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Dovotad to tlie Best Interests of Lincoln County and the Development of Its Resources.
xtmiiki-j it)
l'liol' I'.SSIu.XM i'A nits. up
. ... o. ..-.i .... ni, nt r:. 1.
1 --I" i i : - ,r. , r. - - t '. i.r.'.'.h' ' !
.V... i. ...
iitiil'Ál r-i.c-.r- r'vi ciIit .l'.t
i n i, i- l: - i '' C 1 . r. .", -a' I t", -J 1 1 c n !' I .1
a; i.. 4i f .' m 'S ,Mij fc '-f'Rf .5
HENRY W. KEAREiNG, jafe. t!8GJ,- IxiUilT.
i ..... ....J rL, J i s i i:ur.v skrü'.y. 2 n:i '.
Smvtm i.U'.l l'ly.iciui,
Win it Ovts Ni.v M i:n-,,
Ai.'r.wsr or nil-: timi:s.
f.ril.-.t !'.! 'I tllo't i 1 1 ' 1 V 1 lili t )l 1(1 (if
1 1 it :n 'J ('im .1 '.
'rnn'f U'H' t r,i,( Sjn.ihj Cure
I'.n lliu." win, :,nlimil to l!u- ici'leii'mlili
I" 1 : -1 1 -"!: ! Ill ii 1 ii t f !- ill Ni VV l.hi!
1 nr.- Mm:.'-', Hiu- l'n -i ti;,Iioi,s. tienniiic-
Sjiceifle Mfllicitll s, II:. .'il M all schools.
2WixiixiiS Ascnoy
F:re fosttraare üü'I Xolarv i'i'.Mi..
1 assay for oíd and Se '
I single a.s;iv for ( iol'i.
I Silver,
Lead, sinfín assay,
Copper. " "
All oilier metals in
Sccial contracts to .!i:i:r.
panics mi'.l M iils.
!' ii'" 'a.-h ! ! 1 1 1 r. I- V
i . ." O
.-! on I
( 'om
(Opposite C t i 1 1 ihiiix-.)
Tins Hotel, unilri- new and tlVient
iiian:i-eni n, 1 1 : i v 1 1 1; lii-i-n tlioroiulily ic.
lioval, il mil iv f tuni:.li':(l. otícrs to vi:.i
tors sui"riir arc, itntiiodat ions
lli:i..N A: CO.. lion's,
ri. I., w.hi'-;). (. A. nc:iiinlx!i,
li. I!. VVi::c:nn. I.inciilll, -N. M.
A:iai..i. r..i- , X. M.
Viarn-ü, 'h-rí(:.N".! & f.ikls3r.,!;;im.
A i :l .nti't ii.' in II liic i 'Hits of I lie Tcrl'i-Mi.-
;iim! i.i il.i- I . L-.;'l n....-.-.
i!. F. 11 7 ..SCAT, Jl. I).
I ':),( c.)l l.ci-1 Í .! r.;i-:ll:l unci I'llll- Slrccls.
CiaiMI'T Kll'nNsi: TO AI.I. CaI.IH.
K. :.l.ll. TIM ONLY,
(i.au- K.--Í. H T L'. S. I. and uil'icc, Hoist-
( H. liil.l.o.)
u.'io i' -While 0;ik Avenue,
Winn; Oaio " J!
.JUli.X J. L.UC kit kU.,
Ai;"1.:m.v at Law,
Lincoln N M
1'i-iicla os lición- all 'o iris of Ilie'lVr
ritorv.'aiul l.'- "i- I. ami Oilii i-s.
WII.I.IaM s'. A'V. I A',
('ur.w.i.oii at Law
Lim-olii Acf JK-xU-ii
W.M. II. nil. I Mil Al'. i.iai' r.i:c
C. J.U'KSuN, tiocurio
Ci.iii'iis, k .lutiiMiii,
ai'k'i:m:vs at law,
A!ti'fii''i'iiii'. itnil Sm'iirro. N. 2k.
