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The Lincoln County leader. [volume] (White Oaks, Lincoln County, N.M.) 1882-189?, June 30, 1888, Image 4

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lM"f'lJ (V.PP'r '"ílof vi'vuiiiíí In-f. the Wl.iif
ImÍ. ?m!Í .IL) Uli.iU. j(,.,ks 1; i;. ,,,.,.,.,,., wheeled
S.j'r..-.1r . ::C. I'.SS.
i V , .;.. .. i- . v..'
into town, and n Tuesday moiu-l
in;; they set ni (Hit c ::ir 1 1 - 1
follt ot tl.C U ii I. (Ü lint I;c n r i(
orí!- eaftern iioiihdat v ami mini i'g '!
I. .
ii r.i.t v-mnei. n i y... '). i tliri:u!i the 'i bi titeen here un
I, ii' .f it . ' ' ' " l . I'l t rv I he i-Mlr y
. i,. I. it' . i ' i "'. I ' ' . I it I :t- i llir .. i in t
II II II. ill) hi I'l l IIT i . I..I
S. ; . : Y ,
F.ov A 1. 1 I-! ni'i' i;, h 'i i
r, n' iv
Manchester. Mr. Koht. líai-gens, j
viz, ce. i ' li ( IéÍi I. is u gentleman ni' e. e-I
É riotiec uixl character in bis uroles ;
s i j 1 1 . He inferios us that Le veryj
much i' i j 1 í the utilizing of tin- j
properties ollctcd t ho (.'i(iii iriv lor ,
! depot pun :iw s, ns their npi'l'mich
nil..-! - nil 1; i I I I .
.-.i i..m, i woulil necessitate all almost, un-I
j practicable sharp curve. He says
further, tn.it tin- route thru town
Má IM i
v.. ..' ..... IC
T ' I". -n i-t
III It. III. lit 1
I l. (.. I :!.
r "i y sit .i i .
o cl'"'' V,.,1 II
j . . . w ii ni i. ".!. i . r
It. ." i:k ii. : i .
12 Ü W h U w 3 U.'3 -í' q
l : -. r - í - t :
iiu-i i"ii Sti'.i.t
f). A. It. --K :i i IK'V
i.. . i ii. .I i li .ii !! ' -I
!i .11 .1. N.l.l.l't.NüKII. i
Y.. V. . I in'-i. .' I.i
7sT ZXu.-V7CJ.
'ii ni: .'X-
J...I.1'- l
. t u r.
S'iti.!:i i 1 1 -
v, , m'. -.':,.i;ii-. .
ni 7 It i '!. n :. ' ' - '
! K 1
r .1.1.: ; i inv ii. ' i:'. i:i n
V,,,. .M,- il.-. 1 I . j "'ill hl' mi iocalil t-i tu llll'l'l till'
l'l ' 1. i I.. i I-, .1. Vi. II !..IW1 .
Csr.a f-r C3-naj: IllvLr-.i.-vcl Cátele CTc.
: i:tiox mis m :;:.
I o;.i'Iiim mi' n! c
f! .ck o' futir. i
i-ii. 'uracil',: cvorytlili.r iti tl'i- ,'i.. ;-.,tn mo-t lii..,i-if,.i- ;uñ
i'.i'lis'. ( I'. ! 'ir r"i:':ni.. ,.; rn..f .. ., ' !.,. i,lt,.,,
lii -i!.' is. Hi- -üici; ,.,, , ili'ici-s ('itl'ticti, il'l í liill, ...
Win. low Sli.nl.-.v I),:r Muís, .mi cM'i'i tiling ituai'y keft
in. inrtr. ijioii! :i: s!mts ol il' i'!i;:i'l'-cr.
. :i. in.
bu -..i.iv l'.yi'
.ili in' t-l
i'ttr 'ciic, winio i
A lab In thn Inrk
I.IK'll ' '.!.: . '
llllt i' l'.'i'i '.I. - i .1.'' .1 II.
Will i. mil!. i''il':'- I' l" '
llrli ii u; III I l.lf- I"' 1'! ::u r.iílilnli .
