnsed
not.-s on fashions, art, huhuuri-s, lilevaturu, uciunoo, etc., te., appear
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hi p :il Cur i-s bright and l-.umoroi::; panigi-aiiis :c tho Chicago '
J,?Ui( 2Vttx. These' are nil reproduced in the WEEKLY NEW tí.
I:. it., ditoric l -xpn-ssioii the paper speaks trcro the sfaiiitpomt ot trio
iih:vkx:cnt ;oiinclist, and th.; f;iir-iaind"d and tho-.iglitl'ul of nil
... i i
i.trties w,!l .;n;.'oc:;ite anu van.
Ka can-til! sti'.teme'itL-
I' wU and
conclusions, ad'ealcuhited to qmilify the render for the formation of
his own intflliient opinion. 1 lie politicil events ot the year lo como
promise to as-enie such a diameter that t thoroughly truthful and im
tiniliai riK'.oiil liccomcs all-important.
In nil its departments the CHICAGO WEEKLY NEWS alms to
present an entorpriying, impartial an 4 entertaining lu-tmly newspaper
of the very highest grade.
Wtlünm OaTinonii. Pnntlac, On!;lrml Cnniit;-.
Mi.-.h.. wiv.: ' 1 lta.uk ii In the Ut puper lu
An.urirH. ' .....
L. A Welch, SullivRn. O.. urnyi: " It Ic bet
tir ilmn many of I hi" t'l 'i-j-. '
Jaiiu-rt f. .Muldtii-, it Si. I'lmrlnBBtiwI.Ninv
Orla uis, l.s.,fuivn!' " in runiuiriHK f't"''
wiili utliiTi- I rws-lvo. I mum my yours, tlm
Cnirvuo Wkkhi.v Nkwb, i !.;o.i, li. ili'i. Iksi.
I wMild h.oniT init.A a menl t!i in Hnun.tierof
tli.'NLM i,. Ii i.- lie m-w.-p.iiK'r of ttio day. It
in tr-lli- lo it i 1'HMIC."
Aü'ri'.l I'. )-i)-.t.:r, Woorlhnll, II. nry Oounlv,
1M.,hji; "It in unu uí üie cuanitt pujium
pn ti iir-ii.-.l.''
V. v. Iiln..1. f, A'lrinn. Mth., y: " I
doii'l. waut t- HiiHH nun.li..i. U in ilic bt'.-i
p,ij..-r f.i: in v,8 I h;.V'.i .a'it cirii."
Ivi.t l.Hii-in.v r.fti-niit. S.iurnU'rs CimiHv.
Neb.. mh: ' 1 Tin: Wkki.i.v NKvn. Ji
W . It. 11 W, Ml! IK II
tt'- tiU pl.-niK il with ihe Nfiw, for I i-l l'li
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.ill-Hoi' lb,- nin-i-tioii fituiyft furi ii. v.iiirli M
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ii:il of eillK-r tiiile.1'
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tiheapM wc,:ivi A;,,.-rit-. U.K !)l. I.Alt A VKAU. postagit im-lii.)-.i
Our (.H-ci'iii (.'liililiintrTi Tins lii-ing ii itliin tlm rcm-h of .'I our siiI-m r.be.d.
Bp'ii.'iuion copies may Us seuti ut UiU oMU:e. bend Subscriirtisiw to lliw uiliee.
Oiki ycitr f Í.0
iiin nlis i 1. 1
i'lircc in. intlis ..ii
1 1 1 1 ; í - r i ) . t ioin ill vim iulii , in .unci-,
'iiclii-iipii'.- ") ecu ts. Sp -i : i , 1 1 i,
K.rr:ilN MAIL.
Xri-'vrn -tiillj- Ml
! i-iirls
t' I l: I- IT l -.TUN Mill,
fl'iv .- i!n ilv lit
l r i
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ltr;li ,.
l-i.lll It.' II In
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I,-, M.. ... i.i.,
ÍH IMililMi I..-
I 11 III.
-Ii iiiii t.;--i-.
H-.l.r I.. lo:-i ,. ..ii
o Sii.i.lni- Irion
O !' Y! V
In 111 n. o.
'f.l.l I'!! I'. M.