'.J" Wil! .ruciiei1 a I. Íncola t'oiintv.
V. i". I'.i.AN'Cll'AUUr
I. S. íi.í-itAL mn SLKVLVOIi,
Notar? Public.
viUT'i OAKS. Nlj
' John Y. Hewitt.
attoi:ni:y at law.
Nl.W Ml-'Xli".
John HcSIurGhv,
Mines and Roal Eslale.
Heal Estate und Minin.; Agent.
Will I F - N- M-
t.S.niKR.l,lH:iTlY SlillTAOR.
olnrV lulli
Wlii- OiiU. íw Mexico
i cacii sami
A"fii i ml tmujlit in nl! hfiim h
t.s on rrusnnahU' irruí.
AH kiiuls ot
ami COl'i'r.i: V,'Oi!k
TIN and fcilLLT -IKON
lí, O .S. 3í í - ,
.Maniil'aciir.'cd at tlie lowest market
jn'ices, by
r.n'.'ird in tln I'oi.t Oflirc nt WMlc
:iks. N M.. as second clas mat UT .
Tiif: CincA(a W i:kk i.y X i:ws.and
Lincoln' t.'o. Llaih.k, 1 year i'2.7"
i Ah in politics, o in religion, uv
: ii v new words are coined, or old
: onos applied, wnicli strike With
ctil'ar i'reslmOt.s u: on thc n tI i-
i -11 .1
senses, ami osporvuiv upon rue un
educated ear. We ivil! hazard tie
opinion t ! : nt lmt a few wcc':s !.;:o
the w..nl "rescript" soTiiided an
coiiunonlv straii.tre as it. s!riH;' up
en th,' t y nipanums of a majorL of
iand than we do of any form ot re
ligion, and e-tinia!(! heresy
proclamations emanating from
I'opc or other heresiarcli lavornhlo
to oppressors and condeinnatory of
the ((ppresM'd. Ke!iiri,,n may la;
good, but Liberty is more, to in;
prized than any special form of re
ligion, tor w'thout liberty religion
is but another name for mental and
spiritual onMavemenf,.
linni our standpoint, thus faint
i y outli I, vu aro lad to see the
i'ope give expression to his assum
ed auihonty in temporal matters,
in.'.siiiiich as it ailords opportunity
tor his so called subjects to declare
themselves in miiiouneod language
that they do not. and will not ac
knowledge his right to control
their actions as citizens, or the acts
of Mich as con I end for freedom.
And the Pope's ears are being
made to tingie with this informa
tion. The truth is, liberty in fhe eiti-
Fnini Ilic r.l Pa.so lliillton,
At this moment nil y informa
tion fir new light thrown upon the
nvailable resources situate upon the
line of LI I'aso's new railroad, the
will cause activity throughout the
init.eral district ot this section and
wil, result in constantly iinrrasing
shipments of ore to this city for
treatment. It will (.pen also a va:t
field for the introductior ot mining,
Kansas City, LI Paso k Mexican milling and concentrating machín
our people whether Protestant or .en the liberty to speak and act
t 'aiholic.aiid no wonder, for Weli.s- uf the promptings of one's own
brain and heart, rather than to re
flect the sentiments or dictum ot
one who would be the custodian,
ler ('clines it as signifying " the
answer of an Lniperor when cot:-
piir'icular persons on
-llilid b
J edict or decree. .Now the rope,
j who is, or assumes to be, theLm
I peror of the Loman Church, was
i ciioinrcd of by the factotums ot
j the Crown as to the proper atti-
tude of the church, as represented
by its im rubers touching tin
une (iihicult question; hélice, tin I j f4e keeper of others' consciences,
is beci'Minfig largely like the air we
Ijreathe.in'ialed by all, and causing
a hungering anci thirsting ior free
dom to givn such liberty- vent.