Yin: K. ot
lü'll. WllÜU
i i.i 'MM' a
I i'.',''.' ilatli'i; a:
if ivill ITotiolij'.c atnl if"ti O Somitlmcs fliils of 11 uiunliron Intent.
.. i .. , ... Ti 1,1 ,,,, The Insidious nndiianlanllyttltackBmmlii un-
( ",,!l,il" ' V" U lJ" U '"L ' on the tallón of Ho.teUcf. Stomach
r.i'"i ciniili'Vl'il in 1 1 1 i 1. i 1 . tr a l.rciiliiiliiirv UlttiTsbTporsoiiswhoepuktouiilmoffchiap
i ,i ,, unci Drry tonics as identical with it, or "the
u v. y - ta t v i k tin.' will snn,etni'n(;un(iPrnotll,rnamp,..r..cfi,mi.
I... Mi.t i..r t l,i. f .i. b ri n vi i i,li ll ii lv bs riiihI, " In musí iiisiimcii r-u-t dinas-
it Mttur tlict l K I. O W t Ii II I. C troiP UHln the unirinciil.d trodtrs upon
,1 ,. ,. IM , v i .i, ii .,. i iiniiiilnrr.i-oiliillivwhiaiU'initiiifni,convirn-
n'li lii'lM' H:l l.i.V i.il . IH.I I JIHI their epfciilktlium Into ruinnus failmon.
1 i Tlic llllti rs la a )iure, wliileiime and tlior-
: JiratU'O. i migh mi diclue, ailapiMi to tlii Uilnl cure and
! pruvenllnniit IVver unit aifue, bilioimreiuit-
I ' e- - tenl, clvHlieifilft, coniitit.ati'in, liiliouHneftH,
.... , i ,1 debility mi voiunoís and kidney troubles.
i C Je,".r! t i ' : i t nlli ilílV last Wt'iU Iti evi'i-y ingndlent, unlike those In tin; inil-
' , . till i'ltm of 11, li of an ttHi ertained standard of
lll.l , ( IH- i- til loliV. till' lliilfC'-tn'.c'. 1 excellence, and wlilletlioy, liy nasonnf their
liery prnperiii'S, renci. injiirimitiiv upon in
lirain and nervous tytein, of both tlione or
gnni it ii a HcdatiTC and invii;oraut. Ucluau
uU thubc haiouul iuiituUoun. .
Carizo Hotel
'(VtiiTK Oaks N i:w X i.:;
17 21. GALLAG1LT., Tí-ü
!n,i ir.' ii' il
i in w I'i.ri'.i-
. '1 SI:' Ml. li
win rert titlv c.'i'aj. I from our Co.
I n iluti'iii l 'i'tii'1 al
thrir on l-'oartli of .1 uly nilit ;ül, i';roacln il h.ii.i- cnv-liovs
wlmin lie knew, that tons liim in.
ted linn aiiil sent liim on his way
Tin: weather is ;.rm ami sultrv I ,t!i , The fugitive was quite
i'ree in talking abnut liis la e ex
ploit, aiul 1 t i a io,.i! in iiis liaiul
whieh lie said he w. s t'.vg !o mi -iu
as a hl'ldlu tor the lilt horse
lie enuhl steal. Ami this within a
ilozeti miles of IVinte Oaks. Iho
ehans who thus eiitertaineil tin:
i ni ... í . . .
now ii-ilavs. l iiernionii'tor sioou
'.t : in the shade on Wednesday.
imi. I'ki uk k savs that hi- new
ahhy is a " howling miivix, " ard
c:i!;ses him to say liiad-dug haek-v.ards.
I.t-.r none t'orp't tin1 J'ie ni'' "
the ' u it ii of duly, under iood
shade ami the aijdres nt the (,'hri.;
tian LeaLTue.
I. am Tliurxiay was our birth
day. On that day we were older
than on any ireeiediii, and really
believe we out a tooth.
fui.. 1 1 km ax kit bv Monday
liin'lit'a stiii.';e for l.as Cruces, tliere
to attend an election ot olliccrs tor
the White Oaks li. 11. on Thurs
.lav la-t.