!'''e'ei- .)i;.l.i" C M ,!, N
i-ruli.-ili: (, li-il; I.im.s Tai. I ti l linn
sh.-r;ir i. i. ,M .vr
Assessor ..5. J. liv-A
('.unity Cuiiiiiiissioiici-..,
Jus. A. Bonn!. Mark Unwell, l). . Youne
Ciiiinty ScIkhiI Sup'i.
V. ('. X.IV. I. IN.
I'lTchn-t Iso, H, Dinctory.
Iu.4!cc of the Peace M. II. üi-i.i.umt
Nonstable. Lloyds-hell
-:f Í 1 U trV Hi
23 YrTAfS tn USH.
Th Orttart" . yriamph of th Agct
I.mouf npor.tir, Uowrla cMttvo, l'tn la
lhr hcKd. with n dull rrinlina In tho
bnc wart. Pala ma4rr lbs ohoalrirt
plnni Fullnera nfter eln, with ndl
Inrllnution to exertion of body or mind,
Irrltnlitltiynr lumper, I.owoplrlu, wltU
o fRf-linaof hovlncnvgtfwted oome duty,
Vrorlneo, Dlulneo, I- laiterlnc ot Ibo
Heart, Uota before tho eye. Headacho
over the right eye, lietlleaanea, wliti
Ullul dream, IIIKbly colored I'rloe, and
TTTT'8 PILI. aro Rpeclally arlspteif
to such rsp, one dono effects Sncti
Tin y Inereaae the Appetlte.ana camo tho
bitty lo Taas on Imli, tnu. the r.t.-ni la
r' . .n.iw , nun uy ineu- i onn Action oa
He liKetlveOrnns,KrcnlnrMooliaro
rmliir. .). l'rlrw jfr. .t Murray yt..!J.Tf
í)ft"ítatf to Conjrrvss, . . .Aktoxio .Toski-ii
iirR or WHiaKKRB e!iln(ml to
GLossr llLACK by a auntie application of
tins Due, It imiiarts a untura! color, acts
Inatantaneonnly. Sold by Dmgnits, otf
sent by exprcaa on receipt of I.
Office, 44 Murray St., New York
DI'.AI.l li IV
( loverinir
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Associate f
lllSt lees. (
Surveyor (ieiierul. .
('olleelor Int. Jiev. .
i.. (i. iio.ss
S. A. F.AM-:
t. A. Lono
W.M HlllNKl:l!
.W.M. V. HlCNllKllsoN
.. . .Ci-.o. W. .In.i.-.?;
Í-II.AN , . 1- rsllHIl
i . S. I lis!. Attorney Iami-.s Hki.i,.
Ü. . Mmi.-Ii;i1... ; n. Mahti.nkz
l!e,:;is!irrs Liiml ( !l!.-i:
r.ns Ornees K. Siokt.ds
"''olla Fe r. K. Kasi.kv
Keeeivers, Liiml oOU-e,
f' Mo-Ilf.l S. SitKltFKY.
'ii:i:i;ni h;iau
Att'y General
Att'y, iid Disirict. .
Att'y, :inl Disi riet . .
Ailj. (ieneni.
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. ... 1. 1!. t'liraiissoii
K. ('. Wiali;
K. I,. Hurl let!
.A. Ortiz Y ."'-al-tai'.
. . . .Trinidail Alaria.
m iijedifiHcs,
The host ot VjH'fl, J.Kiors ami
(lifrtirs Constuiitlj on llmiil.
Prescriptions a Specially.
No Prescriptions filled or Medicines
sold except for Cash
' Pa tout Self-
Is the only perfect flttliitr. truly com lortiilile
in ni lin It ii-; i-.r.--:r 'ii iít I ci-sei lnitile. liu.t tin
Mlastie Seelimi uliovt- tri below a (.'onle.l Ci-n.
iei-pi.-ee. Kill irclj- ilioi-renl l'ri.in ;any other.
Kvery .Dorset Is SI iniipi-.i anil absoPifi-ly liimr.
iinteeil in every iiar'ieiitar. ),.-Miir" to vet On
Oiiivus' i'aleiii. Muiiui'aetureii .mly by tin-(liere-Ii.nvns
t orsct t'e. t'bicioo, nuil er sale
hy lirst-eluss ilry-K'ouiiü Htores everywhere.