Through the growth of civilization
and it's handmaid, educalfon, the
1 1 . .i- . .
r" - business or ongarciis is
Ií. Ii. cannot fail but to be read
with interest by the citizens of this
city. With that end in view our
reporter has hastily gathered the
following data touching the rich
country, which this road to 'White
Oaks will render accessible to the
merchants and manufacturers ot
Ki Paso.
Within the pa"t four weeks and
under the stimulous of immediate
connection by railway with El
Paso over fi.OOO acres of land has
been located in the vicinity of Tul
arosa, X. M. This valley is made
productive by the waters of the
Kio Tularosa. In connection with
this stream the position taken by
the Luilioii si year ago, in wlifch it
cry as well as an enlarged field in
other lines to EI Paso trade. A
niong the minei a! resources we will
cite gold in placer and in place, sil
ver in various forms, copper and
lead, in mostot their combinations,
iron and coal abound and of excel
lent quality, and these great factors
in the problem ot civilization and
progress whim once brought within
the reach of EI Peso by the new
railroad sv-t( in-will give that im
pulse to manufacturing that these
two mineral products alo'nácan ex
ercise and that are the foundation
of the preseni manufacturing cen
ters on the Atlantic slope. Im
mense deposits of sulphate of lime,
comn mi salt, sulphur, tire chiv.
, ,
tlon n
gitating Ireland and England,
to 1 1
and his 1
ns holiness in so man v
The subscriber has onened a
t ii- c . i u on is res;
place ot business lor :V sale J 1
the above goods, in the building i !""' ui"
on White Oaks Avenue, m-ar'v i Catholics.
opposite. Heed's store, and res-1 comforted bv this leeré
. , i I . i . , , :
pceuiiiiy solicits a .-nare o pi.c:t(
uiiprolitable.indeed very much like
the occupation of Othello. The
I'ope is learning thi.-, and the les
son he is receiving should be tak
en up and studied by such Protes
tant divines as think t'hev.are 'big-
announced that the waters which j potter clay, kaoline, carbonate ot
had rendered agiculture possible at ! lime, (ma: ble. ) are also found he; a
the (irand (aivera, had been di-! and there in close proximity to the
verted by seismic causes, is to a cer
tain extent, corroborated. The
ruined city of the Grand Quivera
is well known to our readers
through a seiics ot articles that ap
peared in this paper. That in the
year JiiO the Spanish missionaries
and in fact the entire christian pop
ulation" ifXew Mexico, were e.pell
i 1
uids. to keep hands oil
enough alone. Irish
is a rule, refuse to be
and ele-
Ciare t.iat in issuing it the ropcjo,- than old man'' Leo
stuciv Ins loik wnere tnere was no cannot be secure! bv proxv, and
Others, who fear the male-i ,.t voluntarily embraced tiie
jt i;is Peverei.ee. and stiii i ..,,.(.:.. th-o. .;..,,.. .,,!
i we-.kiu ss for weak old Ire ti. b,uder is further from the true
argue that, the rescript, ot the(;IKl tl,a1 though he made no ium-
iiit.-cnns! rue, I, that like
ha c
land, a
Po:-e I,
I ,!.. ,
i an I
" I t'essi n of pla ite.
"icrat ic i
if t WO I If
that. ti.
he saie
ie meant.
com; to
it.ormit is siiseep1i-j,,t;.i.r man's lirst gospel fiddle.
more constructions, j t,t,,!CI ,Jr,, , we say, -o-0it
Pope didn't, mean j p,,,,,., o,, r, i;UIMlin;aS' but our
or ilidn't sav what ' i,,.-.v.rs will c.n.t -bow. t.. ,.i,.i.,.., tl,.
! I " " ' J -V .V HIV.
any event insh I blue vault of
i i . i , . i i .
'.a-Mil iioid ol tlie
and understand
I Oils
leaven that true, ro-
" inaiih 1 will be enabled to
i avert itseli ovi r oligarchy, wlieth-
! !' .1- hniiio., a- we'l as they know i,.,. j,( or s,)(.alh.d spiritual.