.1. C. !.v.m- the old printer
who picki d ty'c in V'lutu Oaks a
V.ir or more since, ha started a
pa..'i' i'iüled The Miner, at I'inos
Altos, X. M.
i '!'.'::' PiiVl is it mc'.v , i !
is tiirni. in ,1 ilirciijj t v.
I tniv s-!i ;'('it' re i i'i- : ri-
1 V. il!l i I' ;;li ;lll(t iM Milol l. lili' !i
, vilirii IV i 111 V.Ati llll.i 'Ii' I'll' i 0 ' . 'I'muIc
' mi ;.m("I '.vi.h Mir In -t i!" i: Mil.' i nt'
f:ni-. F. .1 I V l'".i r tn'io'i Hi'. H.-iií .'ol 1
i lien I ii i I In win t. nf tisiiis'i'i.: i:u"!..
hr n: rt mil.
:il sUjil-
oneejed thiet should be held as
Iiofct.acs for their coinpailre.
JIaxtki; .oniii:, No. ft, lv. c! 1'.
electt.'d the ndlowini; uliicers on
last Thursday ni;;!it, to serve the
ensiiinii term :
r. v
c. c
v. c
k. of j:. it s. .
M. of Kx
M. ot F
M. ar. A
O. S. Treel
. j. W. Stewa:t
Jas. lieid
, . . lien. J lurtes
. Iv v. I ebi'ick
. .(t. li. Vllllll o-
.11. (
T. (t. ami O. ir. wili bu ipijolnt
ed at next mcetinjr.
nr.! r-T t'r-'l-rl. (.!r,L-.; (-I. écí n.
Thftt t!::s í-ictory r.j csuíLIaIici) íií lunz a
i ; i5o.
Tiiat l.i:t ye.v(iZ' ) i. t:i-.'.: ;.;k! fcn'i! tLrr- rrr.Tj
ct::u: tlly í'. ii j. r i-.uili ::i lln
sir.(! tur.s of t. j. t co.
Thai t'ur ar. mnr? tlifin onc-'wr-'itS of r.l :!' f-.
la-rco rr.a:t in i..u l ...Um í'.Atrr. t : t . í c
That in tho last n yc:i.- tuxry h--. 1 ;ird
rrAcxX of ver ir:v
Í"lfit'c U. h. 'i rcaiury in iutcrnai lvcvcri-Taxes.
Tí.rit thi p;'V-ro!l fif t' h frt'r- Ít r.' :! ('t.v..- ,
(hi)j!s tin i him km k Ylmt
1st Gooi!s I
(I U i) (I 0 II ft o
i iJXU'tiJUiUJii
I' H (I O 0 U II
ii"-) .i r ? tl AI,H A Í 1.
-A H'iAili aovan:-.:
(f.wrKH,,,-! A iiandiom 2ngraYi.ig to Every
tkkms to ci.i:r.s
fur (!ash ComndsM.iiis.
hese form a quartette ot des rabie cloro inducements. lean
salel and truly lay ciaim to II o linn. Kveiy iiem which coi s to
cnstituti. Men and Hoy's .p aiel I I ave. i.d a; prices which c-"ni-llicliil
tlicmselvi s to the jlidii loi.r. and ecnlii ndcal haver. Also, i v
e. vtbiiie; which ues () make up a web dressed Lady. tiM,.i 1 lois.ry ami
Mines, to Hats ni.d I-'i-aiht r?.
I extend a cordial invitation in t he t ncral public to xhiimv t ni-
cenes in prntusinii. Hardware ai.d Tinware, and i 'eryt!i:i.e ever exhib
ited in a lenernl Store.
w.i g' i ti S W o
a í- .r'f-i i r y.
i.-.nT fail to visit the ''Old I'.elh.hle."