I'riee Í1..MI.
; A T E f T S
OUtnint-a. nml nil 1UTKNT lU'SIXKSS
ii t ii'ink'U to l'KOM l'i'L V mi.l tur MuiíKlí AT
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of Mtint'V tr liv., niul to uttli i.'iirt (.f t h
1'. S. iMr cnl OiU'.m-. I-'or ciri'iiliirM. ii-Ivkm,
ttrinis utul rclf r miccw to uctnnl ciicnts in your
owti SnUu or ( Ouiity, wi ím- !o
(-. A. vS.NOW vV' (;().,
lipiiosite riitent Ollloe, Wiii.lilnntun, 1). C.
The Man
W lio Spends Money
'or fiilvi-rt isiiitr In ncwi-T'UpfM8 in tlicHo html
inn's, u'hhout llr-t ohtiiinin m i.'-timulu ut'
tlir colü from lit'o. P. Hovv kMi.v Co's Ni-wv
impiT Advert isiny ti!r'íiti. No. ID Spruce Si ,,
Ni'W Vori.', in llltfly to iy ÍI0 Cor what niiirht
he ohl :ii;i('il for ';. Silt'ii rslipmlcs ui'ft I ur-
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lor 17' jiatrf puiiiphlct with list of newspaper
rule- ami n-lereneu.
Kí'tn.MtíillSJ.lIttriai'ííí U J
Are tUu ocly oqcs that will give a penuct
System of tDessr Cuin.
Chart tné liookof fu! din-ctlans, -nabUrig aryono to
VWU 0 1 -L j (ICtlilJ,
er Forty yea,
3'.l.ii iJ-iU'i'J "wTWr,t rtMTO in- niM11
JÜJiiJjJiJ praimrfition of mor
Thousand anplieftlior.a fr pitenei ia
the unitua Mttit-n aua rorciKii wun-
triits, tlio pulÍKlicrs uf tho Sciirntitto
AniiTK'iin cunuinit ionn as nini.-ti.urB
for rmtenU. otivoai s. tvuíio-inarka, cony-
riflitH. tn.. f(.rth I'nited Smlfs. and
tu obtain pat on in in Canada, Knglund, Franco,
Germany, and all othpr countrum Ttieir exijori-
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Drawinftd and niiecitlcat iona prepared and filed
In tlie pHMiit Oilk-n in )iirt ntilict". Tnrum viry
rttmonatile. Jso chncu fnr eifoniuatiou of uuxluit
or drawing. AM . r ." Mini' froa
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Inttw Si IK Vl'l.,,IC Ml Kit l('AN,wliti Ilia
tlm larf':'t cirr .ilai i' i) and i- lint n- t iiiiluoiaiul
newhap.T of ita kind piji'iH.ivd in tun wurld.
Tito advaiT.:j(u of BaoU a li jlioo ovury paLuute
Thin lurtin nnd fp'rndidlv PlnFtratfd newspaper
In published WKKK 1-Y at a yur, nud ia
adiDtittti) to Vie tli bnnt paptir d ovo tod to K''itince
nwiianicH, invonflou, Tinintiorin(i workb, and
other di-partmeiit-rt of indutlriai proprnna, pub
lished iu any country. It cont (tins the tinmen of
11 patmituua andtilloof overyinT.intiun iattnttd
earn week. Try It four mouth o fur uuo dollar,
bold by all newndaalera.
If you hato au invention to patent write to
Wunti A t'o., publHhwra uf bciuutiliu AuiriAu
tbi broad way, Nuw Vrk
u UauUbouk sbuuti patuuU mailed ría.
1iiu l.l VKilS' i.CIIMC la
iiwunl hfpt anil 9inrch
3.5DO Uliuitrntloiia tt
whole l'lcture l.ail;ry.