Í '"' "' '' "l"0-i," in.ai.s. j Tin- I'ope is nothing m compared
' '.. i,i vio i is not i to the liseul hralmeiit ot brain, and
M l he leels a kindly, j untetteriñg of tin; jmrpose of such
"i'., spirit toward the Ponían las yearn for the God giyen right ot
it'.itholie (Church. We c.i'mot for- self-government
: gei th it it has been an instrument
;;' in leii g.i.xl in the World, espe-
.1 .
c a'ly a this Continent ; perhaps
K..H ,,i , ; .... ..... , i,...
. , ' j'lli , . (, lu: S, I , I 11.11
..pi i taut instruments bad
. iie bosom of said de-
l'.ii: I iio.iy to forward el i-ie-rc
and o pern tuate it's
Tin-: anxietv of some women to
vote is quite as remarkable as the
indifferent e to their privilege le
íjionslrated hy s.hihí men. Mary
Seymour Howell, who has voted
at school elections in New Yolk
j State, says: "When I cast my
e - in. ire. pei liat.s I !mn an y ot her I i- .. , i , , 4 i . i i i ., i
. . ! i lll'st ballot 1 felt as though 1 had
ii.v t i v. hiTsiiaus can possieiy lay
1 1
i' ! t t ii.it it w as a ( 'atholic who
i'sr n el-, d litis Continent hut be-!
i lore ('atholics grow too cc-tatici
, over this tact they should reiiiem-
! hold of two iron gates reaching to
j neaven and that I was pulling 'em
j apart just a little for the women ot
I the twentieth century to pasaturo'.
ti .. i.' . i l t ...
I i lie iansis. v ijouiiiio siojis in
.5 v vs'
1Iai;i:l-.o. St.
a it nit:
Hoard C) per wei k.
Furnished rooms.
Transients, 1 ; per day.
San A.viumh X. M
ber Iha" me voagu ot discovery
started out ;n the teeth ot Cliurdi
lliagu.itis who deeiaied that the
world was hat and there were no
i ther ciitinetiis. Nor can we for
get the obligations We, as a people,
are under to the i rish Cat ho! ics :f
ITifi, and to ihe l reiieh Catholic,
l.al'.tycttc of the same period.
And, Hie little In ro, Shendan, who
as -ve write, is probably lighting
his last battle with "the last ene
my of man." When he appears
of a
Jk'S. II;
DTI 1-KY, Frej:
Good Table ---Clean licds. Model
ate Charges.
before the .! n.lu-
I lie W..I Lot be LlKi.lireil ot What
catei hi -ta he stialied here, and his
heieg a Catholic will no more he
niai ketl against him than will Ii'h
having been a J'atri '. Pat we
tliii.'.: more oi down t olden 1 re
ed by fhe uprising of fhe Pueblo
Indians is a matter ot history and
by tlie remains of acqued nets, reser
voirs iiiJ ,'Utches, yjt to be seen
theie in the vidnity of the gloomy
and colossal ruins no doubt, exists
that agriculture was the leading in-
P' ligion I du-'"try d the jeotle thrtt inhabited
them and of whom we know so lit
tle. Xdw the nearest water to
these interesting records ot a dead
civilization is found about 40 miles
distant, and the cause that lead to
the disappearance of the water sup
ply has been a problem to the in
vestigating student for years past,
and litis caused no little difference
of opinion among profound think
ers. As stated above the Kio Tul
aroso to a certain degree futnishes
a solution to the problem, for last
spring a party of citizens of the vi
cinity ot the town ot Tularosa dis
covered L) miles from that place
that the river at that point lost
much ot its volume ot water
through a subterraneous channel.
The gentlemen tit once proceeded
to divert the How to its origional
cour.,e, thus materially increasing
their available water supply stillie
ieiit to largely augment the produc
tive area of the locality.