:i nit
Orie blue
IJ . montlis
maro, and bl.i. k cni
ol.l : were last soen on tlift ülnck i Godf y's Iris :ir: .n;:i "l 1
i l i I JUiitl ltd:'; i: u f:n i in;nr
tí H.'i
GOLSY'S :.l tin- prcs.it limit h m,
milled li i:i'-s Miel ;-'-ii,!i' i.i In- mih i i. t
in any Iteiii -.' in.:i.'ii' in A.iii,-.-'i-:i. li.'v
iii' tin' :rea'.el v.ii ielj ní di ji.-iri tin re. s,
1 1 1 1 ; V ctlilcil :
( 'I no ,'!. ' 'I'nii'ti iu i'.ir thii.e
iilni i'r' i'cr S.'l i im n- t"
( iixlt 1 'tint ín il-'iili .
ivi' eli iri'llt Sil-
i';'h."!.. Tin' mare i.-, brande 3 J 1 í l ' i.ii'iniui;is. i!k Vitlitc .?' wlih Ii in .
'P . il. ..... . f. Cniv !.., VI.
i iw-.i'.i, ... ......i. v... - , , ,, . ' slim tv:."ii.'. ..v.-: l-.r o.-a- pr-uiiitw
hail placd in their new simp lw;1,!i:Ul1 --'V S.mi t.V i..,- s. , ; m.icl. will ,,..
i i .. !... ....n i .. i i... !.... i i.. i.. in.. I....I..1 i'.... ..;..m.u win. i'i.ii .....i',,.
u 'I lira I n 'ii t na l win lean in m ten hi """ 1 " .
ii $
J U 1'
'0' V
t.:r3M trrn
( a A tip li rfi
fc tl i 4 Í! É Bio D li,, í U . H S
I Li 11
blocks, which aro Ult i
S inch, in rliametv r, and in it. S
' urn man's new tjuilii inn-, cor- hi ein-uiiifeietue. T!ie. tree
for o! White Oaks Avenue and fr,,m wliich they were taken ' irrcw
Placer Street, is to be a "gi'ded ,, ear town, and was not exr-epi i. i:-
( iVel'V Wll
be well paid tor.
Mí:s M. Sky mi.i i;.
jiala with .ehinzmz iV il
.Imi. A. Woiiiii.AM) and Joe.
Sleek lett tor lloliito ol! Monday,
there to do some development
work mi claims h"loii.c'iiio- to (.'apt.
( alhu.'li.ir of I his town.
laillS hirin. Anil vet outsiile i'lll
barians advertise that all .New in x
ico trees are dry shrubbery.
, i: esteemed fellow citizen, V
( '. Mel lonald, has accepted Hie in-
it nt i" ni extended him, and will de
liver the oration at Lincoln on the
F dii'ih. A lar'" numbt r of our
c.tii ns siiould (in theiu--el es and
.de tiieli'inor nt visitiiii' Lincoln
lie oeeasioii.
A Korriblo Ic.beritaneo.
Tito I t-.ini.iii:!.!. 'M "f ilui li'ia-t'.il i;iT':rt
of enntaiiious lnm.it no s in j-ittiu m-'st
liorrii.lii iiiin'i-euiH-o ivlin li any limn
can ioiivo tius '.in irenl n :.le:-n'y; tu(t
H ran lio 1-iü'lu.iil.v maif-'iiii'd Hud 'in t ..o
linijo: it v of c.'si-s, itrevunied by Unj
iii' of tin! anti.ii.to wliii-h Vntiiro fu.
. i nislit'ia, atiU wiiifh foie.ii in tin iv:n -
' . . . ' il.v lainivn a;i ovi-r 1 he v.'vi-id es :.u ;n
A eltillll burst Oil the liOllltO la t Bp"i'ilie - mmm 'iilv ri.hi d "S. S IS "
Jli-.J.II Urinvu, ni í iiriii-.isv i ! i.-, a. Y.,
wriU'.": "Tlir.'ii yviii-s 1 süPViv I willi
ties linri-ibli! d 8i"i-;.'. M ill's íiiei-illü.
t'itved mo c.inipl.iielv."