CJ1VI.S .l...I.uit i-rl.cn
ilirrrt to ronai.in.-r u K""'!" f"'
l'V.ual or fully uiw. TrlU how to
tMilir, mid nlva nucí rant of evtiy
O.liiK you uw, cut, llrti.k, r, or
liiwei futí wlvli. Tii.no I.WALl'AWI.K
;IXKS contain lufonnKllou :t. aii l
Voiil tile uiarkrU f li worlil, Wo
ivlil M.utl u topy HÍK1I to uuy mi
Ift. U1.0U rtccli.t of lOctii. to rif .'ruy
I iK-uc of maillliK. ' Uear froui
oil. IUBKtfulSy,
lí7 iV. i i'J Vi nbiw.b Av.-uiiu, iii mu, III.
All tlie. I'A TTKUN'S von wind to line dnifnir th
jn-ur fur mulling i i-ttviuc; uf fmui J.'J.UO to Sl.uu, by
ui 1 1 1 1 1 in-uy inr
Tfes Lincoln County Leaier
Oe mo rest's
With U'flve OHdt'S f ir Cut P?par Putiirni
j 3:'r tiv. n sel. ct - n o id of y tii-
$3.50 (TliifEE FIFTY).
u 1
Btili' Joints,
Hoof Ail,
Saddle Galls,
Pi'fi, $3.00. Bnt by mall, part paid, on rccnli. I lie wbes wottted,
01 anee.
li larire Utiííailne nf sil rae of ra.iiion Nt and
i7a, uiiistidi' u wiiti auoni 1 ,1MMp tUt.
accomplIsheR fop everybody oxoctly what la claimed
forlt. One of tlio roason for tho groat popuhmty of
tho Mustang Liniment la fuuuainlts unlTm-aal
applicability Everybody npmlM Huch a medicino.
The Lumbormnn needs it tu ense of ncel'lont.
The Ilousewílo needs It for gtmcrnlfamlly uso.
The CaualurnowU It for bin teams and bis men.
The íllcchauio UdüiLi it til way od bis wort
bencb. 3
The Miner nerds It In ewe of rtníírgeaey.
Tlie l'loueer ucod It can't set along without It.
The Farmer need it In Ixia bouse, bis o table,
and bis stock yard.
The Steamboat man or tho Rontmau needs
! tt In liberal supply nlluat ashore.
Tho Xlorao-fuiiclur neodü k-lt la bU boat
friend and safest rellunco.
The Htock-arrowor needs It 16 will save him
thousands of dollars and a woid of trouble.
The Uatlroad mnu ueednlt and will npd ft no
long as bis lire Is a round uf arcldou ts and dangers.
Tho lSackwuoiNiiiun iwaúd It. TIkto id nuth
Ingllke It au an antidoto for tho dmigurs to Jiro,
Uruband comfort wulch surround tbe iilv)nc('r.
The Alerchuut needs It about bis store among
hie oiaployee. Accidenta will bappen. and whea
those come tho Mustang Liniment Uwanfcd itoti'M'.
Keep a llottlo lu ibo Uuuuu. Tls tho boat of
Ktep a Bottle In the Factory. Itslmmodiate
use In case of accident navoa puln and lusa of waitd.
Keep a Bottlo Always lu the Stublo fur
emorest gsiing actsif)
150 fea
iT.wiu.';iil-:i) IN.'jS.
or ( i v i 1 1 1 o y i i j ja k 1 1 1 c1- n .
1'C-NT'IMM. S:''mt-i, IV i: Mu. AMI GriIKll I.lTI'ltAItT
TIV!'', AX: ítrjl i l.littl.li y,T'.'ll:M.
ttt t itt u-ih tfritttl íí Ctifjvtrr
J'.;i.::i .Villi' .iii.i;lri il tiil'oll ordu (l'lillit.
t ;;..i.!i-r ü ti. . t i-i !j ( f y ..L- ni íi.tluilrd
'i t!i'.' I.P'ivcu ú- i'.mtii i.; t':L4 i.iii i. Mi.d in
. - ,' oí' 'ni! k-ii i i. .::::;l;t.- i:n d, I. -.tiii : Tli ni-i-
i.'i'.r l : . ti í f i! i i í t-.- li.- e co'íi.r.
l'V'ii;!':": T.'u'rii vi .!'.:! i!:í-
Vo.-ld'. Air.. 1 V a 'i "i.-t i!. v.iu. lv
i. c:miiii':,.'i, . : h -t rv;o WVtr
J .ni!!y J.ffüidt.í- .-ir.t. 1 wia L.- tue'j HMity-
I !u y:r .f :í :i.U i',.-v.. i-t f ríiüüiilv íü.