An incident of a .similar charac
ter also i cured near Peñasco, Lin
coln comity, where the Peñasco
river now runs toy miles further
through the valley than m former
Tularoso, Pio Ponito, Eagle
Creek, Kio Felix, Xogal, Koswell,
Lincoln, Picacho, Peñasco. La Luz,
remark, that " when a woman en
. -f rr-,1 -If-,- ..., . 1 ...1 . . 1
joys votmg so much as that, is in reo u vers aim tuner ponns sira--there
not danger that she would joc-t to the lnliueiice' of the new
vote several times in one tlay." railroad are all important agrieul-
tural eommmnities. Several ot
Wk are indebted to our old and. them, also possess no little imi.ort
eherished friend, brother crafts-j mee as mineral fields. White
man and fellow townsman, Gov. ( )aks is well known as one of the
Kobt. W. Furnas, for an illtistrat-1 promineht gold and silver districts
ed illuminated Premium List of the
XVbraska State Fair, to be hohleii
at the Capital City, Lincoln, S,-pt.
7-14. Nothing would atlord us
more pleasure than visiting our old
friends oi yore on the occasion in
dicated, but the treat is one we
must forego this year.
Subscribe tor the Lincoln
Cir.srv Li-iAf.i u.
aiiwav track.
Not the lea-t of the immediate,"
resources ot this favored ri'ion are
the well timbered mountains t''at
afhVd pine of several vai ieties suit
able tor 1 urn her, spruce, hemlock,
live oak-, black and red oak, cotton
wood and other species of nsclul
timber Nor must we omit to men
tion the stock and sheep interests
that, are however so weli known
th.it it is hardly necessary for us to
dwell upon their magnitude. The
relations that this new artery of
trade will establish between EI
Paso and the citizens of Lincoln
county and western liona Ana will
redound to their mutual pmlit and
in the aggregate increase of the
wealtii of both X'ew Mexico and
Mavoi: I Ik witt, ot Xew York,
will not aid the democracy this
year as he did four years ago, ami
has become so thoroughly disgust
ed that he has declined a re nomi
nation tor the ollke of Mayor of
Xew York City on the democratic
ticket. In a recent interview be
said :
Nome weeks after the election of
IS-it, I was summoned to Albany
by Mr. Cleveland, lie told me ho
was thinking over various "ames
which had been presented to lmt.:'
for cabinet places, and he asked me
if I had any names; to suggest. I
said : ' Air. President, the man
whom you h.-uld place at the head
of your cabinet is Allen (Í Thnr-
iiian. Cleveland s replv was
lie is too old." I smJ, x,
be is not t,,o Id ; Thurman is still
good for twenty years, and besides
his mental faculties are uniir paii
e I." Cleveland then said : "Put
his habits are had." My response
to this extraordinary statement was:
Mr. President, if you think that,
why don't you send somebody to
Columbus to find out what Mr.
Thurman's personal habits are ;"
and my surprise he said, "FT
do so." Aiul he actuall v'sent a
detective t.i find uit it Allen G.
Tímrmair eTíT-Tocnr''llnñiri'ír"
w hisky tr not. Things have imi
terialiy changed since Issf.
Yes, rhurma-i is younger now
than he was then, and his habits
uro as g. o I as those ,,f 1U that was
Marian's "solid man."
of the south west, but has been re
tarded in its development by the
want ot speedy and economical
communication with the outside
world. The Xogal, Gallinas, Sac
ramento, White Mis., J carilla and
i tli r ranges in Lincoln county and ! j.
in Dona Ana county are the repos
itorios of vast mineral wealth that
will be extracted and made avail
able by tho construction of the K.
C, E. P. k M. 'railroad. This line
Tim: New York World says : - .
" Thanks to the Kepublican Con
vention for having accepted the is
sue." Thanks io the Democrats
for having ottered it.
Tut; D( mocrats abuse their fel--
moerat, Sam. Randall, b.-
eaiise he said, " I am opposed to
favoring a foreign country f th,
expense of orn own."
Subscnbo tor the Lr !,!.;

S::l!ir(!:iv. .iclv 7. 1SSS.
lUalllOII J , l.,,;;,,.;. I- n,..l m;.ii.liiur olí trim

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