I'r.d. I'M-.v.u !!ii!ti-. l'-.i-'nd st .N.Y.,
vri'.i-n: "Su-.li'x f.j.eitüc curuit uti
ol a four I ul e i id rt l.lood ron.m
week did much damage in the v:-
cnuynf l' t. Stanton. ( oiisioera
ble dainaae was M'.srained bytiie
Company icardeus tliroui;li tbe cur
r 'lit s eejiini; h s, brush wuinl,
Are., across then;. L trm.p ln-l ! .'i
hotrs and several of the :u deiit vV
indues were w:;-iied away.
til.'ir ii'l in nin. Ail'li
(iOj)KVS LADY'S Pi -OK'.
I'nil.idelpbia. Pa.
In Club with this paper. OODEYS
and the LKADl'.U.
íííiié.iiO pon '""ít'íi i,
whii'h should be sent to the ollice
ni' this ! 'ai ii"-.
I - - le.i.l.l. I.s' --
I Mll.(;i,!,
! WINDOW'S, iv c.
Where we aie now 1..ÍI1 rin' a lull liu
iliCil DliKSS (iOODS.
OliNT'i CLOl'lilXO.
In fact every thimrkepi in a tiri-t ei i-n Cit v Lh iíomi ?ti re, ;
at prices' t" dety eomnel ition.
i J
"I'.H'.V.l'.Wiyni if t jwijlii1iiij .fHii nja.i
iSn U at
lr. U.K. WiiiKit.'kl, ot llui S.iidlor'n
It. nOvl t'ols.lU
1). : K. Ri'iirtrs, I'l-o .1,-U n, N. Y.,
M i- tcs: "1 w is u pfrfi'i'i i'.it'k fruí. i
ImiioiI l'.iiü'iii. iSi-.-.l'l's SptM-i lie renluri'd
li' ii lli ii'id hope. ;:n l I inn v il to-J.iv."
I'. V. 1. .ii'.;:u:':í i-.:ii iiunnu, ti.i. I
Ullf -'-I'd Will;' Willi 1.1'l. tl l'iovii.i, i li-inj
bu-irt'H Kpoi.-.tlc icid iii-i in'i li-etly well.
A. W. Huoil, of I'oivep'', Hoitjl," Hucli
cster. N.Y., wriies- "Ii. s Hie best blood
I'L'inivly ivi e ir Ii. li'iuvl lnv.'lf iv. ill
K. I i-.-i-i'iiiia 'iiil.'d it to alriciul and it
IiMeti. In rii wil."
Mi'. 1, MiiM'i'ii, ot fl.o h'tnühvillp.
Hi . i v...... .......... ,! .. r i
.lhlie iJntll., lsss, -i i.u j. Mt.-llit bu ! iilltulel ivil'li u c.iso ni' I.J.hhI I'.hso'h,
uiiii iivo uoiiies el .-. s. tr.oi'teil a
Ci iiipleld i-teo.
Tri'itt no on l'.iocit nnd Skin Diai-nscs
tuiiilud fn-c. Till. Kii irr Pi-i cine Co.,
In iwiril, Atlauta, Ca.
A lull Sl!.ply ot
ItoniK, l'.ic'iinnii'l. ii., writes: "isw.ft'u I -. .. . -
r'.pi'.-ill. i-in-.'d mo t u hL'vei-.: fuse uf ! j:Vj 1 3 ill TÍL í111! í Y.ÍT7 i 5 Í
Ki'avs on harivl Call and seo tne
Men & Itlnrlict.
To the members of the W. (). L.
No. -I ; , I. O (i. T Ymi a.e t-iii- i
lle-tlv leijllested to be pre.-f-nt al i
! mil' next rt-eiilal- meelii:. Saturday. !
Ti'.rt, Si hell & i 'A I'roj.s.
21.n,r.- 1.
i ( )
si'.ic-.s is t" be i !' .i:u', i belnre the
,R I ml if e which in eiis the ass:sta;'ee
' ol eer iiieinlier in gnnd stand iiig.
,1 iv W. Pai:ki i:, K. S.
W I :.i e p; 'lied to learn that
Siiu-i, v. no-e name is somewhat
laiuüi.ir to our readers, visited thi
nui un iu -T r.Mii'iiav, ami taileil to
invade t!ie s.-uictuarv ( the "mo
ral centre. Lord, bow he ha. tal , .