; ' v-.fl i r l us n-; . i !v i i lo in;if-i- i ;: i i e I utt
I I J":u (V'f'f!(fiK i' ,-.i:.i-.u m ? ii'.n - Utvh
'.inn.ir.ü'.Uiii n:'i,f.-L'- ii!; tiuii d i.ttd íujly
.!'ir.rrnv4i. iubiil cil bv Vv. J nuiuii Jíiiuorct.
K. v oik,
LiVü í Lcrr ?.t $3.50 Per Yi;íf.
C. Waters
3ÍÍ11ÍJS !Ii-If '!,
ricilil tunl Silver liiilüon mcllcil und ts
siiycil. liase liulKini n-linod. Will pnr
cliíiso luis, ni-utli-nil tu scltli'iiiciit with l.
S. Iint or Imnks. IN-turns ji rompí ly rtni'Ui
42'i J KAi'AiioK St., JJknvku, Col
Nonrly 30,000 aolrt nnd giving perfect
Don't pur other companloa $40.00
frolit on a machino NOT 80 ouoi) AS TnE
lEMOItííaT, liut Imy direot of tliu mar,
ufucturtíiu. Kcut C. Ü. D.
Write ur Circulan.
l' Jiaaj lit!) Ktrvet, NevWorkfUr
. ii t.
tmill a!.il:o:.:,th SJ If ikifcCj
tr! l... ..'iKV.-iiuira orioat jrf riti'out
cr'lt-riT . !t. It toitttilna
ífAiviiniofir, Utuí lliltíOtit;
trMii.in. nrfcí
jfiiun, fur iiliiuMns 1
í j'.IS. kil l liu ...
D.M. FERRY &C0.otffi?'
1 I S"8'! aUonnliiy.a tho Bmli
i.rvouw Uetiiii'y, iv,r-
'il V V-ifTOf.-, Unldarna, iifinhiiimi ii.-. o..
tiJ Hwa..uji.'(t.'' rai... mraiuii.v,
F'S (. I 1 ,!.... K f. r Al lni"i, o
by nir.li fn.:u Allrn'a l'liaru-uy. H.S Hr.6

r.,"', :wuv.uu,...i; WenrMJl'fJ.iiiltt.
t..',t vían''. n.ii" "'"' J;;'!'.'
'I' i. m I" I" ' IMUKBiJ.tiuw mill.
Aildi cm PH. Vi'AftO & CO., LouitinfH, Mo.
f-4.. '-, ' H , r, .;.;Lv. For 1 80
nmlbi -. I iiewHiiiipi'iHuiiiU'sOiii. iii-s
Ml nf mutable Hint vuliliihlo ncn-s, nnt rl-thniu-li
1 nm in uri.ijit . i" 1 1 i 1 1 1 ivii'l.;. ji iiinale
l nui :,i..i.iii..-.i t ii Jupt. Tu i: W'kkki v Nkw
ii No. Ill, hu'i"ifl of itH inn. riarlwiii .aiitiiilo
In pnlllk. ir;vii.K mi- t lit. lliu- -l.li-il irnlli ran
cerr.Ili'4 the iivl ioni of .ill i.oliiu-ul pnf.irs "
M. I!. I)iivi'm.rt, l'. li.ivni. N. V., my:
" I'. in llui clitjnpj.. mi it. dt jinpei- I i-vi-r
Mi-h. I.. Si'h.-man I! n'-.n i liu I, Vi'.,nys: " I bko
vivir p ijiiTi erv inn. Ii. I -"-I six olifr n'.-r,
1ml 1 do uol ll'Ui; l!u-i:l na Weil tin li;e i:;ki.y
Tex , n-.y:
-I-IM J ili'
!'". t:i
1: mili!..
t.'.'i.-r. -I I
Oil I i- I ... ;,i
Milita l e L. (). lÍNAi.p
I.iifiitHiii N'niii-i'K uní I'nxif of Ln
liur liliiuk - run bi- hiul nt the I.I ,mikk i.f

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