Tlll.l.-l will he a .,1 ;:le t c.pelül'"'
i'ds of t lie tu w butcher shop ol 1 I'l l) ,
... j iie'.l vV l!i;ie, "li Monday, on
'I'iii.-i i, i- i,;!;,.,,,,,;!,,, ,.i-,,.: wlileli o. casinu all hutu'Mis o 111
fare to t e Lila i!1 1'oUl lii ot'
len from grace. We almost dUpair
l oe Sai i:.
it win nil 1
'ic!; li'o'u 1,1-,
One Si't of -10 lioilsO
A !-o. one go'.id well
of water. Fn" li.i iher pin ticu'.ars
apply to
our citizens ho pro- i w
,.li :ini.i,. ..: tin. I. .ve ' i ai ni or.-t "elms are m vpe-d
cell hral
s-.i t 'I' l oaiin ti l!
limited tieke'-- shoi.r.l uive O.ane
iV Co. tiling notice so :.s to ena
ble thc.'u to supply ample trans
portation. We have given such
notice on oar own account.
r it a nk II i i.-iiiM.'ioN'.
Sii:vt;n ok Sioi.i.n Some time'
; 'tbnut the holidays, t'rwin the Jict-
ariaiietiiniits the filias, a light yearling colt, roa.ii
Py special
Li Ai'i u received su cial teh gni.h-, Color. No brands. For furthtr
ic uispatchcs during I hum ntmn paniohiais apjn u
Week, thus i liablltlg nlir people lei
; Meats of all kinds. Sausage. Came
1 in it's season, tit lowest
! i ing prices.
'J'hosi ennti mphiiing building
.'ihniiid ajiply to tue iindi ri-igiu tl,
who ill glial ilitee
(ii)oi) and
! Ciiiitracts taken tor Stone, Pruk
or Frame hiiiliJiii.-. from Inunda
iioli to deii yery of keys.
Comiortablo rooms, yood beds, nnd tlie ":able mipplicd with tin; Vint
the market tíiords.
viners,Haiicli Family Supplies
'irnl, .... TV, TK
Tin; boys and girls ot' Lincoln,
b's ai d g's ranging in age troin Jii
to ill i, contributed inuch last year
to swell the crowd and gayet.y
of White Oaks' Fourth of .lulv
celebration, and on thu princip e
that one good turn deserves anoth
er, our b's and t's should reinrr
the courtesy. We will swell the j
nMi'inlancu to the extent ot'-oui!
' ole-sal pre, portions, but we are not I Subi-cribe lor
U'i'íf'Hb to i! '.;!; rj the Oett , .vnty Lüi.vkk
anticipate news by mail.
Co. H, loth Infantry, is daily ex
pected to take the place Micate l at j
Ft. Stanton hy Co's C and E. l;'.'.!i'
Liter The (.'niiiaiiy arrived.
. -
Tiuk'-dav Mrs. Kibl. Fullman
presented Pob with a baby boy.
W. S. JJvan and (!eo. Currey
KMit Thursday n'glitin this city,
lliey arc u royal good piar.
Chicago aiding and ceihi g, s.jsh
doors, blinds, Ac, at lott- down
priced, at tbe lumbrr yi rd of
En P. P i.nm.i.l.
JAb. Assay Cifice bl
Cliomiciil Líilüiniiory.
WnriK Oaí.s M.
Sanipli'S by mail will receive, direful
it ti 1 1 tuouini :.ileiiiiiti.
TH2 r.c.r.r
.... j ,y fj
.t. REiD&Coiinlia mm, Mmú
th:ai.i;i:s in
Part' Drii'jx, J, li i, v, Chumi
víiIk, iirfiiuicri, S'( '.'-, 'li'l it
Aftult.ti, J'ttitf. Midi
fililí, dC. , itf.
Tt.C tCCT-
Accurately com.oiiide(l at all
rA-.j--;.'1!- '
i,;' jrv?,7 V'.'i' - '. t
V ..V''t''v. . N..
fif.iT '."T,'. ";,',.: :.:t- (1pMWM
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